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I fucking hate tallfags
Tallfags are scum
Tallfags should all be thrown into the sea with cinderblocks on their feet
Fuck tallfags


File: 1637717002076.webm (3.03 MB, 608x1078, 1565294674925.webm)

>I fucking hate tallfags
>Tallfags are scum
>Tallfags should all be thrown into the sea with cinderblocks on their feet
>Fuck tallfags


By that logic Stalin wasn’t a real man
But the funny thing is that, while you sit in Siberia with an NKVD officer prepared to send you to Hell, you wouldn’t be able to cope with height anymore

Never forget Hitler was a tallfag
Every bourgeoisie scumbag subhuman scumfuck in history was a tallfag


you know what OP? you would make a great bottom.


File: 1637717864725.png (162.32 KB, 446x588, ClipboardImage.png)



>Xi Jinping height


Manlets, tsc tsc, only 6,5 up is tall.


>Chinese deng-beetle vs the legendary founders of the Soviet Union


Which country still exists tho?


File: 1637718393533.png (321.47 KB, 539x525, 1604486415400.png)

LMFAO I can tell this is going to be a legendary thread


File: 1637718567856.png (44.98 KB, 245x411, average short boy.png)

Shortbros…. Are we revisionists?




File: 1637719109138.png (23.78 KB, 488x453, ClipboardImage.png)


>thinking they are better than 5,10
lmao its femboy height, get more three inches to be an average man.


I wish I was 7' and had a 9' tall gf


that's why i only date their grillpilled dads


>Never forget Hitler was a tallfag
He was 5'8 you fucking bozo


tfw no tall bf


File: 1637754985460.png (231.71 KB, 512x512, unnamed.png)

>Me as an imperially-inumerate euro metrefag trying to figure out how tall I am in whatever x'y'' measurements mean, if the manlet meme is realistic, and if it is actually ironic


Iktf metric bro
Also, the whole tall v. short thing is so forced


Being tall is overrated.
One of the most successful guy I knew with women was 160cm tall at most, but he was successful because he is hot and a genuinely nice extrovert guy, who despite his insecurities can be confident in himself and his skills.
I'm taller than him by a head and pretty cute according to many women, but I'm shy, autistic, drink too much and have a low self-esteem, so the only way I can get laid is when women show their interest to me in very obvious ways.
Same for chins, it's just a meme from imageboard nerds who never had a social interaction since high school outside of their local grocery store. Women don't have a chin ruler embed inside their brains, a couple millimeters of bone won't save you from an unconfident physical posture (protip: shoulders matter) and social ineptitude. You can work on the latter by yourself, while you cannot fix height and a chin bone without resorting to expensive plastic surgery. This is why I think those memes are very harmful to men.


5'10 fat Chad KOs 6'11 lanklet


File: 1637761050865.jpg (71.71 KB, 800x450, xmen.jpg)

Is 5'10 = 5'1? Or is it 1' more than 5'9? And if its the later why the fuck would you ever use a non-decimal unit after a decimal?


>Women don’t care about looks
…Are you an adult?


Sorry I'm not an ameritard


I'm not an insecure manlet, but this is just retarded. "Women actually just care about personality and confidence" is a fucking lie and you know it.


File: 1637763638146.png (10.07 MB, 2752x4352, ClipboardImage.png)

I love with all my heart these threads where people so passionately discuss random and useless shit lol.


File: 1637763819058.jpg (87.13 KB, 449x279, manletcope.jpg)

>Every bourgeoisie scumbag subhuman scumfuck in history was a tallfag
awwwwwww the manlet is getting all flustered. I love bratty bottoms, such a turn on!


>people care about looks!!!!!!!
And this is bad because?


There's a difference between caring about looks and having unrealistic standards that the majority of the population do not meet. After all, we're communists and it's a fact that the richer you are, the better you look. I agree with you that physical attraction is important, but it's also currently overvalued.


