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File: 1641973252631.png (405.65 KB, 749x504, ClipboardImage.png)

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some of you dumb mfers forget that women are the same dumb, smelly, awkward freaks like us


That's not right, women are smarter than men in every way.


you say this like there are no women here


i used to find the idea of women smarter than me very hot as a kid

but now, i'm very warm to the idea of women just being the same tier silly and stupid like me
like we're both just manchildren fighting the world together

i have no idea what you mean to say with that sentence


Yes but chances are they smell better


Cybernie Sanders will make transhumanist techno-furries real


File: 1641976491849-0.png (87.29 KB, 754x848, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1641976491849-1.mp4 (5.1 MB, 720x720, Brodyquest.mp4)

I have been obsessing over Raggedy Ann & Andy for several weeks. I did practically nothing for the last few days except rant to my friends for hours on end about obscure Raggedy Ann plays, trivia, movies, etc.

I have listened to the same songs from the 1977 film at least a hundred times each in the past few weeks. I have been postulating about how much I cherish sibling love (not incest you weirdos and/or Fleischer Studios Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy (1941) producers (AND NO ANGEL_DEMON_2001, YOU DID NOT HAVE A VALID FUCKING ARGUMENT, YES THAT FILM IS FREAKING INCEST)).

If any of you have any more Raggedy Ann & Andy emojis I would really really like to have them please, I have one that's really good but I need more and I think I would like it if there were a whole set somewhere.




i was talking about the horse but ok


Quit making me hate women!


File: 1641979906846.mp4 (283.93 KB, 640x360, boobs.mp4)


I never said smelly is a bad thing



Look how crazy this woman is,

You are all like, "omg my gf would never listen to my fallout lore waah waaah"

And then look at this freak
I don't even understand half the words she said (No offence)

Women can be just as nerdy and annoying like men

Both of you deserve wedgies and being shoved into a locker room
Keep hope and believe in humanity

what was the post?


I'm not crazy just passionate. I am nerdy and sometimes annoying though.



File: 1641986224155.mp4 (4.5 MB, 638x360, community service.mp4)


your videos folder is too big, it's like almost every reply you have a unique video for

show image of folder size


Expect women hate me because I'm ugly.


Same and also because I'm socially weird and freakish.


Junko needs to be forcibly tomboy-fied




There's a certain advantage women have in the dating scene and being a leftist doesn't negate that fact. That being said, I still hate how even leftist women will be put off by a dude doing cute shit like it makes them gay or beta or some shit. I'm still looking for a woman that likes a manly man that likes cute shit. I'm tired of pretending to be stoic as fuck. I have feelings too, bitches.


>woman that likes a manly man that likes cute shit.
I think a lot of women like that
I'm that kind of man

I can only right-wing, tradoid women being against that


You say that, but I've been called out by girls I dated in the past for being weird whenever I come out of my shell a bit. I've never even dated a rightoid.


>That being said, I still hate how even leftist women will be put off by a dude doing cute shit like it makes them gay or beta or some shit.
What? Like lefty women specifically? I'm a communist woman and I'm attracted to a guy that isn't afraid to do cute stuff or express his feelings, I appreciate that. Do you feel a lot of pressure to conform to masculine or stoic standards in general anon?


I think it's my appearance. It's jarring when I do it. I think I would get away with it if I wasn't traditionally masculine. Now, I've never been dumped over this, but I can kind of tell that whatever image they had of me is gone, and I kind of lose interest too. I don't feel the need to conform. I like being masculine, but sometimes, I also like being childish and stupid. I don't think I should have to choose one or the other.


And for the record, I'd say one leftist woman, really, the rest are just libs.


Ohh. So you think maybe women you date are expecting you to goof around or be emotional less before they get to know you better?


Women are just men with curvier bone structure, Y chromosomes, breasts, vaginas, a completely different structure of their nervous system, and wombs
Pretty much the same in every way


>a completely different structure of their nervous system
lol no.
Women and men are very similar however, it's literally only hormones that distinguishes human sexing


Yeah, I think they just have an expectation about me that doesn't reflect reality. I have thought about trying to tone down the whole super macho thing, but I really don't feel confortable acting less masculine, if you get me. If I was a skinny hipster, I don't think this would be an issue, and I think women that like sensitive men automatically assume that I'm an asshole, so I'm just kind of stuck doing the same cycle. It's not a big deal, I guess, but I do get jealous of my friends that have gfs that don't mind them being gooffy.


>Women are just men with curvier bone structure, Y chromosomes
>Y chromosomes
Anon, I think you've been dating femboys the entire time.


Yeah I get you. Of course you don't have to hide your real personality to find a good relationship match. Have you tried showing women early in dating that you are emotional and stuff? Or pursuing more sensitive women in general?


