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Back to normal edition.

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why is the guy's face blurred, while the girls face isn't?


Male gaze/self-insertion. Such is life under patriarchy.


Probably because you can't see enough of the girl's face to fully ID her. A lot of these amateur porn couples like to stay anon.


Had sêx yesterday. Realized fin is making my erections weaker, basically changed the dosis and it's pretty much confirmed now.

Wat do? Keep my hair or my dicka? Brother who is 3 years older is already at NW 3.


Was the sex with a prostitute?


No, I have a long-term gf. I would never pay for sêx.


Could be something else.
The mark of a good pegging video for instance is when you can't see the guys face but you can see the girl's.


Okay. I only asked because of the finasteride thing.


How is fin linked to prostitutes? lol


How much are you taking? Lower the dose.
Are you sleeping well? Exercising? Weight under control? Not taking antidepressants?


Incels live in fantasy naked lunch schizo world, pay no mind.


You know the stereotype…


Used to take 5mg, then 1mg, now I am using the new topical spray and felt side-effects from the very first week. It's ogre.

>Are you sleeping well?

Kind of.


Using the bike because I can't afford a driver's license.

>Weight under control?

Slightly under the official bmi for obesity.

>Not taking antidepressants?



Question: At approximately what age does a heterosexual male with a normal libido stop being a virgin and become an incel?


Incel is a a state of mind


I think it's an accurate enough term. It describes someone who wants to get laid but for whatever reason can't. Such people do exist.


Just say "I'm a virgin" ot "I haven't had much luck with women" or whatever, the term incel is ideological, it literally came to prominence from Elliot Rodger worshippers


You can be an incel without being a virgin.


An incel is a category within the larger virgin community.

Some people are virgins because they're asexual, abstaining from sex before marriage or are gay and living in a country where gay sex is illegal. Is it really fair to put these people in the same category as incels?


No which is why they shouldn't call themselves that


You could lose weight and meditate daily. That could potentially help you in not losing hair, making your pp work better, and lower the negative side effects.

There's a guy that talks about how he overcome the problems. He cites doing bloodwork as an important part of it. Primarily having good vitamin d levels.

I'm guessing you live in the US. Maybe you can take a quick travel to Mexico if you live near the border and can get your bloodwork done?


Incels shouldn't call themselves virgins or people who haven't had sex shouldn't call themselves virgins?


Err neither I guess. Being a virgin isn't ideological it's just physical thing, whether you have or haven't




If people who haven't had sex shouldn't call themselves virgins what other word could they use to describe their situation?


I had very mid sex with my ex who was my first relationship for two years (19 to 21) , like really mid sex. After we broke up i had sex 3 times the last two years. all of it hook ups and it was shit. Things have happened and i have already lost the need for an emotional relationship, is sex worthless too ? I'm not saying it in the incel way, is it just me ? is this asexuality or i have been gaslighted by recent experiences ?


I think sex havers were in the right cliques in HS and the momentum from that has carried into adulthood. You only get laid from apps as a straight male only if you are white and either ver obviously rich and/or photogenic. Meeting people through people works way better than just "cold-calling" at clubs/bars.


primary purpose of sex is procreation


Sex isnt that exciting in general
Culture just plays it up


sex is for normalfags. its like music. people treat it like this essential aspect of who you are and your identity when its just another thing humans do. no different to eating and shitting. its mundane. movies playing up sex like its some utopian romantic fantasy of erotic pleasure and self discovery are responsible for the misogynistic backlash. because men who cant get some (or cant get it good) see that stuff and think theyre being denied this beautiful amazing sex by society/women and become irrationally angry rightoids and incels.


If you're a non-Chad yes


>people essentialize things too much
>also its totally for this [arbitrary made up group]


sex is pretty good. an orgasm isnt like anything else. however incels dont want an orgasm, they really just wanna stick their dick in a human onahole just to say they did it.


Sex isn’t worthless, maintain a strong libido, but I’m also in your place. I’m kind of afraid of getting into any kind of relationship, try to avoid it myself, it’s pretty easy since I don’t really go out like that but yeah, even though it sucks being alone, at least I don’t fall into bad habits that I fall into during a relationship.


Gonna speak the truth here but no matter how old I get, if I ever get a chance to fuck a just-legal teen, I will. Society fucked my teens and 20s, so why should I give a shit about norms?


>why should I give a shit about norms?
My favorite thing to do with freedom loving lolbert norm rejectors irl was to take their phone for a while. self made level 1 helpdesk techs did rage.


Whoah, did anyone ever tell you before you sound like a badass?


It's over


Be weary however anon
Time IS running out for you
A guy approaching 30 is creepy to any teen girl if he's not a chad


tech support lolberts never did


It is when you're in love with eachother


File: 1707038061448.mp4 (206.96 KB, 854x480, 1681384853405.mp4)


File: 1707040701063.jpg (132.95 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>cosmetic surgery doesnt wo-


File: 1707040953706.mp4 (160.07 KB, 400x400, 1681808723666.mp4)


mental illness


Do you mean braces? Or what else changed?


Being fit makes people way more attractive. there's no point in surgery unless you're already fit.

Just see the testimonials of butthurt ex-fat, now fit people. "Ohh now people want to talk to me actually". Yeah no shit lol.



File: 1707044185218.jpg (458.26 KB, 2250x1556, 1695457643605538.jpg)

Does anyone else remember how during covid lockdown people were saying "once the restrictions are lifted everyone will be so pent up and horny and desperate to fuck, that it will be hard not to get laid!"

and then that just never happened.


>he doesn't know


>imagine not having spent those sweet 6 months locked up with your girlfriend in your basement spending your days having sweaty sex


>in your basement


>locked up


You know I was thinking about it earlier and my life is a lot like a video game. I'm always trying hard to beat the stage all while I am still collecting coins.


Such is life under the capitalist ratrace


Go have sex hombre. No one is going to help you get it for free.


Japan moment…


Really? I feel the Japs understand the dynamics of sexual relations more than ameritards. Ameritards really be like:
> I'm broke, fat, unemployed, why can't I get a hot gf?


it did happen just not for you


Fuck off


Japanese don’t want to fuck and it’s a serious issue. It’s really debilitating for their economy.


Remember when I mentioned that it’s overhyped to benefit the profits of a multi-billion dollar industry and everyone here mocked me for making this claim?
Sex IS commodified


What do you mean, commodified? Outside of prostitution, it is not a commodity.


Question: At approximately what age does a man meditating with a dedication and an empty mind stop being attached to desire and become a buddha?


File: 1707261751644.jpg (44.29 KB, 473x584, 1704848063326.jpg)

We'll get there when we get there. It's not a race.


Sex is very exciting, relationships aren't.


sex is great especially with your mom


what? they're not even pegging. almost all porn is for heterosexual men and it tries to let them self-insert as much as possible


Truer words haven't been spoken.
FWB is better.


relationships are actually good though, maybe you only had shitty ones


Fixing yourself should wait until after the revolution because under capitalism working on yourself is reactionary


Sometimes I wonder if I'm an incel. Being a virgin for so long (well that and having OCD) has definitely given me some sexual hang-ups. Then again I'm not a crazed, murderous reactionary so who knows.


ocd is a reactionary mental illness


I'll be sure to add that to the list of reasons why I should kill myself.


>longterm FWB
>we're all adults here, right?
>she's on birth control but I always use a condom
>forget condoms
>it's ok I'm on birth control, come on
>come back suddenly from bathroom after sex and she's upside down
>I guess this is goodbye boo


Upside down?


he feet touching the ceiling
spooky shit


you'll figure it out anon


Total assets = 2.97 billion
Revenue = 2.5 billion
I could go on and on.


Why are most people here longing for relationships and mention how hookups suck?


Who, where, when? Most of the people longing here are KHVs so their opinion is irrelevant. There's often a lot of guys happily recounting their hookups and many lamenting their relationships.


File: 1707339655009.jpg (161.9 KB, 1170x793, approach.jpg)

This shit confuses me so much. I thought women hated being propositioned by random men in public?


Complaining about being propositioned is a humblebrag. It's just a way to say every man wants you without sounding egotistical.


Women complaining avout hookup culture is pure virtue signaling, while for men its a cope for not being able to participate in it.

They want to be aproaches when they are out at the night club or bar, as the post describes, not at the grocery store.


>They want to be aproaches when they are out at the night club or bar, as the pot describes, not at the grocery store.
Bullshit. Woman do jank stuff at the grocery store when they want grt propositioned. They like fucking physically block your movements. Try to set up a road block to get you to talk to them.



Anyone remember that femcel who was here complaining at guys checking her out at the gym and then also complaining no guys approached her at the gym.


sex is overrated unless a) the person is ultra hot or b) you are emotionally connected or "in love".
Just fucking without that is only marginally better/different from masturbating


If you want to learn about women. Watch female standups. Probably the best unfiltered self-aware female perspective you can get.

Saw this one routine.
>I was at gym working out on machine
>I hear voice behing me
>"You are doing that wrong"
>I turn around ready to tell him off
>But he is big super jacked man
>Flip mode: teee hee hee can you show me how to do it uwu
Then they go out for lunch and hook up

Be attractive. It's really that shrimple.


>Be attractive. It's really that shrimple.
people dont want to hear that because if you're not attractive then you fucked.


someone should make an invite-only version of tinder for ugly people


You can make yourself more or less attractive through all sorts of means.


yes like exercise/diet (better body), grooming (haircuts etc) and fashion/clothes. However you cant change your basic facial structure other than plastic surgery which often makes you look worse and weird.