I never said women don't care about looks, I even said one of the reasons why my manlet friend is so successful is because he is hot: a manly bearded guy with blue eyes, many women like this (but not all of them)
Yet, according to imageboard nerds, I should be more successful by the sole virtue of being 20cm taller than him. Turns out that, even though quite a few women find me hot too (notably my current lover), it doesn't work that way. Maybe his chin bone is 5mm longer than mine and make the whole difference, or maybe I'm just autistic around women and have a bad posture like a scrawny terminally-online nerd and that's why I go through years-long dry spells while my manlet friend doesn't. Who knows? If you prefer to think you are doomed to be forever alone because unfixable stuff about your body, it's your problem, not mine. Most incels I've seen don't look bad, but they do not look like people who seem fun to be around.


>>181125 (me)
Moreover, it's not solely about looks, height and chin bones, but also about atomization and lack of socialization under neoliberal capitalism, romantic relationships functioning increasingly like commodity trading on a market, and so on, which is much more important IMO and explain why ugly guys could get laid in the past (and still can). Read Houellebecq if you want to indulge in incel blackpill ideology instead of neo-Nazi /r9k/ losers, at least Houellebecq is secretly a chad.


>that pic
It's literally just men exaggerating women's preference for taller guys and bullying each other with it. In reality, height isn't as important to women as you think (or rather, they have a variety of tastes because, unsurprisingly, women aren't all the same), unless you have dwarfism and are not merely "short".
Yeah yeah, I know, it's just "friendly banter", but then certain been end up believing it.

>using the imperial system
Dumbass. That only makes the illusion worse.


*certain men

>Most incels I've seen don't look bad, but they do not look like people who seem fun to be around.
Also, this


Sometimes it's easier to tell yourself that you're alone because of something that you can't change. Deep down I know I'm alone because of my autistic personality, acne and poor lifestyle, all things which I could change. But the thing is, I don't want to change. I would prefer to just stay in bed all day. So coping by telling myself that it's because of height is the easier thing to do. Fuck, I hate myself so much.


File: 1637777629519.png (6.03 MB, 3002x3216, ClipboardImage.png)



>Is 5'10 = 5'1? Or is it 1' more than 5'9?
5'10 is 5'9 + 1
>And if its the later why the fuck would you ever use a non-decimal unit after a decimal?
1 foot = 12 inches. The apostrophe isn't a decimal exactly (for that, we would use a period; e.g. 5'10 = 5.83 ft, but no one measures imperial units like that), or not a base ten decimal system anyway.


guys is 1.9m short or tall


WIsh I was a 2m tall twink.


If you don't reach the cool number (the 2m Mark) you're LITERALLY a dwarf. The difference between 1.9m and 2.0m is the difference between manlet and an actual man. Girls will laugh at you if you're shorter than 2 meters tall. it is OVER for you.


Hey man, it's never too late to improve yourself (or attempt to). The first step is always being aware of the issues, if you are able to find the motivation to improve yourself you may be in a better position in a year or so.



avg male height in my country is 5'5" and I'm 5'9", so even though I'm short that doesn't seem to be a problem here.


>Majority of revolutionaries have been manlets
Its because of incel rage.


>imperial units
>not glorious workers' metric units
190cm+ friends report in

the typical manlet easily falls prey to the amoeba attack


We will rise up and end heightism once and for all, comrades. All double standards merely enslave us to the femoids.
t. 6'1


ugh, if only my real life friends belittled and emasculated me for being 5'6… id have a boner that never died


>All double standards merely enslave us to the femoids.
But it is you retards who do it to yourselves. Fucking schizos



File: 1637872403157-0.png (72.64 KB, 930x395, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1637872403157-1.png (249.76 KB, 791x784, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1637872403157-2.png (47.71 KB, 976x629, ClipboardImage.png)

Based. Not all tallfags are evil, we must try not to fight amongst ourselves. Remember who the real enemy is.

there's data to show otherwise lol
you've clearly never been friends with a "short" guy, dating is fucking horrific for them. gaslighting people is the real schizo behaviour.


