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Yeah we all know the US is a literal shithole, but what are the 'best' cities in burgerstan from a leftist perspective? Some things this would include walkability, public transport, cleaner air, mixed use zoning, culture, less wealth divide, homelessness etc?

Ive never been but Boston downtown looked decent to me. Maybe Washington DC if it didnt have such wide shitty roads in the city center.


probably somewhere with alot of abandoned buildings to squat in


Half that shit you listed has nothing to do with leftism. Also the other things you listed like wealth divide and homelessness are going to be worse in any city with the other stuff you listed.




Also Portland seemed pretty nice if it wasnt for homeless methheads everywhere


>leftism is when you drive big carbon emitting Fords
this is ur brain on america


And possibly no cop presence


so name some you think are good then. homelessness and wealth divide will always exist in burgerstan. the point is to find the best turd out of the shitheap


Burlington, Vermont. They even have free public transportation during some periods of the year.


no. wealth divide and suburbanoids are too rife there


>Estimated median household income in 2019: $79,018
>Median gross rent in 2019: $1,735.
>Estimated median house or condo value in 2019: $627,000

>Estimated median household income in 2019: $57,468
>Estimated median house or condo value in 2019: $148,100
>Median gross rent in 2019: $860.

So compared to random shit city in TX Boston has
1.3x the median income
2x the median rent.
4.2x the home price.

You can compare any major city to any smaller city and you'll see the disparity between median income and rent and home prices will always be much greater in the major cities. City living is for high earners.

Said nothing to do with leftism. Your mode of transportation isn't leftist retard.


My point is you're listing mutually exclusive qualities: Being a major city with public transit, and not having huge wealth disparity.


Looks nice anon, but 42k population? Does that even count as a city


Ok you make a valid point about income to rent ratios. But people move to cities for opportunities hence the rent being hire.

It doesn't matter what median income is if you dont have a job. And bigger dense cities are better for proles to save time after work to get groceries etc instead of being in a car dependent suburbia


All US cities are capitalist and should be thoroughly rebuilt for use


File: 1669316701969-0.png (82.92 KB, 629x913, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1669316701969-1.png (65.6 KB, 607x442, ClipboardImage.png)


>According to the results of Geotab’s Time to Commute study, the U.S. city with the longest average commute was found to be New York City, with those commuting into the city spending 43 minutes travelling on average. Commuters in NYC also face the longest commute by transit (53 minutes)
It's even longer by transit in NYC…..




Giving it to ya straight here - as far as major cities in the US that I've been to, LA was the best. In terms just of employment, activity, transit prices (their transit is bad/mediocre, but they at least have relatively cheap buses going around the city), etc. it seems above average for an American city and a bit less overcrowded and harsh than NYC. That is, cities like NYC, Las Vegas, Chicago, etc. that I've been to come across as kind of sucking ass. LA seems to have a comparatively OK standard of living vs. other American cities of its size… and the corruption actually seems to be slightly toned down vs. NY, Chicago, etc. Tbf NYC has pretty good transit though.

Although actually, Denver is a bit better if you don't might smaller cities. I've heard, I think, some good things about Seattle too.

Someone'll point out that LA and Denver aren't actually leftist, but I'll just say you generally aren't going to do that much better in any large American city. Most of the big ones kind of suck ass and actually most of the small ones do too.


>imagine comparing NYC with grand forks nd.
Anon the reason for the commute being longer is simple, population density. Of course living in a truck stop city will have short commute times lol


And compare it to unemployment rates. Even your Laredo tx vs boston example. Laredo has unemployment of 3.8% vs Boston's 3%. That's 21% higher meaning 1 in 5 extra people in Laredo would be unemployed.

It would better to have a job in Boston and pay higher rent than be a NEET in bumfuck Laredo


Ok, besides comparisons between cities, you also save time in NYC by driving vs public transit. The point is public transit is worse for saving time across the board.


LA and Seattle are pretty expensive though, maybe LA might even be cheaper depending on what part of LA. Seattle rents are absurd. really LA shouldnt even be considered one city, its like a bunch strewn together. And LA has like the worst transport, it takes a half an hour to get anywhere.

I donno about Denver though, all I hear about CO is all the rightoids doing mass shootings there


Well that's because US is a shithole with bad public transport in general. I guess in America it may be better to just drive because of it, but supporting public transport over cars is still better. If america wasnt so carbrained we might even have better public transport


kill urself suburbanoid. carcels get the gulag


How about New Orleans? The downtown looks chill. Jazz is nice



Denver's chill. Like it's one of those cities with a kind of nice DiY vibe.



NOLA is iirc a nice city of alcoholics split with a miserable southern poor area which is also incredibly alcoholic and iirc is cut off from the nice part of the city by like a river or sumt. Like it has some cool culture and rail cars but also it's like a down-the-middle split between wealthy tourist trap & massive miserable poverty.


