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>take 6 shots at once
>feel a buzz for >10 minutes then back to normal
this fucking sucks


Why not just drink less often so the gush hits harder?


Dude, you are going to kill your liver if you keep doing that, seriously. That's pretty bad, and I myself am an alcoholic.

THIS. I only drink at night, never ever during the day. And when I do drink at night I'll drink anywhere to half to a full bottle of whiskey, but I still pace myself doing it. It keeps the buzz going and I can feel it.


That helps tremendously. But the next several days I'll be busy so I will have to drink. Can't wait to take a break.

That's good. I myself don't drink to unwind though, I drink to just to function. When I'm alone and don't have anything that needs to be done, I don't feel the need to drink.


I've found that combining weed and alcohol evens the high and makes the effects of both last longer


File: 1695070007455.jpg (41.93 KB, 569x699, chihuahua weed.jpg)

why don't y'all smoke weed instead or something? y did you choose one of the most deadly addictions??
here are a few crippling addictions that won't kill you in the next 5 years:
-junk food


nta but it doesn't work for me, i used to be a heavy social drinker because everyone was practically an alcoholic at my first job, during the pandemic my social outings plummeted to 0 so i stopped drinking. when lockdowns ended, i thought my tolerance would decrease but nah, it seriously takes me like 5 tequila shots in a row to get buzzed


Weed gives me extreme anxiety. Alcohol kills my anxiety. It's that simple.


LSD isn't addictive


>Weed gives me extreme anxiety
you're supposed to smoke it with woman then have sex and listen to music. you're doing it wrong


That's true. I do LSD every single day and I'm still not addicted.


'Sup Logan


Shut up


It's not addictive but using it every day would be a waste and also highly irresponsible


smoke less and get the type of weed that's less of a mental high and more of a physical one. There's sativa and indica, can;t remember which is which. Also once you build up any kind of tolerance the high mellows out considerably. I started to crave that paranoid feeling after awhile, whats sucks are the bad trips but again just dont smoke too much. Also Ive heard folks say that weed just exacerbates the way that you were feeling anyway so make sure youre in a comfy spot and in a good headspace before indulging
or dont idc


Drugs are bad.


Be me. Ask the waiter what barely tastes like alcohol. Order the lightest cocktail, drink a quarter glass and instantly feel buzzed.


Same is true with cocaine. It makes the comedown slower and less shitty.

Me too.

Any addiction is bad. Even though I am an alcoholic, I do try my best to minimize my intake. I find if you start to drink it all the time you will stop enjoying it. I think that might be the same with any drug really. It should be something to routinely look forward to, or on special occasions like social events.


You must not drink much then (which is good). Once you start to drink routinely your body adjusts to it and you need more and more to feel the same buzz. If you do it way too often like every single day your body will stop feeling it and you'll start to feel like total crap without it (sounds like what is happening to OP).


the only thing that has sort of worked for me is to not eat anything except maybe some meal-skipping shake like soylent or huell so i don't starve or something, and then chug like a vodka tonic and get an instant buzz


Now Marx grew up 'round some people livin' their life in bottles
Granddaddy had the golden flask
Backstroke every day in Dachau
Some proles like the way it feels
Some proles wanna kill their sorrows
Some proles wanna fit in with the bourgeois, that was my problem


You have to drink the same way true proles goon, do it slowly and over time but never get yourself fully drunk. Try this when it’s Saturday or when you have nothing to do.


AFTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES that I have just recalled, it is no doubt the quickly acquired habit of drinking that has marked my entire life. Wines, spirits and beers: the moments when some of them became essential and the moments when they returned have traced out the main course and meanders of days, weeks and years. Two or three other passions, which I will talk about, have almost continually taken up a lot of space in this life. But drinking has been the most constant and the most present. Among the small number of things that I have liked and known how to do well, what I have assuredly known how to do best is drink. Even though I have read a lot, I have drunk even more. I have written much less than most people who write; but I have drunk much more than most people who drink. I can count myself among those of whom Baltasar Gracián, thinking about an elite distinguishable only among the Germans — but here very unfair, to the detriment of the French, as I think I have shown — could say: “There are those who have got drunk only once, but it has lasted them a lifetime.”

Furthermore, I am a little surprised — I who have had to read so often the most extravagant calumnies or unjust criticisms of myself — to see that a total of thirty years or more have passed without some malcontent ever instancing my drunkenness as an argument, at least implicitly, against my scandalous ideas — with the one, belated exception of a piece by some drug addicts in England who revealed around 1980 that I was destroyed by alcohol and had thus ceased to be harmful. I never dreamed for an instant of hiding this perhaps questionable side of my personality, and it was there beyond doubt for all those who met me more than once or twice. I can even note that it has sufficed me on each occasion a rather few days in order to be highly regarded, in Venice as in Cadiz, and in Hamburg as in Lisbon, by the people I have met only by frequenting certain cafés.

First, like everyone, I appreciated the effect of slight drunkenness; then very soon I grew to like what lies beyond violent drunkenness, when one has passed that stage: a magnificent and terrible peace, the true taste of the passage of time. Although in the first decades I may have allowed only slight indications to appear once or twice a week, it is a fact that I have been continuously drunk for periods of several months; and the rest of the time, I still drank a lot.

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