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What the fuck are some leftist like this, its okay not be some big burly gym bro but saying it fascism is so fucking retarded


both tweets are stupid


Being fit isn't fascist, its your reason for being fit that makes you fascist. If you're fit because you think men should be masculine and to strengthen your sperm or whatever, you're fascist.


I think a large part of it really is coming from reactions to harm that's already been done to various marginalised communities. Body positivity is great, but chronic illnesses related to poor nutrition and lack of exercise are rampant in working class communities and sadly among many leftist communities.. When I see friends claim that diabetes is purely hereditary and has nothing to do with diet and exercise, and the the science behind diabetes is coming from an oppressive and unscientific place meant to stigmatise certain marginalised communities and certain bodies…well those statements are of obviously false, but also very much coming from a place of hurt and a history of shitty experiences with the medical community. I don't think we should be using this as an excuse to attack or detract from body positive/fat positive movements, so much as starting more productive dialogue. There's a ton of misinformation out there that leftist communities are actually propagating in good faith.



this is clearly ironic uyghur



nah, doctors are the nastiest motherfuckers when it comes to weight and healthiness. shit will literally get u killed bc they think ur obeseness is the first thing they wanna treat and thereby overlook easy diagnosis shit


and you know this from experience ?


ive never even been technically overweight and ive heard enough anecdotes from fat people to know it's probably true in at least some casees, where the doctor just blames whatever ailment on your weight…


Or you could just lose some weight.


anyway does it even serve a purpose to focus on these random twitter retards. idk. just ignore them


We need to start lifting these DYELs who refuse to exercise as equipment tools themselves

Anybody who says lifting is fascist is a CIA agent or doing the job of one for FREE


what happens when you lose weight
do they start blaming you're skinnyness???


you become healthy


the problem isn’t the weight it’s doctors ignoring other symptoms?


File: 1652168615966.webm (1.28 MB, 372x526, fatty.webm)

The solution to the fat question.


File: 1652168918198.webm (2.82 MB, 378x480, fat or skinny.webm)

What's worse, too fat or too skinny?


gym isn’t the only way to be fit, suburb-tards


ah I see, your a skinny fat DYEL


then u advance to the chance square and get a free diagnosis of body dysmorphia


Sounds like the kind of person that would take issue with a Judo class because for him having a senior to you is hierarchal.


never, i will only ever have body goodmorphia ( i see in the mirror a chieseld handsome man )


File: 1652178751847.png (1.23 MB, 1582x758, ClipboardImage.png)

oldfag here from my own experiences there has always been general attitudes of either discomfort around fitness and fitness culture or an indifference to it as far back as I can remember
see in in the 90s-00s for most people in lefty/prog politics being strident or even passionate about anything including fitness was strictly for the embarrassing ISO student lefties and Take Back the Night types at Oberlin or whatever. Cool Leftists didn't really care about politics while also identifying as leftist to piss off conservatives, guys who worked out were mostly part of hardcore punk scene and were considered too reactionary and bro-y, and tbf violence and racism was a huge strain in hardcore, one of the reasons it didn't appeal to me. there was general violence, like actual organized brawls between nazi punks and SHARP types at matinee punk shows at CBGB and Coney Island high - they'd show up with their chains out at like 2pm lol

So the guy in the tweet who claims that “organized fitness is intrinsically fascist because fascists like organized fitness” still has that mindset from the 90's and 2000's that has managed to persist to this day, so that's where I think he's coming from


grug lift rock


you talk like fitness is only about going to the gym lol


you know what I'm talking about right? I assure most of those guys weren't going to proper gyms either the point was that working out for 90's leftist was considered uncool cause caring "too much" about anything was considered uncool


Well this just seems like the 90s-00s equivalent to the present-day "ironic" demsoc twitter left.
For your slagging on Trots and anarchists, I know for a fact fitness clubs has been an foundational aspect of ML organizing since forever. This anti-fitness tendency on the "left" you're describing is emanating from a very lib-poisoned section of the left in specifically the anglosphere.


>anti-fitness tendency on the "left"
it doesnt even exist, youre getting mad over nothing


I'm not sure why you think I'm mad, I'm just contextualizing things.


today i've found out that not working out = liberalism and that communism is when fitness clubs


Gym culture also /fit/ comes across as extremely homoerotic and fetishistic so I can see the fascist connection. Just encourage people to take up sports especially team sports. It is more social and good for cardio.