>Be attractive. It's really that shrimple.
That's actually a neo-nazi conspiracy theory being promoted by misogynists like Andrew Tate. All women really care about is personality.


Literally what would that achieve?

It is more complicated than that. Like yeah, a 10/10 guy is going to get laid with ease no matter what, but for most men personality is important part of attractiveness.


Didn't say personality wasn't part of it. Even in the story, if the guy wasn't confident/bold enough to approach her in the first place he wouldn't have hooked up with her. And maybe even the hottest guy might sometimes strike out after an approach even if their odds are much better.

It's a paradox because the least desirable men are going to have the worst confidence naturally, but they are the ones who most need it to succeed.


since the other posts got deleted because (???) I will reiterate, but in fewer words
the day someone makes me cum with a joke is the day I will consider mixing personality and sex


and just to be clear, personality and confidence are spooks, they do not exist
I don't know why people repeat these pop-psychology buzzwords. what does "confidence" even mean in this context? confidence in yourself? how can you lack confidence in yourself, do you think you are going to steal your own money and run away from yourself? it's nonsense


> confidence in yourself? how can you lack confidence in yourself, do you think you are going to steal your own money and run away from yourself? it's nonsense
>Can't into language and simple concepts
This is why you don't get laid


Maybe some antonyms wpuld help you:





>this is a dangerous neighborhood, I might steal my wallet at any moment


I'm not implying anything, I am saying you don't have sex because no woman would find your pretending to be retarded shtick attractive.


and just to be pedantic, considering confidence is a noun, wouldn't the antonyms also have to be nouns (shyness, etc.)
esl so enlighten me


The adjective is implied. "Having confidence in yourself" means the same thing as confident.


but "having shyness in yourself" doesn't sound correct, right? does the syntax work with any other word?


Some words. Off the top of my head pride is another one used with the in preposition.


Belief, faith, too. Funny they have a similar meaning to confidence.


is confidence irrational?


Why not just consult a dictionary


Syntax and Ortography General 1


Rational in the sense of accurate or not? It could be either way. Is it rational to be confident when the action inquestion poses little to no risk to you? Yes. Like in question of applying for a job or talking to someone, because even if you are wrong you lost nothing. Might as well bet on black when betting costs nothing and there is still a possibility of winning.


File: 1707355371498.jpg (206.24 KB, 1738x1102, menrating.jpg)

How does it feel to be 2/10 bros? I guess I'm just one point below you all so I dont feel too bad anymore


Isn't this from OKCupid


The 2000s era sexist jokes write themselves.
This data is probably majorly skewed because of the sample used.


yeah our resident incel retard keeps posting these dumb okcupid graphs


What's wrong with them? other than discouraging more male subscriptions to their service


incel uses them to generalize dating trends, when the data is obviously skewed. men who favor dating websites tend to be on the socially awkward side, to put it nicely. and that's your entire population.


But it attracts a different kind of woman?


File: 1707377051885.png (251.36 KB, 445x446, gracie.png)

Staci-dating anon here. while my date fell thru with Laci, I got a date this this weekend with a new girl, Gracie.

Gracie has a cute face and glasses is and is kind of thicc/chubby and a brunette. But don't get it wrong, she is still pretty to me. I'm taking her to the same bar as the first two girls (lol its new to her). I'm more hopeful for this one because she's way more flirty and eager over text and talks about sex graphically claims she wants a serious/exclusive relationship but that "sexual compatibility is important to [her]". Hopefully this one goes better since talking to her about shit like music makes me think we have a lot in common at least and she seems pretty cool and chill and she's into gaming as well which is surprising for a girl this attractive.


i mean on a case by case basis it attracts a diverse set of people, but the brunt of the userbase are lonely men. add to this that the experience for women who AREN'T looking for quick hookups is terrible, to put it nicely. so that target just isn't on any dating site, flat out.


>be me
>in relationship for over a decade
>partner never wants to have sex anymore
>when we do have sex its so boring I have to think about other women the whole time to get close to getting off
>she has zero sex drive (says its because she's on a million different brain drugs)
>horny constantly and just want to fuck all the time
>can't fap most of the time cause she's wfh



>Wanting to have sex
There's your problem


wow she fucked a guy that she's attracted to but in funny circumstances
this is just a bogstandard sex joke am i supposed to be shocked at something or what


>says its because she's on a million different brain drugs
take zhe brain drug


>she has zero sex drive (says its because she's on a million different brain drugs)
She needs add other horny brain drugs to her stack to counter the ones that decrease libido. Amphetamines are a good choice.

They may most LTRs/marriages end up sexless over the long run. Hopefully had some fun while it lasted.

>This somehow feels more pathetic than just being an incel.
Yeah at least incels are allowed to masturbate.

>can't fap most of the time cause she's wfh


You're supposed to be upset and you are. All according to keikaku.


do you work from home, just cheat on her tbh, that relationship is doomed at any rate.


These posts aren't funny, they're dumb.


if you're not married maybe its time to break up and find another girlfriend that actually wants to fuck you


I just cheated on hubby with a redditor 🤣🙈💦


File: 1707600167736.jpg (87.78 KB, 828x873, GF67YLTbAAAzKQT.jpg)



>New Your Post


better than them becoming incels i guess


Staci-dating anon here. I'm not going to see this girl again. We went on a date and she seemed cool theres only one problem.. she was alot heavier than she let on in her tinder profile pictures. I still hit it though, but Idk about making her a long term GF.


In many countries where prostitution was legal, this was basically boy's 18-year birthday gift.
The difference being it was dad, not mom, that took boy to a prostitute.


These boys don't have dads.


File: 1707603010005.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.13 MB, 540x960, 120912492873289324743800.webm)



>be me
>pretty average guy in every way
>virgin at 20
>"ah I shouldnt worry about it. I am social, I hang out with women. sooner or later something will happen…"
>be 26 and still a virgin
its not gonna happen is it…


If she took my virginity I think I’d be fine for the rest of my life.


bro u have to try it doesnt just happen. try the apps if nothing else.


You’re stupid honestly so it totally makes sense why you’re undateable, you lack all self awareness.


I have tried. I have tried the apps as well. And it's not like I'm ugly or anything, there have been women who were attracted to me and have approached me. I just have 0 game, and I really dont know how to improve it, as the last 5 years of trying certainly have not made things better, quite the opposite actually.


Have you considered improving your personality?


bruh its not that hard, just talk to her about life and hobbies and movies and chill shit of whatever you two are into do that for like a week or two then ask her on a date. Probably something activity based


I wonder how bad your game has to be if you can’t even strike an decent conversation with a chick. My game ain’t that great either but I don’t try to worry about it too much, I just try and be as normal as I can and not think too much on it. Let the worry about if she liked you or not be after you talked to her not before.


In what way? what are the usual pitfalls?

I mean, I have, but in general, I never get the impression there is any interest on the other side? so mostly I either chicken out or they are really surprised and reject me. I'm honestly not really sure what my problem is. And when I do get a date for whatever reason I dont get a second one.

just on a sidenote, what would an "activity based date" be to you? Ive just seen that been thrown around alot and Im not sure what it means exactly.

I do have plenty of decent conversations with women, but I just can't seem to get the conversation from something friendly/platonic to… I dont know, whatever leads to a relationship you know?

I think I am just a bit confused about how it is all supposed to work exactly. I have seen others do it with relative ease and I just can't wrap my mind around it.


Incels generally do not make desirable partners sorry.


Do I wear a mark that says incel like the yellow stars of David they put on der Juden in the concentration camps? What shape is it?


>wahh im oppressed
incel is a mindset
not that a lot of women are the greatest judges of character either, but incels tend to be pretty tactless which makes it easier for the average normie who gets scammed by like joel osteen to see through them


That is not necessary. We can all tell what you are. Your general aura of sexlessness and desperation gives it away.


well I dont think I'm an incel, I don't harbor any ill will towards women. I am rather looking for advice

fuck off


How would anyone know the reason you can't get romantic with people in your personal life through an anonymous imageboard


fair enough. I guess I'm just a bit desperate for a way out.


File: 1707607928931.png (265.53 KB, 646x505, seriously.png)

>activity based date
like take her bowling, ice skating, museum, essentially anything that gives you something to mutually pay attention to which gives a break from having to talk because first dates are often awkward. Anything thats not the classic "dinner and a movie" or "grab drinks at local bar and chat". Essentially it takes up the space awkward silences would (which is also the point of booze since it makes people more talkative, social, etc.). Maybe even something like a hike depending on how outdoorsy she is or if she is a girly girl or homebody maybe skip the hiking or intense physical activities.


>well I dont think I'm an incel
Oh so you have been intentionally avoiding having sex and forming romantic bonds with women? Well there's your problem anon!


in that case I would be, but it was my understanding that a definition incel included a lot of resentment and misogyny


Let me put it another way, if she gets somewhat touchy with you then that's your call to action, especially if it's just you and her hanging out. Plus you want your gf to be your friend also, like who the fuck just wants a robot who only laughs at your jokes and is only receptive rather than engaging and stimulating. If you want a "toy" you can have that but you gotta look for desperate chicks and that's not something you want for your mental well being. In any case there's nothing wrong with things being platonic, just dip your toes from time to time to check out the vibes, if they're there you can push it a little further if not just make the claim you're flirty, without harassing her of course.


