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uygha we did not need another of these


Are there any decent dating sites/apps at all these days? Badoo sucks, as does Tinder


pegging is a thing


No incel shit this time guys. Or weird gender discourse.


Can we still talk about porn?


File: 1700550058110.png (3.29 MB, 2132x3000, ClipboardImage.png)

It's…. it's just not fair bros…. If only I was autistic…………………


The life expectancy of autists is 36 years.


holy shit I wish I was autistic


>all the women look relatively well adjusted
>all the men are obvious autists


why are they standing in little groups like that? is it a sex thing?
>first three: the guy, the cuckquean and the vixen
>the sofa: obviously the cuck is the one of the left and the bull on the right
>behind the soft: normal couple
>furthest right: steve. he's in love with twilight sparkle


File: 1700598278599.png (115.9 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

Joder, eso si es cine


File: 1700603767580.jpg (82.07 KB, 998x720, 1687113576758.jpg)

quit tumblr a long time ago and began focusing my ever-waning depressed aging sadboi social media presence on my twitter but my girlfriend at the time I had met through tumblr had wanted me to come back here because she said she missed my presence but I’m not sure if it was some mindgame power dynamic thing because when I did come back she stopped ever actually interacting with me on tumblr which led her small army of orbiters to always ask her “who is this beta simp that replies to every one of your posts? You completely ignore him so is he like a stalker or something, you want me to take care of this babe?” And she’d have to ashamedly tell them “oh that’s just my boyfriend”


File: 1700604319382.png (470.07 KB, 767x802, ClipboardImage.png)

Love in the digital age. Lol. What a sad tale.


Cute :3


lol imagine getting btfod this hard by your own gf. shes a gigastacy


what are you even talking about


>who is this beta simp
thats some mad projection from people that didnt even know her rofl


File: 1700609080740.jpeg (485 KB, 2048x1768, licensed-image.jpeg)

she mogged you lil man


from their post you can clearly tell they still hung out together, why are channers like this?


It's just typical incel crab in a bucket mentality.


File: 1700609954211.jpeg (4.61 KB, 225x225, pics to btfo (42).jpeg)

>orders him to get back on tumblr
>he obeys like a dog
>mogs him by ignoring him and not replying to his comments
>he gets btfod by chads in her dms calling him a beta simp
yeah im thinking he got owned


It's the most passive aggressive abuse out there lol.

He's only pathetic if he doesn't ask


>>mogs him by ignoring him and not replying to his comments
they could literally just hang out in d*scord or whatever, are you retarded


File: 1700612935348.jpg (72.87 KB, 850x657, 1448086015868.jpg)

Why do I gotta act like a pet dog man, always trying to appease people to get called a good boy. I got enough love as a child and still turned out like this.


File: 1700613254585.png (345.11 KB, 712x423, 1700606493568453.png)

It really is that simple.


its juust a coincidence men with small dicks overwhemlignly have bad experiences with relationships


the overwhelming majority of people have bad experiences with relationships


he's still the one fucking her though while her social media orbiters are just giving her money for nothing.


Lmao, exactly. That post is rife with self-deprecation because that's the funny quirky thing to do but underlying that it's a guy fucking a girl and other people whiteknighting for crumbs of pussy and getting nothing.


>pics to btfo (42).jpeg


File: 1700638441657.jpg (51.87 KB, 637x850, 1698782551379114.jpg)

why do men generally have to make the first move with women?


I have a huge cock and I'm permasingle


To show that you have confidence
And it also gives women leverage to decide if youre worthy or not, like how many other females in other species are "won" by competing males. Thats also why women start fights that men have to finish for them.


Old societal norms that are still around.


I had a crush on a cute girl from work, but over time I learned that she's semi-incompetent at her job, and doesn't care about getting better. After that, any attraction I had towards her disappeared.

Is this normal?


Unfortunately you suffer from terminal class-cuck brain.


It's your professional relationship interfering with your personal relationship. The idea of her being bad at her job frustrates you which decreases your attraction to her romantically. You'd be better off either dating her and trying to find a job that shes better at so she can stop being frustrating to you or just moving on and focusing on work


Don't know about normal. I've experienced similar


what do you mean by incompetent and do you know why shes incompetent? before knowing any details ill go with >>472371


because there are more high value females than high value males therefore women have to be careful and choosy in times of choosing their potential partner


We're in different departments, so her performance doesn't affect me in any way.

She just doesn't care, has no ambition, and just sits on her phone all day while doing the bare minimum.
You might say "based", but the fact that my boss makes extra profit from me working hard, is less of a negative to me than the idea of just vegetating and wasting my life away doing nothing.
I value my time getting good at something learning things and developing skills, more than I value the losses I am incurring from the extra rate of exploitation.
I don't hate work itself. I think being anti-work is megacringe. Work makes us human, gives us meaning, and improves the lives of ourselves and others. Work is good. The problem with capitalism is not work, but exploitation. But when choosing between work that is not compensated fairly, and being a useless fuck, I'd choose the former any time. I'd hope that under communism, we recognize that working hard, and being good at your work is a virtue, not a flaw.

Now, if she was shit at her job, BUT spent the extra time she has from not working on drawing, making music, reading, working on some personal project, or doing a side hustle, I'd say "Based!". But she just browses social media all day.

I guess my problem is not the fact that she's bad at her job, but that she's disinterested and lazy in general.
Maybe it's just a projection on my behalf, because I used to be a NEET for a long time, basically wasted my youth mindlessly browsing the internet, and I'd rather be hyperexploited than go back to the doomscroll oblivion.


>Work makes us human, gives us meaning
ahahahahah holy shit


Bro overdosed on bluepills


>I value my time getting good at something learning things and developing skills, more than I value the losses I am incurring from the extra rate of exploitation.
And what exactly are you using those learned things and skills for?


>Maybe it's just a projection on my behalf, because I used to be a NEET for a long time, basically wasted my youth mindlessly browsing the internet
Gee, you think??

>I'd rather be hyperexploited than go back to the doomscroll oblivion.

The only two paths in life, doomscrolling or being a good little doggy.


not much of a reader eh


nah dude i read the whole and youre pretty pathetic tbh


i guess there is a point about people who cope with self-help shit just becoming the biggest defenders of capitalism



I think hedonists should be killed.
Being a hedonist is equivalent to being a parasite.
Work at least contributes to society somehow, even when that work is exploited.
If a worker makes a brick, and gets paid next to nothing, at least there's 1 more brick in the world.
A worker who doesn't make a brick, and spends that time watching a funny cat video, might have pulled one over his boss, but he didn't contribute a brick either, just selfishly wasted X amount of the earth's resources on nothing.

On large scale, contributing more value to the world per labor expended.
On a small scale, making the lives/jobs of my coworkers easier.

>The only two paths in life, doomscrolling or being a good little doggy.
What's the third path? If you don't work, or aren't good at working, you are de facto incapable of delivering value to anyone, including yourself.
Work isn't something that capitalists tricked you into having to do, work is the fundamental necessity of life, work is what makes the world go around.
So unless the not being a good little doggy part involves creating actual value for people by doing some kind of other work, you better shut the fuck up because being a good doggy is more productive than being a dead weight.


i hope youre using chatgpt to type this drivel


>communism is when I get to watch funny youtube videos all day instead of working, while other people have to build the schools, roads and hospitals
And this is why gulags were a good thing (tm)
First world antiwork retards will be the first against the wall. They are functionally boirgeois: do no work while reaping the value.


Lenin would have shot you for being a waste of oxygen and space.


The thing you need to take away from your experience is that some people are fine wasting their lives. Also, some people find no meaning in work and would be fine being NEETs forever if they were allowed. Isnt that what the landed aristocracies used to do? Sit around pontificating and socialising on the backs of miserable serfs? An initial instinct for laziness has often been an ideal for greater things.
Marx himself was a lazy bum. Theres no pride in flipping burgers, thats just what your dad tells you.


What about a 20 hour work week? Or is that too "meaningless" for you? When does wasting your time doing what robots can do become "productive"?


What does your job even do? I'd bet good money it's not socially necessary at all


I don't think I'll want to take anything from this experience (I am not the other anon).
You have no connection to working people.


cute yt girl coughed on me and instantly snapped back out of reality realizing im one of the only people masking and that my fantasies of getting w her were not possible bc our politics would be incompatible why am i like this i dont even know her can i stop making stuff up in my head


Well perfect opportunity to keep fucking her and whisper propaganda into her ear while you cuddle


The whole point of communism is to free man from work, so i would never pride myself on how much sweat spills on me on a daily basis


>some people are fine wasting their lives
So then maybe we should waste THEM, so that they don't waste OUR lives, while they WASTE the value the working people have contributed.

