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Benis, bagina.
>no gf
>no bf
>big sad


I've never seen a vagina in my life I'm desperate


File: 1678091644818.png (340.07 KB, 600x600, ClipboardImage.png)

>never seen a pussy
You've never looked in the mirror before?


It's not a joke anon


>meet new girl
>go on dates
>things go well, good chemistry
>she tells me that her last boyfriend made her cum every single time
Oh well thanks for raising that bar to the stratosphere lmao


Time to learn to lick


File: 1678109312943.png (397.74 KB, 448x478, 1671874528259.png)

I've been struggling for a while with my boyfriend's bodycount made a post about in LGBT thread and finally realized the problem is not that, but that deep down I'm sad I didn't meet him earlier in my life. Does anyone else have this problem?
It's ambivalent too as I was a very different person 10+ years ago and it's likely it wouldn't have worked out back then (especially considering the circumstances of how we met). But I still feel sad we didn't grow up together and have "lost" so much time


Was your boyfriend the same person 10+ years ago as he‘s now? Probably not right. If your wish is that the way you are now and the way he is now would have been the same 10+ years ago and that you would have met each other earlier then you are essentially grieving over an impossible scenario. It could have only been the way it is now. I think you are just going through a process of acceptance that will take time.


I know this is boomer advise, but be happy with what you got, finding love alone is super difficult, the kinda thing that you are very lucky to have in the first place, putting if and buts on it is not really healthy. Think of me for example, I'm almost in my 30s now, and have not been able to fall in love at all but once, that didn't work out. Sometimes good is good enough, perfect is impossible


Daily reminder to go outside


That's cute


nina hartley 45min cunnilingus video thank me later buddy


>Was your boyfriend the same person 10+ years ago as he‘s now?
I doubt we could even have been friends back then
>you are essentially grieving over an impossible scenario.
Basically yes. Sadly doesn't change how I feel. It's not as bad as it was originally, but it still hits . me at times
I am. He's everything I ever wanted and I'm surprised I found anyone at all right as I had given up on relationships


File: 1678123141099-0.jpg (69.95 KB, 640x845, 13.jpg)

File: 1678123141099-1.gif (758.43 KB, 640x472, 15.gif)

File: 1678123141099-2.jpg (221.83 KB, 750x731, 14.jpg)

>you could get laid if you wanted to, stop complaining about being a virgin
>you could get used like a sock and have awful, painful sex with some STD-infested sociopathic boywhore if you wanted to
>your problem is that you can't find a boyfriend because you're only after chad
>why not get back on the dating apps and drive yourself insane responding to 100 different men who are all pretending they're not out to use and discard you?
>don't be paranoid or misandrist, men aren't all out to hurt you
>but don't drink around guys though, that's irresponsible of you as most men will rape you if you're drunk or high around them and it's your fault for putting yourself in that situation
>men don't want to talk to you because you're autistic, just fix your incurable neurodevelopmental disorder
>well are you fat?
>noooo don't starve yourself to get a boyfriend
>all you need to do is approach guys! they like that
>don't approach men or be forward with them, they'll only see you as a total slut
>it's normal for men to ghost you for the crime of living slightly too far away
>nooo, men don't want to use you for sex! men want love like anybody else, they just require women to live within 20 minutes of them for no reason whatsoever
>have you tried setting up the date yourself?
>well, maybe they ghost you because you respond too fast
>actually, men will ghost you because you don't respond quick enough = playing games
>all men are secretly in love with their female friends, why not ask out your orbiter guy friends?
>well, I really don't know what to tell you femanon, women never get rejected by anybody, nice bait, doubt you even exist
It's all so tiresome


Lmao terminally online


I will have a relationship with you


Seeing what they've done to Lain fucking sucks. They don't even care about SEL as a show.


The answer is to be yourself and do what you believe is right, what's authentic to you and what makes you happy. If you try to please everyone of course you are going to be frustrated.


3 shitty pics followed by a gigantic green wall, disgusting


File: 1678127541794.png (23.48 KB, 330x333, 1512010584283.png)


Mods really archived that piece of shit last thread as if it had any value..


Whose to say they aren’t posting in it


>no gf
>no frien


Protip: stop taking dating advive from attractive women


some of those are perfectly correct though


Summarize in under three words or less.


>why not get back on the dating apps and drive yourself insane responding to 100 different men who are all pretending they're not out to use and discard you?
I think this is the main issue. Why are you talking to 100 different men? Why aren't you picky with who you swipe right on? Why aren't you actively trying to determine whether you like them and whether they're good people, and getting to know the best ones first?

Sounds like a skill issue ngl


>Sounds like a skill issue ngl
Reminder dating apps literally use Elo to score you


What's Elo?



If you swipe right on 100 people you are telling the abusive algorithm "all these random moids you send me are more than good enough, I swipe right every time, don't even bother sending me anyone better because you know I'm going to swipe right regardless"


Or you could just talk to people than lose your hair over dating apps


Using hookup apps is a good way to speedrun suicide.


>do your own thing
>follow your heart
Try these.


Stay lonely forever, good luck.


Stay lonely forever? I am giving anonette advice on how to find people better on dating apps rather than be inundated with 100 guys who just want to fuck.


>Moved back home to help take care of an elderly family member (read: no longer live alone to bring girls back home)
>went off and started my own business (read: no longer have a disposable income or much spare time)
>Haven't gone to the gym since pre-covid so now im pudge (read: no longer confident in my physical attraction)
>friends all moved away after school (read: no longer have a historical social group)
>only go to the same 2 bars (read: not out on the town chasing tail anymore)

I miss getting laid. I miss being in love. I miss having someone to share things with that wasn't friends or family. Everyone on social media is getting married and having kids and being successful.

I wish I hadn't ended up everyone's crazy-uncle-type friend.

Thanks for letting me vent. Time to get back on the hamster wheel of a job that doesn't pay anything.


So your business isn't going well?


I'm a lawyer, a third of my cases don't pay til the case is over. Another third are from the county which pays shit and also doesn't pay til it's processed through the government. The last third is civil litigation or transactional and hourly billing makes me hate myself. Give me a few months and I'll be back on my feet if some of these cases ever end. At least that's what I keep telling myself.


File: 1678176776855.jpg (Spoiler Image, 660.68 KB, 1373x1600, years of fine art school. ….jpg)

How do I make my cock thicker?

Serious. Is there are way or am I fucking fucked with my toilet roll girth'd schlong?




Like? In a vice? How?


You take an ordinary cable clamp and perhaps also place a silicone sheet between it and your penis when you apply it, to make the pressure is more uniform and to make it less uncomfortable, and then you apply pressure on your penis for a certain duration of time. You should work your way up when it comes to pressure and time because it‘s actually a somewhat dangerous technique where you could bust a vessel. Personally, I never had such issues because I‘m careful, but just as a heads up. When I was younger I looked up these penis enlargement forums for obvious reasons. Most methods that they talk about are bogus, riddled with bro science and supposedly enlarge your penis only by a bit over a span of like 6 to 12 months. That sounded too tedious to me. I tried only a couple of them for like 1 to 2 months. Clamping is the only thing that produced results for me and it did so quite fast. I did it like every second or third day for roughly 15 minutes. Around 1 month my girth increased by 6 to 8mm which is actually quite a lot when you consider that some dudes jelq for 6 months for their penis to get longer by an equal amount. It also implies you could get pretty thick if you do it for long time. I remember some gay guy who said he did it for two years and his girth increased by 2.5 inches. When I quit doing it after like 1 or 2 months I kept my gains for roughly a week and then it returned to normal. I have no idea if gainz could be permanent if you do it for a long time. Best of luck.


most people are evil narcissists who will do bad things for no other reason than that they have nothing better to do. sometimes they get nothing in return, sometimes they may even lose something important, but they will still fuck you over because they just like being evil. and the worst part is, they do this to each other all the time


>most people are evil narcissists
More like most people are gay gaycists


let me guess, youre one of the nice ones?


File: 1678212292112.jpeg (142.48 KB, 828x1303, FSiw7tkUcAAFSyz.jpeg)

How does it make you guys feel knowing that you wil never do any of these with someone you love?


Excessively complicated


If would be more impressive if I had the stamina and flexibility to accomplish that in the first place




File: 1678221734815.jpg (62.45 KB, 625x774, 1645674032571.jpg)

You keep making these downer post and I'll report you, these people need help rather than mockery of contemptible assholes.

Go be a shitbag somewhere else.


date a transgirl there's a good chance they'll share your politics and interests


I have done a couple with someone I love. Most of those look more trouble than they're worth and I just ain't got the knees for half of em any more. That's a bad chart.


Have done several
My back hurts looking at that


The only trans girl i currently know is a rightoid from schizophrenic delusions.


i love my boyfriend ama


Gonna need a guide becfore I explode my dicc trying, but sounds… Viable?

Better than a bathpump anyway,


lol no


lol are you trying to rainbow spoon OPs dick?
**>becfore I explode my dicc trying
it will 100 percent fuck up the blood vessels in your dick and give you erectile dysfunction if you force blood into it. I have heard dick pumps have the same issue if you over do em**


what does he smell like?


like balls


Is it immoral to fuck single mothers without having any intent of having a long-term relationship?


Is this one of those gay relationships?


Obviously, yes.


But she has married young and just became divorcee at 28 :( her body is still smoking hot


Only if she stated that she‘s looking for a relationship and you are leading her on.


No, not really. Even if your were actively looking for a long-term relationship, how would you know beforehand they are someone you want to actually be with?


If you pump-and-dump single mothers looking for relationships you're a fucking sociopath.


You misspelled based



I have to ask, why would "single mother" be even relevant to the conversation? How is it different from sleeping with any other woman?


Cause she‘s literally a MILF now, hello? Stupid ass


I have to ask, why would "economically destitute mother with literal child" even be relevant to the conversation? How is it different from sleeping with any other woman?


We are not talking about prostitution here, but consensual sex.


Why don't you consequentially go slob on your boss's knob for your monthly wage you liberal moron.
Dude straight up said he wants to pump and dump her. It takes about 30 minutes on a dating site to figure out that mothers using the service are primarily there for relationships, not hookups.


She is not dependent oh him in any way, this is not analogous to boss taking advantage of employee.


You promote sexual abuse of vulnerable women.


No I dont, if there was a quid-pro-quo agreement the yes, that would clearly be abuse, but if she decided to sleep with a guy because she finds him attractive (or at least that is what she communicated to him), there is no abuse.


He's clearly hinting about him wanting to lie to her about his intentions (presumably her looking for a relationship) in order to actually pump-and-dump her, and you are in turn running apologetics for him.


Yes he is. Morals of pumping and dumping or lying abour your relationship intentions are their own topics, I am just pointing out the fact it is being done to a single mother does not make it worse.


Hence, you're a type of retard. Probably autistic.
I will not reply to you any more.


Well I am sorry to hear that. But my point stands. The only relevant difference between single mother and childless woman is in desirability, single mother does not have many options in terms of relationships, but if that is your argument, consequently a childless woman refusing to date (or sleep with) a guy is also abuse, which is ridiculous.


diagnosing people over a couple of anonymous posts is the most retarded thing there is


sounds like something an insecure person would say


Who knew the ethics of banging single mothers could be so complicated?


and making up diagnoses to "win" "arguments" isnt?