File: 1707616707482.png (15.91 MB, 4928x3264, 3c1bp810g0m51.png)

Sounds like me. I have fumbled every potential relationship I could have had. Literally a crush I had tried to talk to me and I just mumbled and walked away, I am incompetent.


if you are having bad sex you should probably communicate more with your partner about desires, do more foreplay, increase the tease.

sex is primarily for social bond formation, if you are failing to or unable to form a bond with that person, you shouldnt have sex with them cos itll undoubtably be bad.


lol, lmao even


git gud. Sex is mostly for women anyways. I can rub one out in like 2 minutes or less if I try. It's women that need a bit of work to finish. Also if you let yourself enjoy it to much then you end up finishing. Sex is mostly for the women.


File: 1707620414738.mp4 (25.41 MB, 852x480, irzn5t.mp4)


>sex = jerking off for 2 minutes
lmfao this is the thread that keeps on giving


You really have poor reading comprehension.


no, i dont. you either have 0 self-awareness about what you wrote or you're in denial about humiliating yourself with such a confession.


Humiliated? Dude chill, why are you so emotionally invested?


these videos are always so boring. they always play up the "throatfuck" by letting out a bunch of saliva, even though it's clear they're just half-heartedly wrapping their mouth around the dick and nothing else. the gulps are probably dubbed in, too. it's porn, so performance is expected, but this is just shoddy work.


Spitting up saliva is a precursor to vomit too.


vomiting can be induced with a finger in the throat. in a lot of the videos, they literally even show the girl sticking her fingers down her throat to induce the vomiting.
>Everyone is a crisis actor. Everything is staged. Whoah you really saw through the deception.
are you arguing that it's not staged? well, there's always the possibility the producers are a bunch of rapists that force non-consensual stuff, but that's different.


Well staged in the sense that you're acting like it's all fake. I suppose off camera they're secretly sneaking in crocodile tears in their eyes to. No saliva production, vomiting, and crying are involuntary physical reactions. Lol you even claim nobody can make sounds in person and it all has to be overdubbed kek.
> in a lot of the videos, they literally even show the girl sticking her fingers down her throat to induce the vomiting.
Combo of both.


porn is regularly dubbed. porn is a performance done by paid professionals. im not sure why this is news to you. are you 14?


>porn is a performance done by paid professionals. i
These are chicks they found of the street. Not trained professionals lmao.


File: 1707623126247.png (141.72 KB, 303x294, ClipboardImage.png)

what the fuck kind of porn are you watching where someone is vomiting and they leave that in?


I'm always amazed of what kind of mirages one can form with online pics vs reality. The pandemic and the compulsory use of masks may have been a bountiful time to some lol


no it's not. at best there are a few that are trying to get a career started or just a temporary job and it doesn't really go anywhere. there are lots of clearly well-known pornstars in them too so really stupid point to try to make.
it's a kink
wow wtf proof that it's a paid profession, thank you


his posts got deleted but it's telling that the guy who spammed screencaps of porn clearly wanted said porn to be exploitative rape and not something that's staged. what do you even make of that.


So if I give you money to punch you in the face, that changes the impact on your face?

>his posts got deleted but it's telling that the guy who spammed screencaps of porn clearly wanted said porn to be exploitative rape and not something that's staged. what do you even make of that.
That's all you. You want it to be all WWE but it's more boxing.


>That's all you. You want it to be all WWE but it's more boxing.
Actually more like a cage fight with no ref.


wow so context matters? wow. incredible stuff


>there's always the possibility the producers are a bunch of rapists that force non-consensual stuff
i've been following maddison on her tiktok account and she states that this is frequently the case with these casting couch videos


That has never happened to me. I messed up a couple of chances. But those were all girls I didn't really have feelings for and that was all when I was a teenager. Now I'm in my late 30s, no opportunities to use lessons learned.


What happened to the OP image?


That is very puritanical of them. There was not even any boob or genitals visible.


>The vanguard is based, trust me, bruh.
<Why is the vanguard so puritanical?
We told you about vanguardism, MLs. We told you about vanguardism.


no if I want to be suicidal I just think about my life


confidence in social situations
are you gonna clam up if someone asks you a question or generally tries to initiate a conversation with you? do you have insecure tics like constantly talking about yourself which hurts and kills off any conversation you're involved in?




File: 1707756422662.jpg (66.65 KB, 992x1024, 1707753844504488m.jpg)

>average self-help coper


File: 1707796853727.png (305.25 KB, 637x554, ClipboardImage.png)

Volcel chads, not like this.


her profile is exquisite


File: 1707815209484.png (28.92 KB, 480x479, ClipboardImage.png)


lol, probably on drugs




if you're respectful about it most will appreciate it, even if they're not interested.
There's been a couple of irl rejections that felt really nice because of this in my own experience.


Jordan Shank's vids are good. Yeah yeah his politics maybe socdem rubbish but his self help vids are the only good ones out there imo


There is a difference between creeps gawking at her and a confident social dude hitting her up.


Yeah well, therein lies the rub. We all want what we want and don't want what we don't want. What a unique insight. How unfortunate for people who have no agency to make one or another happening like women.

Reminds me talking to my female cousin about related subject discussing if dating is better as a man or a woman and I was saying about how women get to be asked out whereas the man has to ask out, and she said in regards to men asking her out "it's never the ones you want." But truth be told I've been asked out and come onto by women, and it's the same deal, never the one you would freely choose. But at least I have agency as a man to not just passively mill about like a retard hoping the one I want approaches me.


Pretty funny how Valentine's day turned from a fabricated romantic holyday for couples into a 'holiday' for single women to 'celebrate' their singlehood. Plenty of single female friends of mine are having get-togethers (because they are all single, lol).


>Plenty of single female friends of mine are having get-togethers (because they are all single, lol).
totally sustainable ideology btw


my gf tbh


What ideology, havingfriendsism?


tbh this only contradicts incel mythology


>single women
<support each other, go out together to have fun during valentines despite being single
>single men
<spend the valentines calling each other retards online and bragging about how much sex they have, then masturbate to degen.erate hentai, cry, and go to sleep feeling miserable and contemplating suicide


Men coming together in a party specifically to support each other is like super gay dude.


Lol being a woman is like being a member of a cult.


aren't friendships also celebrated in valentine's? anyway fuck that made-up holiday lol


File: 1708022032544.mp4 (10.26 MB, 1280x720, 1 [0.00 - 47.53].mp4)

I was searching for a some new ASMR channels to watch and stumbled on what might be the most mesmerizingly beautiful woman I ever saw.


she's mid


She's pretty.


Women evolved to be collectivists, men evolved to be psycho incels.


File: 1708082489373.jpg (65.33 KB, 640x638, mvu50fga0xt31.jpg)


this tbh


File: 1708084823433.jpeg (49.36 KB, 735x575, IMG_7853.jpeg)

>finally break up with shitty toxic girlfriend after more than a year of dealing with her shit
>life becomes infinitely better
Is there any feeling better than this?


hola bebe
beautiful bait bebe


File: 1708085920370.jpeg (863.85 KB, 983x1099, IMG_4490.jpeg)

>tfw it’s not bait
I moved to a shitty sub-20k population college town about two years ago. I hook up with a few girls here and there in college but never found anything long term. I meet a coworker (a local) and we eventually start hooking up then dating. She moves in with me pretty quickly since I lived in town and she lived 30 minutes out in the countryside. Things were good at first, sex life was great and good-feelings ran high, but she started school herself and it quickly devolved into a shitty and toxic codependent relationship where I’d do a bulk of the household chores, work full time (while she worked part time), paid a majority of the bills, including grocery and rent, and made a majority of the meals. Halfway through the relationship she reconnects with her first ex, I disapprove, I then find out she’s talking to him behind my back. I foolishly forgive her for this since it wasn’t flirty or sexual and I found the hidden messages she was trying to delete. Find out she’s talking to random ass guys on Snapchat for validation (and tries hiding it from me), and worst of all, find out she fucked another coworker days before hooking up with me, lied about it, and hid the truth from me until I found out from another coworker, at work, that the two fucked.
>I had to work with this literal highschool dropout druggie lowlife for months before he got fired
Don’t get me started on the constant arguments over nothing, her gaslighting and playing victim constantly while also airing our dirty laundry to her whore-ish friends.

The only redeeming quality was the frequent sex we were having, and when it began to dwindle, I knew there was nothing worth saving in that relationship


I was calling it bait in the sense that people might Reeeee at you



In that case, it was definitely bait. But I’m still reeling in from the fact that my relationship with her was that awful. I’d even say her codependent and clingy nature were “traumatic.” I know there’s a lot of virgins here that’ll put up with some shitty behavior but heed my warnings and know your limits if you’re ever to get into a relationship. I couldn’t make this shit up if I wanted to, some people out there are that bad. I never really had an outlet to tell my story because it’s that embarrassing, so I’m mostly just using this thread as my outlet


lol you're allowed to sleep around before the relationship but not her?


the idea that school prepares you for any social situations outside of it is a huge lie
lots of people who were "popular" in high school can actually be fairly shy and cloistered because their "popularity" was thrust onto them rather than because of any genuinely outgoing personality


I still think of this girl I had a crush on in highschool almost every single day of my life, and it's been literally over a decade since that now.

I don't really want to go too much into specifics because so much of this makes me look so fucking sad, unhinged and outright insane but I get the feeling this obsession is the result of some deep childhood trauma or something. Like I fell for this person very hard during my teenage years when I realized a lot of things in my life weren't all that great and still aren't now I've been feeling like I've been left behind and I still wonder where she is now. She probably hasn't thought of me in at least the amount of time I last spoke to her in person, around a decade ago now.

