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The mods are asking /leftypol/ for new topics: >>>/leftypol/1275037
But I wonder, what kind of boards would /siberia/ like to see?


🛸👽☢️MAKE /posadas/ NOW☢️👽🛸


It's been /x/ for a year now…



/mg/ - a board for posting muscle girls


Wasn't there a /poverty/ board with tips on how to survive without much money somewhere? That could be interesting.


just make /leftyfur/
.net gets x-schizos, we get the furfags. Sounds like an even deal


unfortunately I don't think we have the level of discussion that leftyfur would require, the furry thread in hobby is not active


It would generate endless drama and become the first actually active /roulette/ topic.


/roulette/ - posts that are not dubs are sent straight to /dev/null


/fur/ or /leftyfur/ is the most interesting prospect for a topic bard but only if you try to make it a successor to /fur/ or furry on 8ch, or to attract left-aligned furries from twitter and fbi.gov and whatever to here, rather than trying to stimulate discussion among furries who're already on the website. (both of which require off-site shilling)

unless you just wanted a battle between ED reading manchildren spouting memes older than themselves and myself for the purpose of >>339995 , with the idea it's a furry board only existing as a pretense for the fight.


this is also a very good idea if more than 3 people actually use the board


Mods need to decide why they want /roulette/. I thought it was just for fun, but it seems they really want to add new boards, and you claim it is to attract new people.


tbh that's not really the point of roulette, i'm just taking the excuse to throw the idea out there again because most new board ideas don't really think through the proposed board beyond "oh, here's a topic i'd like", without thinking too much about how likely it is to be used. in the case of a furry board, i can self plagiarize and try to get people thinking about what the point of a new board is more generally ( >>>/meta/11372 )

/roulette/ style boards almost certainly work best with gimmicks rather than with new topics, but most people suggest topics rather than gimmicks.


I think the whole approach is wrong. It shouldn't be about making new boards, it should be just a thematic board. We have enough dead boards already. It could be /g/astropods for a month and we could all post about snails and slugs and it would probably die out before the end of the month but it would be fun for a while. If there are any active threads at the end they could be moved to existing boards and the rest can be deleted.

People will say to just make a general or post on /siberia/ but I don't think it's the same.


/cp/ chihuahua pictures


Why'd you delete the thread where jannies were getting BTFO


File: 1669072163078.png (Spoiler Image, 30.35 KB, 512x778, Boba.png)



/crime/, a board where you plan out crimes or talk about past crimes. Of course every posts starts with: "a friend told me"

Or alternatively /gossip/, a board to gossip about anything


for crimes there's /dead/ (or just siberia), same with gossip… siberia or /ISG/

like others said a gimmick is better than a topic
u already can post about these topics and ppl will pile in if they fw it



>/crime/, a board where you plan out crimes or talk about past crimes.
You dropped this flag, officer.


create "/int/" and move all country-specific and geopol/happening threads that are clogging up /leftypol/ there.
leftypol could also host their own moebius.co.uk instance as a roulette event.



Unironically did the thing in OP to a twink once… I feel kind of guilty about it. I think he was high as shit, and I was genuinely worried about him but also I did have him get on his knees to drink the water. I didn't make him drink anything else, but it was still creepy of me to do that!


you irl


I assume you're a gay man?



No I'm a lady with massive boobs actually.



copy leftychan and throw up a /work/ or /career/ type board for proles to actually discuss prole things


- /int/. to be fair, we've been unofficially divorced from GETchan for quite a while.
- some form of job, work, career, or employment board. mostly to prove that some of us do work and possibly talk unionization.
- /refuge/. idk maybe some board died and wants to move here.


I keep thinking that there's a fitness thread, but apparently there isn't?


There's one on /leftypol/, there's a permanent series on /hobby/, and there was one or two here that I think sank.

That's /leftypol/ content, please begin posting it there. Unless you're an insufferable incel /r9k/oid and then it's /siberia/


i meant to say board instead of thread but thanks




What's that like?


watching the bubble, and pedro pascal's character a porn addict starts seeing rey from star wars in his exercise simulation video, forcing him to have sex

made me think of you guys <3

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