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Grace edition: by invitation of Cat Alunya


File: 1682724130057-0.png (833.81 KB, 3000x3000, Grace mic OC.png)

I have formally retired from political activism–
& Grace-chan might wear a new wardrobe / clothes.
/siberia/ anons could even help Grace find new clothes to wear.
there might be the occasional monarchist post, but like I said


File: 1682724554319.jpg (298.75 KB, 1077x667, alunya x grace.jpg)

anti-monarchist aktion


>I have formally retired from political activism–

Grace-chan having Alunya in her mind all the time prevents her to focus on monarchist activism :'P


>Grace-chan having Alunya in her mind all the time
Sounds about right.


/tkr/ on board tans.
featuring /hispol/, /leftypol/, /monarchy/.
Lila, Esther, Alunya, Grace


if anyone wants to ask lila questions
they are still doing this on /tkr/


Surely Alunya has Grace-chan in her mind all the time too! ( and gosh , I love that video^^ )


The original femdom thread.

Now version 8!
Are we going to skip 9 like mircrosft?


File: 1682903142069.png (793.62 KB, 1403x1984, 20220112TaniaElijahWeb.png)

>latam politics
Would she meet her?


you could visit /tkr/.
the /tkr/ lila thread is receiving questions for lila to answer


Where is it?


File: 1682904889550.webm (2.33 MB, 720x720, shakeyourass.webm)

Hey, we have AiLunya? Why don't we do something similar??


Someone could do an Alunya Q&A mailbox.
With a video replying to all the questions!
except I don't know any of this & someone else would have to


File: 1682916285806-0.png (176.07 KB, 1092x1145, Grace sad crop 02.png)

I feel jittery and scared tonight.
Grace-chan wants to sleep with Alunya to feel safe.


What are you scared of?


Bump, where is the Grace v-tuber live coronation reaction stream??


holy shit they already coronated the nonce?
isn't there any alternatives? i don't think anglos want a pdf file to be their king


File: 1683373906029-0.jpg (145.93 KB, 660x565, charles-ii-660x565.jpg)

To the most Potent, and Puissant Monarch Charles the II King of Great Britain, &c.

The epistle dedicatory.

Dread Sovereign,

God hath given us a Sight, the Sight of your Self. How many aking eyes where there once to see you? how many ravished eyes may there be now to behold you? Every one could not present such a sight; no, He in Heaven. Hath restored you to your Father's Throne to be looked upon as a glorious Spectacle. We saw for many years nothing but the horrid faces of strange Rulers, and now we have your Face of true Majesty to bless our eyes with.

OH that we had good eyes in our heads to discern the difference of Objects; what a change this, that whereas we saw nothing but Usurpers in their Barbarousness, Our does do now see a King in his Beauty? Your absence was the Bane, Your precense is the Beauty of the Nation. To apply all this Beauty to yourself, perhaps would be judged flattery, therefore I have endeavoured to show your three kingdoms, that there is a derivative Beauty in you, namely that your Majesty is our Beauty. For how is a Nation obscured if it has not a King in it? and how is it illustrated, if it hath a King reigning in Royal Splendour and Imperial dignity? I wish that there be no ill Judges of Beauty in the Land, and that there be none which are ready to strike at the face of Beauty. It doth grieve me, that when you have brought delight to the eyes of Millions, and put peace into all hands, yet there should be left amongst us some glaring eyes, and menancing hands… What need those King-vexers and Gad-flyes of Monarchs plot treasons, and kindle diffentions, when we have Incendiaries, and State-troublers of our own?

…Oh inexorable, oh incorrigible King-haters? Men have been mad, and some distempers we have lately found, but surely this frenzy will not always last. Let them look your Majesty through, and what occasion can they find in your of disgust, distaste, or so much as discontent? So far as I can perceive your Majesty doth but seek your Native Right, the established Religion, the fundamental Laws, the Honour of the HIghest, the freedom of the meanest, the welfare of the Nation, the Peace of the Kingdom, and they may see as well as I that your graces are conspicuous, your qualifications eminent, your carriage affable, your Government mild, your counsels prudent, your actions Heroical, your life spotless, and your conscience sincere, except therefore they would have an Angel to reign over them, where can they have in flesh and blood a more desired man? what heart can have a rancorous thought against such a King? No, I hope to see all your Enemies blush at their causeless anger, and senseless spight; yea to fall down at your Royal Feet, and repent that they have been so inconsiderate, and weep that they have been so unkind. Bear but with their former failings, & pardon that which is past (as what cannot that Royal Heart of Yours that is the living spring of clemency wash out of your remembrance? and methink your Majesty should have felt the last of animosities, and triumphs; people will not always kick against the pricks, and run upon the spears point of divine laws, but do that which God hath obliged them to, even honour your Person, acknowledge your Authority, submit to your Edicts, admire your Perfections, and be knit to you in the adamantine chains of Fidelity and Loyalty, that this wasted Country may once against become a flourishing Nation, and the Kingdom of Triumphs. Thus in all Humility prostrating myself at your Majesties Royal Feet, and Praying for your long LIfe, your increase of Princely Honours, your lasting Peace, and everlasting Bliss, submissively I take leave, and rest.

Your Majesties Devoted Subject in all unstained and inviolable loyalty.

Tho. Reeve.

First, for the opening of the Cabinet, or the clear manifestation, Thine eyes shall see. God's Cabinet bad been shut, but he would unlock it, people had lived in the dark, and though they might hope for much, yet for the present they discerned nothing, but this black sky should no always last, there should come a time of light and sight, though thy eyes do not see, yet thine eyes shall see. Thine eyes shall see. From hence observe, that the sweetness of a blessing is in the actual fruition of the same, not to have it is promised, but presented, not hoped for, but enjoyed.

Better is the sight of the eyes, then the wandering of the desire. Eccles. 6. 9. The wandering of the desires is pain, and grief, but the seeing with the eyes is contentment, therefore David praised God that he set one upon his Throne, his eyes seeing it. 1 Kings 1. 48. And God did comfort up his dear people, that their eyes should see, that God would be magnified from the border of Israel.

This does show first that God is the God of sights, the thing that is hid he can bring forth to light. Job 28.11. He can show wonders in the Heavens, and the Earth. Joel 2.28. Yea so delight our ears, and affect our eyes, that we shall stand in a kind of amazement, and say, Who has heard such a thing? and who has seen such things. – How great are his signs? how mighty are his wonders? Dan. 4. 3. Oh then we that are all rare things, and strange sights, why do we not cleave close to God? Is there any which can so dazzle our eyes? Is not he the God of objects? yes, he is great, Wonder-worker. He has given so much to the eye, that the eye cannot comprehend it. If we would be Spectatours of bright things, then we should never separate ourselves from him who does make every thing to shine with radiant beams, no, we should enjoy God, as the eye does the light. If we provoke the eyes of his glory, he will vex our eyes with sad sights, but if we do that which is acceptable in his eyes, he will do that, which shall be delectable to our eyes.

This does show us that we may depend upon God for wonders, the eyes of all things look upon thee, and they may, for he is the God of the eyes, and has the curious, and marvellous sights for them. The pictures with orient colours do hang in his gallery, the exquisite, polished, elaborate master-pieces are to be seen in his Providence. He is all hand. God in his one existency has anticipation of all things which can be shown. He does include the perfection of every being in himself. For other things it may be said that, Every thing is good by his own proper and particular good, but God has goodness in him not by way of limitation, determination, order, species, or measure; but by indivision, eminency, and excess, he being the Abstract of all the concrete excellencies in the world, for he is not hoc, aut hoc, sed omnia, this, or that, but all things. The living, and powerful thing of an unlimited virtue. There is in God the admirable beauty of the whole universe, therefore those things which come from him are not only good, but very good. God then can show us better things, and greater things, and brighter things, then ever we yet beheld. If potent man (as thou thinkest) can make thee see strange things, what can the Omnipotent God? As if it there were not in the whole world tongues loud enough to sing our God's praises, or eyes bright enough to see the admiration which shine in his works.

Rely upon this God then, and expect Wonders from him; when they eyeballs have asked to behold any thing that is comfortable, and nothing thou could discern, though thy eyes were ready to fall out. Deut. 28. 65. yet then he may tell thee that happy sights are at hand, yea say unto thee, Thine eyes shall see.

This does show that God is to have the honour of all rich blessings…. Oh then we are apt to turn our eyes the wrong way, even to fix them upon man, rather then God! For man we see, and think that by him we only see, that none presents objects to our eyes, but this Inferiour Deity…. God is the Founder, and Fosterer. What then? shall men be worshipped? no. Incense does belong to God, it is the good will of him that dwelt in the bulb. Deut. 33. 16. which does make every thing prosperous to us. Set aside God's assistance; what can the feeble arm of man do? no, he has wrought all our works for us. In thine hand is pwoer and strength, and in thine hand it is to make great, and to give strength unto all. 1 Chron. 29.12. Can we see any thing of ourselves, till God hold a blessing to our eyes? – Aaway then with the crys, and ingeminated praises that are given to men, let not these be so much as spoken of, till God has had the first song, the new song, and his song of degrees; praise not man at all, till ye have praised God in the Highest; no, let God have his Hymns before Man has his Panegyricks; And thus indeed, when God has had his worship, man may have his honour – we must remember to give the prime and principal reverence, veneration, and adoration to God, because man cannot show us a sight, nor bring to our view (of himself) the least thing, which can delight and affect the eye-sight, no, it is God only, that does say, and can say, Thine eyes shall see.

Oh therefore let us enamel our blessings, and as we have reigning mercies amongst us, so let us set a Crown upon the head of them. Let here be the new creatures, the children of light, the lively stones, the seed of the blessed, the trees of righteousness, the people that are partakers of the divine nature, that have a lot amongst them which are sanctified, that are brought from men, men that this world is not worthy of, yea let the whole Land be turned into a Kingdom of Priests. We ought to do this for our very sights' sake, our Objects do require us to be such Ornaments, and our mercies such Mirrours. What should be seen in us, when so much is seen by us? We see that which did not see, we see that, which we were once afraid we should never have seen; though we be now in fruition, and our eyes do see, yet let us remember how remote this happiness was, at what a distance the Object was placed from us, we had it but in expectation, or our greatest propinquity to it was in a promise, the sight reserved for the future, Thine eyes shall see.


File: 1683373968060-0.png (814.83 KB, 3000x3000, Grace wink OC.png)

File: 1683373968060-1.jpg (824.01 KB, 2048x2048, FTlidaHX0AEm3UL.jpg)

Part 2. The King.

I have done with the opening of the Cabinet, I now come to take out the Gem. Seeing there is a sight I would fain see what it is; Is it the best of the Nation? then I wipe mine eyes to look upon him. Has he been hid in a cloud? then it will be pleasure to see him, when God does present him. Has he not for many years been seen, and is now the seeing time come? Then I can no longer withhold mine eyes from him, no I passionately desire to see the King. Thine eyes shall see the King. The King. From hence observe, that A King is the perfection of all earthly Objects. Of all desirable and delectable Sights that this world can afford, a King is the splendour of them. Thine eyes shall see the King.

He is publici decoris lampas, the lamp of public brightness; Caelitum egregius labor, the Master-piece of the divine Artisan; Excubitor communis salutis, The Watch-man, or Sentinel of the common safety; magnum regni columen, the great pillar of the Kingdom, the heavenly dew to water a Nation; Caput quod ab alto providet, The head which from above does provide for multitudes; Oculus innatus corpori, The eye set in the head to look for the general good; Peritus Gubernator, The skillful Mariner which does preserve the whole bark from perishing; Paxillus reipublica, The stay, or supporter, upon which hang the weight of a whole Commonwealth; Ignis qui urit, & lucemprabet, The fire which does burn up all the wicked, and does give light to all the Godly. Yea, the Ancients knowing the high benefit of such a Supreme Governour know not how to bestow Elegies, and Encomiasticks enough upon him; And does not Scripture conur with these, and set out a King with as great lustre? yes, I have said ye are Gods, Ps. 82.6. As if a King were, the Mdeal, wherein Gods own Image is represented, Alter Deus in terris, another God upon earth. For (methink) I see in a King a semblance of God's infinite being, his quickening spirit, his out-stretched arm, and his glorious Majesty. He is not the Divinity, but a Synopsis of the Divinity, a God exemplified, or effigiated. Why are Kings to promised to Abraham, Kings shall come out of they loins, and so prophesized of by Jacob, Judah shall have a Scepter, and so passionately desired by the people, Give us a King, and so confirmed by God Almighty, by an Institution, an Oath, and by the holy oil, yea, why is God himself the great King, the King of glory, and the King of KIngs, if there were any thing upon earth more eminent then a King? As it is the greatest curse upon earth to want a King; For many days shall pass in Israel without a King. Hos. 3.4. and because we feared not the Lord, therefore we have no King. Hos. 10. 3. So it is the greatest blessing to have a King, for the shout of a King is amongst them. Num. 23.21. And the Lord has given you a King 1. Sam. 12.13. And, Why dost thou cry out? Is there not a King in thee? Micah 4.9. as if a King were there, all were all. When I read of so much reverence, & awful Subjection enjoined to Kings, that we must Submit to them for the Lord's sake, and not resist them for fear of damnation, that we must not provoke them to wrath, not stand in an evil thing against them, not curse them in our bed-chambers; how do I think that Kings are pricelessly tendered by God Almighty, and that they are his chief Favourites! yea, wherefore does he command so many prayers and supplications to be made for them, and that with a especially, as if he would have the lips of a whole Nation to sacrifice for their safety and welfare, if Kings were not the principal persons, which God had under his protection and tutelage? Well then if either God's love, or his laws, his titles, or his privileges, his mission, or commission, his consecration, or conservation, his impress, or his Image, his watchful providence, or his ireful vengeance concerning Kings be to be regarded, we cannot imagine any persons more conspicuous or precious, excellent or eminent than Kings. No, man's eyes cannot see no more exquisite, and magnificent Creature upon earth then a King, for Thine eyes shall see the King.

This does show that the want of a King is the inlet of all infelicity. For how can that Land be happy, where the eyes do not see a KIng? no, then servants ride on horseback. 10. Eccles. 7. The people shall be oppressed every one of another, and every one of his neighbor, the children shall presume against the ancient, and the vile against the honourable. Is. 3.5. For when the Kings are fallen, Hos. 7.7. All welfare fall with them, then presently they are mixt with strange worships, strangers devour their strength, & gray hairs are here and there upon them. Hos. 7.8.9. Yea, when Princes are hanged up by the hand, then the young are taken to grind, and the children fall under the wood, the Elders cease from the gate, and the young men from their songs, the joy of their heart is gone, and their dance is turned into mourning. – nay God does not sooner remove the Crown, but the Kingdom is no more the same it was, then presently God overturn, overturn, overturn. Ezech. 21.26.27. When the true Shepherd is removed, then there is nothing to be seen in the Nation, but the instruments of a foolish Shepherd, of such a Shepherd, which will not look for the thing that is lost, nor feel the tender Lambs, nor heal that which is hurt, nor feed that which standeth up, but he shall eat the flesh of the fat, and tear their claws in pieces. Zach. 11. 15. 16. Take away such a Shepherd, and the poor flock goes to woeful desolation, for Arise oh Sword upon my Shepherd, and upon the man that is my fellow, that is, God's immediate Vicegerent, and what then? And the sheep are scattered, and God turn his hand upon the little ones, And in all the Land saith the Lord two parts therein shall be cut off, and die. Zach. 13.7.8. So that where a King is wanting, what but disorder, distraction, devastation, and desolation is to be expected? And have not we had experience of it? Yes, so soon as a King was gone, how did every one wear the Crown, and sit in the Chair of State? Peasants were Princes, and Mechanicks Monarchs, never such a spawn of new Lords, nor a litter of upstart Rulrers seen, paradoxes were principles… Delinquents Estates, and allegiance was conspiracy. Were there ever so many fundamental Laws overthrown, so many families ruined, so many millions spent, so many bowels torn out in five hundred years within this Realm, as there were in this short space of King-routing? Alas consciences, estates, privileges, speeches, looks, affections, labours, laws, lives, were all subject to the will of the insulting Conquerour… so our subjecting a King was the Original of all miseries of the Nation. In those days when there was no King in Israel, every man did that, which was good in his own eyes. Judg. 17.6. – Oh dismal Reign! oh miserable Realm without a King! will ye ever engage again to be ruled without a King, or House of Lords? will ye ever be ready to take an oath of Abjuration again against a Single Person? Then be ye for my part single, and singular, desperate, and willful Bondmen. For it is to make the whole Nation a slave to be destitute of a King, the presence of a King being the preservation of a Kingdom, for Thine eyes shall see the King.

This does serve to exhort us to be cheerful Seers. For have ye got a King again to look upon?

