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It is midnight and I am roaming the city alone until morning. Any ideas on what to do?


Sprint at any women you see walking alone at full speed while yelling in Romanian


So you're going to roam around for at least 6 hours, do you plan to eat anything at some point or take a rest?


Keep roaming the city and take pics


Fucking eurofag

I'm gonna spend the whole night studying for some stupid exams. Share me some of your mental energy


Don't get raped


find abandoned buildings and explore,


take acid


Go get a bite and a beer


Currently looking for food. The only place that sales vegan stuff at this hour is disqusting.

Here is a ukrainian nazi slogan painted on crosswalk by what I assume was a well meaning lib.


Damn, camera quality is shit. Anyway, it says "Slava Ukraine".


are you a p*le or some kind of serb


what other kinds of serbs are there


Neither, but you got the general cultural area right.


learn what edible plants are you in your area, start to plan for communism in one man and becoming a hunter gatherer




find SËX


Man, I cant even find friends.

Also no.

There is a local Soviet themed bar. It is clused now so I went to a different one for an overpriced shot of vodka.


File: 1656026162632.png (3.88 KB, 203x122, ClipboardImage.png)



rob the first rich person you see
it's 4 am, for legal reasons if oyu actually do this, i was sleep deprived

gn, going back to sleep


i'll be your friend anon
are there no curfews in your area? i'd be sacred to walk at night because of c*ps


you will fail the test, no point in studying(USER WAS FLUNKED FOR THIS POST)


File: 1656026994539.mp4 (6.31 MB, 1280x720, VID_20220624_012347.mp4)


Why would there be a curfew?

Anyway, for some reason a swarm of flies realy likes this one particular light.


File: 1656027142552.png (2.19 MB, 1300x975, ClipboardImage.png)

join them anon,
they're having a raveout


Just walked around a rock bar my crush frequents. I was there once, not with her, an ex-friend of mine. Would take a phot, but there were groups of people in front of it. Smoking and laughting and talking, I didnt even have a courage to walk to the entrance to chceck wheather it is still open, felt too self conscious for being alone.


using the power of autism, the bus map in the shelter looks like Bratislava


Bingo agent. Your geolocation system worka flawlessly.

Anyway, found a construction site. Camera gave it a nice red hue. Hopefully it wont be another office building or shopping mall. Heard those things are dying out in the west, but here they keep opening new ones within walking distance of each other.


kek he's a snowuyghur

do a squat


That is mean and I dont know what you mean


Knock on random people's doors and run


go in and explore


Anything on your mind, OP? What are you thinking while you go trough the city? Why did you decide to post here?


The only trashcan that anarchists won't knock over

But seriously anon, I guess it would be best to hang out in nature, you can get away from the bright streetlights a bit, maybe lay under a tree and get a nap, go to the park


Slovenian, Bosnian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Albanian

All of these are just retarded snowflake Serbs who think they're special cases


If I went to take a stroll in the middle of the night in my city I'd just probably be mugged then stabbed


Come to the forest alone and turn off your light so you can see the stars better


Night nature is scary.

Nothing to explore, literally just a hole in a ground with bunch of construction material in it.

>Anything on your mind, OP?
sad sad sad sad sad yearning sad sad sad yearning sad
Wish I had someone to spend night with. I keep seeing groups of friends having fun, and girls in nice skimpy outfits. I keep noticing that there seem to be lot more lone men walking through night city. Lone women are rarer and mostly are either calling with someone on a phone or texting while walking. Might be just my incelish and gender insecurity projections though. And safety concerns.
I feel like my spirit animal is whatever bug Gregor Samsa turned into.

The reason I post here is just because siberia is the only online community I am active in.


Not even a kebab stand? I heard from euros that they are the midnight snack there.
I would say
>Insert rehashed selfimprovement post here
But then again, I bet there is alredy a thread for that.
Some good rest can better the spirit, maybe to force it you can do some excercise or something.
>Sits with other guys to drink
>Gets wasted
>Wakes with no phone, money and shoes
Happened to some guys I know kek


Anyone here listen to Florence and the Machine? I thought of What the Water Gave Me while walking next to a river, and now their discography is playing in my head. Gonna start listening to them on phonw now. Dont have headphonea on me, makes me a little self conscious to use speakers but whatever.


Just saw a hedgehog. Wanted to take a photo but it is still too dark and didnt want to scare him with flash.

>Not even a kebab stand?
Plenty of those, but I am vegan.

>Insert rehashed selfimprovement post here

I mean I am always open to advice. But my problem aint that I am ugly or something, just that I am cut off from social network which makes it hard to meet new people, and have issue with building emotional conections.


how did you figure that out? tell me


i think going to some kind of hobby class could easily help you build a social network


File: 1656038866704.mp4 (8.09 MB, 1280x720, VID_20220624_043934.mp4)

Well boys and girls (male), the dawn comes, and my extremely uneventful night is at end. Hopefully I wont have to do this again ever. God, cant even say it was wasted time, not like I had anything better to do. Probably would have just kept trying to force myself into liking Rome 2 Total War. Thanks for reading and responding, helped me keep my sanity in one piece.
I guess the lesson here is that the thing where depresses man goes across night city and meets colorful characters, each sharing with him different outlook on life, happens only in pretentious movies.


Thanks for the tour of comfy Bratislava bro


no man, keep trying to stay out at midnight
kick up a ruckus, maybe you will meet some colourful characters


Serbs are half Orthodox Croatians, half confused Bosnians


>I'm vegan
Tough spot pal, maybe some falafel could have served. Nice sculptures.


Oh and here is the two semi-interesting things I forgot to post - the spider breeding monument, and elevator door coverth in what appears to be baby moths.


>>269141 (me)
Well fuck, i fell asleep


reported for jinxing


I still have an hour or so left but whatever it's over. I blame OP and his boring ass posting





IME as a night crawler sometimes you meet some interesting people, sometimes some very nice and cool people and very often you meet assholes or toxic people. There is both angsty people like yourself and more predatory or insane people that sleep in the day and go out at night. It can be very rewarding as an occasional thing if you are stable enough and you have both a good filter for assholes and find some cool places to check out


spider breeder?


Because of all the webs on it (presumably)


Let's go together next time.



Assuming you from BA and want to meet, it has to be this weekend, I wont be back until next year.

It is like it was designed for that. The shape of it and zig-zag ridges give spider conveniet space to hang their webs from, while strong lights keep attracting insect, providing them with practically infinite food. It of kind of hard to see in the photo, but the whole thing is covered in hundreds, if not thousands of spiders.


Go out to nature parks.
Where I live, nature parks are plentiful and are peaceful places at any time of day, year-round.



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