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You dont think incels existed in the soviet union?


Mass stabbings or shootings in the USSR? When a mass stabbing did occur, did the perpetrator blame the lack of sex or his hatred of women? It would be interesting to research those topics. It sounds like there is a bit of influence based on material conditions.


When i say incel i just mean guys who cant get laid


same with trotsky


Then there is no problem. I’m referring to the sexist and violent phenomenon that occurs almost exclusively in the west.


Hit the gym, worked for me.


The idea that school shootings are linked to incelism is media spectacle propaganda. I used to be an incel, and I don't mean the borderline fascist types youre referring to. More wholesome self hating incels hate shooters, since it gives them a bad name.



Guys who couldn’t get laid weren’t ridiculed in the USSR. Nor are they ridiculed in China. I mention the incel phenomenon to Chinese people and they don’t understand the concept until you explain to them what goes on in the west.


>Guys who couldn’t get laid weren’t ridiculed in the USSR.


Have you not read the manifestos of these people?


I’ve talked to Russians before. Have you?


They are ridiculed in China. There is even markets based around appearing to have a girlfriend etc. idk how similar to whatever country it is, but it is in fact a status thing there too.


I’ve lived in China and I’m sure that’s western bullshit.
Honestly, they really don’t care because it’s purely a neoliberal phenomenon.
I’ve not only mentioned this to Chinese people I knew but I never seen any of that “virgin shaming” behavior as I’ve seen in the US.
It’s staring to occur in Japan though, if you watch certain anime, you see some virgin shaming. It’s probably due to the incompetence of the LDP’s idiotic policies.


Yeah, and getting 0 bitches is just as mockery worthy there as it is everywhere else.


Why would it be considered ok and not reactionary?


I doubt you have talked to former Soviet citizens


I genuinely cant tell if you guys are fucking with me or what.


No liberal. You’re out of touch.


>didn’t even talk to boomer parents
<Absolute Reddit-tier terminally online kulak
People didn’t behave this way even in the west prior to the 80s. That’s all thanks to commodification under Reagan and hyper individualism. You didn’t know this somehow?


people have been judging others for not being able to get laid since the beginning of time


>hasn’t talked to boomers
>hasn’t talked to Russians
>hasn’t talked to Chinese
You’re a Reddit liberal. You don’t know what’s going on in the rest of the world.


My unattractiveness is really making me suicidal. It’s harder to simply interact in the corporate world because of the reactionary “halo effect”. You can tell the west is capitalism in decay (fascist) when certain people are discriminated despite the initial economic benefits.


Trotsky was a chad and was beloved by the people.


I cannot tell if youre joking or not. Men are judged by their sexual experience. Maybe its not the same way as in US, but still.
Also, lol at imageboards still using Reddit as a byword. Imageboards are far more mind melting.

this Its mostly another jab at male youth sexuality. Mass shootings are more due to sociap aliemation at home and school.


No you’re also out of touch on both topics. If you have ever talked to an older person or someone from the PRC, you’re going to discover that men are not really judged in those circumstances as they are in the modern day west. Period. You need to go out and talk to different people. Not everyone you meet is going to be a zoomer or a millennial.


Mao stole the waifus from the greedy landlords and distributed them to the most historically oppressed class…gamers!


>corporate world
Found your problem.
You think anonymous basket-weaving forums are more 'mindmelting' than an overt glowie operation? For real?


I have talked to older people. Alot of them are boomers. Amd they all brag about their sexual exploits and talk about how "kids these days have no game."

But its not just that They compare their childhood to the newer generations in general.Also again, I said that way men are judged on their sexual experience isnt always the way Americans do it.


Yes,imageboards are more mind melting. Last time I checked, CP wasnt uploaded as an edgy joke on Reddit.

Nor did Reddit produce mass shooters or LARPing white ethnopurists.

Reddit also allows for evokution of meme culture, whereas imageboards are autistic about certain year numbers bcuz "muh peak of Internet culture."

Reddit doesnt have threads of postpubescent humans whining about lack of coochie.


ironically reddit basically is kind of like old 4chan if you actually looked at the time period, Outside of the newer reddit being more PC and against racial slurs or whatever the fuck the humor there was more akin to oldschool 4chan where memes were just meant to get laughs and upboats/(yous) now memes on 4chan is mostly about maintaining shibboleths and acting like culture bodyguards.


Why don't you go back then?


