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>heteronormativity makes it so that blah blah
and im the retard


Aren't you the spook boy haunting this place?
>normalcy is an imposition
>I'm gonna run to the ends of the earth to avoid capture by the normalcy-police
>call it hetero-, that's an idpol violation
>flies off in his/her spaceship
Even by your own standards that seems inconsistent, ja?
you are enamored with putting things in neat, distinct categories, might it perchance be autism, far be it from me to diagnose people over the internet and I am not trying to grandstand here, it's my morbid curiosity speaking here
spectre on the spectrum


If you don't have time (totally understandable) then just look at a lot of show pics of designers - obviously outside the couple of mainstream houses - that have an aesthetic that interests you and figure out what makes each combination of clothes click for you and why. There's a lot of great designers that don't have the fame/money to get their own shows too so you'll have to make do with paying attention at how online retail shops pair their pieces or people on social media do it. Then you can branch out and start pairing stuff yourself. Take it easy when starting out if you don't want to lose money on things that you probably won't like in a couple of months or even weeks.


>whines about normalcy
>makes fun of autists


I didn't. I am way more interested in the manner of thinking. Mass psychology is way more fun than clinical psychology.


Interesting, do you have any pictures of that "yuri of absence"?


Actually good advice.


Wait yeah I actually did in the last line, my mistake.
But that's just good natured ribbing.
People don't appreciate me pulling my punches but lose their mind when I don't. See, now this is grandstanding.
Remember to bob and weave.


Sure. Talking about the relationship to the reproduction of society, queer people don't form a coherent class. If we use your criteria for what constitutes a class then it is clear that they form a class, but your criteria sucks.

The reduction of every aspect of society into 2 to 4 discrete classes is incredibly reductive. It is unironically "class reductionism". Instead, you could say that the women proletariat form a class, the queer proletariat form a class and both are classes within the proletariat. They all have a different relationship to the reproduction of society, including the relationship to the real economy.


Oh my god that left leg


Well homophobia aside bathhouse culture is unhealthy as fuck


Gay life has always been considered unhealthy. Many aspects of it are unhealthy but so what?


So nothing. But in this context it is "normal" for people outside of the Group to have visceral reactions to the culture, even if it might be a bit bigoted. It's like having a visceral reaction towards poverty. Not necessarily because of heteronormativity as black flag anon said


It keeps getting away from me like some ADHD-addled idiot but there is a thread here between the thinking of "anti-queers" and anti-communists. They don't understand the status quo is violence. And in a certain sense both socio-political formations and "queer lifestyle" (I don't know, I don't even care about sex) is a reaction to it.

There is of course (but this is trivial) a very obvious parallel between leftcom-ism and the demand to abolish gender right this instant.
It's commandism but you can't even call it that.
I know cause I've had the same discussion with a liberal friend.
Bottom line, people have too many opinions.


*Dumb idiot voice* Oh I didn't mean to be ableist against myself, you massive gay poofter.
>"The good gays" that don't do orgies, get married, adopt kids
What a bunch of fags


What does leftcom mean to you? It was a thing exclusive to a century ago, now it's just a label used by larpers. I don't get what you're trying to say overall.


>aspect of gay life
Lmao, seriously? I think defining any one trait, but especially these ones, as inherent to "gay life" is pretty silly.


It means for example to try to skip very necessary steps of development (see Pol Pot and his merry band of retards). Fast forward the movie to the end. It's also connected to the mentality of "we just need to have the perfect theory and then everything will by necessity turn out fantastic". Mechanistic delusion, I think, but then I don't know the classical mechanists too well.

Further I think Debord et. al. can be classified as such. With Adorno (and probably spectacle man, guy drank himself to death) there is also a distinct pessimism there, which I understand.
Es gibt kein richtiges Leben im falschen.
t. Funny Jazz hater man
On that note someone like Mark Fisher exhibits these tendencies but he is called a left axel or something. Well it's all kinda pot-ato po-tato to me.


I don't think I ever heard anyone claim that Pol Pot was a leftcom, that's a new one.



Your understanding of left-communism is completely based on vibes, jesus. Like I said, it's not even a thing anymore.