The only metric is whether you are producing more than you are consuming, which is a very easy metric to meet.
Unless you watch cat videos all day.

My actual job probably brings net negative value to society. IT automation monkey for a rather immoral industry. BUT if I were living under communism, my work ethic would have been a net positive, while that cat video watching lady's work ethic would have been negative.


>The whole point of communism is to free man from work


Look how he says "working people" like he's trying to align himself with the petit bourg grifters rather than poor people on welfare.



Good for you. Labor will always exist.
not anglo


>My actual job probably brings net negative value to society.

Well there you fucking go, the person watching cat videos has more social value than you. Until you actually have a job helping other people then shut the fuck up.


We must live as if Communism exists.


No we mustn't. We live in capitalism not communism.


Interestingly enough in today's economy the reserve army of labour (lumpens/neets) are given free money to stimulate the market, while their digital traffic also provides value to corporations in "data", so labour has become cybernetic with the internet.
"Productivity" is an ambiguous term without it being attached to an ideological object, or necessities.
I worked in a warehouse where all i did was move boxes around for distribution. I didnt "make" anything yet i still "contributed" by my employment.
So i think a worker and a neet are often as productive as eachother today for what capital is geared towards.
Think of how youtubers make so much money while doing "nothing", thats why i say work is bullshit, cos the economy's bullshit. Get that in your head first.


I still think people who don't want to work hard are losers.

in a metaphysical sense
you have to do something


The historical dialectic is about reversing the curse of adam by man wielding the machines of production for his own use.


Humans are lazy by nature
Hard work was invented by slave owners


Hang the jerk who invented work!!!


All you have to do is apply for welfare, sit back and relax


is that why the history of humanity is improving technology to do less work


i fucking love yume nikki


File: 1700676890270-0.jpg (109.9 KB, 512x512, download.jpeg.jpg)

Nah bro
Technology was made so that we can hustle on tiktok by riding the algorithms
Marx was an entrepeneur grabbing the bag
If youre not working 80 hours a week in your 20s youre wasting your life bro
Who needs relationships when you have money?


Being on welfare makes you bourgeois.
Some poor third world fuck had to pay for your welfare through unequal exchange.


How is that any different from being a worker in the first world, the same applies


Being on welfare makes you lumpen; a beggar
An "unproductive" element of society
Also, if you wanna get into it, look into "aristocracy of labour" and "trade union consciousness" to see a function of imperialism in the worker's movement itself. Why do you think the fascists were able to organise from the syndicates? Its all very interesting stuff.
The system is wrong, not individual players.


No. The history of humanity is improving technology to do MORE work per less time.

Lib cope. Libs think that the experience of enjoyment or the experience of suffering are all that matters in this world.
Even though it's obvious that individual experience doesn't matter, because individual experience is erased / destroyed upon the person's death.
It's literally idealism to assign value to either happiness or suffering, because those experiences have no material consequence.

The only materially verifiable, real source of value is how much you contributed to the productive forces, simple as.



Bait used to be believable


>How is that any different from being a worker in the first world
The first world worker is exploited, meaning he contributes value.
The welfare recipient doesn't work, does not contribute value, isn't exploited, yet reaps value. Therefore, bourgeois.


So true
The more i slave away at work the more value i create in the universe
Its almost like capitalism has appropriated the function of the divine or something, where we accumulate capital for its own sake and pretend like its glorifying ourselves.


where does the surplus value come from then? how is the welfare recipient exploiting the third world when they have no connection to them? it's the first world workers that turn third world resources into finished goods


Labor is the source of all value
Labor is the source of all value
Labor is the source of all value

Morality is a fake bourgeois construct.
Therefore, labor is the source of all value INCLUDING sentimental / moral value (which doesn't exist in the first place)
Therefore, the meaning of life is to contribute as much value through labor as possible.



Capitalists do produce value in the economy, they just also happen to own the surplus value of their employees. Capitalists usually pay themselves a salary on the books of their company, so are workers themselves, but they are also owners. Lumpens produce no value - they neither work nor trade, so are neither proletariat nor bourgeois.


Are you a "dig a hole in the desert" LTV type then? Or is life only meaningful when porky is exploiting us?


So, welfare recipients are even worse than the bourgeois.
At least you can turn a business owner into a financial manager.

What can you do with a lumpen who shitposts on leftypol all day and watches cat videos?
I'm afraid it's the wall for them.

This is incidentally also the reason why the tsar's children had to be executed. They were lumpens.


>lumpens are worse than porky
This is what workerism does to an mf
Also do you realise that you are also shitposting on leftypol with me? Why not pick up a second job to be extra "productive" and fill your life with meaning?
We work or beg to survive, not for meaning.


Proletariat: will start the revolution ✔️
Bourgeoisie: will sell us the rope to hang them with ✔️
Lumpenproles: no revolutionary potential ❌

Where's the contradiction?


Lumpens are designated by marx as "the reserve army of labour", they become workers under the necessary circumstances - think of the role of women before ww2 and after. Women were sent to the factories to work for the war effort, thus displacing them from their positions as mere housewives.
When there is a need for workers the lumpen are entered into the labour force.
But like i say again, who is a "worker" today? You can be a millionaire youtuber and be seen as "productive". A lumpen at least can spend his time for himself - which is indeed class conflict, but not caught in the deadlock of capitalist and worker dynamics.
Lenin had a message for the lumpens, work or starve, and that is indeed the case once the government deems it necessary to cut benefits. But thats not the case right now.


>Lenin had a message for the lumpens, work or starve
My message: work even if you starve

Lumpens have no leverage to negotiate freedom from labor in exchange for starvation.
They shall do both if needed.


Why would you work if you didnt have to?
We have no duty to this system


File: 1700681603321.jpg (118.68 KB, 1440x480, 1620827624903.jpg)

my fav area is the mall rooftop


>Labor is the source of all value
Literally wrong.
Value requires both labor and nature.

>Therefore, the meaning of life

Presumptuous to assume that this was a question that had an answer.

>Rejects morality
<So, welfare recipients are even worse than the bourgeois.

It's one to be a leech, but working 60-80h at dead end jobs isn't the better approach, especially if those jobs lead you to losing access to social programs, (like losing access to low income housing if you make too much).


the rooftop is great, i like the witch event too, but my favorite is famicom world i think


File: 1700765948681.jpg (206.44 KB, 1080x1276, 1700765539484683.jpg)

it do be like that


I find it very unleftist that there are different "leagues" that men and women should stay in when finding a partner. I understand people having differences in interests and personal views that play a factor in finding a partner, but this whole "lol i'm out of your league" bullshit sounds like a caste system.


File: 1700861884192.png (37.09 KB, 471x565, ClipboardImage.png)




obvious troll




File: 1700869916254.png (201.51 KB, 474x266, ClipboardImage.png)

calm down autistic schizophrenic i was just making a joke


>She thinks I'm mad and not her who just wasted hours of her life replying to me


kill yourself


the unfunniest tard in this website


jump off acliff NOW


>im not seething even though i am


File: 1700870250794.png (292.36 KB, 474x266, ClipboardImage.png)


Time for her daily autistic meltdown all because I pointed out that she posted an obvious troll. Holy shit kys now


you will never be a funny internet comedian with 30k followers on twitter/x


File: 1700870420070-0.png (298.14 KB, 474x355, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1700870420070-1.png (298.14 KB, 474x355, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1700870420070-2.png (298.14 KB, 474x355, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1700870420070-3.png (298.14 KB, 474x355, ClipboardImage.png)

youre not replying to yourself lol


Yeah I know if I were prreplying to myself i'd write "most based gigachad with bbc on this website"


File: 1700870617115.jpeg (20.83 KB, 474x266, th-2636868990.jpeg)

KEK wow dude you're so fucking delusional and insane how the fuck can you still be this mad it's been 2 hours of intense and constant spamming and you still can't take the L and move on. Just accept it you will always be an incel and will enver be welcome here, sorry man, now fuck off.




genuinely fucking die you worthless sack of shit you will never be a roblox character
kill yourself
jump off a cliff i will always be more of a chad then you


Keep seething


File: 1700870983098.jpeg (40.49 KB, 474x711, jack ma.jpeg)

lol ure replying to at least 5 different people here dumbass

i wasnt even on the thread when these 2 fags started spamming

once again ur delusional and obsessed with me. seethe more . i will continue calling out ur retarded spamming for what it is . childish bullshit that doesnt belong on my website .