Damn, I guess its to be expected from the South. Hows Philly like? Heard good things about it too


NYC might be a shithole, but it's a proletarian shithole.


new orleans is the murder capital of america


Seattle I think


Seattle is a techlord hellhole like California is now.


Move to bumfuck, montana great kit homes and public transit unlike shithole nyc


NYC has one of the best public transit systems in the US. You're saying its better in Montana?


the only things i've heard about denver is that weed's legal there and it's a chill place for trans people


Yeah but it has rats on it and rats are icky
I’m sticking with shittown, idaho


rent is pretty stable among cities right now. If you want a 2 bedroom apartment expect to pay between 1800 and 2600 that will get you *something* in LA, Seattle, SF/Oakland, NYC, Boston etc. The idea that there is a 'cheap' city in the US is kind of nonsense outside of maybe the Midwest.

What sucks about Cal isn't the rent and COL per se it's that they tax you like a motherfucker. Above 6 figures and you will be taxed 10% as a single person, NY is even worse. This makes Denver/Seattle/Portland more affordable. Whatever you do don't move to TX, Austin is shit and so is Houston. I'm moving back to the West as soon as I can.


what about the stormfags? isn't that where they moved to build their state?


I do really like LA like that other anon said. It's the most diverse, has arguably the best Asian food outside of NYC. I think the museums in NYC are better and the art students League is an amazing resource with a great pedigree.

Traffic sucks in both but at least in LA it's only at certain times you can usually work around. Never drive Sepulveda around 8-9am for instance.


>Above 6 figures and you will be taxed 10% as a single person
that’s fucking nothing
it should be higher


that's state tax not federal (which is 25%) and also respectively fuck off demsoc




go vote democrat


Portland has a lot of new housing which is pretty nice. I don't see any other cities even building any new housing.


yea Portland looks pretty comfy, I'd probably move there or Denver if I don''t move back to Cal.


Vermont is probably the comfiest state of the US as it is the most left-wing one


Incredibly shitty weather, idk how East Coast and Southern fags do it.


Ur the 2nd guy to say Vermont. Burlington has like 45k people only, unironically there are suburbs that are bigger. But it may be good to raise kids in but would be boring af.

The homeless there are all methheads and leave syringes everywhere. Other states bus their homeless to Oregon for free.


I mean youre going to have to deal with homeless in pretty much every city. If you have an issue with it, don't live in the city as the problem will only get worse.


>If you want a 2 bedroom apartment expect to pay between 1800 and 2600 that will get you *something* in LA, Seattle, SF/Oakland, NYC, Boston etc.

2 bedrooms in NYC for between 1800 and 2600? I kinda doubt it.


>What sucks about Cal isn't the rent and COL per se it's that they tax you like a motherfucker.

Yeah, 'cuz paying 1k+ per month in rent alone is super cheap, right?
What if you're not making 6 figures?




this isnt including brooklynn where its very possible to find something in that price range


then you get roommates


Well there's the rub, your experience in each city will depend on your income. If you're making 6 figures in California you can still have a comfy life.

>Muh taxes

At six figures you'll be buying in to a nicely appreciating housing market. Some markets like Austin might be better return wise right now but California is still great despite the prices already being insane.


Bruh was assuming you're making 6 figures.


it's pretty hard to buy a 600k house at 7% interest at even 150k income. And yea taxes are fucked, they keep you working longer than you would need to otherwise and push up the cost of everything around you.

The state isn't your friend, it's time leftists start to realize this.


Six figures isn't some insurmountable barrier, it's pretty easy whether you go the trade or tech route. Stop setting yourself up for failure, it's relatively easy to be middle class with savings with little to no grind/hustle and a poor background.



Wild, what's the average?


And you all team up to support the landlords' business model? That's what it's about!

You know this'd be cheaper for everyone, even the folks making below six figures, if we just moved a hefty tax burden onto unimproved land values and taxed the shit out of speculative landholders and landlords so that they were incentivized to sell? Like the rents don't have to keep outpacing wages by this much forever, land price inflation is a problem that can be solved. In fact, the best way is to two-birds-one-stone it and move taxation of goods & services to land assets.



Are you making 6 figures?
Throw me some, I'll kill whoever ya want.


california is shit fight me. it's just a techbro paradise. There are no good cities in the Bay and LA is ghetto. I escaped that shithole to Oregon, it is actually better a bit more affordable and more chill and better in almost every way. If you want to live anywhere nice in Cali you have to make a lot more than 100k


If you have no problem hyper exploiting people making actual products - which is how every petit bourgeois gets rich - it is very possible to be a millionaire in the US with some luck and grit.