For got the no part of that sentence


No, honestly, I haven't, because I kind of have to get comfortable with people first, but should probably try that. And as for more sensitive women, I have this fear that I'll look like the stereotypical creep to them, and I really don't want to come off that way. That, and I really have no idea how to approach one without feeling like I'm being fake.


>I've never even dated a rightoid.

The funny thing is I want to know what would happen if you like said like the least toxic masculine things in a very aggressive way


Like would these type of women just go along with it? Or are they more subservient to the ideology itself


>I'm a communist woman
the communist part not the woman part
i'm indifferent


ablooh ablooh
shut the fuck up, snarky ass

thank you, i dunno about the hormone stuff


i reject that notion


I second that motion
People should be tommy-boy'd with their consent


Too late.
I am now imagining you in overalls.


ive lived on a farm, overalls aren't a tomboy thing


File: 1642029542548.jpg (55.38 KB, 640x539, farmers only horse.jpg)





yeah no. never worked with horses funnily enough. lots of chickens though. they are so dumb and funny


there aren't


File: 1642038295079.png (598.55 KB, 798x500, rotten tank.png)

I can't believe I'm getting SMV mogged by a chicken

it's over



No they aren't.


what they aren't

fuck you dormmamu
i will not bargain


you will never be the jewish messiah


he meant bio women


that's okay with me but I will do my part to bring about the messianic age.


> some of you dumb mfers forget that women are the same dumb, smelly, awkward freaks like us
No that’s just /leftypol/


File: 1642058033123.jpg (277.82 KB, 1986x1504, engels.jpg)

>No that’s just /leftypol/
You mean Engels.


Nah, I think that's majority of men today

Capitalist alienation cuts deep through generation, fake borders and class


need me that bio-pussy, call it a bussy


that's cool bestie

i will do my part in bringing about the end of the age of gods
i will kill every messiah


> take it aisy


what does any of it mean
is this a interrogation engels was forced to be given?

is this a poem?

>take it aisy
lol what is this meme


File: 1642059275216.png (4.29 MB, 3840x2160, ClipboardImage.png)

>i will kill every messiah


You want to join me on the road to kill gods?

>Linji Yixuan

Who was this dude? Wiki says he was the founder of chan buddhism? Then why is he talking about killing buddha

Was this not a straight forward statement? Is he trying to say some shit like only by killing buddha you can get to close to him?


won't happen


>Was this not a straight forward statement? Is he trying to say some shit like only by killing buddha you can get to close to him?
I think it's generally taken to mean anyone who claims they are a prophet is a fake prophet but it's a popular expression, feel free to look up alternative explanations.



Buddhism is philosophically more complicated, I think, than "Buddha is divine, worship him" - in this case the phrase suggests that the true nature of the universe is uncertain and so placing pure faith in something without question is shutting one's self off from enlightenment.


what is to happen and not happen is in the hands of men
you cannot protect the gods

i am 10x more confused now
like what you both said makes sense

but that original statement does not give the sense that it was meaning this


File: 1642070466612.webm (5.96 MB, 336x192, In_Like_Flynn.webm)

>some of you dumb mfers forget that women are the same dumb, smelly, awkward freaks like us
You're forgetting one important thing anon. There are different calibres of socially retardedness, and men are consistently much MUCH worse than women.


No, I believe in women
As patriarchy keeps stripping away, women will also being stopped forced to have manners or auto forced to learn social ettiquette

I don't know what's happening in that video, some porn thing? asmr? doesn't seem that sad, kinda sweet, he's showing his interest to his family? i don't know i forwarded around


Why are you asuming dumb smelly awkward girls would be interested in dumb smelly awkward guys?


Damn these girls need to learn the utility of a 'whoops, technical difficulties!!!' card



Autism is hilarious


Women don’t use the internet retard


Isabella Janke opened my eyes to this hard truth.


not the truth, i googled her and saw foot fungus or

shut up moron, they do

your mother and i are having a lovely time laughing at peruvian bus stand memes


when did i assume that?
i'm saying women are just as annoying and smelly as men

i'm simply stripping away the alienation
get the horny out of your head, cunt


>stop annoying me with your needs and become an eunuch, cunt


yes that is preferable
would love it if every man except me would be a eunuch


File: 1642165553646.webm (2.18 MB, 460x574, 1633462568894.webm)

how many chickens do u think it would take to kill a person?


maybe a hundred. there's a reason "chickenshit" is a synonym for weakness. i've dealt with even really aggressive roosters, theyre nothing if you have long jeans on


watch out for claws though.


Why the fuck are you still posting here if you want the board deleted?
You really can't help yourself huh.


that was just the other side of my possessed spirit after i saw a very rude set of posts against women on this board. i don't stand by the proposal at this moment.


omfg junko you are single handedly turning me into a misogynist. Seek help.


you shouldnt judge a whole group just because of one person. im a 4chan user.


