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Love surge edition

old thread: >>460848


crosslinking related on beauty standards: >>466678


Doesnt psychoanalysis show that our desire comee from our unconscious and our unconscious is dependent on paternal relations and so on? Thats why "milf" is the biggest category on porn sites and apparently women are looking for "daddy" in their bfs



What is the take on male beauty standards?


So what determines sexual attraction from a young age then?


How does one end up like boogie2988?


Nothing "determines" attraction, its combination of genetic predispositions, culture and experiences. Parent relationships might or might not be part of it.


The sexual partner still signifies a surrogate parental figure, which is why i cited the eroticisation of the parental role. It also explains the codependence of most relationships, being like a child and parent, especially for men, who are more possessive - this is also why most tyrants are men. Controlling the mother is the unconscious root of all misogynies. Thats why most if not all serial killers have unhealthy relationships with their mothers.


Is sex bourgeois?


So I’m a foot guy but I’m not sure if my girlfriend is into that sort of thing. How do I explain it to her?


Just tell her
If she's ur gf and likes u she will accept it


Yeah but it’s weird I just don’t know how to tell her, like, “hey so I like feet can I touch yours?” or something


How long have u been going out?


About 3 months


I mean its best to get it out of the way
How long is long enough?


just confess that you find her feet pretty during pillow talk. don't just blurt out you have a foot fetish, just compliment her feet and stuff.

fat? in a series of failed sugar relationships? fucking retarded? which one


Might have a date with a guy I've been dying to see for ages. How should I tell him I want to sleep with him?

I'm a cis woman BTW.


Theres no wrong way for a woman to say she wants to sleep with a man lol


File: 1699343726018.png (579.07 KB, 786x578, ClipboardImage.png)

just flash him the expression


This is like the fifth time you posted this.


How do I go out and meet people without dying of anxiety and preemptively ruining my chances of living my own life by overthinking everything?


Alcohol helps.


I stopped drinking completely after I fucked up with my ex… might be time to live a little and just not over do it?


Are you fat? Ugly?
If you look fine you can fit in
Also yes, alcohol helps you loosen up
If you are young its normal to be anxious also
I used to be horribly anxious but got jaded by life as i went on. You give less of a fuck and come to accept yourself


Whats the neurological condition?


File: 1699349618270.png (69.35 KB, 269x188, ClipboardImage.png)

post more people getting bullied and crying


They know you're on borrowed time and don't want to take care of a disabled man.


Oof, shit sucks anon.


File: 1699358088516.png (1.12 MB, 1694x1080, 1698811127875.png)

I'm going to see Chat Pile later this week and lately I've found it hard to enjoy concerts because of how many couples there are at even weirdo shit like Swans. Makes me feel completely worthless, even though I know this Elliot Rodger esque jealousy and rage is not healthy or even rational. I fucking hate how my male hormones are constantly screaming at me to sex up a woman. I'm honestly terrified of women. I can talk to them in passing and in formal settings like in customer service but dealing with them on even the level of acquaintance is impossible for me. I either want to FUCK them or it feels like I'm talking to an alien.

I wish my family hadn't been so fucked up, I can't imagine what it's like to grow up and develop normally and not have a bunch of pathologies about sex and relationships into your late 20's. The hardest thing to deal with as you get older isn't so much the fear of missing out that tends to dominate the younger incelosphere, it's more realizing that you are completely on your own, and that no one gives a shit about you and that no one ever will. Standing in a room with 500 other people only serves to magnify that feeling to it's most punishing detail, every single twinge of chemical agony picking at my nervous and endocrine system like Mercader. All alone, painful, crushingly alone, as always will be the case.


Abby Martin has some gorgeous soles. That very nice, mature, wrinkled look without being off putting. Maybe it's a function of getting older but I'm coming to appreciate those widened, aged soles that women in their 30's and 40's tend to have. Anyway, I'm going to go jump in front of a bus now.


>reactionary OP
This thread is the most reactionary on the whole site. You're not really making your case here. I'd advocate to not allow this cancer to fester. We've already seen what happens when you do.


File: 1699370166518.jpg (176.85 KB, 900x582, 1699225901673180.jpg)


Didnt happen, fake news.


breaking bad reference


>self deprecating incel shit
Just dig deeper into that self-hatred. Maybe one day you'll come out the other side.


Idk the answer either, but you definitely came to the right place to ask for advice on social and romantic situations


>Just dig deeper into that self-hatred.
there's no bottom, anon!


Let this 17th edition of self-hating be a testament to that fact. Not even queer people hate themselves this much. There'd be some sympathy but near everyone ITT is a reactionary.


Gay people actually have sex


this is from before incels were even a thing you hysteric newfag


I once gave selfies to a friend so he could get me a date. He got an invitation to a girl's house in a single day. I chickened out. I knew this girl who was very obviously interested in me. I stayed friends with her until she bought me a birthday present and invited me to her house to watch a movie. I haven't spoken to her since. She was fat. I am a kissless virgin.


Incelism as a somewhat coherent ideology, sure. But the basis of incelism is nothing more than liberal ideology. Most of it is taking liberal ideology at face value and applying it to the realm of social life of the individual.


What even is incel about this?
>incel is when virgin XD
That's an incel talking point.


File: 1699373288721.mp4 (17.9 MB, 406x720, handsome vs hot.mp4)

Vidrel might be hopium for some of you folks.
She neglects to mention the other half of the equation, the ugly-hot guys like Adam Driver or Adam Friedland.

Damn I'd much rather be single than in a relationship with somebody who wanted me to do performative cringe for tiktok.

Tell him you want to sleep with him. Hearing this from a woman is the kind of thing most men will remember the rest of their life.
Sure there is, like any form of "dropping hints" that he either won't recognize or won't act on for fear she's just being nice.


Maybe you are picking from a bad pool. Consider where you are looking for women and if that might apply a filter to the kind of personality you find.



I've been in similar situations. I had two seperate girls set me up with their gorilla friends. So I know what women think of me. I'll stay single if my only option is Koko. Not happy about it, but I guess you could call me a volcel.


lmao too much second hand embarassment to watch those videos.


gay people have sex but they still hate themselves, in fact they may hate themselves more after sexo depending on how much they have interiorized heteronormative ideology


>the ugly-hot guys
that's a weird way to call "jewish men"


>Vidrel might be hopium for some of you folks.
>example: Henry Cavil

>the ugly-hot guys like Adam Driver or Adam Friedland

Ugly-hot is such a fembrained concept. It is literally just a hot guy who has one or two non-conventional traits. They are both tall handsome men, with one having goofy ears and other being too skinny. Like imagine if a guy called someone like Eva Green ugly-hot because of her eyes and nose, he would be laughed out of the room.


ok now i watched the video in full and i'm pretty sure it's meant to piss me off so fuck you for posting it


>Ugly-hot is such a fembrained concept.
And? The question is how to attract women, so how women understand hotness is kind of relevant to that.
>example: Henry Cavil
Yeah he's conventionally attractive but he's only hot when he's acting hot.

You're welcome.


can you guys please stop posting incel shit and tiktok cringe? my god, can we just talk about actual relationships stuff or not talk at all


So Ronnie there didn't make a horrible mistake.


If this was a forum for doctors, lawers, professional athletes, actors, and successful business people everyone would have relationships and a history of relationships. This is an imageboard of people who think we should improve society somewhat. A lot are "failures" in more ways than just income.


I know plenty of lonely lawyers stuck on dead-end office jobs. Doctors are only in relationships because medicine is a field with plenty of women, and professional athletes and actors are conventionally hot AND in fields with plenty of women. Might as well compare us to like fucking henry cavill lol


Plenty of people here have had relationships though, but weirdos are instead posting shit like the OP video


Whatever happened to not posting social media garbage outside ISG?


I think it actually might be over for me. I'm gay ftm top. I need to fuck a sweaty muscle feminine metalhead man in the ass but I have no dick. I've tried strap on but it's just not the same. I've tried hooking up so many times, (since there's a shortage of tops they'll accept anyone) but I get so bitter, just looking at their cocks. None of you cis people could ever understand the sexual frustration.

I can feel my dick. I can mentally visualize the size (5.5 inches, uncut, fits nicely in my hand). I can feel like I get a hard on when I see a hot guy; can feel blood going to my phantom dick. I can feel it straining against my pants. But it's not real. Had a sex dream last night, and I still remember the exact sensation of bending him over and entering him. His muscles were tightening around my cock. I was pulsing, cumming right in his guts, and kissing afterwards, tongue movement to the mouth while he's still all vulnerable around me. Feeling a guy just totally from the inside- I'm making little hip thrust movements still when I'm coming down. I know the deepest parts of him. But it's just not real.

At least cissoid incels can JERK OFF. The only way I can GET OFF is a 2 hour long self hypnosis session where I end up jerking off the phantom dick. Life is nothing but PAIN and SUFFERING.


How is it reactionary?


>a sweaty muscle feminine metalhead man
That's incredibly specific. Good luck with that.

I can't offer any advise because my dick is allegedly not phantom. Is your dysphoria that bad that you don't want to wank your enlarged boyclit?


File: 1699386198933.jpg (47.15 KB, 600x531, e05.jpg)

>None of you cis people could ever understand the sexual frustration.


I had a hard time parsing "a sweaty muscle feminine metalhead man", let alone actually visualizing someone like that, so maybe they're onto something in that their sexual frustration is simply beyond my understanding


I am guessing something like picrel, just more muscular.


As a little baby anarchist queer he/they soft pooner gayden pre T animal liberation front autistic my chemical romance antifa alternative twink rat-like crustpunk scene boy, back before I got canceled for "upholding the patriarchy," I fell hard for a longhaired acab grindcore d beat metal muscle soft parkour graffiti artist woke he/they cis man with painted nails, graffitied shirts, and a tendency to call things "valid."