>Morals of pumping and dumping or lying abour your relationship intentions are their own topics
They were not, they were part of the conversation you were deflecting from.
> I am just pointing out the fact it is being done to a single mother does not make it worse.
Only if your understanding of the world is metaphysical and non-materialist.


no that sounds based and secure to me


I guess the most ethical solution is to not touch them with a 10 foot pole unless you are 100% sure you want to adopt their kids from the outset.


>Only if your understanding of the world is metaphysical and non-materialist.
Then explain it to me materialistically. In a concrete terms, not true any anologies or hypotheticals. Cuz all you and other guy are doing are telling me its totally different, with no elaboration as to why.


Raising a child alone as a working class person is expensive, time-consuming and exhausting, both physically and mentally. You didn't know this?


I don't think there was any implications of lying. That's how relationships usually go with mature people, you test the waters, you don't usually open it up with discussions about marriage and whatever. Could be that the guy asking the question was just feeling proactively guilty knowing that he doesn't want to take it to that level. How do you know this woman is dating like 5 other guys at the same time anyways? You don't typically become exclusive from the first few dates.

The only sin would be lying or misleading, just because someone ends up wanting something more doesn't make you beholden to them. If they start asking about that kind of stuff, and you're not interested, yeah, the right thing to do would be to break it off. Up til that point no offense was committed.

Lot of assooming going on in this thread. This is why none of you can get laid. A lot of unfounded assumptions and expectations.


Again, how does that relate to sex and consent?


As a guy, I had it happen to me multiple times women I'm just started dating start talking to me about some crazy shit about imagining us living together or even marriage, and then they go and fuck some other guy. I felt stupid and used, but I learned I was stupid for assooming anything. Honestly unless you're engaged or living together or something none of this dating crap means anything. Especially not on the first few dates. People feel some strong emotion and then feel another strong emotion 10 minutes later. Nobody is violating anyone, you just got to learn to make your own judgement calls about people. Definitely can't blame MEN or WOMEN.


And if you're going to feel violated because you slept with someone and it ended, maybe you should look in to promise rings or at least wait for your engagement or whatever.


ITT: sex addicts conduct mental gymnastics in order to justify them preying on the most vulnerable women on dating sites, simply for getting a nut off
Happy International Women's Day, leftypol


Yes what we should do is pair up all the incels with all the single moms and force them to have a long term relationship. That will solve two problems and definitely not create new ones.


No one wants to fuck you lady, chill.


File: 1678330252041.png (681.86 KB, 904x1021, megamind.png)

>How do you know this woman is dating like 5 other guys at the same time anyways?
Yeah dude single moms have so much time to be out there spinning several plates.


>preying on me
I guess that makes me a cougar predator. Apex if you will.


Oh fuck off. Not everyone is a lonely undesired incel like you.


Are you dense?
Kids are a ton of work.


Yes everyone's life is exsctly like the fantasy in your head.


Several anons think you're dense btw


But you are all incels, so what do your opinions matter.


Shh… It's gonna be okay…


Exactly, me fucking your single mom ain't a problem dude. No I will not be adopting you son, sorry. But it will be alright.


Siberia being raised by single moms really explains a lot. Yes your mom fucks. Sorry you had to find out here.


Your dick literally controls your life, it's pathetic lmao


>ITT: sex addicts conduct mental gymnastics in order to justify them preying on the most vulnerable women on dating sites, simply for getting a nut off
>Happy International Women's Day, leftypol
While you are a staunch defender of feminist ideas, such as women dont actually like sex and do it only to get something from men in exchange, and male sexuality is inherently predatory.


Frankly it's amazing that we've got a thread that became regularly worse than either ISG or the Ukrania-Russia thread.


just wait for the thread when the US starts another war, it'll be even worse


My neighbor is a single mom where a new dude regularly showed up so.




IMPOSSIBLE! Every woman with probably years of dating experience is as emotionally stunted and clingy as the guys in this thread!


File: 1678352713125-0.png (108.67 KB, 894x346, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1678352713125-1.png (213.05 KB, 320x692, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1678352713125-2.png (156.66 KB, 320x426, ClipboardImage.png)

I mean this shit is cute guys, don't get me wrong, but if it didn't happen to you it's not the end of the world either. You can date multiple people in your life. It's not a crime. You aren't obligated to stick with someone forever just because you dated for any indefinite period time.

>You get broken up with

That's ok
>You break up with someone else
That's ok too


File: 1678352968658.png (562.93 KB, 900x900, ClipboardImage.png)

What's the female version of a "pump and dump?" "Suck and chuck?" I can't even think of a verbiage for female sex. Uhh "Clam and scram?"


No matter what problem you solve it'll always create new problems in some form.
t. professional problem-solver
Except Death, which solves all problems


>I have heard dick pumps have the same issue if you over do em
Hard too though thanks to water and a pressure valve.
Garrotting one's schlong sounds next level.


File: 1678362189203.png (775.08 KB, 800x477, FinoGsVUYAQQCn5.png)

Am I the only one here who listens to ASMR shit? Does anyone have any recommendations? Gingerbread pigge is my go-to


If you are looking specifically for an e-girl to have parasocial relationship with kind of ASMR, try beebee asmr.


If I were in your shoes I wouldn't be able to get it up, too much performance anxiety lmao.



>got to know a girl in my class
>asked her if she wants to hang out sometimes
Getting my romantic advances rejected is one thing, but being too undesirable to just casually spend time with really fucking hurts.


well that was basically a romantic advance


Obviously it can be interpreted as such, but that is how people get to know each other in college, right? You meet in class, and then arrange to meet outside the class.


at least that was a honest rejection most of them get your hopes up and say yes then ignore you or ghost


Sure, but in the case of a girl you should invite her along when you are hanging with friends that you share. I would only invite a girl solo as friends if she had been very receptive towards me. Inviting her solo will generally come off like you want more.


We dont have share friends. I dont have any, she is also kind of a loner from what I can tell but idk.


It is asolutely disgraceful that I haven't got a girlfriend.


No it’s not. We don’t deserve shit. Especially a woman to be nice to us.


True. I harbor no animosity towards women. They have an endless supply of better options than me and they chose correctly and logically. I only have myself and my parents to blame for my status as human vermin.


How am I supposed to make friends when everyone already has their friendship group? I am anxious and introverted, so it takes me longer time to warm up to people, but the result of that is all my potential friends ended up bonding with others and left me behind. I dont know what to do, I hate having nobody.


Well, either you wallow or you decide to put yourself in situations that make you uncomfortable.
>it takes me longer time to warm up to people
There is a reason for this, be it fear or having been stabbed in the back before or whatever. It's getting in the way of opening up to other people. Your issues aren't important or unique to anyone but yourself. If someone asked me for my life story I have a few highlights that swing from awful to great. I have told them so often to other people as a tool to have others peel their personal onion I am immune to most of the awful shit in my life. Other people aren't used to this and see what is scar tissue to me as sincerity. Doing this helps skip a lot of steps and lets me and the other person bond more rapidly. Sure, that person could use that information against me at some point, yes they could make fun of me, yes I have become psychically nude to them. But it doesn't really matter. Everyone paints their own particular narrative. You have painted your own. You shout into the void with 2 sentences. Really one run on sentence and another that should have had a semicolon.
>I dont know what to do
But you do, you need to
>warm up to people
which leads to
>bonding with others
and after a period of times it means you
>make friends
Spend some time looking inward. When you get that anxious feeling or angry feeling when it comes to talking to others about things, spend a minute and think what caused it. What action or thought led to such a reaction. Then see if you can overpower it. Like jumping in the deep end of a pool. Like riding a bike. Like falling in love. Like any other thing where your guttural emotions cause a physical reaction you need to conquer. You have to get over it by exposure. Slowly. Painfully. Over time. It's not like any sequence of words I string together are going to magically shift the way your brain works. At most, this post will plant a seed. Maybe you'll start meditating. Maybe you'll start sharing little personal stories. Maybe you'll be the one to call up a friend and invite him to see a movie or some other social bullshit. I know you won't do anything right now. It's possible you won't even respond to this post. It could be too overwhelming. You could say it wasn't worth it. There's so many different ways to react to stimuli and you have been trained to do it in a particular way. This has led to your current social situation. People make friends for inclusion, information, and affection. Do you provide those to others? How do you start?


>We don’t deserve shit. Especially a woman to be nice to us
Why the fuck are we educated to be nice to everyone then?


Being polite to other people is a tool. It is a shared lie to avoid violence or confrontation. It placates the other in most situations. It emboldens some who are deprived of the cardinal pleasures. Some people are just high on something or autistic and can't process social queues. It's a general form of communication meant to execute formalities without exposure of emotional or historical underlying ideology. It is the curtain that drapes over our day to day lives. This is why when it is removed everyone is so aghast and clutches their pearls. The real world is no longer real and the predisposition of the individual shines.

Oh also to oppress women and keep them 'in their place'. lol duh.


File: 1678410913037.png (49.15 KB, 600x450, ClipboardImage.png)

Doing good is it's own reward anon.


do what I did

become good friends with one,invetiably get invited to a function with one or more of their friends and baddabing baddaboom new friend group. hardest part is becoming friends with the first person in the chain,also dont force it , it will happen organically


The thing is, all your advice, been there done that. And I got better, relatively speaking. Improved my confidence, social skills, got anxiety under control, learned to act like a human being, on a superficial level. But how many opportunities to create a social circle from scratch do you get? I got a lot more than most people, and still failed. From this point onward its only going to get harder.

>also dont force it , it will happen organically
I do occasionally meet people I click with, we seem to vibe together, but the issue persists. They already have much closer friends they prefer to spend time with instead of me.


Then it turns into generic advice you’ll shrug off. Go drinking. Go to social events. Go take a class at a community college. Go to a Reddit or dem soc meet up. Literally you hang out at a bar long enough it becomes cheers. I’m posting right now from a bar surrounded by regulars who have helped me move.


I'm turning 30 next week

it's ogre


I still have a month, just enough time to plan out my suicide.


You know what sucks? Seeing the stark difference in enthusiasm people display when talking to you and someone else.


I went on my first date after turning 30.


I had my first relationship at 33


One of my anxieties is even if I wont end up being forever alone, I will be still merely second choice. The only women who would go for me are ones who feel their bio clock ticking and the men they are actually attracted to wont settle for them.


so would you rather be alone then?



Actually yes. I mean being with someone who does not want to be with you? What a humiliation.


That's all in your mind.


How? If she feels like she is settling eventually she will resent you. This is how anyone works, people don't like the idea of settling for less and even if you do resentment will develop over time.


Yes, and so am I.


Do I miss her or do I miss the idea of her? Has she changed after living so far away? Do you think being married and divorced changed her? She’ll never come back and I’ll never leave, so why can’t I get her out of my mind. It keeps me awake some nights. It’s now been years. I miss having someone so pretty to look talk to. Someone who listened to me and looked at me like I was worth something. I wish I hadn’t taken her for granted. Why do I always get so paranoid she’ll read my anonymous posts on image boards and know it’s me?