It is a sight that the eyes of a whole Nation might behold with admiration. Do ye not bless your eyes then, that ye are seeing that, which ye have so long seeking for? Do ye not know what ye could not see, what ye would have seen, what ye do see? Does the delight of a Kingdom grieve you? Does the desire of your eyes offend you? Have ye not what can be seen? can ye see a better? If thine eye then offend thee pluck it out, pluck out that evil out of thine eye. The eye is the light of the body. Have as clear an eye, as can be to see so bright an Object. Is there a diseased eye here? oh cure the malady. Are there any moles here? away with such Blinkards; are there any Bats here? away with such unlucky birds; Did the sight of Ostriches offend you, and shall not the sight of a Phoenix please you? Every man is delighted when he does see the light, and what is a King, but the Light of our eyes? The eye does receive the beams of the Sun in a spiritual manner, & so do ye the sight of a King, that glorious Sun.

Oh that we have opportunity to commemorate these things, that we have the happiness with our eyes freely to see them! was it a joyful thing once to hear of a King, and shall it not be much more joyful to see a King? yes, the sense of sight is much more perfect than that of hearing. If your eyes then should not take pleasure in that which was once so comfortable to your ears, your eyes are wonderfully distant from your ears, as Thales said.

Oh then that all the hearts of the Kingdom should not spring with joy, that all the feet of the Kingdom should not leap with Triumph, that all the eyes of the Kingdom should not gaze with pleasure to see such a solacing, satisfying, triumphant Object presented to the sight! Ye have not now a King living, or honoured beyond Sea, or counted worthy of a Crown by very strangers which conversed with him, but the faces of his own people are blessed with the sight of him; he is come towards you, he is come near you, he is come home to you. And what went ye out to see? nay, what is brought into your Throne to see? Can there be a more bright, amiable, delectable, splendid, illustrious, supereminent, matchless, majestical sight for the eyes of a whole Realm to look upon then a King? no, Thine eyes shall see the King.

This serves to exhort all to make a King Royal. And how Royal? but in being yourselves Loyal? How is he a King without Royalty? and how are ye Subjects without Loyalty? The Hebrews have a Proverb; that a man should fly out of that Kingdom, where a King is not obeyed. And doubtless no Nation shakes with a Quag-mire, or tossed with an Earthquake is more dangerous to stand upon. Rebellions are the burning fevers of Realms, the Deluges of States, the Eclipses of Nations, the hurricanes of Kingdoms. Rebellion is as the sin of Witchcraft. Sam. 15.23. For then all the Magicians are at work, and using all the inventions of their black Art. Traitours upon earth are but the disciples of Judas, or the State-students of Achitophel, or the Spirits that learn their aspiring Art of Lucifer. Goodly pedagogues that they are trained under, if I would have an Academy of Hell set up, I would have Traitours there commence, and become Graduates.

Oh then that men live under a King fomenting sedition, engendering Treason, yea that count it is a part of their Divinity to cast firebrands, and fire Beacons, and strike up drums, and display colours, and shoot off warning-pieces against their Sovereigns, that if they have not a plyable King according to their own mind, they will fight him into their bent, this is Pole-axe-religion, Gunpowder-Divinity.

…Therefore if there be a King, then amongst you give him the reverence and right of his Name, that is, be ye Loyal to him… Monarchy is that Government, which ye ought to be espoused to. Look therefore where ye should look, and see whom ye should see, and that is a King; See him to be a King, and see him, as a King; for that duty is that which must complete the delight of my Text, Thine eyes shall see the King.

For a King is in a Commonwealth like a heart in the body, the root in the tree, the Spring in the stream, the Eagle in the sky, the Sun in the firmament, & these pink-eyed people look upon a KIng not only with disdain, but defiance; They like not the honey of Government, nor the Bee that should afford it them. To such a King is an heart-gripe, an eye-sore, yea they look upon their fawns, and satyrs, – What need have we of a King? what does a King amongst us? They have cried themselves so long to be the free-born people of England, that they would not only be free in respect of liberty, but free in respect of Sovereignty. Oh this same Monarchy (say they) is the great bondage of the world! …Till they renounce their opinions, I do renounce them, and cannot think but all their fair words do but prepare, and fore-run (what in they lie) a foul day. They make themselves instantly secure, if they plead, they would have us abjure all Kingly Government to be lawful, if they will but abjure that as an excrable opinion, and give real assurances For they are the pests of States, and prodigees of Nations, they approve of no Government, they reject all Kings. And can there be greater Monsters in human society, then such swords-men against authority, and Headsmen to Kings? no, these are the worst eyes that can be in the head of a Nation, because the best eyes do delight in the presence of a King, and count it an happiness to see a King, for Thine eyes shall see the King.


Part 3. In his Beauty.

Now let us come to the lustre of the Gem, the Beauty of the King, Thine eyes shall see the King in his Beauty. From hence observe, that the glorious King is the King shining in the splendour of his Royalties; not only when an excellent title, but excellent Majesty is added to him. Dan. 4. 36. not only when the Land is the Land of his inheritance, but the Land of his Dominion. 2 Chron. 8. 6. not only when he has the chief place amongst men, but when he has the chief power amongst men, when he does rule over men. 2. Sam. 23.3. It is not the Crown, but the Crown-right, which does make a King, otherwise Kingship is but nobilis servitus, a noble kind of servitude. Nihil beatum sine libertate. Nothing can be called blessed without liberty. Magnificence without just power is but a golden chain. When the title is with one, and the command with others, this is rather to look like a King, then to live as a King. Therefore was it said of Vespasian, that when news was brought him concerning the accidents which had happened to Vitellius, that a certain Majesty arose in his countenance, which was never seen before, which did foretell, that ere long he should be Emperour. The Majesty of a King then is the true Inauguration of a King, for what is Majesty, but Major potestas, the greater power? Deprive a King then of his Royal power, and men had as good pluck the Crown from his Head, this is truly Crimen lese Majestatis, that though men never touch the King's Person, yet they touch his Majesty, and this haughtiness of itself is High Treason.

If I be a Father where is my honour? So if there be a King, where is his Royalty?

Those things, which do immediately pertain to a King should have an inherent dignity in them, yea, it is not fitting reliquias Regis jacere inhonoratas, that the very Reliques of a King should remain without honour… So any thing which tends to the diminution of a King's honour is reprehensible, and criminal. Cicero pleading for Deiotarus a King, says, The name of a King was ever holy in this City. So that is the best City and Country, where the name of a King is most Sacred, & the person of a King most reverenced.

He that does take away from a King his prepotency and Supremacy had as good steal the Crown Jewels.

Let a Prince show himself affable to the people, but let him not suffer himself to be condemned. For if he has lost his dignity, he is a King, but without Royalty. An arrogant Courtier, or an insolent Statesman that is too bold with the King's power is next to a Rebel, which does fight against him with an armed hand. A wise counsel is requisite for a King, but counsel had need have in it two grains of modesty to one of direction. If it troubled David so much that he had cut off the lap of Saul's garment, then how may it trouble them which cut off half the Robe of Majesty, Auctoritas Principis nata est ex metu & admiratione. The authority of a Prince is begotten of fear, and admiration. When a King then has lost his dread and reverence he is but a painted Sun. The vulgar is apt to grow insolent, but this audaciousness is to be repressed. Therefore Aristotle would not have too much honours given to Subjects, lest they should hold themselves Compeers with their Prince. It is ever perillous for the name of any private man to be equalled, or preferred before the Prince. Majesty in a Prince is as it were the soul of the Kingdom. What safe sailing is there where the Mariners do not obey the Ship-Master? Contempt is as great a seedsman of rebellion as hatred, for the one is begotten of ambition

Petrus Crinitus has a notable discourse, that when Anacharsis came to Athens, and saw the Princes but only giving counsel for things to be done, & the people decreeing all, he cried out, Oh Commonwealth is a short time coming to ruin, where the Princes propound things, and the people determine them!

So if a Prince be not Superiour in command it is to take in pieces the joints of a Throne, and to bring down a King that should order all to the wills of Inferiours. Let as much honour as can be given to faithful Counsel, but still let the Prerogative be inviolable. It is good advise, if well listened to, which is given in the 8. of Eccles. 2. I advertise thee to take heed to the King's Commandment, and that in respect of the Oath of God, because God has precepted, and swore a whole Kingdom to the Commandment of a King. For wherefore is he a King, if he should stand by to see his Commands vilified, and neglected? would a matter of the anvile, or the awle, or the frippery wares be thus used? Let every one then have his right, honour to whom honour belongeth, Royalty to whom Royalty belongeth. If a King does want his just authority he is but an appellative King. For what is it to see a King wear Robes, fit in a Throne, hold a Scepter, if he does want his Sovereignty? this is but to see a King in his Bravery, and not a King in his Beauty. In beauty there must be no skarre, so in the Government no restraint of just authority. He is never a complete King, till there be an unshaken liberty in governing. A Lion wheresoever he be, he is a Lion; so a King wheresoever he be he must be reigning. The King must give the word to the whole Nation, all must incline to follow him. Judg. 9.3. They must be at his bidding. 1 Sam.2.2.14. At his word they must go out, and at his word they must come in. Num. 27.21. They must move forward, & backward, as he does give the charge. A resplendent King is he which is Imperial, which is powerful in having his Mandates observed, This is a King in his beauty. Thine eyes shall see the King in his Beauty.

This does show that a right King is a rare Beauty. For can the eye of a man behold a more choice Object upon earth, then a lawful and righteous King? no, when the righteous are in authority the people rejoice, Prov. 29:2. For such an one is the Minister of God for good. Rom.13.4. When a King does reign in justice, the Princes rule in judgment, that man shall be an hiding place from the wind, and a refuge from the tempest, as rivers of water in a dry place, and as the shadow of a rock in a weary Land, the eyes of the Seeing shall not be shut, and the ears of them that hear shall hearken, the heart of the foolish shall understand knowledge, and the tongue of the stutterers shall speak distinctly. That in such a King's days judgment shall dwell in the desert, and justice shall remain in the fruitful field, the work of justice shall be peace, even the work of justice, and quietness, and assurance for ever, yea the people shall dwell in the tabernacle of peace and in sure dwellings, and safe resting places.

Now these words though they be spoken mystically of Christ, yet literally they are meant of any good King; for a good King how beneficial is he? A king by judgment maintains his Country. Pro. 29.4. For he knows that he is therefore constituted King, that he might do equity, and righteousness 1. Kings. 10.9. and therefore is a Copy of the Law put into his hand, that he may learn to fear the Lord his God, and keep all the words of the Law, and the Ordinances. Deut. 17. 19. Such a King will be like David, who fed Jacob his people and Israel his inheritance, with a faithful and true heart, and ruled them prudently with all his power. Ps. 78. 72. 73.

A good King does chiefly look to have his Throne established by righteousness. Prov. 25.5. and that his people under him may lead a peaceable, and a quiet life in all godliness, and honesty. Tim. 2.2. This is a good King, and indeed his worth, and value is scarcely known; A good King is like a good Spring, a good mine, a good corner-stone, a good Magazine, a good Angel, which made Aristotle to say, that it were better for a City to be governed by the best man, than by the best law, because his life is a Law, and there need no other precept, but his precedent. He is the rare Painter which makes his whole Kingdom a picture drawn out with Orient Colours. He is so transformed into God, that (as ludovicus Carssus wished his on) the people may see the immortal Judge sitting in him. Which made Paulus Jovius to say that Kings had distinct eyes from other men, because they look out with their Princely eyes minding only the general benefit. Such a Prince does remedy the errours of former Governments, as Micerinus did the high enormities of Cheops, and Chephren which reigned before him in Egypt. – In such an ones Government people leave groaning, and there are nothing but laeta & fausta, pleasant and delightful things to be seen, as it was said of Sitalces; or all grievances being removed, the Nation lives without fear, or perplexity, as it was said of the reign of Alcimus. That wise Governour does make it his principal art to restore the ancient glory of a Nation, as Justinian the Great did, or like that famous Tiberius the second, he has no other Princely ambition in his breast, but none of his precedessours might exceed him in piety or felicity. That Prince is so honoured by the people, that like another L. Piso because he had done all things for the welfare of the Nation he shall be surnamed Frugi, the Profitable, yea, there are prayers made by the whole Land, that such an one may not die childless, lest such a renowned family should perish (as it is said of Ariston the King of Lacedemonia) and if God send an heir, for the Father's virtues they are willing to have the child's name called Demarathus, the people's Darling; and well may it be so, for a good King does take his Crown out of God's hand, and does wear it for his honour; his heart is in Heaven, and his eye upon the Church; he does first seek for the purity of religion, and is careful that sacrifices without blemish be brought to the Altar; he does look to conquer rather with his bended knees, then his armed hand; he does prefer a penitent before a Peer, and a just liver before a high-borne Grandee; he does desire to have his Priests undefiled, and his Judges uncorrupt; he does want no Majesty, and yet does abound in humanity; his speech is gentle, and his hand is soft; he is passionate against incorrigible sinners, and yet compassionate to remorseful enemies; he grieves at intemperance, and hates blasphemy; he likes neither the laughing Projectour, nor the weeping Sectary; he would have his Sanctuary without indevotion, and his treasury without injury; his watchful conscience is the Squire of his body, and his deprecatory petitions his best Life-guard; his innocent life is his ingraven Image, and his pious examples his richest Medals; he does shine like a Sun himself, and does wish to have none but bright Stars about him; next to his own pure heart he does endeavour to have a pure Court; he does stand upon his own prerogative, but catch at none of his people's liberties; he had rather gild a Kingdom, then his Exchequer; his Crown-land does satisfy him better then breaking an Inclosure; he can see a Vineyard out of his Palace-Window without proclaiming himself Owner of it by an Ahabs evidence; he would have the liberal Arts to flourish, and make (if it were possible) every Mechanic a Lord of a Manour; he gives all furtherances for free Trade, and quick Merchandise; he does commiserate the wants of the poor, and he would have the rich to build them Alms-houses; he is wise, and not vain-glorious, valiant, and yet would never fight, sober, and yet no water-drinker, liberal, and yet not profess; he is often at his Chapel, and oft at his Council-Tables; he has a listening ear to just petitions, but not to pragmatical motions; his heart is set upon nothing more then repairing decayed places, and erecting Monuments; he would leave behind him a glorious Church, and a settled Kingdom; he does govern for God upon earth, that he may Reign with God in Heaven. Now is not the presence of such a King an Heavenly present? has the rich hand of God a dearer pledge of favour to bestow upon his bosom friends? are all the splendid spectacles of a Kingdom like to the face of such a Prince? no, doubtless he does surpass them all as far as light does excell darkness; oh then how may all his Subjects have delight under his shadow, and clap their hands together that they live to see such happy days, his name may be pleasure, his Reign Triumph, for when their eyes see such a King, they see a King in his Beauty. Thine eyes shall see the King in his Beauty.