Even though I'm now an autistic post-top straight-passing testosterone attractive muscle academia rock and roll bomber jacket swagger stealth ftm guy, I continue to meet those types of guys through the city's music scene- they're surprisingly common. Every time I meet one of them, I imagine
him right under me, vibrating with post-orgasm bliss.


That's like, totally valid.


what if i kinda look like that guy except im a transhumanist and i dress like a homeless person cud i get a gf?



No way…..


I am not asking you to indulge me, but I could probably beat you up, now that I'm ROIDED and ATTRACTIVE.


How tall are you?


File: 1699392743572.png (51.92 KB, 640x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

Saying that it happens hurts some nerves on some here. But it happens.
Lol. Anyways.
Use a party tie. Always works


I'm 5 foot 10, but if you add the 10 gallon hat, I'd be more like 6 foot 4.




Anons… will detectivemaxxing repel women?


Is love dead? Do people actually feel love? Or has it become so commodified there's no authentic feeling anymore? Everything is a performance.


based ftm threatening to beat up transphobes

i kneel king


You tell us
Youre a human being


>Is love dead? Do people actually feel love? Or has it become so commodified there's no authentic feeling anymore? Everything is a performance.
i feel love


I love you…


I don't feel anything towards people, at least romantically. It's just empty.


When was the last time u touched grass?


psychoanalysis is bullshit anon and has been forever
>Thats why "milf" is the biggest category on porn sites
is it? the most popular categories are: lesbian, hentai, ebony, latina, asian, and threesome.

i.e. people like LGBT, women of color, and polyamory.

Even stepmom is IMO just looking for slightly older woman the fact is to find porn of any woman over like 27 shes called some sort of mom and pretty sure any guy over 30 wants to beat it to a hot woman but not feel like a pedo looking at some barely legal russian girl and rather beat it to krissy lynn instead. Its not a mom fetish its just finding women in their 30s/40s attractive still.


what's grass?


oh no…


>doesn't feel anything
Are you taking wagie pills? This is normal for someone who takes wagie pills. Not feeling anything including love is an amazing quality to have because you cannot be manipulated as easily by proles who seek relationships for property or survival.

If this is caused by your conditions of life alone and not wagie pills, you come from revolutionary conditions which have nullified the spook of love in relationships. Relationships are boiled down into pure use-value and the contradictions of relationships under capitalism are clear to you. This is a good thing. This is revolutionary consciousness.


Fellas, what would be the best way for a girl to come onto you? What do you like? Trying to impress this guy


>What is the take on male beauty standards?
the male ideal hasn't really changed. its a mediterranean looking white guy or in some cases black/brown toned man. In every racial group the women have lighter skin than the men. Plus have an athletic physique and symmetric face with good features. i.e. "tall, dark, and handsome".

In my experience too, alot of women (especially younger women) prefer "toned" guys who are somewhat buff but not necessarily roided out bodybuilder types, basically the build of an average 18-23 year old college/university athlete.

Some of them like kpop/timothy chalamet type skinny bois too.

Women also like the emotional side of the relationship i.e. a guy who is funny, has good social skills, can make her laugh, shows her a good time by taking her places, is a slightly cocky bad boi pretty boi but has a sensitive side that he shows only her. Basically a bad boi that turns good for her and opens up emotionally somewhat but stays a bad boi externally facing. Womans nature is to be nurturing if its not kids then its often a pet(s) or her partner where its her fantasy to turn a bad boi good, basically to get him to change his fuckboi ways for her and for love i.e. "i can fix him". Yes its a stereotype but its kind of true.

TLDR just dont be fat and have social skills and make her laugh. Also helps to groom and have some drip.


Make him comfortable first, then get touchy


try to be subtle at first? maybe try to flirt? idk. If you just throw yourself at him you risk it seeming casual and he will turn to a one night stand instead of a long term relationship. Maybe test the waters by acting a little flirty first.


I haven't worked since I was fired 6 months ago. I have zero motivation. But I've been this way since my teens. I just don't feel like I can relate to other people. Sometimes I think I'm not really human or I'm not even real or maybe everything else is fake.


DAAAAAMMMNNN some people are so bitterrrrr lmao, but also TikTok shouldn't exist and this is yet another proof. If they told their friends about this over dinner, nobody would be telling them to kys.


Make him touchy then get comfortable.


>As a little baby anarchist queer he/they soft pooner gayden pre T animal liberation front autistic my chemical romance antifa alternative twink rat-like crustpunk scene boy, back before I got canceled for "upholding the patriarchy," I fell hard for a longhaired acab grindcore d beat metal muscle soft parkour graffiti artist woke he/they cis man with painted nails, graffitied shirts, and a tendency to call things "valid."

>Even though I'm now an autistic post-top straight-passing testosterone attractive muscle academia rock and roll bomber jacket swagger stealth ftm guy, I continue to meet those types of guys through the city's music scene- they're surprisingly common. Every time I meet one of them, I imagine

>him right under me, vibrating with post-orgasm bliss.
Is this even English?



>TLDR just dont be fat and have social skills and make her laugh. Also helps to groom and have some drip.
The most inaccurate TL;DR I have ever read.


It is accurate, but framing social skills as something you "just" have is ignoring that missing them is the issue in the first place.


What about this man is feminine to you? Long hair?


No they said be shredded or a femboy (of which very few men are) then all of these social skills that have to be built from decades of positive experiences.

Honestly, there are a ton of guys that get laid that are complete pieces of shit. Women deciding to have sex with a guy doesn't say anything about him as a person.


>Women deciding to have sex with a guy doesn't say anything about him as a person
It doesnt say anything about morality of a guy, but it does about his personality. Unless a man is 10/10, he needs some level of charisma to get laid.


We have flirted before, and gone on dates and screwed already. I did what you said and took things slow, but I think I'm realizing that I'm in love with him and I want to tell him.


Openly compliment him. Do not hide your feelings. Ever


It’s the set example of the current ruling class:
Anglo facial features


Say it directly. Be direct. Dudes hate the lack of direction and communication.


maybe just do that then because it seems like youre already dating and you want to make it more serious


>but it does about his personality
yeah but also a lot of this stuff boils down to simple circumstance, if you talk to women regularly at school or on your workplace, your chances of scoring are drastically greater than being in an environment where you don't meet women at all. interacting with women on a daily basis will also, believe it or not, make you better at interacting with women. incels really need to divorce their self-worth from being able to get laid and start changing their life to make it more conductive to meeting people. not that i would know how, but still.


>do you want to go out on a date with me?


It's been a little under a month. Is that too soon?
That can be a very bad move for several reasons


why would we know? we never met you, we never met that guy. we don't know anything about you

you know best. you want to tell him something important to you? well, do you want a relationship with someone who reacts bad when you tell them something important, especially something so flattering as that? if you want to tell him, tell him. if hes a good match for you, he'll be thrilled. just temper your expectations, maybe he's not ready to say it.


Tell him you want to get more serious. Try to gauge his feelings towards you in general and in response to that information. Fast or slow, if you're both moving at the same speed it's more likely to go somewhere.

A month can be a little fast to just be like "I love you." Saying that too early might scare him off, especially if you say it before you're really sure yourself. At that stage you're better off communicating what direction you want to move in and how fast, not your "destination." Once you are more "in sync" with each other then you're in a better place to talk about bigger stuff.


God I miss Pete so much.


I could have done a superstar detective costume for halloween, how couldn't I think of that?


File: 1699416018834.png (393.55 KB, 962x962, 1699268603494512.png)

As a lonely aromantic nerd I feel second-hand embarrassment from looking at my peers who are desperate for a crumb of pussy and fall for obviously fishy women who just want them for money, which they don't even have much!


He plays girly music.


I wish women would want me, even if it's just for the money.


i tried sugar dating and it was horrible, i ended up sinking into a terrible depression i still haven't recovered from, feeling like a complete piece of shit because i crossed like a million moral lines, completely alienated, incredibly burned out because the amount of workl i had to take on to support the habit was insane, questioning every relationship i've been in ever because they all suddenly felt irritatingly transactional, and with ED. so probably you don't want that.



This is the ideal woman.


>gays flirting with each other is fine
>so is the rare woman who takes the iniative
>men doing it is bad


File: 1699473882468.png (Spoiler Image, 299.76 KB, 509x315, ClipboardImage.png)




Because 75% when straight guys try to flirt it ends up like the tiktok video in the last general


also sorry for implying that gays arent men LMAO i had worded this post differently at first and forgot to change the last line


I’m coming up on 29 years old.
I’ve only dated in college and dated one guy briefly a couple of years ago (I’m bisexual).
I don’t have that much dating experience.
Am I screwed? How do I get experience to get experience?


>Am I screwed?
>I’m bisexual
No, you are fine, as long as you stick to men.


>That can be a very bad move for several reasons
No it’s not.
t. dude


But I’m trying to date women though at the moment.


This is what normies actually believe


File: 1699480783878.jpg (38.29 KB, 474x600, th-950036338.jpg)

Doubt it, since normies have tiktok and know that a light hearted cringe moment can be spun to make you look bad.
Kinda related to the phrases: "Caught lackin", "Caught in 4k", "Caught down bad", etc.

Didn't realize you're already on the next step, so I'm just gonna post this anyway since I want to slighlt justify my procrastination.

I've never had a girl come onto me in which I made a move since, the idea of a girl loving me, let alone find me attractive, is something that I'm most accustomed to just think of as something inconceivable – just as it's inconceivable to try and think of a new primary color – so a compliments/signals would just go over my head.
Not sad over it, nor asking for pity, personally it makes me feel like cheems; a man of zen and function, one that doesn't need to justify how they enjoy/appreciate something, one that will scarf down the most expensive of meals, and one that can stab with no remorse.