I am sorry. On the bright side, if you found someone like that once, you can probably find them again.


isn't it better to have false hope than nothing at all ?


I really doubt I’ll find someone like that again. The next person I love is going to be a much more bitter and flat love I believe. I don’t think I have it in me anymore. I could be wrong. But I’m not in school anymore. I don’t go out to places women go. Everyone at work is married. Gonna die alone and never own a home.


Why is "pump and dump" gendered? It's pumping on both sides. If anything the female equivalent in terms of problematic dating behavior is using a man for a free meal. That's more typical.

This stuff is kind of surreal to me tbh, because this implies they never really had experience with anybody else. That probably ends up skewing your view of relationships and the opposite sex because you have nothing to compare to.


If I were to lose my current bf I would kms unironically. "You will find someone again" is generally only true when you live a very normie lifestyle and have simple needs (not necessarily material, but in terms of personality)


Nah, getting a free meal out of someone is not as bad as using them for sex.


>Why is "pump and dump" gendered?
Cause it is


How is it "using" in any case? They agreed to do it.


That's the point genius.
>the female equivalent in terms of problematic dating behavior
>That's more typical.

Men do it more but the behavior itself isn't and the term doesn't need to be.

>They agreed to do it.
Agreed to what? Agreeing to go out to eat isn't the same as agreeing to pay for someone to order a ton of food, before you know they're going to do that. A lot of men won't refuse to pay if their date orders a ridiculous amount of food, and some women will leverage that social pressure. And in these cases it's not even really a date, little if any attempt to talk.


In either case, there was an expectation for more while the other party was only looking for the thing they got out of it. They led them on. So in that case the former party didn't agree with how things ended up.


>>That's more typical.
That sounds more like an American thing to me. I've dated more than a dozen women and was never taken advantage of in that way.

>and the term doesn't need to be.

That's literally the origin and point of the term though. Get your own term instead of appropriating an existing one with an established meaning. Call it "beta cuck being finessed by Chad woman" or something.


File: 1678482675500.png (421.32 KB, 492x750, 1673737112282006.png)

That's a whole new level of copium.


Wrap and scrap

Envelop and never develop

Engulf and golf

Arrive then deprive

Blow and go




ok, die neurotic then


>The only women who would go for me are ones who feel their bio clock ticking and the men they are actually attracted to wont settle for them.
Buddy, that’s how everyone feels. We all have an ideal partner that does not exist, and so we have to settle with reality. This isn’t a grand revelation, it’s something everyone deals with, not just incels like you


>I am not talking about "ideal", merely genuine attraction.


daily reminder to go outside


Where do you find normal not terminally online social media consooming capitalist women now? Is it even possible? So far every femoid Ive met has been a social media brainlet (even if they have like 50 followers only) and has been a greedy/superficial bitch.

Maybe burger women are just trash


so you want a tradwife? :^)


'down to earth', tradwives are just christianschizos. Just want one that wont be obsessed with her phone and 'followers', phone smubbing, being a spoiled bitch, or taking pics all the time.


Normal people exist everywhere anon don’t get upset over one stereotype you made up about others


Most of my friends are girls and I don't even know any like that. Misogynist.


File: 1678606666731.webm (798.8 KB, 320x692, love_your_car.webm)

>Maybe burger women are just trash
Nah, oversocialized media consooming women are common everywhere in the western hemisphere, they're restricted to metropolitan areas tho.
It's an urbanite cosmopolitan thing, like I said above. And calling people mysogynist itt is kinda pointless.


…where do you live? So far all my femoid friends do is post photos online terminally to the point where they barely feel human.
I get its more common in urban areas, but then whats the alternative… finding women in bumfuck rightoid areas? Its like theyre either christoids or liberal ethots.


File: 1678638808516.jpeg (35.26 KB, 414x741, images (59).jpeg)


Individualist scapegoating, women are bourgeois and hold all the power ergo are responsible for everything wrong


sounds like a skill issue


yes like all the proles who have failed to achieve communism


File: 1678640696065.jpeg (23.55 KB, 566x541, images (58).jpeg)

>theres all this shit in my pants why does the bourgeoisie keep doing this


can you imagine how cool it'd be if we had a dwarf president? can u imagine the political discourse and memes and content


lol americans are so fucked man


>>you could get laid if you wanted to, stop complaining about being a virgin
>>you could get used like a sock and have awful, painful sex with some STD-infested sociopathic boywhore if you wanted to
>>your problem is that you can't find a boyfriend because you're only after chad
>>why not get back on the dating apps and drive yourself insane responding to 100 different men who are all pretending they're not out to use and discard you?
>>nooo, men don't want to use you for sex! men want love like anybody else, they just require women to live within 20 minutes of them for no reason whatsoever
I don't get the anger against guys that just want to do hookups, especially when other women will push against the thinking that women are pure beings that aren't interested in sex.
I even remember a tweet of a girl going "women are more horny than men" and get 10-100 thousand likes for this take. How are women honier than men when casual sex is seen as bad in these communities? Hell, you get angry about walking up to guys to ask them out makes you a slut, but YOU are your own grave digger here.

>>well, I really don't know what to tell you femanon, women never get rejected by ?anybody, nice bait, doubt you even exist

Sure women get rejected, and sure this is hyperbolic, but I'm putting my foor down and still saying this: straight women have it easier in dating.
You have 100 men messaging you on the dating apps – which already can filtered by putting stuff in your profile like "Not looking for Hookups", or whatever – and when one ghosts you have a mental breakdown and say that they all only want sex.
If it wasn't so hard for the fuckboys to have sex then you wouldn't have this issue, but you push this culture that women don't enjoy sex by attacking those who want casual sex.

Also as a related side note on it being easier to date for straight white women:
When I was on tindr I got at best like: 10 matches with some chicks; after figuring out which were bots, it went down to 4; 2 ghosted me without me ever sending a message, and 2 ghosted me after one message of a conversation; and the final 2, I admit I fucked up and didn't set something up properly because finals were near and I wasn't good at time management, (granted one of the two was catfishing which I put down as an instant no).

When I was on grindr I got 50 messages in one day; and on tindr (switch to include guys), I got 20 matches in one hour – mean while it's so much harder for lesbians to get date a member of the community literally coined the term incel to decribe themselfs.

You have presented nothing of a reason to justify your shit performance for getting a date, you're just a failure who has nothing to blame but yourself.


>women are more horny than men
The unspoken part is whom they are horny for.

But to say something in defense of "femcels", your expectations are adjusted based on what other people of your group are getting. Sure, even less than attractive woman might get as many dudes as she wants if she puts even minimum effort into getting laid, but her friends dont have to put effort at all. Instead, it is the men who are putting a lot of effort to impress them. And when you see they are not doing that for you, it feels like shit. So even if in absolute terms you are much better off than most men, the gap between you and other women is just as big as between a male incel and normie.



get gud


If you have any advice on getting gud I am open to suggestions.


This woman needs advice on how to seduce a dude.

First off, he's very busy with grad school, which makes me think he doesn't have an interest in me. We're just friends at the moment. I text him and he only answers me back half the time. I feel if he did have an interest in me he'd make time for me and respond to me every single time I contact him.

However, when we do converse he seems like a fun and easygoing guy. I've only met him in-person once and I've been desperately trying to get us to meet again.

Any advice on how I should be approaching the situation? I want to get him in bed and fuck him.


smh women can only think about sex, I'm so tired of it bros


Aren't you from the last thread?

And if he's very busy with uni, you should be the one making the moves.


I am from the last thread.

How do you suggest I make a move over text?


Just ask him if he would like hang out sometimes.


>muh social norms
>muh normalcy
I have a better idea, why don't you go to Reddit and stay there?
And by your namefagging, you seem to be the person that gave bad advice in earlier threads, still butthurt that you got BTFO?


most normal norm enforcer


This is what you text him:

>hey, I don’t mean to distract you from school, but I would really like it if we could make time to see each other again when you’re free. I had a great time with you when we first met and I’d like to see you again.”

You hint at your interest in him by sounding affectionate. He probably ignores you he sues he doesn’t think you’re interested in him.


i don't think humans are supposed to spend all of their lives without a partner


I think were just horny pattern seeking monkeys that are pretty well adapted to water for an ape.


File: 1678754246762.jpg (454.79 KB, 2118x2823, 1677338434135672.jpg)

Guys who actually get girls, can you answer just one simple question?
What's your personality like?

I am asking since I am an okayish dude, yet I never seem to attract girls… Well it happened once or twice but I reacted like a retard so I never was able to push thing further…
I think I have a shitty personality. Like, I think I'm too expressive and quirky. I have basically zero inhibition and I think it weird people out. Should I try to become like Ryan Gosling in Drive and become more silent/serious?


One of my friends sounds like you and he's always surrounded by girls lol. And before you ask he's a manlet.


File: 1678758384172.png (632.38 KB, 680x847, 1676327588098274.png)

For better or worse, humans evolved to become vitally dependent on sharing experiences with others and this goes through the unavoidable spiral of social interaction -> close-people grouping -> intimacy with another individual. Bonus if you start a family.
This a very particular trait, as solitary males, and sometimes females, of other primate groups are able to live their lives by simply surviving. There's no evidence in human history of the same behavior, we're just too "clingy", read emotional, to live alone by ourselves.
Monkeys are good swimmers tho.


That's why I said ape.


My friends that got laid often were like labradors. Always positive and high energy. Always willing to be inclusive. Dominates any room they’re in. And also a lot like dogs, very boring content wise when in a group setting but intimate and reflective of you when one on one. Basically they’re really likable and over adapt to other people.

I used to be able to temporarily do this and when I did I’d get laid. But it’s exhausting and difficult to hold back the Debbie downer that uses big words and complains about the world and tries to fix problems instead of empathize.

People make relationships for information, inclusion, or affection. Which one do you give other people? Which one are they seeking?


> The only women who would go for me are ones who feel their bio clock ticking and the men they are actually attracted to wont settle for them.
romantic attraction is a myth and everyone ends up settling one way or the other + this is self-harming misogyny which is giving you massive neurosis.


>romantic attraction is a myth
What makes you think that?
>everyone ends up settling one way or the other
The main problem of settling because you have zero alternatives is the inescapable mounting regret that will go off, sooner or later. You can fool yourself you're getting the best deal available but reality will eventually grind down the delusion.


Then don't settle down.


>The main problem of settling because you have zero alternatives is the inescapable mounting regret that will go off, sooner or later. You can fool yourself you're getting the best deal available but reality will eventually grind down the delusion.
This applies to literally everyone. Everyone in a genuine relationship settles at some point, and has to rationalize the inevitable thought that they could do better/or they don't deserve their partner. That’s a fundamental and well documented aspect of relationships, and for non-autists, it isn’t reason to become a social hermit. I mean hell, even super rich, and super attractive people clearly can’t maintain relationships en mass, undoubtedly mostly because they know fear they can do better and seek the new over the old, a desire that increases exponentially with one’s own reflection of age. Why do you think richies like Decaprio replaces his girlfriend every couple years?

tldr: yeah, you’ll always either feel like you could do better than your partner, or feel like your partner thinks they can do better than you, and such thoughts will lead to a failed, resentful relationship if you let it fester into an obsession.