This does reprove the blind rage of a Conspiratour in opposing such a King, he does strike at the Beauty of the Land. For is there a King in his Beauty? then why do such an one endeavour to pluck away from the eyes of a Nation the most glorious sight that can be beheld? What would such people have? when will they be contented? wherein shall they find satisfaction? is there any thing upon earth, which can keep them long quiet? for except they would have their own wills, be Lords of all Titles, Procuratours for all general affairs, Dictatours to rule all by themselves, hold the helm of States in their hands, order God's Providence, hold no Crown fit to be worn, but that which their well-guiding hands shall set on, be Supreme, and Kings themselves, can they desire to be more happy? Do they contest with God, because he has made a people so blessed? may not God say to them, as he does in the Gospel? Is thine eye evil, because mine is good? For if they had not evil eyes, and evil heads, and evil hearts, and evil hands, they would never thus quarrel with God's will, and wisdom, and goodness. What? are they weary of a Banquet? does a calm offend them? is Sunshine grievous to them? is a gem troublesome to enjoy? is a King in his Beauty vexatious to them to see? alas poor sick eyes, and litigious, refractory spirits, it is pity that ye were not all Secretaries of State, and that God did not send his Decrees to you to have your pregnant approbation. But this is man's turbulent, murmuring nature, that the best things are diverse times the greatest grievances, and that they which cannot govern themselves must be continually querulous against Rulers. Ye take too much upon you said Corah and his complices. Num 16.3. Why hast served us thus? said the men of Ephraim to Gideon, and they chode with him sharply. Judges 8.1. How shall he save us? and they despised him, and brought him no presents. 1 Sam. 10.27. See thy masters are good and righteous, but there is no man deputed of the King to hear thee, oh that I were made a Judge in the Land, that every man which hath any matter, or controversy might come to me, and I might do him Justice, said Absalon of David's Government, 2. Sam. 15.3,4. So that there is no Government, or Governour will please many men…

So we have a generation of men still amongst us that are apt to asperse the most meriting Prince, and not only to stretch out their slanderous tongues, but their barbarous hands to pull him down; what savage wars have we had in this Nation waged in a blind rage, and not only till the Land has been sprinkled with the blood of her Natives, but the Scaffold dyed with the Blood of a most Innocent King? and this King-killing will be a Trade, if God from Heaven do not strike an horrour, and dread of such an impious act into their hearts. Oh ye wild Furies then consider what ye have done, consider what ye are about to do; Christians ye are not, are ye men? what ye live in a Country, to appall a Country? to trouble her peace? waste her treasure? to deprive her of the light of her eyes? what is a family without a Master? what is a KIngdom without a King? Repent then for what ye have done, and do not think that a pardon is easily gotten; an Act of Idemnity may save your necks, but it must be an high expiatory Act that must save your souls; if David wept so bitterly for the murder of one Uriah, ye had need to have David's penitential tears, and his penitential Psalm for the thousands that ye have slain, and especially for the murder of that one King that was worth ten thousand of us. Ye have immodest cheeks if they have no shame, ye have flinty hearts if they have no remorse, as stupidly as ye pass over such a guilt, it is well if eighteen years repentance, nay a strict penance of your whole lives can procure you a reconciliation in Heaven; there is a great difference between a dispensation of your partial Prophets, and justification at the white Throne of the Judge of quick and dead. What then? have ye still dry eyes? and will ye shed no tears? yes, springs must gush out of the rocks, hearts of adamant might cleave asunder. Ahab might go softly, and Judas out of horror of conscience might cry out I have sinned in betraying Innocent Blood. If ye have not Ahab's consternations, and Judas's crys, ye will have fights, and stings, and yells enough in Hell. There is yet a means of atonement, an opportunity of healing, if ye be not of the number of them, which have hearts that cannot repent. Rom. 2.5. try what Suppliants, and penitents ye can be, ye had need go water every Camp, where ye have fought your bloody Battles, and to moisten the ground of that Scaffold where that execrable murder was committed with showers of salt water. And if ye can work out your peace raise not another war in your consciences, if ye can be made whole sin no more. Your swords are sheathed, draw them not again; ye are sent home quietly, hang not out a new flag of defiance. What have ye to do to be Statesmen? follow your callings, and look to take the enormities out of your own lives, what are ye to meddle with errours of Government? no, leave politics to others, neither ye, nor your great Masters have any thing to do with a King's actions, except it be by way of humble advise. For, Where the word of a King is there is power, and who shall say to him, what dost thou? Eccles. 8.3. What have Subjects then to descant upon a King's Government, as if they were his Supervisours, and Guardians? The Laws of God allow no such authority, and it is but a State inchantment to say that the fundamental Laws of this Kingdom have empowered any to call a King to a violent account. He has only God for his Judge, and all people under him as Liege-men. Beware therefore of those pulling groans, oh here is a sick State, come along with us to administer physick, if the King will not frame up such a Goernment as we desire, we will teach him how to rule by the edge of our swords. These are not Physicians, but cut-throats… For if a King may not be provoked to wrath, he may not be so far provoked as to fight for his life; if he may not be spoken evil of, or cursed, his maladies are not to be remedied by cutting off his head. This is rather to be Executioners, then State-Doctors; I never yet read, that there could be a Lictor, or a Speculator, or a Carnifex for a King.

Let the greatest Subjects then busy themselves in preparing Laws for the Commonwealth, and not in prescribing rules to a King; in remedying the grievances of the Country, and not in avenging grievances, which may be suspected by a King; in binding the people to obedience, and not bringing a King to account; For they are but Subjects, and they cannot add to themselves one cubit above their stature. If ye comply with such politicians, ye do but please a company of seditious persons, and incense the Nation in general, for ye cannot do a greater injury to your Country, nor offer a greater indignity, and violence to true Patriots, then to disturb the peace of the Land, and to strike at a King. For the King's safety is the Kingdom's Triumph, The Nation hath no greater joy then to see the King in his Beauty. Thine eyes shall see the King in his Beauty.

Sixthly, this serves to exhort all good Subjects not to disfigure the face of Majesty, for if the Beauty of a King be the brightest thing, that a Nation's eyes can be fixed upon, then what a dark Kingdom is there when a King does not shine out in Royal Splendour? If every one would have his right, that the Cottager, and Commoner would not lose his Country tenure, nor the man of noble blood, and honourable family would not lose his peerage, then why should not the King have his Jura regalia, his Crown-rights? I confess the Propriety of the Subject, and plead for it, but I find likewise, and am an Advocate, that there may be Hammelech Melech, The Right of a King, 1 Sam. 8.11. It is a Right of great antiquity, no fundamental Law can vie Seniority with it; no, multorum festorum Jovis glandes comedit, it does derive the pedigree a Nannaso, there are antiquiores dipthera to be brought for it, indeed it is as ancient as the Institution, now the word do naturally signify Right, & it is but Metaphorically translated Manner, as Buxtorsius, and Pagnine declare, if it be a Right then it must continue, as long as the original Hebrew hold. The Text will not perish, nor the Title. It is the King's Right, but it is God's Designation, and Charter for the Crown. I do not say the King should have all, I know to the contrary, but I say that the King should have his own, none ought to say to the contrary, espeically, when it is Jus divinum, a Gods-right. The King's Right being settled upon Scripture it is firmer, then if it were bottomed upon the best State-grounds. Some say, that this is only meant, when God does give a King in his wrath, but I say then that they are in wrath, for there is a great distance of time between Samuel, and Hosee, and between Saul, and Jeroboam. Kingdoms may have their particular Constitutions in accidental things which do belong to a King, but not in the essence of a King, especially not against the essence of a divine Institution. Let all the jest reverence that may be given to human Laws, but still let Scripture be Sacred, and inviolable, or else what have we left that is stable, & infallible? The handmaid must not rule the Lady, or let the star outshine the Sun, all the Sages of a Land must not be wiser, then the Oracles of God.

Well then, what is the Beauty of a King? what but his power? Take a King without power, and what is he, but a Ghost without life, a mere Phantasm, and Apparition? How can he do any thing that is Kingly, either in settling Religion, protecting the Church, administering Justice, making leagues, drawing his people to Humiliation for their sins, in maintaining the liberties of his people at home, or propulsing the violence, and affronts of Adversaries abroad? no, he must sit by with tears in his eyes, and deplore all exorbitances, and sad accidents, but not be able to remedy them; he has a sympathy, but he has no Sovereignty; he has a will, but he has no power; he has a face but he has no Beauty in it. A King's authority then is the true Majesty of a King, till he can command like a King, he does but personate a King. Oh then that the policy of many men is but to design against the power, that their chiefest drift is not in honouring and obeying a King, but in restraining and regulating a King, that when their purses are empty, then they fill them by a Crown-quarrel; that when their high parts are not considered, then they will be observed to be Master-wits in seeking to master authority; and to silence such a Mutiner, a Challenger by many a good King must be preferred, when many a loyal Champion of as good endowments and better worth must stand upon low ground, and this popular Eare-wig creep to his desired height. But away with these new dogmatizing principles of State-magick, whereby Kings are conjured into politicians Circles, or confined to their august limits. This may be a Science, but I am sure it is none of the liberal Sciences. It is a pitiful thing, when a King come to be tutoured under such Pedagogues, he is then rather a Disciple, a pupil then a KIng, for he must do nothing, but what is prescribed him, nor order any thing but according to commensurations. And this is rather Geometry, then Monarchy, or to make a Mathematical, rather then a Majestical King. Let the people have their birth-rights, Liberties, Privileges, but let no liberty eat up Royalty, nor birth-right, Crown-right, nor privilege Prerogative, for then the judgment in Egypt is fallen upon the Land, that the lean kin have eaten up the fat, and what then but a famine to be expected? The people may be amiable, but the King has no Beauty, or the soul of the King's power is defunct, and by a Pythagorean transmigration is past into the body of the people. And how will Natives then disregard such a King? and how will Foreigners insult over him? he shall be able to act nothing neither at home, nor abroad. The thick smoke in the form of a cloud which was raised by one of burning of beans might more terrify Charles the fifth, and Francis the first at Villafrank, they thinking that a Navy of the Turks had been coming, and the very dead statute of Alexander at the Temple of Apollo at Delphos might make Cassander sooner tremble then the presence of a King will beget awe or reverence in such a Nation. But some will say that Kings ought to have Counsellers, and he must be guided by them. Ought, and must are high words. It is convenient I confess that Kings should have Counsellers, for in the multitude of Counsellers there is health (Salomon the wise was not without them) but then these Counsellers must not be Compellers, the KIng must be the Head of the Counsel, a King must not be subjected to their excentrical humours (if any such things should happen) or to their self-willed, and self-ended aims, for these should then be rather projectours then Counsellours, or Dictatours; all the Beauty should then be in the Counsellours then as ye will, but still let the King haev the liberty of election, to accept, or reject what in his Princely wisdom he thinks fitting, for constraining advice belongs rather to headstrong, surely Subjects, then to true Counsellours. A king no doubts may as well refute ill counsel, as ill meat, ill weather, ill lodging. Bad company is dangerous, and so likewise a bad counsel. Is a King bound to walk in the dark? to take receipts of all Empiricks? to fail without all winds? to go out of the way, if his guides mislead him? No, it were better to run back to the middle of the way, then to run wrong. That Counsel may be followed there must be Sancta penetralia justitiae, the holy inwards of justice. How is a KIng at liberty if his judgment be not free? his captived person were something like to his captived reason. The King is not tied by the rules of common justice to follow their Counsel, whom he does admit to Counsel, no ordinary Client is limited to this. How is it the King's honour to search out a thing. Prov. 25.2. If the King's heart must ly in their mens breasts? why do David say, Give thy judgements to the King. Ps. 72. 1 1. If all the judgements of a Land lay in Counsellours lips, or the King has no commands of himself, but deputatuib? No good King will refuse Counsel, no wise King will yoke himself to a Counsel. The King might then make himself a slave, the Church a vassal, and the Kingdom a Bondman. Then the Land has lost her Liberty, and he himself may lose his Crown. For though noble Counsellours disdain to give any Counsel but according to honour and conscience, yet there are a company of pragmatical Sages, that will be Balaams, Jonadabs, old Achitorphels, or young Reboboams Consellours. If the KIng then be necessitated to the wits, or will of all the Counsellours, where is his Sceptor, and Broad Seal? Let there be then Majesty in Kings, moderation in Counsellours; Sovereignty in Kings, Sobriety in Counsellours; dominion in KIngs, devoir in Counsellours.

For if the King be to sit in the Throne, and he is the Law-giver of the Nation, and people be to seek the King's face, and to listen to the Divine sentence that is to come out of his lips, is he be to sit as chief, and to dwell like a King in an Army, if he be to sent forth the Decrees, and Nations to be to bow down before him, if young men ought to hie themselves from him, and old men ought to arise, and stand up, if the voices of Princes ought to be strayed in his presence, and after his words they ought not to reply, if all the Land ought to wait for him as for the rain, and to open their mouths for him as for the latter rain, then surely the best Counsel, the great Counsel of a Kingdom is not circumscriptive to a King. No, good Counsellours know better fealty, & bad Counsellours ought to be leave off this exilency. Let Magna Charta then be preserved, and the petition of Right have all the right that is in it, but let the Maxima Charta, and the prescriptionof King's Right be thought on with them, and above them; for it is the Elder Brother, and of the Blood Royal, and ought to wear the Crown before all others. If then the honour of God, or the fear of his Laws, the Image of God in a King's forehead, or the Scepter of God in his Hand, a King's Royal Ornaments, or a King's Royal Office, the advancement of Religion, or the protection of the innocent, the obedience of Subjects at home, or the dread of Foreigners abroad, the duty that ye require from your children, or the reverence that ye expect from Inferiours, the peace of the Kingdom, or the prosperity of the Kingdom carry any authority with you, let the last word be spoken, that may tend to the disparagement of the King's dignity, and the last arrow be shot that may be levelled with the diminution of his power, let us fill his Coffers with Gold, and his heart with confidence, let us end all enmity in unanimity, & change all fierceness into fidelity, let us fight no more against Kings, but fold out arms in subjection, let us all fall at the King's feet, and vow never against to strike at his head, let us join no more battles, but join hands, weep that we have been such enemies, and smile that we are become such friends; let us rejoice that we have gotten at home the Father of our Country, & be glad that we are coming home to our Mother Church; let it comfort us that the King has brought Bishops along with him to restore us to our first Faith, and Judges to settle us in our old inheritances; oh let it delight us that we are come to our wits, and begin to remember that we are Countrymen, and that the malignity of the Church-fever is spent, and that we begin to look upon each other as Fellow-Professours. Let us say we will go together to the King's Court, and go together to the King's Chapel, that we will join together in allegiance, and join the same King. All this is for the King's honour, and if we will have a King let us grudge him no honour. Let it be our ambition to strive, that we may be the most devoted people to a King, to be the Nation of Loyalty, the Island that will set up a magnificent King, that no Subjects upon earth shall pay such Homage to a Sovereign, as the English… and grandize the King! For to make the King great, it is to make ourselves happy, and honourable, for there is no greater delight and dignity to a Country then to have a King exalted, the blessing and Beauty of a Kingdom is to see a King in his Beauty, for Thine eyes shall see the King in his Beauty.

An Hereditary King, an Orthodox King, a Complete King, what can the eye of the Nation look upon with more satisfaction? no, Our eyes do see a King in his Beauty; we do see him so in his personal Beauty, and God forbid but we should give him all the National Beauty that may be Confess his right, and give him his right, welcome him home with melody, and bestow Majesty upon him; make him as great, as he does desire to make us mighty; we were never happy before he came, we are unhappy, if we know not how happy we are since his coming, he has redeemed us out of errour, out of bondage, out of despair. O Redeeming King! Let us not serve him now as the Israelites served Moses, who were ever groaning till they had a Deliverer, and ever murmuring after they had a Deliverer. No, let our joy in him be answerable to the comforts be has brought along with him; and our peerless esteem of him be answerable to his priceless worth; Consider his devout Heart, and his divine Lips, what zeal he does bear to the truth, and what hatred he does carry to an Oath, how he has preserved his Religion… consider his chaste eye, and his sober palate; how he is fragrant with almsdeeds, and is humble in prosperity; how he has forgiven his enemies, and is daily preferring his Friends; how the whole Lan does not ceed him in Candour, nor the whole earth in valour; consider what he has done for your consciences, what for your liberties, what for your Laws, what for learning, what for a flourishing trade, and what for a settled peace; consider if he be not the prime man that could have comforted you, if he be not the only man which could have made you happy, and will ye open your eyes, and not open your lips? give him your acclamations, and not give him your affections? shall Englishmen have the best King, and be the worst Subjects? be the most fervent Desirers of a King, and the ficklest Reverencers of a King? what still squint-eyed, rank-breathed, half-hearted? still Censurers, Malcontents, Mutiners? Send for the Senacherib then again, if Hezekiah do not please you. Oh the variable, and unstable spirits of men! what Scepticks are we in politics? what Critics in Government? we do but desire to enjoy a Blessing, and then complaint of wants; we do but desire to see a King, and then spy faults; we are glutted with a taste and heavy-eyed with a sight; take a gust and shut up our lips; stare a little, and then turn away our eyes; please our fancies, and affect no longer; delight ourselves with a gaze and then disdain. But oh beloved were we sick for a King, and are any now weary of him? no, very Esau me think should fall upon the neck of such a Jacob, & weep at the meeting; very Shimeis mouth should leave foaming, and he should fall down at the feet of such a David, and ask pardon when he sees him returning; the most heart-brent enemies that ever the King had methink should give over all their spleen and rancour, and admire his clemency and magnify his graces. If these should hold their peace the stones should speak, so if these will not prize such a King, very Infidels would honour him. Oh therefore let every Subject in the Realm know their own King, their lawful King, and give him cordial respect, faithful obedience, and an eminency of affection. Let Noble-men love him, for as he is the Fountain of their honours, so he has restored their honours to them; let Clergy-men love him, for he is a Sanctuary to the Sanctuary; let Judges love him, for he has put life into the Laws, and given them a resurrection; …let all the Land love him, for there is not a corner of the Nation, but he has filled it with joy, and resplenished it with blessings. Well let us all gather together, and weep for joy, that after so many dismal sights, we have eyes in our heads to see this one sight, this reviving, ravishing sight, even to see the King in his Beauty. Thine eyes shall see the King in his Beauty.