It's what happens when you don't actually know the words you use. Very common on leftypol.


Left-deviation was a thing, is a thing, will always be a thing (until fully automated luxury communism but that's really uninteresting).
Sorry to burst your bubble.


Ok ahistorical pseud. Why are you even bringing up that stupid "FALC" shit?


>very necessary steps of development
theres no more "very necessary steps of development", the whole world already works under a capitalist mode of production


so you agree youre using terms willy-nilly, kinda embarrasing

leftcom can either mean "person who knows basic marxism" or "self-appointed label closeted leninists use to feel smart" or "anyone who doesnt agree with my ml/mlm vulgar marxism" but it never means the political current specific to the early 20th century


File: 1708468870794.png (59.16 KB, 442x184, ClipboardImage.png)


Again, call it whatever you like. Ultragauche, leftcom, leftoid, left deviation, "neither Washington nor [communist "regime"]" (these are not the same but there is enough overlap and in essence I see no reason not to just ignore the lot of it wholesale)


File: 1708473853608-0.png (646.27 KB, 1280x1202, image.png)

File: 1708473853608-1.png (752.38 KB, 1280x1228, image.png)

File: 1708473853608-2.png (786.44 KB, 1280x1117, image.png)

File: 1708473853608-3.png (807.49 KB, 1280x1045, image.png)

Marketplaces in Russia have received a list of books that need to be withdrawn from sale due to LGBTQ+ propaganda, a total of 252 works. The list includes Stephen King, the ancient Greek philosopher Plato and Dostoevsky

At least we're not like Ukraine? r-right….?


>pic 3 #181
>Netochka Nezvanova
>Dostoyevsky's attempt to address "The Woman Question" by writing a novel with a strong female protagonist.
Russia going anti-feminist now?


Members of the state duma have been proposing to ban abortions for a while now, as well as the church, the only reason those laws aren't passed is because there are still many women in the government who oppose it.

Ironically those same women vote yes on banning LGBT, but when they are threatened themselves they vote against it.


Post men jerking off


May I suggest my thread: >>402252 ?
They're jerking their partners off in some of the videos.
(I had alot of videos of femboys jerking themselves off, but I wanted to stick to the whole femboyDOM thing)

Hell yeah brotha/sista


I was looking for the self-pleasing male general that is now dead, and I'm into manly men


Sometimes, you gotta to be the one to start that thread, and also be a massive contributor.
Maybe make the, "self-pleasing male general", but merge it with just in general guys who moan loudly and passionately during sex.
Could please the "kink" of a desperate anonette.


this is so cringey and melodramatic
the blaming of individuals for gender clinic waiting times and not the actual system reminds me of like people saying the environment can be saved with individual consumption choices


Stop using queer people to further your neocolonial agenda.


stop sucking putler's cock, it's been 2 years and he didn't do shit to weaken empire, on the contrary he has solidified nato



Fake liberal "allies" the moment gays become inconvenient to their neocolonial agenda:
>stop sucking [my enemy's] cock
What other homophobic/queerphobic slurs are you going to use to defend your neocolonial moral blackmailing of queer people, in the fucking queer thread? 🙄😂

The audacity is hilarious and out of touch.


File: 1708524033701.png (25.93 KB, 300x384, hurf hurf.png)

I just had a mild let's say Eureka moment. So I'll argue with myself here.
While this is still my opinion in essence, here's where context comes in.
So here's how it went down:
I made that post as I was mildly annoyed at the other poster for making such an asinine statement. The statement still holds true for me but may not for someone else. I've already looked at the Frankfurt School and the others mentioned (I'm like so over that) but for someone else it may still be useful to read critically.
Now as for what it means to think dialectically. You have to be a conductor not try to fit things into boxes.
It's not about being correct or not (like a logic gate 1/0) it's about a mode of thinking.
Synthesize, synthesize, synthesize, you are trying to force something which just isn't going to happen, when you just insist "I am right, you are wrong". Think back to the advice "be like water".

Correct opinion, wrong addressee. Do you think this person is a glowie or just some random idiot. Also just ignore it and it'll go away.

