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So apparently (western cis) straight men think about the roman empire very frequently?

Why????? What the fuck are these meat heads even thinking about? Is the legacy of imagining yourself as the inheritor of the Roman empire still in vigor? I thought that shit died centuries ago and was reserved for people with actual power, not fucking peasants and proles.


America was founded with the roman empire as its inspiration. Many americans to this day idolize it for various reasons, mainly its high culture and aesthetics, but also for policies like forced assimilation of local cultures and infrastructure works which led to the general progress of mediterranean societies in general


fuck the romans, they killed jesus


Ackshyually that would be the jews who voted to kill jesus rather than pontius pilate who gave them the option to kill the other guy instead


roman jews that is


I bet part of this is people misconcieving that certain things happened during and/or within the roman empire.


childhood is idolizing the Roman Empire
adulthood is realizing that it was mid


File: 1694788794922.png (706.34 KB, 544x600, image.png)

>not the based ottomans


That was my journey. As a kid being really into Roman (particularly military) history, playing Total War: Rome exclusive as them or other "civilised" nations, and then transitioning into barbarian horde enjoyer as I got older.


women really don't think about history ever huh


I just dunno how people can be so oblivious about the world around them


Think about it once a month or two


Maybe I'm just making excuses cause I think about the Roman Empire a lot, but this just sounds like politicizing people being casual history buffs. Like, Roman history is probably one of the parts of history where you can most easily get books, tv shows, movies…


I mean yeah I guess, obviously in a sense I do 'understand' it but it's fucked. I mean it's hardly like I do very much activism or anything but at least I have thoughts about the world.

Honestly I can see how 'Roman empire fan' can be a problematic trait but yeah, it's basically judging guys for liking history


Actually no, I didn't remember that it existed for a month or two until now


Honestly I feel like the women making these videos don't even think about that either, more likely celebrities, fashion, etc.


retarded psyop meme bait to start discussion about how women are vapid whores that just don't understand profound stuff like men do


Social media is truly disastrous.

I mean there's literally 168 hours in a week, but the women making these videos are amazed at their partner saying they think about the Roman Empire once a week. Like what a fuck, how are you filling your brain so much that you don't have random thoughts pop up constantly? There's also multiple articles being written about this trend by women being like 'men be crazy'.


oh okay nevermind then, 100% guaranteed true and authentic


That's a good thing liberal history books are just propaganda


You're paranoid. It's obviously a trend that all the videotapers are taking part in. Nothing more to it than that.


you seriously think that being totally immersed in consumer culture with no wider thoughts is likely to lead to better politics?


A lot of dumb shit in the west is inspired by the Roman empire. It’s kind of hard to avoid. Christianity is a major religion in the west and the story of Christ involves them. You can’t avoid being reminded of it even if you wanted to. That said, the guy who thinks about it every day I might keep an eye on.


the guy who had the list of emperors on his phone is kinda sussy but could just be a non-fascist history enjoyer


File: 1694792383636.jpg (59.89 KB, 480x692, fr.jpg)

literally me expect instead of weekly it's hourly and instead of the Roman Empire it's suicide


File: 1694792783338.gif (5.4 MB, 480x350, giphy.gif)

Not to defend RETVRN chinlets or dunk on women, but these women are just posting their own Ls about being historically illiterate. The Romans affected all kinds of shit, and western cultures extensively modeled themselves after it. It's hard to avoid thinking about it for long if you know anything about it.


*grunts, thrusts, and cums*

"Carthago Delanda Est"

"yes, I know, Carthage must be destroyed… but will you at least tell me that you love me"


[fist waving]


The people filming it are doing it for the algorithm. They think they are making the men look bad for caring about "irrelevant" or "man" things while also feeding into misogynistic narratives that women are "vapid whores." The reason stuff like this blows up is because it gets a lot of views and engagement from both sides.


> It's hard to avoid thinking about it for long if you know anything about it.
It really is not.


better than being indoctrinated into fascism


idk maybe you don't live in an area where you regularly see neoclassical architecture


It is, if you know/care about history. For better or worse (it's for worse) we live in a deeply eurocentric world. So even if you are outside of Europe, if you want to know the history of the only people our world system regards as fully human subjects then you need to know European history which means you need to know Roman history. You don't have to like the world as it is now in order to understand it, and you'll never change it if you don't understand it.