You can either let all your relationships fail out of neurotic nihilism, keep chasing the honeymoon period (à la Decaprio), or realize that love transcends stupid 4chan quantifiable comparisons. Your choice


I texted him yesterday but he hasn't answered me back.


>tldr: yeah, you’ll always either feel like you could do better than your partner, or feel like your partner thinks they can do better than you, and such thoughts will lead to a failed, resentful relationship if you let it fester into an obsession. You can either let all your relationships fail out of neurotic nihilism, keep chasing the honeymoon period (à la Decaprio), or realize that love transcends stupid 4chan quantifiable comparisons
Wholly agreed but what I said is that regret would come if one partner didn't choose the other of heart, if he/she was compelled to either make the decision or die alone. You probably misunderstood what I wrote.

Also, you didn't answer, why do you think romanticism is a myth?



I popped my dicc



umm how



>There's no evidence in human history of the same behavior, we're just too "clingy", read emotional, to live alone by ourselves.
Is there a way to remove this need for other people? A drug maybe. Or some kind of social conditioning I can do?


It's not real, that anon made it up. There are plenty of documented cases of isolated hermits.


How do they do this without getting lonely and committing suicide?


By taking care of themselves? You can be happy without being around others constantly


Good luck with that. It's not like you will die from loneliness but it causes neurological damage to the brain.


Instead of blaming everything on your circumstances you could, you know, work on yourself.


Loneliness is only possible around other people.


>talking to presumed male
>not explicitly economics
<bootstraps and so on.


who are you quoting


I don't want to be around others constantly, I just want a person or two who I am close with.



Explain autistic people then.


You mean all the people ITT miserable that they can't make friends?


just ignore the schizos


is that supposed to be a contradiction? they also suffer from loneliness


File: 1678820582263.jpg (729.52 KB, 1012x1500, 1678237972467.jpg)


It really. Autistic people go out of their way to avoid people. This is especially true for lower functioning and non-verbal autistics.


autistic people are a monolith, social media said so


Should I text him again? I casually asked him how things are going on Saturday. Is it too soon to text him again?

I stuck at these things because I have no clue if he’s frustrated with me or not.


>Instead of blaming everything on your circumstances you could, you know, work on yourself.
the petite bourgeois mindset exposes itself again

instead of advocating healthy work life balance, communal public spaces, and widespread free social activities, availability of mental healthcare, you should, you know, work on yourself /s


Why do autistic people deserve love if they’re mentally wired not to put in any effort? Are they entitled to love from others when they’re mentally incapable of loving another? Piss off.


You can do both, genius…


anonette, you clearly haven't even made friendship levels of first contact with this guy if you think random posters on a siberian bunker forum are going to be able to tell you what to do better than you should be able to figure out what to do on your own

talk to him and ask him. if you try to talk to him and he rejects you, that's his decision.

stop asking people to tell you where the stepping stones are within the river. you have to actually start walking in it and feel the bottom to find them


I'm sure they do since neurotypicals tend to bully and not understand people on the spectrum, but that doesn't mean they won't feel lonely if they live a reclusive lifestyle.


It's not either or bitch.


"work on yourself" is meaningless. What does it mean? Spell it out or don't bother saying it.


I advise you to not double text him.


why do people get so offended when they are suggested to work on their problems after explicitly asking for help


lol yes the "neurodivergent" well known paragons of justice


I already did before but I have people either 1) derailing my threads by intellectualizing the issue and talking about capitalism, which isn't wrong, but you can tell it's a form of defeatism that's supposed to simultaneously stroke their hurt egos, 2) incel doomerism, 3) other people budging in with unpractical cliché advice that doesn't help socially retarded people.


Leftypoltards can't go a single day without fetishizing a made-up subset of people (that, unsurprisingly, they're allegedly a part of).


>why do people get so offended when they are suggested to work on their problems after explicitly asking for help
there are multiple people in the thread


okay neurotypicaligger


sorry i dont have "xe/xir/adhd/bpd/autism" in my bio lol


so you only come here to derail the thread? ok


No such thing.


>I already did before but I have people either 1) derailing my threads by intellectualizing the issue and talking about capitalism, which isn't wrong, but you can tell it's a form of defeatism that's supposed to simultaneously stroke their hurt egos, 2) incel doomerism, 3) other people budging in with unpractical cliché advice that doesn't help socially retarded people.
it's not really derailing the thread to talk about the systemic problems of capitalism that cause people to end up developing this way. in fact, the methods of self help lay at best within individualist attempts to overcome the problems posed by capitalism. for neurotypicals this seems like good advice to give people with social issues. to the people with the social issues, it seems like the neurotypicals giving this "work on yourself" advice are completely unaware of the conditions that resulted in these issues to begin with.

if you already did before, point to the post




i dont see any derailing


ah yes "neurotypicals" possess free will while "neurodivergent" dont


tbh using the term neurodivergent makes you neurodivergent yourself (retarded)


File: 1678825952346.jpg (28.14 KB, 554x554, 1660815942494.jpg)

There are plenty of issues with the current and historical states of mental health science all over the world. They have stigmatized people within countless marginal communities and continue to to this day. This is not an excuse to tell someone who’s had success with therapy and medication that mental health is all bullshit and that their success is somehow fake.


your post is a complete non-sequitur to my post. rambling about "free will" is once again entering individualist nonsense

how is someone in a rural town in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a bunch of racist right wingers with few single people or even people their age going to "work on themselves" to solve their problem? I'm still waiting for the link to the post that explains what "work on yourself" means




>rambling about "free will" is once again entering individualist nonsense
youre the one saying selfhelp only works on whatever the fuck "neurotypical" means


File: 1678826094715.png (53.36 KB, 298x415, 1659664727968.png)

You will never be a psychologist. Stop diagnosing people on the internet.


>youre the one saying selfhelp only works on whatever the fuck "neurotypical" means
I never said that actually, please quote it if you disagree

socially successful people telling socially unsuccessful people to simple "do what I did" is missing the problems exactly. when attractive guys do X and tell unattractive guys to also do X, the nature of X itself changes and can actually become counterproductive or even dangerous

once again, waiting on the explanation of what "work on yourself" means


You're expecting something from this thread that it cannot provide. Go to a medical professional instead.


>You're expecting something from this thread that it cannot provide. Go to a medical professional instead.

>Instead of blaming everything on your circumstances you could, you know, work on yourself.

I'm not "expecting" anything except for this anon to justify their claim which they failed to do so far


As if identity wipes away the function of what we do. It's just "I'm neurodivergent and a minor" but for the big kids.


>just go up to a girl and start flirting, it works for me


I'm not interested in explaining anything to you, because I can already tell you are one of those who aggressively ignore common sense to make a point no one disagreed with while intellectualizing something, yet again, no one disagreed with it. Let me give you a simple monkey explanation. Monkey is bad at socializing with other monkeys. Monkey's ineptitude is due to systemic problems. System will not change tomorrow. Smart monkey gives unfortunate monkey advice to overcome their mental and social issues because smart monkey has experience with these problems. Inept monkey with fragile ego starts rambling about individualism and petit bourgeois mindset when smart monkey gives inept monkey advice on how to have better social intelligence and healthy self-esteem. Smart monkey realizes inept monkey doesn't want help and leaves inept monkey alone.


Greentexter, the brainlet's last recourse.


>when you write a post whose core claim can be refuted with a one-line brainlet greentext


Socialization is probably the most complicated part of our lives. Self-doubt is healthy, just up to the point where it prevents you from socializing.


I'm guessing they are talking about looks, which do matter. On the other hand, someone who is socially retarded can't easily replicate what someone socially well-developed does. Especially when the advice is as crude and useless as "just be confident" which clearly is a bit more complex when we try to help a person.


All the posts were so busy trying to put each other in boxes that I didn't realize we were talking about physical attraction, are we actually doing that?
Honestly like 50% of attractiveness is style and cleanliness/grooming, 30% is confidence, and the other 20% is just like physique and shit like that.


It's like 90% genetics and 10% your eating/exercise habits.


A lot of the people in this thread seem to be more concerned with being in a relationship for the sake of it than out of any want related to their personal lives


>socially well-developed
this is subjective anyway, what it means differs by time period, culture, class, attractiveness level, and other peoples' perceptions of you. you can 100% replicate the behavior of someone else who is "socially developed" within their own context and yet fail socially because it's the wrong place, time, and target group. social skills are inextricably linked to social norms

>Honestly like 50% of attractiveness is style and cleanliness/grooming
so consumer choices basically once again contingent on contextual factors and class.


It seems like the chances of actually being ugly are pretty low. Many people are average. Many people are attractive.
Ugly usually comes down to hygiene, but some people just have unfortunate facial features.

Being/feeling attractive is nice for yourself. Other people liking it is a side benefit.

>so consumer choices basically once again
Yeah, and? Are you trolling at this point? At least you didn't say "consoom".


>Ugly usually comes down to hygiene
let's test that by walking down the sidewalk and asking women whether incels who have been given a makeover are attractive

I think we know the answer


Lmao, what?


Are you from the USA?


No. I've got a faint idea that things are kind of fucked in the US when it comes to alienation, but are they really that bad compared to the rest of the world?


>you can 100% replicate the behavior of someone else who is "socially developed"
The core trait here is social intelligence. You will pick up everything if you have it, but if you don't then it's going to be a laborious long battle to merely imitate something that you don't intuitively get like others. You will embarrass yourself more often and fall behind everyone who already gets it.


No, I thought you were from the USA because of the dumb shit you have written.


>You will embarrass yourself more often and fall behind everyone who already gets it.
Socialization is the process through which people learn to behave in socially acceptable ways. It is a process everyone goes through, some sooner than others.


posters here want to both be miserable and make others miserable, just usual imageboard stuff


File: 1678827940353.gif (3.03 MB, 498x498, 1674808285696.gif)

I think the thread has more people attacking others over petty shit than either advice givers or advice askers.


And with equal exposure not everyone develops the same prowess of social skills and social intelligence. But for most average people that is not going to be a big problem anyway.


social intelligence is not real and is simply a way to outcast neuroatypical and culturally different people.


this uygha believes diagnoses are real LOL


this uygha can't into materialism


Kind of a bitch move on her part tbh. Why even say that shit except to fuck with someone and lower their confidence?


Saw some new cute attorneys at the court house today I had never seen before. Bet they’re all engaged or whatever like the rest of em’ are. Oh well.


materialism isnt anglo positivism, sorry!


Mental health diagnoses usually serve as a form of social control and ultimately are rooted in eugenics and the desire to keep the "unclean" in their "proper places". They aren't helpful in treatment at all. A good psychologist will target symptoms, not diagnoses.


nice sentence, write a paragraph or two to back it up or fuck off retard


why does your dumbfuck one-liner deserve a paragraph


At least it will get full quickly and we can have a new thread with a less shitty OP picture.


im "neuro-a-typical", a buzzfeed quiz said so!