>Just encourage people to take up sports especially team sports. It is more social and good for cardio.


File: 1652187255029-0.png (2.04 MB, 1118x1600, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1652187255029-1.png (1.1 MB, 1100x619, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1652187255029-2.png (841.78 KB, 1176x470, ClipboardImage.png)

Know you know.


*now you know


Fitness is a catchall term.


what if i am an unfit neet at the moment


get swole


then stop being one :)
t.fitting neet


Just lifestyleism as politics.


Yes, this is clearly a pervasive problem within the left that needs to be addressed.


well too get good at sports you have to work out and exercise


Fit/lifting is a literal coping meme

You don't do it for the health (as if permanently fucking your liver with steroids, and your joints with weight is healthy), you do it because porky says being a roided monkey looks hot, you do it because you want to look good for thots. It would be better if weight faggots were honest with themselves


Nice projection ancope


File: 1652199013696.png (278.73 KB, 373x498, ClipboardImage.png)

not a huge issue, still we have fatties here making excuses for not working out like >>245124


I mean he is not wrong, I lift for thots, so do most people.


Projection? I'm not the one who obsess over my body shape because of what porky dictates it looks good, and I'm not the one who come with shit tier excuses to justify taking on a useless petit bourgie activity


At least you're honest and I admire that, the other faggots coming with excuses should probably do the same.

Most of us take on useless petit bourgie activies, I play games to entertain myself, lift faggots waste money and time on a building fillen with iron literally because of fashion


Yes we know you're anorexic and laughably weak, you've made it very clear


What am I? Fatty or anorexic? Please decide coping lift fagoots


Something unappealing given your coping about bourgeois beauty standards


File: 1652200335199.png (1.32 MB, 1893x1072, ClipboardImage.png)

why do you come to a communist site and harass leftist lifters and demotivate them?

go to 4chan's /fit/ and demoralize nazis from lifting, if you actually want to achieve some good


Not really coping, couldn't give two fucks over fashion

I'm not demoralizing anyone, is just that these faggots insist on fooling themselves and others they lift for some productive reason and not because of thots and fashion/bourgie standards. Just pointing the fact there's virtually 0 utilitarian/productive need to waste time and resources on a building full of iron when eating healthy and going for a walk under the sun some days in the week is more than enough to have a healthy physical condition



Not only that but posts like OPs it's extremely condescending towards actual workers who don't have the mood, time, or resources to waste on a gym, if you're a neet and have the resources then by all means, go ahead, just don't claim you do it for productive reasons.

Natives from the Americas have been living long and healthy for hundreds of years without knowing the concept of recreational lifting, turns out eating healthy and not being completely sedentary is more than enough


You're telling on yourself as someone who has literally never had a demanding job if you see no utility in being in shape


You don't need to lift to have a healthy physical condition, period.

Anything else is coping.

And I do actually work, I'm a front-end programmer


Not only waste on gym itself, but also on roids (powder whey protein, creatine, etc…), workers don't have these resources


You're a programmer, probably from the suburbs or a gentrified area, telling people that being strong is a meme because you have good local police and are involved in no physical labor.


File: 1652203390258.png (300.38 KB, 1395x611, pol training.png)

>a fascist exercised today


I'm incapable of telling whether this is sincere or laughing at people thinking this is happening


File: 1652204014644.mp4 (760.27 KB, 828x478, pol goes outside.mp4)

>a fascist exercised today


File: 1652206513080.png (487.96 KB, 1024x599, ClipboardImage.png)

I think its referencing the gymcel meme on /fit/, basically saying that chinlets on /fit/ might get buff but they'll still be overly online wierdos with unconventional faces, even before poljak or even the -oomer memes, some trolls would post blading and or ugly buff dudes on /fit/ and say that there's no point to getting fit to get a gf cause they'll remain ugly


He's touching grass, can you say the same?


File: 1652210429920.jpg (276.04 KB, 1269x1694, part000001(5).jpg)

yep, i go outside with my doggo and i commute on foot almost everyday :)


>commute on foot
OK I'm jelly


omg look at his big face!


one of the perks of living in a town planned by communists, everything is close by in spite of a lake in the middle of the city
shes quite petite for her race actually. her dad weighed 120kg, and she weighs like 65kg. (although she isnt done growing yet)
neapolitan mastiffs are quite sweet though so despite her menacing appearance she got me over my fear of dogs


Jesus dude, your dog looks severely inbred


the left even debates fitness being a good or bad thing and then talks about what they will do after a revolution started by them and their DYEL comrades.

go to the gym you bunch of pussies. Go lift and become swole.




