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File: 1656036565237.jpg (3.44 MB, 1707x2560, 1586736449786.jpg)


>lands a role on Emmy-nominates HBO television series Succession, a drama about a bourgeois inheritance dispute
>becomes a trad
What did she mean by this?


She's gonna pay to be a housewife.


File: 1656038431770.png (514.5 KB, 678x381, ClipboardImage.png)

>cut her out of next season


SEX with Dasha Nekrasova


imagine all the variants of herpes bros


stop it
stop making me horny for women with bad politics



File: 1656045552960.jpg (16.07 KB, 250x400, 246639-1.jpg)

Think of Lenin and Materialism and Emperico-criticism.


yes please


what is emperico-criticism? i have not read it


Some dense ass philosophy book no one reads even though it was a mandatory part of the educational curriculum of the USSR


Is there anything as unattractive as a Christian cross necklace on a pizza-eating American conservative


A foundational theoretical text of not only Leninist but Marxist philosophy. Goes deep into materialism and dialectics as it relates to science and the influence of idealism on the other hand.


Holy shit bros trad-Dasha won


Socialism for her was always "I just want people to have healthcare, honey."


But every socialist nation that implemented universal healthcare also implemented abortion rights??


>socialism did x
>therefore x = socialism
capitalist countries also do those things


Yeah 50 years later and because socialist countries did them first.


I want to get Dasha pregnant to ahhh teach her a lesson.


File: 1656110534101.jpg (501.08 KB, 1572x1289, trotsky adam.jpg)

how did he land her bros





also dascha sucks ass, get better standards


Trotsky is a sex god, just watch that Russian series


File: 1656111057752-0.png (100.16 KB, 957x417, hieroglyphic stav.PNG)

File: 1656111057753-1.png (28.02 KB, 772x316, stavros laughing.PNG)

File: 1656111057753-2.jpg (89.33 KB, 640x903, swol stav.jpg)

hello stavros


File: 1656111769496.jpg (361.6 KB, 1624x889, 18923759238751.jpg)

*teleports behind you*
>nothing personnel, kiddo


dare someone to tweet this at him


She has "I-can-fix-her" energy.
like slightly dead inside but quirky.
I'd say manic pixie dream girl but she's too low energy for that. I've seen girls like her before in the hipster scene, but I don't what the word is to describe them.


amelie de l'ennui


depressive pixie dream girl


history repeats
first as tragedy
then as farce


I love Romanian Communists.
If a gypsy family tells me that they served loyally under Ceaușescu in the Cold War, I will give them 200 euros for free no questions asked without them needing to scam me first.

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