>I don't know what's happening in that video, some porn thing? asmr?
That's a couple of people who do ASMR meeting some fan. Probably a stream where they invited on patreon supporters. He's just some kid with autism being socially awkward and they couldn't handle it because they're Bri'ish and laughing at socially awkward people is a staple of their "culture."

well kudos for shouldering the blame I guess


TBH the Scottish one was at least trying to be professional, it's the American that couldn't contain her shit


I'll be your aggressive rooster Junko <3~


this is so disgusting and vile, chickens don't do this unless they are being abused

they only grow arms to protect themselves from their owner beating them up

this is evolution happening in real time, people
WATCH this and #share👇


a single chicken could defeat me

it would GAWK at me and i would faint


(i wear shorts)


File: 1642178601282.jpg (52.85 KB, 474x595, 1494558243016.jpg)


you could swing your foot toward them and they would run away from you instantly, even most roosters


that's sad
well, i'm grateful that british people don't exist in real life

that would be messed up


how effective would a surprise fart attack be on a rooster?

can they smell?


this website, man
is there anything you people won't be for horny?

a skunk? a road toad? a chkjskhgiseusgdjf?


i can't believe this, the mods banned glitchtext posts

we need a regime change,


File: 1642178920494.jpg (103.13 KB, 633x1262, pepe le pew.jpg)

Skunks are classic and cute, toads are not really my thing but eh they're probably someone's



File: 1642179138031.png (432.4 KB, 571x428, ClipboardImage.png)

toads are smug and chic


I apologize for offending the one skunk enthusiast on this board

I will learn and grow as a person


i fail to see how that's smug


File: 1642180308392.png (1.66 MB, 1200x900, ClipboardImage.png)

the aura of all toads is vaguely smug to me, they just act like they 100% could not give less of a fuck about you, you can be up in their face and the most they can do for you is a hop away and maybe try to piss on you. see also cats who are also little bastards at times


this uygha 19?


>people who do ASMR



She's not American. She's English.


ok lol


File: 1642182329876.jpg (Spoiler Image, 406.26 KB, 879x1200, samus.jpg)

women are not men and therefore not people


yea okay city boy


okay now i see it

chad hokage frog

i hope he takes me under his wing and lets me use his technique


i love this junko farmer southerner arc


Junko right after she made this post.


I want to dance with you to the melody of gusty garden galaxy


File: 1642191007259.jpg (82.33 KB, 640x713, 1641726319583.jpg)

Based overman


Guys I think i'm in love with junko


Junkster is the peasant queen of leftypol
Peasant farmers like her will lead the protracted peoples' war against the urbanite city slicker menace



why are you telling him to kiss his sister you pervert?


I really hope that you're not white.


That's a weird thing to say. What's your reasoning?


>What's your reasoning?
I hate seeing white men falling for Jewish females, it's utterly depressing. Have you not watched Schindler's List, Shay?


Nah i never saw schindlers list.


Right, the protagonist falls in love with a jewish girl and it really messes him up.


aren't we all


I see. I probably shouldnt say how junko would feel about that


You should neck yourself, nazoid


Have sex.


……..junko is into stalag fiction


Junks how tall are you


File: 1642198673877.png (511.46 KB, 646x681, Screenshot (52).png)


And why are you on an imageboard a friday night? :^)


File: 1642200208516.png (948.73 KB, 1200x1200, 1566274190904.png)

Junko won't marry you because you are a chinlet, not because you are a gentile.
He is hot for Junko.


Please stop simping for the mental patient. Junko belongs in a concrete drum.


That article doesnt make sense. Women dont hide it it's because even a non autistic man ranks higher in autism traits than a woman. So women avoid the cutoff point more frequently being that autism isnt diagnosed by medical tests. So the actual rate isnt really known but symptom wise it's mostly men.


File: 1642202382496.png (690.02 KB, 1900x1406, be2.png)

Junko has done nothing wrong though


Not with you I won't
A Nazi don't deserve dick


File: 1642219685377.jpg (108.62 KB, 828x788, 1639740104525-0.jpg)

this thread wasn't about me, cease!


who the fuck are you cute ass kitty cat


File: 1642232842579.png (669.76 KB, 1280x720, imagen_2022-01-15_014711.png)


the fallout lore or wedgies?


You, on the other hand though, are doing everything wrong



File: 1642297980806.png (246.03 KB, 406x408, ClipboardImage.png)


it is now


shut up and post nudes u hoe


File: 1642305845312.png (615.94 KB, 1280x596, ClipboardImage.png)

Women can't be ince- oh…


Unique IPs: 44

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