File: 1652242977787.webm (2.85 MB, 640x640, 1614125293215.webm)

You'll lift big weights and you'll be happy


>go to the gym
how about i do actual sports


File: 1652243223252.jpg (48.69 KB, 860x1200, 1622212778351.jpg)

i will occasionally lift my laptop from my thighs and i will be happy


this is how i look from lifting my laptop (its an old thinkpad)


Which one?


File: 1652243598474.jpg (903.11 KB, 1366x768, 20150723213050_0.jpg)

based and freepilled


File: 1652245276702-0.png (443.79 KB, 480x832, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1652245276702-1.png (1.02 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

to an extent its true, guy in the first pic has the same build as henry cavill and while he isn't some loser /pol/tard he will never be considered even 1/50th as desirable as henry cavill


Based ad truthpilled


File: 1652245785690.png (3.73 MB, 1305x2361, ClipboardImage.png)

I have a collection of /fit/ posters, most have decent builds but many overline autistic wierdos who don't know how to style themselves


As an epicureanist I kinda agree with you, I have what's usually called a "natural body" (with some bit of fat here and there but nothing extreme) and I don't care to change it, not gonna take in an activity that would make me miserable on every way (not only because of lifting itself but also the extremely strict diet) just to make my body appealing to western beauty standards, and for whom I'd do it? For women? I don't give a shit about being single and don't care about having an Hollywood Actor body, I'll just keep doing stuff that'll give me pleasure


>I have what's usually called a "natural body"
otter mode?


in your opinion what are "eastern" or "asian" male beauty standards


Currently there are none, except in far remote areas of the World as the Western/Hollywoodian standard of beauty has dominated the World basically.

Didn't get your question


File: 1652248000224-0.png (68.35 KB, 194x259, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1652248000224-1.png (36.63 KB, 306x379, ClipboardImage.png)

nta but you claimed you have a "natural physique" which is mostly called "otter mode" in fitness circles, also called the swimmers build, If you have that natural build then you technically do conform to a lot of western beauty standards


Lmfao no, I'm certanly way too far from being ripped like that


And nothing natural about left pic tho


what does natural even mean


Bullshit. Literally how many posts ITT are about lifting and gym shit? I have seen more muscled man ITT than in a woman’s magazine.


those pics any wear near being "ripped", seriously man
that is an incredibly achievable build, most guys in armies have that build, plus the lighting also helps


Someone who don't wreck themself lifting or aking roids like whey to achieve a certain body type, right pic for example can be achieved by simply genetics and eating normally


whey is roiding now?


By ripped I meant musculature definition, I have none of it


so by "natural physique" you meant skinnyfat LMAO


Idk I thought everything you take to complement lifting was supposed to be roids? Not only whey but also creatine and such


I'm not skinny fat tho, my arms and legs are totally proportional to my torso.


then you don't have a natural build, your just a thin dude with a lit bit of fat here and there, most people in the past had some muscles mass thanks to the hard labor they performed daily


File: 1652248578702.png (396.29 KB, 667x698, 1521238125367.png)


File: 1652248754049.png (925.64 KB, 992x558, ClipboardImage.png)

What's not natural about my body again? Certanly is far more natural than a body from some goon who goes to the gym everyday. Have you seen native tribes from the Amazon? That's how my body looks, and the body of every healthy human being bf recreational lifting was a thing


what makes your body more or less natural than anyone elses


File: 1652248990248.png (214.43 KB, 564x548, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm talking about guys who used to do farm work and labor, if they had accesses to decent diets then the repetitive labor could result is some builds that are similar to that of today


Sure but the goal of getting fit is to be good at the sport, not muscle for vanity and homoeroticism. Footballers (not the American one) or Swimmers don’t look like gymcels coz they don’t rely on upper body strength.

Also far more than keeping fit is that sports especially team sports highlights the importance of different people doing different tasks to achieve the same goal. It teaches you how to work as a team and play to your strengths. Which I suspect this emphasis on weightlifting by the fascists and people like you because it lets them concoct an individualistic narrative in a revolution. That if you gym everyday, you can train yourself to be the ultimate warrior who would fight their way to fas- err socialism for everyone.