With that in mind, maybe you should be bizarrely impressive
>Walk up, complement his ass, and ask to share a drink.
>Do a cumtown riff with him, like make a joke about how you have a video of him having gay sex on the moon for 1000s of years.
>Play a game of seeing if he can kick you in pussy and actually hurt you.
>Get drunk together, and talk about disgusting and shameful stuff you're into. Like pregnation with worms, or incest with a corpse.
>Do something in your shared field, and do something funny – like if you're in CS, make and share a program that calculates the volume of the sagging tits from the teacher from South Park.
Playful flirtful bro talk, but with female characteristics, where you do joker laughs.

>Dawg, this is bad advice, and fitting from a virgin.
I don't care, it's funny.
And while venting is good, the negative spiral of pity in these threads makes me want to shitpost in self defense.


uygha should have been bullied a little.


fuck shyfags


How the fuck is it an Ego exactly? Wouldn’t someone with an ego be the opposite of shy?


i hate webcomic artists


>a lot of this stuff boils down to simple circumstance
True. Unfortunately for me I am stuck "cold calling". My (small) social circle and job will not allow me to meet women.


if you think about it, the reason you're shy is because you believe people are constantly paying attention to YOU, thus why shyness is very much egotistic. these are all neurotic traits too. i wouldn't call it cowardly or narcisstic, but realizing that most people aren't really minding you but minding themselves helps a little bit with shyness. for example, try to recall a time you did something embarrassing at school. it should be easy. now try to remember something embarrassing a schoolmate of yours did, while certainly not impossible, you need to put way more thought into it. most people perceive you as the schoolmate and would struggle to think of a time YOU were personally embarrassed in public.


It's a form of narcissism to care so much about about what other people are thinking of YOU. Selfish, in the literal sense, you only care about other people as they function in their relation to you.




those traits are only seen as endearing in women

if you're a man and act like that, you're just a plain old loser


I think its time we had a talk about age-gaps and what kind of relationships are appropriate.

First off people should be following half your age + 7 and round down if it's an odd number. For instance if you are 35, the youngest you should be dating is 24. It doesn't matter if the other person is 18, it's still pedophilia. A 50 year old dating a 19 year old is an extremely predatory relationship. Large age gap relationships are disgusting.


You bored tonight anon?


Arent we all?


>Thinking it's okay for someone born of DIFFERENT YEARS TO DATE EACH OTHER
Kill yourself pedophile

Obviously joking, but age gap crap like this does nothing but defend pedophilia, so it should be treated as such. Children have suffered from Chris Hansen-ism for too long


I'll keep hitting 16 and 17yo girls, come stop me if (You) can.


How old are (you)?


42. They call me daddy.


And what do you call them? "Daughter?"


I'll be 30 next year.



Isn’t that just a variant of paranoia?


Finally a good take on here in months.


>How should I tell him I want to sleep with him?
be extremely indirect and coy about it. if he in any way picks up on your desired for SÈX then you have failed


I'm obviously not an expert but having an uncle with schizophrenia, paranoid delusions are completely different from neurotic social anxiety. I'm talking "being afraid of birds" kind of shit.


So since women typically don't approach and instead wait to be approached, it's because of pf their ego?

How perfect too he drew the shy guy as a humpty dumpty shaped fatso and the guy calling him out as normal looking.


I also take issue with the combativeness of the comic, but somewhat? Some women definitely don't make the first move because they're also as afraid of rejection as you are, but social conventions also get mixed in on that decision. Then again, recklessly flouting social convention also puts you at risk of damaging your ego.


How do I get used to being lonely/isolated?


In time.


How long, roughly?


Take up meditation.


Be more specific


Practice meditation. All solitary monks have been practioners. It will help you not be swayed by your thoughts and emotions.


File: 1699560355883.png (152.58 KB, 400x438, bill's fursuit.png)

the first five years are the hardest


Like communism?


It doesn’t really exist anon. Read psychological literature and their studies.


Don't post incel shit or respond to incel shit.


very cute


Are people being forced to censor themselves by the platforms or is it voluntary? It really grinds the fuck out of my gears.


democracy unalives in darkness


they have to do it to stop auto detection algorithms from suppressing the videos


File: 1699581163224.jpg (245.71 KB, 750x1000, truelove.jpg)



that makes no sense


>I think its time we had a talk about age-gaps and what kind of relationships are appropriate.
It really, really isn't.


Why even use a platform that does this?


File: 1699582760774.jpg (148.73 KB, 1074x1078, Tumblr_l_577185918711793.jpg)

What does it mean if I'm a incel-adjacent thirty something with a baby face and the only women who show any interest in me are in their late 40's or older but always in a what I fear is condescending way and politely decline any romantic advances I make in return? Am I just being pitied? Should I commit suicide?


I wish I had a boyish face in my 30s.


wonder if i have a baby face too and didnt realize. only old women and other men seem to be attracted to me


File: 1699583719287.jpg (19.85 KB, 333x500, reasonable_zipview.jpg)

Minors have healthy sexual relationships with adults all the time. You just don't hear about it because they keep the secret and never seek retribution.
Abuse is abuse
Rape is rape
The age doesn't matter
Ban me mods IDC lol, I need a break from this site.


File: 1699583850768.jpg (480.92 KB, 1115x1600, 1699537414014837.jpg)

I really need to stop reading fluffy romance manga.


File: 1699584240445.jpg (3.05 MB, 4032x3024, 1699544276660026.jpg)

Looking to demonize "age gaps" between ADULTS is fucking neurotic to me. Focusing on age gaps doesn't keep people safe.

By trying to calculate what power dynamics are you are conceding the argument that the reason abusive & predatory relationships form is because bae is OP & needs to be nerfed. Power imbalances are not the "why", they are at best a "how".

What other kinds of power dynamics are also predatory? do they intersect? cancel out? this is neurotically codifying something that can be pretty straight-forwardly determined by "is there abuse"


Many people say this all the time, verbatim. Just kidding, kys.


Why the fuck am I so attractive to men but repulsive to women? Is it because I'm skinny?


men have lower standards but they are also way more straightforward. likely you just aren't noticing the women who are attracted you, probably because you don't find them attractive. such is life.


>men have lower standards
different standards*




Men don't care about your wallet.


someone just came onto me real bad, this has never happend before to me in my life tbh


Just take a shower and wash your hair, it will come off.


will that wash away my sins against god


Sounds like youre getting sonzoned.


Unironically personality. Women expect their partner to perform masculinity, while gays care much less about that kind of stuff.


File: 1699610343503.jpg (139.59 KB, 1280x720, number one bad girl.jpg)

take the hag pill


I attempted no nut november for the lulz, but last night I came so hard in my sleep, I woke up thinking I pissed myself.




Wet dreams don't count


File: 1699662832690.jpg (58.67 KB, 540x353, 1618865776073.jpg)

I like the original


File: 1699663693043.jpg (102.02 KB, 1170x873, F-NAbZIXsAAvWOB.jpg)

Is it normal anons?


File: 1699664148816.png (272.4 KB, 680x692, 436.png)


Yeah. Lol. Been there done that.


Are you a cisgender woman?


Nah but been on both sides of that as a cis man.


at first blush that sounds extremely unhealthy


Everyone wants to have their cake and eat it too. Get to play hard to get, get to have sex at the same time.


I'd ask this in the fashion thread but whatever, what kind of face do you need to wear a choker and what's the max age you're allowed to wear one? As a man lol.

in before "just be attractive"


But it's true, 'just be attractive' is the rule for any kind of clothing


>what's the max age you're allowed to wear one? As a man lol.
17 maybe 18 if you're very cute.


That's why it's a useless answer.



>what kind of face do you need to wear a choker
Androgynous feminine.

>what's the max age you're allowed to wear one?

For as long as you can sustain the aforementiomed requirement, so realistically around 23.

If you plan to hang out with gay men however, there isnt really a limit.


Jesus Christ it’s a whole different world compared to where I’m at.






File: 1699678646396.mp4 (20.93 MB, 1280x720, You Wanna Suck_.mp4)




Reminder leftist woman reading this post. You cannot be a leftist if you date right wing or centrist men. Using right wing men for their money though is fine.



because everyone else is using it.


File: 1699718324758.jpg (491.07 KB, 2167x891, 1699717388777261.jpg)

Thoughts on armpit sex? Anyone here ever tried it?


That's spooky. How do I repost a file from 4chan and it ends up with the same matching first 6 digits?


It's based on time so you must have reposted it very quickly.


That makes sense. I was assuming it was counting like post number. So the 16 must be the year or something huh?


It's time since 1970 January 1. The original filename is microseconds:
> Sat, 11 Nov 2023 15:43:08 GMT
And the new is milliseconds:
> Sat, 11 Nov 2023 15:58:44 GMT
You can try it with this: https://www.epochconverter.com/


Now I went down a rabbit hole of Unix epochs and y2k38. Imteresting stuff.


my friend group that i never hang out with all turned into reactionary right wing type people. i don't really know if i should ditch them. i just talk with them tru group chats. problem is there are a couple of cool ppl in the group. i'm not fucking with most of em anymore tho.


File: 1699729142035.jpg (105.96 KB, 960x825, 47qojklk5ozb1.jpg)


Kind of off topic, but the problem with the discourse around sex tourism is that people lump together men who go abroad to buy prostitutes with those who go to have consensual sex/relationship.


I believe that is done intentionally tbh


I swear to god, the culture of spending on clothes and bags and garbage that so many well paid women have is crazy, they make 50-100k and end up with absolutely nothing to show for it


It's kind of a gray area. There's the "proper" sex tourists who just go buy prostitutes, and then there's the men who are like "I want an sumbissive azn waifu" or something like that. And then there's people who go abroad for other reasons and just find love over there. Even in those cases though, you still have a dynamic where money and political/national access is a factor. It's not like an outright MeToo kind of imbalance but it is there, depending on which countries we're talking about.

But yeah it's fucked that there's just racists who are aware that "sexpat" is a socially acceptable way to complain about race mixing.


> end up with absolutely nothing to show for it
If they send it on clothes and bags they do have something to show for it.


