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How bad of a plan would it be to join the police/military, injure yourself into early retirement, and coast off that money for the rest of your life?


retarded and a betrayal of your class


based and revolutionary praxis


If your defending your country from outsiders by being apart of state security then it’s fine
If your partaking in the army to participate in foreign affairs that don’t concern your country your a risk to your own cunts national security and the lives of civilians abroad making you a piece of shit


depending on where you are if you join the military as a communist you stand a good chance of dying in a "training accident"


No and close minded pilled.
This. So long as you don't actually do any work or cause enough problems covertly to make up for productivity of your labour.


Probably not. Either you live in some imperial core state where probably still no one is aware you are a commie, and you won't get bumped off for being exposed, they will just wait for a reason to give you a dishonorable discharge. Or you live in the imperial periphery and no one has any idea you're a commie unless you go around telling people you are.


In America you Will be treated like shit and screwed out if your benefits.


The corporations and the governments here do that with all their employees due the capitalist mode of production


At least in the case of the US, I dont know about elsewhere, there is no legal requirement for a cop to arrest anyone outside of things like murder suspects. This means a cop can selectively arrest fash and porky and let leftists and non spooked proles go free. A cop also can keep an eye on other officers and record their activities and get them kicked off the force after being outed publicly. They can have insider information that can be dispensed to others.


File: 1642224991133.jpg (88.36 KB, 1024x753, Spenser Rapone.jpg)

Not if they don't find out. Also interesting article from an army rag about the double standards present with dismissing Spenser Rapone, who wrote on his cap for a photo shoot at the West Point officer school (and didn't receive any blow back until he publicly posted the picture, upon which it was simply an "other than honorable discharge") and allowing a violent neonazi perpetrator to stay in marines. Even the marine they interviewed says he's not a communist sympathizer but it's bullshit what happened and in his own words "communism isn't even a racist ideology, while neonazism is".
I really believe that there is room for a communist to make inroads into the armed forces community, so long as you can stay on the down low when necessary. IMO Spenser should have waited until honorable discharge to post picture, however in his own words he had grown disillusioned with the military during deployment, and wanted an early release.

I have heard even in Nazi Germany, that there were whole regiments of the wehrmacht that were full of KPD supporters.


Mutual injury schemes.


File: 1642229135149.jpg (537.32 KB, 2500x1661, NPA guerilla.jpg)

Based. Remember what Lenin said "when you are weak, negotiate". I would take it even further and say that we should be making deals with certain segments of the bourgeois and state actors, to aid them with their own schemes on the condition of helping us build communist power. The world needs communists, we build society, and the capitalist's plunder it. Marxists have the most accurate and complete understanding of society and how it functions. If this sounds like some Blanquist shit, well I suppose it kind of is on it's own. There is of course the need to fulfill wider objectives and involve the wider and indeed whole of the working class. This must not be an elitist and revisionist conspiracy, and communism can never be built from above. That being said this venture would be in the support and not command of the movement to construct proletarian power. Once power is gained by the proletariat, the old apparatus of the armed forces must be liquidated. We don't want a CPC situation where collaboration with the bourgeoisie and power elite continues after the communist party has seized power and constitutes the basis for a new privileged class. In some ways the contradictions of class society heighten and intensify during the construction of socialism.


You can't injure yourself and have it be service related. Also your "retirement" would suck. Honestly, it's not a bad career.

It's just a job, and a march through the institutions is pretty cool.


These are definitely not my own posts I am replying to in the hopes that someone may give a response…


Not him, but what makes you think that? For the record:
Is my only other post.


This thread should be moved to /leftypol/ imo


Naw I was insinuating I was replying to my own posts and just being cheeky


No, leftypol is for shitposting, and siberia is for srs posting only.


that's bullshit, he probably snorted what he thought was cocaine


Nah, it was probably staged. This came in the aftermath of the Derek Chauvin trial. So what do these cops do? They stage a "Fentanyl overdose" from just a little bit of powder to prove how dangerous and deadly it was and how it was liable to kill you with just a little bit. It's just cops watching out for other cops. It's really weird, since even actual cops that are friends of mine were disgusted by Chauvin. Yeah, I know, leftist with cop friends, but they were my friends before I knew they were cops.


Or the guy pretended to OD so he could get paid sick leave. Cops do that all time with drug busts.


>that there were whole regiments of the wehrmacht that were full of KPD supporters.
Interesting, any more info on these people?

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