And as we have seen the sight, so let us not lose the fight, that after we have seen the King in his Beauty, we should see a King in Blood; no, if the Laws of God, and the Mercy of the King not quench Fire-brands, but there should happen to be new flames, new wars, let all faithful Subjects be dismembered rather than one Member of his Sacred Person should be wounded, and let every loyal Hand in the three Nations be cut off, rather then the traitorous hand should touch his Royal Head. For if we should be deprived again of the King in his Beauty, the Beauty of the Land is gone, and misery of the Land will renew, we shall have old plundering, and rifling, and sequestering, and imprisoning, and braining, and gibbetting again; if the King suffer, let us not think to escape scot-free; if the King die, let us not think to live long after him, no, let us resolve of a general Massacre, and a Funeral of the whole Nation. Now the King and Kingdom may be secure, let us make sure of him that is the Keeper of Israel, oh how safe might we be under his everlasting Arms! He would be the shield of our help, and the sword of our excellencies. Oh therefore let us not provoke the eyes of his glory, and he will watch for our defence, let us not break his Laws, & not a bone of us shall be broken, let us weep out our former corruptions with tears, and show ourselves to be alive from the dead by our regenerate faces; let every Royalist turn the greatest Penitent and truest Saint; as we account ourselves the most Orthodox Professours, so let us declare it by our mortified lives, and pure consciences; So may we defy all the enemies in the Nation, for in despite of all their fury and maugre all their malice, Jerusalem shall be a quiet habitation, a Tabernacle that cannot be removed, her stakes shall not be taken away, but we shall here long see a King in his Beauty, and hereafter see a King in his Glory, which that we may do, the Lord grant for his mercies sake, Amen.



File: 1683379281667-0.png (141.59 KB, 851x900, 1666814326383.png)

That is enough for today.
There should be art later.


why are there little choirboys running around the church and the balcony of the palace? this has to be some nonce shit


it's the brits what do you expect.
they've been raping little boys and girls since the founding of their shithole country.


I have a King Charles/Cocker Spaniel Cross, he is cute.


That's great to know.
Long live the King, God save the King~
HM King Charles III likes Jack Russell Terriers.


I made a grace stirner edit.

Would /siberia/ like graceposting more… if grace did more leftypol cosplays?


She looks good in glasses.


Totally forgot about Bhutan. What is your evaluation/impression of it?


<tfw kings are democracy simps
not so uncommon, sadly
I wish we could have Caligula who proudly said,
>'Let there be One Lord, One King!


File: 1683630191822-0.png (138.48 KB, 500x500, Grace pik 7.png)

File: 1683630191822-1.png (257.98 KB, 498x494, depressed dog.png)

>What is your evaluation/impression of it?
Grace-chan is unhappy another monarchy adopted constitutionalist politics and joined the democracy spiel but it's commonplace these days


>Would /siberia/ like graceposting more… if grace did more leftypol cosplays?

absolutely, you absolute monarch you.


ill forgive oyu if you draw Grace as an anarcha-feminist


imagine grace as leader of the Mujeres Libres say things like, "let there be one rule, no rules, one woman for all women"




i will not compromise. anfem or i will bully you


File: 1683631667202-0.png (176.98 KB, 500x500, Grace pik 5.png)

female-preferenced succession monfem matriarchy


File: 1683632994007-0.png (202.46 KB, 562x516, grace cookie bite.png)

Anfem doesn't go far enough.
Under monfem, it will female-dominated society.
There WILL be inequality of the sexes and the Matriarchy!



i dont like repeating myself : /


She's the queen of anarchists.


File: 1683756097532.png (126.17 KB, 1302x1550, stirner grace spooked.png)

*minor re-adjustment


I like this one


what is the lore behind grace?


I'll play more sonic adventure dx music.

It'd be cool if someone wrote grace lore.
I haven't worked on her lore and personality


>>406039 i'd like to know the basic things about grace because i'm dumb and haven't figured it out yet. is she a soviet marxist leninist or is she also an anarchist like alunya? also, you draw really well ❤❤❤❤❤❤

i apologise for insulting ur taste in music. sonic adventure music still hecking sucks elephant ass though


Grace is a monarchist, but we allow it because she's cool



We allow it because their wagon of love transcends the time and universe itself that their love is beyond our leftie catechism ^w^


File: 1683977132259-0.png (1.05 MB, 3000x3000, Grace 03.png)

>is she a soviet marxist leninist or is she also an anarchist like alunya?
<sonic adventure music still hecking sucks elephant ass though
all this hubris for a dog poster.

>Grace is a monarchist
>but we allow it because she's cool
I worry sometimes.
but I am kept around anyways
it must be the Alunya x Grace art fan service

Wow, anon.
When I have the art I promised earlier.
you'll like it


that anon is more than a simp.
more like, my most loyal subject.


File: 1684141181930-1.png (270.79 KB, 676x869, Grace VR 14.png)

Alunya, the most devoted simp.


File: 1684142627015-0.png (78.2 KB, 372x341, grace happy yay.png)

Someone should write a Grace & Alunya fanfic with Alunya simping all the time. Bringing Grace breakfast or saying good morning. Kissing the hand. Alunya being into feet Brushing Grace-chan's hair like a good maidservant. A nice bath too. Pouring a drink for Grace-chan. After a long day, when Grace comes back from doing Grace-chan stuff, Alunya will pamper more.


Grace couldn't survive from affection overload at the first hand kiss and hair brush


Happy birthday!!


File: 1684538239453-0.png (268.71 KB, 1000x1000, Grace 21.png)

File: 1684538239453-1.mp4 (3.03 MB, 480x270, dr mario song.mp4)

That was last month.
Belated, but okay.


File: 1684565629959-0.png (1.3 MB, 1731x1768, Grace irate.png)

Here is a new Grace crop.

There should be new art around this weekend.


When was it I don't remember you posting it?


Late April in the other thread.


File: 1684763552318-0.png (147.3 KB, 500x500, Grace pik 11.png)

File: 1684763552318-1.jpg (183.62 KB, 713x1000, FmKSgraWIAYJdO4.jpg)

I posted about King James VI & I in my previous thread.

Whenever I decide to post politics, I'll post it in that thread.

I'm here with a glass of milk, anons.

What are my plans? IDK.

Royal Colony w/o politics will be a challenge for me.

I'll find something to do.


File: 1684763671332-0.png (256.83 KB, 1302x1550, grace smile flip.png)

File: 1684763671332-1.gif (1015.41 KB, 500x281, milk drinker.gif)

Next chance I get, I'll have a picture of Grace drinking milk and stuff.


File: 1684775914287-0.png (1.09 MB, 1500x1500, grace 1 kitto.png)

File: 1684775914287-1.png (2.01 MB, 1500x1500, grace trade kitto.png)

File: 1684775914287-2.png (1014.04 KB, 1500x1500, grace 2 kitto.png)

File: 1684775914287-3.png (1.05 MB, 1500x1500, grace 3 kitto.png)

Resized Grace pictures.


File: 1684775940334-0.png (1.21 MB, 2600x1992, grace 4 kitto.png)

File: 1684775940334-1.png (1.17 MB, 1500x1500, grace 5 kitto.png)

File: 1684775940334-2.png (964.91 KB, 1500x1500, grace 7 kitto.png)

File: 1684775940334-3.png (1015.8 KB, 1500x1500, grace 8 kitto.png)


File: 1684775987849-0.png (885.34 KB, 1500x1500, grace 6 kitto.png)


File: 1684776025066-1.png (1.19 MB, 1500x1500, grace caligula kitto.png)

File: 1684776025066-2.png (1.28 MB, 1500x1500, grace bossuet kitto.png)


File: 1684776067028-0.png (1.04 MB, 1500x1500, grace alunya 1 kitto.png)

File: 1684776067028-1.png (1002.92 KB, 1500x1500, grace alunya 2 kitto.png)


File: 1684776126758-0.png (1.01 MB, 1500x1500, grace 9 kitto.png)

File: 1684776126758-1.png (1.04 MB, 1500x1500, grace 10 kitto.png)

File: 1684776126758-2.png (993.55 KB, 1500x1500, grace 11 kitto.png)

File: 1684776126758-3.png (931.61 KB, 1500x1500, grace 12 kitto.png)

more resized grace pics


File: 1684776152028-0.png (1.1 MB, 1500x1500, grace 13 kitto.png)

File: 1684776152028-1.png (1.1 MB, 1500x1500, grace 14 kitto.png)

File: 1684776152028-2.png (895.13 KB, 1500x1500, grace 15 kitto.png)

File: 1684776152028-3.png (894.6 KB, 1500x1500, grace 16 kitto.png)


File: 1684776187904-0.png (1013.32 KB, 1500x1500, grace 17 kitto.png)

File: 1684776187904-1.png (1.06 MB, 1500x1500, grace 18 kitto.png)

File: 1684776187904-2.png (842.95 KB, 1500x1500, grace 19 kitto.png)

File: 1684776187904-3.png (997.5 KB, 1500x1500, grace 20 kitto.png)


File: 1684776233882-0.png (1003.8 KB, 1500x1500, grace 21 kitto.png)

File: 1684776233882-1.png (1003.95 KB, 1500x1500, grace 22 kitto.png)

File: 1684776233882-2.png (1013.01 KB, 1500x1500, grace 23 kitto.png)

File: 1684776233882-3.png (894.22 KB, 1500x1500, grace 24 kitto.png)

resized grace collection


File: 1684776275490-0.png (951.68 KB, 1500x1500, grace 25 kitto.png)

File: 1684776275490-1.png (1 MB, 1500x1500, grace 26 kitto.png)

File: 1684776275490-2.png (1.05 MB, 1500x1500, grace chess kitto.png)

File: 1684776275490-3.png (1.06 MB, 1500x1500, grace russia kitto.png)


File: 1684776310065-0.png (1.09 MB, 1500x1500, grace 27 kitto.png)

File: 1684776310065-1.png (1.09 MB, 1500x1500, grace 28 kitto.png)

File: 1684776310065-2.png (1.25 MB, 1636x1500, grace happy kitto.png)

last pics


how would grace solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

probably hand it over back to the eternal Anglo and make herself Royal Governor


File: 1684805022577-0.png (1003.95 KB, 1500x1500, grace 22 kitto.png)

we're going to simp so hard for junko.

grace will be hailed as the queen of jerusalem.


File: 1684937128555-0.png (1003.95 KB, 1500x1500, grace 22 kitto.png)

How was my day?

Played Mario 64 romhacks.

Ate mac n cheese.

Drank milk.


File: 1684942441329.png (39.35 KB, 471x309, ClipboardImage.png)

she's eternal


Grace-chan's crown jewels


now draw her wearing it


File: 1684944692520-0.png (648.26 KB, 1254x1762, Grace jewels.png)

This is the only pic, really.


playing with an ai gave me this


imposter grace


So recently I am considering pokemon.

I haven't been a big pokemon fan.

I have a romhack version of pokemon red.

pokemon crystal

pokemon fire red

pokemon emerald

I want to try out fire red or the romhack, but I played emerald.


Hope ur having fun doing it! Recently I was reading som short mangas too =^=



File: 1685365857628-0.png (814.83 KB, 3000x3000, Grace wink OC.png)

File: 1685365857628-2.png (91.86 KB, 482x432, Alunya & Tania.png)

<Why are alunya's cheeks so fat
genetics & eating all kinds of exotic food with Tania
& from royal desserts w/ Grace


File: 1685797461509-0.png (1.25 MB, 1636x1500, grace happy kitto.png)

File: 1685797461509-1.png (132.76 KB, 600x560, Alunya fumo.png)

File: 1685797461509-2.png (90.4 KB, 1555x1160, 1685599988426-1.png)

File: 1685797461509-3.mp4 (8.23 MB, 640x360, Classcucked Mario.mp4)

More Alunya OC this upcoming week or so.
stay tuned, I promise

Are Grace / Alunya fans are still browsing?
idk if anons who like the art still lurk here

Question of the Day:
Is Alunya w/ Grace classcucked like Mario w/ Peach?


why are you making version 8 before version 7 is full


version 7 is for political posts
version 8 is everything else / blog.


I just enjoy the chemistry between grace and alunya


Hey grace, have u considered making a neocities or smth like that? it'd be nice to have a place to read all this w/ hyprlnks and inline image placement, + you'd probably do pretty web design.


The Invasion has began, coming in hard from the Mother Ship Zeta hanging out with the Greys on watching the thread. I see that we been simping for the Grace x Alyuna pics for a while (Which I humbly agree with need more of).

Making sure that we come in hard and fast making sure that Grace-chan feels invading.


If I masturbate to monarchy while living under monarchy, will I go to jail? What if I produce pornographic material such as writing erotic fanfiction?


didn't the french make pornos of Louis xvi before the revolution?


Darn, I didn't think of political porn existing before our age. That's one argument against the generation boogeyman


>What if I produce pornographic material such as writing erotic fanfiction?
Are you writing Grace x Alunya fanfic?


>Are you writing


File: 1685893854392.png (37.06 KB, 603x538, Grace tongue out.png)

Here is a new Grace sketch.


I might try it out.


File: 1685988221476-1.png (90.4 KB, 1555x1160, 1685599988426-1.png)

There should be art tomorrow.



File: 1686006975760-0.png (1.62 MB, 3100x3100, Grace icup ball.png)

when grace faced alunya at /icup/


File: 1686010301602-0.png (730.25 KB, 2439x3600, Grace no line.png)

I am thinking to get Grace-chan alternative clothes.

As for the OG outfit, I will remove her badge to make drawing Grace easier. Everyone knows Grace is a monarchist tan w/o her little badge, I would think.

Redesign Grace's original clothes or expand the wardore.

There should be slice of life Grace pictures & more Grace w/ Alunya. This will be a priority for a while.

Tomorrow I might surprise anons w/ the promised pics.


A preview.

There will be a handful more sketches.

They will be digitized & fully done.






File: 1686134165440-0.png (192.67 KB, 3000x3270, Grace sing icup red.png)

File: 1686134165440-1.png (640.27 KB, 1328x968, Grace icup 3D 1.png)

If there is no room for Grace-chan's team next /icup/, I have a backup plan.
<Instead Grace will petition to be transferred to /leftypol/ icup team (a team w/ better chances to be allowed in icup 8).
If there is another icup within the next 2 or 3 months.


File: 1686172317959-0.png (282.46 KB, 1000x1000, Grace sniff skirt 2.png)

File: 1686172317959-1.png (254.89 KB, 1000x1000, Grace sniff skirt 1.png)

File: 1686172317959-2.png (1.42 MB, 2039x2893, art_2.png)

File: 1686172317959-3.mp4 (9.39 MB, 480x360, MJ Butterflies.mp4)


File: 1686173320083.png (275.46 KB, 1000x1000, alunya sniff skirt.png)

If you are reading this post, that post above is invalidated and things will be okay.


File: 1686173542799-0.png (1.18 MB, 2440x2440, scene1.png)


File: 1686174634681-0.png (969.55 KB, 2440x2440, scene2.png)


File: 1686174689026-0.png (330.98 KB, 1000x1000, alunya cousin 01.png)


File: 1686174790227-0.png (1.58 MB, 2440x2440, scene3.png)



Playing /games/ today.


wot games lass


Is Graceposter a boy or a girl? :3


traditional roguelikes
like adom, caves of qud, brogue, nethack, etc




Can you play chess? It's monarchist game.


File: 1687370849357.png (1.09 MB, 1522x1100, 14 lichess.png)


I can't, wanna play a match?



File: 1687372551523.png (16.68 KB, 179x439, ClipboardImage.png)

What do these mean? It's not an actual count of pieces taken.


those are the moves listed in order afaik


File: 1687373327757.gif (1.89 MB, 540x300, crying ringo.gif)

I have been defeated.


You almost beat me and it was a kind of stalemate.


I was wondering about the pieces. It actually shows what you have but the other does not.


File: 1687501443674.png (1003.95 KB, 1500x1500, grace 22 kitto.png)

I am not that good at playing chess, btw.



These look AI generated, I don't like them.


They are AI generated.




File: 1687636788933-0.jpg (309.84 KB, 1218x1655, grace chibi.jpg)

File: 1687636788933-1.mp4 (71.39 MB, 640x360, Winter Palace asmr.mp4)

palace walking ASMR
w/ cars + snow


I might make another Monarchist OC (like Grace)


File: 1687651629759.jpeg (51.51 KB, 680x562, FyiY-8FXsAAnwqg.jpeg)

i own grace


What do you mean


File: 1687725327548-0.jpg (309.84 KB, 1218x1655, grace chibi.jpg)

I don't want to know what that anons means.

There is only Grace supremacy anyways, so Grace owns the anons and not the other way around.