File: 1700871085797-0.png (123.46 KB, 474x527, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1700871085797-1.png (123.46 KB, 474x527, ClipboardImage.png)

>childish bullshit that doesnt belong on my website .


jack ma will always be a chad


File: 1700871295005.png (57.02 KB, 285x160, ClipboardImage.png)

Does pic related scare you, keyboard warrior?


We own your soul lil man



Now you're just spamming the same shit


hi alice


mods ban this creep




Whoops looks like you guys re-named the general and I forgot to update my filters, so I had to witness this dumb exchange.


File: 1700871923772.png (39.85 KB, 350x352, roblox crusader cope.png)

Today I will remind them


File: 1700874567320.png (128.71 KB, 471x565, 1700861884192.png)

I like doing these internet bingo cards. Anyway, not bingo.


>laughs at disabled people
Are these “red flag” liberals not hypocrites?


i really like how everyone gave up on salvaging these threads so now its only retards trying to out-troll each other left


File: 1700882032205.png (174.13 KB, 471x565, me.png)

I'm just poor.


This was obviously made to rile up 4channers.


who dis?


File: 1700885033535.jpg (84.15 KB, 1179x1144, 1700873834911769.jpg)


File: 1700905723853.jpeg (443.21 KB, 1020x1226, IMG_4443.jpeg)

How is having a Netflix subscription a green flag


It's bait.


I hate myself so much.


Clean your room uygha


File: 1700958262185.png (153.38 KB, 306x306, 1646667354528.png)

Because women of all ages are being mind-ensnared by streaming, l literally saw my grandma spend her last years with Netflix and now my aunt and zoomer cousin are using all their free time binge-watching shitty series.

Now to crest my incelblog, how can >>472377 be true when you also choose to gorge yourself with streamslop and dull entertainment? What "value" has in this?


>Now to crest my incelblog, how can >>472377 be true when you also choose to gorge yourself with streamslop and dull entertainment?
"High value" means different things when referring to a woman and to a man.


>high value people
wtf am i reading


It’s just bowls utensils :((((


Why do you all constantly get so offended by posts in this thread? This is an imageboard if you want normie relationship posts, go to reddit.


This is a marxist imageboard, if you want to post retarded shit, go to 4chan!


File: 1700977388446.png (84.18 KB, 471x565, redflags.png)


Having red flags is a red flag
No one wants to be around an overly judgemental person except for maybe a masochist


>by nature
absolutely spooked


It's called the principle of least action, it's 100% sciencepilled empiricalcore materialistmaxxing.


They're reserve army of labour required by the capitalists.


>overly judgemental person
you realize that just describes all women right?


File: 1700998099293.jpeg (17.9 KB, 739x415, imgs to goon to.jpeg)

literally everyone has red flags retard unless youre jesus or the fucking buddha


>normie relationship posts
What? Like the same boring, tedious heterosexual whining that incels also do? Why don't you get a room with the "normies"?


It's called being a parasite. Being a parasite is based in the capitalist system, imagine wanting to contribute to a system controlled by a few plutocrats that would absolutely leave you homeless to maintain their profits, what a cuckold


"liking women" is misogynist tbh
but I don't mean the "liking" part, I mean the "women" part.

The men who "like women" don't like Women, they like "women", as in the socially sanctioned image of what a "woman" is, which basically translates to liking women as a source of sexual gratification.
Hating women and being a misogynist is actually progressive, since you at least acknowledge women as a political block, rather than a category of thing to stick your penis in.

Do you know what I mean?


What about if I hate women because I like them?


stop with the grievance politics PLEASE


what a take


Pseud take.


I have a friend who "likes women", he's basically a misogynist who pumps and dumps them and patronizes them and humiliates them in real life..

Me, I post mean things about women online, but never hurt one IRL, because I'm not allowed to be around them anyway.
Yet I'm the bad guy


Stop being a dipshit, hating women means you're a reactionary. What your friend does has no bearing on that.


>I'm not allowed to be around them anyway.


most honest post in this thread so far tbh


>I'm not allowed to be around them anyway


NTA but it's kind of an unspoken rule that incels aren't allowed to be around women except for in exceptional circumstances.


this is the rawest post I've ever seen in one of these threads


I found out this was true when I got into anime cons and most girls would talk shit about nerdy dudes just for being clearly autistic. White suburbanite women are especially paranoid.


Yeah it's best for everyone if we just don't mix at all.


>it's good to continue to be an incel
What these threads are doing to mfers.


What I am saying is more of an acceptance of the situation as it is rather than declaring it to be "good".


Maybe you need to stop trying to attract shitty women. This doesn't happen to me but it's hard for me to want to be around such judgemental people, whether they're women or men, like thinking someone is disgusting just for being "weird" is such a turnoff.


I wouldn't describe women as being shitty. They are allowed to have preferences.


What do you exactly get of acting like a 4chan retard on an imageboard with 20 people?


I hate this stupid Vore fetish I have. Every time I talk to an attractive woman, all I think about is them eating me. What do I do?


File: 1701049950886.png (Spoiler Image, 371.75 KB, 673x670, full-of-kuru.png)

why fight it anon


massive art block? how do i get rid of this icky feeling? i just want ti draw dammit


Just find you someone cool that's okay with it. Or try to avoid that kind of porn I guess.


No one should ever accept a shitty situation, that's why people seek to change themselves and the world around them.


Going to therapy I guess


Nothing wrong with fetishes but if it's interfering with your daily life then yeah, tone it down.


I'm not sure there's really any way to get rid of fetishes though.


Of course there isn't, I'm just saying expecting potential partners to share your fetishes is going to let you down several times.


Well my boyfriend doesn't share all of my fetishes but he's cool with them. It is possible to find people who will indulge you to some extent.


Wasn't misogyny almost the perfect cover up for homosexuals before the sexual liberation?
Frederik the great and many other feudal and bourgeois parasites since their tales are the ones who survived. Weird to think the duality of the stereotype of the gay friend alongside the misogynistic gay.


I want a gf who is thinner but not perfectly thin in the waist, long hair, and thick thighs and a big ass. Bonus points if shes latina also 5'4" or shorter


> 5'4" or shorter


no i just want a short queen, no pedo!!!!


It's fun.


Yes, and nerdy dewds are pristine angels that have no untoward feelings towards women


Your friend is just a misogynist with more initiative, who's willing to put in the effort to seem healthy and manipulate gullible young women
While you're more lethargic
It's hard to say which is more repulsive and dumb


The one who has a worse material effect on others?
What are you, an idealist?



>"worse" material effect

>What are you, an idealist?


Are trans people in general more sexual than cis people or is it the other way around?


Paranoia is never a good thing, my friend.


Considering much higher % of trans people are also part of LGB, I would say yes.


we've entered a new stage of social alienation, where people aren't just alone, they're outright paranoid, jumping at shadows, terrified they'll be made Uncomfortable. it's the purest madness


File: 1701151447120.mp4 (5.96 MB, 576x1024, plumber.mp4)


i think you could beat all of them in a fight, anon. maybe you should consider inflitrating meetups with people on the spectrum


\you're just neurotic and pathetic and unable to commit to what's important in life. and what's important is taking pictures of spiderman. i will prove it to the world that he is a menace that needs to be stopped.


is it even possible to do the maths with such a huge difference in number of people to be able to go into any plausible data? like you're comparing like 95% of people(could be less/more) with 5% of people(could be more/less). it's not plausible to go into any conclusions with such a high difference in number of people, it wouldn't make sense to compare.


File: 1701158819774.jpg (54.37 KB, 471x565, bingo.jpg)


based GIMP pilled and GNU approved


File: 1701159576802.png (84.18 KB, 471x565, redflags.png)


File: 1701206560616.png (138.3 KB, 511x615, ClipboardImage.png)

hell yeah bingo, bitch


this is VERY specific bait. it goes back to a very old greentext post meant to trigger anxiety on 4chan hipsters, where an anon would invite a woman into their home, and she asks to watch a movie to chill, the anon in question would pull up his laptop, fire up a p2p client, wait until the movie is done downloading and then he would search for subs, and finally after the process is done, he would connect his laptop to the TV and somehow fuck it up, compeletely burying the mood. it was pretty funny.