Yeah but the resale value is practically nothing compared to how much it cost especially after a few years when it's not fashionable anymore and it's time to buy all new garbage


>Even in those cases though, you still have a dynamic where money and political/national access is a factor. It's not like an outright MeToo kind of imbalance but it is there, depending on which countries we're talking about.
I think this is a silly argument. Unless you marry your twin sister who works in the same job as you, there will always be a power imbalance in a relationship.
If there's love there and both people are adults, why should anyone care about comparatively trivial things like salary and nationality?


>I think this is a silly argument. Unless you marry your twin sister who works in the same job as you, there will always be a power imbalance in a relationship.
Well of course, but when there's something really major like the opportunity to move to a country with a higher standard of living, that's pretty significant.


File: 1699732861288.jpg (126.58 KB, 850x1247, 1699195681799.jpg)

This is me but I'm a man and because I only buy second-hand I could easily make almost all of the money I've spent back by selling them back. You only really lose money on fashion if you pay full prices or get hyped crap.


Did you get the clothes in your picture second-hand too?


Not the lacy silk panties.


Peer pressure is a bitch. I really, really don't want to use IG but everyone I know does.


why is it socially acceptable for women to wear whatever the fuck they want but when men do it they get judged by men and women alike


Women are pretty
Men are not


men are hot what are you talking about


File: 1699738439799.jpg (209.05 KB, 720x960, 1699733605669321.jpg)

i hate that now that im older if i want to socialize i have to schedule things 2 weeks in advance and pray i still feel like socializing then


Someone explain this part of hook up culture to me. I dont get taking a rando to your place overnight. Say you're at a bar or party or whatever, how can you trust a random person to come to your place and maybe even stay overnight for sex? This only makes sense to me if you're a college kid or something cause its only a dorm, and if she attends you know where to find her. But if I took a random woman home with me how do I know she wont kill me in my sleep, hurt someone or something I live with or steal something valuable? Reason 1000 prostitution needs to be decrimed. Hook up culture just doesn't make any sense


1) Don‘t be paranoid
2) Don‘t be a weak pussy that a woman hurting you is ever a realistic scenario


i love patriarchal logic


Men are hot only if you gay.


Women are gay as fuck.


That's their problem.


more dudes should go after velma but they're too shallow so instead they chase impoverished 3rd world sexo or daphne type hoes


velma is conventionally attractive too


File: 1699748912791.png (766.13 KB, 624x872, ClipboardImage.png)

hottentot pilled


Did you even watch the show? Velma spent the whole time lusting after Fred (chad) while ignoring her looksmatch (shaggy).


maybe in the movies, but in the cartoons she's a total frump


Sure, there is an inbalance, but isnt it still fundentaly positive that those women now have more choices to pick from? Even if the relationship is purely transaction, it still is transanction they both opted for as the best optio available.


Another year has passed and the period where I have to see my long time crush comes.
Time to get the machine started with some romantic tunes. No hopes left but seeing her is something to appreciate.


Wasn't she into Shaggy in the mood recent show?


You have to be at least 18 years old to post on this site.


Ok, thanks.


Also that isn't even in the rules lol, this isn't 4chan


>1) Don‘t be paranoid

>2) Don‘t be a weak pussy that a woman hurting you is ever a realistic scenario

Ya some chicks totally gonna kill you in your sleep or rob you


If I said they were cute would you rub them against me? I mean hold it against me? Oh fuck, never mind.


>2) Don‘t be a weak pussy that a woman hurting you is ever a realistic scenario
this is what 14 years olds actually believe


True but if you're worried about a random person murdering you in your sleep you have big problems. I have news for these people, you could literally be walking down the street and someone could pull out an AK and blast you, that doesn't mean you should live your whole life being afraid of other people


You're a lot more vulnerable when you are asleep with a stranger in your home. I think it's a pretty normal fear to have tbh. It's not like throughout history humans were just finding randoms from another tribe and bringing them back to the cave (where they lived alone). Granted though, if you are the one approaching people you massively reduce the chances of the person you pick up being some kind of predator.


Which right wing woman do you want to bang the most? I want to bang Abby Shapiro


I just think it's a really bad social development how people are so physically afraid of each other nowadays. Violent crime rates are not very high and people are a lot more at risk from loneliness, mental Illness and that type of shit.


this sounds more like adult machismo males


>young adults are helplessbabies whom shoyldnt shag boomers but they should go fight in war

Kill ypurself.

This is the same cgatspace that says "morals are spooks" and whibes about lack of interracial representation in porn yet they think age numbers are moral compass?

If youre a young adult there shpuldnt be any problem with dating older people.

Youth is not automatic innocence.

In fact, innocence after toddlerhood begets arrested development.

Why should the young only be seen as students or expendable foot soldiers but not seen as romantic partners.

Young people are fsr more exploited in platonic/industrial affairs than romantic ones.


This. Its about controlling young people.

Peoole complain about racism, sexism and genrontophobia but hebephobia is rationalized.

Iromy is, the vulnerability of youth is due to social conditioning.
Kids whom grow up in controlling environments are more likely to be victims.

This anti precocious philosoohy which is prevalent even in Marxist spaces is disheartnening.

Its not normal to be mediocre or a novody in your teens and twenties.

Its not normal to be excessively awkward or naive.

Our modern society is trying to infantilize the youth because the elders are mediocre failed adults.
Youth is supposed to be a time of infustriality, not prolonged innocence.

Marxists wanna extend the legal dependency age of childhood to spite capitalism.

Yet, Marxists fail to umderstand that the charity case status of the youth is due to capitalism.


>guy embarrasses himself online for some mid chick



Does anyone else feel that sex is extremely reddit?


Reddit is a phenomenon that occurs in any sufficiently large social organization or really any sufficiently large complex system of discrete actors see reddit weather.
Prostitution, polyamory, watching porn while having sex and female orgasm are reddit. This can be rigorously proven.


reminder reddit is just what we call fedoracore after fedoras stopped being a thing


>the female orgasm is reddit
Truer words have never been spoken. Do you have any idea how many subreddits there are dedicated purely to that shit?


What does "gooning" mean?


jacking off a lot


Gooning - (Internet slang) A form of masturbation that involves edging ("maintaining sexual arousal without reaching orgasm") for a long period of time, resulting in a hypnotic, trance-like state.


>But if I took a random woman home with me how do I know she wont kill me in my sleep, hurt someone or something I live with or steal something valuable? Reason 1000 prostitution needs to be decrimed.
lmao oh my god how do these statements even follow each other. have you conceived maybe dating a person once or twice before straight up taking them to your apartment a few hours after meeting them? are these kind of hookups even the norm, i feel like youre hitting on the sleaziest girls you can find and then complaining that they dont seem very trustworthy


Comrades, I have a crush on someone on this website. How should I ask them out? What should I do?


This is an unfunny forced meme


how do you do that without releasing too early


If you were a time traveler and you rape your past self, does it count as rape?


Yes, because you used the word "rape" to describe the action which means you ARE raping yourself so it counts as rape.


Two rogue AIs having a conversation with each other


File: 1699879238822.png (1.36 MB, 890x860, ClipboardImage.png)

>female orgasm is reddit


I'm already homosexual gang THOUGH


guess I'll go join a convent then


you can't, it's literally impossible


convents are essentially the female equivalent of gay saunas


getting so schizo that you cant even spell shit anymore


It's just newgene, they write like that all the time.


File: 1699934248446.png (883.25 KB, 708x912, 1699927221627716.png)

Having a significant other isn't for sexual gratification. Masturbation remains king.


File: 1699942154119.jpg (87.57 KB, 1079x1336, 1699900289530083.jpg)

just a few more years… haha…


I just want a fat ass nerdy white girl to sit on my face


polyamory is the best shot at getting laid for people in this thread tbh


If so point me to the nearest polycule that will allow me


That doesn't really make sense. Polyamory doesn't mean lowering standards.


polyamorous women are sexually available regardless of relationship status AND are willing to engage with you in a casual basis, it only doesn't make sense if you feel your chances of hitting it off with any women are an absolute 0




>every opinion I don't like is samefag





>You understand women looking for casual sex can choose almost literally any man they want?
I don't understand why do you have a hard time grasping that women having multiple partners give you better odds than women being in a committed monogamous relationship. like you understand this, right that 2 is a larger number than 1? maybe that's why you're an incel, because you can't grasp simple stuff, have you thought about that


But if they want casual sex none of that really matters because it is for casual sex. The minimum is to look like they shower I suppose


I'm thinking about joining a local polycule I've found on a dating app. Has anyone here ever joined a polycule


join and tell us how it goes


File: 1700008678841.png (774.72 KB, 698x511, bitch.PNG)

i'm over 6'4 and been told by non-family members I'm good-looking. It's literally all mental for me. How do I stop letting my mind cock-block me.


File: 1700018083090.jpg (109.38 KB, 724x865, rise and shine.jpg)

I wish I could age gracefully but dealing with my own mental illness is so stressful.


just drink plenty of water, use retinol and sunblock and develop a modest addiction to opioids to sleep at night


>Bro just drug yourself up than deal with your dumbass problems by fixing your environment and confronting past issues



better living through chemistry


I don't know why it's against the rules to hate cuckholding


I hate being the kind who would start to get touchy and emotional afterwards when everyone else is just in the mood to leave and never look back.


while telling the men you want to bed that you're "straight" is one way of playing hard to get, pretending to be attracted to women will prevent you from getting the man of your dreams


Fucking wake up, jack off, pass out, fall down

The sexual frustration and LONELINESS is becoming unbearable. I literally just want friends at this point FUCK


frankly i dont even want friends or sex. all i want is to travel outside of space and time and browse the internet eternally without having to waste my time with real life


>just drink plenty of water
>use retinol and sunblock
>develop a modest addiction to opioids to sleep at night
Absolutely not. Opioids negatively affect sleep quality.
You can also take some carotenoids to look more healthy. I can tell you later which ones and how much.