>you've clearly never been friends with a "short" guy
Not only that, I have fucked one and crushed on several. You're retarded if you think a few anecdotes on reddit or averages for fucking dating apps mean that "women" are collectively trying to make you miserable by not fucking you and therefore evil or your enemies.


>muh anecdotal evidence
<responds with shitty anecdotal evidence with a significantly small test group
fuck off and stop with the gaslighting


>clearly you've never been friends with a "short" guy and heard his anecdote
<proves him wrong
>omg why are you using anecdotal evidence to counter my anecdotal evidence
Your "evidence" is obviously biased, that's the point. Just as you can find a dozen reddit screencaps that may have been made up, I can tell you about a dozen short guys I've seen be successful at getting at getting a girlfriend.
Also why would you only use information about casual dating and dating apps, which are obviously highly competitive and dehumanizing by nature and design? Are you purposefully making yourself angry and depressed? The funny thing is that not even using only dating statistics confirms your claims that short guys are unfuckable or that no woman prefers them, just that tall guys are more likely to be successful at getting dates. And who knows where those statistics are from, specifically. There are so many details that your little graphs and screenshots leave out.
Oh, and there's also the fact that those same statistics show that tall women also find it harder to be attractive to men than shorter women. If I used your schizo logic, I could say that all men are repulsed by tall women and that said women are destined to be alone.


File: 1637875281945.gif (120.14 KB, 554x400, dabbers.gif)

>no argument
>proceeds to post gore like a triggered /pol/cel
cope n seethe :^)




File: 1637876054322.jpg (26.98 KB, 480x486, calm-down.jpg)




Do you enjoy publicly humiliating yourself like this? There are other sites you can go to vent about your hatred for women and no one will disagree with you, you know.


Mate that wasn't even me… calm down


i seriously hope you get ran over you fucking bitch
you think im enjoying this
im literally crying right now you dumb fucking cunt
die in a hole you bitch
i dont hate women i hate everybody including retarded fyckig bitch retards like you
stop patronsising stop it stop it now fuck you die

i dont care you still need to diediedie fuck


What? You were being a piece of shit even though my first post was kind of a joke and my following replies were more serious, where I pointed out that it's not true that all women have something against short men.
That didn't mean that you're some kind of failure either. Did I ever said that? Nah, I was just responding to your asshole behavior, I don't know anything about your personal life.


Die the Death!
Sentence to Death!!
Great equalizer is the Death!!


talking to me like im a naughty child or a fucking piece of shit you stepped on in the street
die and fuck off
you insinuated that im a failure which is even worse i'd rather you just come out and say it you gaslighting fucking bitch retard
i hope you die alone cunt

grow the fuck up this isnt a joke you monoloid bastard cunt fucking die


>you insinuated that im a failure
Uhh where?


What's a monoloid?


the fact you even has to ask shows everything
you were saying shit like "not all short guys are alone and virgins, so it probably isnt because youre short but becasue youre a fucking retarded failure ugly autist skeleton piece of shit who should have drowned years ago"
i hate you so much i want you to fucking die like that dumb bitch in the video
thats what you deserve you evil horrible person fuck off

mongoloid u proably knew that anyway retard faggot


Imagine being this much of a sad sack of shit lmao. You should've drowned years ago.


thank you for being honest and not a gaslighting fucking retard bitch cunt
youre right about me
i am a sad sack of shit with no life or accomplishments or worth who shouldve jumped in the lake with rocks in my backpack years ago
thank you for being so honest anon i like honesty it is appreciated


Are you alright mate?
Have you tried meds?


stop being nice
i dont deserve it after what ive said
i really dont like it, its made me start crying again and im not even drunk im sobre
dont be compassionate to me please god no
youre fucking scum too anon and i hope you die on fire like the bitch in that video
fuck off all of you and die horribly
fuck off stop it


You're welcome. I hate seeing fellow manlets crying so hard about being short and blaming all their failures in life on it, when I know from personal experience that being short isn't that big of a deal, so it's quite clear that you are indeed just a sad sack of shit with no perspective. Just remember, if you were actually a communist, actually worried at all about transcending capitalism and ready to give your life for it, you would know that no one cares about how tall your corpse is. None of us are going to be pretty in the grave.