It's weird how you can meet someone and have them make a permanent mark on your life even though you likely didn't do the same for them. Knowing them shaped me as a person a lot and it feels so stupid to say that and think that, even though most of what I've done with my life is literally just in hopes of one day meeting them again and being able to impress them, which again, I am basically an insane person.

I don't really think anyone deserves to have the overly neurotic chantard obsessive incel freak (not so) secretly pining over them for-fucking-ever and I wish I could stop. I should probably go back to therapy. I honestly don't think I'm ever going to be able to have a healthy relationship with women which is why I don't even want a girlfriend anymore. I want the idea of a girlfriend, but they'll never be able to give me what I want, and I don't even know what that is. I'm just an angry, brooding person for no discernable reason. Was it the breakdowns I had in front of my older brother as a kid? Was it the bullying? Was it my mom taking gouges out of my face at a too young age to remember with her nails and laundry cold hands?

I'm just an angry little loser glued to these weird ass pornos and forums my entire life. I want to claw my eyes out of my fucking skull sometimes. I want to turn myself into goddamned fertilizer. The world is a torture chamber where the things I wish could be the case are never actually the case, and everything is just compounding disappointment in relation to the cursed nature of the human condition. Everything is always wrong, everything always just rubs me the wrong way.

I just want it all to end. I'm tired of the waiting and the anxiety. I wish I could have been normal.

The last few times I spoke to this person I was fiercely reminded of the fact that they are just a regular human being and that the insane image I've built up in my head is the peak of masculine-coded mental illness, and it makes me really wish I could just be decomposing soup in my bathtub after downing a lethal dose of some medication. Why do I have to think these things? Why can't I just be normal?

I just wanted to love and be loved, but that is shut off from me forever. I'm marching to a slow death using the poisoned architecture of my own synapses and fucked neurons. I don't care anymore. I don't care if I live or die.


Commission an anime version of her. Now you have a waifu, which is like just half as unhinged than whatever fucking problem you have now.


I feel bad for her already, why the fuck would I do something even creepier by doing that!?


>I still think of this girl I had a crush on in highschool almost every single day of my life
That's sad, anyway I think about girls who had a crush on ME which either I ignore or didn't catch on time. Not out of some nostalgia or yearning or whatever but because it makes me think that I really do have the 'tism.



Almost everyone starts getting into relationships during their adolescence. It's a really insignificant number of people, mostly men, who reach adulthood without having ever been romantically involved with the opposite sex.


I have something like an addiction to fucking prostitutes , Iv fucked 4 but 3 recently, I've also payed bdsm sex workers and gone to strip clubs, this is against many of my moral values I feel self disgust, guilt and shame I want to stop,
How do stop this this? Has any anon ever gone through something like this? I want the strength to live a life inline with my values


Why don't you just get a girlfriend and have sex with her instead?


Its really hard for me I'm not attractive but I'm also a sperg it's really difficult to imagine someone liking me (I'm still a piece of shit for doing what I do). I don't really know how people get to gether, I had a girlfriend once but she made all the moves I just said yes thats pretty rare, for a woman.
I would have to say the right things, be attractive enough not accidentally do something that makes her lose attraction, for me that might be impossible, either way I need to stop paying for any kinda of services.


>I'm still a piece of shit for doing what I do
You're not. Don't beat yourself over it, but also don't get addicted and blow all of your money on whores.



Have u tried fucking men instead of whores? You can have a billion fwbs ez


Forgive me if this is a stupid question but can't you just jerk off and cum? Doesn't that remove the urge to go to a hooker or whatever?


Most of the time yes, but it still isn't all of it. One of the times I did this I was staying in a hostel. I'm thinking of going to a sex addicts anonymous meeting, maybe that will help.


Am I at the point where most women wouldn't date me of they knew my past?


Women lust over serial killers, don't worry about it.


More likely than not, other parts of your life are shit, and this is how you cope. Can you identify which?


some of my acquaintances told me that she liked me too, but I didn't fucking believe them. I still don't



Telling the leftoid incels about how I've lived in multiple neighborhoods where the most common sound you hear at night is gunfire while they ramble about how not being able to find a woman to wet their willy is the greatest struggle anyone will ever know


we see you, we hear you, you are valid

but forreal we're not trying to downplay your struggle, but loneliness is a bitch


Let's not talk about social issue A because social issue B exists. I am very intelligent.


Sex life non existent
Have very little initiative
My dreams stay dreams
, I feel old and behind on experiences , everyone around seems to have all these stories of women they've been with, and I have nothing like that.
I'm an autist and I'm not really good looking, Everytime time I think of approachig a women I think of how unlikely it is that she would want anything to do with someone like me and I usually choose not to


Really my life isn't that bad outside of not enough sex
I've blocked all hooker sites on my phone and I avoid red light districts now


The idea of myself having sex disgusts me, yet I want sex
Is this bad.

So far I've been coping with fat ugly bastard NTR hentai.


Yes it's bad but your fix isn't to simply stop thinking it. You need to introduce better habits in your life. Then these feelings will go away.


No, I meant what parts of your life as in what activities do you do that have led you to this.
>Sex life non existent
A result of your habits, this is the end result. The fruit of your actions. What are the actions that led to this?
>Have very little initiative
Again, the fruit of your habits.
>My dreams stay dreams
Same here.
>, I feel old and behind on experiences ,
The feeling is pathological. This pathology is a result of your habits. What habits do you have that lead to this destructive ideas.
>everyone around seems to have all these stories of women they've been with, and I have nothing like that.
Literally not an issue unless you pathologize it. Who are these people?
>I'm an autist
OK being an autist is permanent but being well integrated as an autist is still achievable.
>and I'm not really good looking,
Have you lost weight and put on muscle? Do you do basic self-hygiene? Have you invested any time buying clothes you like? Guaranteed the answer is no.
Attractiveness is a result, it's the fruit of your habits.
>Everytime time I think of approachig a women I think of how unlikely it is that she would want anything to do with someone like me
These fantasies that serve to torment you are a result of your habits.

Maybe not the truth you wanted to hear. It sucks but the only one that can improve your situation is you. You probably want to put the blame on everyone but yourself and me telling you this would seem to imply its your fault your life is shit. It's not your fault. But the only person that can climb you out of the hole you were put in, is you.

It will take a lot of effort for long periods of time, but putting in the effort will improve your life in ways you couldn't have ever imagined, where your previous problems will no longer seem relevant.


Don't listen to this anon >>505846 you need to indulge in it as much as you can so you'll feel burnt out by sex


Lol, just to reiterate, I don't think he should stop engaging in the activities. He should introduce better habits along his bad habits.


When I was around 18 I would pleasure my self to pictures of hookers it seemed hotter than porn or other things because if I wanted to I could fuck these women. When I was 18 I lost my virginity to after agonizing over weather I should do it or not, I did go to a strip club once before, I think I just wanted to experience sexual excitement. I didn't visit a hooker again until 22, at 21 I had a girlfriend but we broke up and I wasn't able to find anyone else I think the 2nd I just missed sex.


You have no idea how women truly are in platonic circles.
They gossip and brag about their sex lives but not the way men do.

Regsrdless, singlehood is underappreciated and is comically and clinically pathologised.

Mean while, coupled people are whining about how their spouses and kids are toxic.


The primary incentive of compumsory schooling is socialisation.

Most adults even admit that they dont care about academic prowess of their offspring. All they care about is having no juvenile misfits.

Adults pathologise asocial nerds more than socialised midwits.


yeah actually lol


have you ever made a girl squirt so hard you're looking for cat piss removal vidoes on youtube. also tips for this?


You're right


i think this anon has the right idea, you need to indulge in a bacchanal of libidal fantasies then sex will lose its shimmer, you will crave porn less, you will be more confident with women because sex won't dominate every aspect of your brain. you don't need better habits, you need to entertain your worst impulses.


File: 1708462170047.jpg (422.47 KB, 1080x1085, Truth_is_hard_to_swallow.jpg)

Leaving this here


fake and gay


Let's go through this:
>boring personality
>not especially intelligent
>dead-end job
>small dick
>cannot financially provide for another person
>no hobbies other than the internet
>socially maladjusted due to missing crucial life experiences

Is that everything?


How was your day?


if anyone sent me that, i'd say good riddance because they sound like a fucking annoying redditor tbh. realistically, a retarded redditor authored this fake scenario to rile up his online friends on some redpilled subreddits (incidentally, where you belong) and couldn't help but pour his cringe personality onto it.


No better or worse than all the other days.


CraKKKas don't suffer.


daaasss rite yt ✊🏿


According to my calculations, 5/8 is 0.0417 better than 6/9. Well done! Sex!




the knowledge that I missed whatever image was here is enough to make me want to slit my wrists. i'm not joking.


Look earlier in the thread you dumb Redditor


>Muh confidence
It’s literally the same thing. You can confidently stare at someone in the gym yet it doesn’t make you less of a pervert. That person was just an idiot.


It’s reactionary to shame someone for their behavior due to a disability. I never understood this in leftist circles. I really doubt though that the CPC behaves the same way as western “leftists” though.


File: 1708548740979.jpg (190.64 KB, 1080x1079, 1698190432998272.jpg)

"You need to actually put in effort to get a girlfriend."

What does effort look like in practice?


You need to learn the art of wu wei, or effortless action


And how does one do that exactly?


Be like water


I shower daily.


in my edating experience, like rolling a gacha but instead of fights you grind boring, fake conversations

stop caring. it is extremely difficult to get banned on those platforms so just go all out, as if they were an imageboard


I am conventionally unattractive so edating is our of the question.


the hardest part besides the grind is taking ~3 pictures where you don't look like dogshit. you can lie about everything else


that only means you will have to roll 1000 times instead of 20, big deal


as I said, just do it. worst case scenario, you get banned from an app that you were not going to use anyways (and lose 3 hours that you could have spent discussing if china is socialist on leftypol dot org)


Why would a girl choose my profile over one of another man who is much more attractive? I am thinking about this logically.


