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I've always been a very anxious and introverted person. This has lead to people singling me out and mocking me all my life. They make up random bullshit about me and spread rumors. Because I feel so anxious, I almost always get riled up and start explaining why they're wrong like an idiot. This feeds into the cycle of mockery and ridicule even more. How do I fix this siblings?


I went to therapy because I was always very anxious, it ended in a panic attack one day when my friends suggested asking out some cute girl who had a crush on me. I know it's hated on this site, but it really helped to analyse how I had certain thought patterns that were resulting in a negative feedback loop, although it sometimes comes back but never as strong.


Can you any resources from which I can learn psychology on my own, at least to the point where I can fix my issues? The last time I went to therapy the therapist tried to fleece me.


Anon, there was always a faction of downtrodden-socially folk who had to endure all of the world's ridicule and mockery. If you are irreparably one of them, I want you to know I will never join side with haters and moggers. I never relish at ppl being worse off than me; it just makes my heartache. Also don't take it uberpersonally.

I can give you advice to alleviate the burden though in case it's redeemable. You will definitely need to be medicated and once they give u drugs to make you chill it will become a learned behavior and u will be able to emulate it even when not on drugs.

You also need to apply halo effect. Just hang out in best places and with best clothes and around best ppl you know and you will easily give off cool-guy vibes. Right now, horns effect is playing on you. as ppl mock you and create an atmosphere of ridicule, it becomes easy to ascribe negative traits and behaviors to you. You need to get out of that social circle if you can't turn around to something more positive.


Thanks for the advice anon. I've always learned the hard way not to neglect my appearances, both in terms of aesthetics and what perception people have of me. I've started taking care of my physical and mental health. Also, taking a stance against people who bully me has always been helpful. It may alienate some people, but I'd rather have that than people disrespecting me all the time.


This: >>363279
Therapy has helped me a lot.
Have you tried online therapy? I've had great success with it. You need someone else to see your traumas "from the outside". Thing you consider natural and obvious will be very hard to deconstruct unless someone reflects them to you as non obvious.


>They make up random bullshit about me and spread rumors

no we don't. stop lying. hey everybody! anon's always lying!

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