How is it your fault though


i have perspective you retard
i am a massive sack of shit
i would give my life to end capitalism. i want to.
i cant get a gun tho so what am i supposed to do?
i would kill you with the gun too bitch cunt
you deserve to fucking die for what you have put me and so many others through
fuck off

how is what my fault?
if it wasnt for me the world would be a better place. fact.
im a negative influence thats why
look at what ive done in this thread
im a sack of shit
fuck off and die too anon


>you deserve to fucking die for what you have put me and so many others through
What have I put you or anyone else through?


shit so much shit
unless youve lived your hole life in a prison cell and never interacted with another human you deserve to die
you have caused suffering i know it and dont fucking lie and pretend you havent
youre evil evil die


Again mate, you should try theraphy, or meds, maybe a good combination or both.
Unless you're shitposting, then have fun :)))


I can't imagine being this depressed. I wonder how you cling to life.


>if it wasnt for me the world would be a better place. fact.
You alone don't have a big impact on the world like the bourgeoisie do. The world would be a better place if they died, than if you died. Unless you're a serial murderer or something.
>you have caused suffering i know it and dont fucking lie and pretend you havent
So you want everyone to die, but you also want to die because of the same reason?

Also, seconding the suggestion to go to therapy. Get a good therapist, not just any one. Although probably not to this degree, I have also experienced immense guilt for even the smallest things, and blamed my own misery on myself, considered myself an utter useless failure of a child who deserved nothing good, etc. until recently (yes, I got a good therapist, fortunately)


no that shit doesnt work
its all a lie and cope
it just makes you numb or force yourself to pretend to be happy and the we go straight back to the start with al the shit
i hate you all for doing this to me
all of you

i dont know
i have sodium nitrite and antiematics and beta blockers in the cupboard but am too much of a fucking pussy failure sack of shit to use them
it would be a painless death apart from the headaches so i dont even know why im scared
i could do it tonight if i wanted to but im too much of a faggot pussy
i wish one of you retards could just kill me
run me over
shoot me i dont care
just get it over with already you evil fucking bastards


i want everything to end
everybody to be over
i dont need therapy this is a rational conclusion to life
therapy doesnt help me its all a lie


>it just makes you numb or force yourself to pretend to be happy
Drugs, maybe, but therapy? It depends on how seriously you take it. If you're not willing to heal and go through therapy for as long as you need, then of course you'll only be forcing yourself to pretend to be ok. But it is possible to actually be ok from therapy if you (and your therapist, and people you interact with regularly) put in the effort.
>and the we go straight back to the start with al the shit
The idea that you're worth nothing and a failure of a human being who deserves to die, and that it's all your fault, is an illusion inside of your head and a consequence of being constantly exposed to trauma (even if "minor"). It is not natural for animals like us to feel this way, so something had to happen that made you. You learned to think this way forcefully, and now it's incredibly hard for your brain to "unlearn" it. Still, it may be possible to undo the damage to a degree where you won't go back to where you are now.
>it would be a painless death apart from the headaches so i dont even know why im scared
idk maybe you don't really wanna die


im sorry i shouldve carried on being abusive
i dont want this advice sorry
i dont follow it
im too retarded and a lazy sack of shit
im too lazy to get better and too lazy to kms
i wish i was an animal so i didnt have enough brain capacity to think
why was i born a fucking huiman its the worst possible experience
even animals that die slowly it only takes a few hours human have to wait decades its evil were so evil
youre only responding because it makes you feel good and boosts your ego
fucking retard fuck off


