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Old thread >>402144


the pain never ends


File: 1684038270440.jpg (59.36 KB, 380x644, (You).jpg)

2nd for fuck r9gay selfpity losers


3rd for these threads give me brain aids


File: 1684038460265.jpg (70.74 KB, 946x648, 1661041193845-3.jpg)

We live in a society where you can either be a fluoride stare npc zombie or a blackpilled gamer renegade. Choose your class and special ability for the upcoming civil war, online fights are spilling out into the streets and a mere flamesuit will no longer protect you.


File: 1684040607077.jpg (152.42 KB, 692x800, 31295684156.jpg)

Thoughts on Simone de Beauvoir?


Brainlets love to throw the word pedophile around but she actually fucked her students while Sartre watched.


sir this is the Sex and Relationship thread


The picrel is her essay "the second sex", and she refers to females as being the "other" throughout history.
How the incelanon in the last thread was referring to normies reminded me of her rhetoric.


>finally work up courage to talk to woman
>woman pretty receptive, convo going well
>boyfriend comes out of nowhere
>grabs her waist and leads her away giving me sideglare
>things get awkward so my initial confidence fades
>she comes back later and makes a bit more convo
>im back to full awkward mode again and now she thinks Im weird too

Why do boyfriends have to be so insecure, Im not even a threat… was just trying to practice some convo skills and im a lanklet


>only 9 posts
It's over


you didnt pass the vibe check

step one is to realize that 90% of the time nobody really cares about the shit you're insecure about
step two is to not give a shit when they are

life is too short


is that what vibe check means


File: 1684207200667.png (51.5 KB, 406x368, 1673312695247.png)

what I mean is, if the dude was insecure about you talking to his girlfriend, that means you're not doing as bad talking to people as you think.
You got discouraged by your own self image, and figured there's no point in trying to better yourself.

He was the vibe check, and his vibe was one of wanton jealousy. You succumbed to his pressure and backed off. The fact that she came back meant that you weren't being creepy, and she wanted to keep talking.

Normally, only jealous types act like this. If both parties in that relationship were confident in how they stood, this wouldn't happen.

Just imagine how hard it would be to be in public with an SO like that, every person you talk to is a threat to their way of life.

Don't let it discourage you, for you did nothing wrong, and let it be a lesson for when you have your own SO in the future.


There is nothing incorrect in that image.


I had sex 4 times today


I went on a date on Friday. It was very cute. We talked for hours. Drank lots of beer. I didn’t even sleep with her on the first date which was surprising. A woman interested in me beyond sex hasn’t happened in a while.


>A woman interested in me beyond sex hasn’t happened in a while
Take your humblebraggotry somewhere else.


It is not hard to get piss drunk and sleep with unattractive women, anon. It’s not something you want.


It is hard and I do want it.


As a currycel how do I get a white girl? I just want to feel a hot white girls legs and shit, why do they have to be so enticing?


I don't even know man but White women fuck dogs.


Turn into a dog.


That fixated creepy attitude is probably part of the reason why you aren‘t getting any. White girls aren‘t special.


Total Femoid Death


File: 1684276137032.jpg (51.05 KB, 600x600, 1669891588786.jpg)

[commenting on a pic of a girl and her dog]
me: wow shes hot, and the girl aint half bad either! :P
girl: that's disgusting
me: FFS, I'm just trying to provide some lighthearted banter that I can exchange for sex and this is how I'm treated, Fuck Roasties


I am


How do I stop it


Dude if there was a siberia meetup everyone would be drunk and naked within 30 minutes of arriving to the meetup


there is never going to be a meetup you need to get that idea out of your head and make some irl friends.


also sex



It's not hard. If you drop your standards low enough, you'll fuck someone. I don't recommend it though.



>If you drop your standards low enough, you'll fuck someone.
That might be the case if his problems are not living up to standards of women he wants to fuck. But if the issue is more fundamental, like being completely unable to flirt, make connections, just generally perform the "mating rituals" expected of a heterosexual man, dropping standards is not gonna to anything.


>there is never going to be a meetup you need to get that idea out of your head and make some irl friends.
Impossible. I'd rather self sabotage and delude myself into thinking the digital world is real rather than live in the real world where everyone goes to church and hates me for being trans


What's it mean when a woman firmly grabs your arms after she pulls away from a hug? She certainly wanted to give one and thought I look nice, just not certain what it means exactly.


Why do depressed single men on the internet believe that the best dating advice they can get comes from other depressed single men on the internet?


because its the only advice that reaffirms their current views


Personally I only post here for entertainment but I'd have no one else to give me advice anyway.


I want advice from men who used to be desperate and lonely.


Well at least we are honest and not shilling for money. Besides I have a boyfriend and have even had sex with girls!!


Should I tell my girlfriend that i bought a dildo [spoiler] for myself


I dunno, do you think she would be accepting of it


probably but it would be completely out of left field tbh


Well you might as well be honest if she's open and tolerant about it, maybe you can share that part of life with her.


why, you wanna get pegged


it means exactly what you want it to mean. i fucked up the quote lol



anal play feels good bro, try it out


File: 1684289926457.jpg (68.07 KB, 460x583, a3YPLq5_460s.jpg)

This is what my right hand told me today.


File: 1684290513298.png (150.92 KB, 500x500, 1683844715608.png)

Anxiety is the stupidest thing there is so why am i always anxious over the silliest of things?


i'm so fucking inept i can't understand this
Everyone has anxiety to a degree, even if they don't want to admit it. "The silliest of things" is a purely subjective metric made up by no-one in particular.


Rationally speaking theyre silly to me but despite knowing that the anxiety is still there, i hate it.


Honestly, I'm the same way. Knowing that other people experience things the same as me helps alleviate it a little in my experience.


Because traditional dating advice doesn't work for ugly, socially awkward dudes so eventually we find each other to try to figure out what's going wrong.


and hows that worked out for you


That's the point, it was never gonna work regardless of who I asked. But at least now I know why


All the ugly, socially awkward dudes I see with a girlfriend IRL would say otherwise.


Fair enough, but I'm VERY ugly and VERY socially awkward. It was never in the cards for me. I agree most incels/foreveralone types are salvageable tho


do you have friends to hang out with at least?


No, I haven't had a friend since I graduated high school (I'm 27)


File: 1684355469044.jpg (76.38 KB, 600x572, 1660926076399.jpg)

Posting in this thread because I don't know where else to put this but

>join an org in 2020

>burn out in 2022
>decide to take two months off
>two months off ends
<can't afford to go to a conference involving them
<suddenly I get covid
<bank account gets hacked twice
<grandmother in hospice care, have to say goodbye
<volunteer on microbudget film shoot, goes horrendously and I basically end up not talking to the director anymore because I'm so pissed at his horrible attitude and his willingness to take advantage of people (I've known him since middle school, this is basically the final straw for a friendship that's lasted most of my life)
<My grandma dies, have to go to funeral
<IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS my apartment turns out to have a bed bug infestation that requires multiple visits from the exterminator, I miss christmas with my family
<get gastritis from a case of food poisoning
>getting really depressed and fed up this whole time
>dealing with work burnout and financial stress because everything is just more and more expensive the whole time
>I haven't contacted org because jesus christ
>they haven't contacted me either
>I'm quietly dropped by them

Feel like shit for not handling this better, anons


>>408598 (me)
And I forgot
<drama between roommates over a girl crashing with us during a terminally ill friend's birthday visit


>Feel like shit for not handling this better, anons
Sounds like it's not your fault.
Sometimes life is really shitty. It's unreasonable to expect from other people or yourself to be totally on top of shit when you're going through a rough time. Just try to take it on the chin and not come out of it too embittered.


>when you wanna fuck your gf while she's wearing something sexy but you're also worried about accidentally tearing or ruining it because it's also expensive as hell and not intended for the wearer to be fucked in
The struggle is real


Posts like this make me want to self harm. Why do you make them?


Because this is the thread about sex and relationships and my post is about both? If you want me to talk about something more serious I could talk about my performance anxiety if you like


This post is for people who struggle with sex and relationships. It's not for normies to come in and start humbelbragging at us.


Like no offense but get over yourself, not everyone is as miserable as you are and some of us are capable of talking about sex and relationships while both of those things are part of our lives. So no I'm not going to censor myself just to cater to the feelings of some wannabe Elliot Roger who has a meltdown when he sees someone trying to be relatively well adjusted. That said if you genuinely want to change your situation I'm happy to inform you it's very much possible, I thought I was super ugly and unlovable and weird too but somehow I found someone, so if there's hope for a guy like me you can bet your ass there's hope for a guy like you too


>That said if you genuinely want to change your situation I'm happy to inform you it's very much possible, I thought I was super ugly and unlovable and weird too but somehow I found someone, so if there's hope for a guy like me you can bet your ass there's hope for a guy like you too
If you have got a gf then you aren't ugly. Women are chadsexual and hate ugly people and want us dead.


I promise, I'm not very good looking and have had to deal with plenty of ostracism in my day. Thankfully women aren't a hivemind, there's plenty out there who value things other than looks


>Not hitting on girl even with her bf present
>Not trying to fuck the bf too
Get on my level was he hot?


fuck off uyghur, you arent funny


What do you need help with exactly?


Date two ended up like an episode of Seinfeld. Was raining so we went to a bar/coffee place. Ended up running into person after person from our mutual social groups neither of us had talked to in 5+ years. Very awkward, but very funny in hindsight.
>"Oh wow, that's two people I didn't think I'd see, let alone together!"


File: 1684360130543.jpg (87.83 KB, 1080x300, 1654003627179.jpg)

Did you manage to find a blind girl or something?

I have no idea. On paper I'm a more suitable partner than plenty of guys who have girlfriends. The only thing I can narrow it down to is looks and maybe I give off a bad aura too.


File: 1684362051924.gif (814.42 KB, 280x215, AridScentedBug-max-1mb.gif)

>and maybe I give off a bad aura too
This is a factor that men seem to utterly overlook in favour of doing phrenology on themselves. You can look completely fine, frozen in time, but if the way you move, mimic, gesticulate or talk is off, its gonna give women creeps.


It's literally just self confidence that incels need to get b/puss

>inb4 le reddit tier advice

You know it's true


blackpilled if true

we deboonked this shit in like thread no. 2


don't care, unless you're horribly disfigured and look like the elephant man, you're not a true incel.
You just have self esteem issues.
>muh bootstraps
Nobody can help your psychological state except yourself. Sure, there are programs the state can implement to improve your standard of living, but even under socialism you'll be a kissless, handless, virgin if you fix yourself.