File: 1701207413115.png (58.74 KB, 471x565, 905326.png)

does this mean i am not a redflag, do i win anything?


File: 1701212667882.png (146.72 KB, 471x565, I work in IT.png)


Also I don't want to associate with anyone who is that critical about not having an iphone.


why are burgers so obsessed with having iphones lol, i swear it's a non-issue anywhere else


> i swear it's a non-issue anywhere else
Thirdie here, having Iphone means a hefty paycheck.


File: 1701251771906.jpg (67.52 KB, 680x870, 982.jpg)



File: 1701252015068.png (88.94 KB, 471x565, image1.png)

Thirdie here, absolutely wrong. Don't pretend shit like Coppel don't exist lmao.
This shit means nothing, I post mine, a socially successful socialite. Anyone who buys this shit is a fucking moron. What are y'all even doing on a leftist forum if you believe this moronic shit?


What's the deal with voluntary euthanasia?


what does this have to do with relationships


A lack of relationships often causes one to become suicidal.


>Thirdie here, having Iphone means a hefty paycheck.
when burgers make a big fuzz about android phones, especially in the context of dating, they're specifically referring to iMessage, and how android can't interface fully with iPhones (send images, audios, memojis, etc) and how messages sent from android pop-up as green bubbles on iMessage. The "android users are a red flag" refers to people making snap judgements based on the color of the speech bubble. Yes it is, relatively speaking, a big deal. This is completely alien to us in the third world because you can't tell if someone has an iphone or an android phone until you meet them in person because we stick to whatsapp, at which point, it's less of a big deal considering they already agreed to meet you in person, a gigantic step in terms of online dating.


Please stop taking that bingo image seriously, it's obvious ragebait/satire


huh? though the chart is satire, it has its nuggets of truth. the blue/green bubble shit is absolutely real, but what else would you expect of online dating which is rotten to the core?


>>474699 (me)
also the "android users are a red flag" and the "doesn't have a netflix subscription" are kind of interesting to me, because it's not obvious what are they referring to, they seem a bit puzzling if you think about it, and i like figuring out why are they there.


i was planning to write a deep post but you incels was gonna call me gay for it


post it, who cares


Nothing wrong with being gay.

I think you got it spot on with:


File: 1701302746609.png (92.93 KB, 811x289, ClipboardImage.png)


Failing to attract females means a significant lack of male energy, so everybody here is at least one step in the gay direction.


Self-immolation would be a very attractive prospect if it weren't so painful and bizarrely ineffective at causing death.


File: 1701303121669.png (443.49 KB, 612x622, ClipboardImage.png)

The phone thing is just like a modern version of "judging men by their shoes."


Women love their astrology.


The only two countries where there's more iPhone users than Android users are AmeriKKKa and Japan.


Post the rest of the shoe astrology, I want to know what my sneakers tell about me.


>implying the target demographic for this image isn't men


and I love my winter flip flops, which are regular flip flops I use with thick socks, with a slit cut for the middle thing


The text is clearly speaking to women.


File: 1701303687021-0.png (80.31 KB, 832x426, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1701303687021-1.png (26.28 KB, 793x286, ClipboardImage.png)

Seems like the link is dead. Just grabbed that off image search.

Yeah but women judging by shoes is real.


Guys, Women Are Judging Your Shoes – Here Are 5 Footwear Tips You Need To Know
>What Women Are Judging When They Look At Men's Shoes
>Ellie Krupnick & Rebecca Adams

>Probably not enough. Men's footwear brand Allen Edmonds recently did a survey of 1,000 American men and women, and they found that women judge men's shoes twice as much as men judge women's. 64 percent of women judge a man's fashion sense based on his shoes; 52 percent of women say they judge a man's personality by his shoes; 36 percent say they use shoes to determine a man's financial position; and 54 percent say men's shoes reflect a guy's attention to detail (or lack thereof).

>Simply put: Guys, we're judging you. So what can a man do to make sure he's got his footwear game locked down? We've got five simple tips for men to improve their shoe situation.


I don't think fucking anyone, men or women, care about this shit, especially today.


Are iPhone owners bourgeoisie?


I notice girls in flats. But that's only because of a movie.


File: 1701305209498.png (714.26 KB, 1944x1428, ClipboardImage.png)

Worse, they are wannabe firsties
Send from an Android


no, theyre uninformed and the main draw of apple is their stupid closed garden ecosystem


i have some acquaintances whose company i enjoy but i cant become friends with them because the idea of hanging out outside of work or even just texting is completely unthinkable to me, it feels like a massive breach of my personal space and privacy, and that is very conflicting to me because i frequently fantasize about going out and having fun with imaginary friends.
recently a coworker told me that she felt disappointed knowing that after she left the company we wouldnt speak to each other anymore, and i know shes right even if i didnt admit it, thats because i only speak to people if they initiate it and if theyre a part of my day to day life. i feel like this makes me look like a cold uncaring schizoid to people when in reality i cherish their company and miss when theyre not around. expressing my feelings is incredibly difficult so i never try to do it, also i feel insecure and sometimes feel like i enjoy their company more than they enjoy mine, so in order to avoid being a nuisance i dont even talk to them. when i really like someone (not in a romantic way, i just usually get really attached to someone who gives me attention) i feel jealousy when they talk to someone who isnt me. i also tend to only talk to, at most, 2 people in any given environment, usually the only people who i feel (somewhat) comfortable around
the mere idea of friendship is outside of my realm of understanding, romantic relationships are even worse, i dont know if i want one or if i could ever be in one without constantly feeling guilty and depressed
i have extreme mood swings caused by silly reasons. i throw mental tantrums that no one knows about because im good at hiding my emotions. my opinions on others changes radically at those times and i feel guilty afterwards when i remember the things i thought about an innocent person.
sometimes i go from an incredibly happy mood where i feel like everyone loves me to a horrible one where i genuinely contemplate suicide. the reasons for these mood swings can be for example : someone not praising me for my work, some minor detail of a plan of mine not going well, seeing someone who i like talking to another person, or literally any small stupid thing that doesnt affect normal people
i have missed out on so much of life because of my personality


sounds like autism
how old are you?


stop trying to be a psychologist over a computer screen, from what little he said it could be autism, adhd, schizoid disorder, bipolarity, etc. or maybe just trauma


he is definitely autistic
but do continue


lol you will never be a psychologist


damn bro you really hurt my feelings there


then stop pretending to be one :)


bro we are not reading that declaration of independence☠️☠️


you listed off a bunch of other diagnoses, does that make you an armchair psychologist too?


i didnt diagnose anyone :)


File: 1701309925322.png (224.31 KB, 461x461, 1660114166363.png)

>person vents their issues
<um have you considered you might fit into this neat little pathology box?
Kill yourself, lmao.


but they are autistic, so…


>sounds like autism
>it could be autism
he literally said the same thing thst you did. you agree with him but you just want to start shit for some reason
i have considered it before but i dont know what to do with the information


you are still young so its okay
no one your age has it figured out
dont waste the next 7 years of your life being friendless like me


if youre autistic you can at least understand that a lot of your dysfunction is not your fault. i am high functioning but still repel people, because theres "something" about me that people dislike. even if i feel innocent, its clear that people read the autism on my face. its probably some evolutiuonary thing, where because i am a "weirdo" people treat me like a child or a danger, which just makes me push people away, even my family.
but all i would like is friends to be able to talk to instead of prowling on the internet.


>i have missed out on so much of life because of my personality
i don't know if this will help or not, but i've recently made this discovery: i've made a point this year to try and make a conceited effort to message people who have left my life due to changing jobs/moving out/being busy with their lives/etc and they rarely reciprocate, they answer and stuff but never continue conversations beyond some friendly formalities. so once they leave your life, they leave for good most of the time. only a handful of people have even attempted to keep tabs with me (mostly absolute bros from my first job) so you really haven't missed that much, and it's not your fault, really.