>why does your dumbfuck one-liner deserve a paragraph
keep writing random bullshit then and admitting you don't even want to back it up. what the fuck is "anglo positivism" and why does it have anything to do with this thread


shut the fuck up bitch man fuck YOU

I want to join the fun also c:


File: 1678829146140.jpg (90.74 KB, 723x691, 1460874889774.jpg)


File: 1678829503315.jpg (235.16 KB, 1920x1080, 20190115150555_1.jpg)

I'd never think the thread would develop to a guy who's close to what he needs for help, and then those who are more successful become hostile to this guy for failing to use their poor tips to close the gap and then pretending that they were giving good tips the entire time.

The thread degeneration is great and I'm excited for Sex and Relationships General 4, I bet the tagline will be:
"Sex and Relationships General 4 – Eat shit and die autistic people, and consume the tips given by those who have gone through a single challenge in their life to get pussy".

But for real we should compile the best tips and make that the op for the 4th genera. If we don't do that then the same conversations will be held again and againl


We've barely even talked about sex and relationships specifically


Here are some good tips:
- Wash your dick
- Be yourself
Hope this helps :)


I already have the OP for thread 4 planned out. It's going to have a sombre theme.


The second 'tip' is an effective way to ensure that sure no woman ever touches me tbh.


File: 1678830498704.jpg (74.17 KB, 540x959, weird2.jpg)

Lmao, they go:
>actually getting a girl is as easy as washing your ass!
And then when incels and chinlets complain about women having standards you'll go:
>Well actually, women have and should have standards.
>I know this is completely contradictory to what I said above, and also I should've said that instead since that's more accurate and reasonable – but you don't understand I had to help own this incel 😎 for reddit karma possible having a poster screen cap my post which also can just be posted by me.
Your tips either suck or're completely underdeveloped

Like seriously, by your logic if I'm pic related, shit my pants and hate jews or some other dumb shit – if I just wash my dick, then PRESTO, girlfriend!

Hell yeah dude. These threads can be a headache, but at least any develolvement is countered by: lmao read OP.


Why do you have this image in your hard drive. Please delete it and repost your text


Literally no one ITT would be able to become an isolated hermit.

These threads are analog to YouTube get rich-coaching but for relationships, way to lose your time and energy by following advice.


To guys with their own firms that have multiple offices in multiple states.


Wash your dick is the stupidest advice I ever heard. Not because you shouldn't, but because of the idea that the dick is ever going to come out to begin with for its cleanliness to be assessed


>Eat shit and die autistic people
oooooooooohhhhhh im othering myself ohhhhhhhhhh i have le autism please be patient :-D


saying youre "autistic" literally tells me nothing about yourself or your problems


shut the fuck up n(eurotypical)igger


>To guys with their own firms that have multiple offices in multiple states.
Like clockwork, people here will say you're too autistic for interaction.


Lol you guys are losers


That image is actual incel and the mods need to fucking intervene


LMFAO anon I was just having a joke, you didn't need to delete it. The same meme has been posted here before without action.


Someone else could've become mega assblasted by it still.


So what? It's a funny image that's pretty accurate when you spend some time looking at the dating market.


What was it


File: 1678836006995.jpg (Spoiler Image, 92.29 KB, 828x692, 2847871_BAC6A68B-C440-4DC9….jpg)


File: 1678836419940.png (Spoiler Image, 356.76 KB, 1165x857, 1677024133427361.png)

This one.

>be shorter than him
Definitely not a 2022 guide.


This supposed to be bait? That image isnt even remotely true. Women and men are equally shallow. It's just women have more variety on average of what they find attractive.


File: 1678839942570.jpg (52.65 KB, 303x377, 1676769286563.jpg)

White genocide is real but in the same way pandas are going extinct because they can’t fuck.


Racebait but things are getting so dystopic, you can already envision artificial environments meant to get people to develop intimacy with each other.
Doubt it will be racially targeted tho.


>Wholly agreed but what I said is that regret would come if one partner didn't choose the other of heart, if he/she was compelled to either make the decision or die alone.
this line of thinking is so insane that it's starting to sound like you're rationalizing your own self-hatred, which likely extends to women a little bit too.

seriously, no woman would choose to spend their entire lives with someone out of sheer desperation, they're not you! i mean even the most sociopathic of women would need to at least like you enough to tolerate your ugly retarded ass every single fucking day. even if they did take such a decision, the relationship would quickly fall apart anyway, because it's just pure torture to be with someone you don't like, so don't worry about it. it's not going to happen.


These threads are full of people who don't really want help, and just want someone to validate their self-pitying, which is fucking annoying.


They are going extinct because their habitat was destroyed, not because they can't fuck.


>hookup with coworker who was interested in me
>I undress myself
>first thing she says is that she knew I had big dick energy
>We’ve been dating ever since and it’s been amazing (sex included)
Can’t make this shit up bros, why is my life so good?


NTA, you're seething at an hypothesis and also projecting a bit too.


Pandas really need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and choose to have sex instead of blaming everything on their circumstances


File: 1678878350954.png (1.29 MB, 1056x1170, 1667131222810677.png)

Not going to quote even a bit of that drivel, lmao why did you get so angry? I did agree with your post, just pointed out your misreading of mine.

In any case, cope and seethe.


Why would you post this in the same thread where men are weighing up suicide because of their sexual failures?


I'm happy for him though and hoping the same happens to me soon


It will when I remove my braces and get a job and 20 pounds and a car. So in around 2 to 4 years, trust the plan.


Trust the plan.




I‘m sure it‘s only two people who are forcing this meme


Good thing only two people are actually using this board then.
It's you and me, pal.



We had a conversation last night.

I didn't ask him out though but I'll do so next time. He apologized for not replying to me sooner.


I can't help but laugh at the fact we're getting live updates of a 6/10 chasing after chad. Just when I thought this thread couldn't get any worse.


>I didn't ask him out though but I'll do so next time
Did you at least hint you're interested in him?


why do such cringe people get to be sex havers and i get to die alone


And why are you needlessly attacking her, you bitter incel?


Because you are utterly pathetic and women can deduce this within seconds of first meeting you.


God dayum


hope she reads this bro


boys, let's calm down


>Because you are utterly pathetic and women can deduce this within seconds of first meeting you.
fuck you you will never be a communist


Yes, who could have known that the incel interprets everything as a transactional ploy to get pussy. Stay miserable.


How about you calm down cunt




File: 1678913006610.png (179.87 KB, 445x559, minichad.png)

>woman being flirty with me today, subtly compliments me on my height being too much for average one-size-fits-all stuff
>try to be humble about it, start to say one thing can't fit everybody and I understand
>she interrupts with some palpably mean-spirited comment about things being sized for "midgets"
>when she asks if I'm free later I lie and say I'm busy
I will always have solidarity with my average height and short kings.
There's no excuse for the shit you fellas get. I see you and your struggle.


Based. Men need to show more solidarity with eachother like this, we let women get away with too much shit.


>I will always have solidarity with my average height and short kings.
>There's no excuse for the shit you fellas get. I see you and your struggle.

when its just my mom and sisters talking I hear the height comments, laughing, and disgust. i am eternally blackpilled on height and will never be heightist. the only type of bf I'd like is a short one


Oh that's cool, so you would pity-fuck a short guy and then marry chad. How considerate of you!


I'm a lesbian, I just consider short guys also acceptable if they are feminine, the people I am least attracted to is Chad


>I'm a lesbian but I would still date short guys because they're basically women anyway <3
Hahaha… i want to blow my fucking head off


>if they are feminine
what the fuck ?


please don't get mad at me I'm a transhumanist anyway so you shouldn't care


>Hahaha… i want to blow my fucking head off
So do you want to fuck girls or do you mostly just want your gender identity validated?


>I want to be in a relationship with someone who sees me as an equal and not just some freak who they took pity on.
ok well your not gonna be in a relationship with me honey why are you MALDING over how I like cute short feminine guys but not chads?


>floss, brush, mouth rinse, brush tongue too
>keep healthy skin with lotionand lip skin with lip balm
>get flattering haircuts
>wear deodorant
>wear flattering clothes
>keep in shape
>mental healthcare, either with therapist or self-administered if you can't afford
>make friends with girls with no intentions of fucking them
>if any of your girl friends seem attracted to you at all or receptive to your talking, try asking one out
>try again 100 times like boomhauer

were all gonna make it sisters, short kings too


>Solidarity with genetic filth
And how does that help me to ally with manlets? I‘ve never met a short man who wasn‘t insecure and toxic because of their height


okay lil buddy relax again


Don't give people false hope, it's even more cruel than telling them to commit suicide.


"genetic filth"? What are you a Nazi?

This is leftypol, take that talk elsewhere. There is no such thing as "genetic filth", except of course you


Short dudes are cute because if they can get over their insecurity and start wearing girls clothes, makeup and chastity then they'd be perfect girls


Holy fucking based


you mean people who shouldnt be parents? big difference


>genetic dead-ends
Lol why is thread attracting so many fascists


Honestly short guys get shit on too much. Im literally over 6 ft tall and i like to imagine building a short lad's confidence up by doing things like patting his head or calling him a good boy as i offer him hormones and dress him up in a skirt


I mean one look at /pol/ and you'd tell it's filled with self-hating fash.


Sounds like projection


File: 1678923934618.jpg (1017.62 KB, 1377x2039, 1677160111320305.jpg)

>if any of your girl friends seem attracted to you or receptive
The core of the issue is that it is mans job to make girl receptive in the first place. Passively waiting until a woman starts showing signs of attraction gets you nowhere. Realistically, even with utmost effort most men are never going to be hot enough to pull women through looks alone.


So is siberia basically just incels who decided to choose communism over fascism as their sexually-overcompensatory LARP?


Yeah. Its almost as bad as when incels decide to cope with being incels by having hot, sweaty and promiscuous sex with people in order to deal with their problems.


no were all chads larping as incels on the downtime from hitting the club and banging big Latina booty




No, my sexuality and overcompensatory LARPs are completely separate issues.


(Most of) these incels are not "communists", not in the Marxist sense at least.


What makes you think that?


>not viciously fucking a cardboard standee of fujiko mine

get on my level, weebs


A woman's hand write this post


>genetic filth
Bruh moment.


Is love real or a just an illusion. A chemical reaction maybe. Is it desirable, necessary or maybe just a distraction?


Is your own consciousness real?


Communists (as in Marxists) employ dialectical materialism in their sociological analysis and yet all you see in this thread is metaphysics garbage


What the fuck are you talking about, just say what specifically you think the issues here is, nobody thinks you are smart for using word "metaphysics" completely out of context.


He‘s saying that if you tell him to take a shower every once in a while to raise his chances of finding a partner he will criticize you for your petit bourgeois individualism.


I am being specific and there's nothing out of context in my usage of the word "metaphysics." There are people ITT that act (or pretend to act) as if such things like manhood and virginity are real. Pure idealism. Not to mention the straight up reactionary posts that get deleted.

What are you talking about?


Manhood is a material force expressed in the everyday activities of people who are haunted by it. Claiming that something is not real just because it is a spook is a complete disregard of what makes dialectical materialism different from earlier forms of materialism.


