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Alienation to marx is not "me lonely", but refers simply to the fact that man is separated from the product of his labour by the device of money and more broadly, man is separated from his "species-being" by the condition of being a worker, and by his influence from the superstructure (religion and other illusions).
Marx didnt support "communes" or whatever, since communes are actually feudal social arrangements. Marx actually liked the fact that all fixed things "melt into air" under modernity, and the point of modernity is to free man from past traditions, not invent copes.
The bourgeoisie revolution is good, it just isnt enough to free mankind from liberalism's contradictions.


>communes are actually feudal social arrangement
In what sense?


In the sense that everyone living on the same land and engaging in general labour was the arrangement of the feudal system, where the fixture of the landlord oversaw this manner of society. Thats why theres that joke in monty python.


a lot of concept marxists that werent moralistic at all got bastardized by people, like "skilled labor" or "emotional labor"


i think people really underestimate how much socialism will look like victorian england on psychoactive drugs once it's been achieved.


Socialism from the beginning was infected by moralism, thats why marx and engels established "scientific socialism" as a way to piss off all the utopian-socialists, social democrats and anarkiddies.


>making Marx say "da"
wow it's another meme made by a redditor who thinks marx was russian for some reason



I also like when people take "commodity fetishism" literally and think it's "when you like commodities a lot".


Commodity fetishism can be manifested in simply liking commodities very much by attributing to them qualities and values that are not inherent to their material existence, but are rather derived from the social and economic relations that produce and exchange them.


it has a very specific meaning in marxist theory so whenever its brought up in half-assed le anticonsumerist posts its like, wrong


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inb4 moralist drivel taken from lukacs or veblen


Commodity fetishism is integral to consumerism.


There is no such thing as consumerism.


there is no such thing as marxism


Yes. For the most part, most Marxists are nominal Marxists and are under the influence of other "reformed" anarchists. I wish everyone calling themself Marxist would read literally anything from the German Ideology or from Plekhanov's writing on materialism. It gets really tiresome conversing with people otherwise. Also, in the same way you get moralistic Marxists, you get mechanical materialists (and Bordigists) which misinterpret what is written regarding diamat and hismat.


I think that is true, however. Alienation is an economic phenomenon which manifests itself during the production process, but that doesn't mean it also does not get manifested in the superstructure - social alienation is a real phenomenon. But it's only when you put this on its head - that social alienation births economic alienation - that you get an idealistic misinterpretation.


I think this is really a problem of language. Marx writes about exploitation of resources while many instinctively think of the feeling of being exploited by someone. It is inevitable for terms that are used commonly enough to acquire an emotional charged meaning of their own.
Alienation is a special case where the German origin (Entäußerung) is very specific and can thus not be easily misconstrued. Therefore this might be a failure of translators to bridge the gap in language. Marx even goes so far as to use the literal English terms in his German writings (Cost, Exploitation), likely to fix them to their scientific meanings.


it's just taken from a Jreg video where the character (not Marx) says da in that scene.


welp, didnt go one post without triggering my inb4 card


prominent humanist authors "contributing" to marxist theory have done irreparable damage, holy shit


Consumerism exists. See fat americans


consumerism is when fat


>consumerism is when you eat shitty food
Great minds at play.


Wasn't Carlos Marcos also against the existence of states?


Part of Consumerism is when people eat themselves to death because capitalism. Communist China has only 6 percent obesity rate6%, America has 42%.

Please research the facts


consumerism truly just means "anything i dont like" huh


It is when they consume too much


and nobody can agree on what "too much" entails


dont point out that the state is only supposed to last however long the revolution and civil war itself lasts and nothing further on leftypol dot org, worst mistake of my life


Enough to be obese


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also known as joseph gordon reddit

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