File: 1684362866676.jpeg (32.49 KB, 474x474, th-2109282482.jpeg)

Not just self confidence, you can be very confident weirdo, or timid but charming. Its a skill issue - charisma, flirting, people skills. Ability to create emotional connection with a person. That I would say is for a man the key factor in whether you are a 5′6″ pudgy guy somehow consistently striking out of his league, or a 30 year old man with active hobbies, great physique and good looks who never even kissed a girl.


>yeah, I read theory


File: 1684363562045.jpg (98.03 KB, 1200x960, acotw3uru2x81.jpg)


File: 1684363937877.jpg (37.33 KB, 723x367, 1666511076362.jpg)

Pussy is overrated.


>but even under socialism you'll be a kissless, handless, virgin unless you fix yourself.
No. Under socialism women, as they are currently, will have been completely eradicated because of their reactionary nature.


Men too. We will all be genderless amoebas.



File: 1684367919969-0.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 281.96 KB, 272x480, 1679213225329.mp4)

File: 1684367919969-1.png (Spoiler Image, 624.64 KB, 554x556, chrome_QC5mLhA4sE.png)

no, we will all be androgynous hermaphroditic futanari with clitdicks or girldicks


Way too reactionary. Hard pass.


I just realized something that can give my fellow incelanons here some more courage. Dont respect women. Treat them as beneath you, they cause you suffering and grief, they are dumb and weak, who are they to think they are better than you? If you've ever been made fun of by a chick, dont take it by losing self confidence and cowering, fight back by automatically subjugating them. Treat them as your inferiors because they are, go up to them and say whatever the hell you feel like because their opinion is less than important. If they dont like it and cringe, just call them a dumb bitch and walk away.


File: 1684370908895.gif (589.74 KB, 1122x585, alunya microwave chud.gif)

into the microwave you go chinletdy


this minus the misogyny


File: 1684370928758.jpg (27.16 KB, 574x535, proxy-image(12).jpg)


Well a bit of misogyny is needed for it to work. I came across this realization as some dumb broad in a car cut me off and called me a bitch. I called her a bitch back and drove away, but her face if disgust enraged me and really made it hit home that they are really just like dumb men with more squishy parts because they act dumb as shit too.



Damn, the right one is extremely aesthetically pleasing body.

I actually like women very much and think you need to be nicer to them.


>sex with girls


No one should be nice to anyone first unless theyve done something to earn your respect. All burgers are retarded so by default they deserve no respect and women are not excluded from this just because they have a fatter chest


Good post, women aren't special and thus shouldn't be treated they were.
The boomer idea of "not hurting a women's feelings" made modern men to become afraid of acting sincerely.


*as if they were


Women are pretty and I like pretty things, therefore what women do for me is make the world more beautiful by merely existing in it.


two sides of the same coin




false. women are so cool


File: 1684374797604.jpg (46.34 KB, 282x291, 1498537315675.jpg)

this thread is nothing but unfunny shitheads trying to out-unfunny each other


File: 1684375388858.gif (589.74 KB, 1122x585, alunya microwave chud.gif)

*kachunk* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* WHIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


File: 1684375733336.jpg (165.32 KB, 1280x720, 1647823547258.jpg)

case in point, some newfag who cant even use /pol/jak properly and apparently doesnt have more images in his folder


This meme is not funny.


>No one should be nice to anyone first unless theyve done something to earn your respect
Capitalist petit bourgeois mindset


File: 1684376121370.png (508.2 KB, 1370x1060, chud_bat.png)

>>408733 (You)
>case in point, some newf-ACK!
>>408734 (You)
>This meme is not f-ACK!


who are you quoting channer


Nice art, weird concept


File: 1684376852171.jpg (39.52 KB, 631x395, 5jk2aw.jpg)

10/10, keep up the good work.


>complain about incel thread
<oh you must be an incel
You is stupid uygha.


File: 1684377187816.jpg (33.21 KB, 414x693, 1684279887068.jpg)

>"I want to literally KILL women" pol r9k incel shit
>"abababa women are perfect fairies who don't even take shits" post-porn-ban-tumblr-refugee twitter virgin shit

This thread doesn't even pretend to be about advice anymore.


This mystification of women by virgins leads to either of those opposite behaviors.


>Capitalist petit bourgeois mindset
So, common sense?


guys i unlocked my full penis form
it looks normal

but i was only able to do this when it was unerect and then erect it, i'll keep trying

but so happy to find out, mine looks just like y'alls


first time i hear about that one. funny how "common sense" works


File: 1684378201631.jpg (203.73 KB, 460x614, nh840vpwb1pr.jpg)

I dont know why you accuse me of "mystification" or believing "women are perfect fairies" when all I said is that I find them pretty. Rather common position to have for a heterosexual man, I might add.


Um congrats man


Can you guys stop arguing about dumb shit and ask actual questions or give actual advice, thanks


the average person isnt pretty



::::::D B:::::::::::

(i can't find a reverse d)


Well I find average women at least roughly within my age range attractive.



File: 1684379302319.jpg (56.58 KB, 871x871, 1683841976259.jpg)


Do you find grannies and obese landwhales attractive? the average woman is far from attractive in burgerstan


Who is losing what?


File: 1684380331091.jpg (440.84 KB, 2048x1366, girl-group.jpg)

Not from USA, but I said average within my age range. Median age in my country is over 40, so no, I suppose I dont find most 40 year old women attractive. But in 20s like 95% of women I would consider attracive. Maybe more. Like it is really rare for me to see an unattracive young woman.
And dont you dare give me some shit about how American women are worse, they look fine as well.


>And dont you dare give me some shit about how American women are worse, they look fine as well.
No I will. American women are fat disgusting slobs. Other countries don't count, I traveled to east yuro and the girls there were hot because they werent fatasses. Women here eat mcdonalds and it goes straight to their gut


picture has mid 2000s energy… the fat girls aren't fat enough and the cute girls don't have enough insta approved plastic surgery and makeup


Yes and yes, final answer.


What do I do if literally every single post in this video is just like me fr fr


<i never leave the house or see other people

there are attractive normal looking people everywhere


You're just insecure. You don't have to treat women as beneath you, just stop obsessing over being "rejected"


You mean like every other thread?



>At one point in time, Iwazaki was infatuated with model Ai Hashimoto, but he lost interest in her after she publicly stated she had once regularly watched romantic pornography. This led him to declare on his blog that women who appear in pornography should "commit suicide."

purityfags are deranged


"The watch was sent between January and February 2016, and it was returned to the sender in April,[2] after which he sent her around 400 hostile tweets (including death threats).[8] Tomita then blocked him on Twitter at the end of April.[9] 12 days before the attack,[8] Tomita had contacted the police at the station near her home in Musashino, Tokyo out of fear for her safety, but the police dismissed the case, believing his social media messages were not an immediate threat.[3] In addition, anti-stalking laws in Japan did not include harassment on social media at the time.[9]"

This is why I laugh at people who are like 'ha you say you hate the police yet they're the ones who protect you'


Where did you get that picture of me?


Japanese police are well-known for ignoring women and falsifying reports that come from them too, before you see any right-winger claiming Japan has a low sex crime rate.


I mean that's all police, but yeah. They also rarely prosecute any case where they're not certain to get a conviction.


Someone needs to make a comprehensive list of the pros and cons of being an incel.


Absolutely fucking delusional. Actually start going out more, and maybe even try to strike a conversation with a woman.


They seriously have to die. It's shameful to think these things are of the same species as me.


I have changed myself. But I can't change my phenotype. Also the position I am in basically means I would have to 100% cold approach. I have zero women I am in regular contact with, my friend circle includes basically zero women, none of my friends know any girls that would like me, also some of my friends that are not single their gf's/wives know nobody who would be interested in me.




fuck you anon


Do chicks go to gay bars? Like fag hags or something. Im a loser with no friends but straight and I feel better showing up alone at a gay bar.


They do sometimes but a gay bar probably isn't a great place to pick up chicks


I have so few other options. Is there something in particular to watch out for among genetic girls at gay bars?


Japanese mfs when a manga author gets arrested for being in possession of 4TB of child pornography vs Japanese mfs when an idol has a boyfriend


which is which


File: 1684432463545.jpg (107.43 KB, 880x479, 7m9o51.jpg)

If it's what I think it is, daily reminder of image related


>Immediately thinks of defending loli porn when the meme was clearly referencing the arrest and subsequent whitewashing campaign by otaku for the authors of Samurai X and Galko-chan for being actual pedophiles
Cunnycels are truly conditioned like Pavlov doggies


File: 1684435417378-0.jpg (11.86 KB, 320x240, ToCatchAPredatorNew.jpg)

File: 1684435417378-3.jpg (195.28 KB, 1200x630, Boy-saluting-flags.jpg)

File: 1684435417378-4.jpg (769.32 KB, 3000x2000, saluting-flag-3000.jpg)

>Immediately tries to throw allegation of defending loli porn even though the post was highlighting that Americans aren't recognized for their pedophilia culture
Wow anon, you sure got me!
You're right, Americans should have sex with children and create underground systems to harbor children.

Maybe if I watched my daily ~pedophilic~ ~pro-cop~ TOTALLY ANTI-PEDOPHILIA AND MORALLY CORRECT SHOW "To Catch a Predator", I wouldn't make such a mistake!!!



Instead of talking about pedos and incels can I get some recs for cute dates that isn't just going and drinking beer with her til the bar closes?


Girls cockblock at gay bars, however I have managed a littlesuccess with girls there. It was actually a more reliable strategy for me, I think that maybe I "look" less threatening at a gay bar to women, since I'm a negroid.


Well that's not romantic and it's easier for humans to love animals.


holy shit why do burgers feel the need to bring up child porn and pedophilia out of nowhere all the time


>In 2017, animation director Yutaka Yamamoto condemned Iwazaki on his blog, but he also believed Tomita was at fault for rejecting his gifts and should have been prepared to fight back.[29] After receiving backlash for his comments, Yamamoto responded to the criticism by mentioning there was a double standard in the public, where they would care more about a "cute idol" than a "dirty middle-aged man."


Many thanks annon. Life hack acquired. I too have the darkness


File: 1684442547475.jpg (613.6 KB, 1920x1280, 1672446755268620.jpg)

Left-wing incelism.


>25 year old virgin
>mostly due to fear of flirting with women or being rejected
>also complete and utter lack of charisma
>Whenever I try to approach women in a romantic manner I am insanely uncomfortable with the situation, which I'm told makes me come over pretty forced
I am completely fine talking to them in a friendly manner btw, i just can't seem to flirt
>I can't seem to shake this
>read that neuroplasticity basically ends at 24
Am I screwed? Did I miss the window of opportunity to actually be able to change myself?