>as if such things like manhood and virginity are real
People in this thread use manhood as a set of appearences and behaviours, those are very real, and what do you mean virginity isnt real, its a word for not having sex yet.


Only class is real. Everything else is just an illusion.


Jesus Fucking Christ, talk about vulgar marxism. Get your head out of your ass.



File: 1678975290699-0.png (123.02 KB, 878x567, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1678975290699-1.png (71.89 KB, 868x390, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1678975290699-2.png (161.57 KB, 857x776, ClipboardImage.png)

What does this thread think about incels paying for a high-end escort to lose their virginity? I had a look on reddit and there are many posts from men who had a positive experience doing this.


The only thing more pathetic than being an incel is being a guy who pays for sex.




incels who hire escorts are still incels. only relationships can cure incelism


No, it‘s not being in a relationship but having had sex with someone that wanted to have sex with them. Which presumably means they need to overcome whatever mental or social hangup that crippled them to begin with.


You could try taking a shower. That might help getting girls




Its usually not a hangup per se, but unironically a skill issue.


It‘s not a skill issue, I know plenty of dweebs who managed to get into a relationship. The problem is generally having some critical mental or social problem(s). Social anxiety, low self-esteem, disbelief women could desire or feel turned on by you, negative expectations, rumination, barely having a social life or none at all, etc


>just stop being depressed bro
Possibly the worst advice so far in this thread, and that's really saying something.


And where did I say that? Neither did I say to „just stop having the mental/social issue“ nor did I say it‘s limited to depression. Kill yourself. These responses are the reason I don‘t help incels anymore.


The implication is that incels can't get laid because they're have le bad thoughts. Which is a ridiculous insinuation if you think about it for more than 5 seconds.
>These responses are the reason I don‘t help incels anymore.
Lol I'm sure your "help" is sorely missed.


>because of le bad thoughts
Their psychological composition leads them to feel, think and behave in ways that leads them to not becoming intimate with someone, yes. It‘s the same reason why you are a cunt who misinterprets what people say to stay miserable.


Plenty of mentally ill schizos manage to get laid. The main problem for incels is that they're usually unattractive, have dogshit personalities and women have better options than to spend their life with some ugly little gremlin. It's not that they have low self-esteem or whatever idealistic gay shit you're talking about.


They never said that. In fact, they did not suggest anything.


the MO of this thread is 1 post asking for advice followed by on average 30 completely irrelevant posts


Ah yes.. being mentally and socially well developed.. the epitome of homosexuality.

It‘s not about mental illness per se, though having one can cripple you in that regard as well. Though narcissists seem to do well with women and that’s classified as a mental disorder. Having negative expectations about how girls will respond to you when you make an advance or feeling that a rejection is a devastating blow to your self-esteem among other things are not classified as mental illnesses, but those are the critical problems among others.

Physical attractiveness matters but it‘s not everything. It‘s a typical fallacy of incels to blame it all on looks because men tend to project how men‘s sexuality works onto women. And someone like an incel will probably not have realized what women respond to in men, because they don‘t have any experience. What makes a man attractive is the way he behaves and what that communicates to women about how he feels about himself. Being confident and feeling good in your skin is what makes you attractive to women. Clearly, your inner world is what makes up a big chunk of your personality to say the least. Of all the men who I know who had girlfriends or at least sex that‘s the only thing they had in common. They could by shy and soft-spoken, they could be low lives, they could be computer science majors with dry personalities, they could be weed smoking spiritual types with no future plans, they could be braindead jocks who are upbeat, it didn‘t matter. Everyone has their niche with women who like it. The essential part they had in common was that they simply felt worthy of being desired and good about themselves.

Besides that it‘s sufficient social intelligence and having an active social life to meet new women.


>having an active social life
This is where I'm fucked. I'm near 30, work remotely and all my remaining friends are far away.


>lmao why did you get so angry?
what's there to be mad about? i'm not the one who is clearly anxious by completely insane hypotheticals


how can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real


Says the person calling others cunts and telling them to kill themselves


File: 1679006037164.png (285.51 KB, 520x451, 1662221266683.png)

As someone posting here since last couple, perhaps we really shouldn't be making another thread, after seeing this one going down abysmally in comparison with previous threads.

Seriously, this has gone from people asking/giving advice and venting their frustrations to passive-aggressive drivels, getting chastised and belittled for not being socially apt and telling others to kill themselves. An excess of negativity not any better than 4chin, if taking into account some folks here aren't even leftists.


You are going to get banned for this post.


At least it has kept the shit in one thread.

I am disappointed by the progress of the thread but not super surprised, I haven't been that engaged in monitoring it. Let's try to do better next thread, I want ONLY POSITIVE ADVICE YOU FUCKS!


It is clear these threads need rules.


File: 1679007456514.jpg (237.3 KB, 1440x1280, Watamote1.jpg)

>Having negative expectations about how girls will respond to you when you make an advance or feeling that a rejection is a devastating blow to your self-esteem among other things are not classified as mental illnesses, but those are the critical problems among others.
You are right, and there certainly are men who as result of negative childhood experiences never developing stable self-esteem (me being one of them). But also this thing is constantly reinforced through experiences of actual rejection. Its not all in your head. Low self-esteem leads to rejection, which leads to social isolation, underdeveloped social skills, more rejection, and even lower self-esteem. How do you escape it? That is the advice I need. Yes, get out of your comfort zone and socialize, but what else?


Good point. There are various things I would say about this.

First of all, maximize all the ways you can uplift your self-esteem that doesn't involve the responses of other people. Take care of your appearance to feel comfortable in your skin, do sports to be healthy, occupy yourself with fulfilling hobbies, work on your goals and aspirations.

Secondly, you operate on a system of beliefs that inevitably have an impact on how you feel about yourself. They are both conscious and unconscious and you've acquired them in various ways and they are changeable to varying degrees. Some can be very stubborn. You need to reflect on that and figure yourself out, by paying attention to how you feel when certain things happen. When you figure this system of beliefs out that inevitably leads to raising or lowering your self-esteem, you need to change this system as much as you can to be founded on realistic expectations, to be forgiving, and to be as empowering as possible to the way you are.

Thirdly, you need to re-frame the meaning of rejections. There are many kinds of people out there and there is a broad spectrum of subjectivity and chemistry between people. Rejection is an inevitable part of finding your people and you should be appreciative when people reject you because it takes you closer to being with the people who like you for who you are. Of course, that is hard to believe when you are lonely and needy and want to be with anyone or if you have low self-esteem and rationalize every rejection as "I must have done something wrong" but when you make it out of this pit you realize that rejection is a trivial part of life and that not everyone belongs together. On an intellectual level that should be obvious, but it doesn't feel this way when you are struggling at the moment.

Fourth, you need to accept where you currently are. If you have it as bad as you've just described you might feel shame and a sense of loss that you aren't as far as your peers socially or romantically, but you need to make peace with the level you are at now and be humble on your path of overcoming your issues. As you said, you need to get out of your comfort zone and socialize and this entails that you will get into embarrassing situations because your social intelligence and social skills weren't there yet, but there is no way around it. When you take the comfortable route you will make either little or no progress. Embraced risks and the negative consequences of it. For that, accepting that you aren't as far as you might believe you should be is a good start to having better self-esteem.

And finally, don't resign from this by saying you don't want friends or a relationship. Friendships and intimacy are basic human needs and drive your spiritual evolution. You simply deteriorate when you are in isolation. You will not be happy long term if you tell yourself you don't need that, it's just a sad cope. You might feel a sense of relief in the moment, but it will remain an issue that will haunt you. Many of the people here are pure poison. I'm specifically talking about the people that want to philosophize about systemic issues. Yes, the system should be changed, but that won't happen any time soon. You need to get a fucking grip and just work and push yourself. It's very easy to waste years with next to no progress.

Check out the channel of this guy. Yes, he is a capitalist, an individualist, and a philosophical idealist, but he knows what he's talking about when it comes to social skills. And he also started out from a very low place as someone with Asperger's who had to work very hard to overcome his social problems.


what does this emoji mean?


for those with facial blindness that expression means "yikes"


I genuinely appreciate that you took time to write all of this, but none of this helps me. You are focusing on the mindset, what I need is the skillset. I need to learn how to turn woman on, not how to psyop myself into thinking that I am not the independent variable in my sexual/romantic failures.


oh no so it's a bad thing?


dont be dissuaded. turn that frown upside down andkeep trying your best hon :)


it was not from a romantic interest but it is still a very big bad



>I need to learn how to turn woman on

Just B.E.E. confident


>tfw you literally develop the tumblr meme eating disorder because years of chan-browsing and /misc/ bodybuilding forum lurking have twisted your mental
>"that's right femanon! all you need to do to get a bf is be skinny and don't sleep around!"
<ah ok, the problem is just that I'm not skinny enough, thanks for the advice guys!
>tfw you starve yourself underweight, lose all your muscle, fast for 7 days, almost pass out and still nobody wants you
>tfw you can't even look at yourself naked in the mirror anymore and even if somebody did want you for more than sex you probably wouldn't even be capable of intimacy, so severe is your neurosis
>tfw you are now a virgin in your late 20s
Wow, it's so easy being a woman


What do you mean that nobody wants you, have you tried going on dating/hookup apps and so on?


>You have presented nothing of a reason to justify your shit performance for getting a date, you're just a failure who has nothing to blame but yourself.
Wow, seems like there's lots of great, positive advice for lonely members of both genders in this thread!
Done with that, gave up


>Done with that, gave up
What? So what are you doing to find someone? The guys on there weren't good enough?




What're your top five (5) sexo moves or tips anons?


If you want something done right, do it yourself.


Mods should just ban threads like this


What the fuck are you absolute cunts on. I think I am starting to hate men (or something similar at least). I am gonna change genders.


Well this is overreaction, one of those anons just asked why did you quit apps.
Anyway, start eating properly and go to gym regularly to get banger body, groom yourself, find places where you meet men, and then dont be afraid to ezpress your personality, and being proactive if you meet someone who strikes your fancy.


those posts arent bad?





>the condom broke
I’m so scared guys, my girl is on birth control but I still need some reassurance


>>382460 that's a flex around here, u can't say you unironically have séx, that's taboo


Posting an image like that, I'm not buying it.


>talk with some classmates about going to party tonight
>tell me they are going to give me the call
>already night


Based on that pic I assume you are infertile and your girlfriends ass can get pregnant either.


Looks like it's another Friday night browsing imageboards and jerking off alone in your room for you then. All while most people your age are enjoying their youths, socializing and making memories.


File: 1679088855776.jpg (79.12 KB, 660x495, 1rahca.jpg)

Well what can you do.


Have you tried improving your personality and seeing a therapist? That's the general consensus so far ITT.


Have you tried… NOT bee'ing yourself..?


The entire discourse can be summed up as
>Women don't like me
<well you're not entitled to change what women like, so try changing yourself into something they do like


Both of those things actually. The latter didnt help at all, the former didnt help enough.


> try changing yourself into something they do like
I don't see people here recommending cosmetic surgeries.


>try changing yourself into something they do like
I'm not letting them win. I would rather die alone than sell my soul to the devil.


