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File: 1674376811402.png (609.16 KB, 597x635, image-1.png)


Why do they get mad at peoples that look exactly like them and do the things they do?
Pic related


I don't really know what you're trying to say, but if you're attempting to state that people are in denial of their own flaws - then yeah, no shit. People usually have an ego, and because of that, they'll deny their own flaws. This is only worsened by both sides (Both the one calling out the flaws, and the one who is subject to the flaws) being very dogmatic and angry towards eachother. It makes the act of informing another of a flaw they may be unaware of seem personal; and makes retaining the flaw not an issue, but rather, an act of spiteful rebellion to "get back" at the person in question.

It's quite horrible.


Which one does this guy look more like, do you think?


Who's the lady on the left?


belle delphine




literally just rightoid propaganda and lack of self-awareness


>Blue check


>our women are becoming whores
>unironically uses a Greek statue profile pic
Has this uygha never heard of what a heteira is?


File: 1674395902965.png (185.55 KB, 370x540, ClipboardImage.png)



Literally coomin rn


Every rightoid is either mentally ill or a grifter


this is the conclusion I have come too anon, the more someone is honestly to the right the more delusional narcissistic they are

like literally every single time it plays out like this


or gullible sometimes it's not mental illness they were just raised that way and had all this ideology filtered into their brain constantly by everyone around them


Or maybe they're inflicted with romantic frustrations just like leftypol users here.

Imageboard users in general come across to me as eternally premature midlife crisis.

You guys wanna sympathize imageboards as autism, schizophrenia, and the such, and maybe they do have those disorders. But, all they ever do is whine about "the good old days" and missed opportunities to shaggy female peers.

And they're hebephobic to a T.

And they're not even fifty yet.

You all whine about normies yet you guys judge everything through lens of aesthetics just like "normies". You all pine to have the stereotypical teenage love you assume that your "successful normie peers" have.
You all look down on weirdness while being fascinated by it, just like "normies". Yell aren't even that weird. Your just mediocre and pathetic.

Real weirdos would run circles around you.


>Or maybe they're inflicted with romantic frustrations
This is why we should never immerse our children in fiction


More like, this is why we should stop preaching idealism to children
Stop euphemising the world to children.
Stop blockimg them off from having a social/physical outisde of home amd school because "muh pedos".

This era of paranoid parenting has ironically raised two generations and counting of mutual groomer-groomies.

The power-imbalance relationships of post-Gen X arent sauve predator and innocent wholesome prey.

Both predator and prey are both sick vulnerable and out of shape and embittered homicidally-inclined souls.


These stupid ass retards think that all of their baser aryan ancestors looked like Joachim Peiper, betraying a very idealistic understanding of evolutionary psychology and aesthetic in general.

One reason why i love AI technologies is because AI allows us to reconstruct the face of old Roman emperors and showed us the uncomfortable truth that those people look more like your corn syrup guzzling 50 year old managers than slack jawed bodybuilders


I actually blame the sculptors of the era.
They had to hide imperfections of royalty they were modelling.


Western ancient history nerds are even more insufferable than the consoom nerds. Their reeducation can't come soon enough.


The statues looked hard tho, i wish i was like them.


They used to be painted in bright colors.


This is tied to flooding children with fictitious content


I hate them now.


Theres nothing wrong with kids immersing in fiction. The real problem like I said is the constant preaching to kids to "go put and change the world", "stay positive", and "ypure too young to know abput thi s"(conercerning politics and sex).

Anglo society has a serious aversion to introducing youth to realism. They want kids to be innocrnt/idealistic for moral convenience.

Yhays why we have this godawful nostalgia culture. Its why we have reactionaryism.


All those statues you thought were about stone cold badasses really are just some guy in pajamas.


VGH it looks terrible


stop it :'(


> "go put and change the world", "stay positive", and "ypure too young to know abput thi s"(conercerning politics and sex).
These are reinforced in children's media


That's what I hate. Adults then compain about kids being delusional or entitled when its the parent/teacher constantly talk to kids in a cartoonish manner.


>implying peiper was peak beauty, and not just a Joe Shmoe with a unibrow
Reality is, yakubians are just gross looking


File: 1674633923249.png (12.41 KB, 746x600, 1673148715204.png)

>Names himself after Aristophanes, who literally made poop jokes and about flies having butt trumpets
More rightoids who don't read the people they worship. Maybe he should have a taste of that tradition he fetishizes so much and reenact the Iliad scene where Ajax trips in a race and gets his mouth filled with cow shit.


If he shaved his unibrow he would look very good.


He’d look like at least 10 guys I could find at my local grocery store


Well then be happy to go grocery shoping among good looking peoples you ungrateful fuck.


to be fair ,studies show that what people find to be attractive is normal, symmetrical features.


I dare hope they did a better job than this at coloring their statues


Alot of "aryanist" history nerds are consumers.


Well you have to remember that what looks gaudy today might have looked classy yesterday, the modern world is awash with artificial colors but in the ancient world color was a lot more impressive/expensive.


"our women" who says that? How does that make any sense in a sentence? Women are a sex of the human race, how does "our women" make any sense? That implies that all women are part of a global harem owned by men which is hilariously retarded.


Kinda like how people reconstructed dinosaurs into hard looking dragon dudes, but with new data they realized they had feathers, and now we have people seething over dinosaurs being funny balls of floof.


Or more likely, you just live near super ugly people

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