But real revolutions wouldn’t boil down to a third act fistfight where everyone argues their point while trading blows. It requires subterfuge, strategy and above all coordination. Any team sports would teach the latter to people, not lifting weights by yourself (having a spotter doesn’t count).


File: 1652249062797.jpg (80.07 KB, 1024x576, america.jpg)

What's not natural about my body again? Certainly far more natural than a body from some European who eats healthily and exercises regularly. Have you seen the American population? That's how my body looks, and the body of every healthy human being who isn't poor.


Ahn, the fact I don't take drugs/supplamant to change it? The fact I don't severily restrict my diet and its timing? The fact I don't artificially weightlift to a good amount of pain and exaustion to achieve a certain physique?

In a complete hunter-gatherer primitive environment the average men would all look like my pic


and in a labor based society, what about guys like >>245360 are they unnatural for you


Well, yes, I do agree your pic is a natural physique of a man who does intense physical labor


why is this natural and why do you keep acting like were thousands of years into the past


Ahn, I'm Latino not American, and I very rarely eat junk food, and no, I don't think being mordibly obese is natural


Lol I thought the gymbros ITT were annoying but this guy's cope is far more entertaining.

>As an epicureanist

My favorite fucking part though.



Where am I coping again?


Every time you bring up what you do being "natural" while everyone else is "unnatural", lol.


Care to explain where was I coping? Guy asked what's my interpretation of natural physique and I just answered


nta I completely understand the desire to not want to have a gym bro build, but why don't you just do push and sit ups at home


There's no "natural physique".


When tf did I claim everything else is unnatural you retard? Do you deny bodybuilding is completely artificial and industrial society dependant? Because if you do you're a fucking moron


what makes industrial society less natural than previous or future modes of production


>The fact I don't severily restrict my diet and its timing? The fact I don't artificially weightlift to a good amount of pain and exaustion to achieve a certain physique?
This statement applies to a huge number of people and you keep bringing up the artificiality of it like what you do is somehow inherent to humans.


Because I don't wish to, it just makes me painful and tired for no reason other than changing body a bit and I'm completely fine with how I currently look.

I take hobbies that bring me pleasure exclusively (gaming, smoking weed, jerking off, etc…)


NTA but uygha you serious? There is a reason our body hardwired sugar to taste good, because it is so fucking rare pre industrial times.


Due to the literal way an industrial society is structured? When "natural" word is involved people the absolute majority of times mean a complete primitive environment


Why do you assume people involved in bodybuilding or simply lifting aren't enjoying it?


unlike you industrial society morons i play hacky sack instead of artificially moving in video games

>the absolute majority of times mean a complete primitive environment
and you dont see the futility of this as a measure of anything




They might enjoy the results of it or being able to lift more everytime as some sort of accomplishment but I highly doubt they enjoy being in pain or exhausted, unless you're a masochist of course


So sugar is unironically why people especially Americans are so fucking fat and get heart attacks.


You're incapable of realizing why people would do something that doesn't bring them short-term pleasure but would bring them pleasure in the long run.


>The fact I don't severily restrict my diet and its timing? The fact I don't artificially weightlift to a good amount of pain and exaustion to achieve a certain physique?
>I take hobbies that bring me pleasure exclusively (gaming, smoking weed, jerking off, etc…)
This is gold


what does this have to do with appealing to nature bullshit


Lmfao I'm not an anprim you edgy fuck, I never said everything artificial is bad, I objectively said the difference between a natural and artificial bodytype


>>245386 (me)
Basically I am saying our bodies cannot keep up with our technological progress. The sudden abundance of resources through human ingenuity isn’t accommodated by humans yet. Some of us are still lactose intolerant despite domesticating cows for millienia.


>You're incapable of realizing why people would do something that doesn't bring them short-term pleasure but would bring them pleasure in the long run.


>They might enjoy the results of it or being able to lift more everytime as some sort of accomplishment

Are you fucking retarded?


there was nothing objective about your opinion and you still havent been able to explain why your body type is any more or less natural than others despite humans having had varying body types throughout all of history


I'm not retarded, I don't quote only the parts that are convenient to my "argument".


No, you're a edgelord trolling shithead denying a solid parameter for the word "natural" everyone with common sense uses (either agrarian or hunter-gatherer environment, mostly the latter).