I live in a city with two thousand years of history. If it makes me think about history, it is about local history. There are some ruins from the Roman era but I don't see them regularly.

I know Roman history and I still don't regularly think about it. I have other things to think about. People can think about different things without being ignorant about your favourite subject.


Thanks now I am going to think about Rome every day.


Males with no jobs start regressing into sectarian identity and larping. You see this everywhere in the world where the amount of jobless young males is directly proportional to the amount of retards larping about ancient glory on the internet. Whenever you laugh at some Hindu larping as Marathas, Muslims bragging about the caliphate or Whitoids making schizo hyperborean edit you are laughing at male unemployment


File: 1694798433526.gif (3.75 MB, 346x258, gibon hug.gif)


the romans live rent free in my western cis mind since ancient history is cool and there are some weird superficial similarities to Amerikkka. The founding fathers weren't kidding when they said they were inspired by the Romans both are oligarchical republics that can only function through imperial conquest. Also while I barely know anything abt them the economies of ancient empires like Rome,Persia and China fascinate me since they seem to exist outside the old paradigm of feudalism,capitalism or socialism.

ascended opinion


Ottomans were garbage bin Romans. They were actually closer to the Roman empire than whatever the fuck happened in Germany


>why do people think about one of the biggest empire ever existed that shaped european culture in its core
I don't know, ever tried to think about history, art or philosophy? Whatever you think about it it's difficult not to come across it or its legacy when you reflect on this topics.
Also i know /pol/lacks live rent free in your head, but the fact that this dumbfucks think of the romans as "muh ancestors" does not mean that Rome is intrinsically fascist or whatever.
Just stop being a retard to bash /pol/lacks.
>>449509 this anon is also correct tho barbarians were cool


They are probably pondering how Rome collapsed and wondering if the same will happen to the US soon enough. At least that's what I'd be pondering.


I like the roman empire but it's related to my major…


What is your major?


the fuck are you even talking about? I think about a bunch of shit but the Roman empire? Why is this some bizarre fascination? Americans are extremely removed from the roman empire like wtf. I would maybe get it if Mexicans thought about the roman empire, but Americans? What the fuck lol.

Also, why would you even think so often of the roman empire? Like do you not think of other empires? Other topics? Other fields? Why so much the roman empire? Like how often do you think of ants? Or almonds? Or Sirius A? Or the Bose Einstein condensate? Or chemical waste? Or nuclear fission? Or the OSI layers and the internet infrastructure? Or the Indian ragas system of singing? Or Italian cuisine? Or stalactites? Or diamond meteors? Or the endosymbiotic origin of mitochondria? Or the simultaneous invention of calculus? Or ancient Chinese philosophy? Or fucking any other empire? What the fuck is with the fascination of basically meatheads with some dead empire that has absolutely nothing to do with them?


File: 1694813262529.jpg (358.65 KB, 1600x999, Senado_Romano.jpg)

Thoughts on Catalina? Unfortunately there are few sources on him not written by enemies but it seems he was a brave man who stood for the people of Rome against the rich landowners and business owners, wanting to forgive all debt. I can only imagine what it would have been like if he instituted the Dictatorship of the Proletarii. Definitely one of the most slandered persons in history by rightists.


I think about Le Chatelier's principle once a week and i haven't looked into much chemistry since high-school.
Maybe some thoughts indiscriminately entrench themselves in someones regular thought patterns and the Roman Empire is a vast subject with many encountering parts in education or pop culture.
>simultaneous invention of calculus
When simultaneous invention comes up, i always think about the case of jet engines.


Is the roman empire a normal part of the American's curriculum? Brothers can't point to Iraq on a map but know obscure characters of the roman empire?


>Le Chatelier's principle
Also, that's a nice thing to think about and apparently also a case of simultaneous invention.


Even the most radical of what is attributed to Catilina falls in line with the rhetoric of previous popularist senators, so i don't see how his policies would have amounted to anything but concessions.
Cicero though can most definitely be said to have been a reformist cuck who had it coming.


