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File: 1659720376774.jpg (52.78 KB, 584x621, image.jpg)


I need an orc to translate this image plz


it's an ad for a dating service


Is there anything especially notable about this ad?


It's for a transhumanist dating site.


Oh ok thanks, that sorta makes sense. It's odd though because the girl in the pic doesn't look trans at all.

What does the bottom bit of text say specifically?


Karina, 18, Omsk - Want to see the surprise under her skirt?


Lol thanks


Damn, had me fooled, they're getting more realistic every time, instead of looking like Chris chan


What's the surprise?


a cute girldick I imagine.


come on lad…


So what would happen if a western european guy who can't speak a word of russian joined one of these russian dating telegrams? Would I get kicked for being a filthy angloid or is there a chance of something good happening?

Asking for a friend ofc.


Why would that be a surprise from a trans dating site


Stay with your angloid females, don't try to pollute women from the rest of the world.


File: 1659737224033.jpg (231.45 KB, 1600x1248, 20220612_203107.jpg)

No fucking way, my ancestors literally colonised half the world just to avoid having to look at our "women".


Does anyone has the original pic?
I never felt so disgusted and yet surprised that someone would do something like that lmao


File: 1659746522160.png (373.88 KB, 640x1138, ClipboardImage.png)


It is even more lame than I remembered.
Dear god


Good question tbh


Man I hope he killed himself.

imagine liking someone named Amberlynn


Fuck off its cute,hes probably 14 and just a history nerd, he'll eventually grow up and realize how cringe it was


It's cringe garbage even at 14, no girl is going to fall for shit like that. Did you forget what being 14 was like?

and for me it was 22 years ago


>Cringe is when you're young
Ah yes, paternalistic nostalgic strawman at it again
Yea I remember being 14. It was awkward. And I still feel the same way.
Cringe never dies after puberty.
It's just that adulthood gives you sociolegal power to commit cringe.

Also, female youths aren't happy go lucky cartoon maidens. They're she wolves in training.


I believe I was giving 14 year olds more credit. Since that cringe garbage would not work on them or on women who are 45. You are correct in saying they are "wolves in training" they become aware of their "power" before 14.


I don't mean to sound autistic, but I tire of people cartoonifying kids all the time. Yea they're immature, but their immaturity is not as flamboyant as pop culture makes it out to be. At least not nowadays.
Their immaturity is more grey and cynical with edgy humor scattered here and there.

Also, you say he was trying court an older woman?


Are you the same british dude who in another thread before posted that he thinks asian women aren't rotten by neoliberalism in comparison to white women? Or is this how the average british man thinks regarding anglo women?


It's a common joke that the British become the best sailors/explorers in the world because of how awful their women and food are.


>I tire of people cartoonifying kids
It's like people forget just how mature you felt when you were 12 in middle school.

I distinctly remember that. Although it is extremely wrong


Nice strawman you got there.
Never said anything about feeling mature. Just more ennui.


For real though, what is maturity anyway?

Bcuz alot of the "dumb/reckless" behavior we see from kids is very prominent after thirty.
Adults are very vulgar jokes and are prone to affairs and other dumb shit.


If you were not cringe as a kid you have missed out.


Meh. Cringe is a primal activity that ironically that becomes more effective with age.


Come the fuck on guys, they're people not hell-beasts


I really don't give a fuck how old a /pol/yp is. Maybe the kids don't get the wall, but they get re-educated.


Only thing for them, tbh. I wish someone had snapped me out of that type of thinking sooner.


Alot of pol tards are because of social neglect. I hear a lot of people whom have alt right family members, alot of said alt righters were on the spectrum.

I honestly think it's because of the way helicopter parenting and zero tolerance is ruining the joys of youth, so they become bitter edgelords.

This is why I keep stressing the need to abolish the institutional infantilisation that is adolescence
It has no reality base. It's a purely fantastical claim made by Romanticists.


eh it's not about maturity or adulthood and shit, it's about being low iq, being another sheep. I was a wehraboo(military tier) and I never tried to tell people about muh wunderwaffen.


File: 1659987406394.jpg (141.96 KB, 595x499, 6e4.jpg)

least cringe kaiserboo

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