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File: 1662569748864.jpg (56.33 KB, 666x968, 1321314299001.jpg)


Where have you anons been, where would you like to go and why? Im planning on going to Cuba soon seems like a jolly good time but I heard you need to carry a lot of cash


Didnt ask for a life history of every single location youve been to in your life or a confirmed itinerary with booking and flight numbers. Calm your tits schizo


I went to a horse race in Ruidoso. Food was good, didn't place any bets. Kinda sucked to think people in the audience were rooting against each of the horses so that their bet can win. Still fun tho.


cool I want to bet on a horse once in my life. US is great for roadtrips, there are so many interesting small towns along the main highways.


I hate tourists so fucking much, I'm not even in a touristic area but it's a small city I won't specify with tons of medieval architecture and it gets filled by foreign nerds and students who go on their little groups like faggots and walk like little faggots and shit honestly make my blood boil


Travel is bourgeois.
In communism, the workers will never move an inch from their designated spot.


>Copeoid seething that people are learning about the local architecture.
>Communism is when amazon employees pee in bottles.


>>Copeoid seething that people are learning about the local architecture.
Ok but like uyghur there are pictures on the internet and currently VR technology is quite advanced like I've gone to Rome and shit because that's a trip you need to do at least once in your life but you don't go into a random ass town because you happen to like the urban layout or some shit also i think medieval european architecture is kinda overrated like at some point they were just copypasting shit just resulting in a higher density so now all soyboys go AWOOOOGA (many asians lmao) though i might be biased because ive been seeing it all my life
I can't complain though some of those asian girls be fine. I would offer to be a free guide but my autism is too much to bear


I'm the other anon that's planning on going to Cuba. When you go make sure to bring medicine (you can bring up to 10kg iirc) with you because theyre in need of it. Paracetamol/ibuprofen is fine.


Going to Greece soon



Go, you will have a great time
Bring a lot of money yeah, gfl getting a job as a foreigner
also they accept canadian dollars not USD
I haven't been there since I was a kid but there is limited access to some stuff afaik, like international calls and internet


Solidarity brother. As a Canadian I pray every day for global thermonuclear exchange, in order to cleanse the burger and Chinese hordes before they can step one inch into our relatively homosapienless lands


File: 1662612090336.jpg (186.77 KB, 1000x750, 01fromacross.jpg)

If youre a europoor then yeah you're used to it. But as a burger that grew up with nothing but shitty boxed department stores that shit was very impressive and refreshing. So dont hate when picrel is the epitome of burger architecture


Greece is cheap af right now, its a budget yurotrip


>$current_year inflation
those times are long gone buddy


Going to turkey next


I went to Galicia, Spain to do volunteering and make a garden. I am now in post-happiness depression.


Galicia is nice but the basque country is better


File: 1662651864658.jpg (211.31 KB, 957x957, Imagepipe_3.jpg)

Look what I just found


I want to go to south america but it seems unsafe af. Cant even take out your phone without getting jacked. I need that shit for gps or I'd be lost in a new country


any country in particular? I was going to visit Peru this summer but plans changed


I use to live in a mountainous countryside but had to leave for professional reasons. I wish I could go back.


I don't want to travel alone. I've already done that. I don't want to see anything. I don't want to do anything. I don't even feel alive these days. The only thing I feel is lonely and hollow.


Someday going to New York, hopefully to siphon some greens to my nation.
Also to live a summer in it


Did you ever stay in any hostels? Heard its easy to smash chicks there, if I travel alone I'm doing all hostels to maximize chances


Nice anon, depending on the season or what you want to see you can go to the jungles, highlands good old Machu Picchu, in rain season may the roads or train get blocked or the beaches in the north (discount Dominican Republic) there in winter you can follow/see the whale migration
Also, sorry for being an live tourist booth


im a burger and Ive never been to new york, but the hype is so real from foreigners I might see it out of fomo. But I fully expect it to be shit like all other us cities


I expect the same
But hey, it is a megalopolis more safe than Mexico DF and easier to visit than all the expense to visit Chinese one.


Whats the best chinese city to visit? I dont know how easy it is to get their visa but I think theyre still restricting travel because of covid


No idea to be sincere


update I'm in Greece
it is cheap


post pics or tell us something
how is it


I think cnt divided itself in two and that is the light version. The hard irrelevant version is cnt-ait I think.


Nah, too industrialised. Galicia is rural-pilled.


File: 1662737321538.jpg (25.5 KB, 474x355, OIP.jpg)

It is pretty shit. Worth seeing just because it's been the shooting location of so many movies and TV. Once you've been to one metropolis you've been to them all. It reminds me of female cousins visiting and they pick out something to do and they say the mall. It's like: bruh every mall im the world is the dame goddamn mall. Same stores same food, same everything.

Speaking of food NYC food is nothing special at all, maybe worse than average. New yahkers consider bodega sandwhiches to be the peak of cuisine.

>Best food anywhere! Where are you gonna find: Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, Mexican, Greek, Japanese… Food in the same city!

You'll find it in literally every midsized and above city in America.


>Once you've been to one metropolis you've been to them all.
This. I was talking to a guy once and he kept sperging about the different culture in all the major cities and I had no idea wtf he meant. It's literally all the same to me in burgerstan, just fast food and strip malls/bigger malls. Ive been to a few cities and never felt anything different, amerisharts are all the same atomized antisocial people everywhere. In fact in almost no other country this big did everything feel so flat and similar.


>Speaking of food NYC food is nothing special at all, maybe worse than average. New yahkers consider bodega sandwhiches to be the peak of cuisine.
great this is what I anticipated but all the nyc fanservice had me second guessing. Plus I see 'ny pizza' shops in almost every city in america I dont even know what the difference is between normal and nyc pizza.


>update I'm in Greece
damn that was fast, this uygha travels..


has anyone been to china? Is it really as 'totalitarian' and scary with the cameras/ai and monitoring of people there like libs make it seem?


The reality of living in a burgerpunk dystopia continues to be crushing



I've traveled some this year, more than I've ever done in a year. Looking forward to Paris soon.


After visiting Vienna I didnt like paris much, it was kind of dirty and a lot of the architecture was replaced by generic malls. Go to their bakeries though, those were bomb


wow interesting, tell me more


I haven't been to Wien but maybe soon. Paris is not that dirty tbh.


I am in Bulgaria. Tomorrow I will visit the massive communist monument and museum of socialist art


after coming from bongland Vienna felt like a properly developed city. even the hobos were civilised and quietly sipped mini bottles in the hauptbaoof, getting fucked up in silence and shuffled away. UK by contrast has pockets of Harry Potter like wealth and a few streets away are horrible estates, and town centres with shifty eyed schizos capable of doing violence or randomly yelling.


UK has always been a hellhole since the Celts were driven out.


idk how can people travel it's fucking scary


can you get around without speaking bulgarian?


More or less, yes. Gesturing and pointing goes a long way.



why travel if it isnt for a specific purpose? seems like a money sink to me.


Doesn't have to be without purpose. When I went to the horse races, it was because my dad went there as a teen because he helped a guy that was lost there who gave him some cash to spend there, and taking me there was a way to make a tradition out of that.
So not a material purpose, but a cultural one kinda.

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