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Why is basically every leftist forum dying? They all exploded in popularity a few years ago and now most of them barely see any posts at all, including /leftypol/

Was Bernie really all that was sustaining the surge in socialism? Have all the millennials moved on to the next fad and we're just left with all the creepy autists who were here before 2016 (including myself)?


I've noticed this too. I've tried shilling, but I got a 3 day ban on /mu/ for mentioning leftypol (I said that the music board was good).


The music board is dead here


Damn, it's depressing. At least I'm not imagining it.

Also, based for trying to get some /mu/tants here, it's one of the less shitty 4chan boards (not that that's saying much)


I personally believe there was a massive uptick in sectarian "divide-and-conquer" tactics in recent years.
Otherwise, people get old and have jobs whose working hours and conditions take way time that could be utilized to organize or shitpost on the internet.


Makes sense. Still, it bums me out; I want to see more memes about happenings


There's a new fad to jump to? Did I miss the boat?


Forums in general have been shrinking since Google pushed them down in search results.


File: 1663662637775.gif (862.44 KB, 375x304, sneed.gif)

>based for trying to get some /mu/tants here
thanks fren


people became transhumanists on twitter or just dropped out because of normie life


Twitter Instagram tiktok


'Forums' and 'imageboards' are dying mediums. You are just getting old. There sre huge leftist communities out there that are unfortunately attached to tiktok and streamer communities.


Literally such bullshit, go away doomer




Agree. Revolution will come through even more alienated personalized 30 sec clips


Great now the glowies can spy on us more easily.


How are imageboards any better anyway? All there is is just spam posting and talking about irrelevant shit.


Tiktok is pure alienated simulacrum. On an imageboard you can actually see stuff that's not micro oriented towards the niche interest you showed by pausing a microsecond on a video one time. Longform, non skinner box discussions are possible. Sure, edgy content is incentivized with (you)s

Maybe I sound like a boomer, but tiktok is some existential horror shit. You're fed an endless stream of repetitive images, dances, subcultural language, etc- completely personalized, completely alienated.

There can be no actual engagement. Aything you put in to the machine is subsumed. Algo changes for everything you give it; very dialectical, etc. You can never form a "community." Every time you do something in tiktok, it's already passé- the act of scrolling has already changed your personal content mirror. When you shoot out a video, only the algorithm responds to you. It's instant and effervescent. You're literally shouting into your own personalized void machine- or, more likely, just gazing into it. I worry about the zoomers.


>tiktok is bad bcuz it just is OK?

And imageboards aren't? All they do is screens hot posts from there sites and are overrun with bots and is mostly an exclusive circlejerk if idiots whining about normies and the same memes and buzzwords. Any genuine discussion eventually runs into "its all reddit fault", "boomers did this", "modern women syck", etc. I'd rather tiktok bcuz at least they make OC skits.

>You're literally shouting into your own personalized void machine- or, more likely, just gazing into it. I worry about the zoomers.

The moral projection you Millennials have knows no bounds.
Worry about yourselves. Sekf imposed isolation on political forums whining about being horny and single, and how capitalism and boomers suck,wtc. Tiktok also is used by millennial folk as well. You guys cannot and will not get over generation labels and indulge in the same "cringe" that zoomers do while fancy yourselves as above the influence.


cause you can call someone a whole hoof of slurs and not get banned


Tiktok is cancer, why even defending it?
>generation war brainrot
Take your meds


Imageboards are far worse.
Last time I checked, TikTok didn't inspire mass shootings or Start the whole inceldom craze.
Tiktok wasn't notorious for spamming CP.
Tiktok isn't overrun with people whining about being horny and lonely at thirty and talking about wanting to creep on underage girls to reive their failed chances at teenage romance.

Also, there's lots of arts and crafts vids and awesome OC sketches on there that rival Vine.

Imageboards? All they do throw slurs and repost the same inside jokes over and over and whine about "newfags".

Also, imageboards are more sinister in grooming as alot of the user base are disgruntled asocial males with no contact with even ther families.

All the opinions found on imageboards are easily found elsewhere.


Why are you here if you hate imageboards so much?


I came on leftypol because I thought I would find something different from usual imageboards and once again, I'm disappointed.

All you guys do is spam about horniness and nostalgia.
You guys talk about "le revolution " and spitting on libs and claiming you're not bourgeois but it seems that the more I browse here, the more you guys resemble pol/, but only under a hammer and sickle rather than a swastika.


It's time to leave then.