>choose over
not necessarily, but you can be the best/only option available at a moment
again, worst case scenario, you only waste time, which you are already doing by posting here


>half heartedly try because you are lonely and want not to be so lonely , half hearted because you know it won't work out like all the other times you are trying but you kinda hope you are wrong
>No one likes you,same as it ever was
>Wonder why you were stupid enough to think someone would like you
It's worse when you get false hope from someones interactions.
I give up until such time in delusional enough to think a woman likes me.


it's not like the thing has a time limit. you can set a large discovery distance and grind for years. and lets be real, you are horny, not lonely


>I can tell what some guy over the Internet feels better than he can
Neat trick


I mean, you are bitching and I'm listening, so how could you feel lonely? if not horny, then bored. I don't know if you have noticed, but you aren't asking for friends


btw "loneliness" is the new buzzword but I think most people are just bored, horny or frustrated. it is really fucking hard to not have human interactions, be it virtually or irl, when the internet exists. in fact, up until recently I worked in an office and it always felt like the problem was over-socialization


do all straight cis women have autogynephilia?


humans are social creatures. although on occasion i myself like to be alone


If you ain't got auto-erotic whatever it's called I feel bad for you son/daughter
I got 99 problems but not finding myself sexy af ain't one


File: 1708685917825.png (650.53 KB, 1079x1622, rspod.png)



So her reasoning is that her alone was not attracted to the few incels she has spoken to irl? I mean the context of which she is speaking to those guys would turn her off. Part of the reason I would never allow a girl to hook me up with someone.


I thought this was common knowledge. when did "women like attractive men" become a conspiracy theory?
the advice is still "valid" but yeah, if you are ugly you are going a harder time, it's common sense
but the entire "debate" is fake, if you smell like shit you don't need reddit to tell you to take a shower or exercise if you are in bad shape, every time someone asks for dating advice, it is just a politically correct way of complaining. the problem isn't that they don't know what to do, the problem is that they know it is expensive, boring, time consuming, humiliating and degrading

and the problem isn't only freedom of choice but also social media and civility. how many boomers got laid (or even married) just by being persistently annoying to a woman, to the point of harassment, until she gave in. fortunately people aren't or shouldn't be allowed to do that anymore, but even if they were, I get the feeling most incels wouldn't do it

>uhm akshualy that's anecdotal evidence
imagine being this afraid of confronting the facts. you forgot to ask for a peer-reviewed study in a respected journal


> when did "women like attractive men" become a conspiracy theory?
it's not, but what makes a man attractive to a woman is not really set in stone tbh, a girl had sex with me because i looked like an ex and she wanted to live some fantasy. btw this lady who wasn't like super hot had like 3000 likes on tinder, and also her criteria for swiping right was, ummm, oddd.


at any rate even if you're an ugly-ass incel, you SHOULD be showering, people think cleaning your fucking dick and ass is the kind of advice that will land you a gf when it's just the bare minimum to live in a SOCIETY.


You understand advice such as "shower daily" is not actually what incels are looking for, but a condesending insult from normies who cant fathom someone being KHV without living in a piss jar filles basement.


>but a condesending insult from normies
from what i've heard incels (in college at least) really really dont shower and/or groom themselves. maybe you do. this and all the other common-sense pieces of advice don't really instantly grant you a gf because there's really no recipe for success. you just want to be the kind of guy people don't want to avoid on the street, and be in a place where you see the same women regularly. mere-exposure effect will do the rest.


But it is ancedotal evidence and it's not a fact but her opinion. I'm not surprised she would find someone who admitted they are an incel to her face and asked for help not attractive in the least. Unless they were super attractive no girl would be attracted in that context. So I don't think she is wrong about the guy not being able to do anything to attract her to him. But it is still just her. This is another scenario where capitalist society ceases to exist because we are talking about incels. Plenty of guys who would otherwise be incels if it wasn't for their money. Let's not pretend we are in a perfect meritocracy, even if many incels are unattractive inside and out.


lol you are dumb holy shit


Another sufferer of incel derrangement syndrome. Many such cases.


Bro just buy more money


Why not get a job and save up? Being average is essential to having a normal life, being ugly puts you at an automatic disadvantage. I worked my ass off to pay for my operations so I could be taken seriously by those around me, I guess some of you don’t have the same drive.


get two jobs mate. seriously.


mate just get another job mate get on the deliveroo mate mate it's not that hard mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mage mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mage mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mage mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mage


Peak humor, funny


it's not that hard, get one wfh gig, then get two wfh gigs. if you can't and also are ugly then you don't deserve pussy tbh.


Life isn’t a fairy tale, enjoy being an ugly khv


If you guys can't be normal I'll just lock the topic and make the other relationship topic the only allowed one


Spending our Friday night moderating an imageboard are we?


Yes I'm waiting for my boyfriend to finish making pancakes thanks for asking :)


lock it, these threads are a horrible waste of time to me anyway


That's so cute! Which one of you is the top?


I am <3


They’re entertaining though


Are you one of these gay couples who go to orgies together and have an open relationship, or are you exclusive to eachother?


they are when people are blogging about going to parties and not talking to anyone, not when an incel comes here looking to vent by spouting a bunch of cringe shit.


In theory the former but we don't really go out so the latter


Why are all gay people in open relationships?


Because monogamy sucks


What about if you want to raise kids? I heard gay people do that now.


Well there's nothing preventing you from doing that and still sleeping with people other than your partner. We're not planning on it though.



Monogamy serves one function: guarantee about biological paternity of children. Since this is no concern to gay people, there is just no need for monogamy.


You aren't planning on having kids??


Well we're somewhat interested in it but probably not with how the world is going


If you had a kid, would you raise them as gay?


You can't even do that if you wanted so no


Well if you do have a kid and ever need a babysitter, just let me know. I check this thread regularly so you can contact me through here.


File: 1708740044511.gif (1.12 MB, 220x165, 1708525221660.gif)

I went to a long small party and I spent most of it deep in my own thoughts as usual and was constantly tense and stiff and only spoke when spoken to and now I'm feeling suicidal again. I hate feeling like a failure.


idk if i may have a mild form of genuine autism or decades of solitude and very infrequent short bursts of socializing (if you can call it that) have turned me into a husk of a person who will need a lot of therapy to get better :(


Nobody needs to marry except to secure property rights, regardless of identity.


I have a crush on Shay. How do I ask her out?


Your experience is a common one for the newer generation, everyone is socially inept and averted to human interaction


What operations did you get? I’m ugly and I want to know what other guys did.


No fool. It's literally so the govt can secure your custody rights. Unless it's one of those BS common law arrangements.


File: 1708746150008.jpg (86.61 KB, 800x619, ChinletEvolved.jpg)

What does an incel even look like? Picrel?


Poor dude. A lot of times when I'm out people think I'm security. Not sure what to make of that, but not successful with girls.


No, a slaver country simp deserves only hate. Have more self-respect and respect for others.


As in they think you're a bouncer?
You gotta give me more info before I help you out kek


Yes they think I am a bouncer. I'm 6'2" and weigh 260lbs, so my height hasn't helped me much.


im a lanklet who often wears very dark clothes and ive been confused with a security guard a few times though they quickly realize im not one when i just raise my eyebrow as a response, am i fucked


Don't even think I'm a incel (had sex a few time btw) anymore, I just don't really like hooking with people.


he doesn't look that bad tbh, is my dude even an incel


Lose the weight, build lower core to maintain good posture, train sticking chin out. This in addition to good diet and overall exercise to stay in shape. You also need friends so that it's easier to approach a pack of chicks. Thats how its usually done offline, group of guys meets group of girls to hangout, one of the guys acts like a P700 missile on recon and blends the girls with the guys everyone has a good time at reataurant, theme park etc and gets numbers.

Get brighter clothes and build reasonable muscle. Same as above. You guys need friends who have decent acquaintance with women. Trust me its so much easier in a group environment.

I read incels were getting plastic surgery to get chins. This is one of those cases. Ngl, he looks much better after surgery. I know a couple of older women who would love a young stud cutie like him.


File: 1708758665101.jpg (124.01 KB, 1170x1888, GG-VPl_W0AACtac.jpg)

750mg of test is fucking insane. This the result of giant social media corporations making people feel ugly and alone. It's the equivalent of women getting boob jobs


Started growing a tail through the sheer power of my mind and will. My friends say it looks gay but I think women kind of like that


File: 1708768099469.jpg (1.57 MB, 2591x3624, em1jim6iq4e31 (1).jpg)

Why the fuck do we have a thread for INCELS here?

They are a bunch of right-wing retards who blame all of their problems on women and minorities. Mods need to shut down this thread before this board becomes completely unusable.


dont smell like shit
dont be a chvddy (unless you're very handsome, then you can get away with it, and even then girls wont stick around long)


It's not a "blaming women for all of your problems" general. People who think like that should obviously gtfo.


Could you point me to some posts in this thread that blame women for all of their problems?