Yeah prices are kinda crazy. Looked up my old home. Zillow says it's worth 1.2 million now, lol. My parents sold that bitch for 850k(4-5 years ago) and they bought it for like 200k I think. The current their house in Austin appreciated like 2x in the same time period.

Ok but what about for the people that can't get that? I hate the liberal worldview, like we're all going to educate ourselves out of poverty. Somebody still has to scrub the toilets regardless. Kinda fucked to just hand waive away all the necessary labor that has to be done for you to enjoy your lifestyle.

Yeah and the smog. Pretty shit. I'd like to live somewhere coastal.


There's like ~40 million people in California. They're not all "techbros"



Mate, have you ever thought about why all the houses are 600k now and the pay isn't keeping up?
It's because people with a lot of capital to invest buy all the houses and all the land, knowing that it's a fixed resource and that the tax rate on that property is low enough that with enough capital they can control the supply and profit even more off of it. The businesses pay rent to people like this, the workers pay rent to people like this, the "homeowners" pay banks for the privilege of "owning" their own home! And the state protects all of them as they do it, so damn right the state isn't my friend!


Of course Im only talking about the Bay and LA, the rest of Cali is trash anyways. If you arent a techbro then your QOL there will be absolute shit. You'll be 30+ living with 5 roommates and commuting an hour everyday.


Home prices are dropping fast now. Nobody wants to buy on 6-7% interest when they could get the same house for 2-3% a year ago


A small lull. Even 2008 was only a small lull in the crazy increasing prices.


>Home prices are dropping fast now.

Not fast enough!
They always drop, there's always a bust, and then people start right back up blowing the bubble back up! Nobody ever learns, and in the long un the cost of living is outpacing the ability of people to pay it, even though the supply still remains pretty high!


You'll do this too if you're a techbro and not an idiot. Saving money to then get the fuck out of there. Personally, I find the entire west coast extremely boring. New York is really nice if you get paid more than 150k. Less than that and things start to get iffy.


>walkability, public transport, cleaner air, mixed use zoning, culture
these are all things in liberal cities which usually have a huge wealth gap due to major finance/tech companies being there and skyrocketing housing prices causing homelessness. You can't have both.

the only city I can think of that is even close to your description is Chicago, which has the L train(light rail) and a bus system, many neighborhoods are walkable/bike-able, has moderate (not good) air quality, has as many mixed use hipster zones as an average big american city, and not alot of homelessness due to both being way more affordable than the majority of big cities + the cold. has alot of restaurants and museums and events too, if thats what you mean by culture. The only downside is certain neighborhoods have alot of crime (mostly south chicago) and it is REALLY FUCKING COLD in winter (by US standards). OTOH because summer is such a rare time everyone goes out and parties their asses off ("Summertime Chi"), Chicago is on a lake too so there's lake life as well.

It's basically a way cheaper, colder version of NYC which is slightly less dense. I'd say any place in the upper mid west is where you get a bargain on cosmopolitan big city life (Chicago, Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Ann Arbor/Detroit/most Michigan cities). Chicago is for sure the best option out of those for public transit tho.


Dock workers union guarantees 140k income (power of working class solidarity and being the heart of circulation of capital). The US is mostly doing unproductive labor (service + tech) with most of the productive labor shipped before you were born to China, and those jobs are never coming back.

Staying at the bottom out of some moral superiority is illogical, you can be more effective as a communist if you take care of yourself first.



Water in Chicago tastes like bleach tho. Maybe I was just visiting like the wrong parts, but of all these really massive cities it kinda seems like one of the grimmest. Like the old segregated legacy seems to have died the least as far as northern cosmopolitan cities, and the crime kinda just makes it seem like New York but worse. You're probably right about a bunchy of this stuff, but in case OP takes the leap I don't want them to be like "wtf nobody told me this shit!"


>he thinks people stay at the bottom out of moral superiority


Water in every US city tastes like shit, thats why you get a filter installed. The only city with good tasting water is Honolulu.


>these are all things in liberal cities which usually have a huge wealth gap due to major finance/tech companies being there and skyrocketing housing prices causing homelessness.
Thats only because burgerstan is probably the exploitation capital of the world. Other countries have cities that are dense and walkable and feel lived in. Cities that have more walkability feel more community oriented


>Dock workers union guarantees 140k income (power of working class solidarity and being the heart of circulation of capital).
Yeh labor aristocrat and all that. Still, a lot of people are doing a lot of physical labor and not making anywhere near that. Just the idea that working hard should pay more than "working smart."

>Staying at the bottom out of some moral superiority is illogical, you can be more effective as a communist if you take care of yourself first.