>>read that neuroplasticity basically ends at 24
I don't know where did you read this, but they were lying to you.


i hate pop psych faggots so much


So it's not a thing then? thats a relief

Sorry, its not really my field


Leave the gays alone, brother. It's bad enough they have to deal with retarded white hetero women who want to "feel safe"; the last thing they need is a bunch of straight dudes joining the party to get some pussy.


>what the fuck is she doing
>mom are you seeing this
<Oh yeah they do this every Tuesday, that's why there's a Tuesday discount, so people will be in the background.
>why tho
<Don't worry about it, also don't swear.


Do gay men actually mind? Like I get it with lesbians and hetero women, but considering there is never a drought for dick, does bunch of straight guys hanging out affect gay ones?


File: 1684453175880.png (7.04 KB, 768x560, frustrated king.png)

We can literally see the process of gay bar death in that guy's post.
Why don't straight people try making their own bars not be such awful hostile places.


A lot of straight guys get extremely hostile when hit on/flirted with by another dude. One of the many reasons that gay bars exist in the first place.


>Why don't straight people try making their own bars not be such awful hostile places
Idk how, cuz of conflict of interests there between men (wanting to get laid) and women (wanting to hang out with friends/get laid with chad).


I go to gay bars because guys will hit on me and offer to buy me a drink, and I always tell them I'm straight. 80% of the time I still get a free drink out it.
Never once has someone been pissed or tried anything. Easy beer.


there's much more people who i would consider social reactionaries on this board in summers i guess. I can't tell the difference between this thread and for example something on 4chan, that's messed up as hell

it seems like the incels came back i thought they were gone for a while


I would say there is less flat-out reactionaries here now than it was even couple months ago, but specifically in this general it makes sense as summer comes there is going to be a lot more sexual frustration.


Yeah it's the straight guys who usually have a bad reaction in those situations.


It's impossible because male and female sexualities are necessarily antagonistic.


I don't buy this. Is there actual anthropological evidence that human sex dynamics have always always been aggressive? I know people point out that chimps have a brutal sexual hierarchy, but bonobos are also close relatives of ours and, to my understanding, their sexual relations are pretty peaceful.


its just human nature, nothin we can do about it. biology 101, commie!!!


Here is the thing, if that was true and the core of the woes here comes from inherent incompatibility between sexualities, within same sexuality there would be great harmony, right? Which is kind of true for gay men, but as far as I know, for homosexual women dating scene also sucks, in a way very similar to how it sucks for heterosexual men.


File: 1684472172156.png (369.82 KB, 435x628, 1608457294405.png)

I haven't had actual proper sexo since the 29th of April. Twas a great fuck but at the moment it was the last. Anyways, in other news, it seems the BDSM group I've tussled with isn't just a few people who hate me, but the whole damn lot.


I was gonna ask why a BDSM group hates you and then I saw your name and I think I can fill in the blanks


It mostly boils down to me having a hateboner for an unironic dogfucker in the group. kids been wiped from existence but its all been downhill since I outed the bastard.


Just chill take your time and fug an escort. Haven't seen my regular since early this month. May see her again unless I find something real


>find an escort
you do realize im an attractive gay twink right


File: 1684506409340.jpg (31.91 KB, 530x355, 5dp2l.jpg)

Just dropping in here to say that if you're feeling like killing yourself over sexlessness, do it. More for the rest of us who aren't whiny faggots in denial


how does this make sense thoughever
someone not having sex is by default removed from the pool of competitors anyways


File: 1684510085995.jpg (816.94 KB, 756x9800, Qn0ZdmF.jpg)

Read this screencap of /lit/ creeping a youtuber so badly she deleted her channel and it reminded me of this thread.


Good point. It's more about infecting others with their blackpill brain disease. If that's what you'll do regardless and don't apply the advice you're given by people with good intentions ever while claiming to have tried and failed every time, then nobody deserves to become like you (you as in not you specifically, anon).


Ok and? You really don't think homo escorts aren't out there too?


If she couldn't handle banter or people being rude, then she's a loser who's a terrible person.


>if you dont let yourself be harassed by bunch of actual subhumans you are a terrible person


Why did it remind you of this thread, did anyone here harass youtubers?


does anyone else's dickhead, like, idk how to explain

is super sensitive and numb in the painful way? like it's just very painful to touch it, it's like a papercut, no blood but feels like a part that shouldn't be sucked on

is this just mine or is it like for everyone?


mentally ill fuckers


We harassed Muke back in the 8chan days when he tried to slander us to join in with the breadtube crowd for the ad money.
He had the charisma of a wet noodle though so it wasn't even fun to harass him and eventually his channel collapsed without any effort on our part.


File: 1684514124134.png (212.38 KB, 868x831, watamote.png)

It's funny that the anime boards on 4chin are a lot more respectful towards female artists while all the other boards are completely unhinged towards any woman.


It's like two opposites meeting.


How is it based


How did that woman cause you any pain?


Jannies please cleanse this filth.


You need psychological help


Use the block button, it's not hard.
It's expected that on the internet people will be rude since they can hide behind parital/full anonymity.

If you can't handle the heat in the kitchen, get out; and if you expected less, you are objectively a terrible person who would do massive harm to others if left unchecked.

Similar with her.

Just because it's /v/, or /anime/, or reddit or whatever – it doesn't change the fact that they're in the wrong, even if the harassers are terrible people.


Shut up you losers.


whats the point of this thread anymore


Pretend either to be incel or sexhaver and post bait for the other group.


Anybody else here think genitals aren't all that attractive looking? Like, I enjoy sex a lot, and I enjoy sex with the woman I love even more. But neither of us really focus on the genital areas too much, and part of hat is because I just find them weird fleshy things when I look at them too closely. It's not that I think penises and vaginas are ugly necessarily, but it just feels like with the whole pussy area it's a complex web of flesh that looks super duper sensitive so I'm almost afraid to touch it much in case I hurt her. Is there something wrong with me that I cant just look at a pussy and get a boner?


Sex. You need to have it now. Now.


I think there's more to sex than the visual, I've heard other people express similar experiences.




genitals arent supposed to be pretty


>it just feels like with the whole pussy area it's a complex web of flesh that looks super duper sensitive so I'm almost afraid to touch it much in case I hurt her.
>Is there something wrong with me that I cant just look at a pussy and get a boner?
I wouldn't say "wrong" is the word here.


Well, after finally hearing my cousin go on and on about her beauty routine, I’m finally losing it. Hearing her damage her curly hair long term through consistent bleaching and straightening products for nothing is really something. The money and energy doing this to fit in where she lives now (Sweden) is driving me insane because she’s legit prettier than 99% of the girls there. It’s driving me mad because she’s bought into western beauty standards without realizing that she already is better than all of them naturally. She gets guys without the hassle she’s going into now. Her friend said it best, although wrong given we aren’t arab, about how her face and body are robbed of their semitic beauty:


But do you wanna sex your cousin?


Black pill doesn't spread like that.


well it doesn't spread sexually


What do you do about being black?





Would be nice. They hate me too. I'm half latino as well. Maybe I'll try that app.


gattdam me too


No like, traditionally speaking, I would be the fucking escort lmfao


File: 1684547427400.png (1.8 MB, 1433x1365, 1684498910372224.png)

wish women were like this more often :(



and do it any time you are doing stuff, and be stronger than you and able to harm or even rape you in your ass, and act violent or cause a scene if you don't respond how they want?


well la dee da look at me I'm /siberia/ and I'm dea on a friday night because I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE having SEX


That was ten years ago, I really doubt /a/ is any better these days, so many boards have gone to shit. Also helps that she's Japanese and makes manga, I think they ate nyanners alive when she didn't want to be connected to 4chan anymore
t. Poster of that image in the Tomoko thread


same honestly


Thats disengenuous, nobody wants to be sexually harassed, but it would be nice to be desired though.


He means that he wishes women were more verbally appreciative of men like how men are of women.

One thing I know is that women love to be praised openly, especially the younger ones.
Thats why alot of false prophets are able to get into the knickers of many black church ladies.

All you have to do is make a sob story about your "reckless youth" amd how you came to God and how you wanna contribute to the community and have a natural singing voice for urban R&B and gospel and use alot of religious exclamations.

And also talk about your maternal figures in a sweet light.


brain development is not what they told it is. In fact, some say brain dvelopment ends around 11-14.

If anything, neuroplasticity has to do more with sociology than genetics.

Our postmodern society is implicitly trying to decieve young adults into giving up their autonomy to feel secure about their lack of maturation due to social neglect.

By the next century, scientists will say brain development may end at thirty five. Amd then, high school will have vicenarians.
And to compensate, elementary school will be extended to age fifteen.


>in fact, some say brain dvelopment ends around 11-14.
<The “some” in question:


They are already saying that it never ends and you should be a lifelong learner (and switch careers as often as you can, so you restart at the bottom of the ladder).


Pussies look beautiful. Dicks can also look good from an aesthetic standpoint, imo.


File: 1684595784808.jpg (47.18 KB, 500x735, FCq5BrpXsAY32gs.jpg)

Still nothing.


Nah that's 26, and it's not a total hit on the brakes, because that would result in total organ failure, but it does slow down significantly at about 26. And that might be lower than it could be due to stuff like alcohol and pollution.


File: 1684602417384.png (973.36 KB, 1749x864, rwby weiss empath.png)

I wonder if I am afraid of women because I am an empath and I pick up on their fear of me.


cope levels that shouldn't even be possible


Why am I a misogynist for wanting my future gf to be a virgin (or atleast have 1 or 2 guys before me) (if i am a virgin myself)?
>It's her choice to have sex with men
then it's my choice to reject her
>you just want someone who is vulnerable and doesn't know how guys work and you could manipulate and powerdynamics stuff
then the powerdynamics bethween me and girl with a lot of partners is even bigger than me and virgin/few partners
>she can show you le ebin sex moves
who cares? sex is sex. Besides, I can just read kamastra or watch internet guides

I don't hate women with lots of ex partners, i just don't want to be in a relationship with one


We will never have gfs so why bother making up these dumb constraints?


embrace 2d


That doesn't make you a misogynist, if anyone tries to convince you it does they're wrong.


Are you the guy that flood soyjak.party with that same front facing markiplierjak asking random questions and making pointless statements?


If you're a virgin too, don't think it does, but it's still odd to be picky about that when it's only relevant first time you do it. Vaginal virginity loss is just kinda uncomfortable, and it's not like it's all that different on the penetrating end.