>is not your fault
I love this Christian way of thinking. So a dysfunctional "neurotypical" would be "at fault" then?


men's footwear brand does bullshit study that implies women will fuck you if you wear their product


File: 1701322629205.jpg (547.03 KB, 1170x1873, 1701307121650366.jpg)

amerikkkans and dating apps are fucked up


File: 1701322736806.png (324.82 KB, 529x524, schizo.PNG)

What is so great about iPhones?


at first they had better hardware and defined what a smartphone should be for better and for worse. also walled garden bullshit so having an iphone meant having all your software be part of the apple ecosystem, making it a pain in the ass to move to android in the future. nowadays its just the brand. the hardware is still good, but youre paying way too much for it


anyway the more obvious answer wrt dating is that having an iphone means higher chances that youre loaded so women on dating apps will see you as more desirable


Why are channers and channer-adjacents on Twitter pretending to be le wacky autist/schizo now? So vacuous.


not really? pretty sure you can just get it free with a monthly phone plan or pay with a monthly financing option. it's just metal and plastic put together by literal slaves and handed out like candy at halloween by big telecom companies
the meme is just because of the bourgeois cult marketing around it, which some people think is charismatic, and which incels think women are attracted to because they're le money-grubbing whores


I got v& by police and forced into the psych ward for a psychotic manic episode wherein I thought I unlocked the secrets to consciousness and Marxism lmao


>the meme is just because of the bourgeois cult marketing around it, which some people think is charismatic, and which incels think women are attracted to because they're le money-grubbing whores
Do you have any experience with women.


>it's just metal and plastic put together
whoa deep


genuinely at some point apps just flat out looked and performed better than on their android counterparts. giving support for every android phone form factor was a fucking disgusting job, you have no idea. i'm talking smartphones circa 2018 here. apps on android were just shit, even on flagship devices. some still are tbh. people just became really attached to their iphones and they find it hard to switch to something else and apple rode that wave till today.


metal mined by child slaves in africa, plastic made from oil drilled out of some imperialized country


anyways, my point was, the supply chain for it is built on paying pennies and it's no better than whatever android phones come out of, and also incels are dumb


>which incels think women are attracted to because they're le money-grubbing whores
Except when they are.


id much rather be treated like a child than like a danger. and being infantilized does have its privileges, like people having more patience with you and being nicer and more willing to help


Most people are reactionary and ignorant sheeple, you're already better than most of them, king. A revolutionary is already way more intelligent than proles with false consciousness, no matter how much revolutionaries try to humble themselves.


people who think theyre smarter than most others tend to be stupider than they realize


I know this from firsthand experience. I also like to act like im smarter than everybody despite being very stupid


1. This is just a cope most people use.
2. I'm not some genius 300 autism score big brain, I'm just frustrated and tired of people not meeting my expectations of them. I do respect some people, and I don't consider myself to be smarter than people on this site, many people here are indeed pretty intelligent, even if I may disagree with them.


I frequently call myself a retard because I'm actually a geniouse




holy shit dude youre onto something here!!!!!!!!!!!!!


>1. This is just a cope most people use.
t. shining example of dunning-kruger

>I'm just frustrated and tired of people not meeting my expectations of them.

that doesnt make people stupid, if anything failing to realize nobody has to conform to your vague arbitrary personal tastes makes you pretty idiotic


>that doesnt make people stupid, if anything failing to realize nobody has to conform to your vague arbitrary personal tastes makes you pretty idiotic
And yet here you are, complaining that I don't fit your standards and calling me idiotic. It's not a counter-argument, dude, it's just an opinion that's the same as saying "NO U." You may hate my views but you can keep your moralism to yourself.


People who hold morality sacred are extremely hypocritical: they'll tell you not to judge others based on your values and then turn around and call you "evil" the moment you do something they don't like.


>If a man could fuck in a cardboard box, he wouldn't buy a house

True or not? hmm


Fat cocks and tight pussies.


>its moralism when you do it it isnt moralism when i do
>its an argument when i do its an opinion when you do
the dunning-kruger doesnt stop. not even what moralism means


untrue, all men need shelter




There are so many horny threads that there might as well be fetish board at this point. We didn't need to separate sex and relationships. Unless the plan is to put all horny threads into this new sex thread, this is pointless and undesirable.


We have anti sex wokescolds itt who seeth at the mere mention of sex. This thread had sex removed from it because there was a user in the last thread that was whining and crying to the mods.



people too immature for sex shouldn't be in romantic relationships


Do you have baby names you've liked or are currently in to, siberians?


>>475333 (cont'd)
You've liked in the sense of baby names you've liked when you were younger, for example at 13 or q4


Going up to a fine m'lady and asking her very politely and gentlemenly what her onlyfans is


sex is gay


Noooo don't do it nooooooo.


The most expensive android is about the same price. There are also cheap iPhones like the SE.


when I was younger I vaguely thought about naming a baby after me, but here's a list of different ones I came up with when bored at my job some months ago:
[name of older sister]
[name of younger sister]




what sex?


>So a dysfunctional "neurotypical" would be "at fault" then?
Yes. Normies are NPC reactionaries


File: 1701529721045.jpg (105.9 KB, 1280x853, 11119_1.jpg)

Is pretending to be gay (but never actually getting a boyfriend) an effective way to avoid accusations of inceldom? Similar to how gay people used to pretend to be incels to counter accusations of homosexuality.


Assuming you live in a liberal area with actual gay community, that is so much worse. Like how fucked up do you have to be to not being able to get laid with a guy?


People give more leeway to terminally single gay gays than hetero guys.


Who would you say this to? Besides the fictitious "society" audience in your mind, of course.
Who is giving you a hard time for not having sex or being in a relationship? Can you describe the last time this happened?


My family and friends always ask whether I'm gay or "one of those incels".


Well, are you?


I guess I fit the definition of incel because I don't really want to be alone.


I am glad to announce that for the first time in what feels like an eternity I got a number. Now the anxiety of messing things up chips in the happiness.

I just realized, I didn't noticed the colour of her eyes, I was focusing on her hair AAAAH
Hum, so this is like the people who name their children as states. I know too many people who named their children as football players, and communists who named their children as russian revolutionaries (or the ideals, similar to Libertad in Mafalda)


I keep getting told I look like a famous rock star but it's starting to get tiresome.


File: 1701576594787.jpeg (7.11 KB, 221x228, download (47).jpeg)

im seething


Ladies and gentlemen. A woman a little older than me invited me to her place tomorrow for casual copulation. It's not my first time, but my first time a lady was upfront and didn't require anything special of me. Hopefully I've acquired what is known as a fuck buddy. That is all and I now digress.


File: 1701582103411.jpg (327.33 KB, 4096x2731, doommaxxing.jpg)

finally figured out the secret to stop being an incel


>Victor Jara
nice, I guess it fits you knowing communists lol


You know how some people have delusions about being the only thinking human being and that everybody else is a soulless automation. I feel like I've developed the opposite, I now only rarely feel like a person and everything I do feel like is running on automatic. I could maybe break out of this by finding some place irl to socialize, but I don't have the faintest idea of where, since my interests are feeling false and slipping through my hands and the only people I talk to now are my family whom I live with. Thank god I have a decent relationship with them or else I would have ran into traffic already.


Bro, Prince fucked and would steal your girl. You should get that Prince rizz and surround yourself with beautiful ladies wearing raspberry berets.


How do you de-incel? Bonus points for giving an answer thats actually thought out and not just "touch grass"


File: 1701670331877.jpg (25.24 KB, 241x241, 1610869821597.jpg)

Wanted to go to the mall just to walk around but they close at 7 so there's no point. Another weekend indoors, back to work on Monday. Eat work sleep repeat. Life is so good. It's great that all my friends moved away and there's nothing to do here but watch paint dry.
How are you even supposed to fucking meet people like this. Even when I thought I was making friends at work, the minute I left my job, no one communicated after. Everything is so distant. Making friends as an adult is so insanely difficult.


It is. Do you live in a small town? Have you tried bumble friends or joining some weekly activity?
First step is to reintegrate into society, meaning, you need to make friends.


>you need to make friends.
Already done. I've had irl friends for 2 years


How often do you meet new people? What are your regular social activities? Can you describe a normal week in activities?


I go to work. I play DnD with my friends every wedneday. I meet a lot of new people because im a cashier don't really become friends with them though. Occasionally my friend group goes bowling and shit. four other friends are two couples. I'm the only one whose single and a virgin.


Maybe you should try going on more online dates and so on?


>works in automation
if you start your own automation firm and make your main clientel cooperatives, then you'll be able to make automation good and improve the lives of workers.

how do I get my neetbucks, anon?