Literally classical studies


No, it's not. Shakespeare's play is probably the most Americans will ever learn about ancient Rome through general education
>I think about a bunch of shit but the Roman empire?
Read the federalist papers, there's tons of Roman references through pseudonyms and allusions to historical events.


> I would maybe get it if Mexicans thought about the roman empire, but Americans? What the fuck lol.

all western governments are a roman larp


>I live in a city with two thousand years of history. If it makes me think about history, it is about local history. There are some ruins from the Roman era but I don't see them regularly.
Yeah it's less of a "west" thing and more of a "burger" thing. There are buildings everywhere here that are meant to remind you of Rome. Washington DC is probably most extreme but it's typical of government buildings to be neoclassical with the columns and all that.


I guess it’s plausible. One time one week you think about something like Flynt, or the boomers and their lead poisoning, and naturally a comparison to Rome comes up. Another, you call something “Byzantine,” or someone inevitably brings up Jesus, and there’s Rome again, or there’s something on TV that references it directly or tangentially, etc.


It's quite literally impossible to escape any reference to the Roman empire if you are living between Western Russian down to Tierra del Fuego, even if you aren't a genuine history buff or a weirdo one, so much around you is based on Roman history or at least pseudo-history.


Roman history is basically a common meme in the western world, so it’s hard to escape it. Not to mention a lot of English and Spanish words come from Latin and like 80% of the west speaks both languages


America's government prides itself on being a global empire, the problem is empires don't last forever and neither do global reserve currencies used for trade in the past. Eventually every empire gets corrupted, subverted and extremely arrogant. They become financially insolvent. (Insolvency is when you create more debt than you can possibly pay off, or detached from anything of value you could possibly produce to pay the debt off). It becomes unsustainable and thus inevitably collapses under its own weight. We are currently seeing that in slow motion today in the Western world, particularly America and it's vassal states.


Women often perform far better at school then men do, at least in my part of the world they are often far better educated and just all around smarter, but there seems to be a kind of trend of being politically illitirate so much that they can’t even tell you who Lenin, Napoleon etc are. Maybe it’s just my personal experience, but i can’t help but be upset when i am faced with these kind of people, especially when they are female because in a way they are considered to be more “political” as a subject then men are. And yet they seemingly refuse to participate in something that decides their future and past.


>Or the simultaneous invention of calculus?
To make things more hilarious, anons in this thread are claiming that if you don't think about the simultaneous invention of calculus every time when you are solving an interval, you are historically illiterate. Do they really think that video is a representative survey? Are they not aware that the humour of the video comes precisely from how unusual it is to regularly think about the Roman empire? Of course most people don't think about it, but nobody will upload a video to TikTok where the answer is "no, not really, rarely if ever", because that's not funny.


>if you don't think about the simultaneous invention of calculus every time when you are solving an interval, you are historically illiterate
You literally have to decide between Newtonian and Leibnizian notation when explicitly writing derivatives.
Besides i don't need to maintain some elaborate economy of thought. The more minor thoughts are connected to something, the easier i can remember it. Over time these minor thoughts coalesce into the thing and become part of how i perceive it.



That's less to do with women and more to do with school being specifically bad at teaching history and politics, because it's against bourgeois interests to teach that well.


this. It also annoys me because part of the implication is that men are a hivemind so the irony of every woman regurgitating this crap today is very thick. Ive had two different people ask me if a think abotu the Roman empire and having already seen the meme I insisted I only do it very rarely and even that was enough for them to feign amazement. "I never think about it durr" just stop reifying gender stereotypes plz god. The guys claiming they do are definitely just shitposting, abusing the algorithm or are just mentally stunted people trying to conform to gender norms


File: 1694911411004.jpg (755.92 KB, 608x1092, Sacking of rome.jpg)

Sometimes I do be thinking about how cool it would have been to sack Rome especially when I’m assailed by its imagery in contemporary life.


Even when the Germans sacked Rome, they adopted the Roman culture wholesale.