Can you retards stop bickering
Don't @ me


i'm literally a boymoder sneedhon


File: 1708528332929.jpg (75.4 KB, 758x552, proxy-image(6).jpg)

>boymoder sneedhon
In English, doc.


i'm literally a transfem who has to look like a man to not be judged by the transphobic society, and i also like the aesthetic of cute things.


Stop pushing your neocolonialist agenda, campist libtards.


>>506289 (me)
The actual point, which has slipped my mind once again, is that there's a lot of bastards in this world that think everyone's a caricature except them.
You think you are free thinker, everyone else is following some program. Oh you said this and that, you must be x, y and z.
On imageboards this takes on truly surreal forms. There is no identity worth speaking of so people go fucking nuts with it. This is also "things turning into their opposite" and a 69th type of liberalism.


Which one, you fucking moron? It is an objective fact that both Russia and western governments are using queer people as political fodder, both domestically and abroad. And here you come promoting it, both the internal Russian propaganda and the external western moral outrage propaganda, your doing both the Russian government and the western governments their jobs for them. You're a useful idiot.

And of course you get triggered when you're called out on it, going so far as to use a homophobic slur in the LGBT thread. You don't actually give a fuck. You just want to be morally superior and crush the enemies of global neoliberal enlightened values. You don't give a shit if hundreds of thousands die at the hand of western hegemony.

You don't actually give a fuck about gay Palestinians trapped in Gaza. You don't reallly care about Russian queer people living in the streets. You don't truly care about queer children murdered down the block.

What you truly care about is for a universalized global uniform neoliberal order. You want a global caste system where your privileges for your narrow socioeconomic stratum is equalized around the world. You want universal access to the fruits of the poor of the world, but only for your specific socioeconomic stratum. This pathological anti-social narcissism and tribalism, so characteristic of colonial nations, particularly so of Americans, is a quasi-religious justification for the global apartheid and your privileged endowment, which you, of course, perceive as meritocratic or your inherent right. Like gods giving the right to rule, you have the right for a privileged life.

And like all of the petit bourgeoisie of the world, you stand on top of the proletariat on a "humble" pulpit from which you lecture your moral demands. You, of course, have been granted intelligence, education, enlightenment, unlike the rest. Arrogant, snobbish, narcissistic, yeah of course you know what the world needs. More of your moral direction. You, better than nobody, can wield the queers and tell them what they need to think. "Condemn Russia! Look, look, they're beating the gays!". Look at your own fucking country, whatever racist shithole you're from. Tell me how things are there with gay people. Tell me there's no homeless. Tell me how your country hasn't been involved in the massacre of people domestically and abroad.

But it's Russia, the big bad enemy we should condemn, they're the ones killing queer people! It's not the US who put Putin in charge. It isn't the US who has the meth-addicted son of the president in the highest position of Ukrainian energy companies. It isn't the US who stoked ethnic divisions in Ukraine. It isn't the US who appointed American citizen feds to top secretary positions in Ukraine, previously responsible for other colonial disasters. It isn't the US who led a coup and appointed a leader in both Russia and Ukraine. It isn't the US who caused one of the biggest humanitarian crisis up to that point in Russia. It isn't the US who blew up key European energy infrastructure causing the biggest ecological disaster in recorded history involving natural gas. It isn't the US who has funded the Ukrainian military with countless amounts of money, which has prolonged the war despite it being a lost cause, and yet they keep hiring poor people from the global south to die for US interest. "It's Russia! Russia is the enemy", or so you say, with a straight face, no, with a face of arrogant lecturing.

"B-b-b-but they started a war", you cry, "if you're gay, you have to be against putler". Same disgusting shit said by Zionist scum, your colonial brethren. You never gave a flying fuck about queer people. You don't give a fuck about queer people in your own country. You only coincidentally give a shit because queer people are convenient cannon fodder for your repugnant opinions.

Shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down.


File: 1708536773278.jpg (313.27 KB, 1920x1200, darth putler.jpg)

Just breathe eh


Didn't read.


>Didn't read.
We know, babes. We can tell.


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