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File: 1668540785468.png (31.35 KB, 1200x467, pixiv.png)


Pixiv may be removing all hentai soon with: incest, rape, lolicon, shotacon, bestiality


Otakus will need to check if the more obscure artists' galleries are not already backed up on exhentai, and upload as soon as they can. Can search their pixiv ID number or nickname on exhentai to find out.



Isn't it just for fanbox and requests, their version of patreon?


Woah thanks for telling me fellow hentai enjoyer! I better save every loli pic I can find before they are gone for good


Cute cat


As always, cunnyfags will blame this on some supposed libshit political correctness nonsense rather than an economic decision made by Pixiv to attract big capital and protect itself from legal troubles


File: 1668541729021.jpeg (10.56 KB, 189x266, download (21).jpeg)



There's porn on pixiv?


File: 1668542055601.png (357.77 KB, 968x832, d83.png)

>no incest
It's ogre.


File: 1668543759285.png (11.63 KB, 125x125, Train.png)

That site is pretty overrun with that type of stuff, not surprising. Weirdo shit gets snuck into even places like deviantart that don't allow explicit sex. Kind of hard to fully combat it though since it's basically an arms race.


Why is guro not included?


It's art.


Then so is bestiality and incest then.


rip in pieces


If incest is getting banned, if i do a Fan art of House of the Dragon and post there Mastercard will send the Gestapo to my home ?.


Back to the sharty.


That's some real corporate bullshit. They are trying to pander to Westoid advertisers. Leave the artists be.


It's always been tradcath trying to ban porn.


Well if it's non-consensual it's rape.


fucking moralists. But I don't really use pixiv anyways, the interface is too confusing.



The internet is dying little by little with the increasing centralization and overregulation and MLs are celebrating the capitalists behind it. Predictable.


The people who run Baraag after pixie bans all loli shit


For real, all of the content created in the past 30 years outside of big corporations is gonna be lost


Is there any difference between Marxism-Leninism and Market “socialism” nowadays?


It's kinda like that farm website some are wanting to kill.
Just funneling everything to a handful of sites. Banning anything that may offend mastercard and visa.


Centralization>state doing stuff>socialism
'nuff said


The way to try and preserve the internet from corpo imperialist takeover may be to shift focus to peer to peer hosting of websites and integration with meshnets. An example of peer to peer hosting would be ZeroNet and I think i2p. There already is some large existing meshnets. If someone were to combine peer to peer website hosting and make a bridge between the internet and the meshnet it could be a stronghold against businesses and governments hard to stop.


It's fucking over=


Misinformation. They're only banning it from being requested and sold.




File: 1669261764291-1.jpg (63.69 KB, 510x717, FiPMCAyUoAAUBqt.jpg)

I would not trust these guy's opinions about Pedophilia, looking at what they defend and who they band together.
they also locked they comments, why is that ?


those headlines are both correct though.

I watched Cuties like 3 weeks ago, it wasn't even that bad.


Can you read?


Apparently American credit card companies were threatening dropping payment service with Pixiv. I havent looked into it but these companies even threatened cutting off some artist's cards demanding they remove their art from places like Twitter. What the fuck is going on? Who allowed these companies that so many people rely on to have control over everyone to this degree?


File: 1669262416154.jpg (77.23 KB, 687x928, qtz8ddlwfq231.jpg)

>Clips4sale wordfilters mommy and daddy to step-mommy and step-daddy
>Pixiv wants to ban loli


It's not a bug, it's a feature. Finance has been in control for decades.

Fair enough, I thought the OP would be in Japanese.


File: 1669262607807.jpg (683.48 KB, 1919x1079, rock2.jpg)

>those headlines are both correct though.
>platforming child molesters to own the entails is good tho.
>I watched Cuties like 3 weeks ago, it wasn't even that bad.
>Children showing their pussy in sexualised dances is not bad tho.
huh, you have some problems anon.


Well I guess I don't know the context of the hentai article, my take was that Vice was making fun of him for being an actual child molester and trying to tell everyone else what to do.

As for Cuties, the movie is clearly a piece criticising oversexualised culture being pushed on kids. And nobody 'shows their pussy' in the movie. I thought the movie was not amazing but not terrible. And there are much more shocking films that the Frenchies have made about child sexuality.


Yes of course they have been in control but before it was always through lobbying not going rogue completely bypassing what weak protections that existed through them having to go through the state. First it will be artists next it will be freelancers of varieties then who knows what's next.


<finds nothing after web search


Cuties is unironically one of the better radlib films. It criticized both the patriarchal Middle Eastern familes and the promiscuous, hyper capitalist nature of France's youth.
My only complain of the movie is that its solution to these problems is just the old radlib "be yourself" nonsense.
Most of the criticism against the movie has been hijacked by lolifags who wanted to deflect from themselves by pointing out "muh degenerate western movies" and wahabbis


Makes sense. Twitter dying means every other art platform is getting a big influx of activity. Pixiv knows if they don't do this tech savvy Twitter users will figure out how to uBlock filter tags using psudo-classes and image alt text, making their pay-to-hide model obsolete.


Unironically sad.
Civilized society fears cartoon depictions of crimes except murder.


Their ban includes non consensual gore so that means murder. Again it's just some weird power move by American credit card companies


Funny how guro can be 'consensual' but incest, beast, underage etc still can't.


They dont even define incest. Isnt everyone like 16th to 20th cousins? And were do they draw the line on what is bestiality? Are furries going to mass migrate? How do you tell if gore is consensual? Have a big smile on their face? A note requesting assisted suicide?


File: 1669349464751.png (608.19 KB, 1106x1012, 1618760196450.png)

Have a materialist, not moralist understanding of lolicon.
Is there hard, concrete evidence of it encouraging child molestation? Because what I've seen suggests the opposite.


No there isnt any definitive studies showing that.


Hi Zac amiko This isn't to put down the comments, I just found it funny

This. And it's weird since physical cp has a link, not the cartoon stuff.


Even that is questionable because most people dont get caught because of CP they have found with CP after being convicted of another crime. So it's a selection bias.


what have you seen then?


get fucked

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