File: 1701687030162.jpeg (30.46 KB, 500x500, up my ass.jpeg)

leaving the house is a privilege
i cant physically go anywhere, even if i tried, because i live in a car centric hellhole where everything is too far away and we have no public transportation to speak of, but its not like we have anywhere worth visiting anyways this is probably the ugliest fucking land in this planet everywhere you go in this city is a wasteland, from massively polluted rivers and deserts to disgusting grey cityscapes surrounded by decaying buildings and the putrid smell of miasma and cigarettes
this is to me the worst city to live in i hate this shithole and its dumb people so fucking much these retards have been voting for the same rightoid or his appointed friends for years and not once has he done a single thing. hes not even a bad mayor because hes not a mayor at all, you see a bad mayor does things, but over here he just sits on his ass doing shit all, everything is privately owned it feels like we legit live in ancapistan . talking of ancaps its quite ironic how such a miserable city breeds the worst kinds of reactionaries for some reason that i havent figured out yet. usually seeing how shit capitalism is tends to make people at least left leaning but i guess theres just some curse over this city thats at least my explanation for how everything here is actual ass, im not joking when i say that i struggle to identify a single positive point about living here. At least if i lived in gaza i would be hit by a zionist missile and die instantly


Start by examining your relationships/interactions with women throughout your life (especially your mom, sisters, other relatives, friends, classmates, and ex girlfriends), then look at your reactions to their behavior.

Be honest about how you've managed these relationships:

Are there any interactions that you're dissatisfied with?

What do you wish you'd have done/wished you didn't do?

What do you wish they'd have done/wished they didn't do?

What was their motivation/perspective and how do you think they arrived at that point of view?


That's not enough friends (I don't mean it as an insult). Can you see any opportunities in your normal week to expand your social network? It doesn't have to be friends, since you can't simply get random people or acquaintances to be friends, but meeting people you can chat every week or two. Customers aren't the best.

For example:
Going to a dog park with a dog
Volunteering (maybe a leftist org near you?)
Reddit meetups
Arcade or pinball parlor

Your goal should be to expand your social network which will eventually make you reach new people and some of them might become friends. It is a process that sucks, there's no way around it. It will take consistent effort for a long time but it will eventually pay off.

How did your current friends meet? How did you meet the last new person who hanged out with?

Also, I know this sucks, and society is fucking rotten for it, but being fit and investing a little time on clothes style will make a huuuge difference. Becoming fit takes a long time and you have to put consistent effort for prolonged times. You don't have to kill yourself at the gym either, even once a week strength training will give you results. Losing weight is also important.

Cutting your nails, plucking your eyebrows, having a beard style or being shaved, having a hair style. All these things make a huge difference.

BTW everyone feels like an imposter when they make these changes in their lives. It takes a week or two to get used to each (life) style change.

Can you tell me which of these things you already do and which you don't?



Touch grass. Grab a fistful of it in fact. Then shove it in your mouth. Chew it slowly. Pretend you're a happy fat cow grazing. People will notice this and become attuned to your new primitive ways. They will want to fuck you right there. Be careful not to abuse this new power.


>Also, I know this sucks, and society is fucking rotten for it, but being fit and investing a little time on clothes style will make a huuuge difference. Becoming fit takes a long time and you have to put consistent effort for prolonged times. You don't have to kill yourself at the gym either, even once a week strength training will give you results. Losing weight is also important.
lifting is so fucking boring. its better to find people to play sports with


File: 1701707648372.jpg (33.1 KB, 719x464, 1696608286401472.jpg)

>Be me
>Diagnosed with autism level 1 (least severe)
>Virgin loser CompSci goblin
>Join social network only for aspies
>It's full of sexy ass nb fembois
>They all wanna suck my dick cause I'm hairy and have a naturally manly look
I think this diagnosis might be the best thing that ever happened to me


>lifting is so fucking boring.
but lifting will make you look visibly more appealing, it does suck though


Can I apply dialectics to improve my relationship?



that's hilarious, good for you!


Nice x2


Agree with both. Exercise in general is good. I hate team sports, I forgot they existed lol. If you can do team sports then do that. Go to the gym on the off days if you can.


I really want to die and have done for a while.


Good news, sooner or later you will!


I'm still far too young


File: 1701739746342.png (133.44 KB, 401x400, isnt it sad.png)

Felt a bit broken inside stumbling upon "wholesome" furry porn and losing my erection realizing I'll never have a fulfilling relationship with someone.


Why not?


Sexual compulsions and sexuality in general is insane. No wonder so many men confuse masturbation as being an addiction, it is essentially like having an external desire forced upon you.

Imagine going to the doctors and describing the sypmtoms of being arroused if it was some new unknown medical condition. You'd be diagnosed as psychotic and experiencing delusions.


Never did before so my pattern-seeking brain assumes it never will. I'm also "old" by internet standards.


Sexuality itself is just the affixation of unconscious impulses which manifest through conscious desires. It is a completely alien dimension.


you live in Texas or Oklahoma or something? Some of those places out in the Midwest look fucking bleak. It's just the ugliest looking place ever.


damn. over 30?


File: 1701777440842.png (168.76 KB, 907x1847, ClipboardImage.png)


Just 30. I did have a relationship when I was a teenager but it was so bad thanks to my insecurities at the time that I never felt like trying again.


is there anything more pathetic than having first started to drink and smoke in your mid 20s due to mental illness reasons, instead of as a teen due to peer pressure reasons?


But do you like drinking and smoking? At least I can't stand that shit.


I enjoy it once I'm drunk to the point of incoherence and basically unconscious but my body's still moving.
Smoking reduces my anxiety and makes me less prone to flashes of anger.


I don't see anything pathetic about this. Everyone drinks and smokes to relax or cope in general.


It's more the fact that I picked up those habits not in a socialized setting, but alone, on my own.
I remember being sad one day, so I just went to the store, got some beer, and drank it on a bench outside all by myself, and that's how I started drinking.

My relation to the world is that of a solitary outsider.


That's not pathetic bro.

Pathetic behaviours are things like having an Only Fans subscription, labelling yourself with pronouns like "fae / faeself", or obsessing over the latest iPhone model.


Pathetic or not, smoking is gross and you should stop. Alcohol is excusable on occasions but based on >>476675 yeah you need to stop as soon as possible.




Live in the UK.

I have to take antipsychs in order to function. I can only get a prescription written by a doctor at a mental health clinic. But I can't contact them directly.
Everytime I need a prescription written I have to contact someone who has been designated to watch my case.

Every month, without fail, I ask for a prescription when mine is running out. And every month, without fail, I get no response. Not even ghosted, they just simply do not respond for at least a week. I have to send reminder texts and calls.
So every month, like today, I go through a period of withdrawal in which the first symptoms of psychosis resurface. Sleeplessness, racing and disordered thoughts, small attention span, etc.


Can't you ask earlier? Or will they check how much is still left?


They check. The best guess I can make is that the case worker is simply being overworked. Whilst they're responsible for liasing with the doctors they also have to do wellness checks on more serious cases so they've probably had their workload doubled with the same amount of hours due to budget cuts.

The doctors at the clinic were elated that I was responding to drugs in the first place because apparently psychosis is difficult to treat and can be resistnt to medications, so I should probably consider myself lucky.


Lost my incel card three nights ago, AMA.


File: 1701813955969.jpg (82.55 KB, 640x493, 1701807978854784.jpg)

"Minor" vent but I feel like I wasted a decade of my life and haven't achieved anything I wanted to do. This constant emptiness sucks, but I guess it could be worse…


Was he gentle?


What has stopped you from killing yourself or doing something equally drastic?


Not gay, the girl was very sweet and we are still talking.


Age? Of you, not the girl, moron.


If I weren't the kind of person who takes it out on the outside world and instead took it out on myself I'd definitely have killed myself, but alas,



How exactly do you take it out on others and does it really help you feel better?


Why did it take so long?


just rizzed up a level 100 gyatt



No idea honestly, it could be because I was a fat and bitter incel until last year.
Did a 360 and women started giving me attention some months ago.


Tell me about this "360"

(Which would actually mean you ended up in the same place that you started off.)


File: 1701815384065.gif (5.44 KB, 193x125, xbox360_turn_around.gif)


It's a meme, but what I did was to get fit and start talking more people. I'm currently in uni and already working, so money ain't much of a problem.
Oh, and all that while living with my parents and having no personal vehicle.


When you say "get fit" do you mean getting ripped or just not being obese?


>I'm currently in uni
Lol, the pieces now fit.

What are you studying?


I wouldn't say I'm ripped but my %fat has considerably lowered, BMI around 24 and very visible musculature.
>What are you studying?
Electrical engineering.


Are you an american?



Which country do you live in then?