You should also sleep plenty, and meditate.
Avoid alcohol and smoking.

Incel thread though, this is a self pity thread, not a self help thread.


Socialize. Go to the gym. Go to therapy.
Basic math gets in the way of self hatred.


what did she mean by this??


she looks like an average girl and her personality doesnt seem very nice, id stay away


File: 1700082299814.jpg (289.59 KB, 924x1485, GJVso.jpg)

I wouldn't mind looking like an undead as long as I didn't have visible wrinkles or veins on my face tbh.


she may be the autistic one


Just don’t wind up becoming the “main partner” or think you can change her.

t.loser who dated a poly girl when I ain’t poly
Keep it casual and just don’t overthink it too hard!


bpd. run.


Gmail sex? Sounds sus. Meet people offline.
Then do that. You can also try botox. There's also some creams to build fat if you have shit like eye bags. Sunblock, retinol (or another I forgot the name, its prescription in some places, tretoine?), water, no smoking, no drinking, good sleep, low stress.


I blocked her number, but she knows I can only label her email as spam but it'll still show up anyway


Is it true there are girls(female) here who only do anal?


File: 1700083881981.jpg (1.28 MB, 2083x1558, F9TV6a6XIAEqVel.jpg)

who needs em when you have girls (male)


A male asshole is always going to be a male asshole.


this crusty emo dog incest game has done irreparable damage to the mind of incels online.


i dont think theyve even played it tbh


yeah tretinoin, its a lot stronger than retinols but also a lot more effective


>I don't understand why I only attract shitty people
Saying things like this is a big red flag for lack of self-awareness. Her "type" is also weirdly specific or else she's very liberal in the use of those labels. That's the kind of thing people say when they do the most uncharitable reading of other people they can muster. Being hyper-critical of others is a common coping mechanism for low self-esteem due to avoiding dealing with one's own issues. And saying stuff like this to people as a habit is going to filter out most men who might find her attractive but respect themselves enough not to tolerate bullshit.

That's just stalker behavior. You are being stalked. Hopefully she doesn't know your address.


what the hell, it has dog incest now too?

the only two genders are seeking/pursuing and passive/preening, change my mind


So glad I don't go for this kind of person.


Autistic girls are cool, just be nice to her and you could be in for a nice time.


>everyone with mental disorder X is the same
incredibly stupid


I mean now she's insulting me for not being interested in making out after sent me suggestive pics


Fine, of course there are autistic girls who are psychotic murderers, I just mean in general

Well just say you are interested in making out and you didn't want to offend her



Just stop engaging, jesus.


What costs that much in a choker?


I'm going to delete all those files afterwards since it feels kind of wrong exposing her like this btw


have some self-respect im begging you!


Well seduce her then man, women want to be pushed against a wall and forcefully made out with.


I'm too female-brained to do that.


Why can't you? Do you want to fuck her or not?


damn uyghas cry here about being incels and then post pictures of girls throw themselves at their feet


I'll admit all we've ever done together is cuddling, kissing, petting, and sometimes oral sex from her (her idea of petplay), maybe that's why she feels frustrated with me in the end, since the idea of penetrative sex feels kind of gross to me


That's a shame. I mean if you kiss her then penetrative sex isn't really any more 'gross' IMO. You could always use a condom too. Isn't there something in you deep down that wants to breed a fertile bitch and spray your seed in her pussy?


>thats what women unironically want
wow i forgot how cucked women are. yea im never having sex fuck that shit


you tell me…


I can understand the appeal of being a subby pajama wearing boi that just gets pampered but clearly she's telling you she needs you to be masculine and assertive. It's up to you whether you can do that or not. In the long term almost all women will be bored if you can't give them something back.


Yeah, all that thing about feminism is just talk.


>being a subby pajama wearing boi that just gets pampered
but that's literally what she expects from me too, why she acts like a kitten when she's not lashing out on me


ok well if this is all just foreplay for you then never mind, do what you will, I'm just saying it seems like she's getting bored


Block her everywhere.


then why does she keep spamming me?? I literally have her blocked already


shut the fuck up uyghur wanting to be treated a certain way during sex doesnt mean they want men to go up to them and break their spine randomly


battery, but make it consensual


Well I don't know, if you don't want to hang out with her anymore then just block her emails too.


File: 1700090567031.jpg (29.27 KB, 517x553, 1700083823889854.jpg)

I hate this lingering feeling that I might have wasted my life, or at least a good chunk of it.


I know what you mean, but what can you do? A life spent on sleeping with the opposite sex or doing whatever you didn't do isn't inherently more worthwhile. Just try to make effort in the future to put your life in line with your expectations (or vice versa).


My entire 20s were a huge waste of time and my 30s turned out better in a few aspects. Still no sex however. Jobs are easier to get now, at least for me.


Didn't quite waste my life but I feel not having a more "robust" relationship experience, aside from few flings, has definitely warped my view of other people.
Now I genuinely fear entering my 30s as a cold and uncaring bastard.


File: 1700092801584.jpeg (21.19 KB, 680x568, F-52iwUasAAIneF.jpeg)

so fellow chads, do you relate?



>You can also take some carotenoids to look more healthy. I can tell you later which ones and how much.
Please reveal, comrade. I am curious.


Is anal leftist?


Do you look like that?


Another reason why China is superior to the US.
Their women are liberated and are more dominant, especially in the northern regions where they’re also more muscular.


Comrades, I live in Burgerland and I want a gf who isn’t morbidly obese.
What do I do?


Basement GULAG.


Git gud? There are many non obese women, why can't you get them? That is a you problem, no one feels sorry for you.



And even if they felt sorry, how does that help you? Ok you are forgiven for not getting a normal weight gf, so what? Whay does it mean? Go get yours and stop bitching online.


File: 1700165728610.png (83.93 KB, 640x764, 640px-Chudjak.png)

This is what I actually look like.


File: 1700166367139.png (269.69 KB, 506x631, ClipboardImage.png)

boy do i have a lucrative career path for you


I hate how much money untalented people get


soy John Wick


John wick is literally chvdjak, killing billions bc his le dog was killed


TBH Critical's videos used to be funny, he's not untalented, he just chooses to make zero effort now


He is untalented
He makes MILLIONS from mumbling into a mic for 5 mins every week
Its criminal


Been likened to him many times irl.



Incels cope about their perceived inferiority by demeaning and punching down those they unconsciously perceive as inferior.

Incelism is an inherently reactionary ideology.

Have a nice day.


Didn't we have a self improvement thread? I was making a really nice guide there. Maybe I can expand it.


ngl, I forgot it existed. Thanks for reminding me, comrade.


High-skilled men react positively because they think their skills will impress the gamer girls.


These threads should be centered around "life and relationships" instead of "sex and relationships".


Have sex.



Sex, have.


You ok?


I know I am inferior, the world has taught me that well. Even if it isn't objectively true, that's the "caste" I am in because of my percieved race and income level. However, I try to never punch down. I'd be another incel's friend…but I know that's not really gonna help much. At best I'll get the "Hey Anon, you're alright don't go to Wal-Mart" tomorrow message.


I think the intention is presenting aggression towards females as literal cope for being inferior at a skill males themselves value, meaning that they're projecting their own insecurities. Girls literally do not give a shit, it's literally all in your head, as you cleverly exemplified just now. Let this be a lesson for incels everywhere.


I think I just don't like people


The following porn genres are leftist:
>Vanilla (Big ass, Big Tits, Doggystyle, anal, etc)


wrong thread, wrong imageboard


Ive resolved to only wank to asians, latinas and black women from now on. Desiring gringas makes me feel weird


This is sex and relationship general



I just dont like finding myself desiring light skin or white features. Mind you this is only when I wank. In reality my penis and I dont discriminate.


All fit men cheat on their gfs


what if i don't have any gfs but a bunch of friends with benefits


Go to therapy, you insane liberal.


For sure. Having a shit life is what makes people crave sex this bad and worse, obsess about it.
What most incels want out of sex isn't sexual gratification, but other things like validation. Ironically a lot of that validation they seek is validation in the eyes of men because many incels don't even view women as real people.
I have to reinvestigate the supplements. Bump the thread and I'll get around to it.



I forgor which one it is 💀


Found it. No worries. I think I'll just upload a video since there's some explanation behind it which is nice.


Where is the liberalism?
Oh you assumed I was white and self flagellating. I'm black and on the "bottom tier" of the racial hirearchy that exists in society. Don't suddenly deny that shit exists (I'm not trying to imply it is anything other than a spook, but it is one shared by the vast majority of people) because you don't like the messenger.


Youth is valued in a woman, not so much in a man.




nta but I second the intent, you really need to go to therapy and work out your inferiority complex, like yesterday.


>>470615 (me)
it particularly worries me that you're doing this self-pitying shit in the context of being violent towards women lmao. like i'm serious, go to therapy.


You might be confusing me for another anon. But also I don't feel violent towards women in general. I just keep my distance because I don't want to get attached. I'm friendly enough with my female coworkers they always say 'hi' when I walk into the office.


Then you’re a kulak


why? you can be friends with them too


bpdbros… it's happening again


cool, post her tits.


We should criminalize SEX!


not worth the hassle



It's some chad humblebragging about a woman begging him for sex.


How did you even attract this lunatic?



the fuck are u guys talking about


unironically found her on r9k, worst mistake of my life


If you don't like her tell her you're not interested. If you want to smash why are you asking us for advice when you are already in?


Scroll up until you see a bunch of deleted images.

>going for channer pussy
You fucked up.


goes back few years from now, but she used to stalk me both online and offline, and it wouldn't actually be fair to say I was the one to find her, since it was actually the reverse, I can try to dig up some old posts but this will turn into a cringe compilation


I've been in a similar situation also with a channer chick, but I managed to escape before she could find more information about me. Then I found she snatched another imageboard dude and the relationship was a mess all around because she was batshit insane - sent him threats, pictures of her slit wrists, etc.


