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I've been out of a job for the past year due to health problems. The health problems are actually easily solvable - the problem is I'm waiting too long for treatment and doctors don't seem to be in a rush to help me; as well, I don't have the money for a private clinic.

Every week I am asked why am I unemployed. Every week I give the same answer. It repeats over and over and over.

Today my mother told me she saw a job opening for a security guard. "Yes mother. But I'm in pain. I can't function normally."

"I don't care."

I was about to punch my own mother. Like my own father. Needless to say I shouted at her extremely loudly. I was fuming with pure rage and was only barely able to control myself.

Shit is fucked. We haven't seen the worst of the inflationary pressure and coming recession yet. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Hold the doctors at gunpoint? I've never been a violent person.

I'm not looking for advice (there are no words that can change my living situation), I'm just venting.


Your mother wants that sweet retirement with the paid nursing home, like all parents that think their kids have an eternal debt to them.


That's a depressing train of thought I try to avoid, that my mother only sees me as a retirement plan.



under anglo capitalist ideology, parents are inclined to think their children are always exaggerating or lying about their problems, she probably just thinks your faking it to dick around all day playing video games and posting on chongs,


Yep. Worse is, when there's real problems, kids are told to get over it.
Or, if parents are petty, people always side with the parents because "I pay the bills."

I think adults romanticise childhood so much that they hold subconscious hatred for younger people. Any recreational trend that's popular with under thirty is automatically branded as bad.
Any mistake a child makes leads to newfound laws to ban kids from said activities.


Are there any books on this? I wanna reaffirm my worldview.


Please stop asking me the same question I'm going to lose my mind


File: 1659785674244.jpeg (22.05 KB, 424x312, FZFRZoDaQAkThDb.jpeg)

your answer is praying to Allah, supplication unto the One Creator and going to see an energy healer

an energy healer will help you rebalance your energies and unblock any energy centers that cause you pain

I'm not kidding, you don't seem to have any other option than an energy healer; energy healing is a real thing and CAPITALISTS DO NOT WANT YOU TO LEARN ABOUT THE BENEFITS OF ENERGY HEALING BECAUSE IT WILL NOT MAKE THEM ANY PROFIT

by energy I mean Qi energy, the old Chinese energy system known for thousands of years


befriend a nurse ? kind of thing that can move you up a few spot in the list
alternatively fuck off to somewhere with healthcare and no cunt mother to shit in your boots


Sorry about your mom OP. You seem pretty smart/introspective. Have you considered selling drugs?


I know of this,
You violently speak for and advocate for empathy

You use leverages, tricks and basic, DIRECT communications to make them into better people for yourself

That's the only option other than you just abandoning and leaving behind such people

There's also apathy and practicing anger management if you don't want to try changing the people

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