Total fucking opposite. Every time I talk to a boomer on that subject, they whine about too much sex in the media. If you ask the question directly, “were people shamed for being virgins in your day and age?” they will say no.
Similar situation occurs with Chinese people, you try to explain incels and they don’t get it. I showed a guy a translated article about the subject and he didn’t get why they were angry over their situation.
Note that I’ve lived in China and I have been speaking Mandarin for more than 10 years.
You are sounding a lot like a liberal when you bring up “lol Muh human nature”. “Human nature” is a bullshit point used by liberals to dismiss socialism.


kill all redditors


Player solidarity


delusional, reddit is actually just like 4chan except they pretend to be nice while being fascists deep down


I'd say there is a bit more to 4chan psychology nowadays. Ironically I would say that reddit is actually a bit more of a free for all because they can just make their own subs and shit and as such you could theoretically fly in the face of typical redditor niceties while on 4chan you generally have to carry about the shibboleths that say that you're a true blue 4chan user and talk like them. Both sites are prone to astroturf though.


This. Reddit is Nazlib 4chan but they try to hide their fascist tendencies at times.


The most popular subreddits are filled with GPT-4 bots talking about how Chinese and Russian deserve to be genocided.


File: 1685411582970.jpg (166.58 KB, 973x684, 1657420480111.jpg)

I'm a fat "incel", I bet I wouldn't be so ugly if I wasn't fat. But yeah fat and ugly. Don't tell me to lose weight I already tried, and I don't need advice I'm almost 30 and know my shit.

My experience as a relatively socially active person is that women don't find me attractive even though I'm well spoken and people like to be around me and listen to what I say. I did get with 3 girls in different weird ways throughout the years but never had sex.

Meanwhile I have a close friend that has aspergers and ADHD, takes Ritalin, and always gets pussy. We went to the same places and did the same things, he's probably my best friend to this day. We've known each other for more than 10 years, during this time he had 3 girlfriends and when he was single the fucked tons of girls from Tinder. He's physically attractive, that's it.


File: 1685412554305.png (238.67 KB, 366x506, 1681887655987.png)

Autism is a patronizing sci-fantasy superpower when it suits the bazinga speaker, or it’s an ableist putdown for when that suits the bazinga speaker instead.


File: 1685413302791.png (619.71 KB, 883x793, sip.png)

Re: the posts talking about liberalism when confronted with advice.

Years back, I’m afraid I can’t find the study anymore, it was determined that people trying to build new habits would often fall back to old behaviors when exposed to situations that caused them produce adrenaline (fear) and cortisol (stress) together. So, in today’s world, i think it’s pretty safe to say we’re all facing an uphill battle when trying to change, regardless of our individual challenges. But I don’t think it’s hopeless; It’s about understanding that you’re a little fish in a big ocean and sometimes the currents are going to pull you in a direction you don’t want to go and you’ve basically gotta find a story to tell yourself that works for you to help stay focused on where you want to go.


Alot of those boomers whom whine about too much sex in the media are often on the down low. Theyre usually lusting after some underage girl or something.
Or theyve been overstiated from theor worldly pursuits.

Remember, adults often like to make their demographic seem more virtuous than they really are.

>I lived in China

Well theres your problem.

Also, dont think that Chinese dont have aesthetic rules for male sexuality.

Again, I said male sexuality is aestheticized, but not always the way Americans do it.

>You are sounding a lot like a liberal when you bring up “lol Muh human nature”. “Human nature” is a bullshit point used by liberals to dismiss socialism.

So everything that you dont like is "liberal proaganda".
This is the same schtick uses by right wingers when their worldview is challenged.

Again, it goes to show that imageboards, even if theyre leftist, are the ultimate honeypot.


>This is the same schtick uses by right wingers when their worldview is challenged.
>Again, it goes to show that imageboards, even if theyre leftist, are the ultimate honeypot.
huh maybe people in general act that way? what does honeypot even mean to you?


> So everything that you dont like is "liberal proaganda".


>Meanwhile I have a close friend that has aspergers and ADHD, takes Ritalin, and always gets pussy
Women are easily attracted to potentially dangerous men, a tale old as time.


He has the jawline.
He’s a jawline kulak


How attractive are we talking here?


Fourth date we went to the beach and spent the weekend getting plastered til the sun came up. Bros, she’s amazing.


Save for a Gastric band. if you are a gringo, then explore how to use that currency in a cheaper place ehem
If you have a hormonal problem then well, the dice are against you but still is not the end of the world.
Venezuela's contribution to the redistribution of jawlines
Down with jaw kulaks!
Long live the jaw reform!

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