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Who else /apolitical/?

I post on every board except /leftypol/. This is a very comfy chan and I like it.


The reason this chan is comfy is, first and foremost, because leftypol was created about… 8 years ago (?) by former /pol/ users. They were already somewhat immersed in imageboard culture, and many of them started out as the type of imageboard user who already hated /pol/ within a year or two of its creation. They were already somewhat uninterested in hating minorities, mainly forcusing on imageboards for fun, for hobbies, and for free speech without being surrounded by moralists and heavy-handed right-wing moderation. As a result, this imageboard's cultural development was primarily directed by imageboard oldfags. And that's what r/The_Donald, as well as liberal redditors or twitter users usually fail to understand.


File: 1659229626853.jpeg (4.46 KB, 225x225, images (26).jpeg)

all false, the reason it's so comfy is because every left winger is an inherently good person



>free speech without being surrounded by moralists and heavy-handed right-wing moderation.
So much for that with all the no-fun-allowed pseudmoralist reactionary-traditionalist tankies around it just feels like I'm on /pol/ and forget where I am sometimes.


Yeah this post is outdated by a couple years.


File: 1659232544354.jpg (36.89 KB, 474x677, th-57900871.jpg)

Hell yeah brother, being apolitical rocks.
Unrelated note, what's your take on rape? On the one hand it makes people sad and stuff, but on the other hand people enjoy it and it makes them happy, so you can't really say it's one thing or the other thing.


Speak for yourself.
I was never a /pol/ user. /g/, /lit/, /his/ gang.


File: 1659233788284.jpg (586.78 KB, 1920x1200, 1603748122837.jpg)

The dogs of hell will come for you eventually
Capitalism is such

It erodes the planet, you're gonna have to educate yourself instead of cushioning

And you are posting on leftypol
This entire site is leftypol but with different topics


Have sex


/leftypol/ is more of a /lit/ split-off than /pol/. A little bit of /his/ in there too


Im more apolitical now, only because communists are utter failures here and I might as well not care about politics anymore because it only makes me seethe everytime unduly.


never thought of it this way


Are you offering?


/leftypol/ 2022 be like:
>/pol/ bait thread
>ostalgia circlejerks that become increasingly irrelevant with each passing year
>questions that have already been answered a thousand times being asked by people that just found the board
<oldfags get tired of seeing the same shit and leave, the newfags that had their questions answered become the new core userbase and then deal with the same shit the previous gen did leading to an endless summer situation
<complete inability to generate OC


File: 1659249877455.png (268.15 KB, 762x327, 675856.png)

>oldfags get tired of seeing the same shit and leave
As much as I'd like it, it is impossible to cut tie with this hell. Imageboards are drugs.
t.posts here since 2015


this. no matter how bad leftypol is, it's still going to be better than fucking twitter or reddit.


I maintain a coom thread as well as a military thread
this chan is just super comfy


You are not apolitical if you post wojak, you are a fascist.


wdym? if anything, the reactionary whitenoise has indeed intensified here compared to the old days.


people keep falling for /pol/ bait when in 2016 it would have been spotted immediately


i don't really go to leftypol rn, but thats mostly because i wanna read theory before discussing more shit. also the post quality has been declining


All this obsession with sex and romance and whining about lack of friends.
Most threads are always TFW no gf.


I get the impression that half of leftypol is just filled with sadists who want to kill you over any little thing desu.


Heart. Totally agree.

Giga chad agrees. and posting a pony makes u neonazi.

What revoltionary ting u did past week comrade. any co-ops, communes, leftist organizations? Don't get me wrong. I would still love u as much as a couch potato.

Here's ur culprit. >>286370 they can post informational shit

Heart. Yes-desu.


most people on /leftypol/ pretend to go on /lit/ but for the most part thats a meme pushed by pseudo-intellectuals who want to make the image of the board/site more appealing to normies but i doubt anybody actually went.

also /leftypol/ predates /his/ by a few years


not a few years, only a year


File: 1659323092359-1.png (415.59 KB, 651x546, fuck centrism lol.png)

File: 1659323092359-2.jpg (47.95 KB, 361x600, good old centrism.jpg)

File: 1659323092359-3.png (9.74 KB, 997x187, centrism 2.PNG)

File: 1659323092359-4.png (41.98 KB, 480x640, Centrism 3.png)

i'm glad you think the chan is comfy

that being said, there's no such thing as an "apolitical" person. People who say they are "apolitical" are merely indifferent to the status quo, and wish to do nothing about it, and possibly even benefit from things being the way they are. It is a conservative position inherently presented as a neutral position.


Didn't read all those centrism screencaps because I'm not a centrist, I'm apolitical.


pretending to be indifferent to politics is the most political thing you can do


><complete inability to generate OC
The thing about this that annoys me so much is that /draw/ has shown we have people who can, they just don't.
I've probably single-handedly generated a third of the board OC since January


>taking bait
>writing a paragraph
youre the cancer killing /leftypol/




Surely /edu/ is also a political board


File: 1659366850782.jpg (29.58 KB, 453x407, orange_tongue.jpg)

I'm hyper-political. Being hyper-political is peak comfy, it's also peak bloomer. I can't even imagine being apolitical.


>Who else /spineless/?
Yes, please, feel free to come forward.


>Yes, please, feel free to come forward.
Don't do it guys Do it


I'm not apolitical, but I engage with politics with the idea that good politics is usually simpler than bad politics, a utopia is one that minimizes politics as fairness has been achieved sustainably and efficiently. This has led me towards being an anarchist, since under hierarchy more politics is happening than without hierarchy, a community effort solution to a problem bureaucracy is unwilling to solve is usually better than a bureaucratic solution anyway, ect…


File: 1659911619516.jpg (352.81 KB, 1600x1066, DSCF5762.JPG)

Say you want to retvrn to monke and nobody on the internet bats an eye…but say you're apepolitical and everyone loses their minds…


grillin' ape


I'm political because I love tribalism, I want politics to become like watching a football match and seeing the other hooligans of the other team and going to them with your hooligans of your team and killing them


Well you can't really prove rape is an ontologically sound concept can you? There's a million different definitions for these things and they are all made up. But from a practical philosophy pov we can agree that the idea of rape is a useful one if and only if it denotes an unacceptable violation of normal sexual relations, yet the precise nature of the violation should be left up to debate in order to maximize utilitarian value of the concept and minimize the problematic ball-twisting that comes with taking a strong view on anything. In short, rape is wrong. But was it really rape? That's on her to prove it.


"apolitical", "centrist", "moderate", "I'm neither", "politics isn't left-right vgh" all means right-wing
People who say that always fucking end up being retards who spout the same tired conservative talking points with absolutely no thought put into them, they're lowest autism score trying to be the highest iq, hence tim pool types, because that's what the status qou is
I'm not calling you that, though. The fact that you're on here means that you lean way more left than the typical person or imageboard goer. You just won't admit it, or don't realize it. Grab some random fuck from 4chan and throw them here and they'll spontaneously combust in the first second because they've been brainwashed to view anything remotely socialist as evil(jewish), and if that's not it, it'll be from "racism is bad", it'll get them into a defensive mode
For various reasons


The first stirner memes were straight from /lit/ before getting popularized on /leftypol/, there was a clear and obvious overlap
But /lit/ is far from left leaning nowadays
>also /leftypol/ predates /his/ by a few years
Yeah, I remember it being made while I was still on 8chan's /his/. Again another board that's just a /pol/ colony now

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