Misogyny is just another word for man homosexuality, you're not disgusted by women having sex with other men, you're jealous.


perhaps a crusty furry butthole would work better for you


You're not a misogynist, just a pedophile


>I am a virgin myself
Stopped reading




If you obsess about virginity, you'll end up fucking children



File: 1684611636212.jpg (20.24 KB, 460x460, dodged your bait.jpg)

wow, this is all it takes to get y'all replying


>europoors on thier way to call everyone american


It's your choice but it's pretty dumb and worthy of laughing at


It's also what it took to get you to reply ;)


It isn't misogynist especially when women have a bunch of shallow standards of their own about height and how much money you make, they shouldn't cry about being hypothetically rejected for weight or bodycount if someone isn't into it
But it does sound really insecure if you moan about it a lot tho. It's misogynist if you want to make it everyone else's problem. You'll have to stand by
>I don't hate women with lots of ex partners, i just don't want to be in a relationship with one
if you're not being disingenuous


I fucking love women.


File: 1684618661928.png (484 KB, 498x372, jorge.png)





George wants to be hardcore but his mum won't let him.


My mom isn't an issue.



its literally 1-2 spammers


And why is that?


because being around them makes me feel good.


File: 1684628260987.jpg (76.72 KB, 876x1006, 1684545717567.jpg)

Words from the woman who started the "incel" movement in the 90s, 20 years later

>The internet has a lot of really wonderful effects too. Even in today's incel forums, it's positive that people are being friends with each other.

>It would be wonderful if they could find a more positive take on life. If they could build strong friendships, get emotional support where you need it, that can really help with finding relationships and love. Friendship is the first step towards dating, in my opinion.


>It would be wonderful if they could find a more positive take on life


>Even in today's incel forums, it's positive that people are being friends with each other.
great example of taking a "glass half full" mentality too fucking far


Recently made a good impression to a woman and even had nice and organic physical contact on first meeting
Afterwards had a complete self-hate spiral and tried to banish her from my mind
I never expected myself to be this guy but i think im afraid of healthy relationships and vulnerability
Anyone else?


Holy shit I haven't seen this image in like 7 years


just got my dildo in today and tried fapping with it…

incredible boys. 10/10 would recommend.




>lust provoking image
>Irrelevant time wasting question


Yeah I find Zyzz hot too.


Even on the surface level that doesn't make sense.
If that was the case, how would you explain dimentia?

This anon (from what I read abit), is correct.
Just learn no matter what and ignore pop psychology.
The only thing that has come out of this pop psychology is creating a pedo scare that right wingers have been using to attack trans people, (and this is why you should bully those """anti"""-pedophiles).


she's trolling you


Be careful not to confuse cause and effect. People are surprisingly bad at this. You are probably feeling sad about the lack of connection you have had in the past. The fact that it was spurred by a deviation from the trend doesn't necessarily mean it's the deviation that you're feeling bad about. While the feelings are "caused" by this interaction in a more direct sense A->B, they are more fundamentally a result of the larger trend that is what's actually making you sad while this particular incident is just making you aware of it.

It's an issue of repression basically. People usually hate being alone but suppress those feelings to function better. But then when you break out of that situation then it becomes harder to repress and you remember what you've been missing. So you shouldn't take it as a sign that you're broken or something, because it's like your mind giving you contrast between your experience with this woman and the feelings you had been having before but repressing.


Incel forums are full of misanthropes who despise women, "chads", "normies", each other and themselves
The best incels could do in most cases is befriend chad an learn, so they'd at least get some cues as to how it works

The real blackpill isn't A FeW CenTiMetErs oF BonE or women liking sex with people they're attracted to (shocking!) it's that knowing how to flirt is biologically determined and most of these people are too socially retarded to ever get it on a genetic level
I used to dislike this sort of biological determinism, but I realized the other day I never had to "learn" this ability. It's instinctual. It's like animals understanding how to perform their mating rituals even if they're solitary
In previous ages these guys might have been saved by arranged marriages, but without this they're unable to get pussy regardless of looks, because there is something very fundamental about human behavior that on a biological level they're incapable of understanding


> It's like animals understanding how to perform their mating rituals even if they're solitary
Which animals? Consider this: https://cogsci.cornell.edu/news/psychologists-solve-mystery-songbird-learning


Thanks for responding
I think ur right that the whole thing was just a shock and my repression is defensive. I took the easy road.
I need to grow.


wow and i thought human nature posters couldnt get more retarded


File: 1684719346625.gif (405.73 KB, 640x368, 1683412017177.gif)

if i turn 30 and i still dont know what im doing im gonna be so pissed off


Even these animals have some innate understanding as to how it works. Interaction refines it, but on an instinctual level they already understand what they're supposed to do.
Many of these incels? They don't understand where to even start, and interacting with women does little to improve it.
Like yes, practice does improve but you still need to start off with a basic drive and understanding of cues.


Those birds would be incels if they did not practice on mommy.


It seems like I'm cursed: women want to sleep with me, like literally, sharing the same mattress and sheets, but don't want to have SÉXO with me.
My feminist friend was even telling me "I know I'm torturing (You) by doing this", but why? What's the point? Another feminist friend did this to me in the past. Please, can any anonette explain what they mean by this?

On a side note, this tw*tter shitposter is devilish and brutally honest, it's like therapy: https://nitter.net/p8stie/status/1660613533208571904


They already explained
Its fun to torture men
Just act like you dont care, or maybe its already too late for that, as you toss and turn with your blue balls


god damn i wish i was gay


At least the last one had the decency to say "you can jerk off if you want but don't penetrate me", it made the situation less complicated. But goddamn, inside of me there is a repressed baby-making machine, and there are other beds available.

Me too sometimes, but then I remember how sad was my gay friend before he found a bf.


This sounds like a great situation
But i guess its like u say, you just want to cum inside a lady


Yes. In a bed, I suddenly want to have a family, two children, to keep the fertility rate flowing. When waking up smelling like vomit, not so much.


Do you at cuddle with them? Spoon?




Of course, I have a PhD in humblebragging for a reason!
But you know when you do the spoon with only your boxer shorts and panties on, the baby-making machine go bonkers…Not sure if I would call this torture, but I imagine it's like the cock cage fetish.
Advice for ladies: please do explicitly give clear limits of what you want to do when sharing a bed, especially after a few pints. I was ready for physical activity, but my friend was smart enough to calm me down later down the line.


Somethings definitely gonna happen down the lije then - whats going on rn is good tho
Women dont do this stuff with just anyone


Are you here just to promote you fetish patreon?


Bros, I think I like… like her like her. Finally slept (sex) with her and was very nice, but really it was the sleeping (touch starved for years) together that I think was the nicest part. I really don’t want to have to tell her about my drunk slutty phase, but I think I need to rip that bandaid off otherwise it’ll be awkward.


I already had s*x with her a while ago actually, it's complicated, she likes playing with boy feelings and feeling loved I guess, she told me she has a new lover and she lives a couple hundred miles away from me anyway.
When I said she is a friend, she truly is, we talked on the phone about random things, music and philosophy for hours over the years (she is into analytical autism).
She already broke my heart once, stuff already happened lol.
But like I originally asked, I don't totally understand why she wanted to sleep (ZZZ) with me even tho she didn't want séxo, and knew I yearned for the smell of her sweat… It's springtime, I'm horny…

No, the only p*treon I want to shill for is Cuck Philosophy, he made a great video series about the German Revolution of 1918-1919, I recommend it heartily, vid related.

>I really don’t want to have to tell her about my drunk slutty phase, but I think I need to rip that bandaid off otherwise it’ll be awkward.
Go slow, sometimes the delivery is more important than the content of the message.
You had various experiences before, like many other people, it's no big deal as long as you don't have a STD.
Don't scare her by feeling too bad about your past, and enjoy the present loving.


I have had old ladies complement my smile. Old ladies like me.

Too bad women 40 years younger than them (aka around my age) want me in a woodchipper.


Newgene detected


I have an ex I am similar with. Moved away. Still good friends. I think in these situations there is a simulacra of the relationship once had and that the cuddling and physical touch of the other gives temporary life to that made up memory. Actual pentation crosses lines and makes things 'complicated' when women always move on so quickly. She could have run off and got married and divorced but she'd still be in love with the idea of being in love with the made up you. But I think every love is different. This girl you are telling me not to tell about my past is just easy and melds into my life pretty decently, it's not a struggle like past relationships have been. But it's also missing the drama and intense hate/passion of my youth. Who knows how long it will be generally pleasant. She's so cute bro.


Hopefully this turns into a romcom where you two get together in the future and start a family


It's funny you mention this, she was already the love of my life at some point, she is smart, sexy and funny, so, but that's the thing, she is desirable and she knows it.
Also we would be a bad match because we would probably be too wild and loose as a duo, when it comes to partying.
Maybe one day, when we'll have gray hair, I will go back with one ex-gf who rode the cock carousel after she left me lmao but I like to believe in an alternative future where I find someone new, and only drink coffee with old lovers.


>but I like to believe in an alternative future where I find someone new, and only drink coffee with old lovers.
The fucking dream, bud. Maybe the old one flies back and likes the new one?


File: 1684788971126.gif (2.26 MB, 498x277, facepalm-anime.gif)

> be me
< boyfriend is big into rockets and military stuff
> fairEnough.webp
< rich and lives on a lake
> veryNice.png
> go over his house one day
< he's pissed
< rails against our friend group, and how they criticized capitalism at his barbecue yesterday
> mfw

I've dated this man for a full year. This whole time, I'd politely kept away from my politics. Perhaps next time, I'll be a little more up-front?


do you actually know your boyfriend lol


Apparently not.


Literally talk shit about capitalism on the first date and complain about things and do the whole dialectic of anything back to capitalism a few times and gauge their reaction. Either they will join you and are a comrade, agree with you and lack the theory, are open to the ideas, or they are a bootlicker who lives on a lake. How the fuck did it take a year to get here, anon? Did you just talk about TV shows and fuck? Was there any substance to the relationship other than [INSERT SHARED ACTIVITY]? Did you know them for a long time before and so you just assumed he was fine?

Absolutely wild. I've had one night stands with libertarian girls and neoliberal dems, but c'mon, you don't bring those girls back home.


I'll be your new boyfriend


I've seen this happen to a few friends and acquaintances IRL but way earlier than in a full year, like in one month or two. My shock at the fact that people form relationships so quickly show me how huge the gap is between me and normal people.


Yuuuummmmmyyy! 😋😋


been feeling less motivated than usual lately
how do you go a full year without realizing he's a lib?


>>410745 (me)
also lately I've noticed I do better introducing myself to new groups of people rather than doing so as a group. specifically I've noticed some of my friends drive women away


File: 1684803493895.png (2.74 MB, 1125x1600, image (1).png)


One of these days you'll have to confront him with your views, keep that in mind.