No no no no alunya is clearly the superior choice, don't fucking try


File: 1687726327754.png (324.12 KB, 1000x1000, ClipboardImage.png)

Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Alunya who was in a long-term relationship with her girlfriend, Grace. Despite their happy life together, Alunya couldn't shake off the feeling that something was missing. One night, she got a DNA test. When the results came in, Alunya made a startling discovery: Grace was her cousin!
Alunya was mortified and couldn't believe the coincidence of having fallen in love with her relative. But Grace, on the other hand, was elated by the news. After all, Grace was a monarch, and inbreeding is what monarchs are best at! She couldn't wait to tell her parents (who were also related to each other) and extended family about her absolutely royal relationship status.
Feeling like she had been duped into falling for someone unavailable, Alunya tried to push away her feelings for Grace. But it proved difficult since she truly did love Grace and enjoyed spending time with her. Eventually, after much soul searching, Alunya decided to follow her heart and keep pursuing the relationship with Grace.
Together, they faced any obstacles thrown their way by society and naysayers, including disapproving family members. Their journey wasn't easy, but it ultimately led to a happier, more fulfilling life for both of them. In the end, Alunya discovered that sometimes, the most unexpected circumstances can lead to true love and a stronger bond with those we care deeply about.


File: 1687726523505.png (891.36 KB, 1024x576, ClipboardImage.png)

She stormed through the grand halls, her long legs carrying her forward with fierce determination. Her raven hair fell in wild tangles around her furious face as she pushed past guards and courtiers alike, their startled gazes following her progress. And then at last she reached it - the great golden throne, upon which sat the one who had wronged her so deeply. Grace. With a final, enraged cry, she leaped like an Olympic acrobat, unhinging her cat-fanged jaw mid air, and came straight down, perpendicular to her quarry, and inhaled her instantly in a single gulp.

“No, please!” Grace cried, but it was too late. She was inside Alunya now, engulfed in soft tissues. Then the fluids came. Alunya’s stomach began to secrete enzymes, breaking down Grace’s proteins into smaller peptides and amino acids. Grace screamed. Never in her life had she felt so much suffering. Grace’s peptides and amino acids were redistributed like wealth seized in a revolution throughout Alunya’s bloodstream. The rest of grace was turned into a big fat steaming turd, and Alunya pooped it out on the throne.

“Your majesty, welcome back.” said Cat Alunya.

“Dude, uncool.” Said turd Grace.

Alunya reached into her pocket, pulled out some fresh cat litter, and sprinkled it upon turd grace like Salt Bae.

"Consider yourself baptized." said Alunya, "You cheating whore."


File: 1687727137639-0.jpg (309.84 KB, 1218x1655, grace chibi.jpg)

File: 1687727137639-1.png (90.4 KB, 1555x1160, 1685599988426-1.png)

>don't fucking try
Grace > Alunya

I believe in Grace supremacy.


Alunya is a catgirl
Catgirls are awesome
Therefore alunya is awesome
Therefore alunya>g*ace


Alunya loves Grace and I can't see Alunya love someone who is not her equal.


No no she hates her!


They love each other!


Grace is better at being a catgirl anyways!


Oh my fucking god she's so ugly jesus christ


>Oh my fucking god she's so ugly jesus christ


Oh fuck she's even more ugly now


File: 1687730217358-0.jpg (309.84 KB, 1218x1655, grace chibi.jpg)

Don't worry: there will be another monarchist tan.

I guess anons can shill Rodina or NKVD chan flirting with the other tan.


She will still be ugly


File: 1687730864283.jpg (36.41 KB, 375x314, grace eyes glance.jpg)

You haven't even seen her yet.


I don't care, my beloved alunya will be superior to her


I only care about Grace-chan.


> Hey buddy, I think you've got the wrong door, the Renaissance fair's two blocks down.
< Fuck you.
> Oh, fuck you royal woman. Maybe you and I should settle it right here in the thread if you think you're so tough.
< Oh yea? I'll kick your ass! Ha!
> Yeah right man. Let's go! Why don't you get out of that princess stuff? I'll strip down out of this and we'll settle it right here in the thread. What do you say?
< Yeah, no problem buddy!
> You got it. Get out of that uh, jabroni outfit.
< Yeah, smart ass.
> I'll show you who's the boss of this board.


File: 1687843763928-0.png (138.48 KB, 500x500, Grace pik 7.png)

I was bored.

Nobody to talk with.

I guess I'll prepare the sketches for the fanfic thread


File: 1687846365971.png (193.6 KB, 867x448, fun talk with friends.png)

I'm here now, we can talk.


What is this other OC about? I like Grace-chan the way she is, I don't think she needs to change.


Hmm, maybe Grace-chan extending her hand to the viewer, to be kissed? Did royalty actually expect people to kiss their hands or is that just something made up by Disney?


File: 1687849918275.png (270.79 KB, 676x869, Grace VR 14.png)

We sorta have that already.

I expect hand kissing.




I wanna slap grace on the ass, fucking monarchist


I want her to sit on my face.


Ewwww, you love g**ce so much you want her to sit on your face? Bruh


File: 1687890680273-0.png (132.35 KB, 512x512, grace ex grrr.png)

lewd comments belong in the fanfic thread.


0k g**ce


File: 1687890788081.png (147.07 KB, 550x616, Grace cropped.png)

ok a*n*o*n*


AH! right in the heart!


the anons are going crazy.
wait until more sketches come out


Yeah ikr


Grace? Worse than Caligula
in tyrannizing this board


Anti-grace gang rise up


File: 1687894401597-1.mp4 (2.3 MB, 640x360, Fruit Salad.mp4)

Don't worry, anti-grace gang

I'll have more cursed art soon.


Oh hell yeah!



A few fixes
like the redness


File: 1687900503671.png (221 KB, 545x641, Grace Alunya kiss.png)

a minor fix


I liked the red spots, it looks like alunya hurt grace-tard


File: 1687910787941-0.png (345.58 KB, 860x1229, sketch of grace.png)

Yes, I mostly wish I had more Grace art.
in her latest design up-to-date


Kill the bitch


File: 1687918831053-0.png (814.83 KB, 3000x3000, Grace wink OC.png)

File: 1687918831053-1.gif (2.03 MB, 600x600, 1675399100544875.gif)

y' know what, a*n*o*n*

maybe alunya will be getting spanked this time.

a well deserved spanking too.


>I want her to sit on my face


File: 1687936519526.png (256.91 KB, 545x641, Grace_n_Alunya_sketch.png)



Grace deserves it for being a monarchist


File: 1688111776760-1.png (90.4 KB, 1555x1160, 1685599988426-1.png)

I would pick on Alunya for being an anarchist or communist, but since anons are divided over this question… I call her a leftist.


No! Alunya deserves love and hugs! Grace-tard deserves spankings and hate!


File: 1688115640400-0.png (1.25 MB, 1636x1500, grace happy kitto.png)

Dear anon…

>Alunya deserves love and hugs! Grace-tard deserves spankings

I could get a pic of Grace spanking Alunya's butt hard and anti-Grace gang would be helpless since they can only do edits and have no artists in their arsenal.


File: 1688116526364-0.png (398.63 KB, 1027x834, alunya pillory.png)

File: 1688116526364-1.png (57.05 KB, 588x480, Grace smile hah.png)

If it is a war you want, anti-Grace gang.

There'll be more art of Grace bullying Alunya or Alunya simping.


>There'll be more art of … Alunya simping.
wtf I hate Grace-chan now?!


Filthy fucking monarchist. Alunya gang, to war!


Make her wear NO clothes


File: 1688160203293-0.png (31.52 KB, 269x143, 122.png)

File: 1688160203293-1.jpg (191.21 KB, 1163x1110, Fu5BF_DagAA8hCC.jpg)

Royal artists are already drawing Alunya naked AND another image of Alunya being spanked.

You've lost the war already.


I won't give up so easilyA


not only do we have to tolerate a monarchist but the thread's been turned into their personal fetish dumping ground


File: 1688163342090-0.png (256.83 KB, 1302x1550, grace smile flip.png)

File: 1688163342090-1.png (87.11 KB, 512x512, 311.png)

>their personal fetish dumping ground
These fanfic pics are requests from your comrades.

Not my fault they're class traitors.

Alunya is getting spanked b/c of >>421951 this anon & anti-grace gang.


Y'know what i give up, grace wins


File: 1688164870111.png (57.05 KB, 588x480, Grace smile hah.png)

My work here is done.


Best way to die


last fix*


me on the left


File: 1688195609432-0.png (923.01 KB, 1500x1500, grace 1 kitto.png)

File: 1688195609432-1.png (849.89 KB, 1500x1500, grace 2 kitto.png)

File: 1688195609432-2.png (881.8 KB, 1500x1500, grace 3 kitto.png)

File: 1688195609432-3.png (979.77 KB, 2600x1992, grace 4 kitto.png)

Resized + up-to-date Grace
her crown badge is removed from her latest design


File: 1688195636215-0.png (894.03 KB, 1500x1500, grace 5 kitto.png)

File: 1688195636215-1.png (787.31 KB, 1500x1500, grace 8 kitto.png)

File: 1688195636215-2.png (775.92 KB, 1500x1500, grace 9 kitto.png)

File: 1688195636215-3.png (800.11 KB, 1500x1500, grace 10 kitto.png)


File: 1688195679934-0.png (809.17 KB, 1500x1500, grace 11 kitto.png)

File: 1688195679934-1.png (901.81 KB, 1500x1500, grace 13 kitto.png)

File: 1688195679934-2.png (891.79 KB, 1500x1500, grace 14 kitto.png)

File: 1688195679934-3.png (757.84 KB, 1500x1500, grace 17 kitto.png)

more grace updated


File: 1688195706669-0.png (710.98 KB, 1500x1500, grace 15 kitto.png)

File: 1688195706669-1.png (711.75 KB, 1500x1500, grace 16 kitto.png)

File: 1688195706669-2.png (896.83 KB, 1500x1500, grace 18 kitto.png)

File: 1688195706669-3.png (794.96 KB, 1500x1500, grace 21 kitto.png)


File: 1688195750621-0.png (793.32 KB, 1500x1500, grace 22 kitto.png)

File: 1688195750621-1.png (780.71 KB, 1500x1500, grace 23 kitto.png)

File: 1688195750621-2.png (707.52 KB, 1500x1500, grace 24 kitto.png)

File: 1688195750621-3.png (752.46 KB, 1500x1500, grace 26 kitto.png)


File: 1688195793701-0.png (1022.12 KB, 1500x1500, grace caligula kitto.png)

File: 1688195793701-1.png (961.79 KB, 1500x1500, grace jean bodin kitto.png)

File: 1688195793701-3.png (1.79 MB, 1500x1500, grace trade kitto.png)


File: 1688195848231-1.png (1.08 MB, 1500x1500, grace bossuet kitto.png)


File: 1688195880572-0.png (865.01 KB, 1500x1500, grace chess kitto.png)

File: 1688195880572-2.png (840.15 KB, 1500x1500, grace russia kitto.png)

File: 1688195880572-3.png (790.08 KB, 1500x1500, Grace flag blank edit.png)


File: 1688196086603-1.png (317.25 KB, 530x796, clown dog.png)

I'm still surprised nobody made a commie edit of the flag pic to troll me.



Nice, I like the style


File: 1688258654034-0.png (1.62 MB, 3100x3100, Grace icup ball.png)

File: 1688258654034-1.png (459.14 KB, 1140x1140, 166706330221329691.png)

The other monarchist OC will be an on-going side project. There will be plenty of Grace OC to come.

Later it might be that Grace keeps /siberia/ as its own independent monarchy and the other OC the mother country, like Brazil and Portugal. or one of them will be sovereign and the other a spare


File: 1688259529496-0.png (1.09 MB, 1500x1500, grace 27 kitto.png)

File: 1688259529496-2.jpg (138.55 KB, 1600x901, l279ctq84q341.jpg)


/siberia/ is a pretend colony and should get its own coat of arms or logo under colonial rule.

Don't worry; I'll make sure to have Siberian huskies on the sides and the indigenous leftist culture will be represented in it.

It will be like the 3rd pic related.


I wanna pinch grace's cheeks!


>socialist state that got overthrown
are you just rubbing it in?

and this monarchism, don't you feel ashamed and why?


File: 1688263069832-0.jpg (309.84 KB, 1218x1655, grace chibi.jpg)

File: 1688263069832-2.mp4 (23.16 MB, 1280x720, Unbiased History.mp4)

Alunya will call Grace her Queen.

This is canon now.

It will be like Antony and Cleopatra.

Let there be one prince.

As Caligula said.


We might as well speak a different language, anon.

There will be a beautiful and royal coat of arms or logo for /siberia/ with leftist characteristics.


That video is cringe and oversimplified. Cleopatra wasn't even in the same building as Antony when he tried to kill himself, Historia Civilis is way better.


(I'm not saying the real story makes Cleopatra look that sympathetic but it's a lot more interesting. Also that will that was read out was possibly a forgery, impossible to say.)


File: 1688268671215-0.png (1.25 MB, 1636x1500, grace happy kitto.png)

File: 1688268671215-2.gif (7.72 MB, 483x592, 9sg0cu8xml0b1.gif)

/siberia/ gifted Grace w/ this shiny emerald in the past for the crown jewels.


what a motherfucking joke. grace-chan needs to be sent to the gulag


File: 1688269003352-2.gif (1.93 MB, 245x245, T0ea.gif)

Grace is adopting a Siberian husky b/c /siberia/ is the most loyal colony there ever was.

This is canon now.


huskies are disgusting trash. get this shit out of my eyes


The dog likes you, anon.


Grace poster, what do you think of the Thai monarchy and the controversy of the Thai people disliking them?


He's a cute <3


Good thing there's a lèse-majesté policy.

Special shout out to the yellow shirts.

Red shirts will be spanked like Alunya.



File: 1688287476712.png (351.57 KB, 731x720, 1687838276804.png)

We need a picture of Grace-chan like this.


File: 1688287882794-0.png (546.03 KB, 2133x2462, Grace qt blushing 2.png)

Too busy getting Alunya pics.


Finally it's here


I didn't think Grace-chan would ever hurt Alunya. I'm very disappoint.


File: 1688353453150-2.png (325.56 KB, 1332x1580, 1660247046737.png)

>alunya gets a light spanking
i hurt
<grace gets guillotined
i sleep


File: 1688358178374-0.png (176.07 KB, 1092x1145, Grace sad crop 02.png)

File: 1688358178374-2.png (401.65 KB, 1000x1000, bouquet of roses.png)

Grace-chan won't hurt Alunya again.
I know *sniff* I have been baiting and playing fairly aggressive with leftypol lately, but I will stop.
I am sorry. :'(
Edit: Grace will give Alunya a bouquet of flowers to show how sorry she is. Red roses, because Grace knows Alunya likes red.


There will likely be more art soon.
within a few hours or so


I don't like those pictures either.


OK I forgive you it was probably consensual spanking anyways


I think anons will love the next upcoming pics.



It's not canon that Grace smokes, so there's one with bubbles too.

This is still in a sketching phase so changes could be made maybe


File: 1688377739118.png (450.96 KB, 867x971, 1662654243481.png)

btw this is a parody of this pic*



That's a pretty lame edit, the original is much better. I don't even know what this one is supposed to mean.



File: 1688457776085-0.png (340.24 KB, 800x900, tfw no grace gf.png)

File: 1688457776085-2.png (320.16 KB, 800x900, tfw no alunya gf.png)


File: 1688457809623-0.png (320.14 KB, 800x900, Grace bubbles.png)

File: 1688457809623-1.png (162.37 KB, 531x600, Grace bubbles sketch.png)

File: 1688457809623-2.png (293.2 KB, 800x900, Alunya bubbles.png)

bubbles meme


I tried adding the new eyes but idk if it's better or not


u'r really talented!!!!! r u a pro furry porn artist? There's a lot of money to be made drawing the most disgusting things imaginable for suspiciously rich furries




Grace, what do you think about carlism?


File: 1688525797301-0.png (57.05 KB, 588x480, Grace smile hah.png)

File: 1688525797301-1.png (132.76 KB, 600x560, Alunya fumo.png)

I have mixed feelings about them.

But overall I'm not fond of their oft touted regionalism.


What do you mean? I have to admit I don't know that much about it myself but I thought they were hardcore unitary centralists, unless I'm misunderstanding what you mean by 'oft touted regionalism'.


I talk with them and that doesn't seem to be the case for me.


For what region are they regionalists? Aragón?


>Fueros (similar to medieval charters): Part of the limitation of royal powers is the acknowledgment of local and regional self-rule (and of other types of communities in the political body, especially the Church). Although the result of a peculiar historical development in Spain, it converged with the concept of subsidiarity in Catholic social thought

>The more conservative, Catholic (or Christian-democratic) wings of the various nationalist and regionalist movements throughout Spain can claim an indirect influence from Carlism, particularly relating to fueros and regional self-government.