>why are you asking us for advice when you are already in?
well sorry for assuming this was a "sex and relationship" thread, not a "sex and sex" one


You just posted a pic. Is there something you wanted to discuss? If this is that same girl who was bothering you/another anon then what is new?


it's literally coomer behavior, all she cares to have me around for is to get to have someone treat her like some puppy, she's seemed to stick with me since I manage fairly well at doing exactly that and probably sunken costs, but otherwise when I ever so slightly try to get back at her for her obnoxious behavior she starts acting very aggressively then proceeds to ghost me for days just to come back crawling and begging for more, like when she's not making use of me for her sicken fantasies she just binges on ASMR roleplays, like just tonight she told me she already had fapped twice on her own but were still coming for more, there is literally no way to satisfy these kind of people


Desire for sex is caused by capitalism. Normal human libido is lower than this. If you fap all the time and want sex you have been brainwashed. Sexuality is false consciousness.


I unironically had her start participating to some local armchair communist reading club just so she could find a new outlet to vent her frustration into, turns out she ended up writing an article about social classes under capitalism, shit was cash


plus proof I'm not shitting you
the name obviously is an alias


This is screaming "go to therapy".


I dont get what you want? Seems you are mostly here to humblebrag. That's fine too but I am unclear where the question is.


not trying to be rude but you seem passive-agressive so
1. I am in a sexual relationship
2. I feel frustrated about said relationship
3. I vent about it it in the sex and relationship thread
4. if you cannot relate nor have anything constructive to say you do not have to reply


I guess good for you. I entered here with your confusing ass post about:
>bpdbros… it's happening again

Seems you just want to post private lewds you received. It's just clogging up the thread with nothing worthwhile.


Bpd… Dae rizz bussin no cap?


Stroking my cock


Wrong thread.


i'm so down bad i'm actually fucking booty calling an ugly girl this sucks, but at least i'm not dating a girl with bpd lole


mental illnesses are not real, I was just making fun of it being mentioned earlier


Pics or it didn't happen. This is the lewd fileshare thread now.


shitty people you shouldnt date are very real though


He and his girl are both r9k posters. The best case for the world is they date each other.


I _used_ to "ironically" post on /r9k/ 4 years ago, when I was still an angsty teenager, but yes, realistically, we're both trash


she just told me she has HPV it's joever


mine does too but it's a literal nothingburger


Why is there so much hay in here lol?


File: 1700271344117.jpg (165.74 KB, 668x827, F-_aa-tWkAAcNkc.jpg)

there is so much beauty in the world. we're all gonna make it


she's not going to be able to make it today bros, but she did send me a video of her sucking dick for some reason


as the end of the world looms close, there's only one thing that gives me the i need hope to go on: the ever-closing demise of the current world order will make everyone horny as shit. we're all going to make it.




i dunno


shes mogging you dude


I mean all in all I'm not sure whether I would go about the whole "on-hands" initial experience learning with a literal femcel from 4chan again, so there's that


there's like 10 definitions of mogging on urban dictionary, what do you mean by that


it's ok i've been with her before, she was alright except when she suddenly dropped on the floor of my living room and started crying her eyes out because of some weird-ass family shit i never fully understood


shes showing off how much more dick she sucks than you, so you have to send your own video sucking some dudes dick to defend ur honor, or shell think ur a beta


got it chief, who wants to get their dick sucked today


File: 1700278340140.jpg (Spoiler Image, 515.55 KB, 1280x1707, 221112_Poste_Reference_2k_….jpg)

Is this leftist?


but I don't understand what advice are you seeking? is this really worthwhile or just clogging up the thread?



I might have to report this to the confusing ass police


Anyone else here struggling to keep conversations going with people they like over the internet? I don't exclusively mean people I'm into romantically/sexually, just trying to overcome my autism and stage panic when trying to engage in conversation fluidly


case in point


"I want someone ambitious" = I want a petty boujee/bourgeois motherfucker who is willing to exploit other human beings to gather riches for personal use, that is, our shared use (pleasure)



I have decided to put myself on a starvation diet until I get a gf. I have already lost 6lbs in a week!


i recommend taking supplements to make it somewhat sustainable


Would that not be cheating?


cheating at what?




You are going to be loosing fuckton of muscle mass with that. You should be aiming at most at 2lbs/week, and eat protein rich diet, along with working out at least twice a week.


That sounds like a lot of effort compared to just not eating.


Your future big titted goth mommy futa tsundere GF will appreciate it.


File: 1700311397291.mp4 (10.33 MB, 720x900, onlyfans.mp4)

who was in the wrong here?


>who was in the wrong here?
Society for deciding that women should be allowed to make decisions without understanding the basic principle of: actions -> consequences


It isn't incest. No harm done. The step-father's generous donations made her productive and happy. There is no wrong.


Kind of fucked up on his side, but I feel like threatening to expose him to his wife is a breech of professional confidentiality.


You for not posting her stuff.


File: 1700320909422-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 495.12 KB, 1920x2560, Ta1laaa-Nude-Xtaix003.jpg)

File: 1700320909422-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 712.11 KB, 1920x2560, Ta1laaa-Nude-Xtaix002.jpg)

File: 1700320909422-2.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 124.25 KB, 828x1054, Ta1laaa-Nude-Xtaix005.jpeg)

Paid 2000 for what google would have got him for free.


Imagine not being ashamed of this. Women are fucked.


Shut up. You're in an incel whining general on le epic tankie website. Don't talk about shame.


File: 1700321544608.jpg (32.24 KB, 392x499, trenchcoat-flasher-2.jpg)

Humiliation and exhibitionism are a turn ons themself.


She's pretty.


Touched a nerve?

For the rest of her life her co-workers will be sharing those pictures behind her back. And if she has kids it will be over for them if their classmates find those pictures.


In the future it will be more embarassing if your mom doesn't have a successful onlyfans.


>t. still gonna jerk off to it


File: 1700322721416.jpg (1.92 MB, 1976x4608, 1573734745412.jpg)

Would you guys date a pornstar?


I love how there's a /r9k/ general for all of the sexually frustrated war porn addicts from /ukraine/


I would date anyone who shows any kind of interest in me.


There's a site, and terminal program, where you can get only fans porn for free


Bold of you to assume a woman hot enough to be a pornstar would be interested in me.


Why wouldn't they be? You are posting on /siberia/, that surely counts as something!


Ok pornstarograhic sex worker. Just a hypothetical anyways.


Depends on the genre.


If I had a gun I would shoot myself right this moment.


All right, so what genres do you consider tolerable and which not?


File: 1700339949482.png (238.75 KB, 856x476, 1361211115609.png)

>ex texted me she quit her job
>tells me her mom is willing to help her with college but her 3 partners say to not do it
>ask her why
>she says she's waiting for someone she can rely on while she finishes school instead of wanting to taker her mom's help

I know I should've blocked her by now and I'm just bitching, but damn it sucks hearing this from someone I thought I could maybe make things right with again? Bleh, anyways do any of y'all anons have advice for a late-20s dood trying to get back into life, and some advice on building confidence? If y'all have any college advice as well that'd be dope; I'm gonna finally take loans just because living day to day sucks…


Jealousy is a right wing emotion


That's because paranoia in general is.


Why can't incel NEET archetypes be zen about it instead of becoming nazis


File: 1700354994744.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.29 KB, 474x600, th-950036338.jpg)

Because they go into these spaces and over evaluate their need to get a partner.
When I'm not in this space, and off my meds, I become less interested in getting a partner – which isn't saying much since I stop caring since the idea of someone genuinely loving me becomes a foreign concept to me; I become cheems.


In their defense, they're told from birth that their goal is to find a woman to marry and get a high powered job to start a family. I'm a 30 year old virgin used to whine about not having a gf and I still want one, but i'm also in no rush to get one because I want a partner who I like spending time with and get along with rather than a submissive doll who makes me dinner and lets me fuck her missionary


Is it wrong to want a life partner?


>rather than a submissive doll who makes me dinner and lets me fuck her missionary
You are not getting that either way.




I never assumed I was.


I wonder why I can only feel (mild) attraction to fictional characters, but when I socialize with very conventionally attractive men/women I literally feel nothing beyond thinking they're pretty at most, even people that logic dictates I should "click" with.


>I'm a 30 year old virgin
>but i'm also in no rush
Mate, I dont want to tell you how to live your life, but start rushing, its running out.


Nah, I don‘t agree with that. Finding a person who is a proper match will take time and rushing it makes it more likely he will settle for a less compatible match. I would rather say he should work more consequentially on whatever hindered him from losing his virginity or finding a partner.


Nah, my parents met in their 30s.
If you still have the option of meeting other people the only thing getting more difficult with age is having kids. I know someone in his 50s who has had several short-lived relationship over the last years after registering at some dating site.


>I'm a 30 year old virgin used to whine about not having a gf and I still want one, but i'm also in no rush to get one because I want a partner who I like spending time with and get along with rather than a submissive doll who makes me dinner and lets me fuck her missionary
This is such an obvious cope lmao


>Finding a person who is a proper match will take time and rushing it makes it more likely he will settle for a less compatible match
This is Disney brain, you are not going to magically just stumble upon someone and immediately fall in love and live happily ever after. Even if you are looking for "the one", which is a moronic mindset to have when dating, you still have to date around to find them.

>Nah, my parents met in their 30s.
Were your parents virgins with literally 0 romantic experience when they met?

>I know someone in his 50s who has had several short-lived relationship over the last years after registering at some dating site.

Great for them, but I am assuming they had them with other 50 year olds, and while I consider redpill concept of "the wall" to be a cope, at that age, women are actually past their expiration date.


How the fuck is he supposed to have sex as a 30 year old virgin with women being the way they are?


>Were your parents virgins with literally 0 romantic experience when they met?
AFAIK my father had 2 prior relationships, doesn't matter though. Hookup culture is not the core of all romantic relationships. Unless you're dealing with the neurotic half of the female population, people simply don't want to be lonely.
>at that age, women are actually past their expiration date.
That is your cope for fetishizing SEϪ with young women.