>why did the communities with 99.9% bored fellow travellers die out after a few years
idk maybe they kept on travelling


actually scratch that, 100%


TikTok is based because it's operated by the People's Republic of China. Seethe harder


it WAS operated by PRC until trump forced them to sell off their american company division.


Invertebrate basement creatures are REEEing at him because they can't handle the good points being raised.


Maybe because leftism is cringe


Dropped your flag, Kamala


Need better popularized alternative to Google than meta searches because they will all suffer same issue.


Holy shit stop guzzling the capitalist media propaganda about imageboards. The shooters were only inspired by the political boards of two imageboards, and inceldom has no connection to imageboards since they've always used their own forums.

TikTok, Twitter, and parasocial streamer followings are manipulative mental poison and no sane person, let alone a leftist, should be defending them.


>/leftypol/ was meant to be anything more than a bunch of communists who like saying uyghur


I hate how alternative search engines emphasize privacy without considering better search results. The reason social media grew was because Google removed the discussion and blog options from their search engine back in 2014.


Why not both? There was one focused on unbiased results called Unbubble but it shut down a couple years ago.


>/leftypol/ was meant to be anything other than a leftist shit posting board.
>Complains we aren't what ever you imagined we would be in your fantasies.
>Acts like this is some sort of own or call out.
Kill yourself faggot.


Only good thing about it. Weakening the imperial core by rotting the minds of our youth



Maybe it's because MKULTRA is weakening and people are starting to realize there is no left or right but just top and bottom.


Fuck blue haired, castrated, amorphous, chimeric, genderless blobs.


yeah, fuck em all night 😩


not my type, but hey, i guess we need a couple of flesh bags for the leftcels


am i a cute fleshbag


Anyone had an account on RevLeft here? I missed that era of online leftist autism because I was a teen and didn't care much about politics back then, was vaguely pro-Occupy but that's it.


Like others said, there are tons of popular ones. Even despite the internet centralizing around TikTok and shitty youtube.

>it's one of the less shitty 4chan boards
For real? My ex-/mu/ friends said it went to shit, hard. Quality-wise, not even the '1000troons u arent allowed to enjoy it >:(' /pol/ crap.


File: 1663715883140.png (72.84 KB, 737x653, omegle-teen-btfo-mu.png)

I can confirm, they were seething hard about 100gecs 2 or 3 years ago, even tho it was objectively the most innovative pop stuff coming out of the American culture industry, but muh feminine benis, muh transhumanism, etc.
Stormüyghers were also cheering on the accidental death of SOPHIE who had the greatest sound design of all the London rich kid clique.
Now they try to pretend hair metal is still cool.
They don't care about music anymore, it's all about owning the libs and (ironically) the latest very basic bitch Universal™ cultural products at this point.



Yep. The reflexive copium is real.

>No u just a liberal propagandist

Of course, anyone whom disagrees with you is a shill. You really are just alternate versions of Q.
Good luck discussing the second Red Revolution for the next thirty years while you continue gobbling capitalist made products.

Let's be honest: all the great leftist leaders of the past would be suicidal disappointed to see this is the best their zeitgeist has offered in the twenty firs century. You're all bourgeois or pampered lumpenprole.

No different from the "black sun" idealists.


Any moral obsession over the youth for liking "the wrong things" is often a sign of senescent moral laziness.


Nah man I don't care about the "youth liking the wrong things"- tiktok is an alienated skinner box specifically designed to be as addictive as possible. Unlike other social media apps, it's
Completely individualistic- the algorithm creates a personalized, repetitive box of flashing images- like I mentioned, every action you take affects the algo, so it's impossible to *say* anything about the discourse on the app, because by the time you do, it's already passé.

If you hardware any criticism of new capitalist created culture industry- simulacra stuff as "millennials seething because zoomers have a different culture," what are you even doing here? How can you hope to analyze modern coercive forms of cultural control, if you accept all new media simply because it's new?


Dude, everyone shits on TikTok for any little reason but God forbid that anyone should criticize imageboards.

>If you hardware any criticism of new capitalist created culture industry- simulacra stuff as "millennials seething because zoomers have a different culture," what are you even doing here? How can you hope to analyze modern coercive forms of cultural control, if you accept all new media simply because it's new?

You are being so full of shit right now. You whine about TikTok yet staunchly defend imageboards while demanding new things.
Your mental gymnastics is amazing.


there's no ethical consumption under capitalism retard


>Now they try to pretend hair metal is still cool.
Aren't those the Qoomer imports from 2016?


have you even used tiktok?
You can follow people (thus, some aspect of permanence)
You can comment on videos and chat in livestreams (thus some reciprocity)
And you can make ur own vids spliced with other ppl's. This is a major function of tiktok and is how ppl @ each other's videos to respond.

