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How does one's mind not break from seeing this drivel? I managed to do it, but after a while just looking at all these faces and even in the background of me playing a vidya game, this type of shit is just not very entertaining and yet people still listen to this shit. It baffles me. How does one not see all these faces and not feel uncomfortable?


there are so many of these videos on my youtube recommendations. it is always about the downfall of X or the truth of Y. outrage and failure is just so profitable these days


I've seen literally this exact thread and this exact response on this board a few months ago.


it's just schadenfreude and righteous indignation which sells algorithmically to schoolbully types
originally it used to be leafyishere or whoever mumbling over gameplay footage for 10 minutes about some totally cringe kid, now it's longer form and even more self-serious stuff like this


>whoever mumbling over gameplay footage for 10 minutes
That's retsupurae right? I liked their series on botched Kickstarter projects lol


Youtube has artificially brought them on top in the first place, like SSSniperWolf. Now it is time to cash in on their failure.


There is an e-celeb circuit fixated on these fame whores. They garner views based on spite and schadenfreude


File: 1700574843330.webm (12.67 MB, 910x512, honest-reaction.webm)


my mind doesn't break because I'm autistic linux user, everything is unusable


If you use Firefox (if not, why?) There's an add-on called "YouTube Clickbait Remover." Shit changed my life, honestly.
There's a Soviet documentary about the rise of the Nazis that makes a point of showing how while Hitler was ascending aggressively in power, Western News was all about royalty and celebrity gossip.


drama = fascist? it does make eense from a marxist perspective


It's easy, I don't watch any of that shit.


File: 1700595068292.png (1.1 MB, 828x998, ClipboardImage.png)

she's a capitalist pig, but would


File: 1700597615486.jpg (22.58 KB, 264x376, Dogville_poster.jpg)

Moreso a bread and circuses type thing in times of crisis.
I hate that term because reactionaries themselves use it to describe actually progressive things like gay pride parades, but it's accurate here. Another way to view it (celebrity gossip) is as a kind of pornography, just one of the lowest outputs of culture, the pornographic counterpart of history and biography, that still turns a profit because it titillates bourgeois sensibilities of individualism and schadenfreude.

Picunrelated but a nice film.


retsupurae peaked with their dark seed 2 and space adventures cobra lps


It's slop that you:
A) Don't spend much energy watching, so you watch after a long day
B) It's additional stimulation for X activity.
It also gives the illusion of "keeping up with culture", and something to "talk about" – either of which viewers'd be fine to replace if challenged.


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