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their memes are all like this


File: 1656027449229-0.jpg (76.88 KB, 935x891, 1655975526552.jpg)

File: 1656027449229-1.jpg (621.53 KB, 1500x1000, billy-ray-cyrus.jpg)

never post about gen a*pha


arent the oldest gen alpha's like 7


>use the early-to-mid 2010s as starting birth years
how are these people even sentient


they're not
they are not real

stop talking about gen alpha
stop replying to gen alpha threads



File: 1656028193294.jpg (113.01 KB, 1272x530, millenials mario 64.jpg)

uhhhhh this is a millenial zone ma'am, please turn around and walk away slowly


Gen Alpha, but they're tiny little chads posting memes


File: 1656028416117.pdf (71.48 MB, 255x156, Genlab Alpha.pdf)


(ps someone on leftypol is DMing a game of this if you're interested)


sorry jannybros, I didn't realise that was 71mb, you can delete it if you want


No idea how gen alpha will turn out. Millenials are libcucked, zoomers are 4chanpilled/tiktokpilled. Who knows man.


Gen Alpha chads will save us all


They'll be grasspilled


No, millennials are 4chanpilled.
Besides, generational differentiation after Gen X is kinda irrelevant. It really is.


Zoomers are annoying, but some of you guys are alright.

Gen alpha, I'm terrified of them. Like honestly scared.


Okay boomer



>Generational differentiation after gen x is kind of irrelevant.
Well white Millennials grew up on emo music while the zoomers got more into rap music and shit. That and 4chan did happen in the millennial era, it's popularity skyrocketed during the trump era and that was mostly just zoomers and boomers. That is why we have so many tradcaths now, basically zoomers who saw the soullessness of Protestantism but didn't want to actually do anything risque or liberal .


Stop regurgitating this bullshit
0-12 year olds don't have a distinct internet culture of memes, listen to yourself you stupid fuck


I legit do not think hip hop is as mainstream as it was 20+ years ago.


LIterally the only music I hear downtown is rap music with some jazz and rnb surprisingly.
nobody listens to pop music though and youtube intentionally inflates their view numbers for pop acts.


>That is why we have so many tradcaths now
Go outside


Uh. my brother in christ did you not hear about the Roe Vs Wade decision?


somehow I don't think zoomers had much to do with that


gen alpha doesn't make memes


Yeah but at least their men support the decision, to be cool and hip and KNEEL TO 4chan.


Do we have any 12 year old Alphachads here in /siberia/?


>Millennials whom took the generation idpol too seriously

Why am I not surprised?
Of course, postmodern generations are truly willfully ignorant of their own flawed similarities to their juniors.


I am mistaken, it was my own millennial ass generation who is tradcath pilled. I failed to listen. I AM RETARDED WHY WOULD I EVER THINK THAT ZOOMERS ARE PLAYING RUNESCAPE


How are they not sentient?

Adults are too morally obsessed about youth culture and children in general.


File: 1656119038610.jpg (100.59 KB, 828x952, ue2kc46rwx291.jpg)

This is how we stop them


It never ceases to amaze me how adults are easily frightened/offended by kids doing anything


That's would be more millennials.


jewish conspiracy but its zoomers instead


they remind us of getting old which is scary


Those years feel extremely recent, if someone told me their son was born in 2014 i'd think it's a toddler


It’s the MLG meme except without the irony.


It ones to show that adults, especially nowadays really are overgrown children. I'm seeing a serious phenomenom where succeeding generations of adults are less capable of handling life.


And you mock boomers, saying they're in the way, yet you actively bully patronize your juniors for coming into their own.


Idk, you sure about that?
Not that it matters, I think people are too morally obsessed with children.


File: 1656178210973.png (341.62 KB, 861x580, fever-ray-drydusty-1.png)

Do you think that is a problem with the people of whatever generations you choose to be autistic about or a problem of the warped societies we live in?


Who chose to be born into this life. It's a raw deal why tf would I want to handle something I had no choice in being given


Maybe both.
That's why I say free will isn't totally free.


File: 1656186615748.png (515.39 KB, 778x634, ClipboardImage.png)

>Maybe both.


Society is made up of people.
So the selfish perspective of the generation gaps is because of marketing trucks and plain old egotism.
But also, I think it's because indoctrination of positivity/idealism from teachers and parents that people fall back on because the elders fail to reach life skills so people flop about in their adulthood phase. And rather than coming to terms and being mentors to the next generation, they'd rather recreate the magical childhood promised to them via movies and TV.


Bullshit, you romanticise older generations because their incompetence is excused as senility or being old fashioned and you were not alive then they were the ones complaining about being fucked over by bullshit bureaucratic processes that were set up to make you fail or whatever.


Well, that kinda is my point. The older generations fucked up m, creating a huge domino effect that lasts throughout the century.
Their succeeding posterity continue their legacy of arrested development.


Just the same way you guys blame Gen Z for all alt right hysteria despite Gen X/Y starting it.
Or like how 4chan blames Gen Z for SJWism despite Gen X/Y starting that too.

>Inb4 "stfu Zoomer"


File: 1656206773761.png (414.96 KB, 735x507, ClipboardImage.png)

this sounds dumb, no offence to you.
I would prescribe it to actual material things, i.e the things that cause this are: A generation that can not afford homes and barely rent, a generation that lives below the poverty line, a generation without careers or work security, a generation without public spaces for a social life even if they had the time, community centers and clubs, etc. etc.
Our parents or grandparents did not face these things, it sems obvious to me that the lack of being able to be an adult comes from the wholesale sale off and unobtainablity of the things that we expect of adults.


Adulthood is all about prospect and exploitation.
All that talk about virtues is just dumb shit to keep children in line.
Adulthood really is all about pursuit of materialism and status quo.
Young people are judged by their finances and membership to tradition.
Adults say "It's not about how much money you have it's about your heart".
Yet, time and time again, we see those under thirty criminalized for merely not having enough money nor joining senescent clubs(church, military, marriage, etc)

Male senescence is just one big orgy before you croak.
If you're a male over forty, you know that society gives you free reign to fuck everything that moves and to spout out whatever retarded fantasies you have in your head.


Stop thinking in these autistic terms, you're creating a strange little relaity to live in that is not going to be helpful to understanding the world.


>"Stop thinking autistically"

> This is the same board that whines about normies

>The same board that thinks any disagreement about capitalism being the Numero uno problem is "libcuck"

>The same board that obsesses over sex and romance and offers delusional optimism for severe autists wanting to date


Stop focusing so much on "Generations". The very concept of "Generations" was created by american advertising companies as a way to make more money.


Tell that to imageboards.
Why do you guys get all obsessed with "boomers/Zoomers/alphas"?


File: 1656221122725.mp4 (2.57 MB, 1080x1920, MARIOZZZ.mp4)

op here, this was a shitpost, weirdos took it too seriously


File: 1656221771299.gif (1.26 MB, 320x240, based.gif)

High test OP baiting the low test betas for laughs


File: 1656414753203.jpg (46.46 KB, 694x662, b0227a0889.jpg)

I can't wait until they grow up so I can complain about them


Just like a true boomer.


File: 1656434240784.png (41.4 KB, 197x255, ClipboardImage.png)

old zoomerjak looks like himmler lmao

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