Thank you for answering my questions.


No problem, friend.


every single incel ive ever seen looks like a dude who gets laid constantly in the furry fandom


Are you doing a PhD? Or why are you still in uni at such an advanced age.


Same except it's more like 15 years.


What is this social network. I’m a sperg too


Why don’t normies write a book on this shit?


they do, it's a genre called "self-help" and they only write it to make money from publishing the book rather than because the book itself is some kind of enlightening thing to save people from loneliness.


There are tons of books on it.


Why do so many “leftists” defend this shitty society? Seriously, there is so much contempt and obsession over western society while “leftists” refuse to accept that western society is quite reactionary.


Such as?


>Existentialists: *write self-help books that are available for free*
<Right-wingers: "We're gonna ignore that." *purchase 12 Rules for Life instead*



So porky causes the problem, then provided “solutions” to the problem they caused only to make money off of it and not actually solving the “problem”.


The question was about writing books, not actually solving the problems.


<The book topped bestseller lists in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, and had sold over five million copies worldwide by the end of 2020

Jesus christ what utter shit, from a man who can't even understand the manifesto.


The books are meant to SOLVE the problem


Lets play never had I ever.

Im 30 and never had I ever had a gf


I'm you in five years still no gf


Because she's your wife now!! \o/ yaaaay!!


I kek'd.


Because I started to work soon after getting a technical degree, which happened after I finished highschool.
Wasn't thinking about college until three years ago.


I'm you in seven years.

I've been on one date…when I was 30.


I drank two bottles of wine on an empty stomach a can of 7% lager and shitposted all evening.
then I will go to work hungover as shit, then go to bed immediately after work, and the next day I'll do it all over again

yep. that's my life.


That means she aint feeling it. Talk to her about it.


Seems like shes just not into you bro


Is she soft?


you guys suck and talk like youre pretending to be guys in a locker room


Why do you live your life constantly being offended by everything you come across?


shut up


^ hexbear moment


the whole "I just respect women too much to be turned on by this" thing is so turbocringe like do you like sexy women or not jesus christ it's not a sin to find someone attractive!


>im biased to text because of my past
Care to explain?


i imagine some ppl just dont text and it doesnt mean much, but i text a lot and thats how ive been for a long time, so it feels like if some1 doesnt text me they dont like me. but it cud just mean they dont text a lot.


Culture is honestly all fucked up right now, we need a revolution and to put things to rights.


>i imagine some ppl just dont text and it doesnt mean much
Can relate to this situation, I don't like bothering people with IM unless it's something really urgent.
But I also think anyone with a hint of interest will try to take initiative and start conversations and if it's a girl you're talking to, then maybe she ain't much into you.


Then why is she dating me? Sick of people not being straightforward. I am.


If you respected women you wouldn't want to degrade them by penetrating them with your disgusting penis.


is that what they tell you?


I tell women that I respect them too much to debase them like that.


going to my very first date with my imageboard gf next week, any advice? (we're both clueless virgins)


>imageboard gf
Be honest anon, is she a mess?


Yeah make sure she doesn't follow you back home without you noticing.


People aren't straightfoward because they feel vulnerable and afraid most of the time, and this is like 90% of people nowadays.


How did you get an imageboard gf?


File: 1702014008664.jpg (39.07 KB, 625x351, nhk_01.jpg)

>is she a mess
I'm actually the NEET mess, she's a godsend
we live hundreds of kms away, and I'm going to hers for now, but we're planing for starting to live together as soon as next summer
I guess whining on r9k until she came to save me from my hiki ways


>we're planing for starting to live together as soon as next summer
You haven't even been on a date and you've decided this already?


we've been in a LDR for over 3 years now, and since she's about to complete her education and going get a real well paid full time job soon we'll be fully independent together, since I already have enough savings to buy an apartment for both of us


To BUY an apartment?? How old are you?


we've already inherited around 300-400k total, so it'll be peak comfy, plus since we live in Europe the housing market is not totally fucked yet



I mean this is not even my full inheritance, my family owns tons of real estate easily valued in millions
for reference I'm 23, and she's only a few years younger


Why are you even here if you are such an aristocrat?


File: 1702014801578.png (1.3 MB, 898x898, 1702010183731.png)

Uhhhh well I wish you luck I guess.


I'm not here to brag, I'm just asking about how not to lose my spaghettis when I'm about to meet in person the first "stranger" after years of reclusion
we're supposed to be spending 3 days around Christmas total and sleeping at least once together in a nearby hotel since she still living with her parents for now
and maybe even go on vacations skiing for a week by staying in one of my properties some time later if everything goes well


and since I'm still feeling kind of uneasy myself as whether this is going to end up in a serious mutual commitment like living together or not


Just give me some of that money and i'll be your therapist


If you've talked for 3 years why would you be spergy around her?


Well you've already been in a relationship for 3 years. Shouldn't be too hard. I guess main advice, don't get carried away and act to goofy. I mean a little excitement is alright, not saying to play games, but at the same time you might get so excited that you kind of embarrass yourself. Don't go like N64 kid is what I'm saying.

As far as sex. Just take it slow. Focus on the foreplay and making out etc. You might have a hard time with the intercourse since you're both virgins.

I thought you already were in a 3 year relationship with her. Sounds pretty serious so far.

Seconding this. I'll be on call for cheap.


… this is opportunistic discrimination
I'm spergy around everyone until I get used to their physical presence but that can take a while


I'm really shy anyway, we're not really on having sex, but since we never know what could happen (we're both heavily sexually repressed and have already spent hours on the daily having "phonesex", but in real life that's a whole different story)
I think it's serious but it might also be delusional to expect everything to go as smoothly as I would like, and since she's not fully ready to commit until she's done with her studies anyway


meant "not really planning on having sex"
plus we both got tested for STD and stuff just in case but we're really sheltered anyway


but yes my main concern is that I might embarrass myself and ruin everything even as I know this to be really unlikely in the end


I thought you said you were both virgins LMAO.
Well then don't worry about the sex thing so much.


you can inherit STD in many ways, that's not just sexual, they just happen to spread this way, like herpes can be transmitted through any mucus
but turned out we're both in the clear anyway so, it's just paranoia, like hypochondriac virgins getting themselves tested to feel comfortable holding hands together and stuff…


it's like if this is a ploy that she plans on getting herself pregnant to inherit my fortune or whatever this is the kind of delusional paranoia I have also, anyway not like I'd be fully against it either


Typical middle-class neurosis.



How would she inherit it unless you willed it to her? The most she could get is child support or alimony if you marry and subsequently divorce. Are you worried she's going to make you write you into her will and then kill you lol?

Rich people problems. Bro isn't really what most people mean when they say middle class. He's saying he's going to inherit millions of dollars eventually and he's already inherited half a million so far. He's a trust fund baby.

>I never have to work a day in my life

>I have it so hard.
Lol. LMAO even.


My man, if she want to have your kids, make her push a full litter out.
Gotta make her think if all that money is really worth it.


i have a friend who comes from a rich family and hes also a right-wing r9gay sperg type, hates women and got pampered by his mom all his life and hes almost 30 lol


>How would she inherit it unless you willed it to her?
she really wouldn't that's not even how laws work in our country
>what most people mean when they say middle class
I'm literally middle class
>I never have to work a day in my life
and hopefully never will… if you catch my drift
not sure what that even means


I almost became that way as i grew up in a petit-bourgeois lifestyle. My mother always doted on me but one day i had enough of living with my parents and got a job and moved out. It's a really shitty job and I hate my life, but at least I have irl friends now.


>I'm literally middle class
What's your cut off? You're inheriting enough wealth to go straight to being a full time landlord.


I'm going to get a real comfy job in academia probably, that's what's top tier in my country, along with politicians and executives, my father cumulated both why we're so well off


(not >>478094), I too live in capitalist realism and hope to one day become a member of the asset-owning class


>middle class
Not an actual class analysis, it's as informative as higher-class = more money. I don't even like using these terms, we already have "rich" and "poor."


and she got herself a cute haircut just for me but I'm too shy to do and ask the same so we're planning on going together, sounds like a good idea?


then we go home and cuddle all night hopefully…


Sounds good dude. You got it made. You got life on easy mode. Enjoy it.


life is never just easy, I bet it'll turn out to be a real struggle anyway
just like me having to get out of bed, eventually


I wish I had your "problems".


What problems do you have?


>just like me having to get out of bed, eventually
Dood, get an 8hr sleep, oversleeping is not good for your body.


