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Like no racist shit but if Chinese or Russian lobby funded the campaigns of 97% US politicians don't you think more people would have a problem with it? If you want to talk politics it's something you have to acknowledge. You can't ignore who our politicians are funded by.


I don't think people here are fans of Israel.


File: 1679169490513.png (548.31 KB, 1196x1243, adl.png)

I know which why I never understood why other leftists have a problem with right wingers saying there is Israeli influence in our society? If you switch the word out with Zionist then leftists agree but what's the difference?


Because the right believes the tail wags the dog.


Lefties cant ever have unity with the right on issues since leftism is all about purity and litmus tests


Nah, the right’s litmus test is that you have to ignore who really owns capital and the man behind the curtain.


Why can't multiple sources of power all have important control in society? Saying just one is just as silly


The ruling class comprises multiple groups of people but it’s still one class


Saying the tail wags the dog means something more powerful is in control when in reality all the difference groups are likely basically equal in power


The U.S. is more powerful than Israel. This is objectively true.


If you mean Democrats by „the left“ then they don‘t have a problem with it because Israel is an ally of the US unlike China or Russia, though even they should have a problem with another country funneling in so much money to influence the politics in the US.

If by „the left“ you mean communists then they oppose Israel because it is a settler-colonial state that is killing off the Palestinian population while expanding their territory, and oppressing undesirables within their borders under a racist, Zionist rationale.

Right wingers (and in that case it‘s just Nazis because ordinary Republicans support Israel) dislike Israel because… wait, let me open up /pol/ for this one… because „da Jews be mufuggin oppressing da huyte man with da BBC porn and da Hollywood and shiii“.


Yes but Israel funds all the politicians as shown by the photo in my OP.


Oops this for you



Yes but Communists will agree with Zionist influence on the US which is really no different than saying Jewish influence. It's literally the same thing..

Leftists won't talk about BBC porn but they will agree with righties on 50% of the rhetoric


Yeah, it’s a positive feedback loop.
Ruling class has a strategic interest in the region, helps create the state, region with strategic interest funds politicians to promote their defensive capabilities and maintain them, the politicians pass bills, to build weapons systems for example, to further protect their interests in the region, and the cycle continues.


It‘s not the same. Communists don‘t give a shit that they are Jewish and communists also don‘t care about „Zionist influence“ in the US.


> also don‘t care about „Zionist influence“ in the US.

My point is they probably should. If the whole thing is about power and who has power why the fuck would you ignore the factually statistically most powerful lobby group who lobbies 97% of politicians? Out of fear of being racist?? Marx would slap you in the face


My favorite Biden quote about Jews. Literally straight from the playbook of Neo-Nazis lmao. It's comical

"Biden says culture and arts change people’s attitudes. He cites social media and the old NBC TV series “Will and Grace” as examples of what helped changed attitudes on gay marriage.

Biden says, quote, “Think — behind of all that, I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media, are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry.”

Biden says the influence is immense and that those changes have been for the good.

Biden was speaking Tuesday night at a Jewish American Heritage Month reception hosted by the Democratic National Committee. He says Jewish values are an essential part of who Americans are."


>My point is they probably should.
No, what they should care about is mobilizing the working class to overthrow the bourgeoisie as a whole, instead of solely blaming it all on one ethnic-religious group. The relationship between the US and Israel is neither nefarious nor surprising. They have a mutually profitable relationship. If we were to stop Israel from supporting certain US politicians nothing that is important would have changed.


How come he has more hair now than he had in that video?


Never said blame it on one ethnic-religious group I said there are multiple sources of power from different groups. Whites have control of oil, the military, construction, among other things. You can't overthrow the bourgeoisie if you don't want to acknowledge their existence.


File: 1679172897575.jpg (418.34 KB, 750x1046, Israel nazi ukraine.jpg)

Bro, none of that shit matters unless we’re examining anti-imperialist implications. The ruling class colludes along class lines more than anything. That’s sadly one thing they have over on the proles.


So when one wants to abolish the bourgeoisie what is it they look for?


You can tell who's bourgeois by the capital they own, which is the thing that makes them bourgeois. There isn't some special signal you need to look for like a hooked nose or a name that ends in (((stein))), /pol/.


How can you tell who owns the capital in this day and age?


You can take a horse to a river..


"Bourgeoisie" refers to the urban middle class of marx's time - the high-minded types who push for progress in society yet wish to sustain the class system.
Being bourgeois means to be a lib, not being a porky. You can be bourgeois without being a capitalist.


Thats why the proletarian revolution is finishing what the bourgs began in the industrial revolution, since the bourgs are arrested to private property and wage labour, which are harmful to the potentials of liberated labour, which is more productive and has no theological baggage.


File: 1679219577393.jpg (356.39 KB, 1029x660, Live to tread.jpg)

No, you’re talking out your ass. They were rapidly ascending into the ruling class in his time and Marx often noted this.

> When the French bourgeoisie overthrew the power of the aristocracy, it thereby made it possible for many proletarians to raise themselves above the proletariat, but only insofar as they become bourgeois. Every new class, therefore, achieves its hegemony only on a broader basis than that of the class ruling previously, whereas the opposition of the non-ruling class against the new ruling class later develops all the more sharply and profoundly. Both these things determine the fact that the struggle to be waged against this new ruling class, in its turn, aims at a more decided and radical negation of the previous conditions of society than could all previous classes which sought to rule.

They didn’t cease owning capital when they ascended either. That characteristic is still there and they are “capitalists” by that fact in and of itself. Liberalism is only the ideological lens in which individuals, either prole or bourgeoise, perceive of capitalism. That’s a complete obfuscation from the truth of the matter.
Further obfuscation.
You waffle from defining the bourgeois as wishing to “sustain the class system” to being completely in line with wanting “ liberated labour” and expect no one to notice the incongruity? Ancap ideology really is a thin veneer for socially acceptable schizophrenia.


No i was saying that the bourgs pushing for liberalism led to the industrial revolution but that their own class consciousness denies the furthering of their initial will toward "progress" in line with modernity.
Thats why bourgs only push so far then become moralists. Or push for social democracy instead of more radical forms of society - since their entire worldview is based in property and its registry in taxation. I have spoken to many champagne socialists who are themselves landlords, who inherently see life as a rental venture rather than a free experiment.
Liberated labour is impermissable in bourgeois consciousness since nothing is free.


uyghas still don't realize that even if we killed the american jews or america became a gommunist stae we would still fund the shit out of israel

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