>rich and lives on a lake
What were you expecting?


Sauce? She's hot.


You just simping because you want a military commander to stomp on your balls because you are a little pain pig that goes oink oink oink when stepped on. Bet you lick them boots too huh little boot licking piggy.




File: 1684852444478.png (263.33 KB, 415x510, 1661473033501.png)

I don't know if I'm asexual or I don't feel anything due to anhedonia from years of untreated depression.


have you tried putting stuff up your butt


it might be both unless you subscribe to a quasi-essentialist view of sexuality


wait, untreated depression? because anhedonia is a common side effect of SSRIs


It's a symptom of depression too.



Daily reminder for the people who can't get sex:
This guy had sex despite being extremely fat and greek.
And he was able to have sex because
1) Confidence
2) Being Funny
3) Living in New York city, where all the women have lower standards.


File: 1684864042314.jpeg (414.38 KB, 2048x1365, licensed-image.jpeg)

>Living in New York city, where all the women have lower standards.
Dasha Nekrasova. Dasha Nekrasova.


how is she so perfect bros?


Dasha is the perfect litmus test for incels. Only someone horrifically starved of love and affection could consider that 4/10 racist whore remotely attractive.


I'm a single atheist white man, 55, reputedly intelligent, with unusual interests in politics, science, music and dance.

I'd like to meet a woman with varied interests, curious about the world, comfortable expressing her likes and dislikes (I hate struggling to guess), delighting in her ability to fascinate a man and in being loved tenderly, who values joy, truth, beauty and justice more than "success"—so we can share bouts of intense, passionately kind awareness of each other, alternating with tolerant warmth while we're absorbed in other aspects of life.

My 25-year-old child, the Free Software Movement, occupies most of my life, leaving no room for more children, but I still have room to love a sweetheart if she doesn't need to spend time with me every day. I spend a lot of my time traveling to give speeches, often to Europe, Asia and Latin America; it would be nice if you were free to travel with me some of the time.

If you are interested, write to rms at gnu dot org and we'll see where it leads.


literally this


You can tell a female wrote this post.
Idk about her takes, or care – but she's definitely attractive.

Anyone would fuck her, especially in her sailor socialism outfit; dating on the other hand, **yes, as long as I get the podcast money*"

(Inb4 the secret lolcow dot farms user replies about how she used the wrong brand of make up and posts "literally male face")


I looked up how to do a cum shot but I still don't get it. Can anyone link any related theory?


This guy fucks


“Don’t want anyone to have the worst day of their job… but… Do any of these fuckers, bust through the wall and have a huge cumshot?”


>extremely fat and greek
He looks mexican tho.




As a latino, I can say that bruh. That thread is funny as fuck.
Good luck gringos. We have to make every morning resurrection count.


File: 1684993643117.gif (998.19 KB, 470x339, 1684869677556.gif)

I can consistently get pussy by being semi-fit and acting like a psycho. That is all that does it. Just be a fucking weird dude and unsettle people.




Why does craving SÉXO get worse after losing your virginity


File: 1685011322467.png (198.39 KB, 742x994, 1666545423021080.png)



I would happyily rail lines of drugs all day when I was 19, I wont do that now im 30.

retarded cope post kys


Just found out through a mutual fuck that my brother's penis is enormous compared to mine.

Now what do I do? Surgery?


read the edit he addresses this point


'i dont feel like it' is a full explanation, its like expecting me in my example to want to party like i did when i was 8 in my late 40s; i just know i dont like that anymore.


18, not 8*


The point he makes is that when they first got together and they were both young, she still refused him. At that point the only thing that had changed was the partner.


maybe she was pressured into doing those things with her ex and when she left the relationship she had no desire to continue doing them, women get pressured into doing fetish shit they arent into anon what a suprise


also the person who respected her sexual boundries had a lifelong partner, the one who didnt was broken up with and is her ex, alone; hardly buck behaviour, more like sad fetishist single dad moments


It says in the second paragraph that she enjoyed it.



>women arent allowed to change there minds!!!!


another one for the "problems that only exist because of enforced monogamy" files


Good, let they implode. Accelerate contradictions so the whole thing blows up to space and we can start anew.


Maybe you're right. Incel revolution when?(Go back)


retarded, try logically debating women in the chamber of ideas as to why you should be allowed to do anal on them because they enjoyed it once in the past, il be over here slaying puss


yeah, people dont like to be pressured into things even if you yell AD HOMINEN at them; all that you end up sounding like is an entitled incel cuck


As a male can I enter my slut era at 28 or is it ogre?


Sure why not, get in shape and go for it


Female sex drive peaks at 18-20, so if you're not good looking enough to land girls that age it probably is.



Don't listen to doomers, just get out there and be your best self.


Lolno. It peaks way way later


I think it peaks in 30s.

What do you mean by "can"? Men in late 20s are most certainly desirable, relatively speaking, but also if you struggled to get laid until now, you are unlikely to do 180 and suddely swim in pussy.

I feel sympathy for the guy, but like, why would you marry and make 2 kids with someone who you dont have satisfying sex life with?


I met a guy in his 50s that spent like 5 years after his divorce getting into shape, reevaluating life choices, and that man fucks like crazy. I can assure you its not over, sex life like anything else fluctuates. Genuine self critique can only ever lead to self improvement ultimately. go get some pussy kid


File: 1685034583133.png (1.79 MB, 1117x1079, 1678043900629.png)

Criticizing your own gender (or other genders) shouldn't necessarily be considered misandry/misogyny.


Gender is a caste system so oftentimes criticizing your caste roles is perceived as an attack on that caste or on the caste that rules over it.


what anime


File: 1685052298981.jpg (187.11 KB, 1920x1080, adorahat.jpg)

met a girl this evening who is from my hometown and who was stealing glances the entire night. she didn't mind me checking out her legs and she gave me a tight hug before leaving. got her name. hopefully I'll get to see her tomorrow. feels good bros/gals/whatevs


File: 1685053348387.png (1.37 MB, 1193x699, 1631648444658.png)

Inceldom is making me want to self harm again.


Go for a run until complete exhaustion.
Then drink alot of water.
Then do it again.



This is fascist


Me on the left


oldie but goodie


nice anon, you slay that shit


don't forget to ask for her phone number or contact lad, I believe in you


How do you rectify the contradiction between the disproportionate power women have as the most desired sex, and not being sexist? I'm not sexist, but I'm sick of being in a lower sexual caste and I'm sick of how imbalanced it all is. If I was a girl, whether I wanted a boyfriend would just be a choice, not a lifelong struggle of self "improvement" that women don't have to go through


>not a lifelong struggle of self "improvement" that women don't have to go through
Most men dont go through that either.
Anyway, the situation is inevitably going to lead either towards resenting women for rejecting you despite your qualities, or hating yourself for lacking desirable qualities. Both most likely. The best you can do is recognize that neither of those will improve your life, so keep grinding.


> but also if you struggled to get laid until now, you are unlikely to
>Genuine self critique can only ever lead to self improvement ultimately.
<go get some pussy kid
Ppl still do that? :O


Don't listen to >>411826, resentment and hatred are actually good motivators.
Use them to shape your life and reach your goals.
>inb4 muh feelings
There are no victims in this life, people should feel the pain they inflicted upon others consciously or not.


Women don't have disproportionate power in sex inherently. They are usually less keen on just fucking anyone they can for one off pleasure. And in relationships they usually have to put up with a lot of bullshit, perhaps even moreso than men on average. Just being expected to be submissive even in relationships can suck ass and reduce a woman's ability to get what she wants out of it. Sometimes men really fall for a woman and try really hard to make her happy, it's usually fleeting though. And sometimes it means mentally unhinged jealousy from partner, or just some guy doing and saying anything for sex then discard her. That's not to mention the many other areas of life where women have to cop shit and tackle barriers for being female. That being said none of that really matters, just a vent. Like what you're doing. If you choose to be sexist, unfairly biased or hostile that's on you. If someone has some things going well for them in life then good for them. If you don't then that's a shame, maybe there is something you can do to get that thing you want or maybe not and you can cope and sneed for however long and then think about literally anything else? How old are you anon? You are gonna be worm poop sooner rather than later, it's best to shed dumb shit you cling on to that make you and people you interact with feel worse.


>not a lifelong struggle of self "improvement" that women don't have to go through
Also shit like this is retarded, honestly. Do you think the life of every woman is the same as whatever infantile idealization of a sexually attractive, eternally young and healthy, carefree, effortless glowing smile, unbothered by hardship-fantasy you have in your head? Do you think being born hotter than average and abandoning career and life fulfillment prospects to be a trophy wife cock puppet for some rich guy for a few yers b4 being set aside is a "good" existence? Maybe if you would see women as more than a sexual fantasy or different species, or whatever identity politics surrounding customs of femininity and mandatory cheeriness applied by women to make their lives and social interactions easier in front of the male gaze even if they are dying on the inside, then you would realize that they are not much different from men and have similar struggles and traumas and pain and dreams?


>Women don't have disproportionate power in sex inherently
>"Reward power is based on the right of some to offer or deny tangible, social, emotional, or spiritual rewards to others for doing what is wanted or expected of them."
Like obviously there are plenty of spheres of life where women got the short end of the stick, but sex is very much in their dominion.

Fucking unhinged rant man, anon literally just pointed out women (mostly) dont have to go out of their way to "earn" intimacy.


yeah that's my plan for next time I see her. unfortunately I didn't get the memo that tickets are needed for tonight's and tomorrow's event. yesterday was just a chill warmup kind of thing. lots of bands playing. maybe I'll hang out outside though, plenty of people there


but they do, actually talk to women lol; they have the same problems finding intamancy because most people just want to fuck or are too deranged to have actual intimacy with


>they have the same problems finding intamancy
Here is the thing, what "problems finding intimacy" entails is very different between men and women. Women tend to stick to passive role, more often than not looking for a boyfriend means keeping healthy diet and swiping on apps. Nobody would even consider guy doing just that as having problems finding intimacy, thats not even trying.


no anon, for women it looks like trying to not get murdered/abused ect, for men its getting rejected

your lack of empathy tells me you need to go outside


>no anon, for women it looks like trying to not get murdered/abused ect
Maybe in Africa or the Middle East, but in the west all women need to do to avoid this is not date someone with a history of criminality.



1 in 4 women anon

in the UK something like 8% of domestic abuse cases are even prosecuted.


I can't take you seriously when you dismiss male problems so intensely that you loop backwards and start complaining about women's problems, in fact complaining more hyperbolically and toxically than my complaint

I just said what I said, you wrote like 5 posts about a bunch of shit I never said. You know anyone here supports feminism shit and women's rights. We are communists.