They as traditionalists also tend to be constitutionalist (except rejecting modern or liberal notions of it).
<As traditionalists, Carlists mistrusted ideology as a political driving force. Some 19th-century pamphlets expressed it in this form: against a philosophical constitution (liberalism, based on ideology), a historical constitution is proposed (based on history, and the teachings of the Church).

They also stress limited monarchy and have a bit of a tocquevillist streak in stressing intermediaries
>Rey (King): The concept of national sovereignty is rejected. Sovereignty is vested on the king, both legitimate in blood and in deeds. But this power is limited by the doctrine of the Church and the Laws and Usages of the Kingdom, and through a series of Councils, traditional Cortes and state-independent intermediate bodies

If you aren't familiar about the tocquevillist attitude towards absolute monarchies, idk what to say.

They tend to stress decentralization & those who advocate decentralization tend to harp on us absolutists about centralization.


Another difference between myself and carlists is this:
1st, for carlism, it is largely a denominational and historical for staunch traditional catholics;

whereas mine own is fairly abstract political thinking and it's more politics than /his/. likewise where they stress the church very strongly over the king, I tend to put more emphasis on political allegiance (not that I am a total secularist, but this is the case & I have been criticized for it before).

It is the same affair with the Jacobites: they tend to be an outlet for traditional catholics and it's a largely denominational or /his/ affair than political. & when it comes to the historical part where they like king charles i, king charles ii, king james ii, – I like king james vi & i most of all who was very protestant (so he doesn't get much love from the jacobites) – but I do talk about king james vi & i highly and talk about his political works.


Interesting, thanks for clarifying.


They also stress
>converted with the concept of subsidiarity in Catholic social thought

Where they stress intermediaries before the sovereign. It's the same phenomena with neofeudalists or tocquevillists: they want to stress all the nobles or classes before the sovereign monarchy.

Instead of a direct reverence for the king, it is mediated and the focus is more on the local noble than this royal bond connecting all people to the king like a monogamous ant colony where all are born of one queen.

This shift of focus is a bit Oligarchical for me and Catholics tend not to understand it b/c in their doctrine this is okay to do – but for absolute monarchists, there are 3 forms of state like the herodotus debate: monarchy (one), oligarchy (few), democracy (many).

When all the focus is on the few among the nobility over the pre-eminent monarch, it is seen as oligarchist thinking & tocquevillism embodies this pretense of the nobles most of all.


Where they put stress on few over one, it is incredibly annoying for my monarchist mentality soaked deep in the herodotus debate; they don't understand it b/c they're thinking Catholicism rather than politics. The sovereignty, majesty, pre-eminence – belongs to one alone – our royalism is that the king is father of the people and there's not the same emphasis on intermediaries taking the spotlight. Our attention is drawn to one person alone, not his ministers, his nobles, or assembles; there are no colleagues in majesty for monarchy, but one person alone.

It is a consistent theme in Bodin and Hobbes that we talk in terms of the herodotus debate (one, few, many); but traditionalists stress aristocracy vs tyranny (the best vs the worst). Bodin doesn't stress forms of State by the virtue. So traditionalists want any rightwing regime of rightwing virtues, but we specifically have the majesty of one person (monarchy) in mind… for them an aristocracy of kings is any number of good kings, but for us we demand one ruler specifically.

It is another subtle difference in how we approach politics apart from the traditionalists.

Jean Bodin
>the subject has no such jurisdiction over his Sovereign prince : of whom depends all power and authority to command: and who may not only revoke all the power of his Magistrates; but even in whose presence the power of all Magistrates, Corporations, Colleges, Estates, and Communities cease, as we have said

Thomas Hobbes
>And as the power, so also the honor of the sovereign, ought to be greater than that of any or all the subjects. For in the sovereignty is the fountain of honour. The dignities of lord, earl, duke, and prince are his creatures. As in the presence of the master, the servants are equal, and without any honour at all; so are the subjects, in the presence of the sovereign. And though they shine some more, some less, when they are out of his sight; yet in his presence, they shine no more than the stars in the presence of the Sun


File: 1688622103734-0.png (814.83 KB, 3000x3000, Grace wink OC.png)

File: 1688622103734-1.mp4 (8.73 MB, 720x404, Bees Bee Queen(1).mp4)

& again, w/ traditionalists, a king is viewed as the highest noble and one among equals.

As leftists would say, another rich person.

Whereas for us, the sovereign monarch is a unique, profound, & especial person.


File: 1688936619765.jpg (854.35 KB, 1000x1386, hakui stirner.jpg)

Why not become an anarchist? For us, everyone is a unique, profound and especial person.


I've decided that anarchy is evil.
& anarchists are all playing DOOM.

As Bodin says,
>No more than if all the citizens were kings, they should at all have no king.
& about anarchism
>The tyranny of one absolute prince is pernicious, & of many much worse… yet is it not so bad as Anarchia.
>The sovereignty has no firm foundation, but they frame a popular confusion, or a miserable Anarchy, which is the plague of all States.
>For under the pretext of an exemption from charges, and popular liberty, they induce the subjects to rebel against their natural princes, opening the door to a licentious Anarchy, which is worse than the harshest tyranny in the world.

This Bellum omnium contra omnes of Anarchy will not be my abode, stirner-chan. It will be like 2nd pic related.



File: 1688969952224.png (71.49 KB, 791x445, 1688969764151.png)

>I've decided that anarchy is evil.

So, you say "evil" - but how do you define, feel, put "evil" in a moral basis?

But really, all we see in these articles is that the authors reflect the feelings-influence formed within themselves for the idea of ​​anarchy to the paper~ why should it be the "truth", why should it be "moral"?
We are already in an inner anarchy left in the vast abyss of universe.


File: 1689075897233-1.jpg (48.66 KB, 1080x1080, anarchy2.jpg)

>So, you say "evil" - but how do you define, feel, put "evil" in a moral basis?
Yours truly doesn't know moral philosophy nor ethics to devise a whole moral basis, but I will try to account for why and how Grace-chan says anarchism is evil.

They say evil is the absence of good.

Anarchy is the absence of monarchy.

Anarchy is the rule of none.

Monarchy is the rule of one.

Anarchy is no ruler.

Monarchy is one ruler.

There will be no monarchy in anarchy.

>all we see in these articles is that the authors reflect the feelings-influence formed within themselves for the idea of ​​anarchy to the paper~

If a mouse should speak, the mouse would say cats are evil. It's truth enough for the mouse.

Anarchists are enemies of monarchy.

Like the anarchist Gaetano Bresci who assassinated King Umberto I or another anarchist Luigi Lucheni who killed the wife of Franz Joseph I.

>We are already in an inner anarchy left in the vast abyss of universe.

Anarchists say order without rulers, like this symbol Ⓐ

In this universe, Grace-chan has a point of reference w/ monarchy.

Jean Bodin remarks about sovereignty:
>Wherefore what the unity is in numbers, the understanding in the powers of the soul, and the center in a circle

& from an article about the indivisibility of sovereignty:
>sovereignty is no more divisible than a point in geometry

Grace-chan draws all those encompassing feelings about anarchy starting from there with monarchy: let be order with one ruler as the measure to bring the abode of the commonwealth, justice and peace.

With anarchy where do you begin? Nobody rules, so nobody draws the necessary measures to bring peace: neither to distinguish enemies from abroad and enemies within. Or any culture for friends to broadly identify with. We are already in an inner monarchy left in the vast world of political states.


>Anarchists are enemies of monarchy.
I think so, but why it's "evil" in the first place? It's beyond good and evil, and hurrah to distressed spirits!

>Grace-chan draws all those encompassing feelings about anarchy starting from there with monarchy: let be order with one ruler as the measure to bring the abode of the commonwealth, justice and peace.

Guess everyone personally has a relative sense of "justice…and uh, peace?"
What justice, justice of what, justice from what, justice to what…

>With anarchy where do you begin? Nobody rules, so nobody draws the necessary measures to bring peace: neither to distinguish enemies from abroad and enemies within. Or any culture for friends to broadly identify with. We are already in an inner monarchy left in the vast world of political states.

Nestor Makhno was a monarch, then? What… I am sure the absence of the state and possession of the unique is beyond the sense "nobody enforcing peace"


File: 1689077930426-0.png (254.64 KB, 902x784, Grace soft crop.png)

File: 1689077930426-1.jpg (93.46 KB, 600x800, FrtNPmpWcAA17lv.jpg)

>I think so, but why it's "evil" in the first place?
It'll suffice for Grace to say they are evil since they are enemies.

>It's beyond good and evil

Not beyond Grace.

>What justice, justice of what, justice from what, justice to what

It begins with the division of what belongs to whom, from the sovereign, to all those formally aligned, & peace is the harmony of it all.

>Nestor Makhno was a monarch, then?

I don't think this was his intention.


File: 1689083361497-0.png (141.59 KB, 851x900, 1666814326383.png)

File: 1689083361497-1.png (90.4 KB, 1555x1160, 1685599988426-1.png)

I doubt I would give a satisfactory answer to why Anarchism is evil esp. since I am not trained or familiar with it I'm too careful to hash it out since I can easily see it coming back to bite me.

Who's to say Anarchists accept what I call Anarchy to be Anarchy anyways?

I guess I would say Anarchism is evil since like I said no sovereign and everything is dispersed… without any hand or guidance. This is longed for and Anarchism obstructs it despite the tendency to form States and have personal guidance and political authority to harmonize and join all those involved.


Take all the mods away and see the fruits of Anarchy.

For this imageboard leftypol.org.

It will be for everyone to see why despite whatever grievances they think is good or bad for the site as written in the leftypol constitution. It would be utter chaos.


File: 1689095983272.jpg (230.04 KB, 1600x1900, HappySovietSoldier.jpg)

>Anarchism is when no mods and everyone spreading chaos.

I dont think in an anarchy you wouldn't continue posting your sweet stuff here, winks *w-

Besides, I think you are romanticizing and extending the word "authority"
U have an authority , The will-to-power, in an anarchy(ist communism) , The state , The monopoly of violence, bureucratic class and capital will negated to wither. But do you think your values will change too just from this?- do you think that the state is an aprioi entity that existed before the first human to ensure there's "peace"?
The eternal dialetics and war will go on- and communism is an utopia for the end-of-history, when the duties of nature for the biological body and it's essential needs for acquiring a meta which has use value will wither- but then, the state, does it has any value besides being a monopoly of -pursued ego of majority/rulers- ?


Anarchism is more nuanced than that tho, at least as far as academic use of the term goes. Jannies are volentary guards that do it because it serves the common good. It's not enforced by coersion and they gain no political power not also gained by the collective.
Like from what I've read of your idea of monarchism I wouldn't think it would be incompatible with anarchism, as long as it was deemed by the collective to be forthe common good to have a mon"arch." It would be weird, but not infeasable.


File: 1689126485315-0.png (173.93 KB, 649x588, Grace vomits crop.png)

File: 1689126485315-1.mp4 (1.49 MB, 480x360, James speech.mp4)

File: 1689126485315-2.mp4 (2.72 MB, 480x360, Leviathan.mp4)

>Like from what I've read of your idea of monarchism I wouldn't think it would be incompatible with anarchism
*vomits* I don't subscribe to anarcho-monarchy.

Yep, monarchy is a monopoly on violence.

This is no secret.

Jean Bodin
<But the last and highest degree, is of such as have the absolute power of life and death: that is to say, power to condemn to death, and again to give life unto him which hath deserved to die; which is the highest mark of sovereignty, above all laws, and above the power and authority of all Magistrates, as proper only unto sovereignty, as we have before declared.

Thomas Hobbes
<The maintenance of Civil Society, depending on Justice; and Justice on the power of Life and Death, and other less Rewards and Punishments, residing in them that have the Sovereignty of the Commonwealth.

King James VI & I
<And as ye see it manifest, that the King is Overlord of the whole land: so is he Master over every person that inhabiteth the same, having power over life and death of every one of them.

The Sovereign has a monopoly on violence, the power of life and death.


File: 1689128241579-0.png (775.92 KB, 1500x1500, grace 9 kitto.png)

File: 1689128241579-2.mp4 (6.83 MB, 640x360, Leviathan02.mp4)

>I dont think in an anarchy you wouldn't continue posting your sweet stuff here
<winks *w-
Why wink, anon?!
I would post sweet stuff here, but with the other raiders who would divide this place up.
The only difference is I am a benevolent raider.

>But do you think your values will change too just from this?-

Yes, I do; not immediately, but over-time, yes.

>do you think that the state is an aprioi entity that existed before the first human to ensure there's "peace"?

The moment there is any such thing as a people, there is a state. The individual is like a state unto himself: I remember that Hobbes in his treatise wrote, Know thyself. The State is one individual, indivisible personification, actually.

Thomas Hobbes
<And though in the charters of subordinate corporations, a corporation be declared to be one person in law, yet the same has not been taken notice of in the body of a commonwealth or city, nor have any of those innumerable writers of politics observed any such union

The State is an individual: one person.

I do think there is an innate human drive to have a cult of personality: I know how a crowd is drawn to observe one person on a stage and all like I said earlier about the power of the persona.

George Orwell even said monarchy is like a necessary evil.
<The function of the King in promoting stability and acting as a sort of keystone in a non-democratic society is, of course, obvious. But he also has, or can have, the function of acting as an escape-valve for dangerous emotions.

You see, he even acknowledges this: says these emotions should be suppressed.

<What he [French journalist] meant was that modern people can't, apparently, get along without drums, flags, and loyalty parades, and that it is better that they should tie their leader-worship onto some figure who has no real power.

I believe anarchists and all others are in self-denial about this: people long for a persona, otherwise they are a soup. They love monarchy and need a leader, lest they should be sheep without a shepherd. They desire one person to give them unity.

It is an innate human desire to have monarchical authority represented for the masses: we anthropomorphize all kinds of things, but the masses themselves also must be drawn to one person and have one personification.

Like this DPRK song describes.
<just calling out his name, makes waves of joy
<rise up inside our chests
<because of this uniquely great man who guides us throughout our lives
<the whole people is overwhelmed with pride

>Besides, I think you are romanticizing and extending the word "authority"

I think you are romanticizing and extending the word "anarchy".

>Jannies are volentary guards that do it because it serves the common good. It's not enforced by coersion and they gain no political power not also gained by the collective.

So are all other kinds of enforcers.
There is coercion and censuring in moderation.
You're right to sayt they gain no political power not also gained by the collective, because their power is borrowed by the sovereign power and they are appointed to these tasks.

>does it has any value besides being a monopoly of -pursued ego of majority/rulers- ?

It is all a cult of personality, so it isn't apart from this pursuit. The culture, names & language, and all other manner of governance are the monopoly of one person.


File: 1689131387230-0.png (793.32 KB, 1500x1500, grace 22 kitto.png)

File: 1689131387230-1.png (288.77 KB, 765x277, The City.png)

File: 1689131387230-2.gif (6.46 MB, 640x628, Si si si si.gif)

File: 1689131387230-3.png (839.16 KB, 995x826, leviathan.png)

There is no common good under Anarchy: the common good is the aim of States.

That is why we call them Commonweals.

The pretense of Anarchy is to have all these houses together and not have a city: to not have a state or political power.

That is why the State is referred to as the City at times in the classical sense. & this picture has the monstrous Leviathan above the City in this picture: the Leviathan is the City and the Commonweal.

Jean Bodin
<[They] without any probable cause, to have divided the Economical government from the Political, and a City from a Family; which can no otherwise be done, than if we should pull the members from the body; or go about to build a City without houses.


File: 1689144119905.jpg (4.06 MB, 5344x5747, 1689144107254.jpg)

>The moment there is any such thing as a people, there is a state. The individual is like a state unto himself: I remember that Hobbes in his treatise wrote, Know thyself. The State is one individual, indivisible personification, actually.

Still didn't get why the state or monarchy ensures your term of peace while a mutual aid anarchy not~

>I do think there is an innate human drive to have a cult of personality: I know how a crowd is drawn to observe one person on a stage and all like I said earlier about the power of the persona.

>I believe anarchists and all others are in self-denial about this: people long for a persona, otherwise they are a soup. They love monarchy and need a leader, lest they should be sheep without a shepherd. They desire one person to give them unity.

>It is an innate human desire to have monarchical authority represented for the masses: we anthropomorphize all kinds of things, but the masses themselves also must be drawn to one person and have one personification.

And I do not think there's a "human nature." But even assuming that the nature and therefore the biological body we trapped in, I still don't think we have a nature- this is not a stable phenomenon - I guess what you're doing is ignoring the planets you haven't seen and generalizing only on the facts you see because there is no light falling on you from these unseen planets in the wide space. Althrough that liberals may proclaim "Mind over matter", I don't think It's truth too… If you have drugs, it has an impact in your mind, the thing is-
Even you have a biological body and it's own material circumstances, it merely gets disintegrated and changed by the same material circumstances- someone may be fantasising some kind of personality cult, while some other simply not.