Man the fuck up.


but I am the most oppressed creature, so much for the tolerant left + did you just assume my gender?


Thoughts on these things?


>just don't be depressed


>being rich and depressed


they're good if you want to cut a piece of wood, but they're pretty shitty at screwing things in place


she's in it for the money, demand to see her in person ASAP and make your money's worth. i seriously hope she's not from this board, you certainly don't want a CLASS CONSCIOUS money-grubber, that sounds like a nightmare.


>just don't be depressed
I didn't say that. I said your body needs an 8hr sleep to fully recharge. You can keep being depressed, that's okay. You can even cry.


Words cannot even begin to describe how much I hate myself.


how do i rizz a 10/10 gyatt walking by, incel bros


this one is funnier imo


File: 1702100950938.jpg (32.4 KB, 500x403, 902.jpg)


How to get rid of the feeling of fucking up a conversation, even after you got further with the girl?


fuck it up for real and realize it's no biggie most of the time


This. Also any girl who would break things off over minor social faux pas is a cunt who would make a terrible partner.


I just came here to drop by with a cold ass observations that should be obvious but isn't to others, apparently.

The "spark". What is it? The feeling you get when you have a crush on someone. INFATUATION.

You could find someone hot. You would like sex with them. But there's no "spark".

You could get along with someone really well. You would like hanging out with them. But there's no "spark".

Of fucking course a relationship will go south if there's no "spark", the "spark" is the only thing that makes the commitment and effort worth it in the end. The "spark" is the "high" you get.

This shit is dead obvious but somehow people are still trying to force themselves into relationships where they don't feel infatuation and then wonder what went wrong on Reddit.com

It's almost like there's a reason we fantasized so much about our school crushes when we were young. Fucking crazy, I know!

And then some idiots give out advice that increases the total misery in the world. Because SOMEHOW they don't realize something this fucking obvious.


>got further
Is this some pick up artist shit? Like can't you just treat others as real people?


File: 1702134287185.webm (3.52 MB, 720x1280, ideal woman.webm)

What's your ideal woman?


is he drinking piss???


File: 1702137762387.png (95.39 KB, 278x362, 1634229746024.png)

I've never felt "the spark" in my entire life and I'm older than 95% of leftypol.


You have never had a crush?



There is no spark it's just obsession you can induce it on yourself pretty easily.


Kratom tea He didn't have any alcohol


then your boomer relatives tell you to hit the gym to get better looking put yourself out there because you need more confidence. read twelves rules by Jordan Peterson. you need to start setting your sights a bit lower. just settle for what you can get. you dont want to become one of those internet incels do you?


My life is like a video game, trying to choose the dialog option that will let me mate


What's wrong in saying like that, exactly?


What up toobs,

are they any of age goth chicks rocking the house tonight.

send me a message if there are


The feds don't want you to know this but goth music is boring


yeah scene/emo music is generally more interesting and unique especially since it isnt afraid to sound happy or have optimistic lyrics but then again i havent listened to a whole lot of goth music and i like scene music like s3rl when i was younger


Always hated getting into emo/scene music through video games in the 2000s and then living in Europe where nobody has listened to that kind of music ever
Closest thing is garage rock revival and that was a UK thing, I'm a Balkan shitter
I guess there's some kids here and there that like nu-Sonic music if you consider that "scene" lol a bit too pop for my tastes


sad music can be a vibe sometimes but sometimes you also want to listen to mindless self indulgence (ive only listened to their most popular music before you say anything) or something. its weird because i always thought of myself as too optimistic to be scene or emo or something but as ive grown older i realized that the aesthetic of wearing black clothes isnt what defined the community really. i like goth stuff but the pop aspect of it is a trope at this point and it's boring and lame, the exact opposite of feeling on edge, in pain is supposed to be about, the raw emotion of being hurt somehow.


>Always hated getting into emo/scene music through video games in the 2000s and then living in Europe where nobody has listened to that kind of music ever
Dude, I love this shit, I keep listening to this kind of music every fucking day, with the double bass and palm-muted triplets destroying my remaining braincels.


File: 1702155360241.mp4 (11.15 MB, 1080x1080, come home.mp4)

rawr XD





>Sexy Vampire
>the thumbnail
WTF, am I trippin'?


s3rl is happy hardcore not scene


dont expect shay to ever know what hes talking about lmao


>s3rl is happy hardcore
Khe-khem, he's UK hardcore, thank you very much.

HH is diabetes music. UK. Is art.


yeah if i knew what i was talking about there'd be an argument here because i disagree that liking s3rl isnt a scene thing considering all the scene girls and emos i have met who enjoy s3rl.


that doesnt make it scene music


I like s3rl too but that does not make it metal.


I enjoy s3rl but it ain't scenecore.


WTF, shared braincel???




basedbasedbased. i would consider s3rl to be cybergoth btw


Cybergoth would be something like H.EXE.


this is cybergoth.


m1dy is speedcore



File: 1702160867828.webm (5.86 MB, 500x500, 1623799281385.webm)

this is cybergoth.


"Scene" is not a music genre. "Scene" is a culture, associated with multiple genres with different degrees of relation. You will not find one serious music site that lists "scene" as a genre.


Yeah, we get it, Shay. "Genres are for nerds, boo."

Why even classify music with "emo" or "cybergoth" then? We can just post any music.


I was referring to scenecore.


this is scenecore.


Feminist emo peaked too early
Okay just to be clear when I wrote emo/scene music I was definitely not referring to caramelldansen lol


File: 1702164011773.mp4 (15.08 MB, 500x500, latex_pink.mp4)

is industrial cybergoth?


I expected there to be a mountain in this thread.


I mean, of course.


File: 1702225354515.jpg (52.73 KB, 525x390, 1664160262405.jpg)

bro. you really got that dude for yearning basic human connection bro. you really humiliated them for the fragile vulnerabilities that link us all as thinking beings man


Some people don't deserve basic human connections.


Stop being a Christian.


File: 1702243510888.jpg (146.66 KB, 827x1056, 20231028_202012.jpg)

Is being an incel a choice?



No but you can make choices to avoid being an incel.
I also hope she's a female(female).


No it's not. involuntary celibate that literally what incel means. When it's by choice that's called volcel. Being incel can be the result of life choices, but that result is not a desired outcome.


sure show us how hitlerite u can be to depressed loners u sure are a cool one do u want a cookie


>No but you can make choices to avoid being an incel.
Like what, not being born ugly?


If they vow a life of celibacy they stop being incels and become volcels.


I wish that we'd stop using the term "incel" after the meaning got distorted by the mainstream in the last couple of years to just mean "misogynist". Like you don't even need to be a virgin to be an "incel" today.


Did you ever have to be a virgin to be an incel? Having sex at least once does not guarantee that you will be able to have sex for the rest of your life.


Volcel is just a cope for incels in denial


what if i have zero sex drive


It's very difficult to be an incel and not become a misogynist.


You should speak to a doctor that's not normal


This is a warped assumption to make.


>born ugly
Irrelevant nowadays like seriously, just take care of your appearance and make good money
Women lose value exponentially after hitting 30, no surprise it's the age everyone is getting married nowadays.


>all virgins are misogynists




No one cares about people who are ugly, what's really offputting to the average person is having autism, no matter how much they post about "neurodivergence" acceptance on social media.


File: 1702245068953.webm (2.26 MB, 240x426, 1699410527127.webm)

That would make you an aceggot.


/pol/tard speak intelligibly challenge: impossible.


The vast majority of misogynists aren't virgins


If incel just means virgin, why not just say virgin? Everyone understands that.


women are just evil tbh


If incel just means misogynist, why not just say misogynist?


Most women don't mind misogyny if the man doing it is attractive.


Most attractive people get away with a lot in general.


it makes sense that an alienated society makes the most superficial of qualities the most important


Unironically based. All this whining about labor on a left wing imageboard is a sign that leftism is dead.

If Stalin and his ilk were alive today most of ypu anti-labor reatrds would be used as cannon fodder.

Nope. Not all natural biases are due to capitalism.

Fine. Trade with me. You can have all the "quirks" you want.
Id rather be neurotypical.

Im tired of this pandering to autism.


>muh based
>muh Stalin
>muh nature


cope NEET enthusiast


It's so fucking over.


got any other memes you want out of your chest?


File: 1702250825844.jpg (69.03 KB, 1080x1090, maxresdefault-2867387681.jpg)

Unique IPs: 125

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