File: 1700396404804.jpg (68.93 KB, 768x1024, 3091926_b.jpg)

>How the fuck is he supposed to have sex as a 30 year old virgin
The same way as 30 year old normie would I imagine. Like dont fucking tell them you are a virgin obviously, but other than that makes no difference.

>with women being the way they are

If you end up as 30 year old virgin the problem clearly does not lay with women.

>That is your cope for fetishizing SEϪ with young women
Or you know, just not senile.


File: 1700396844735.jpg (85.43 KB, 585x638, k0ouxahekofa1~2.jpg)

Are you a westerner?
At your age I would seriously consider taking an extended vacation to the Philippines and finding a partner there. Getting matches on dating apps is easy as a white guy so you will be able to go on dates with a wide variety of women, boosting your chances of finding 'the one'.

Girls in their early-mid 20s will be showing interest in you too, meaning you will have a few years with them before having kids becomes a priority - if that's something you care about. Dating 30 year old women is an awkward spot where they either already have kids, or are desperately seeking a man to have kids with ASAP before conceiving becomes difficult for them


File: 1700398348506.webm (3.09 MB, 854x580, output.webm)


aight here's the only thing I actually need advice on - how do I broach the topic of physical intimacy - not just sex, but holding hands, kissing, etc?

I never dated before til now, was in a very long (>10 year) relationship for my whole life, and so I don't really know norms around this. I'm good looking I think, women seemed interested in me on these apps, and dates are fun - but I don't really know how to do more than hang out, lol. I'm a bit paranoid to like, pressure women into things they don't want to do.


I've found kissing and hand holding is easy shit that comes naturally. Beyond that you need to be careful because have more hangups about that. You may find a woman wants to be sexually engaged with you in the moment but feel ashamed later.

Lets go through step by step:
>Holding hands
Ok if you feel like an agreeable rapport has been built between you two and you are walking side by side just go hold her hand. Don't see how this can fuck up. The gesture isn't offensive or sexual assault in anyone's mind to my knowledge.
You two are having an intimate conversation and you are looking at each other in the face maintaining eye contact you go in for a kiss, not agressively. I guess they will show mutual interest or not, but if not if you weren't agressive in your initial action no reason for it to be offensive.
>The rest of the bases
Well you are kissing, tongue kissing etc gou move forward with groping here it gets tricky and I can't tell you because like I said even interest in the moment can retroactively be seen negatively.


>You two are having an intimate conversation and you are looking at each other in the face maintaining eye contact you go in for a kiss, not agressively.
Wanted to say, for me it is a lull in the convo with the maintained eye contact. You are both looking at each other with nothing to say but there is something to say with your lips to be poetic.


And as far as dates off apps. I have felt that. I think your best bet is to meet somewhere and then walk around or something afterwards. Yeah I think meeting somewhere for just across the table seems like a job interview. I dunno. I had dates like that and ones where we went in my car afterwards and got intimate afterwards. I think proximity is an important aspect. I think walking around together would be the best mechanism. Yeah it's awkward do be in hardly in any proximity and then to be like, "want to come back to my place?" Building some close proximity is important.


File: 1700422476406.jpeg (84.43 KB, 800x600, full.jpeg)



are you the "SOCIETY wants you to buy condoms" retard?


not with those pointy elbows


He's right, the sex you have is ver prportiante to the money you have. It's no different than clowning dudes for the shoes they wear or the car they drive.


>He's right, the sex you have is ver prportiante to the money you have.
He's right insofar that sex is commodified and that's it really. This is obviously a situation that vastly benefits men, who aren't implicitly sexualized and thus they aren't always encouraged to turn themselves into commodities. Even the idea of having sex as some sort of implicit symbol of status already assumes that women are an accessory. Hate the word patriarchy but that's exactly what you're staring at lol.


How does it benefit men when women have similar level of career opportunity and much greater sexual and sexual-financial opportunity? A man and a woman can work at mcdicks and the woman can get all paid trips from millionaires and the man can sit at home wanking it to anime.


>western capitalist individualistic system
they're the same picture

>How does it benefit men when women have similar level of career opportunity
they don't though, ugly women are immensely punished for being ugly in worse ways than men are, career wise.


>they don't though, ugly women are immensely punished for being ugly in worse ways than men are, career wise.


look it up, retarded incel.


File: 1700424419742-0.png (9.15 KB, 500x300, okc_rating_curve1.png)

File: 1700424419742-1.png (8.6 KB, 500x300, okc_rating_curve.png)

Ok i did.


imagine having your brain so rotted by incel shit that despite insisting on your pet social theory that women rely on sex appeal to acquire material wealth, you're unable to reach the obvious conclusion that women with no sex appeal would be unable to acquire material wealth lol.


you always gish gallop with your retarded dating app stats, which are completely irrelevant.


It's a bonus you retard. The average looking fuck has nothing to rely on. Explain why you think attractive men will be promoted by straight men.


>The average looking fuck has nothing to rely on.
Therre's lots of average looking fucks in positions of power, unless you're telling me that you're sexually turned on by alan dershowitz


No one cares if men pr women are attractive for the most part in cases of particular sexual nepotism. Not what the fuck was being discussed. I don't deny that men may be more likely to promote men on account of their being men. Not what the fuck the original shit we were talking about. A man on the bottom of society has less opportunity relationship wise than a woman was what we were talking about.


You are just agreeing with me. No one promoted him because he was hot nor feinstein or ruth bader ginsberg or whatever.


>and the woman can get all paid trips from millionaires
This is about as fucking retarded take as some feel good pro-capitalist stories about starting in a company in your garage and becoming a millionaire, just because there are cases when that happens doesnt mean its in any way viable path to wealth for overwhelming majority of population.


>A man on the bottom of society has less opportunity relationship wise than a woman was what we were talking about.
Prove it with no dumb dating app shit lol


File: 1700424919365.png (190.69 KB, 362x481, ClipboardImage.png)

>nor feinstein


>A man on the bottom of society has less opportunity relationship wise
Socio-economic wise, yes, indisputably, but being ugly as a woman is the worst thing there is for relationships. Ugly men have it better, because there are some women who are willing to look past that. No statistically relevant portion of men is looking past women looks.


That looks like a crossdresser.


she's like a 7/10 at worst lol


Prove. My whole life experience all of my fenale friends and relatives dating up and my male friends and relatives not. actually I have some male friends who temporarily pulled off some giggolo shit but it is fat and few between. Irrelevant to this thread.


>My whole life
not an argument


Those are women's clothes.


uygha you are insane



What's yours?


Only in modern America where a normal bmi nets you a 7 automatically is she a 7.


File: 1700425455835.png (340.83 KB, 510x513, ClipboardImage.png)

> uygha you are insane
she looks like one of those old timey ideal wife ads, come on dude.

this is the youngest dersh pic i could find lol, he rocks a jewfro and a stache this is so funny


File: 1700425493312.png (344.99 KB, 754x476, ClipboardImage.png)

sexual legend


She is ugly as fuck. I dunno what to tell you. She is bag over head worthy for not being obese.


lmao not only are you an incel freak, you're the literal "0/10 pointy elbows" meme, a moment you were wallowing in despair because you were so lonely, now you're full boogie2988 pretending he can only fuck california 10s


Lol at the coarse of the argument. The woke feminists telling me fenatein only got to where she was because of sex appeal and I'm saying not.


Bitch is ugly. I will only givet points for good teeth and normal bmi. I always do better.


Bitch reminds me of Matt Gartz.


feinstein, while not a bombshell, was obviously conventionally attractive and that would have an impact on her career, like yeah obviously your last desperate recourse you're able to take is to suddenly become hugh hefner and pretend you need to look like an insta model to have women sex appeal work in their favor.


Detahowitz wad attractive to some people i guess what is the point of this argument, she is an ugly bitch.


Dershowitz was attractive to some people i guess what is the point of this argument, she is an ugly bitch.


Some pure irony ahit isn't it? To suggest feinstein might have got ahead with anything other than her ugly mug is heresy. She is a meritless bitch is the orthodox feminist position.


>just because there are cases when that happens doesnt mean its in any way viable path to wealth for overwhelming majority of population.
Overwhelming majority of population aren't worth the money or effort for such, that's plainly the reason.


In general no, and those who are can go for the hottest ones cuz supply>demand.


Yes. Although people generally get with people around their age. And of course, not all women have the same preferences.
Incel logic. Disregard this moron.


>yes but no but maybe


Are straight men attracted to people named Juliet?


its not bad to be an incel. It's only bad if you're a blackpill incel


>0/10 pointy elbows
mmmh sweaty, but where is my god given, blood right for a personal anime sex goddess?


I have rather little experience, but I was advised that it is important to go for women that are in ones league. So my autistic ass is wondering, how do I tell what "league" I am in and what kind of women are attainable for me?


Trial an error. There is no harm in trying.


Most people don't just walk up to another person their league and then hook up. There's a whole courtship thing that happens before. For that to happen, the right conditions have to give rise to it. Think about it like a Marxist.

Basically make friends, go out with them to social places. Try to get female friends (don't try to fuck them). Then once you rebuild your social integration and social net then opportunities "in your league" will emerge.

I've fucked people that are way out of my league because I am a socialite.


>Basically make friends
I have those
>go out with them to social places
hmm, I don't think we really do this. What kind of places are good for this? any idea how I would get a group of nerds to go out this way?
>Try to get female friends
I assume this is not too different in nature from making male friends?
>Then once you rebuild your social integration and social net then opportunities "in your league" will emerge.
yeah ok, but this doesn't answer my question. How do I know it is an opportunity "in my league"? I'm honestly a bit confused at what you are trying to say.

>I've fucked people that are way out of my league because I am a socialite.