File: 1708780120109.png (23.03 KB, 1007x124, 1706284674103.png)

Thanks I'll keep that in mind


File: 1708783076017.gif (594.08 KB, 500x281, 43573858°349506.gif)

The answer is lying. Lying all the time. Nobody want to put up with real you. Lie about your body with make-up and perfumes and clothes that do not fit you tastes. Lie about your interests by learning and speaking about shit you don't care about. Lie about your beliefs to mimik your significant other taste, Lie always all the time, and you must never ever let her find out the truth. So the real hard part is to sound convincing and stick to your made up self.
If that sounds like insanity, don't worry chum, your gf is trapped in the same hell.


Kind of off-topic, but this post made me check out /rsp subreddit after couple months of not visiting, and its insane how banal it has gotten. It has never been exactly the brave trailblazer its userbase pretends it is, but at this point it really is indistinguishable from reddit frontpage.


I’m a woman and this is all the operations I got:
1. 2 nose jobs
2. Under eye and temple fat grafting
3. Sliding genioplasty
4. Chin lipo
5. Teeth bonding
6. Masseter muscle botox
The reason most people are ugly is either due to them lacking dimorphic features pertaining to their sex or they have an under developed midface resulting in these issues:
-Paranasal flatness (Nose looks sunken)
- Maxillary recession (Upper jaw underdeveloped compared to lower)
- Sclera show (Due to underdeveloped maxilla)
- Lack of anterior cheekbone prominence
- Deep teeth set
Once you address the core issues in your face you should be close to average or above average and that’s all you need to be taken seriously in this world. If you’re curious about which operations to get I unironcally recommend using those incel forums and gathering information from them. They have gone downhill in recent years due to /pol/tards ruining the site but looksmax or lookism use to be decent for gathering information about which procedures would be the most beneficial to resolve your issues.


>I’m a woman
biological or trans?


Biological, my face was just messed up from something dumb I did as a kid so I had a sunken in midface and my nose wasn’t fleshed out fully


Muscleman is literally the caricature of an incel… Except he's an ex-bodybuilder who was quite handsome back in his youth.


Going from subaverage to average does not carry the same benefit for a man as for a woman though. Its an improvement, sure, but unless you can leap to straight up Chad territory, socially maladjusted incel will most likely still remain an incel.


I would've still probably hit it tbh


I got the surgery so people could actually treat me like a human being, I don’t care about dating or participating in sexual escapades


>I got the surgery so people could actually treat me like a human being
And has that worked?


It has, people treat me way better and I don’t garner so much unwarranted animosity for just taking up space


Do you not sympathise with incels because of this? Especially considering that beauty standards for men are so much higher than those for women.


I don’t agree with that at all, the standards for men are way lower since they can get away with being below average facially just on the basis of height while I have to spend thousands just to look average so I can get treated with human decency. I sympathize with short men since they fail to measure up to that standard and as a result have reduced chances of finding a partner.


I honestly think that anyone saying that femcels are not real incels (as in "involuntary celibates") is just coping and should be shot on sight. I can volunteer to be an executioner.


File: 1708811701598.jpg (1.23 MB, 2083x2083, 1703571961822634.jpg)

>I sympathize with short men since they fail to measure up to that standard and as a result have reduced chances of finding a partner.
I'm sorry but you have contradicted yourself with this statement.
Most men are considered "short". The average male height is 5'9" and only around 10% of the global male population are over 6ft tall. For most men, even if they do spend thousands on surgery, they will never be desirable because they fail to meet the height requirement for what's considered attractive. If a man is especially short (under ~5'5") they can expect to be treated like literal scum.

Picrel gives a general idea of what I mean when I say that 'beauty standards for men are so much higher than those for women'. Out of curiosity, where would you place yourself on this chart before and after your surgery?


>Most men are considered "short".

Anon where do you even get these stupid ideas


That's not true at all, you do realize that being short is in reference to how tall the woman in that said country is? The average male towers over the same woman from their ethnic group, outliers exist but we're speaking about the average man.
That picture is bullshit since they included obese people, I was either a 1 or 2 before my operations, and now I'm 5 which is what I wanted. It's insane how unlucky I got with ruining my face as a child since my sisters have done modeling work and they're immensely attractive, however, I'm content with being average since it took away the hindrance my appearance had over my life and thus my career.


>you do realize that being short is in reference to how tall the woman in that said country is?
I'm talking about this as a person living in the west, where there is the highest deviation in height. But sure, a 5'9" male would be considered tall in Asia, which will undeniably improve his attractiveness to women.
>I'm content with being average since it took away the hindrance my appearance had over my life and thus my career.
You are lucky to have gotten to this point, and I am glad for you. But many less fortunate people will never be able to afford such treatment. Ultimately I think we should try to stop treating ugly people as subhumans and garner a less superficial society, rather than making cosmetic surgery more widely available.


In what world is 5"9 short? Are you delusional? That wouldn't impact a man in any capacity since the average woman is 5"4 and under. Being 6"+ would help increase his attractiveness overall but being 5"9 wouldn't hinder him the same way being 5"4 would impact his life.
>You are lucky to have gotten to this point, and I am glad for you. But many less fortunate people will never be able to afford such treatment. Ultimately I think we should try to stop treating ugly people as subhumans and garner a less superficial society, rather than making cosmetic surgery more widely available.
Won't ever happen, people will never treat ugly people with any humanity and if anything our society is becoming more superficial with each passing year. I grew up fairly poor and hideous, I'm just glad I didn't off myself before adulthood when I finally managed to gain the finances to fix my face. I think getting plastic surgery should be normalized and maybe we should broaden the scope of coverage insurance has, in most instances being ugly is just rooted in having a face that didn't develop properly. (Won't ever happen though) I don't think genuinely ugly people are that common, for example that guy in the photo above has a facial development anomaly which was easily resolved with a sliding genioplasty


>In what world is 5"9 short? Are you delusional?
It's not short, buts it's not tall either. Which as you have pointed out, is an important factor in whether a man is considered attractive or not. A man who is not tall and does not significantly make up for this fact in other areas is unattractive.
>but being 5"9 wouldn't hinder him the same way being 5"4 would impact his life.
This is absolutely true.
>people will never treat ugly people with any humanity and if anything our society is becoming more superficial with each passing year.
I think if we completely nuked advertising out of existence that would help a lot.
>I don't think genuinely ugly people are that common
Genuinely ugly people like overbite man are rare, but men like 4 I see every day. They are considered ugly despite being objectively average looking. That is the problem.


Jesus, how much did this cost you? I know a genioplasty can cost up to $50,000 if you want to move the jaw forward.
This sounds like a capitalist scam honestly. Cosmetic surgery is a multi-billion dollar industry. If we accepted people for their facial features, that industry would collapse.
Note that, to not be fat is also detrimental to the food industry, consuming more food (and thus gaining weight), results in massive economic gains for the food industry. Therefore any movement pushed by a government or whatever to encourage people to eat less is an economic threat to the multi-billion dollar food industry.

This is why there is a fat acceptance movement but no facial acceptance movement, it’s beneficial to both food porky and doctor porky.


I don’t even know what that stuff means. This shit is a giant capitalist scam.


This is the best explanation for a non-neurotypical of “fake it till you make it” and a counter action to “just be yourself bro”


>It's not short, buts it's not tall either. Which as you have pointed out, is an important factor in whether a man is considered attractive or not. A man who is not tall and does not significantly make up for this fact in other areas is unattractive.
It's average, in what world is average ugly besides on the internet where everyone is delusional as fuck.
>Genuinely ugly people like overbite man are rare, but men like 4 I see every day. They are considered ugly despite being objectively average looking. That is the problem.
I personally think they overrated him, he's closer to a 3 since he lacks any prominent sexually dimorphic features outside of the facial hair, the female 4 is still attractive to me even though she possesses some masculine attributes.
He isn't average, he's below average and thus would be considered ugly since his balding situation adds to his undesirability.

It wasn't that much honestly, I got my nose done aboard in Turkey and the rest of my surgery here in the states with local surgeons. A sliding genioplasty is 7000-8000+ dollars while chin implants are merely 3500+, it isn't that much with my salary since I work a decent paying job.
>This is why there is a fat acceptance movement but no facial acceptance movement, it’s beneficial to both food porky and doctor porky.
Exactly, its sad but I realized this and I'm happy I changed my face instead of accepting it. I think this whole notion of accepting yourself as an ugly person is rooted in bullshit, when everyone around you seemingly hates you for something you can't even control and creates a negative narrative of you based on your face its hard to move past that.


What if we didn’t look down on people who were not successful with women? Would that not stop the issue?


I mean probably not really, because people would still want to be successful with women


People who are successful with women will fight tooth and nail against this because half of the appeal of being successful is precisely to look down on others. Also works when it come to wealth btw.


>in what world is average ugly
In this world, unfortunately. Plenty of data shows that women struggle to find your average man to be physically attractive in the same way men can find your average women to be beautiful. An average looking guy is simply not appealing to women.
>I personally think they overrated him, he's closer to a 3 since he lacks any prominent sexually dimorphic features outside of the facial hair, the female 4 is still attractive to me even though she possesses some masculine attributes. He isn't average, he's below average and thus would be considered ugly since his balding situation adds to his undesirability.
Blackpilling but thanks for being honest.


These graphs are pointless because women place a higher value on non-physical-appearance traits than men do.


>non-physical-appearance traits
Is this just a politically correct way of saying that women seek out wealthy men?


Do most men put the same effort into their appearance as women do? I don't think they do in all honesty, there is a huge industry built around women hiding their flaws with cosmetics while men are always in a more au natural state
>Blackpilling but thanks for being honest.
How is telling the very obvious truth blackpilling you? Are you blind? He's not a 4, in what world is a guy who looks like that slightly below average when he's balding ontop of having a face like that. No offense, I think men overrate other men so they have a distorted idea of what is considered attractive by women.