Women don't care about men's appearance as much as you think.


Yeah sure maybe 30 years ago but all zoomer bitches as chad only thanks to being raised on social media and reality TV. Try being 20 and see how long you can stick with the "women aren't superficial" theory, grandpa.


Its not like women dont care about looks, but personality is more important factor in womens attraction compared to mens. To be considered physically hot as a man, you have to be insanely attractive, but you dont have to be in order to get a woman to be attracted to you as long as you can build up attraction with her.


Women aren't attracted to my personality though.



Everyone is superficial, what are you gonna do, cry about it? Just do the best you can with what you got.


My best will never be good enough.


>what are you gonna do, cry about it?
Yes ;(


Same, but it is important to acknowledge where the problem lies before it can be fixed.
Dont ask me how, I dont know.


Lol it's the blind leading the blind ITT
It's so fucking over for us.


Says who? There's a woman out there that will fuck you, come on.

So have a cry then and get it out but then do something.


this uygha doesnt know about con orgies


>There's a woman out there that will fuck you, come on.
Maybe in China or the Philippines or somewhere but not here.


Why not here? Did you try?


I have lived here for all of my life and not once has a woman shown any sign of attraction to me.


They were socialized not to, you have to show attraction to test the waters


Women like a guy who chases them. And is relatively desirable obviously. You can't just wait.


I show attraction and I risk getting arrested. Being outgoing only works for chad.


>And is relatively desirable obviously
This is the problem. Nothing about me is desirable.


Don't be so melodramatic, unless you're actually deformed, you can get laid. Even then it's not impossible. You just need to be funny/witty/smart/rich/successful/talented/etc. Just pick whatever one you think is easiest for you.


No you dont, you just risk embarrasmen. And psychological burden of another rejection, but that is hardly worse then being forever alone.


I am probably most of those things but it doesn't matter because I'm ugly and women don't care for me romantically. I have never even had a female friend.

There are only a finit numbe of rejections I can handle before roping myself in the closet.


Well so try harder then. Look I'm sure you're not really that ugly, have you seen the fucking gremlin looking MFs that manage to get laid? Just put in the work.


What gesture would you recognize as a sign of attraction?


I'm sure there is maybe a 1 in 10,000 girl who would be willing to date me. However I don't have the energy to find them. I work a full time job while going to school. I'm tired. I barely manage the enjoy to do my schoolwork. I'm just sick of being alone.


Eye contact, coming up to me and engaging in conversation, trying to be around me.


File: 1679093529581.jpg (38.89 KB, 512x288, 20130724-03-01.jpg)

Oh fuck it, I am going to check it out alone. I fell like shit and most likely will spend 5 minutes there and leave like an absolute looser.


If you don't have time for dating then that's fine, just use copium like anime until you do.




Nevermind, I chickened out and didnt go. I am going to watch Whale while brushing my teeth and go to sleep. Good night guys.


You will look back on this moment in 10 years with overwhelming regret. You could have gone to that party and met the love of your life. Instead you will sit in your room and rot away. Good night anon.


Dont know why you have to be so mean.
Its a loud club with bad music, I cant communicate there properly to get to know new people. And without friends I would not enjoy myself, and who the fucks wants to talk to lone sad stranger?


life isn't a movie where everything changes during one inspirational scene

americans seem to genuinely believe that life works like high school drama stories or something


Our institutions of social life have all but been systematically defunded and shut down. There's nothing to do


what did humans do for social lives before we had institutions to defund


File: 1679102495754.jpg (1.05 MB, 2658x2034, 1665822169855.jpg)

>try changing yourself into something they do like
>unironically advocating for this
The absolute fucking state.


Why shouldn't you try to be attractive, it might help to attract a mate, the clue is in the name


were always changing anyway, the self is a myth


most people think of 'making yourself more attractive' as radical body modification and working out and getting ripped

when really it means making sure your haircut looks nice and wearing cool clothes


Getting ripped can't hurt, I never was much good at the cool clothes/hair bit either though. Lol. It's not all about physicality though, personality/attitude is also important.


how to become attractive to women: do mdma


Physical attraction is one thing but changing how you are on a psychological level, in order to fit other people's standards, is fucked up.
Change must be always by and for the self, changing for the sake of the world is the path to destruction.
>inb4 altruism
We're talking exclusively of self-interest.


do you believe in free will lol


Well it depends, change is always happening, it's no big deal to make moderate changes to be more attractive. I mean should you pretend to be something you're not, no not really, but if you're an asshole, a bore, just generally repellent for whatever reason then yes changing is probably good.


File: 1679107579318.png (194.74 KB, 231x313, 1667859373789271.png)

>NOOOOOOOOO I'm perfect just the way I ammmm!!!!
>I'm mommy's good little boyyyyyy!!!!!!!
You don't just struggle with relationships because capitalism alienates people as a structure, but because that alienating structure shapes us as people too. It's not enough to just change the system or to change ourselves, we do have to do both. But one thing is more in your control (for now) than the other, so start there by unfucking yourself. Capitalist alienation has made you an alien.
Become a human again.




If I'm a social inept where do you guys draw the line between "changing yourself to attract others" and "being manipulative"? For me they are eerily similar.


Pretty hard to be manipulative if you're socially inept.


Define 'being manipulative' intentionally trying to be a more fun and interesting person isn't manipulative, if you find yourself making up stories about yourself or pretending to be something you're not then yeah maybe. But you can't really 'pretend' to be sociable, either you are or you aren't. It's a state of mind more than a state of 'soul' or whatever.


Humans are not instinct-driven animals.
>but if you're an asshole, a bore, just generally repellent for whatever reason then yes changing is probably good
Weak motivation, even if I was any of these things.
Probably the best advice until now, honestly speaking.


I meant saging



They're trying to make the thread hit post limit but the mods can just autodelete all their posts probably so it's not going to work lol.


File: 1679108628429.png (614.26 KB, 700x629, ClipboardImage.png)


The best way to spend a friday night is saging a thread


Following guides to be more sociable makes me feel guilty like I'm manipulating people to get a desired outcome,


You're just appealing to people, not manipulating them. There's nothing wrong with that. If someone is nice to you or makes you laugh and you like them is that manipulation? No.


File: 1679110290823.jpg (29.11 KB, 390x500, Alunya_Smug.jpg)

A lot of effort to no avail.


You need to ban incel threads.


It's one thread, you can literally just hide it. Also, it's not all 'incel', some people genuinely want/need help.


It is one too many.


If you are set then good for you but why shit on people that are struggling? Asshole.


Incels make a conscious choice to struggle. This thread perpetuates that. You should have let it die.


File: 1679110874695.jpg (145.12 KB, 1024x991, 1575177949355.jpg)

y'all need to take an acting class.
Go do community theatre of film acting classes fr
It'll help you at least [literally] perform more like a person.


Retarded "to exist is to resist"-tier argument, capitalism has coopted you just like any other identity.


Every online space accepting of incels turns into a toxic misogynistic shithole. You have made this mistake once before with /leftcel/. Don't make it again.



Incels are banned, and you should generally report any incel-posting you see. But spamming threads like that is just more likely to get the TOR node banned.

In any case, continuing this /meta/ discussion here will result in bans and deletions.


mods = gods


Even if that were the case, I’m still getting more play this week than you’ll get your entire life. Project harder, virgin


There will be no posters left on /siberia/ if that is the new rule lol.


They paid tithe.


ban >>382761 for being an incel


Thanks for the first good piece of advice in this thread.

On the topic of
>just change yourself bro
like yeah, I know I have to change, but I need to know how and into what. Everybody likes to act like they are being insightful for giving the vaguest, most obvious advice, and then get offended when someone points that out.


Well give more detailed info then.


this really. you need more detailed info, so that yourself can even figure itout, thats why u need a therapist not imageboard


I dont know what info to give. I am a normal looking guy (I think), depressed, anxious, bad social skills, really struggling with forming emotional connections with people, both romantically or in friendship. I can act normal for short bursts of time, so I can meet people, but I completely fail at moving past acquaintance stage. Occasionally I meet someone I seem to vibe with, but barring a few exceptions, that usually reveals itself to be one-sided.


just get big dick energy and be fit


And what exactly have you tried so far to tackle these issues?


Looks wise, I work out, track my macros, do skincare, on retinol, have haircut/facial hair that I think works for me.
As for mental stuff, I used visit a psychiatrist and was on anti-depressants, didnt help, according to tests I didnt even have depression. Read some books on how to attract people, be more charismatic, that kind of stuff. I try to attend events, meet new people, get to know them.


Well, in that case you‘ve probably thought a lot about what exactly your issues are. So if we listed your greatest issues and they could be taken a part to smaller issues, which one would be the next ones to solve on your path to solving this greater issue? I‘m guessing your the one who said he wanted to know how to turn women on? And you said you can‘t connect with people? When it comes to the two issues why do you think you struggle with them, what exactly have you done so far to tackle these two issues, and what are the next imminent problem you can think of on the path to fixing the two issues? I‘m asking because I fear you will lash out again that the advice given to you is „obvious“ or „vague“.


File: 1679211456375.png (87.5 KB, 900x1080, 1675185086105.png)

I don't care about being older, but I am extremely upset that I have the same life experience and mental development of a fucking teenager, or less
to me sex, relationships, and friends are something that doesn't even exist in reality
I've never had a job and can't even leave my house to go anywhere or do anything because I don't drive
I don't do laundry or clean dishes or make food
I have a terrible abusive family

I just watch anime that are supposed to help me escape and feel better and I see all these happy people in relationships and it makes me feel so fucking terrible I just want to die


>get big dick
>t. average dicc at best haver.


File: 1679217092824.png (3.59 MB, 1290x1831, ClipboardImage.png)

>I just watch anime that are supposed to help me escape and feel better and I see all these happy people in relationships and it makes me feel so fucking terrible I just want to die
Maybe stop watching anime I dunno.


File: 1679217285862.png (1.7 MB, 1280x853, ClipboardImage.png)

Why can't commies into go outside, have job, and sexo?


They are too busy ??? they gender


File: 1679217536297-0.png (3.9 MB, 3840x2160, kobayashi puha.png)

File: 1679217536297-1.png (805.45 KB, 773x1280, anime coders.png)


Next OP should have an instruction:
>If you want to bitch about your love life first fill out questionaire:

<In school or have job? Yes ◻ No ◻

<Live with parents? Yes ◻ No ◻

Then after that I guess follow up questions could be do you have IRL friends you hang out with? Do you go to any places where you could possibly meet people. And all the basic bitch advice that's been stated hundreds of times but the entitled losers of this thread ignore and then decry as useless.

The specifics of dating are irrelevant if you losers can't even do the basic bitch shit you should already be doing.


File: 1679219645608.png (615.71 KB, 788x1080, pngegg.png)

I searched for the properly transparent because it is a cute picture.


>gives bad advice
>"Hey, this advice isnt helpful."
I am not going to deny there are people who like to ruminate in their misery, but looking at this and previous threads, most of the bitching is done by normies complaining incels arent agreeing with their platitudes.


