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The old thread has reached its limit, so I decided to create a new one.
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>we're more than good enough.
I assume you're replying to me (a handful of people are responsible for all the reactionary screeching). That is like the exact opposite of what I would suggest. The fact there are only three of them means it should be cracked down harder. Not to go all utopian but if there wasn't the constant droning noise of them, things would be vastly improved.



Yeah, but also prisons generally shouldn't be overcrowded and run like rape factories. Ideally no one should be getting raped in prison.
Yeah, but this goes without saying. Any comprehensive public healthcare system which covers mental health would cover HRT. If medical consensus supports transitioning as treatment for dysphoria (which at present it unambiguously does), then the only reason to specifically exclude this is to appease obsessive prudes. I feel like it's a bridge we have to cross when we get to it - the most effective rollout would be to reform healthcare first to pay for everything but tit enlargements (so to speak) and then let people with new free healthcare complain that the same system that gets them anti-depressants also gets MtFs spiro. The hard work will have been done.
Not really. I mean that's more of a personal thing. If they're willing to do anything constructive and it doesn't seem like they're going to change their opinions, then personally I'd probably work with what I can work with and not work with what I can't. Society is very big.



I don't think that deleted post I was replying to was you, no.




The only reason there even are men's and women's prisons is an attempt to reduce pregnancies and because if women were in a normal prison the whole prison system would be criticized more but instead we get women calling for women's prisons to be replaced by house arrest and for men to rot behind bars.


Retarded straightoid


America's prison system is absolutely horrid. People die there all the fucking time, plus rape and violence are a common occurrence. If people weren't treated like animals, maybe they wouldn't act like animals…


>Anyone advocating against these principles should be ruthlessly criticized, even if they are advocating against them based on the purported fact that they are subsumed by economic rights
Expand this principle to cover any sort of "but muh economy" whining when it comes to materially improving the lives of workers under socialism. Otherwise I can't really find fault.


>The only reason there even are men's and women's prisons is an attempt to reduce pregnancies
Don't leave out the part where getting pregnant in prison used to be a strategy to get out of harsher punishments like the death penalty or to get a reduced sentence to take care of the kid.


From what ive heard Norway has the best prisons. But yes the problem is how they are treated and influence of being surrounded by psychopaths on both sides of the bars instead of socialized for normal life. The whole point of prison should just be to keep other people outside safe and help people who commited a wrong to make it better and show they wont do that sort of thing again. Instead we get a Christianity influenced system based on penance expecting people to just fix themselves by having alone time.


File: 1675052402297.png (1.2 MB, 1075x1032, ClipboardImage.png)


that's cute. what was j.k. rowling doing again when roe v wade was overturned? i forgot


>When I first learned about the bathroom situation in 2016, it was always: "Do you think it's fine for a MAN to being in the WOMENS bathroom??!?!?!?" – but never talking about the idea of a female using the males bathroom.

There was actually an incident where an FTM was forced by a business owner to use the female restroom out of spite, went in, was mistaken by the women inside for being MTF, and then was beaten up by some cis men over it.


probably whining about trans people on twitter


LMAO we've crossed the rubicon haven't we. Boojie brits posting animu and American hip hop speak.


"same shit different day" is not hip hop speak. It's a common turn of phrase in American english, regardless of subculture. My white grandma says "same shit different day." all the time.


>this anime girl telling me to shut the fuck up is literally 1904
beyond parody


How could this even be a thing? Since in reality no one really cares about opposite sex going into the other sexes restroom we all know it happens all the time with parents and their kids or people just going to the other because long lines or it's far away or out of order. Seems it's solely based on unrealistic paranoia about child molestation from strangers and obsessive oppression and denial of teenage sexuality out of cope. This comes from same people who would gladly defend circumcision of infants against their will and use of physical punishment in their parenting and often their parents were like that. In fact men who have been circumcised show similar psychology to someone sexually abused. So all this obsession over sexual abuse and genital mutilation is cope for their own experiences and trying to externalize it to dissociate from it by blaming some outsider instead of their own parents and their current mindset being the same as their parents.


