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So is this guy Ronald Read, one of the only lucky people who lucked into lot of money despite being a poor janitor

That capitalists hold up as some shining example of their dogshit system?

Any other cases like this? Lottery winners obviously don't apply


Never heard of this guy, from the wiki
>he worked as a gas station attendant and mechanic for about 25 years. Read retired for one year and then took a part-time janitor job at J. C. Penney where he worked for 17 years until 1997.
>Read amassed a fortune of almost $8 million by investing in dividend-producing stocks and being a buy and hold investor in a diversified portfolio of stocks with a heavy concentration in blue chip companies.
Rare based porky giving the janitor the inside scoop?


OH, I thought JC Penney was a bank or something, sorry not a burger.
The only "success stories" I can think of are literal ghouls like Elon Musk lol.


is it illegal to only say insider information or is it also illegal to invest based on it?

>dividend-producing stocks
i still don't know what that means

i think every rich kid is automatically excluded from success story
their birth will be their only success


wtf I hate socialism now


If people became rich by buying and holding blue-chip (large company, mainstream) stocks that pay a dividend then all boomers would be millionaires. There has to be more to his strategy than simply investing in dividend stocks because I refuse to believe that he got rich though that strategy alone.


A dividend is quarterly payment payed to you by a company for holding their stock.

The payment varies a lot depending on the company, but the total returns are usually low if you don't own have a lot of stock to begin with.


holy crap lois
i'm gonna full time be a dividender

just get paid to keep my money like interest in a bank for a company


yeah, and you also have to remember the material conditions i.e the time and condition of the economy and the events which must've played a part

load it up bois
we're gonna look at this 60 year old man's portfolio 💻💾💿🖲🖨


good for him, it's payoff for the years of doing it for free


lol today companies issue stock with no dividends and no voting rights


This sounds quite nice. I think i will join you i n becoming an divindender.
How do i apply? Where do i get my moon stonks or whatever the kids call them these days?


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Jannychads can't stop winning

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