>Yep, monarchy is a monopoly on violence.
>This is no secret.

Source of violence and peace, looks like opposites but still I think your terms carry special meanings.

>I think you are romanticizing and extending the word "anarchy".

Not so- Engels has a book called "On Authority" and that criticism of Engels to Authority isn't how anarchist-ideologies' are theorized, I try to reflect in a theory, while you are giving it extra meanings

Such as : Anarchism= No Authority ( depends on what is "authority" for you ) = No Peace ( depends on what is "peace" for you)…..

<But do you think your values will change too just from this?-

>Yes, I do; not immediately, but over-time, yes.

Just being in the time causes this too- don't worry~ but yea, if there's no monopoly of violence enforcing something , I guess your morality was all
morality of fear, I thought you were religious or something, althrough religions endorse the same kind of morality too. But let's also say, what is the morality of enforcers?..

>It is all a cult of personality, so it isn't apart from this pursuit. The culture, names & language, and all other manner of governance are the monopoly of one person.

Culture, Names, Language , what is the point of these?

>There is no common good under Anarchy: the common good is the aim of States.

An industrial machine is developed collectively and it's procession speed increased within a more meta output - boom! It's common good¿

Science, being a mysteirous passion of some beings- actually causing a common good!


Also, the absence of mods has nothing to do with anarchy…

As the unique is the possessor of all, Nietzche says this about possession(may also mean having an authority in your inner world) :

194. The difference among men does not manifest itself only in the difference of their lists of desirable things—in their regarding different good things as worth striving for, and being disagreed as to the greater or less value, the order of rank, of the commonly recognized desirable things:—it manifests itself much more in what they regard as actually HAVING and POSSESSING a desirable thing. As regards a woman, for instance, the control over her body and her sexual gratification serves as an amply sufficient sign of ownership and possession to the more modest man; another with a more suspicious and ambitious thirst for possession, sees the "questionableness," the mere apparentness of such ownership, and wishes to have finer tests in order to know especially whether the woman not only gives herself to him, but also gives up for his sake what she has or would like to have—only THEN does he look upon her as "possessed." A third, however, has not even here got to the limit of his distrust and his desire for possession: he asks himself whether the woman, when she gives up everything for him, does not perhaps do so for a phantom of him; he wishes first to be thoroughly, indeed, profoundly well known; in order to be loved at all he ventures to let himself be found out. Only then does he feel the beloved one fully in his possession, when she no longer deceives herself about him, when she loves him just as much for the sake of his devilry and concealed insatiability, as for his goodness, patience, and spirituality. One man would like to possess a nation, and he finds all the higher arts of Cagliostro and Catalina suitable for his purpose. Another, with a more refined thirst for possession, says to himself: "One may not deceive where one desires to possess"—he is irritated and impatient at the idea that a mask of him should rule in the hearts of the people: "I must, therefore, MAKE myself known, and first of all learn to know myself!" Among helpful and charitable people, one almost always finds the awkward craftiness which first gets up suitably him who has to be helped, as though, for instance, he should "merit" help, seek just THEIR help, and would show himself deeply grateful, attached, and subservient to them for all help. With these conceits, they take control of the needy as a property, just as in general they are charitable and helpful out of a desire for property. One finds them jealous when they are crossed or forestalled in their charity. Parents involuntarily make something like themselves out of their children—they call that "education"; no mother doubts at the bottom of her heart that the child she has borne is thereby her property, no father hesitates about his right to HIS OWN ideas and notions of worth. Indeed, in former times fathers deemed it right to use their discretion concerning the life or death of the newly born (as among the ancient Germans). And like the father, so also do the teacher, the class, the priest, and the prince still see in every new individual an unobjectionable opportunity for a new possession. The consequence is…

Nietzsche,  Beyond Good and Evil

As yuo see~


File: 1689144944645-0.png (752.46 KB, 1500x1500, grace 26 kitto.png)

>Source of violence and peace, looks like opposites but still I think your terms carry special meanings.
A monopoly on violence is preferable to a free-for-all on violence: the sword of commonwealth becomes a sword of peace.

>An industrial machine is developed collectively

A city developed this way. That doesn't give us anarchy.


>Just being in the time causes this too- don't worry~ but yea, if there's no monopoly of violence enforcing something
Two different regimes don't share the same values, except for those essential to sovereignty.

Human laws, customs, and values differ.

New regime will be a new person and new values.

& when regimes keep the old flags of the previous regime, it is like the wolf eating the grandmother and putting on her clothes: this is done to secure the obedience of the rest who have the memory of the older regime and give an illusion of continuity. Much like Russia does today, trying to still celebrate the older regimes of Imperial and Soviet Russia.

The same with religion: you don't expect two different gods to have the same values.

I don't expect every law and policy to be eternal except like Bodin says the laws of God and Nature. There are many circumstances that call for an absolute power to remedy the situation and adjust accordingly.

>Culture, Names, Language , what is the point of these?

The parents name you & you don't name yourself.
The Sovereign will make use of these to govern in the exact same way.


Do the artists that you commission ever comment on the characters? Did any know them before your request?


>Did any know them before your request?
No. I introduce Grace as a generic princess OC.

I doubt any artist would know a tan as obscure as Grace. The only people who know Grace is this very little circle & a small number of my fellow e-monarchists.

Alunya too.

I wouldn't tell any artist the politics Grace-chan or Alunya represents.

I know the creator of other tans like Alpha 1918 who had problems with this.

It's unlikely any artist would reject me for my politics, but I don't risk it.

>Do the artists that you commission ever comment on the characters?

Sometimes, but only a compliment or two.


>a compliment or two.
What did they say?


File: 1689390716423-0.jpg (3.13 MB, 4500x3000, bastille_grace.jpg)



Is Grace a girlboss?


Grace is simply Grace a Tsundere true to tail.


File: 1689613070449.png (19.58 KB, 343x448, 1627801109612.png)

Is this true?


File: 1689699334598-1.png (22.77 KB, 600x500, communist dog.png)

Top 3 points to convert rightwingers to socialism:

<1. long hours:

it is true that a rightwinger could rebuke that you're lazy, but under the status quo people are working long hours and it's a gamble they'll reach retirement age.

This paired with the case that students and their children are away at school for so long that it is pretty much a public daycare system would be enough to put a stake in pro-family conservative's hearts.

Likewise evident with Japan and like Shinzo Abe famously embodies the reduction in births and the need to have sex and social isolation.

<2. Patsocs & Pink Capitalism:

Patsocs do a lot to appeal to the broad base of rightwingers here. There is none of this in North Korea. Paired with all the company sponsorships and civil endorsements in the West, patsocs hit rightwingers hard here and it's hard for them to ignore.

<3. Politics-savvy Socialism:

Esp. as represented in posters and workers' solidarity. Where all members of society and professions are represented and idealized. A socialism that is seen as effecting politics and working for everyone's benefit is broadly appealing (Fascism, in particular, borrows and sanitizes this for rightwing audiences). This broadly appealing for its civics like a nice bee colony.


Gtg, but I will leave off there.


File: 1689711520464-0.png (1.09 MB, 1500x1500, grace 27 kitto.png)

File: 1689711520464-1.png (513.03 KB, 587x800, ezgif-3-684b296de4.png)

But don't sell yourself short.

Give an inch, they ask for a mile.

Pandering doesn't work & people are spoiled w/ panderers.

As I would never do this w/ my monarcho-autism.

inspiration speech ends


File: 1689711897936-0.png (61.66 KB, 789x371, ezgif-3-faa67c66a4.png)

File: 1689711897936-1.png (434.66 KB, 2299x1795, ezgif-3-2c33d256b2.png)

>is this true
It is true as you wish it to be.

Here are Grace-chan's socks.


File: 1689956726326-0.png (97.52 KB, 330x312, Grumpy Grace grrr.png)

File: 1689956726326-1.jpg (157.52 KB, 1600x900, Crying Aya Asagiri.jpg)

Grace-chan will be mad at Alunya over political differences and having been told to go back to /siberia/.

Alunya will be begging & apologizing to Grace.


Isn't Grace-chan-hime-sama's clothes a bit too militaristic? Was it common for princesses to wear such clothing?


File: 1690178815562.mp3 (72.87 KB, grace.mp3)

Does anyone have the full text of this? I have lost my copy.


Grace upon seeing the neko ears of Alunya


I'm going to sleep, I will try to dream about Grace-chan.



File: 1690845022485-0.png (1.18 MB, 1023x1701, Majesty 01.png)

File: 1690845022485-1.png (453.9 KB, 602x587, Majesty 02.png)

The next /monarchy/ OC will be called Majesty.

She is still in her design phase, but this is a sketch.


It is okay to wear such clothing.
Grace's clothes were initially based off a real princess.


Let there be One mascot, One Grace! We don't need anyone else, we need Grace!


Alright time to riot, I got the Advance Alien Space Ships who is with me.


File: 1690872247503.jpg (1.22 MB, 3000x4000, princess_dress.jpg)

Maybe Majesty will send Grace to /siberia/ & stay at /monarchy/


She's very pretty, but… why Grace-chan never gets to wear pretty dresses like that?


I tried an alt outfit for Grace but never settled.

Maybe Grace will get her own dress.


File: 1690873275644.jpg (125.48 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0001.jpg)

It's very important for young women to have all kinds of pretty clothes!



File: 1690947615885-0.png (256.83 KB, 1302x1550, grace smile flip.png)

File: 1690947615885-1.png (550.15 KB, 1600x1600, 1651840423328.png)

Romanov Dynasty - 300 years.
Soviets - <100 years


Romanov dynasty = Lost a World War
Soviets = Won a World War


File: 1690950244807-0.png (814.83 KB, 3000x3000, Grace wink OC.png)

No thanks to traitors.


grace has charisma, i love grace


File: 1691164161782.jpg (179.96 KB, 1280x1280, Sisyphus.jpg)

Grace-poster should be punished and putted in eternal monotonous cycle of pushing the boulder , after in which moment of time that the ideas of monarchy or Alunya will fully wash away from her mind- or maybe her love towards Alunya would resist, how about the idea of monarchy?


>>434649 (me)

Oops, I meant Grace-chan, but both works I guess



File: 1691555877838-0.mp4 (2.45 MB, 1280x720, 4zxt_VuKwOrlq6Fo.mp4)

File: 1691555877838-1.mp4 (15.23 MB, 640x360, Forward Russia DPRK.mp4)

File: 1691555877838-3.png (840.15 KB, 1500x1500, grace russia kitto.png)


File: 1691556539653.jpeg (206.42 KB, 734x1200, 071023-F-0000R-001.jpeg)

We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.


Satanic get, do not trust post


>If you are my fan I consider you as my family, blood related.

<Over the years we became a family. You are all my family. My children are your children and all children of the world are our children and our responsibility.

>It was you who put your heart on the line. It was you who stepped forward to defend someone you love. It was you, on a worldwide basis who supported me as my army, my soldiers of love. You were always there. You are always loyal and I love you forever.

-Michael Jackson


File: 1691702525924-0.png (176.07 KB, 1092x1145, Grace sad crop 02.png)

File: 1691702525924-1.png (257.98 KB, 498x494, depressed dog.png)

they deleted most of my Grace archive on leftybooru


File: 1691703432541.gif (3.35 MB, 540x304, chika.gif)

Why would they do that? We need more Grace pictures, not less!


it's a damnatio memoriae.
leftypol is tired of graceposting.
maybe i should pack my bags finally.


File: 1691706520723.gif (1.67 MB, 333x281, 1666198525056060.gif)

disGraceful. Booru mods are uncultured swine.


I will never get tired of Graceposting!


That's saddening, Grace-chan was giving there an unique flavour.

>leftypol is tired of graceposting.
>maybe i should pack my bags finally.

Overloading yourself and forming relations with the same object may lead to a cruelty of body-prison,"the boredom."
It's surely cruel, shattering the dreams and plans…

For me, I like your grace-posting, it really had given me reflections of enjoyment if those memories of mine are any meaningful, and after all, I guess if you weren't pleased from it, you would have already packed your bags, princess. And even if you go on a journey leaving from leftypol, there's a possibility that you'd miss your home~

(I guess a part of 'love' should be infinite negation of boredom no matter what interaction u form with ur 'loved thing')


I enjoy it, just cause the booru owner doesn't, it's whatever. Make a Gracebooru


File: 1691911205900-0.png (213.62 KB, 631x753, Grace VR 12 edit.png)

File: 1691911205900-1.png (278.39 KB, 794x838, Grace VR 7 edit.png)

File: 1691911205900-2.png (96.64 KB, 420x464, Grace VR 5 edit.png)

File: 1691911205900-3.png (265.72 KB, 676x869, Grace VR 14 edit.png)



File: 1691911315592-1.png (1.02 MB, 2185x3000, Grace 03 edit.png)


omg its grace


File: 1691918531150-2.png (1.44 MB, 1500x1500, 0oSJagG15.png)

File: 1691918531150-3.png (1.16 MB, 1500x1500, UMj2Uyud6.png)

Minecraft skins (also updated) + flags


File: 1691920151992-0.png (256.89 KB, 1547x1953, 1633897281981.png)

Updated older pictures (up-to-date Grace w/o the badge).
IDK if any anons are collecting these or have a Grace folder, lol.


File: 1691922102690-0.png (1.17 MB, 1500x1500, Bf2vy-Np27.png)

File: 1691922102690-1.png (1.18 MB, 1500x1500, Bf2vy-Np2722424.png)


>IDK if any anons are collecting these or have a Grace folder, lol.
I'll collect them since the booru won't archive them.


I was thinking about Grace.


graceposter, how do you feel about Saudi Arabia? It's the only TRVE monarchy left


can it really be true and honest monarchy when there's like 60000 princes?


File: 1692345576521.png (71.19 KB, 174x182, ClipboardImage.png)

I hope GraceChan didn't leave us


File: 1692407640184-0.png (116.34 KB, 1027x967, Grace cute look.png)

There are still trve monarchies around, but my rhetoric on monarchy & the absolutist style has been out of fashion since its origin in the late 1500s and span of the 1600s.

In the field of political ideologies, your ilk will likely be there far, far down the line like me.

The same fate is likely to happen to ML leftists and other far leftists, tbh, so I should turn the question back to you and say how do you feel about your style of leftism becoming more unfashionable as the years proceed?


File: 1692408339812-0.png (256.89 KB, 1547x1953, 1633897281981.png)

File: 1692408339812-1.png (422.88 KB, 450x500, King-James-1.png)

File: 1692408339812-2.jpg (194.35 KB, 626x769, ezgif-2-19634d7424.jpg)

King James II the late Catholic king, like his Protestant grandfather King James I (who had read Bodin, btw), would appeal to absolute sovereignty (& an absolutist understanding thereof) & his prerogative in his declaration / proclamation:

>Have therefore thought fit to Grant, and by our Soveraign Authority, Prerogative Royal and absolute power, which all our Subjects are to obey without Reserve

>by our Soveraign Authority, Prerogative Royal, and Absolute Power aforesaid
>we by Our Authority and Absolute Power


>which all our Subjects are to obey without Reserve
but what do we get in return?


You get to be the royal chair.


File: 1692409608029.mp4 (3.02 MB, 582x720, 9f3ce9970e1becb7.mp4)

>You get to be the royal chair.


File: 1692411426837-0.png (728.36 KB, 3000x3000, Grace popcorn 2.png)




i just wanted to hear if you thought saudi arabia was based or not

>your style of leftism becoming more unfashionable

we'll see lol

I like the oblivion jams :)


I wonder if his lute is tuned to just intonation instead of 12TET. It hits different, not just in terms of tenor, but in terms of tone.


File: 1692486644158.png (213.58 KB, 800x686, former head of state.png)

>Make a Gracebooru
You can even put all the Grace-chan diaper art there. Think of the national independence as an opportunity to found a more loyal land elsewhere, where you can actually be the monarch.


>bully pic


File: 1692553129130-0.png (153.69 KB, 791x846, Grace cute smug.png)

File: 1692553129130-1.png (140.4 KB, 1098x1003, 163389728198112.png)

File: 1692553129130-2.png (256.89 KB, 1547x1953, 1633897281981.png)


File: 1692553165769-0.png (145.12 KB, 1027x967, Grace cute look flip.png)

File: 1692553165769-1.png (116.34 KB, 1027x967, Grace cute look.png)


File: 1692556380741.png (641.98 KB, 3435x4336, grace-pointing-e.png)




why is there two grace generals being simultaneously updated?


