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what is the uuuh what is the ma
terialist uuuuh what is uuuuuh


anglos are cringe


Parents using YouTube as a nanny substitute.


enforced mediocrity in a post-industrial hellscape
adults will resent you if you want to be anything other than a shiny doll


They just want attention their parents cant give them working a nine to five and they just sit around watching YouTube videos.


Celebrity worship culture. Content creating is good work if you can find it. Lol at all the successful youtubers I've seen that cry about having to upload 2 times a week.


kys namefag



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celebrities should be killed by the NKVD


why no scientists or researchers
anyways that's pretty cool tho


To be honest, it would be cooler to be a youtuber. If you can accomplish the dream of being able to be paid for just engaging in your hobbies, then that's cool, fuck going to space.


Disagree. Adults resent you for refusing to be a sycopahtnic academic reeking of anti worldliness amd idealism.

Its a strawman. Most people dont even follow their dreams when they grow up.
"Wadya wanna be when you grow up" is so dumb. Like you have to set your lie in stone befoeyoure old ebough to wipe your own ass.


Not really. Its more that they wanna so cool things abd create stuff. Its no differenr from wanting to be rock stars


being an e-celeb is pretty much the only source of upward mobility in the US besides stuff with an extremely low probability. Education that provided opportunities in the past now saddles you with student debt and doesn't even guarantee a job in the field (college was excessively marketed to kids with the intent of oversaturating the job market to lower wages).


Financialization, shifting of the economy towards a rentseeking house-of-cards. Also hyper-commodification of basic entertainment and recreation - see Qatar paying slaves to attend the world cup when their use of slave labor turned fans off. Every big company, Google included, runs major massive PR to make its assets central and puff them up as much as possible to the point of obfuscating anything else that could compare.

>>341127 is also a pretty good answer. Hard work with risks that aren't attached to capital is generally punished. Also tbh America has a problem of… trying to funnel all of its retards into the arts and entertainment, and for the past 40 years we've constantly been increasing the amount of kids we class as disordered and telling them they're too stupid or too special to do anything else… in large part because you can't make a living mopping floors or stocking shelves or anything like that in America.



Wrt college, I think most of the problem is the shift away from community college and towards federal loans for private schools. If too many kids were going to community college, that wouldn't actually be a problem - the problem is we defunded the community schools and instead instituted programmatic debt in order to get more kids to random private schools which, despite higher funding, are frequently just kinda scams.


The Chinese are still under the impression that anything worthwhile or interesting is in outer space, there isn't and they're fools


Youre wirng. Space is mighty interesting. Its just not immediate profiteering


Stop reading science fiction


Ya, ikr sorry that youd rather remain stuck in petty idpol spats against reactionaries.


I'm afraid we're going to space whever you like it or not, eco-fascist scum.


You will never live in star trek, stay mad


Give it 10 years.

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