I guess it's really like giving a blind man advice on how to see. The advice isn't helpful to you because you don't have the faculty with which to utilize it.


File: 1679250222001.jpg (191.88 KB, 1920x1080, 1630553763029.jpg)

tfw no dragon gf to form a union with


That's an adult dragon.


*sees anime girl with big tits* This guy is a freaking pedophile!!!!!!!!!!!!


How does leftypol do it? Even with all it's flaws it still manages to maintain a level of quality far above the other media boards.


File: 1679250975183.png (477.35 KB, 802x801, 1602229847373.png)

stop seething at drawings


I don't know, but it's appearance is adult and work an adult job.


Not a therapist, or an expert. But maybe you should start thinking about what actually makes you feel comfortable, in regard to weight and looks. By this I mean, just eat normally, do some excersice if you like and take care of yourself in general until you feel comfortable with yourself. Try to see in which weight you feel better, if you like make up or not, what kind of clothes you like and such, until you finally feel good with what you have!
If you feel comfortable with your own body, with your own looks, then you are going to take care of yourself more, and that is good!
Hope this makes sense, and best of luck to you femanon!
And have you ever gone to therapy? I mean, it's not magic, and it won't fix everything you probably feel inside, but it will help with some issues, and sometimes it brings a fresh perspective about things.


thanks! dude! for! the! advice!


No! Pro! Blem! ;^)


I'm glad I'm not a girl so I don't get called "femanon".


>What the fuck are you absolute cunts on. I think I am starting to hate men (or something similar at least). I am gonna change genders.
Lol when she comes back as a regular incel.

No need to change genders. Just try going lesbian and see what it's like. I said to a lesbian friend once "straight women don't understand pain" and she said "no, they don't, that's why they hurt me."


><In school or have job? Yes ◻ No ◻
><Live with parents? Yes ◻ No ◻
<Are you rich or privileged? Yes ◻ No ◻


File: 1679359619996.jpg (25.58 KB, 480x480, tarnation.jpg)

as I get older I realize I kinda like being alone. it's all I know


Having sex is a privilege.


>Having sex is a privilege.
Your advice is stupid anyway people have sex in places where you can't own your own home . youre just pushing cishet patriarchy


File: 1679365128183.png (18.14 KB, 230x219, ClipboardImage.png)

Well figure out why you can't have sex yourself. Stop asking here because you don't want the real answers.


And forget the fact no woman wants to fuck you in your momma's house. Your momma probably doesn't want to listen to you fucking in her house and having strange women walking through her kitchen when she's trying to get a snack. You should count your lucky stars you haven't been kicked out already. Don't push your luck. Fucking should be your last concern.


Ngl, y'all seem really fucking desperate.


meal and peel


>real answers
Like these answers(?):
<Getting a date is easy, just wash your penis
<But also women have standards

<Be yourself

<But also fake a personality

<Just be confident

<If you're autistic or riding the downward spiral in confidence: eat shit and die, also MODS MODS BAN THE INCEL FASCISM RIGHT NOW!!!

Obviously there's some bad faith posters that are asking for advice, but just because you never had to life a finger to get sex doesn't mean all your guys advice is good.


I don’t understand why you wont just talk to people directly. That seems a lot easier and way less emotionally damaging compared to going through so much physiological and psychological change just to make yourself temporarily appealing to others


lmao so I have an inguinal hernia now. Causing constant discomfort in my nuts. Gonna probably need surgery but with my luck I'll probably never have a pleasurable orgasm again. I cant see a surgeon until april so i basically am on involuntary nofap for months. Of course this happens as I'm finally starting to feel mildly comfortable attempting to date. Fuck everything lol


>Just walk into the company and shake the hand of the boss



What app has the highest concentration of leftists? I installed hinge and it's all horse girls and basic bitches.


And? All you will get is advice, whether good or bad. Stop thinking a thread on an anonymous imageboard is going to change your life.


Then keep asking retarded questions on a niche forum while you rot in the safety of your room.


To be fair if I’m trying to go on a date and the person I’m talking to is screwing themselves over just to be with me but refuse to just talk to me as a person and let me see if I want to be with them I would be creeped out and not want to date them either


uyghas want to become gigolos by skipping all the steps it takes to get there and then whine about it


<Just be confident
<If you're autistic or riding the downward spiral in confidence: eat shit and die, also MODS MODS BAN THE INCEL FASCISM RIGHT NOW!!!
People will also say this without a hint of irony, must be part of good ethics anonymously chiding social inepts.


hey guys im autistic, i have autism, did i say im autistic yet


That's awesome, do you want to be my girlfriend?


God I fucking hate women so much.


Why do you feel like that?


Does your hatred extend to fictional women?


Because I am an incel.

Often yes.


I don't see the connection.


What do you think of a 'state-issued girlfriend' program proposal?


Women don't like me so therefore I don't like them.


Very based.


But why? Birds don't like me but I still love them.


You must be a better person than me. I cannot control my feelings, so I just roll with it.


government assigned gf is just westoid for arranged marriage


Eh. Whites hate me but i don't hate them back. I think being brown really helped me cope with my inceldom since i'm used to be hated by society over something i'm born with


Slave mindset. You should stop being a little hippy bicth and start seeking the destruction of those who consider you subhuman, such as white people and femoids.


Vegh, what will this nonsensical billions must die retardation do for me? It won't make my dick bigger, it won't make me taller, it won't give me better facial bone structure or predator eyes, it will only make me stew in impotent rage at other people like those /pol/oid nazis. It won't change my material conditions one bit

Part of maturing is to control your emotions and learn to pick your battles, you know. My battles nowadays consist of looksmaxxing, fighting back against heightshaming and discrimination of mentally ill men, etc. These are things that are actually achievable and don't make feel like a living bomb 24/7


>My battles nowadays consist of looksmaxxing, fighting back against heightshaming and discrimination of mentally ill men, etc.
And how's that working out for you?


It doesn't work, of course. Looksmaxxing won't make you attractive just like how doing protests won't actually topple capitalism and destroy the exploitative system destroying humanity, but it sure is better than stewing in rage and hoping for another October Revolution to come in your lifetime


I just had a realization that no woman has any reason to be with me. Women tend to have much closer friendships which take care of her emotional and intimacy needs, while for sexual desires she can just hook up with an actual chad.


Well actually I can think of a very good reason: you.


File: 1679519985083.mp4 (3.53 MB, 720x1280, Fu35cpTxk_v6lXOS.mp4)

Yup. No woman will ever find us sexually attractive and that's a fact. It's a hard pill to swallow but once you do it makes everything a lot easier surprisingly.
As people have pointed out in this thread though you can still always manipulate women into being attracted to you by having a good source of income, or pretending to be someone else. But that's not physical of course. On the surface you will never be good enough for them.


>but it sure is better than stewing in rage and hoping for another October Revolution to come in your lifetime
I think you may be on the wrong website.


File: 1679522448965-0.jpg (190.62 KB, 955x955, spencer-williams.jpg)

File: 1679522448965-1.jpg (114.11 KB, 637x955, joslyn-nerdahl.jpg)


>Sensual Solutions is geared toward people with disabilities who want or need assistance when it comes to sex or sexuality. It can involve relationship coaching, sex education or more intimate services. They call the service "medically assisted sex." It costs $225 for a one-hour session.

>But her clients tell her that despite that frequent physical contact, the lack of "erotic touch" or "intimate touch" can leave them feeling isolated, depressed or even "less human."

>Williams says his sessions might start with breathing exercises or physio and move on to touching, kissing and other activities.

>"[T]he sex is obviously why I'm seeking this out, but I'm also seeking services like this out because I feel the need to be close. I feel the need to connect. I feel the need to be touched, to be kissed."

>"Sometimes people … offer to sleep with me as a pity, and I often don't appreciate that. I want things to be organic and natural," says Williams.

A sex worker became a sex therapist, the therapy can include sex with clients. Clients include disabled people.

From 2018, so before the recent Canadian euthanasia scandal.



I would rather get euthanized.


>replying to things not said in the comment chain you're replying to.

I said NEETs are autofiltered and all other issues are irrelevant until you solve that one. Lol again at: Having a job and living on your own is "privilege." Once again if that's a "privilege" having sex is surely a privilege you can't achieve either.

>not being a neet is manipulation


Damn… You don't like this solution? If you could choose between this and a state-issued girlfriend, which would you pick?


>Mentally ill person getting more mentally ill by consuming doomerist propaganda by other mentally ill people and feds on the internet
Break the loop



Too bad none of the losers in this thread have a disability, so even that won't get them sex.


This is a genius idea on the woman's part and has a lot of potential imo


But that's a genius idea actually, if the NEETs here saw off their legs, they can get disability payments and free sex for life!



Anyone can get this sex therapy, it's just expensive but nothing says people without disabilities (and that should already exclude incels, who I consider mentally disabled) can't get treatment


File: 1679524633254.mp4 (8.31 MB, 692x1280, Different Worlds .mp4)

No. I find them emotionally validating.

In all seriousness, the real blackpill isnt that women want 6′5′′ Chad, its that every ugly looser around you gets laid and the reason you dont is because there is something fundamentally wrong with you.


File: 1679524876607.jpg (158.79 KB, 771x1301, Controversial Take.jpg)


next thread OP image?


File: 1679525967898.webm (1.16 MB, 482x360, BOOTY_IMPORTANT.webm)


there was a spanish movie about a guy who was running some sort of pimping service for disabled adults but for my life i don't remember what's it called


don't worry, they can access the private market of non-medically assisted sex


Please no, I want the tread to actually stick to advice, support or at least a place for venting, not shit-flinging about state assigned GFs.


Lol nobody is ever going to benefit from the """""advice""""" in these threads. Leftycels are a lost cause.


Then stay out of it.


>Leftycels are a lost cause
Might as well join Taliban, then.


>Wow, seems like there's lots of great, positive advice
If you have 100 matches on an app, then you're succeeding.
And no, having one guy ghost you, doesn't change the fact that you're playing the dating game on easy mode.

There's many people who're giving shit advice sure, but this poster, (especially looking at this post >>382312 ), is just a bad faith poster.


Umm I just downloaded hinge and it's literally 19 land whales per 20 profiles wtf


File: 1679646598700.jpg (24.79 KB, 620x500, sponge coffee.jpg)

>I don’t understand why you wont just talk to people directly
Not responding to you directly, but one of the main traits of the autism spectrum is being super sensitive to the point of avoiding social interaction entirely. Normal dudes get rejected all the time, the difference is they just get the fuck over it. Socializing will always be an unequal and unfair game in favor of those with good looks and personalities that naturally adapt to pop-culture. It's a skill, and the more you avoid it the less likely you will get good at it as you age. Chances are if you're not the normiest of normies you will NEVER find someone magically 100% compatible with you. You WILL have to hide your power level until you can trust someone, you WILL have to fake it until you make it. You can play the game or take your ball and go home and pout, that's simply the existential problem of people being different individuals.

I actually think this is why the right has so many converts from weirdo spaces: "hit the gym, stand up straight, learn to be stoic" is actually kinda good advice for a lot of dudes; and when that's mixed in with neonazi shit some people can't tease the two apart.

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