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Is there any city even comparable to Pyongyang?

For a city, it's peak comfy.


i want a movie set in pyongyang bros. some kind of parody of the usual jap/chink city environment would be kino


I wish Japan was divided into a communist North, just imagine the memes, and communist anime


ainu revolution


File: 1656057150712.png (4.38 MB, 2048x1830, pyongyang.png)







what a shame you can't choose from 500 different varieties of bananas to stick up your butt for your tip Tok channel


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WOW, so unique and socialist. Nothing compares!!


>>269341 Tbf I dont see ads here either


This could've happened if America hadn't dropped the nukes. If only…


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>Dude wipes
Reminder these kinds of things exist because a significant minority of burger moids have been socialized to think that hygiene is feminine/gay, up to and including wiping your ass.


empty stroads and endless condos are ok if they’re under the not-even-pretending-to-be-communist-anymore monarchy


since this is /siberia/
>guy who never wipes his ass has a gf
I mean I don't think I should have a gf just because I clean my ass, but this is still more fuel for the suicide fire.


You are technically correct in this instance of replying to the guy. But the particularity of DPRK lacking cityscape ads is conventionally more to do with the street-level view. That's where it's distinguished from the west.


You have to cast a line to catch a fish. That's the main difference between you and some guy with a gf. (most) women want a bf. You just gotta find one who like what you have to offer.


Ive seen this around and it kinda seems like a forced meme but at the same time i've met some dudes that are real fucking terrified of being gay to the point that they do shit like this.

Like fuck dude, its YOUR body, what exactly are you afraid of.


File: 1656091677679.png (5.41 MB, 2774x2570, ClipboardImage.png)

>Just like the Ministry of Love!!1!!!11!


idk why but that left pic reminds me of something like an xbox 360 era city map


What I can gather women like shitty butts and dog dicks.

Man I hate walking around with an itchy ass.


Hating suburbs is cool on reddit


>If reddit likes something I must hate it
Pure imageboard brain syndrome.


I just pointed out that the meme is inaccurate


Reddit just means anything a someone on 4chan doesn't like.


the obsession with reddit is a good indicator of when imageboards really turned to shit


They are silently seething that reddit has much more cultural clout than they have. Like what was the last meme that 4chan ever did? Hell even on reddit you barely even see r/greentext posts anymore. Making me think that 4chan is just propped up by bots at this point.


what do you think it's like to live in this chinese city?
there doesn't seem to be any space for regular walking or entertainment, just buildings for living

do you think they have like party clubs up in the mountains


If my childhood memories of dense east Asian cities serve me correctly they probably do have walkways but not very wide ones, or they're either underground or integrated into the buildings like the Paris Arcades


probably cafes


why something think "hey this is good place to build town"?


>why something think "hey this is good place to build town"?

this is all of human civilization


Shit like that city really makes me hate America. Seriously, I mean that looks like something out of a video game or something. I'm sure everyone there's probably dirt poor but they're probably not worried about pyscho cops or school shootings at least


>You are technically correct in this instance of replying to the guy.
No they aren't. OP wasn't just pointing out 'far shot with buildings and lights'.

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