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File: 1685057637148.jpg (28.21 KB, 500x489, nazi meme.jpg)


what would happen if you put all of the nazis and fascists in general in the world on an island?


They would:

1.kill eachother
2.die of old age because they hate women and thus won't fuck with them
3.have a gay orgy


No need for hypotheticals, it’s already been tried



Of fucking course it went to shit lol


>overestimated their “innate aryan abilities” and weren’t able to build simple foundations or plant food
>most starved to death or died of disease
>most of the survivors fled back to Europe
>founder killed himself out of shame
>those who remained had inbred babies who eventually had families with local Mesitzos



What is it with Paraguay and schizofash Germans?

>established in 21st century
>mostly Austrians and Germans, with some burgers and Canadians
>made to escape socialism, 5G, chemtrails, fluoridated water and mandatory vaccines


>Förster's idea was to create a model community in the New World and to demonstrate the supremacy of German culture and society.
>Förster committed suicide after the settlement's initial failure.


I for one support the germanoids making little fash cuck boxes for themselves. It's much better compared to having to endure them


well chile already took the pedofash germans
and Argentina I guess has ski nazis


File: 1685089086932.jpg (35.96 KB, 476x436, yerba mate.jpg)

>Nueva Germania became a quiet community in San Pedro, dedicated to agriculture and specializing in the cultivation of yerba mate.


>As of 2013 pockets of German culture remained. Most of the population in the area still speak a mixture of German and Guaraní.
It actually turned out kinda interesting and fine after all the ideological "muh purity" retards screwed off.


File: 1685118025983.png (436.8 KB, 960x638, pol in the hole.png)

>people naturally segregate themsel-ACK!




mixed race bros, winning feels cool


>Förster committed suicide after the settlement's initial failure


Imagine seening that thing rapidly crawl towards you at night




I grieve in stereo, the stereo sounds strange
You know that if it hides, it doesn't go away
If I get out of bed, you'll see me standing all alone
Horrified on the stage, my little dark age


mixed race hyperborea


Maybe we should encourage pol into making their own Paraguayan commune in the middle of nowhere


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