Why tf are you being so edgy with me again?


Ask 10 people what is "natural" to them and you'll get 10 different definitions, and now the cherry on top is that you also resort to claiming what you think is "common sense". Lol. Lmao.


So you deny a solid common sense concept of naturalism exist among the general public?


Even if you could get people to agree on something so arbitrary I would deny it because what the majority believes to be true isn't necessarily so. By this logic, by following the norm, then being fat would actually be natural these days since the average BMI has increased so much.


Despite being a lefty imageboard people sure love clinging to concepts like "natural", huh.


then you don't you start small, like 10 push a day, then every week add 2 more reps and before you know you'll be doing 100 push ups, add some sit ups as like 20 and add 2 as well every week


not the coper but I do believe there are certain "natural" builds for human beings that should be prioritized
for e.g the Soviet Union banned bodybuilding and looked down on it, considering it frivolous bourgeoisie activity while at the same emphasizing strength based training to the masses, for better labor and health


what's the difference?


File: 1652264909843.png (156.13 KB, 480x360, ClipboardImage.png)

compare an ideal powerlifter build to an ideal bodybuilder physique


low bf is hot to me though


Because I'm already healthy by simply eating decently (no junk food) and going outside every so often, sit up ans push up are something completely useless for someone who couldn't give two fucks about achieving "le hawt porkie media shilled body" (either for insecurity or because you want to pick up thots)

It's really fucking funny the projection of you faggots, calling me a coper (with no logical reson) while seething over hours because I stated the fact being a gym rat is completely artificial and industrial dependant


my brother in Lenin, you really are arguing that doing push ups at home is somehow capitalist propaganda


File: 1652290143827.jpg (76.03 KB, 601x508, copejak.jpg)

>calling me a coper (with no logical reson)


>my brother in Lenin
Don't post this ever again.


thats based THOUGH


I don't want to be fit, I want to be athletic.


you have to be fit to be athletic you idiot


Fit these days means bodybuilder on steroids


I don't know where you hear that, but for most people a fit guy means a guy whose lean and fit


On /liftypol/


File: 1652337895453.png (809.39 KB, 634x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

and most of the world, seriously this is what 96% of people think a fit guy looks like


I think this is the least attractive photo of robert pattinson that I have seen


Eat shit dumbass
Nobody there says it

Sick of this new wave anti-fitness incel cringe that's being spammed

Just this much is enough

Of course its the lookismcels spreading this kind of demotivational spam


Bro your body can't even handle standing up, you have no right to talk about fitness. I don't give a fuck how big your muscles are and much you can lift, if you lose your vision just from standing up, you are not fit.


That sounds like iron deficiency or some other type of anemia.


what the fuck are you talking about
i don't know what anon you have me confused with

but today was my work day and i stood up and lifted my program very fine

in fact it's only because of getting into fitness and exercise that i can get up these days

when i didn't exercise, i couldn't get up and used to be crippled


annoying thing terminally online(Twitter) people do to farm clout. yes i am aware of the irony and admit that I’m also terminally online
>provocative vague statement most definitely using common language
>later on in thread clarify that vague sentiment was actually about much more reasonable specific statement
>they are technically correct because technically the reasonable sentiment can fit within the definition of the vague sentiment but they get away with it every time (see showering and bedtimes discourse)
>get mad bc people take it out of context w out reading their entire thread despite knowing Twitter in particular has made it challenging to receive wider context ala algorithm and character limit of tweets
They always chalk it up to individual ability to “explore context” which is technically correct if they didn’t make the same fucking mistake every single time so i think it just means they’re fucking pretentious and love sleight of hands word mixing. always the same people too who get frustrated. a big red flag is that if they’re going on a rant on Twitter, and they don’t have the end signifier of “1/5” or whatever to communicate threaded form or multiple tweets, 99% of the time they’ll do the aforementioned vague then reasonable statement then mald cycle


replace reasonable with nuanced.


File: 1652352978127.gif (550.1 KB, 200x200, liposuction.gif)

Real reasonable nuanced take coming through. Liposuction for all fatties and we use their lard as oil to power generators for the lipo pumps. It's healthy, sustainable, green, and eco-friendly.


