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"No chin, no right to speak."
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First they came for the chvds…


That's how I picture the average /pol/ poster.


Proof the feds are all over imageboards


Is this the kind of people that calls me a SJW transhumanist on /tg/?


Is there a correlation between unattractiveness and insanity?


Unattractive people are driven insane by how society treats them.


File: 1679163585033.png (178.76 KB, 322x395, 1659729923403.png)

I was wondering who that ersatz Cr1tikal in the other thread was…


>shoot Chitwood in the head and murder him.
Do you think the jews would have sized him if he only called for Chitwood to be shot in the head but not murdered?



Here's your "aww", /pol/


These are the people calling you subhuman, tr00ns, gloating about how they'll hang you on the "Day of the Rope"


t. Fed


if that were the case we'd see a lot more /pol/tards getting raided in their homes


>Grows shitty beard to hide lack of chin
Chinlets are getting more self-aware but not necessarily smarter


A lot of the instigators themselves are feds
Thats how informants operate
They radicalize people into complying with violent ideas/actions then lock them up
Thats why if theres a guy in ur org that really wants to start destroying things he's probably a narc


seeing as how some weird women fawn all over ted bundy, probably no


>in minecraft


killers are so stupid
like look at his face he genuinely thought this was the most rational solution to whatever problem he'd made up in his mind
and he thought he would just walk up to someone, shoot him in the face and get away with it. how fucking stupid do you have to be? he deserves the death penalty for being so retarded


File: 1679181812787.png (1.29 MB, 1231x1009, 1662100229482.png)


File: 1679184981955.jpg (330.45 KB, 2000x1333, abeack.jpg)

>how about you have sex instead of watching anime vir-ACK!


this guy was based.
my grandfather gave away all his money to the mooneys.


Is there honestly any other reason to grow a beard that large? I can understand goatees but beards are generally itchy, smelly, easily attract dust dirt and other gunk and amount to another chore to take care of that’s better off just shaven completely to not become a distraction.


This might surprise you but other people might not have the same issues you do.


Yes. You’ll never see an attractive pol user because attractive people are too busy having sex, socializing, and being successful to be hateful losers on the internet 24/7. There’s simply no time


File: 1679192900890-0.jpg (64.64 KB, 680x554, arrested.jpg)

File: 1679192900890-1.jpg (118.46 KB, 1024x683, sbf before.jpg)

File: 1679192900890-2.jpg (55.6 KB, 800x600, sbf after.jpg)

File: 1679192900890-3.jpg (38.56 KB, 837x558, sbf after 2.jpg)

>strong forehead

>good nose
overall very nice side profile and i think
i believe these chincel incels are over-reacting about his perceived ugly ness (perhaps even projecting a little bit of themselves upon him, we too are imageboard users)

i predict he will be attractive if he losses weight
maybe he'll come out of prison looking more attractive like Sam Bankman-Fried did


>perhaps even projecting a little bit of themselves upon him, we too are imageboard users
The correlation is between being a rightoid and being ugly, not using an imageboard.


except he is not truly ugly, he has nice forward growth and features, there's is a very good chance that he is just fat like SBF.
>not using an imageboard.
cope if you please, it makes no difference


I think it's rather a question of interacting with other people outside of mom's house, and self-confidence when talking to strangers.
The beard could be okay, it could be some kind of positive neo-hippie/Unix wizard thing if the guy would emanate a good vibe from the outside, but you can tell this guy rarely walk outside, and is fucking bitter 24h/24 7j/7.
American urbanism was a complete absolute mistake, suburbs drive people mental, it's literally psychopathy-inducing.


Damn, Bankman-Fried with that Italian cutefag look. I've always suspected that jewish men are usually ugly not because of their bone structure but because they're fat.


i see they let you out of jail


he ain't gonna fuck you bro


File: 1679205664533-0.jpg (443.18 KB, 1472x1869, sbf before2.jpg)

File: 1679205664533-1.jpg (771.42 KB, 3000x1688, sbf after3.jpg)

SBF should be an inspiration to fatcels everywhere.


>Just go to prison theory


If you ever need to go to court you should do your best to look as good as possible, ugly people get disproportionately harsh sentences.


Bruh he ain't giving you free crypto for saying how handsome he looks in a semi-dead image board


They arrested him but he said in Minecraft. What. The. Fuck


Imagine how much loli porn they found on his computer


I don’t get how it’s ok to measure skulls like a Nazi but it’s not ok to say “lol ur fat” here.


File: 1679259365476.jpg (93.51 KB, 670x722, 1679086681354945.jpg)

more like planted


I keep wondering how many people have/are going to leave 4chan over this.


You sound insane. He’s ugly, stop coping


<he's not ugly, he's just fat
>you sound insane.

i'm guessing you're one of those crab in the bucket fatties that believes he will always be ugly so there's no point in losing weight.


Wtf, he said in Minecraft. Not cool glowiebros.

This is why there can never be any real revolution in america, glowies act fast, theres no such thing as freeze peach, and are fash level secret police on standby to lock any real threats that arise.


>guys actually the chinlet is super hot, look at him when he’s skinny!
<nah he’s still ugly lol
>ur fat!


File: 1679375022886.png (465.98 KB, 461x536, 904214941204124.png)

And some gullible people will still fall for the "/pol/ isn't white, uh actually they're[insert any ethnic group we don't like]" meme.

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