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This thread is for people like me, autists, getting dating/tinder advice. I noticed that even if I match with someone it Nevers leads to anywhere and that's quite frustrating for me.
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>I thought meant inflatable pools.
Inflatable pool parties are things that you have when you're like seven.


I mean the big ones. Adults can still have fun with them.


>approach them with a fake purse (…) without looking creepy
>hit the gym
Oh finally a good idea
>to see if there's any cute girls


>But still, cars are more expensive and young people have those.

I don't, and a lot of my friends don't, they are expensive as shit with insurance and so on


This is why young women always have the upper hand over men.



commander ripper is that you?


>Shower at least two time a week as some gain goal
Do incels really?


How can you be this mad about dumb shit lmao
Shit thread attracts shit people. If that makes you emotional then it's no surprise you're alone.


They have rabies and react violently to water.


Did you ever notice that they started fluoridating water only after women's suffrage?


it all makes sense!


I did this and ignored them throughout most of my youth
Now im a 30+ yo greying incel with nothing to show for


File: 1655991958377.mp4 (237.84 KB, 576x702, kVAKcUCSKKe7CR9e.mp4)

I'm a bit younger but I feel exactly the same way. Always the outcast. On the spectrum. Graduated alone and I can't recall a single positive memory from university. I just want to be wanted and valued emotionally and romantically, to be loved and to love. Currently my only romantic sustenance consists of jacking off and listening to ASMR gf roleplays. I've done and tried many different things to change who I am, to expand my social circle and make me luckier romantically. And although I feel like i've improved in many areas, I still go back home and sleep in an empty bed. Maybe I am just unlucky.

Maybe our luck will change, but I don't count on it.


I've recently come to the realization that I've basically never had a close relationship in my life… I've had a few frens but only cause I saw them everyday in class and those were always kinda shallow relationships… How the fuck am I ever gonna get an SO if I can't even make friends? I've become accustomed to living this way, but it's a shitty imitation of a life


Honestly I feel like having a relationship is easier than friendships, there's an easy sexual connection to fall back on and romantic intimacy.


Honestly, neither have I apart from my brother and my wife.


alienation a fuck




Everyone deserves love. I hope both of you can find it one day


You're delusional.
It's the other way around. Friends are better than lovers. Love revolves around one shallow emotion which requires constant passion.
Friendship is for excitement and downtime
Romance is based purely on first impressions.
Friendship is based on whether you can chillax with them or not.


idk maybe his experience in this regard is just different to yours?


you should be able to chillax with your partner too, otherwise the relationship sucks


I don't.


This. If you're not getting excitement and can't chillax with your partner then i just feel sorry for you. Your partner should be your best friend.


Seriously fuck off


Tbh I had this feeling all through out highschool, I always felt like nobody would ever come up to me unless they needed something. Only in the past couple of years I've managed to make a few online friends who actually want to talk too me. And because of that I've been doing way better mentally wise, I would not say I feel great but I'm lot better off than I was in highschool.


How did you make online friends?


online frens are good. I talk about way different things with them compared to irl frens


File: 1656073314606.png (316.38 KB, 452x520, 1502385954145.png)

I met them through a small YouTubers dl5c0rd server. I had a good conversation with them on the server than we eventually moved to just chatting through the dms.


File: 1656109700521.png (1.09 MB, 1280x1280, hugh mann.png)

I feel like my best bet would be meeting autistic girls, but I don't know where to find them ;_;


your picture gives a clue ;^)


also give source


File: 1656112043757.png (394.55 KB, 767x1300, dick sucked by a horse.png)

there are some nerd conventions in town, maybe I should start going to them again now that the pandemic is hopefully finally over
I was out the other weekend and I'm still very rusty. but hey, gotta stretch those social skills!


yeah! I went to the last furmeet in town. Next year maybe I will go to the national furcon. Female furries are pretty chill. Granted there's not that many of them, but hey. There's plenty of girls(male) also.


Oh god, no. The ones with mental disorders are not worth the pussy.


>secondary siblings


but we all have autism too. that makes them compatible


>The only way to have a proper relationship is to grow up with an opposite-sex friend since childhood.

real life is not slice of life anime anon, relationships are failing because of the stress and expectations of our shitty alienated society


See: Chris Chan and Megan Schroeder


well hopefully we aren't as bad as chrischan


Nobody else is that bad.


That just goes to show that people, especially neurodivergents, shouldn't be thinking about relationships.


This is how things go to shit.
"Ahh, come on, that could never happen to us."


Do autistic girls usually like dumpster diving?


their rooms are usually dumpsters so yeah


File: 1656178642366.png (784.68 KB, 649x767, take a seat wherever.png)


File: 1656179010349.jpg (64.27 KB, 513x612, wammasniff.jpg)

imagine the smell


ponder the aroma


File: 1656179572308.jpg (6.58 KB, 261x193, spongebob sniff.jpg)

consider the bouquet


reflect on that fragrance

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