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What's your opinion on suicide?

Is it a purely bourgeois phenomenon as part of contemporary capitalist society?


nobody killed themselves before capitalism


>bourgeois phenomenon

wtf does that even mean in this context


A phenomenon as a result of bourgeois society; i.e. a behaviour habitual to a society in which the bourgeoisie rule


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>There is but one truly serious philosophical problem, and that is suicide. Judging whether life is or is not worth living amounts to answering the fundamental question of philosophy.


I've had suicidal ideation on and off for a year now, and only recently have I felt like I truly understand the matter. To that point I'm seriously now beginning to consider killing myself.

There's nothing left for me in this life. Fundamentally as a result of the outcomes of life lived under capitalism.

So how many deaths under capitalism due to society are preventable in the same way that access to clean water and food are for those in the periphery nations of the globe? Or is suicide a strictly 'post-industrial' problem for socities in the first-world.


I would say the vast majority of suicides are preventable.


There is nothing left for you in this life the system, your family, your entourage offered you, but there is an infinity of things to do without. There can definitely be a life outside of those bounds you're trapped in, the question being: is the continued suffering is worth the unsure chance of emancipation? I'll suggest you take the chance and try to travel trough it, embrace the suck and look at the good things that emerge from it.


is suicide a boy or a girl


I tried killing myself a while ago and got close, but chickened out and called an ambulance and they managed to resuscitate me. Most days I regret calling that ambulance. I'm not going to try to kill myself again but I wish I had died on the first attempt. I hate my life so much.


don't commit suicide. everything gonna C alright


Doesn't matter, I'm going to do them anyway.


Suicide used to be normal in pre-christian europe - then they made suffering a virtue, which continues today ofc.
Even for atheists they say suicide is NEVER the answer, which is weird. Schopenhauer, like hume, thought suicide was every mans choice.
I like what louis CK says about it


>>383176 don't do suicide do cocaine


I was reading an interesting book on the subject a little while ago. I'll see if I can find it


>>383203 (me)
Here we are, it was in the PDF thread on /edu/.

Essentially, you should probably consider staying alive first and try all sorts of different methods. If you're going to do it though (and genuinely want to die rather than just as a cry for help), do it right first time, because you can end up disfigured or diabled if you do it wrong.


>>383204 (me)
*all sorts of different methods of staying alive, that is. Different types of psychological therapy, electro shock therapy, drugs (legal and illegal) and all that sort of thing.


Killing yourself is easy way out but try to think about your family and friends who need to live with the pain rest of their life.


it should be punished with death


i dont have an opinion on suicide


Ancient Greek and Chinese history is full of tales of people who committed suicide for various reasons, because they got trapped by an enemy and were certain to die a painful death, because they lost their honor, and so on.

Now, I think most suicides in modern industrialized countries are rather due to stress, feeling trapped into some kind of shitty situation, often financial, which could be preventable.
It's sad that reasons for suicide nowadays are like:
>I can't pay the mortgage anymore, I lost my job, I hate my family but there is no reset button
>I can't get out of mom's basement, I have no money to get a place on my own, I have no friends
>I'm so fucking bored of everything, day-to-day life is completely unexciting, might as well escape the rat race forever
instead of
>Holy shit, there is an army outside of my palace who is ready to cut my balls and torture me, yelp

Of course, love and relationships have also been reason for suicide, from naive romantic stuff like "she left me, my life is over" to fucked up stuff like domestic abuse. Some reasons are more or less transhistorical, but some like domestic abuse could be fixed with easy access to shelter.

Durkheim studied suicide as a sociological phenomenon in the late 19th century in a book that was pretty influential on the development of social sciences, his classification of suicide in four categories is interesting.


When it comes to my personal experience, I struggle with intense bouts of suicidal ideation every year, often during winter, but it's getting better now that the sun is coming back and days are getting longer.
When it happens, I try to think how it would destroy my family, how my mom would be in a permanent state of depression if me or my sister would do it, and I try to remember the times when I saw friends crying because they knew someone who did it.
I cope by abusing alcohol and drugs. I don't recommend this solution, which increases suicidal ideation in the long-run, but it's better to be alive in an altered state of mind than being dead, at least I can eventually fix the former situation.

I like the reddit tale about a guy who was on the verge of committing suicide, but went to blow all his money in Mexico on cocaine and hookers one last time, and finally realized his problems weren't that inescapable, and turned his life around.
It seems like suicide often come from a feeling of being trapped, and I think it's good to envision the fact that as long as there isn't an army waiting for you outside of your bunker, you are technical free to do anything before dying and disregard all social conventions.
You could be a lame-ass /pol/tard shooting a school before committing suicide, but you could also spend all your remaining money one last time by traveling as far as you can, steal food in supermarkets, beg for money, sleep in a tent, share crack with homeless people, get lost in the woods… If you are really willing to disregard your inner survival instinct by committing suicide, why not doing it in a bad-ass edgy way over a slightly longer period of time, rather than taking the quick end? You might reconsider your life at some point during the process.

This kind of religious logic has always been puzzling to me tbh.


Does anyone have that story of the ancient Greek guy committing suicide after jerking off to some statue?




You learn by doing


>I cope by abusing alcohol and drugs. I don't recommend this solution,
When I got sober, exercised, ate right, life got way better


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