Mate, first step in the whole theraphy thing its just to admit you need help, and that you actually want it. After that, it does not matter if you feel lazy or whatever, you will go for the help you need.
We all need sometimes help, its good and okay, we humans are social creatures after all, and we need contact with others and love; so you know, its not just coping or whatever, it's trying to do better.


i have a therapist who is also a psychotherapist i think but i have only seen her once so far and it was over zoom
i cant tell her how bad things are because they will send me to a mental facility
im not alone i just keep away from everybody because im a sack of shit as you know
im a horrible person i am scum
stop being nice
i can tell youre just doing it to boost your ego anyway
why cant the other anons come back
have i scared them off what a bunch of sissy faggots
i hate people who cant reap what they sow, theyre evil and the worst kind of people


>doesn't even try to deny the trauma thing
I guess that's the first step.
>youre only responding because it makes you feel good and boosts your ego
Well, I don't know about ego boost, but I admit that I did feel bad when you broke down.


i havent been through trauma ive had a regular life i have just hated most of it
you shouldnt feel bad, i deserve it
im horrible just go back to calling me a sack of shit i beg you
it feels more genuine when youre cruel the kindness is all just platitudes from bullies who have got a pang of mercy when their victim stops fighting back. this doesnt happen in animals so it shouldnt happen in humans. i am a threat to you please treat me like one
stop being nice or fuck off and die
stop it


>im not alone i just keep away from everybody because im a sack of shit as you know
Kek, if I didn't live with my parents I'm sure I'd isolate myself completely too. But you not being completely alone is a good thing. Just ask some of them for help/tell them about your feelings, instead of just telling a bunch of anons who don't know who you are and can't help you. It may be hard to pick up the phone and do it, but you'll eventually contact them.
>im a horrible person i am scum
Yeah, same shit I used to tell myself when I didn't talk to my few friends because I just couldn't bring myself to do it.


>i havent been through trauma ive had a regular life
Trauma isn't necessarily stuff like suffering child abuse or having your family or friends die in front of you. It can be small things you think are "regular" but which cause you distress and have a big negative impact on your mind, especially when it keeps piling up over time if not dealt with. In fact, you traumatize yourself even more every time you download that gore shit you love to spam when upset.


youre being patronising again you cunt im not a fucking retarded special ed kid you have to look after
just say what you want to say without the sugar coating like they were doing before
its so retarded
i hope you end up in one of my gore videos you bitch
i would love to see you getting burned alive or butchered by the cartel
i really hope that happens to you
fucking retarded evil faggot


>I don't want to change. I would prefer to just stay in bed all day.
I can definitely understand this, and I don't think anyone necessarily ought to "improve" themselves in order to be more attractive, there is nothing wrong with that if you don't feel like it. If you meet someone while not caring, you have better chances to find someone who loves you for you are as an autist and not some made-up social facade or your money or whatever, which is good.
The thing is that the memes about height and chin bone start as "friendly banter" like >>181139 or funny online cope, then it's like Sam Hyde, it ends up as unironic/post-ironic beliefs, and socially-starved internet-addicted people start to really see the world through this lens.
I think it's good to be aware of your shortcomings, but it's unhealthy to fret over the ones that can only changed by a Beverly Hills or South Korean surgeon. I know a dwarf who got laid. As long as you don't look like Elephant Man and aren't a terrible person or have debilitating mental illness, you should be ok.

Romantic relationships have their own set of landmines and headaches like arguments about stupid stuff and infidelities, while being alone too long is frustrating and generally have bad effects on self-esteem. I don't know, both suck, and both have their advantages. I wish I could be indifferent to all this shit tbh.


Well, full circle again, isn't it?
But man, maybe one thing you can do, as other anon said it's actually talk about how you feel with someome you know, and stop thinking that everyone hates you, to me you are just another anon on the internet that I don't know, and while I would like to help you because I too know how it feels to selfloathe and feel worthless every waking hour, I must admit I can't, not only because as I said I do not know you, but also because before you help someome the other person needs to admit they need help.