Also on unique aspects: tiktok is cool cause u have to put some effort and thought into it to get ppl's attention. There's a glut of information and other shit (well, sometimes) so u better make either thoughtful or fun videos. Puts a higher barrier to entry. Though some ppl just lie on their bed and bitch about tfw no bf, tfw no healthcare.

I remember there used to be lots of pictures in leftypol… discourse is shittier and less fun (less identities to rally around - for better and worse) without lots of memes, graphics, etc. Tiktok is like 100% graphics, memetics, etc. (tho with less autism and ease of reposting, etc.) Might make it actually more interesting and lively (without any degeneration, since graphics are forced by the medium) than imageboards, forums, etc. Tho ofc i still love forums for their autism potential


Memes are terrible though.


>even tho it was objectively the most innovative pop stuff coming out of the American culture industry
I mean, on one hand it had clear influence and similarity to things like pisscore and soundclown, but on the other you're not wrong, not at all, they managed to push it into pop. Not easy to do. I shit on pop a lot, I really do, especially industrialized art, but TISM had a point:
>"Give me a pop-song, mate. Give me a fucking pop-song. Not only is it more fun, it's pretty fuckin' hard to write as well. You can bung in as many out-of-tune oboes as you want, but putting chords together so they sound pleasant isn't as simple as it might appear. It mightn't be the Sistine Chapel, but what is? Ollie fucking Olsen with his stupid feedback and cough mixture? The Jesus and Mary Chain, with their stupid feedback, and their stupid stage show with 800 powerful stupid lights and enough stupid dry ice to enhance their stupid stupidity up its own bullshit crappy teenage pretentious one dimensional dick witted puissant artistic enigma?

>So … what have you listened to for a good time that isn't, after all, a 'traditional' song? Still playing the Mike Oldfield records, huh? Still whipping Yessongs on for a good time? Wanna count on one hand how many people have fun at a Sonic Youth gig? I'm not supporting The Choirboys, old man, I'm just saying that the day some jumped-up over-paid self-important post-modernist cocksucker puts his foot upon his Fairlight computer in the middle of his 47-minute opus "The Silent Forgiveness of the Pig-God" and belts out the chords to "Johnny B. Goode" is the day I'll join you at the footlights of post-modernism.

>Besides which, pop songs sell more."

But it's always a tragedy when a place that had some merit gets overrun by people trying to shove their agenda into it, until it becomes a worn out husk of pretending to be its old traditions, in desperate dying writhes of nostalgia.
ugh, it wasn't even one of my homeboards and it made me sad. one of them got me into cardiacs, by chance I managed to recognize and thank them on another site a couple of years later, so at least i have closure


>everyone shits on TikTok for any little reason


>Demanding new things
Literally the opposite of what I'm doing. I'm critiquing new things, retard. Capitalist controlled media is bad. Are you a leftoid or not?


>How are imageboards any better anyway?
it's much harder to develop a Parasocial relationship with anonymous users on an east timores bird watching forum than to a twitch streamer



Didn't a bunch of forums actually an hero like 4 years ago? At least I remember Revleft stopping being a thing.
It's that + the fact leftypol has changed hands like 4 times in as many years.


how are they dying? they seem more popular to me. hopefully people log off and do actually important stuff from time to time though, forums aren't a substitution for grass activities
>revleft stopped being a thing



People develop parasocial relationships any way they can and inageboards are no different. In fact, I say its easier because everyone is faceless and nameless and circlejerks about inside jokes and single-year epochs.


At least you're actually interacting with people on imageboards or the rest of social media, when you watch streams or videos it's completely one-sided.


Irony is, there's more work to put in for pop music than punk. People sit on boy bands because their image but the amount work that go's into choreography, vocal nuance, and dress ismore than I can say for punk. Also, at least pop stars can evolve to do more "mature" music. Punk bands remain the same sludge after twenty years.


Yet, that's how books, audio, and TV are: one sided.


Socializing beats books, music and TV easily.


Imageboard users are one dimensional tho. It kinda doesn't feel lively, although it's real.

I'd rather watch streams or video rather than waste away interacting with "antinormie" folk whom spam the same inside jokes.


>there's more work to put in for pop music than punk
if by work you mean dollars then yes marketing teams work hard


Socializing is built around activities though.


Not just dollars, though.


Yes, the destination beats the journey.

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