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Benis, bagina.
>no gf
>no bf
>big sad
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Then keep asking retarded questions on a niche forum while you rot in the safety of your room.


To be fair if I’m trying to go on a date and the person I’m talking to is screwing themselves over just to be with me but refuse to just talk to me as a person and let me see if I want to be with them I would be creeped out and not want to date them either


uyghas want to become gigolos by skipping all the steps it takes to get there and then whine about it


<Just be confident
<If you're autistic or riding the downward spiral in confidence: eat shit and die, also MODS MODS BAN THE INCEL FASCISM RIGHT NOW!!!
People will also say this without a hint of irony, must be part of good ethics anonymously chiding social inepts.


hey guys im autistic, i have autism, did i say im autistic yet


That's awesome, do you want to be my girlfriend?


God I fucking hate women so much.


Why do you feel like that?


Does your hatred extend to fictional women?


Because I am an incel.

Often yes.


I don't see the connection.


What do you think of a 'state-issued girlfriend' program proposal?


Women don't like me so therefore I don't like them.


Very based.


But why? Birds don't like me but I still love them.


You must be a better person than me. I cannot control my feelings, so I just roll with it.


government assigned gf is just westoid for arranged marriage


Eh. Whites hate me but i don't hate them back. I think being brown really helped me cope with my inceldom since i'm used to be hated by society over something i'm born with


Slave mindset. You should stop being a little hippy bicth and start seeking the destruction of those who consider you subhuman, such as white people and femoids.


Vegh, what will this nonsensical billions must die retardation do for me? It won't make my dick bigger, it won't make me taller, it won't give me better facial bone structure or predator eyes, it will only make me stew in impotent rage at other people like those /pol/oid nazis. It won't change my material conditions one bit

Part of maturing is to control your emotions and learn to pick your battles, you know. My battles nowadays consist of looksmaxxing, fighting back against heightshaming and discrimination of mentally ill men, etc. These are things that are actually achievable and don't make feel like a living bomb 24/7


>My battles nowadays consist of looksmaxxing, fighting back against heightshaming and discrimination of mentally ill men, etc.
And how's that working out for you?


It doesn't work, of course. Looksmaxxing won't make you attractive just like how doing protests won't actually topple capitalism and destroy the exploitative system destroying humanity, but it sure is better than stewing in rage and hoping for another October Revolution to come in your lifetime


I just had a realization that no woman has any reason to be with me. Women tend to have much closer friendships which take care of her emotional and intimacy needs, while for sexual desires she can just hook up with an actual chad.


Well actually I can think of a very good reason: you.


File: 1679519985083.mp4 (3.53 MB, 720x1280, Fu35cpTxk_v6lXOS.mp4)

Yup. No woman will ever find us sexually attractive and that's a fact. It's a hard pill to swallow but once you do it makes everything a lot easier surprisingly.
As people have pointed out in this thread though you can still always manipulate women into being attracted to you by having a good source of income, or pretending to be someone else. But that's not physical of course. On the surface you will never be good enough for them.


>but it sure is better than stewing in rage and hoping for another October Revolution to come in your lifetime
I think you may be on the wrong website.


File: 1679522448965-0.jpg (190.62 KB, 955x955, spencer-williams.jpg)

File: 1679522448965-1.jpg (114.11 KB, 637x955, joslyn-nerdahl.jpg)


>Sensual Solutions is geared toward people with disabilities who want or need assistance when it comes to sex or sexuality. It can involve relationship coaching, sex education or more intimate services. They call the service "medically assisted sex." It costs $225 for a one-hour session.

>But her clients tell her that despite that frequent physical contact, the lack of "erotic touch" or "intimate touch" can leave them feeling isolated, depressed or even "less human."

>Williams says his sessions might start with breathing exercises or physio and move on to touching, kissing and other activities.

>"[T]he sex is obviously why I'm seeking this out, but I'm also seeking services like this out because I feel the need to be close. I feel the need to connect. I feel the need to be touched, to be kissed."

>"Sometimes people … offer to sleep with me as a pity, and I often don't appreciate that. I want things to be organic and natural," says Williams.

A sex worker became a sex therapist, the therapy can include sex with clients. Clients include disabled people.

From 2018, so before the recent Canadian euthanasia scandal.



I would rather get euthanized.


>replying to things not said in the comment chain you're replying to.

I said NEETs are autofiltered and all other issues are irrelevant until you solve that one. Lol again at: Having a job and living on your own is "privilege." Once again if that's a "privilege" having sex is surely a privilege you can't achieve either.

>not being a neet is manipulation


Damn… You don't like this solution? If you could choose between this and a state-issued girlfriend, which would you pick?


>Mentally ill person getting more mentally ill by consuming doomerist propaganda by other mentally ill people and feds on the internet
Break the loop



Too bad none of the losers in this thread have a disability, so even that won't get them sex.


This is a genius idea on the woman's part and has a lot of potential imo


But that's a genius idea actually, if the NEETs here saw off their legs, they can get disability payments and free sex for life!



Anyone can get this sex therapy, it's just expensive but nothing says people without disabilities (and that should already exclude incels, who I consider mentally disabled) can't get treatment


File: 1679524633254.mp4 (8.31 MB, 692x1280, Different Worlds .mp4)

No. I find them emotionally validating.

In all seriousness, the real blackpill isnt that women want 6′5′′ Chad, its that every ugly looser around you gets laid and the reason you dont is because there is something fundamentally wrong with you.


File: 1679524876607.jpg (158.79 KB, 771x1301, Controversial Take.jpg)


next thread OP image?


File: 1679525967898.webm (1.16 MB, 482x360, BOOTY_IMPORTANT.webm)


there was a spanish movie about a guy who was running some sort of pimping service for disabled adults but for my life i don't remember what's it called


don't worry, they can access the private market of non-medically assisted sex


Please no, I want the tread to actually stick to advice, support or at least a place for venting, not shit-flinging about state assigned GFs.


Lol nobody is ever going to benefit from the """""advice""""" in these threads. Leftycels are a lost cause.


Then stay out of it.


>Leftycels are a lost cause
Might as well join Taliban, then.


>Wow, seems like there's lots of great, positive advice
If you have 100 matches on an app, then you're succeeding.
And no, having one guy ghost you, doesn't change the fact that you're playing the dating game on easy mode.

There's many people who're giving shit advice sure, but this poster, (especially looking at this post >>382312 ), is just a bad faith poster.


Umm I just downloaded hinge and it's literally 19 land whales per 20 profiles wtf


File: 1679646598700.jpg (24.79 KB, 620x500, sponge coffee.jpg)

>I don’t understand why you wont just talk to people directly
Not responding to you directly, but one of the main traits of the autism spectrum is being super sensitive to the point of avoiding social interaction entirely. Normal dudes get rejected all the time, the difference is they just get the fuck over it. Socializing will always be an unequal and unfair game in favor of those with good looks and personalities that naturally adapt to pop-culture. It's a skill, and the more you avoid it the less likely you will get good at it as you age. Chances are if you're not the normiest of normies you will NEVER find someone magically 100% compatible with you. You WILL have to hide your power level until you can trust someone, you WILL have to fake it until you make it. You can play the game or take your ball and go home and pout, that's simply the existential problem of people being different individuals.

I actually think this is why the right has so many converts from weirdo spaces: "hit the gym, stand up straight, learn to be stoic" is actually kinda good advice for a lot of dudes; and when that's mixed in with neonazi shit some people can't tease the two apart.

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