File: 1692953983777.png (321.14 KB, 305x467, ClipboardImage.png)

Some Of You Guys Are Alright, Don't Go to Parliament Tomorrow


File: 1692955981764.png (178.27 KB, 249x428, ClipboardImage.png)

wow grace is really tall and has four arms in that pic


File: 1693022494122.png (497.22 KB, 1000x1000, 20230826100405.png)

Grace reading the fanfic thread.




kewt <3


Amazing art :0
I've never imagined Grace-chan like this


me rn in the late summer heat



File: 1693432308954-1.jpg (37.83 KB, 355x499, Alunya VRchat.jpg)

There's a cool Alunya avatar in VRchat.

It surprises me how much Alunya OC I find here & there.


That's pretty cute!


File: 1693513960414-0.png (743.81 KB, 2133x1974, Grace couple 01.png)

File: 1693513960414-1.png (596.59 KB, 2133x1396, Grace couple 02.png)


File: 1693514023025-0.jpg (128.38 KB, 491x512, Grace portrait VR 2.jpg)

File: 1693514023025-1.jpg (110.21 KB, 827x679, Grace portrait VR 1.jpg)

File: 1693514023025-2.jpg (74.06 KB, 586x552, Grace portrait VR 3.jpg)






Here is a unity package for the others.


File: 1693734517678-0.png (809.17 KB, 1500x1500, grace 11 kitto.png)

We'll have an Alunya 3D model later.

& if we're lucky, an Alunya caramelldansen.


yayy :D


Lickspittle ass thread


Will these models be used to animate the yuri stories from that other thread?


you wear the cap though


they could be, lol.


File: 1693923761931-0.jpg (31.61 KB, 371x516, Grace chan 3D.jpg)

File: 1693923761931-1.png (780.71 KB, 1500x1500, grace 23 kitto.png)

I am working on making the 3D models more accessible.

It feels pointless b/c I idk if anons will use the 3D models like the Minecraft skins. Maybe the 3D Alunya will be passed around on /leftypol/ & anons will play with it or make OC with it.

Potential ideas for anons to make OC w/ the models:

>Alunya Reads could use the 3D Alunya model like a Vtuber

>Alunya 3D could read leftypol news in videos

>Someone could reenact Alunya x Grace fanfic with the 3D models

>Use Vtuber Gallery : Anime Pose to get pics, then crop in paint.net & remove background using a web service or GIMP? I've made a whole bunch of reaction pics this way.

>Play VR games or VRchat or VRchat among us w/ the avatars

>Make video OC or episodic stories w/ the models

They'll be available within a couple days. I'll make another post when they are.


File: 1693924794658-0.png (814.83 KB, 3000x3000, Grace wink OC.png)

File: 1693924794658-1.webm (2.18 MB, 1920x1080, 1637292241320.webm)

File: 1693924794658-2.mp4 (26.91 MB, 1920x1080, SuperTuxKart.mp4)

Not only VR, but I think all sorts of games.

These models could be worked on using Blender (I think) and modded into other games. They were able to be used in /icup/, btw.

This model someone else made from the Tux racing game (I think) and was also in /icup/.






I would recommend vocaroo to get voice mp3s.


It shouldn't be hard to find volunteers to record audio clips.

With all this software, all the ideas listed >>446729 should be doable and somewhat easy to do.


This service is useful for reducing the size of mp4 files:

Scale the mp4 to 720 width and upload video*

Cropping mp4s or videos with this service:

Avidemux is also a useful free software: set output to MP4 Muxer and you can crop w/ it*

This channel has many recommendations for VRM software:


How To Import a VRoid File Into Blender ( Quick Tutorial )


File: 1694212650424-0.png (348.19 KB, 793x968, Alunya-Draft7.png)

File: 1694212650424-1.png (161.91 KB, 755x892, Alunya-Draft6.PNG)

3D Alunya in progress




Model #1: Alunya without tail
^this is no tail.


Model #2: Alunya with tail
^this is the model with the tail


File: 1694237471371-0.jpg (78.95 KB, 391x456, G & A 04 - Copy.jpg)

File: 1694237471371-1.jpg (68.84 KB, 427x338, G & A 03 - Copy.jpg)

File: 1694237471371-2.jpg (146.08 KB, 673x596, G & A 05 - Copy.jpg)

File: 1694237471371-3.jpg (58.28 KB, 292x402, G & A 02 - Copy.jpg)


File: 1694237515742-0.jpg (104.12 KB, 470x492, G & A 06 - Copy.jpg)

File: 1694237515742-1.jpg (120.29 KB, 624x456, G & A 07 - Copy.jpg)

File: 1694237515742-2.jpg (71.06 KB, 364x377, G & A 01 - Copy.jpg)

pictures 1


File: 1694237568606-0.jpg (93.11 KB, 493x618, alunya 01 - Copy.jpg)

File: 1694237568606-1.jpg (48.52 KB, 269x572, alunya 03 - Copy.jpg)

File: 1694237568606-2.jpg (60.25 KB, 367x489, alunya 04 - Copy.jpg)

File: 1694237568606-3.png (313.41 KB, 667x968, Alunya-Final - Copy.png)

Alunya model preview


File: 1694238324279-0.png (256.89 KB, 1547x1953, 1633897281981.png)

Anyone can find the Grace 3D models on VRchat.

Btw, you don't need a VR headset to play VRchat & can play on PC. & it's free

At Prismic's Avatar Search, by searching Grace

It's the most popular avatar world.


Give it three days or a week and Alunya models should also be searchable on VRchat's Prismic Avatar Search world.

I'll update when they are available there.



Can you make them kiss?



I wouldn't know how.
& it takes 2 people to control 2 avatars


>I wouldn't know how.
Have you never kissed someone?


File: 1694267875734.png (380.28 KB, 572x556, ClipboardImage.png)

Context behind pic related? I never been to 8chan.
Also i'd like to see an image of alunya, grace and this girl whom i forgot her name :(


File: 1694268986590-0.png (931.61 KB, 1500x1500, grace 12 kitto.png)

File: 1694268986590-2.png (1.23 MB, 1920x1080, ezgif-5-c294ad03ce.png)

>Context behind pic related?
If you lurked, you'd know my gig w/ hoppeans / ancaps & how I feel about Hoppe.
that picture was a mistake
That was Aurelia.

>I never been to 8chan

I have lurked there since 2015.
Started on 8chan rather than 4chan.


*The context behind the picture was intended to show how libertarians liked monarchy via hoppe, w/ Thomas Paine's covered in cobwebs on the shelf;

Common Sense was deliberately placed near her head to signify Aurelia lost her common sense

because right libertarians (at least I viewed them) generally in the past viewed monarchy as tyrannical, Grace grabs her butt to break the NAP and winks at her

Right libertarian monarchists would probably groan at me for saying this, but I generally viewed their political ancestors as democracyfags or more republican. So Hoppe's book flying in behind Grace showed that change, but the overall context of the picture is they are unusual bedfellows & still are, esp. given Grace-chan's absolutism


I don't like Hoppe b/c he advances that Tocquevillist narrative on absolute monarchy, him & de jouvenel together annoy me for this–that's where hoppe's ilk originates from for me, alexis de tocqueville – which always rebukes absolute monarchy on pretense of the nobility, it's a crypto-oligarchism that sometimes wears more traditional constitutionalist clothing. Another theme is skepticism towards democracy*


Absolute monarchists have been kinda cucked.

Thanks to Hoppe & De Jouvenel.
tied together w/ NRx obscurantism & neoabsolutism (which makes de jouvenel their figurehead, but thankfully they're a dead movement since Von Haller became the next trendy name).

There are way more anarcho-monarchists thanks to Hoppe.

& any others that were vaguely interested had been netted into Tocquevillist prejudices against absolute monarchy thanks to De Jouvenel / Neoabsolutism. neoabsolutists are political cuckolds imo

Truth is, that right libertarians, tradcaths & scholastics, and others were never invested in something as heterodox as absolute monarchy, so it's no wonder they collapsed and Von Haller was the new trend.


File: 1694272324562-0.png (757.84 KB, 1500x1500, grace 17 kitto.png)

I always hate what becomes trendy in those circles.

Whether it's De Jouvenel, BAP, or Von Haller.

I write off Von Haller as poorman's Bodin to spite them.

There's always the other spergs peddling Oswald Spengler, Julius Evola, René Guénon,& Yukio Mishma. Nothing against these names (well, maybe Evola), but that they clutter up the place and are apathetic towards what I shill here.


Guenon is only a aristocrat in the spiritual sense, he shouldn't be lumped in with evola and his ilk.


File: 1694275040510-0.png (97.52 KB, 330x312, Grumpy Grace grrr.png)

File: 1694275040510-1.png (211.88 KB, 750x420, 404.png)

>the jannies clipped my other royal colony thread


What, why? I was just browsing it like a hour ago.


Do you still have it open in a tab?


Sadly I do not.


File: 1694275971848.png (13.85 KB, 733x73, ClipboardImage.png)

Looks like it was archived: >>>/siberia_archive/8688


File: 1694276585591-0.png (96.64 KB, 420x464, Grace VR 5 edit.png)

File: 1694276585591-1.png (257.98 KB, 498x494, 1677947246770911.png)

That's good.

Now I can save a few of my posts for my screencap folder.


File: 1694279337649-0.png (497.22 KB, 1000x1000, 20230826100405.png)

File: 1694279337649-1.png (596.59 KB, 2133x1396, Grace couple 02.png)

I lose more privileges day by day,

Now I'll have to get more pictures of Alunya being subservient to get revenge.





File: 1694352293611-1.png (112.26 KB, 846x855, 1685293242286.png)

Anyone can now find the Alunya 3D models on VRchat.

Btw, you don't need a VR headset to play VRchat & can play on PC. & it's free

At Prismic's Avatar Search, by searching Alunya

It's the most popular avatar world.



You can also grab the Alunya files here^

Grace files >>445861 &>>445788 & >>445785

They are also available >>447550 as announced here.


Damn, idk if anyone's using the models.


I don't play that game


File: 1694384582289.png (132.35 KB, 512x512, grace ex grrr.png)

it's time to start!


File: 1694394147625-0.png (96.64 KB, 420x464, Grace VR 5 edit.png)

I would be so elated if someone used the Alunya model in VRchat or vtuber-style. Or anything.

& sent screenshots here or made reaction pics w/ them.


File: 1694456958165-0.png (176.07 KB, 1092x1145, Grace sad crop 02.png)

mfw no alunya fans are playing around with the avatar / model


Sorry Graceposter this is all new to me and I just got home from work


If you have a decent PC, it should be viable.


File: 1694672185823-0.png (284.21 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_2059.png)

File: 1694672185823-1.png (1.8 MB, 2048x2048, IMG_2058.png)


What do the letters in her hair say?


that's just shading.


No it's a secret message, a confession of love.


File: 1695099066027-0.png (284.21 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_2059.png)

File: 1695099066027-1.png (257.98 KB, 498x494, depressed dog.png)

Anons srsly think Fascism is more relevant and influential than my political canon here.

When I have these works:
>Jean Bodin's Six Books of a Commonwealth & Method for the Easy Comprehension of History
>King James VI & I's Political Works & speeches
>Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan, De Cive, Dialogue, & Behemoth
>Robert Filmer's Patriarcha & other works
>Bossuet Politics from Holy Scripture (& a great orator under Louis XIV)
>Joseph de Maistre Generative Principle of Political Constitutions


File: 1695101579754-0.png (937.43 KB, 4000x4000, Grace qt.png)

File: 1695101579754-1.jpg (3.49 MB, 1750x2952, JamesIEngland.jpg)

File: 1695101579754-2.jpg (2.38 MB, 1390x1975, 1661858352913189.jpg)

Anyone familiar with the history of political thought would probably concede Bodin's Les Six livres de la République and Hobbes Leviathan as being very influential books for modern politics. Very foundational for the framework of modern states today as we owe a great deal to these books and our notion of sovereignty.

Then I have historical monarchs who endorsed our view of monarchical sovereignty.

King James VI & I, King James II, Louis XIV, Louis XV, Catherine II – to name a few & I could more.

The audacity to say there's no real world relevance here when it's one of the very real politics if any.

Even if it's said that in the year 2023, it's not relevant: the same could be said for Fascism since there hasn't really been any serious Fascism since had been around for maybe a decade or two and hasn't been much since the 1940s.


File: 1695102995336-0.png (97.52 KB, 330x312, Grumpy Grace grrr.png)

File: 1695102995336-1.png (85.18 KB, 560x315, snarling-dog.png)

It's all leftist hubris b/c their leftism was basically built over the ruins of such monarchies.


>Anons srsly think Fascism is more relevant and influential than my political canon here.

I don't want to upset you, but monarchism isn't considered a phomena more than simple persona fetishism. It's not like you can't do it for celebrities etc.
While fascistic attitude of similar mechanisms are more common.

I'm perfectly fine with your being the symbolic monarch of /leftypol/ , but It's not because of any 'sacred' , 'important' duty lying somewhere beyond in self but I like how you look like having fun with it.

And- like how a slave can have an affection towards the master as both of the statuses of parties are determined by spesific material circumstances ( and so, influencing their actions )
Now, we live in a world where such circumstances shaped in another forms - no one is now considered a slave of a feudal lord. And actually, I see no point in that. Reinstating monarchy or not.

Also, I think while Grace-chan may having dreams of pursuing to form a happy royal family with Alunya as her queen wife, I guess Alunya is content within every material circumstance as long as she's with Grace


I have a native install of Linux, cannot use VRchat unfortunately


I have a native install of Linux, cannot use VRchat unfortunately


File: 1695143632852-0.png (849.89 KB, 1500x1500, grace 2 kitto.png)

File: 1695143632852-1.jpg (138.92 KB, 800x601, dog and cat.jpg)

How to Install and Mod VRChat on Linux and Open-Source Software

VRChat on Linux PC – Install & Play online virtual reality game

As it stands in the year 2023, even Grace is more relevant than anarcho-anything, so tread carefully, fren.


>As it stands in the year 2023, even Grace is more relevant than anarcho-anything, so tread carefully, fren.

Ouch, my heart aches… You didn't have to be so ruthless TT

Also, I like the anarcho-nihilism flag ( maybe or just nihilism ), it's relevant for me!!1!


Sketches of Grace in alternative outfits.
credit to Solar for the /draw/.


She has large breasts.


File: 1695421571619.jpg (187.65 KB, 1541x1079, Grace alt outfits.jpg)


File: 1695530843351-0.jpg (80.89 KB, 552x1054, Grace salute.jpg)

File: 1695530843351-1.png (596.59 KB, 2133x1396, Grace couple 02.png)

Grace is the people's monarchist.


Cool I'll try it out next weekend m'lady <3


File: 1695874157321-1.jpg (158.63 KB, 640x898, Dog_in_top_hat.jpg)

/siberia/ feels slow.
Or I lost my audience.

Wait, this weekend?


Are you lonely?


File: 1695892055856-0.jpg (80.89 KB, 552x1054, Grace salute.jpg)

Quest Grace avatar with Quest support & optimization is now available at Prismic's Avatar Search. This means it will be visible for Quest users & if you use VR you can move around with the avatar freely.

At Prismic's Avatar Search, by searching Grace

It's the most popular avatar world.

The Alunya avatar is also Quest optimized.

I am a little, ngl.


File: 1695910338734.png (1.61 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

if there was an image of Grace flexing her royal muscles I would worship her in a heartbeat


File: 1695974340513-0.png (730.49 KB, 900x1618, Grace full body salute.png)

new grace art!


File: 1695974375454-1.png (730.49 KB, 900x1618, Grace full body salute.png)



File: 1695974406592-0.png (2.93 MB, 3000x4000, love_letter.png)

File: 1695974406592-1.png (2.88 MB, 3000x4000, love_letter_2.png)


Now draw them playing baseball


cute 💕


>grace confessing to alunya
lol is that station square


Now someone has to write a story for that.


alunya and grace need to be in station square in that story(if there'll be one), it would ne funny


holding hands with grace and alunya please just once in my life


File: 1696043543087-0.png (2.93 MB, 3000x4000, love_letter.png)

File: 1696043543087-1.png (2.82 MB, 3000x4000, love_letter_2.png)

A small edit on the noses–
Here is the final version of the love letter pics.


Why do none of the other Royal Colony threads get archived on >>>/siberia_archive/ ?


File: 1696063816765.png (3.23 MB, 1080x1308, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1696064053696.gif (1.55 MB, 498x278, tenor-2063820317.gif)

Grace-chan is pants…


File: 1696064231968.jpg (497.7 KB, 1265x1344, 1676615308611.jpg)


That's a funny pic anon, ironically that's the exact same thing the American government does today, you know their lingo, "spreading democracy".

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