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File: 1659720891991.jpg (41.81 KB, 681x560, pizzeria.JPG)


what is your order


Hello, could I have one SÉX please.


certainly sir, would you like that with benis or bagina?


Hello please give me your finest burger. To go.


A bagina please, lightly cooked.


Pineapple pizza please. Large.


I want a pizza toppled with apples, bananas, peaches and some condensed milk.


you can't joke about this, not funny


Make that two, but for mine, hold the consent


File: 1659734538610.png (436.29 KB, 367x542, Capture.PNG)

Anyone else struggle to find a pizzeria that cooks it well done? I want to taste the carbon. I will beg these people over the phone to burn the shit out of my pizza and they still send my lasagna. At this point I only order from a thin crust place
just have sex lol


1 Margarita Slice, homeboy


only redditors do the "le pineapple pizza bad"
it's literally hawiian and indigenous




Wtf, is this thread making fun of my new job?


Wassup /pol/ how has your evening been?


tell us about your pizza job
i want to know the inner workings

how did you apply for it?




About a month and a half ago, while me and my mom were visiting my grandma's house, my grandmother got upset at me for being unemployed, proclaiming that i was being a burden on my mother and not contributing in return. I protested, saying that if i had money of my own, "i would spend my money on things she wouldnt like me to buy" (being intentionally vague in a way that only my mom could understand what i was referring to). My mom later told me that a guy she knew from church was in need of help at his pizza place, so about half a week later she dragged me there to get an application, but i was instead hired on the spot. Ive been working there ever since then.


>but i was instead hired on the spot
want this for me so badly


your mom is awesome hopefully you two can make up eventually


File: 1659771740702.png (87.17 KB, 480x360, ClipboardImage.png)

ackchyually it's colonizer behavior for non-Hawaiians and non-indigenous to eat pineapples outside of Hawaii because it involves the extraction of their natural resources


Go to church.


Churches aren't real.


churches are gay


Thanks for the pineapple pizza, it came perfect.


Damn that looks so good


hating pineapple pizza is reddit


There's nothing wrong with not liking it, but getting worked up about other people liking it is very childish.


File: 1659785350888.jpeg (94.19 KB, 904x901, true.jpeg)

hello I order all NATO-troops to leave Ukraine immediately


>it came


I'm gonna hang myself if another person eats pineapple pizza



File: 1659789177165.jpg (51.1 KB, 640x400, pineapples.jpg)


wait (what anime is this?)


boku no pico



mighty meaty please

Article unrelated https://www.carlbeijer.com/p/a-pizza-delivery-guy-on-911

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