LMAO the person who said gym culture is fascist is a mutual of mine. What a small world.
This anon gets it. I'm a bit older than zoomers, and I've always associated gym culture with machismo and reactionary jocks.
For me, being fit isn't about going on a meme keto diet and lifting weights, but having strong legs to flee from the cops and fascists if needed. You can train these by doing rad individual sports like skateboarding or surfing, or simply by walking a lot, or swimming.
If you have to fight with a random lumpenpleb over a girl or a spilled drink, you have already lost. Situational awareness is better than dumb muscle in most cases. Therefore I reject gym culture and its cult of closeted gay men showing off their lubricated ass muscles.


I'm pretty sure that's not what the guy was talking about, he was saying it was associated with reactionaries in leftist spaces but that mentality really shouldn't exist, cause the hardcore punk scene is dead


No. Most of the "sugar" is high fructose corn syrup.
Idk. Also, punk ruined rock n roll.


idiots enjoy the company of idiots

the idea that gym culture is something unchangeable or part of being fit is a worthless lie that you have no reason to perpetuate

there is no culture to lifting weights and running high to make yourself better as you said to run from cops

fitness does not belong to them
and you and your moot spreading such ideas only helps them


>not using it for bombs and soap


Self-improvement is a meaningless right-wing meme.


>fitness does not belong to them and you and your moot spreading such ideas only helps them
This, by saying fitness and working out is inherently reactionary and we shouldn't do it, we give the rightist more power
> To attain our goals and to make our influence felt are external matters, results. The development of our physical strength is an internal matter, a cause. If our bodies are not strong we will be afraid as soon as we see enemy soldiers, and then how can we attain our goals and make ourselves respected? Strength depends on drill, and drill depends on self-awareness. The advocates of physical education have not failed to devise various methods. If their efforts have nevertheless remained fruitless, it is because external forces are insufficient to move the heart
famous right winger Mao Zedong




File: 1652366643613.png (451.48 KB, 461x640, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1652374641993.jpg (77.75 KB, 700x402, stone of bybon.jpg)

if you work from a chair you should workout, i see a lot of stuff in this thread about how gyms and supplements are booj, and there is obviously truth to this as things are now. but if you are going to argue that humans aren't designed to work out, then they are 10x more not designed to sit on their ass all day. lifting heavy objects as exercise goes back at least to the beginning of written history, dumbbells date back to ancient Greece, mice that run on treadmills live longer, the idea that working out is unnatural or bad for you is very new and stupid.


I wish I still had time and energy to work out. I spend 12 hours dealing with work 9 hrs being at work and 3hrs commuting.


jesus christ why does every fat anti-fitness shill also mald over gay people? I love lubricated ass muscles fuck you. I dont care if they're closeted. Every anti-fitness coping fat loser i've known has also managed to make it about how "sports turn you gay" or "having an attractive male body is for gays"


Fuck going to gyms. Having your kit at home is where it's at (luv me dumbbells).


Literal glowie, fuck off
With that logic we also shouldn't fix society too, right?

Just let capitalism tear everything apart

You can't fix the world
If you don't begin by fixing yourself


youre a glowie if you dont praise self-improvement for the sake of self-improvement or how it has developed as a concept


What's the max weights you got?
I have 40lbs, I worry it's not gonna be enough as I don't have money for gyms or higher weights

What happened to work from home?
Did they force you back
Do you have a union


You are a glowie or a moron if you post inflammatory shit and then attempt to backwards slide and post some "nuance"

Fuck off


Yeah just pull yourself by your bootstraps you fucking moron.


what the fuck are you talking about?
how is gaining controlling of your own body and mastering it in any way similar to the capitalist myth of moving up the class ladder on your own?

pathetic equivalency, end your brains out


Use your brain for once.


no thanks
i use only my fists, i only trust it

me and my fist against the world
i hate capitalsit society, i want to punch all my problems away


we got a tough guy ovah heah!


File: 1652432015347.png (5.6 MB, 2940x4096, ClipboardImage.png)

my dream is to make my fists strong enough to punch through the world, oh!


what happened to Tony soprano?


he became ir*sh 😞


File: 1652556029030.png (886.64 KB, 1200x900, ClipboardImage.png)

This thread is so goddam embarrassing, mods please delete it, I don't want /pol/ seeing this shit


If you care so much about /pol/'s opinion why don't you go back there?


Pol tarts are mostly basement dwellers.
Even if not, most of them are insecure incels.

Unique IPs: 60

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