Yeah well my life is comfy enough. I'm more concerned with people that don't have a comfy life. Really if we're talking about attainable comfy lifestyles I guess the formula would be get nice income, get something you can work remotely, get a money printing operation like landlordism, retire to low cost of living country and never work again.



Water in my city tastes better than Chicago's.
Water in NY tastes better than Chicago's. Water in LA? Better than Chicago's.

I'm not even sure you can filter the bleachy taste out of Chicago water. Like of US cities, Chicago water is better than Flint and that one city in Mississippi. MAYBE.


There's just no reason for someone to choose that if they have a brain and some ambition. Like are you a recent (possibly illegal) immigrant who doesn't speak the language or in a mountain of debt from a degree that has little job prospects, then yes you are stuck with the shit.

As everyone her is moderately capable of reading some marxist theory and speaks english and probably runs some Linux distribution, you will be fine.



Friend, how old are you?
Genuinely curious here.


thirty year old boomer


>Some things this would include walkability, public transport, cleaner air, mixed use zoning, culture, less wealth divide, homelessness etc?


There actually is a city that matches all of these criteria, except it has high homelessness:


It has a robust public transit system, they're building light rail, low gini coefficient (low wealth inequality), most unionized workforce in the US, dense mixed zoning with lots of midrises, very walkable/bikable, diverse, looks good and good weather all year long, and has a strong cultural component and history due to native Hawaiians being their own country before annexed by the US, plus all beaches are open to the public by law.

Downside is that its expensive as hell and you'll be gentrifying the natives even more if you move there. That, and the job market isn't that great you will probably have to work in the tourism industry.


My 20s sucked I should add. You get most of your big raises in your late 20s to mid 30s, so really don't give up if you feel everything is stacked against you atm


charcoal filters work wonders.


>gentrifying the natives even more if you move there.
Honestly this is why I didnt even visit ever. Feels slimey just being another tourist in their colonized land


berkey's are required living in burgerstan, all our water is poisoned not just Flint.


>endorsing colonialism
Hawaii has been cancelled.



Ngl that weirds me out. I assumed you hadn't been applying for work during the recession, but it looks like whatever went on for you you were fine.


I thought Hawaii had 1) super high taxes 2) super high COL because everything has to be shipped in (like $10 for milk)


it does. But COL wasn't part of OP's criteria.


>most unionized workforce in the US
Seems based



I didn't get called in for an interview until I was 20, after 5 years of applying for stuff, and then nothing I landed ever lasted over a year - if you fire someone before 3 months here you don't have to pay unemployment. By the time I got my last job, in my late 20s, my only motive was having enough money that I could afford to kill myself properly. That job ended up lasting three years, and for the first time ever I drank every day at work and I did keep getting raises, though, and promotions, so that rings personally true but I can tell you it doesn't make any sense to me! It kinda just seems like for most people this shit all depends on what state the job market's in, and who you know when it's less bad, and there are circumstances where however much effort you put in it just doesn't matter at all because a year or two later you could make 3 times that shitfaced!


due to the complex history of the labor movement and statehood:


i think its the duty of every socialist to slack off as much as possible in their jobs.



There's water that's OK some places. Try it out! Shit, I drank Chicago's and Las Vegas's and I'm ok.



I guess, yeah.


Why are you guys drinking tap water? Just get it from those osmosis filtered water dispensers outside every grocery store in burgerstan.


File: 1669345594215.png (625.08 KB, 900x600, ClipboardImage.png)

Burgers pride themselves on not taking any precautions to avoid the negative effects from their toxic lifestyle.

>the styrofoam says do not heat



More specifically, not drinking the tap water is considered a sign of pussyhood. Same with not drinking the car baked plastic water bottles.


>Burgers pride themselves on not taking any precautions to avoid the negative effects from their toxic lifestyle.
nutritional doomers. theyre all fat so might as well stay that way. Plus non of the cities are walkable anyways, thats why they need a big truck to haul their fatass


eyeballing Boston rn. Look they have nice clean walkways that seem restricted to pedestrians only. buildings are all nice and squared up, got an Euro feel to it


Only saving grace is the "paranoids" will be eventually vindicated after decades of industrial poisoning.



A Swedish study has been able to associate exposure of PFAS with miscarriage in the early pregnancy. The women who had double the amount of the PFAS chemical PFOA in their blood compared to the other participants were 50% more likely to suffer miscarriage.

I can't find it now but I remember reading about I think it was PFAS, about the number of miscarriages in the USA that they believe could be attributed to it, it's absurd. But no, trust the industrialists, they have our best interests at heart. I <3 science! Better living through chemistryTM!


Is it really? I drink tap water in Texas, Washington, New York, oh man where else. The Texas water can taste very salty if you're in the valley. Am I poisoning myself?? Fucking third world garbage, seriously.


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