>by advocating against the rights of transgender people, I received the same oppression as those who advocated for the rights of women
>take for example this meme someone sent to me


all bigots and reactionaries suffer extremely cognitive dissonance, like the ones who in one sentence act like they are defending wholesome family values, then on the other hand threatening to hurt vast swaths of people politically for no real reason but owning the libs


rich british femoids are so hilariously cut off from any real, material issues and it shows


Your point would be stronger without the circumcision nonsense. Not even in favor of child circumcision, but that's some "obsessed and lost the plot" tier shit.


>but that's some "obsessed and lost the plot" tier shit.
That's what being circumcised will do to you. Still think it's funny?


Hahaha good point.


File: 1675098331998.png (666.06 KB, 594x900, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1675098380103.png (47.31 KB, 584x412, ClipboardImage.png)

here's where kathleen stock was


British reptilian TERFs (aka scalies) hate furries because they're jealous of how mammals have vaginas. and not the "cloaca" which lizards have, a multi-purpose orifice in their body which poop and pee and reproductive fluids are released from.


It's not the sole cause just saying it also has some odd tie in so Im implying one approach to try to prevent such behaviour. Every circumcision is $300, it's a big business. I just didnt phrase myself the best and obviously this would only explain some portion of cis men not women that act violently against trans people which was implying more to it.


>Yet the vast majority of zoomers let alone everybody else agree with her.


Virtually all moral panic for sexuality/gender is always about youth sexuality


Youth are just easier to control
Generally they want to control everyone's sexuality, but youth are the easier place to start under the current status quo


File: 1675109105686.png (156.43 KB, 1682x742, queer theory.png)

i capped this but im not sure if it's legible since the formatting made the post seem very large and the text smaller


also wrt intersectional theory im too much of a theorylet to comment on whether i agree or disagree with it but i do know most marxists ridicule intersectional theory so i honestly want to hear what everyone else thinks since its hard to gauge whether it's good or bad until i start researching it… which means reading, which i dont usually do…


i don't know if they do lmao, it seems like only leftypol and a few select boomers have a hateboner against it. intersectionality can be marxist, it literally analyzes the way class, gender, sexuality, and race intersect with each other


Psychopaths should just be executed and petty criminals rehabilitated humanely


Even psychopaths can be rehabilitated sometimes but they should still be kept away from rest of society.


I lost all my notes. Somebody screencapped some of my posts and uploaded them to booru. They're old and I no longer agree with some parts, but I think they're still relevant.


Psychopathy isn't a real thing outside of the imagination of true crime podcast listeners, Mr. Bleeding Heart Fascist


Psychopath isn't a valid diagnostic term anymore, its called ASPD, and while it is hard to treat and requires cooperation, it CAN be treated. I have multiple ASPD friends who are great people. Learn more before issuing death sentences retard


"Personality disorders" aren't valid medical diagnoses either


>"Personality disorders" aren't valid medical diagnoses either
They are in the DSM and are useful for diagnostic purposes.


Noooo, I want my free kill!
seriously though, what is it with internet morons (particularly gringos) that want to kill anyone they think is deficient or defective? Fucking eugenicists….


The DSM is vague guidelines, and it really stretches the imagination to think that happening to be bored and lying and literally explicitly "failure to conform to social norms and laws" require any sort of allopathic treatment


Ive heard MDMA can treat learned sociopathy at least


>The DSM is vague guidelines, and it really stretches the imagination to think that happening to be bored and lying and literally explicitly "failure to conform to social norms and laws" require any sort of allopathic treatment
Anon, its talking about physical harassment, murder, stalking, not typical social norms. DSM is for professionals to use


Ironically those calling for the death of all ASPD people are acting a bit ASPD themselves….


my face when self-defined autists start advocating for eugenics against """neurotypicals"""


>They are in the DSM
you arent exactly helping your position here with this


so are they not real things? do you have a better guidebook? nobody is saying DSM is perfect but anyone sufficiently aware knows these are real things. if you aren't aware, consider yourself lucky in many cases.


>Not even in favor of child circumcision, but that's some "obsessed and lost the plot" tier shit.
Yes you are. If you smear the critics of something you are defending it.
And it's not even some irrelevant tangent here, it's directly relevant as an example of a real harm that these people could direct their energy toward instead of imaginary pedophiles.

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