So you know, maybe its hard, but you should try to talk about how you feel with someome close, someome who you know, will hear you and respect you. I know that it's hard to trust someone, but hey, it's better than just coping the way you are doing. Calling yourself names and thinking that you can not do any better, well, won't help at all.


Wow who showed up and made my thread so fucking schizo?


that would be me you fucking spastic faggot
but im too drunk to reply anytmore
so the ballard of moi is fimnsihed
i have tried to get help idk if it will work
the future is looking both bright and grim
good luck you fellow manlet fag
i wish you could just kill me already


I’m literally OP boyo
You’re making me look bad


lad i know youre op
i dont care if you look bad youre a manlet you already look bad bcuz youyre a manlet lmao
shit fucking thread anyway, it was inevitable that it was gnna be derailied by some fckin psycho schizo like myself
no more replies me too drunk
i would take the sodium nitrate rn but you cant while drunk bcuz youll just puke it staright back up bcuz the body can only handle so many toxins or something


Show us that gore pussy. Are you the same anon who made a thread under the trot flag threatening to sui? What a dramawhore

Live retard, we know you will


right lad im only replying to this post bcuz it pissed me off
im sat here so fckin drunk listening to the beatles revolver (their best album btw, even with the anti-communist themes)
i wasnt the sui by fire op
as i said, i have sodium nitrite
that wasnt me, that fag can fuck off for all i care
i hvanet got the gore on this device and it would get fucking deleted anyway and i cant upload media pwhile using tor bcuz the mods are fags
im not a dramawhore fuck of and diediediieidieiedieiediei
i will live just to spite faggots like you
FUCK revolver is such a good album jfc
deffo one of my fav albums ever released
OMFG its so good


You're a dramawhore and I will stick my dick in your manlet twink ass
There's nothing you can do about it


alright lad I'm so drunk I am about to pass out
what's your matrix or fedcord lad?
I want to take this to dms
You've pissed me off here m8
But you've also made me laugh
Post Ur matrix or fed oed and we can continue this sit wen I'm sobre lad
I'm not a drmamawhore I'm a schizo
Get it right you fackin mongoliid


I'm sorry for what I said last night
I don't know what's wrong with me
I just liked the feeling of being insulted
but thank you all for being so kind, I didn't deserve it
I just want a gf and realising that I shouldn't have one hurts because it feels like all the pain is for nothing
I hate life but i shouldn't inflict suffering on others
I'm so sorry, please forgive me


We don't deserve gfs because we are short and subhuman
Except i do have a gf luckily


I know I don't need a gf because I am short, ugly, subhuman, unattractive, weird, creepy, repulsive and an annoying person to be around
but I can't help but want intimacy
I just want to cuddle a girl in bed
if I could I would be a sociopath so I don't feel those needs I fucking hate it


>We don't deserve gfs because we are short and subhuman
If only my father had heard that
I want a tallfag gf for the humiliation fetish and also curate my genes. Also she'll be into pegging and I'll be her submissive househusband


I thought I wanted that too but earlier this year a slavoj flag poster said I was being retarded
he said that I have never been in a relationship so am just fetishizing the parts of a relationship I most desire because I'm so starved of those things
when in a normal relationship I would get to experience those things so I would stop being a degenerate
but he also said that I would have a gf by now so he could be wrong
that's why I like brocialist, he tells be the truth and doesn't make up things that never seem to happen
I like honesty not pity


>I like honesty not pity
Telling you that you're subhuman and that short guys should commit suicide is not "honesty", it's just him being a bitter faggot and telling you the same things you tell yourself, the things that you want to hear to keep feeling bad about yourself because you don't want to leave you comfort zone and make an effort to break free from the vicious cycle of depression, because both your and his brain work like that
But I'm gonna be honest with you, it's highly unlikely that an incel like you two will ever be "cured" from that mindset even if you got what you wanted, sex and a girlfriend (look at him, he's not alone anymore and had been in other relationships before, yet he still believes the same blackpill shit and tries to make others believe it)

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