It's about personality, i.e, putting a pleasing abstract mask.


At least that's how they rationalise it.


>Do most men put the same effort into their appearance as women do?
No but as you say, there isn't a whole lot that men can do to fix their appearance outside of going to the gym and skin care if they have acne. But still, no amount of gym is ever going to fix a shit face or manletism.
>How is telling the very obvious truth blackpilling you?
Because that is what I will look like in 10 years time on the current trajectory.
>when he's balding ontop of having a face like that.
Most men start to bald once they hit their 30s and his face looks normal to me.
>I think men overrate other men so they have a distorted idea of what is considered attractive by women.
Post your idea of what a 4 looks like. Just google something like 'average looking male' and post the most accurate one.


File: 1708819979934.png (2.12 MB, 1584x1058, average.png)

They can invest in surgery like I did, that's there next best bet if they're ugly. While manlets overall are fucked since leg lengthening surgery is so costly and requires too much downtime.
>Because that is what I will look like in 10 years time on the current trajectory.
Just go to turkey and fix your hairline once you start balding and his face isn't average instead this guy I attached is closer to that


I disagree with you on that man being a 4 and plastic surgery being an option ugly men should be encouraged to investigate. But I don't think either of us are going to change our minds on these things.

Final question.
Earlier you stated that you considered yourself to be of average attractiveness. Would you be content dating an average guy like the one in your pic or the 5 from my image?


That guy is 5, isn’t that average? I didn’t say he was a 4 and I’d be fine with dating either of them, they’re very handsome


idk whos dumber the ones who negatively stereotype women or the ones who positively stereotype them


At least you are consistent.


I’m guessing you’re unattractive, right? I sense you have some resentment towards women, why don’t you just invest in fixing your face instead of blaming women for not wanting you


I'm a utilitarian. I only spend money on things that I need. I can live without women, but I can't live without a house, car, clothes etc. So that's what I choose to spend my money on. Currently I don't make anywhere near enough money to put towards surgery as well as these items.


Alright, I get that, enjoy your life


It's obvious even love is going to work under the social relations shaped by capitalism until capital is abolished so I try not to get depressed that having a nice good relationship not tied to market logic is hard as fuck.


>why don’t you just invest in fixing your face instead of blaming women for not wanting you
Imagine the amount of flak a guy would get for saying this to women.


obviously you can talk shit about men and not women because uhhhhhhhhhh privilege or something. im a serious communist!!


You talk shit about women, your post gets deleted.
Happens all the time here.


I don't know where you live but outside of very terminally online circles like Twitter or tumblr a.k.a in real life men calls women ugly to their faces all the time and it's considered a socially acceptable behaviour, and really there's nothing wrong with that


Exactly, I wonder if it’s because these men are terminally online so they don’t participate in society enough to know this. They base everything off what they see online instead of the actual reality we are subjected to in real life.


Well I grew up hearing how ugly I was all the time, men aren’t polite about expressing their distaste with ugly women in real life


you sound like boomers who never talk to people under 25 lol


>in real life men calls women ugly to their faces all the time
Literally never saw this irl, here in my thirdiestan men tend to be empathetic towards women even if they wouldn't return such kindness.


I’m in my twenties, but alright
In first world countries they seem more superficial overall


wtf irl circles do you run in homie? I'm gonna say none.


I hate that people give the "advice" (to incel types) to get discipline and to get in shape. I went from being a twig like weakling to being able to bench 225+, deadlift 400+, squat in the mid three hundreds and do like 8+ chin-ups no problem and then I wound up falling in love with running and now have run two half marathons and a full marathon (officiated races, I have run a half marathon more than once in training) and it literally did nothing for me other than get me into really good shape.

In fact it made some of my problems worse because once I got out of the depressed haze of sitting around all day eating nothing and playing video games I discovered I'm extremely horny naturally and I am constantly thinking about sex even as I approach 30.

I still don't know how to talk to or approach women. I'm not all that good looking (also not white, which to be realistic does make it somewhat more difficult) and am severely autistic from spending too much time on the internet and the libido is genuinely becoming unbearable, and it gets worse when I'm training especially hard. I was literally popping a boner multiple times just talking to my (female) coworker which supposedly isn't supposed to happen to the terminally porn brained. "Real women" still turn me on. She isn't even that cute and I'm not all that particularly interested in her. I'm just lonely and sexually frustrated. I hate it. I don't want to be this way.

I just want to FUCK but I don't know how god fucking damnit. I genuinely just want to be able to make a girl laugh and feel good about herself too but it's hard to do when you're some demented dude who spent his late teens to early 20's browsing 4chan and laughing at edgelord shit and watching gore videos and all that…I'm just not a complete person


It's weird too because like, I'm horny, I want to be in love and have sex with a woman but the idea of it terrifies me and fills me with shame. You mean I'm supposed to be the dominant one!? I gotta stick my dick in this human that is smaller and weaker than me and thrust in and out and shit!?!! It sounds crazy and embarassing


Engels' writings on monogamy have been garbled to give a higher significance to all sorts of banal shit. Saying that monogamy serves simply to pass on a man's property to offspring, suggesting this in order to accredit polygamy by contrast. This ignores the proletariat, which has no property to pass on anyway. 'Here there is no property, for the preservation and inheritance of which monogamy and male supremacy were established; hence there is no incentive to make this male supremacy effective. … proletarian marriage is monogamous … in the etymological sense of the word, but not at all in its historical sense.' Hence it's not really as simple as saying that unqualified 'monogamy' is some misogynist practice. Freeing women won't require some sort of enforced polygamy lol.

Besides, even if it were as simple as monogamy = male supremacy and polygamy = female supremacy, why would anyone in their right mind desire the supremacy of any one sex? We’d be better off not having sex at all!


File: 1708837045291-0.jpg (212.63 KB, 1695x458, 1.jpg)

File: 1708837045291-1.jpg (177 KB, 1701x468, 2.jpg)

In a transaction, each side must give up its own asset in order to obtain the other's asset. Sex hardly fits this description. You're not giving anything up, rather you are joining together with another person to satisfy a common need. That's all.

You are speaking here from the standpoint of political economy; that is, you're extending to mere sex the relations of exchange that prevail in bourgeois society.

In the society we live in now, in order to satisfy my own need I must exploit someone else's need, i.e. entice them to give up something of theirs in exchange for something of mine. So no, not all sex is necessarily transactional, although sex in bourgeois society is. This is only because in bourgeois society, everyone is a property-owner and conceives of themselves as such, and so the relations of exchange penetrate every aspect of life. It does not have to be this way.


>I genuinely just want to be able to make a girl laugh and feel good about herself too
Damn, you sound too normal for this thread anon. Just do what girls do and apply to dating the same dedication you applied to fitness. Just be normal about it and don't expect a disney outcome, it's real life. You don't sound demented btw.


Exactly, watching gore and using 4chan is common terminally online behavior not something demented. Unless you were popping boners while watching that footage than you’re regular asf.


i see this on twitter too
there's some pushback, but judging a random woman's looks can net you upwards of tens of thousands of likes
also the kicker is, it's way more casual and trivialized than when the opposite happens
like look at the people ITT that probably see that stuff all the time but deny it easily because it's basically background noise to them at this point



>outside of very terminally online circles like Twitter or tumblr
>i see this on twitter too
anon you're too dumb to fuck


I only see this sociopathic behavior online tbh. I've never seen anyone call anyone ugly unless they were doing so as an act of aggression


But they tell it all the time, not with direct words but behavior.


Kagney Linn


I can't talk about my adult life since there's barely any women in my workplace or friend circles but in high school male students bullied ugly, fat or generally unattractive women all the time. I remember this because one of my friends at that time, a girl who suffered from autism, getting bullied so hard she dropped school after first year. And in general i always hear my friend talked about how bad women are, how women are the majority of inhabitants of Hell, how being rude to women is considered based especially if they're "uppity", etc so i don't know wtf is going on when i go online and see people complaining that male chauvinism is frowned upon in society.
And this isn't just the Third World ok. I spent a lot of time with Westoids online and outside of 2010's Deviantart and Tumblr never have i ever seen a man complaining about not being able to make fun of women irl. I've seen people complaining about divorce courts and shit but nothing of the sort the anon i responded to talk about


It's not so bad in the west because our societies are a lot less misogynistic than islamic ones. Women are seen as more than just creatures to fuck and raise kids. They are allowed to have careers, express their own identities through dressing however they want and are not socially bound to their male relatives.
A man who bullies a woman is looked down upon because of chivalry too.

>I spent a lot of time with Westoids online

Don't get your impressions of an entire group of people from the internet.


Eh, it really depends on which part of the West you're talking about. I'm not going to pretend that the Global South isn't abysmally worse than the West in terms of female emancipation, but in places with reactionary governments things like domestic abuse are normalized, reproductive rights are under constant attacks, etc. And i think a lot of Western rightists at least online infer the wrong lessons from things like Afghanistan and Ukraine; not "imperialist capitalism is falling" but "beating women makes your country able to take on superpowers" so i'd say not to rest on your laurels


File: 1708871057731.png (9.9 MB, 3472x2572, Untitled1.png)

I made compilation of images that got the best response from lolcow.farm's "Ideal Male Bodies" thread, so you guys know what physique to pursue in order to attract your dream 4/10 channer GF.


A lot of this is very vaguely homoerotic. Like the thin-muscular twink type


The only way you could describe any of these men as twinks is if your baseline is a roided bodybuilder, they are all visibly jacked.