Fact is women are more desired and can find relationships trivially, maybe they aren't good enough relationships for you. But for guys with nothing that's hard to empathize with.


File: 1685094229849.jfif (208.86 KB, 1242x1538, FpaelA6XsAgIThE.jfif)


>women have it so easy in finding partners weeehhhhhhhh

>btw im a feminist


Youre really going to say "most men are deranged" then start complaining about sexism? Youre exaggerating. Demonize me all you want, I'm stable loving devoted fit etc.


every single women will have (1) story about being creeped on by a man, ask them


Yeah I get it. But youre changing from topic to topic. Youre not even engaging with my original post you replied to. Youre going on a massive tangent and not empathizing with me at all.


its completely related, im explaining to you why women dont actually have easy times dating, just different (more dangerous) problems, and that if you hope to be sucssesfull dating understanding that does a long way.



I never said they don't have problems. But if they want a date, they've got one. If they want a boyfriend, they can get one. Maybe a shit one. Not the same for many guys.



thats because the floor for men is much lower, men are the ones out there killin, stealin and robbin.

being an in shape, communist, educated person already puts you ahead of 90% of men, focus on what you can change and try not to generalize women


>thats because the floor for men is much lower, men are the ones out there killin, stealin and robbin.
Jesus christ

Some communist you are


>being an in shape, communist, educated person already puts you ahead of 90% of men
You are on a board filled with men fitting that description getting 0 pussy, so it clearly doesnt.


kill all incels ban all incels throw a incell down a pit spin kick a incel into a volcano


Youre threatening to kill people now? Deranged and psychopathic. Everything you projected onto men in your last 10 posts worth of unhinged rants you now suggest are actually the traits you feel inside


File: 1685095984751.png (274.56 KB, 376x422, ClipboardImage.png)


>Youre threatening to kill people now?



File: 1685096078812.png (248.3 KB, 500x369, WomanHater.png)

I actually like the champagne poster's misandry because it makes me feel more justified in my misogyny. Keep it up anon.




>claims to be a feminist earlier

>admits to being a misgonist

go back to /r9k/ or go shoot up your nearest primary school im sorry chad got the girl idk


Anon, that's someone else, not me ( the person who said I support feminism)

So simmer the fk down for real and quit the death threats. Fucking psycho


live by the flag or die by the me assuming you are all one person

my hate is applicable to incells but sorry for getting it twisted



>I'm an anti-feminist who hates women and I will admit to it.

this isnt the place for you


Go back to /pol/


if the men on this board fit all this criteria I guarentee outside of not seeing the forest for the trees so to speak, and needing to just intergrate into a social circle/download a dating app and unfuck there brainworms and see that they are actually deseriable relative to the american dating pool, which is composed of 50%+ obese americans who voted for trump


I like it here. All my friends are here.


>which is composed of 50%+ obese americans who voted for trump
You forgot to mention that many of these men are rich and own houses, cars etc. Women care infinitely more about wealth than they do about you having read Lenin and voted for Clinton lmfao


Kill yourself


yes if you focus on right wing women obssessed with materialism you will find they have materialistic orientated dating preferences wow man you cracked it good job


Friends? Really?


Nearly all women are materialistic, much more so than men at least. In dating, it's an accepted fact that a man will struggle a lot of he still lives with his parents and doesn't have his own place, while there is no such standard for women. Also women are much more reactionary than men, their obsession with masculinity and authoritarian ideals is something we have all seen with our own eyes.

I really hope you are a female anon, for your own sake.


Im a male anon, and i've been in quite a few long term relationships and had sex with probably about 50+ people, keep spieling your incell drivel, if you want advice that works listen to me.


and also I can tell you from expeirence, yes most women have elements of materialism in them; there is nothing wrong with this.

why should they be with an unemployed, broke guy who hates women?

we live in a materialist society, you need to play ball on some level; left wing women will appreciate if you read lenin however.


I'm not an incel. I have had sex with probably 200+ women in my lifetime.

>why should they be with an unemployed, broke guy who hates women?
Unemployed broke women who hate men have no issue finding male partners.


>Unemployed broke women who hate men have no issue finding male partners.

they also arent the type of women you should want to date, have some standards


They sound like my kind of girl tbh. Unlike you anon I understand that people can have different views to me and I don't hate poor people.


That's grim as fuck


I'm not white dating apps don't work. Even for white dudes dating apps are terrible. Men and women both use them because in their day-to-day lives they have trouble meeting people. However, the reasons for it is completely different for each gender. For women it's because they can't meet rich uyghas who can take them on a trip to their 15th country this year and for men it's just because they are not Chad and likely not wealthy either, so almost nobody hooks up anyway.


I want an equal and I dont feel like I need to lower my standards to the point where im dating someone i basically will need to adpot due to being broke + likely unable to look after themselves.

you sound like someone who goes out there way to date people with low self esteem; manipulative.


Her dad is based.


No wonder you are using the champagne socialist flag. Poor people are immature children needing to be "adopted".


yeah sorry anon looking for a equal partner who can work and contribute to the bills fuck me right lmao 12 year old detected


…and then you double down. Get fucked, you aren't leftist at all. You actually think poor people deserve to be poor because they are lazy children and capital always rewards hard work perfectly effciently.


You can't get a ticket at the door or enter without paying?
If you have the money and time and the bands are cool, go there, even if you don't meet the woman again, you might have a good time and make new friends in the process (and eventually meet their cute friends later on, see >>410014)


>being a leftist is when you exlusively date the underclass and dont want to date someone who can work and pay bills instead



also wanting an unemployed bang maid is literally a right wing thing you stupid poltard


In all seriousness, are you a woman? I dont think I ever even met a guy who cared about how much money does his gf make.


>Unemployed broke women who hate men have no issue finding male partners.
In my experience, women who subject themselves to this end up suffering quite a bit sooner or later due to fucked up power dynamics. Either that or they're submissive right-wing drones.
Personally I wouldn't mind dating someone poorer than me but I can't have an equal relationship with someone who's financially dependent on me, as nice as I try to be this just isn't possible. I think champagneflag has a point, being single and lonely usually is a tunnel-vision brainworms problem (unless you're ugly and can't compensate, that's me haha).


meet communists, suddenly you will find lots of people who want to mutually build things and view women as equals.

im a man.


I dunno bro, I at least would like my gf/bf to be working and contributing, why should it all be on me?


yeah thats it really, income gaps are the biggest contributers towards abusive relationships; im aware of this power dynamic and thus want someone who either makes more or similar amounts of money to me.


I don't want my bf to have to work a single day in his life ever again (after everything he's been through) I don't care if that is a rightoid fantasy


I do too, and I dont want to have to work ever either, but I have to compromise with reality cause landnonces exist; which is why im a communist.


Gee, I wonder what's more probable:
A) Dating someone of a lower income bracket results in power balance, something only backed up with "in my experience"
B) You hate poor people and want to make an excuse.

Even playing devils advocate on the power imbalance being there, what basis is there for it to be so huge that it messes the relationship?



also dawg im broke as fuck lmao, I work full time but its basically a min wage job that allows me to rentcuck and not save anything.

because of these *material circumstances* I literally could not afford to be in a relationship with an unemployed person.


incels havent killed all the women yet so yes


File: 1685107807345.jpg (42.65 KB, 479x355, 1673979812132.jpg)

I want my partner to have enough money to support me being a bum.


I'll look into the sources more deeply later, but from what I'm reading, this doesn't support your argument..

It defines financial abuse as:
"Financial abuse involves a perpetrator using or misusing money which limits and controls their partner’s current and future actions and their freedom of choice."
But you can instead help the poor person you're dating have the ability to get on their feet.
Perhaps help them get a job or even help them get an education.

This doesn't back up your thinking that it's inherently abusive, and rather just show you're making up excuses to be a shitty person.

No one says you have to, the issue is that you treat the idea of dating it as inherently abusive since you see them as children.


my point is that its much harder to financially abuse someone when you both make the same amount of money/they have more.

I can barely provide for myself in this ecomony, nevermind a second person, this is just pragmatism, sorry to dispell your frankly insane idea of love.


File: 1685108166301.png (548.75 KB, 474x724, ClipboardImage.png)

and yes it is inherently abusive to leverage financial capital over the lumpen-proles in exchange for there hot flesh.

I want an equal, im not a class parasite.


meme word


yeah when ive been unemployed i've 100% dated other unemployed people, this is based.


File: 1685109134103.png (625.02 KB, 1076x594, 1734121677289.png)

Become a lumpen criminal so you can provide for them
Committing crimes for one another creates a bond like no other


omg incel u just want to subjugate wymen


How much income is enough? How about investments and credit score.


I do a full equifax run after the first date, if we get to the second then expedia


File: 1685119209741.png (184.49 KB, 340x336, 1671728811778.png)

My man here bringing back the horrible Discourse about age gap between adults but making it about income. Power differences in relationships arent what "makes" a relationship predatory; people focus on age gaps or in this case income gap but its not like there's not a million other ways people can have disproportionate power to their partner that they could abuse. What other kinds of power dynamics are also predatory? do they intersect? cancel out? this is neurotically codifying something that can be pretty straight-forwardly determined by "is there abuse".


>I can barely provide for myself in this economy, nevermind a second person,
Then don't, that's okay.
No one is saying you have to date them just as no (rational) person says they have to date an incel.

The issue is this:
>sorry to dispell your frankly insane idea of love.
And fron this >>411948
>it is inherently abusive to leverage financial capital over the lumpen-proles in exchange for there hot flesh.
You keep engaging in either bad faith, or showing extreme contempt for the poor.

You shouldn't control someone with your money, and people aren't saying you should, they're saying you should date someone and look past their financial situation, (nor are they pretending so they can what is prostitution but with extra steps) – I'm just adding the benefit of being able to raise their liberal class/financial situation.

What this poster is doing is unironically what many actors say in defense of only dating celebrities.

It's annoying when people give shit to Leonardo de caprio for only dating women below 25, but won't also shit on celebrities for only dating other celebrities.


do state actors count


power imbalances are not the "why", they are at best a "how"


in before bosses, teachers, etc

the difference between this and structural power imbalances that are enshrined (e.g. boss/worker, professor/student, therapist/patient) is that the power there is comprised by the literal institution so even in a completely fair equitable and healthy relationship under those conditions, the institution/structure becomes comprised because like, if you breakup with your boss they're still you're boss. it compromises the workforce, your working relationship, etc


predators will *use*, or more often times create, power differences. my ex used a difference in economic class to keep me dependent on them. if they weren’t a predator, they’d just have been a partner who gave me stable housing when I needed it. the difference wasn’t the abuse.

the attempt to quantify relationships as abusive and predatory based on ways they *could* be does nothing for actually recognizing and intervening in them, because the power difference thats used can be as simple as "has more friends".

i've had friends fucked up by power dynamics where they just barely knew anyone but their partner knew everybody, and that was used as a way to keep them in the relationship by threatening their social circle. "you leave me and you lose all your friends too".


