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I finally got an invite to DALL-E 2 and before I use up all my credits generating nikocado butthole pics, I figured I should generate some rare Alunyas. If anyone has more of them for me to generate stuff off of, then pls share them.

EDIT: For now I'm able to take about 100 more requests. Post any images or writing prompts you want generated/processed.

For images, I can process anything but porn. For writing prompts, I can't generate anything with historical or public figures' names. It just refuses them outright. Aside from that, anything goes
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I agree, we should demand mrok gloiek, grook the capeet
look at the fucking arms on #3


>duck-rabbit hybrids

so this is the power of Lysenkoism…


it thought the wagging tail with motion blur were two legs, so only in pick 4 was the knees on the ground. it also seems ot have thought the ash tray was a cup of coffee. You can see how its 'intuition' is there but needs more work.


RJ MacReady having a beer with cthulu in the style of nighthawks by edward hopper


niko bellic as a soldier on patrol with his squad in rural serbia


it's amazing that the first words Niko Bellic ever says in the first trailer is "I killed people, smuggled people, sold people." Rockstar was really pushing the NATO narrative with regards to Serbia in Yugoslavia and me as a kid didn't even understand that. I just thought "Wow badass slavic protagonist!"


Insane. Insane…. what does the future hold?


Иосиф Сталин в Макдональдсе ест гамбургер


walter white and hank schrader kissing, vaporwave


walter white riding a nuclear bomb as it falls from the sky


Saul Goodman eating a tomato


I was bored and played with Stable Diffusion using the prompt "Vladimir Lenin in Breaking Bad with Walter White"


it's provocative, it gets the people going



There are no distinct program routines for dealing with text, so what you see is the general pattern guessing revealed. These shapes tend to occur together, when they do they are far more often horizontally aligned than vertically, five or so together are more common than twenty, some shapes like "E" or "I" are more common than others, the program also got a whiff of which of these shapes usually occur in the leftmost or rightmost position of such a shape sequence and the program even avoids that consonants appear in long strings without having any explicit notion of consonants and vowels.

The same algorithm could be used to make a chatbot display a face with a more or less quizzical look based on your input text, so that it would look more confused by the more rare words than the less rare ones and also more confused by random sequences that don't even look like English words such as "zrtrfg" than by the fake ones that do have a more real flavor like "shulporogy". And it would even work somewhat if not trained on any texts, but just the Dall-E data from millions of pictures because a low percentage of them got text in it.


Not dall-e but found some already generated images of muscly women and they are suprisingly not terrible.
I see propaganda potential here.


wtf I love AI art now


I was impressed by the third result. It's pretty realistic.


fun fact: 1 mm^3 of mouse cortex contains 10^5 neurons, 10^8 synapses, and 4 km of axon


What the hell is going on? I used stable diffusion with the prompt "green glowing man in a top hat" and it produced a similar red faced porky. Do we have to worry about crypto-porky being a sentient force on the internet?


Do big chungus next.


Let's see if OP gets different results.


File: 1664180370250.jpg (83.52 KB, 720x544, bookjenni.jpg)

Jenny Wakeman performing socially necessary labour, or reading Das Kapital


File: 1664330430083.png (436.61 KB, 512x512, sovietcatgirl.png)

Compare these to the best Stable Diffusion result for Soviet Catgirl Anime style.


You have to get more creative with word choice and adding weird things like "on lsd" or pick a more specific art style than anime.





File: 1664421513813.png (266.34 KB, 512x512, 0129.png)

can dall-E cucks do this?


File: 1664421583563.png (372.72 KB, 448x576, angry chudjak.png)

dalle cant make subtle chinlets


Holy fuck this looks pretty good


>pic 2
>book is held backwards, being read inside out
> title printed on both the front and back of the jacket



File: 1664440841816.jpg (39.61 KB, 399x339, scared.jpg)

this isn't the robot :c
>those boobs
>those nails, especially on the right thumb


Theodore Adorno stocking shelves in walmart

aaaaa spooky halloween


theodore adorno running the cash register at a seven eleven


Almost forgot to post this Stalin in a cyberpunk city using Stable Diffusion


nazi sissy hypno (since hitler won't work)


hahaha this is very unsettling



File: 1664679627146-0.jpeg (56.69 KB, 512x512, 2Q==.jpeg)

File: 1664679627146-1.jpeg (61.57 KB, 512x512, 9k=.jpeg)

Best i could do


franklin delanor roosevelt as a human spider


FDR as a human spider


franklin delano* roosevelt if he was a human spider

since i didn't know I spelt delano wrong


john f kennedy if he was a human spider

give me a break spiders are cool and it's halloween and i still have credits lol


george w bush jr's head on the body of a mosquito

this piece of shit will tell you to fuck off if you use any political person's name outside of US presidents lol


i'm gonna say the n-word just you try and stop me jesus christ you can't use any political figure outside of presidents


october revolution and winter palace are fine but gaddafi isn't lol


teddy roosevelt btw with the first text prompt

ronald reagan in the style of a soviet poster


gorbachev sitting at a pizza hut table crying over a big mac



Try to say "Muammar" without "Gaddafi" and see who it produces

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