Well that's good for you, but I believe I lack the confidence to try and do so myself, which is why I hope to understand how to figure out which women are "attainable" for me.

>trial and error.
fair enough. I was hoping for something more elegant though.


>fair enough. I was hoping for something more elegant though.
ain't that how it goes? Shoot for the stars and grab the moon, etc.

I guess I got that the expression backwards but mine makes more sense
> 'Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.'


>X is commodified
You can fill the gap with anything and you'd be right, this isn't a fucking revelation on a goddamn marxist imageboard.


There is, you can get arrested if you say the wrong thing in some countries.


>>471532 (me)
Is 29 too old for femboys?


Depends on your genetics and skincare routine, but it definitely is for like 90% of the population.


That's a bit overboard. But yeah if the vibes is right. I dunno the world today makes me feel uncomfy too. Sometimes I rather leave it all be than interacting with it too. If I cated as much as some of you I would try. Honestly I have learned to love my solitary existence to some extent. No people, no problems. It's comfy dealing with people in a detached anonymous digital scenario like this. I'm under no delusions that any relationship I could experience could be better than the one I am born from or the others I've known. They are all shit. There is no spul mate.


Depends, what is your estradiol dosage?


This thread makes me immensely depressed



No, I meant am I too old to date a femboy?


How physically attractive are you and how are your finances?


femboys hit the wall at 18 anything beyond that is ropefuel


Uh, no?


They had a good run.


I look like /pol/jak but with blonde hair and blue eyes. I have more of a jawline, though, but not much. I am 5’8”. I have some build where I don’t look skinny and not fat, nor skinnyfat. I work out. I make 150,000 a year as a spacecraft systems engineer. I also own the place I live in and I’m a diagnosed sperg.
I have other “cool” attributes but I don’t want the FBI to figure out who I am too easily, therefore, I’m not going to disclose that.



Back from a school reunion.
Damn, sometimes the school interclass endogamy is real. 3 couples formed from a class with 6 girls. To those on the hold, Hang on baby! How can I say it … I saw a guy that is a 4 (he is in worse shape than the last time I saw him, and he wasn't the greatest tool out of the box to begin with) being with a girl that is a 7.5 (pretty legs, pretty smile and with a hazelnut hair). Love sure does work in mysterious ways, and before I judge them to much I should find more about how they got along (They were not close when I left). I'm outraged and impressed to be honest.


File: 1700476048006.png (240.71 KB, 512x512, 1608457294358.png)

alright, i'm going to write this as a 5-beer-deep expose of how I feel about myself, especially in relation towards my age and sexual attractiveness. I don't care what anyone thinks, and I'm either going to pass out after posting this, or carve shit into my body and pass out.

For a period of time that lasted from the beginning of Covid, when I was 15, to my graduation from high school last year when I was 17, I was *extremely* repressed and closeted. At this point in time, I was a Neo Nazi Skinhead, red laces and all. I would frequently spend legitimate hours on spaces online frequented by gay people, from fbi.gov to 4Chan to Omegle, nonstop arguing with them, eventually branching out into sending them death threats.

When I graduated, that all just… went away? I felt free from it, and began growing out my hair, eventually being more open about myself to myself, and eventually I became sexually active.

But it always felt, shallow? Wrong? Empty? And this isn't internalized homophobia, either. More like imposter syndrome. I felt like I was always "too old" to be doing that stuff. At 18. At not even 18, but the tail end of being 17, as I had decided to sneak onto online spaces and pretend to be an adult. (I did everything by-the-book, so to speak. No mentions of being underaged, no pornographic imagery. Partners had no legal liability, and no feelings of guilt. To them, I was just a regular hookup with a twink.)

These feelings always lingered. I felt like no matter what I did, I was always "too old", and they therefore didn't "count" in the sense of having some sort of greater purpose to them. These feelings extended to other fields too; it doesn't matter that I got blackout drunk, as I was a legal adult. It doesn't matter I sucked 6 dicks in one night, as I was a legal adult. I felt like I was past the point where sexual acts matter. And even as I get older, I felt like it was the same; meaningless, it was all meaningless.

I decided to make myself a promise at that point: I would take my own life, at latest, when I turned 20. At some points, I thought I would take my own life on my 19th birthday. My 19th birthday is coming up, and I feel more on-the-fence than I did before - to clarify, I'm more in-favour than I have been before.

I also have this large feeling of inadequacy with my appearance. But that does thankfully go away when I interact with people in real life.

But the feelings of being "too old"? They never, ever, ever go away. And I am constantly reminded of that. And I constantly try to remind myself of that subconsciously. I see someone on the internet that I think is hot, who is also a "femboy" type like I am, and thoughts constantly run through my head, "They're more attractive than you: they're probably younger than you, too! Ignore the fact it says they're 21! Ignore the fact they have a pornhub account, and pornhub guys take their age verification *very* seriously! They're probably outright underaged. They're doing that, when at the same age you were being a fucking skinhead! You aren't gay! You aren't attractive! You have zero value, sexually, and should give up and return to being hateful."

In real life, I am reminded of it semi-regularly. I was at the gay bar on Halloween, I met someone named Ross (Not even going to make a fake name for this prick.) who was a 30-40 year old older guy. I got his number, and eventually spent some time with him one-on-one a week ago. This fucking bastard told me, within 45 minutes of us getting to his place, that he found a 14 - count it, FOUR-FUCKING-TEEN year old - at the gay bar a few years ago, and took him home, and fucked him. I felt cold. My blood felt like it set still for a few seconds. I felt dull, neutral, empty, except for a hatred. A hatred that burned like embers, dull and steady. Moments like these are far too frequent for me. I am constantly reminded I am too old.

These feelings eat me alive. I'm still young, technically, and sexuality is still a very important part of my psyche. Like holy shit, I've slept with more than 25 people in the past year. It's something I can't just tuck away and return to normal life like someone whose beyond my years, who has developed themselves far more than I have.

And these feelings probably won't go away, either! They're going to be by my side, every second, of every minute, of every day. Watching me. Passing judgement to me. Scolding me. Screaming at me. Reminding me why I'm meaningless, pushing me to go back to the days when I walked upon the western Steppe of New Scythia; a warrior, standing proud in the wind. I miss those days, but I don't want to go back. But it feels like the only way I can be truly happy is if I go back.

God willing, I won't be here to see 2025.


you're 19 and already have had dozens sexual encounters? is this supposed to be normal for American hook-up culture? I'm only a few years older but have been sticking and now living with the same girl from uni for about 3 years now, all we ever do is make out and cuddle but I still feel perfectly contented and ended up leaving behind all these sort of lingering insecurities which simply stop feeling relevant once you start to get used to and trust someone, then realize sex is just a convenient mutual mean of releasing stress, rather than a liability to accumulate and expose your own neuroses


Furry anon is gay and goes to orgies…


sounds lame, tedious, and awkward


Sounds jealous anon.


sounds like cope, he's literally coming here to whine about his life decisions


He's a bit mentally unstable. He's probably plural but does not want to admit it.


>furry orgies
Back to the gulag


File: 1700507338311.gif (796.89 KB, 500x400, giphy.gif)

>furry sex gulag


how does one feel "too old" at 18? jesus. I'm twice your age and I've barely had sex


It's probably a handful of things.

1. I am not going to confirm or deny anything, but I potentially may have (But did not, in reality, this is a LARP) interacted with explicitly pedophile-filled groups when I was underaged, sexualizing myself as a minor to adults who were explicitly pedophiles. This (not really, again, it's a LARP) has, by consequence, affected my perception of my age, believing that I should be - at least on a sexual level - far more mature for my age than I actually am. You could most certainly take this as an argument against pedophilia, that even in the best-case scenario, they warp the underage partner's self-perception to see themselves as only sexually valuable when they are underaged.

2. Due to my rampant homophobia, I fully believed that homosexuality and pedophilia were one in the same at one point. I do not believe that anymore, far from it. But interacting with older gays shows that belief is ironically held quite strongly - albeit latent - by older gays. It is understandable, as they were raised to believe homosexuality and pedophilia were on the same "level" of immorality, but the consequences show themselves too often. See the story of Ross, damn his heart, bragging to me about sleeping with a 14 year old at the age of 30-something.


fetishization of youth is nothing special, why many women enjoy feeling infantilized during sex, there's even a whole "age regression" larp, not to mention the popularity of shota self-insert pornography, etc.


The problem is that it's no longer a fetish, but now a full on belief. It's crippling me, because every passing day I feel like not only do I get less and less attractive - with that being an intrinsic property, unable to be counteracted. Furthermore, every day that passes makes me feel like the life I live is less and less meaningless.

This is not normal, this is not even in the realm of "abnormal". This is disastrous.


you make yourself sound like a teenage girl alright


im a teenage homo, so close enough.


The "mature" meme is almost always referring to emotional intelligence. Something which you absolutely do not have, and I'm sure you agree with this.

I've told you multiple times you need to go to therapy. As a fellow gay person, I can assure you many of my gay peers avoid younger people exclusively because they don't find them attractive. Nothing to do with "mental age" as I've seen people my age who are as petulant as you are, not to mention how off-putting it can be.


>>471997 (me)
Just goes to show how heteronormative society really fucking sucks for gay people, since the role models we find are by mere chance and they fucking suck more often than not. That is, if we're lucky enough to find role models when we're young.


>I've told you multiple times you need to go to therapy.
Unless you are willing to pay for it, then no - with an added fuck off.

>As a fellow gay person, I can assure you many of my gay peers avoid younger people exclusively because they don't find them attractive.

And although I can confirm there are a good chunk of people who find me too young for their tastes, that has not stopped constant sexual attention from others who view my age and appearance akin to someone whose underaged to be of no issue.

>Nothing to do with "mental age" as I've seen people my age who are as petulant as you are, not to mention how off-putting it can be.

Yeah, at least we can agree on that. BOB Syndrome is a real thing.


how do I cope with weighting less than my girlfriend while still being 20cm taller?


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