I like your way of thinking.


i was richer than my ex (she had no job) and she abused me for many years emotionally, physically, and sexually, because of our social power imbalance (she had a lot of life experience since she was older than me, and I had none since I was too young to be dating her)


shut up, no you dont, I attempted suicide multiple times. she had BPD and ASPD and was extremely sadistic


its a generalization on my behalf but it typically runs true, i have literally 0 interest in dating people significantly richer than me because i have in the past and only found them to be completely alienated from the expeirence of being human and unrelatable.

Im aware that the power imbalances arent the why these things happen; but I know that small power imbalances over time can become chasms given a couple of years and from expeirence would rather avoid it all togther and date someone in the same stage of life as me, with the same aspirations; it works out well.

Also to compare this to age gap discourse is retarded, its just my preference; do what you want.


most people become trans because they feel alienated and believe being trans will get them friends

you were probably friendless before transitioning and becoming trans hasn't changed that


anon say trans rights are human rights.


Youre stupid and uninformed about trans people. Do me a favor and turn off your PC


>i have literally 0 interest in dating people significantly richer than me because i have in the past and only found them to be completely alienated from the expeirence of being human and unrelatable
Lmao, this literally is "what could possibly 30 year old man have in common with 23 year old woman?" from twitter age gap discourse. Like date who you want, who gives a shit, but you are the one who started insulting people for not sharing your preferences.


it's sold out. also I'm a member in the organization, so I'm aware of things like fire code etc



I thought hard into my position and yes I am judging other people for not sharing my position.

Ruthless criticism of all that exists.


More like ruthless autism


My bipolar gf keeps dumping me every time she's in a mood episode but comes back after like two weeks, what do


>my bipolar gf
Isnt that a tautology?



No uygha, she's just bipolar and takes meds for it doesn't get irritable at all. Just gets depressed and thinks everything is her fault and bla bla bla, that she doesnt deserve me and shes gonna hurt me so its better to stay away. Honestly it makes no sense but I'm used to it, when stable she means the world to me
She emotionally cheated during a manic episode and that keeps haunting her cause i got angry with her (that's the 1st time we broke up) and i keep telling her i've gotten over it, it was something very dumb really but she still hasn't forgiven herself. Also she thinks my family secretly hates her or something which is dumb but whatever

It's like going hard mode on relationships

I've tried talking her out of it when she's in a depressive episode, like I'm just gonna give her space for a few weeks and then go back together like nothing happened but doesn't matter what I do she just HAS TO dump me its like a necessity for her even though we always get back together cause it's just her brain that shuts down like that. Though it doesn't help that she has just been somewhat recently diagnosed (we're both 20) so they haven't found the right combo of meds that work for her yet soooo… I'm hopeful that when she starts getting it under control we can have some normalcy

Either way I love her so much bros


I doubt there's more than 1 or 2 people who can give proper advice abut bpd.

Go to a therapist either without her so you can figure out how to handle someone with that disorder, or you both go so you can work something else.

>its a generalization on my behalf but it typically runs true
You can't talk down to others wanting to date poorer people while also going "it's a generalization on my behalf".
You're limited by your perspective/bias, evidence gathered, and your interpretation of the evidence.

What seems like a generalization can just be you highly evaluating what is a drop of evidence towards your belief.
It's like when republicans demonize trans people by calling them pedos despite right-wingers being constantly arrested for having cp.

>Im aware that the power imbalances arent the why these things happen; but I know that small power imbalances over time can become chasms given a couple of years and from expeirence would rather avoid it all togther and date someone in the same stage of life as me, with the same aspirations; it works out well.

We all understand accumulation, the question becomes if this is some inherit abuse that will build up over time.
Situations like the romanticized 50s stay home wife you can point to easily, (granted such a situation the wife had less rights than husband so it was already abusive from the start); but you need to present an argument of it being inherit with couples where there's a massive difference in wages.

>Also to compare this to age gap discourse is retarded

I should've clarified: they're not the same, I just get annoyed of what is also shitty dating behavior, but it's not called out – so much of this discourse isn't for bettering dating, understanding, or anything of value – it's just to stroke their egos.

>most people become trans because they feel alienated
It's weird how this baseless keeps being pushed.
At least 41% technically comes from a study – ("technically" since the suicide rate is seen from trans people who aren't accepted in their community, not because they inherently want to kill themselves.)

I think the better approach of this topic is what this anon highlights.
The relationship can be turned abusive since the higher financial power can be used as a weapon against the partner, but such abuse can be observed elsewhere, you don't need a financial-different relationship to see for example controlling behavior such as someone limiting/stopping their partner from being able to see their friends.


I love that pic so much LMAO
Based dad


>dating people with severe mental issues
Why do folks keep doing this shit?


File: 1685233274332.jpg (17.22 KB, 400x225, 1455095051259.jpg)

I ought to stop meeting people half-way just to avoid conflict.


it do be like that


File: 1685235734063.jpeg (21.02 KB, 479x640, hwo.jpeg)

i dont know how to act when women show interest in me. i think im asexual


I think your fine and your overreacting to ordinary social interactions


The fact that ur nervous shows that you are clearly attracted to them


Humblebrag thread.
Saged and hidden.


its Aspergers


im just nervous bc i dont want to be mean. the feelings they have for me is not reciprocal, and when someone is interested in you they have certain expectations, and breaking these expectations by rejecting them can hurt their self confidence a lot.


I know some people like that but they had to drink alcohol obsessively for years to reach that point. Now they got no libido whatsoever.


>its actually me who has leverage
Sure thing
I get it, you want to protect yourself, but dont pretend like you are a volcel chad


dude im not pretending to be a chad
what im trying to say is that people showing interest in me makes me uncomfortable because they clearly have a warped view of me, they think im a normal person and want to get closer to me but im just a schizo freak who doesnt like spending time with others


Are u a virgin?


well what do you think


How would you know that you are an asexual if youve never had sex? Just try it.


my opinion the mods need to kept these posts locked inside the sex/relationships thread i thought they made a rule about that a few months ago


I don’t think that would do anything about the r9kfication of Siberia. I just think it needs filters for shit like porn or women related threads so it means the self loathing crybaby dudes of this board can fuck off and cry somewhere else similar to what happened to Reddit forums like I don’t know what it was called forever alone that got shut down and reworked


i think it can work it just needs to be put it in again see maybe someone else can make that sex/relationships thread because its around 500 posts in there so it needs to be replaced


Dont we all miss the glory days of /b/, with BBC and furry threads, bait, underage ranting, idpol and general shitposting.
What a tragedy it is now that we have a few threads that actually maintain a consistent topic and stay active, unlike the 30 pages of discarded brainfarts, which apparently were secretly upholding the dignity of this website as a beacon of wisdom.


Big Black Cocks


File: 1685241034113.mp4 (1.27 MB, 480x480, freddyBEE.mp4)

>i dont know how to act when women show interest in me. i think im asexual

subtle humblebrag thread


besides the racist stuff i think that i would prefer that than how half of the threads are constantly about this stuff i didn't come here to talk about this stuff anyways

idpol is not bad, its an important part of a social movement, yes i know this is an imageboard but idpol is not a negative at all it is an absolute win


itt: no-havers seethe at the sheer libidinal energy of the humblebrag


sex is overrated
relationships are overrated
women are overrated


>idpol is not a negative at all it is an absolute win
Where do you rank yourself on the oppression scale?


File: 1685243236999.jpg (29.01 KB, 460x348, argNLey_460s.jpg)

So true bestie


no way, her dad did that on purpose to fuck with her daughter


>actually talk to women lol; they have the same problems finding intamancy
they don't, because friendship among women is allowed to be more intimate whereas men's relationships aren't because it's gay. i realize this is straight up toxic masculinity stuff, but i just want to point out that women just aren't seeking companionship, neither on an emotional nor sexual level, as desperately as men do. the solution probably involves some boring feminist thing tho.


The benefit is that men actually form friendships whereas women usually hate eachother
Life is give and take


>friendship among women is allowed to be more intimate
you live in a fucking fantasy land lol


are u a gurl on the internet


>Fucking unhinged rant man
not an argument. Facts don't care about your feelings sweaty :)
>anon literally just pointed out women (mostly) dont have to go out of their way to "earn" intimacy.
In fact I do not think that is literally just what he said 🤔. Maybe read again so you can explain to me how the statement I made is invalid™️?

Also guys look:
>wahhhh women find it easy to get dick from men and start relationships with men without being the one to make the first move
You know you could also do that? Just be an openly submissive bottom and groom yourself as much as a woman would and hang out at gay dating spots and you will find relationships just as easy, same thing with casual sex.

Weirdest idea I see some guys get honestly. The average woman is even more put off by antisocial behaviour than the average guy.


I mean as a woman I think it is easier for some women to experience platonic intimacy with another woman sometimes then it is for a lot of men, due to the expectations imposed on them about "friendships are gay/beta/non competitive" thing. But women still struggle with feeling intimacy with their friends in the same way everyone else does, and also society/patriarchy frequently works to play women off each other, their friend groups and peers etc (I don't want to get into listing all the ways this takes place rn but I'm sure some ppl here know what I mean). So basically I think that all genders of people struggle with alienation and difficulty forming intimate relationships, but also masculine and feminine roles both come with their own gender-based bullshit that prevents them from being able to freely form intimate relationships.


this is why i hate gender roles


very true
let people bee what they wanna bee and forced bulllshit will dissapearaybe this is too parralel thinking schizo pilled of a connection to make but "the most democratic part of capitalism is the market, the most tryannical, the firm" t. marx


Dump her. Mental illness is not an excuse for abuse.


>I doubt there's more than 1 or 2 people who can give proper advice abut bpd.
Bipolar is not the same thing as BPD (borderline personality disorder).


>You know you could also do that? Just be an openly submissive bottom and groom yourself as much as a woman would and hang out at gay dating spots and you will find relationships just as easy, same thing with casual sex.
So your solution to problems men face is becoming a woman? Doesn't that prove anons point?


The proles on that wheel must unite against the bourgeoisie. This means ending all types of inter-proletarian chauvinism, discrimination and bigotry


>has cis friends that love you
Humblebrag that's so nice, I'm happy for you



>What seems like a generalization can just be you highly evaluating what is a drop of evidence towards your belief.

no anon, having princables for dating is not the same as liking child porn stop being retarded you can make a point without completely ruining it by going

>oh you like X you're just like a murdering genocide pedophile!

yes, not wanting to take advantage of people worse off than me makes me like that; get real. In my ideal we would all be of the same class anyway; this is a symptom of neo-liberal capitalism and as such in it with skewed power dynamics I opt for the more balanced approach.