>The guys claiming they do are definitely just shitposting, abusing the algorithm or are just mentally stunted people trying to conform to gender norms

Maybe I'm just interested in history? Once a week is a trivially low amount to meet


I was going to add an "or are historians" to the end of my post but forgot. There are definitely historians and laymen who do it but they are far from the majority that this meme makes them out to be. Regardless, idc if people like the Roman empire I just dont like how it's being portrayed as a stereo typically male activity here. Even if it;s true it shouldnt be. I'd be curious to see a gender breakdown on historians actually


one of the most recognizable modern historian on Rome is a woman


File: 1694939448094.jpg (762.07 KB, 1400x1951, sacking of rome.jpg)


The Roman Empire is hard to avoid if you like history at all.


>Reading or thinking about history will make you a fascist
Illiterate anon, I kneel.


Roman empire is just another example how greed, debt insolvency, corruption and endless colonialism eventually comes back to haunt empires. It's good to learn human history, although it may not repeat, it often rhymes with the past. If humans don't learn from our mistakes we will be doomed to repeat those same mistakes.


Women like to nitpick male nuances and generalize men with it while prasining their own gendered nuances.

Ironic is, women comllain that men are horndogs tht dont care about anything but sex but when men do have hobbies and intellectual shit about them, women go "???"

But thats just mostly the young feminine urbanite women that do that.


Young women perform better at school because school is mostly passive.

School has rote learning.
It discourages creativity/free play.

Also, young women are fawmed over because of their looks and cutesy gestures.

However, wen put into lesrning environmets that require active learning, as in, thinking and acting for yourself, they flop.

Young women are allergic to active work where they wont be adored/coddled.

Thats why most young women often obly go for liberal arts and basic nursing.

Very few young women are ambitious enough to try STEM or business amd fewer still go for trades.

Neoliberals complain about the glass ceiling, yet, colleges advertise any sort of field of study they offer.
Theres little to no pre-requisite to join and in fact, affirmative action will get them to the front of the line.

Despite all that, young women still choose to be passive lapdogs.
If theyre not going to college for liberal arts or basic nursing, theyre trying to be camwhores.


Of course, youre not allowed to say that.


why with you people it has to always be some incel science. Why can’t incels even for a moment hide their mental illness. Immediately ends the text with complaining about muh whore womahn. Total incel death.


This is not incel science.
Incels would be making it about sex.
I actually believe in mandatory psych/genetic screening for relationships.

I also believe that chivalry creates entitlement within both men and women, hence the incel epidemic.

Incels would actually encourage women to remain docile and passive in hopes of making "tradwives". I believe in making women assertive and independent.


Also notice that I say "YOUNG WOMEN", not women in general.

Again, why is female youth used as the default reference for women?


Because no sexo makes a maladjusted obsessive personality


I just got this advertisement on YouTube from turning point usa about this topic


I think about the Soviet Union every week.


File: 1695121176964.png (344.34 KB, 1071x628, ClipboardImage.png)


The only time i think about the Roman empire is when playng 0 A.D.


i'm not a fascist, so i don't think about the romans


pls get brutally murdered pls get brutally murdered pls get brutally murdered pls get brutally murdered pls get brutally murdered pls get brutally murdered pls get brutally murdered pls get brutally murdered


do they really do this, this trend seems like a self-fulfilled prophecy to me?


The other day I saw somebody's speech-to-text misinterpret the word "gall" for "Gaul" and immediately thought of this thread.


File: 1695140031225.png (1.33 MB, 1000x693, ClipboardImage.png)

It's in the bible so people in the west are taught to think about it through the dominant religion. People don't understand this but Christianity is a Roman State religion. You think you're worshiping jesus but really you're worshiping rome. That's why the symbol of christianity is not jesus healing the sick or standing up for the poor, but jesus nailed to the cross. It is jesus being punished by the roman state for being too nice! You're supposed to internalize christianity as "none of us can be as perfect as jesus, but if we were, we'll get killed by the government, so might as well be a shithead and ask for forgiveness once a week." That's ROMAN IMPERIAL THINKING.


File: 1695265576052.png (783.42 KB, 1200x798, ClipboardImage.png)

gaulbros… take me to flavortown

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