>not wanting to take advantage of people worse off than me makes me like that
Right, thats what other anon is arguing in favour of, taking advantage of poor people. You started talking about not wanting to date poor women because they are a burden, fine, you do you, and then you try to justify it by some moralistic nonsense about how dating poor people is abuse actually.


it more often that not does, you sound young.

structures and power dynamics effect relationships even with good intentions.


Thats why I dont date blacks and nobody else should either.


>Why do folks keep doing this shit?
Fuck off uyghur, everyone deserves to be loved
I get what you mean but it's not really abuse, she takes her condition very seriously I can't complain it's just that when down she pushes everyone away including me and has no control over it. Obviously I'm worried this is gonna continue but we'll see. When stable we are great


>i cant make my point relevant without making it about something else instead!

ok retard


Na she needs to learn proper communication then. Or else she's cheating


No uygha, her neurochemicals are plain fucked up there's no other explanation. Just need a way to manage this


>i cant make my point relevant without making it about something else instead!
I am not making it about anything different, I am sticking to the topic you brought up, which is "structures and power dynamics affect relationships".


Your argument was that it was inherently abusive for people to date and you chocked up that conclusion to your personal experience, my example was highlighting how coming to a conclusion with just personal experience can lead to opposite conclusions.

Your response is: accusing me of saying that not wanting to date poor people is the equivalent of watching cp, and continuing that dating poor people is inherently abusive despite failing to support that.

You're clearly a child who just says whatever to seem as moral as possible.
I'm going to end the argument here because of that, and also the conversation is just going to be a game of last word and not convincing anyone.


What about snuggling with the homies?

*people to date poor people
*can lead to opposite conclusions despite reality
(Don't you love the brain and it's ability to filter out words that are important to the post?)



>You're clearly a child who just says whatever to seem as moral as possible.

I follow through with my words and act on them in reality; I live how I speak.

>Your argument was that it was inherently abusive for people to date…

yes how do you think morals work? I dont need to fully believe that my morals are universally true in all situations for every person; I just believe they work for me and they serve me well.

I judge other people by these standards because it the ones who do are the type of people I value, if you dont fit the bill who cares, you dont have to subscribe to my conception of morality.


because the one who do are the type of people I value*
(im a retard and filter words out too)


I just had a thought that might be extremely obvious, but I dont often see it in advice on what men should do to attract women, but wear clothes/accessorize in a way that makes you look distinct and gives woman an excuse to talk to you. For example a visible tattoo, unusually dyed hair, eyeliner, band T-shirt, etc. Like I am not very attractive man, dont get approached by women, but couple times it did happen recently was when I was wearing this really colourful shirt, and they just commented on how they liked it.


Being unique is interesting
Forcing quirkiness is extremely cringe though


I wore band T-shirts all my life and nobody ever talked to me because of it.


What band?




im all for dressing how you like but if you do it to get pussy then eh


this is unironically based. So many people go into relationships thinking love is gonna solve everything.

Relationships origibated as division of labor, it wasnt just about rubbing genitals.


>Relationships origibated as division of labor
this is the opposite of "based"


Why? Dressing to look good, or at the very least socially appropriate, is completely normal.


normal is not inherently good


Well, how esle did our ancestors survive? Virtually all formalities of civil society is purely window dressing origibally meant for the upperclass. Now its been dliuted to include the lower classes because liberalism.


Its fashion mate, dont make it into an ethical dilemma.


dressing for others is very very lame


It's 2023.


Leftypoltards be like wow retvrning and applying marketplace logic to every aspect of our lives is le based.


File: 1685307224665.jpg (150.9 KB, 1080x780, 1497568594986.jpg)

we went from incels never shutting up about hating women to scold-types wanting to reduce interpersonal relationships to equations, very cool


I really hate how ugly I am and it makes me suicidal


Why don’t they realize it’s neoliberalism and western society that’s causing their problems? What if they achieved class consciousness?


I realize, its just also that realizing that also comes with an achknowledgement that to not play the rules of neo-liberal dating is to ruin yourself.


>reducing people down to equations is the same thing as being aware of income gaps and having a preference for someone who is able to contribute to cost of living

try building something


dont date lumpen-proles fighting for survival or porkies daughters its not that difficult, offer a helping hand to one and a rope for the other


Post face so we can all laugh at (you)


>its neoliberalism that makes incels undesirable


Why didn’t they exist prior to neoliberalism? Why don’t they exist in China? Why didn’t they exist in the Soviet Union?


You’re gonna measure skulls like a Nazi?


They did
Theyve always existed and coped by becoming religious or academics or something like that
Kant is a major example
Nietzsche too
There were also less rights for women and less people in general back then too


The nazis turned physiognomy into a mechanistic science to exterminate people, whereas our innate empathy can recognize the qualities of human faces without metrics


There were more rights for women in the Soviet Union in the 1980s than there are for women in the US now.


That’s a lot of words for “I’m a Nazlib”


I won’t because FBI


You dont think incels existed in the soviet union?


Mass stabbings or shootings in the USSR? When a mass stabbing did occur, did the perpetrator blame the lack of sex or his hatred of women? It would be interesting to research those topics. It sounds like there is a bit of influence based on material conditions.


When i say incel i just mean guys who cant get laid


same with trotsky


Then there is no problem. I’m referring to the sexist and violent phenomenon that occurs almost exclusively in the west.


Hit the gym, worked for me.


The idea that school shootings are linked to incelism is media spectacle propaganda. I used to be an incel, and I don't mean the borderline fascist types youre referring to. More wholesome self hating incels hate shooters, since it gives them a bad name.



Guys who couldn’t get laid weren’t ridiculed in the USSR. Nor are they ridiculed in China. I mention the incel phenomenon to Chinese people and they don’t understand the concept until you explain to them what goes on in the west.


>Guys who couldn’t get laid weren’t ridiculed in the USSR.


Have you not read the manifestos of these people?


I’ve talked to Russians before. Have you?


They are ridiculed in China. There is even markets based around appearing to have a girlfriend etc. idk how similar to whatever country it is, but it is in fact a status thing there too.


I’ve lived in China and I’m sure that’s western bullshit.
Honestly, they really don’t care because it’s purely a neoliberal phenomenon.
I’ve not only mentioned this to Chinese people I knew but I never seen any of that “virgin shaming” behavior as I’ve seen in the US.
It’s staring to occur in Japan though, if you watch certain anime, you see some virgin shaming. It’s probably due to the incompetence of the LDP’s idiotic policies.


Yeah, and getting 0 bitches is just as mockery worthy there as it is everywhere else.


Why would it be considered ok and not reactionary?


I doubt you have talked to former Soviet citizens


I genuinely cant tell if you guys are fucking with me or what.


No liberal. You’re out of touch.


>didn’t even talk to boomer parents
<Absolute Reddit-tier terminally online kulak
People didn’t behave this way even in the west prior to the 80s. That’s all thanks to commodification under Reagan and hyper individualism. You didn’t know this somehow?


people have been judging others for not being able to get laid since the beginning of time


>hasn’t talked to boomers
>hasn’t talked to Russians
>hasn’t talked to Chinese
You’re a Reddit liberal. You don’t know what’s going on in the rest of the world.


My unattractiveness is really making me suicidal. It’s harder to simply interact in the corporate world because of the reactionary “halo effect”. You can tell the west is capitalism in decay (fascist) when certain people are discriminated despite the initial economic benefits.


Trotsky was a chad and was beloved by the people.


I cannot tell if youre joking or not. Men are judged by their sexual experience. Maybe its not the same way as in US, but still.
Also, lol at imageboards still using Reddit as a byword. Imageboards are far more mind melting.

this Its mostly another jab at male youth sexuality. Mass shootings are more due to sociap aliemation at home and school.


No you’re also out of touch on both topics. If you have ever talked to an older person or someone from the PRC, you’re going to discover that men are not really judged in those circumstances as they are in the modern day west. Period. You need to go out and talk to different people. Not everyone you meet is going to be a zoomer or a millennial.


Mao stole the waifus from the greedy landlords and distributed them to the most historically oppressed class…gamers!


>corporate world
Found your problem.
You think anonymous basket-weaving forums are more 'mindmelting' than an overt glowie operation? For real?


I have talked to older people. Alot of them are boomers. Amd they all brag about their sexual exploits and talk about how "kids these days have no game."

But its not just that They compare their childhood to the newer generations in general.Also again, I said that way men are judged on their sexual experience isnt always the way Americans do it.


Yes,imageboards are more mind melting. Last time I checked, CP wasnt uploaded as an edgy joke on Reddit.

Nor did Reddit produce mass shooters or LARPing white ethnopurists.

Reddit also allows for evokution of meme culture, whereas imageboards are autistic about certain year numbers bcuz "muh peak of Internet culture."

Reddit doesnt have threads of postpubescent humans whining about lack of coochie.


ironically reddit basically is kind of like old 4chan if you actually looked at the time period, Outside of the newer reddit being more PC and against racial slurs or whatever the fuck the humor there was more akin to oldschool 4chan where memes were just meant to get laughs and upboats/(yous) now memes on 4chan is mostly about maintaining shibboleths and acting like culture bodyguards.


Why don't you go back then?


Total fucking opposite. Every time I talk to a boomer on that subject, they whine about too much sex in the media. If you ask the question directly, “were people shamed for being virgins in your day and age?” they will say no.
Similar situation occurs with Chinese people, you try to explain incels and they don’t get it. I showed a guy a translated article about the subject and he didn’t get why they were angry over their situation.
Note that I’ve lived in China and I have been speaking Mandarin for more than 10 years.
You are sounding a lot like a liberal when you bring up “lol Muh human nature”. “Human nature” is a bullshit point used by liberals to dismiss socialism.


kill all redditors


Player solidarity


delusional, reddit is actually just like 4chan except they pretend to be nice while being fascists deep down


I'd say there is a bit more to 4chan psychology nowadays. Ironically I would say that reddit is actually a bit more of a free for all because they can just make their own subs and shit and as such you could theoretically fly in the face of typical redditor niceties while on 4chan you generally have to carry about the shibboleths that say that you're a true blue 4chan user and talk like them. Both sites are prone to astroturf though.


This. Reddit is Nazlib 4chan but they try to hide their fascist tendencies at times.


The most popular subreddits are filled with GPT-4 bots talking about how Chinese and Russian deserve to be genocided.

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