I'm not looking down on anyone, being horny but lazy is normal


>all white


What else would you expect.

None of those guys are particularly big. Women don't really go for really huge muscular dudes. They all look under 200lbs. But yeah their bodies are a lot of work for a 4/10 gf.


Keyword is ideal
>Ideal Male Bodies
Why does it surprise you that women on those sites find these 9/10 looking guys attractive when men do exactly the same thing by simping for modelesque women on imageboards.


This is basic zoomette preference, older women are more into bulked up/strongfat types.
>Like the thin-muscular twink type
Makes you think why women are preferring less masculinized features.


People's preferences are more complex than "strong hunky dudes/weak girls with big titties." I like muscular girls for example. That doesn't necessarily make me attracted to strong hunky dudes though, I still like a feminine figure.


>>507240 (me)
Maybe to muscular femboys.


More important observation is that they are almost all hairless, in fact presence of chest hair have been met with negativity.

Overall I would say the pics show a positive message to men, because while they are in peak physical condition, it is naturally achievable one. Even if right now you are a skinnyfat guy, you can reach that in two years of regular gym and healthy diet.

>Makes you think why women are preferring less masculinized features.
Literally the only "unmasculine" feature is lack of body hair, being fat is not masculine.


>Even if right now you are a skinnyfat guy, you can reach that in two years of regular gym and healthy diet.
Lmao I could (and I did do that) if I was unemployed.


lmao 'twink' has become completely meaningless. thanks normies


File: 1708900922630.jpg (67.16 KB, 1080x551, 1708873298957416.jpg)

this is just how zoomers have dressed for the past years lol


>being fat is not masculine
Strongfat is still considered very masculine, it's just not desirable as twink-like "cut" shape.


storing fat is literally something women do more


File: 1708901745293.webm (1.42 MB, 404x720, 1679760144415738.webm)

*white zoomers


Stop misreading my posts.
>virgin jeans
What kind of pants are firstworlders using?


>pseudo hiking shoes
those are like 90% of casual men's shoes and all of them infuriatingly designed. my current ones are mostly beige or silver-ish, so the contrast to the white soles is minimal. fortunately the seams and general structure are also fairly minimal.


Baggy and flared jeans are here to stay and I welcome them with open hands.


my back is in terrible shape and this vid made me selfconscious again


File: 1708903068512.jpg (40.5 KB, 474x632, 2019181382.jpg)

As if young black and asian people in big cities don't dress like this too lol. There's a huge rep market for designer clothes in China and they all look like this too.


It's crazy that wearing bootcut/flared/high-waisted pants as a man was so looked down upon just a decade ago. Zoomers have it so easy these days.


I've been working in the retail and food service industry for like a decade now but am I wrong in thinking most normies are really fucking dumb and problematic? Of course you lot of misanthropes are inclined to agree with my broad assumptions of observing my coworkers without really getting to know them over a decade of a few different workplaces but so many people are just like…idiots. lol

Of course I don't really have any friends so this is probably just a lot of that bitterness speaking


>t shirts
What else are working class Americans supposed to wear?


Would all except for the guy with chest hair


I’m not making an excuse for that guy.
You should still need to consider how much it costs to fix a guys face. It costs around $50,000 to move a jaw forward.


What country to you live in? I’ve never experienced that in my life. I live in Burgerstan


Sorry if I came across too harsh, that wasn’t intended


She’s anti-imperialist and supports black liberation. She’s a waifu most people should support.


do your daily fives


Yep I dress like this but to be fair trying to be fashionable for me would be lipstick on a pig


File: 1708950117909-0.png (86.59 KB, 871x755, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1708950117909-1.png (24.58 KB, 917x195, ClipboardImage.png)

Which one of you was this?


I'd leave her not because of the cheating but because she seems to have mental issues tbh.


>wearing a graphic t shirt is le bad
reddit menswear advice ass opinion
the rest is on point tho


The moral of the story is, if you cheat on your partner, dont fucking tell them.


File: 1708954724002.gif (123.23 KB, 220x165, wink-eye-wink.gif)

Way ahead of your chief.


I dont even mean it in a sleazy way though. If you cheat, and recognize you fucked up and shouldnt have done that, what is the point of confessing other than unloading your own feeling of guilt on your partner?


Antisocial shit

Then you wonder why you're alone lol. Poor guy since it's hard to blame you for being brought up as an antisocial psychopath.


I think in this situation I'd go for a "cold breakup".
As in, we continue living together and raising our child(ren), but we aren't a couple any more, rather roommates with a shared responsibility before our child(ren). And maybe after a while the relationship will heal on its own.

I'd claim it's for the sake of our children, but really it'd be to emotionally torture my ex-partner so that they're constantly reminded of what they did, and unable to move on.


Been both the cucker and the cucked before, I think the mom is right, he should think about the future of the kid first and foremost, and he should have said to his wife "alright we need to have a serious discussion when you come back", stop communicating with her, let the emotions run through him, get a good bottle of whiskey and try to think about all the parameters that will need to be dealt with, instead of immediately bitching about it on leddit.

I don't know what it's like to be in couple for 13 years, but I imagine there are moments where it becomes boring, or you start arguing about the same stuff over and over again. The wife seems to have problems, since she is unable to keep a secret…or maybe she wanted to do this passive-aggressively to initiate divorce…but she seems to have been bored with her domestic life.
I imagine the man, whenever he will divorce immediately, or wait a little bit, won't be attracted to his wife the same way now. It's a tricky situation.

Only both of them knows what they want in their couple. Anyway, who cares, it's not my problem.


My point is that you should avoid hurting your partner though?


You are free to play your mind games lol, but this would still be better for a child than a peaceful middle-class family life turning into an explosive domestic war everyday over anything in the span of a few days, for the child.

One of my friends have two children, I don't know what happened exactly between the mom and the dad, but they separated amicably, both of them found new lovers, they still dine together every once in a while, they take care of the children every week, the children are okay with it.
This world is already wretched as it is for the poor little children, it's better to separate amicably when possible.


tbh it's deeply suspect to me that she actually told the guy, did she tell him because of overwhelming guilt or because the séxo was so good she suddenly started regretting being married lol, in which case it's actually not up to the guy to decide whether the marriage will continue.


File: 1708962426999.png (103.84 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1708962672495-0.png (24.58 KB, 917x195, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1708962672495-1.png (315.19 KB, 627x886, ClipboardImage.png)

>or because the séxo was so good she suddenly started regretting being married lol,
That's what she was apparently hinting at in pic 2:
Maybe she thought he would also get turned on by thought of her getting her guts turned out and better mind blowing orgasms than he ever gave her. Maybe she was hoping for an NTR relationship.


If this happened to me I would simply kill myself.


Simply dump the wife and move on.

>killing yourself because of women


I'm looking for an excuse to do it.


Please don't do shit like this, my parents are two illegal immigrants from Mexico who met in one of those migrant houses with like 10 roommates and they have hated each other for twenty fucking years or more and it completely ruined my childhood and traumatized me for life

My mom would routinely threaten to call the cops on him for kidnapping whenever he took us out to eat or do anything so as a result I never went outside and had to deal with this grown, violent woman trauma dumping about imagined or actual slights from my dad in between beating me and my siblings with her large, christmas ham forearms

It would have been so much healthier if they had separated, they still live together but my mom sleeps on the couch and my dad gets drunk in his room alone and they can't even be in the same room together anymore

it sucks please don't do this to your kids I BEG YOU REEE


File: 1708981181318.png (428.71 KB, 620x686, ClipboardImage.png)

>My mom would routinely threaten to call the cops on him for kidnapping whenever he took us out to eat or do anything so as a result I never went outside and had to deal with this grown, violent woman trauma dumping about imagined or actual slights from my dad in between beating me and my siblings with her large, christmas ham forearms
Dios mio. La Chancla!


File: 1708982128116.jpg (3.93 MB, 3496x4656, IMG_20200319_155611.jpg)

My mom swore so much at my dad my severely disabled downy brother's first words at the age of twelve were "puto". Then she smacked the fuck out of him so hard he was turning bright red and screaming like the Devil had gotten into him. Knees on the piss carpet, negligent bowl cut hairs whipping like Negro slave driver with each dishwasher wet meat chanclazo! My sister popped out of her room like in a Jack In The Box and started screaming "stop hitting him or I'm gonna call the cops!" and my mom told her to fuck off, she started screaming David Lynch style, slammed the door to her room and could be heard sobbing behind the door. He didn't say a word after that!





That's why I always say I'm glad I had a good single mom than some dysfunctional abusive hellhole family like this, who stay together despite having no other project than making the lives of everyone involved miserable.
My poorfag mom was on the nerves more often than not, but she did her best for me and my sister, and I'm grateful for it.

Hence why the specter of Malthusianism and decreasing birth rates haunts the productivist mind.
These ideologists want more babies so it would be epic and we would have more factories and economic agents trading and producing together, for the sake of eternal growth and big GDP, whenever it's Haz or Meloni or Macron or Shinzo Abe.
But they never realize you have to take care of the little shitheads after your job: feed them, clean them, get them good clothes for summer and winter, force them to go to school, which mean telling them with a big voice to stop playing video games at 9 P.M., then you also have to plan activities and vacations so they don't get bored and becoming annoying and start to throw tantrums because they didn't get the right digimon card or something. A normal prole can't just call UberNanny to take care of it.

Why would you go through such hoops? Because a child is somehow an autonomous extension of yourself, made from secret love juices, and it feels good for the future if they make you proud and don't bring too many troubles, and can help once in a while.
What's the use of having children if it's to make them sell crack down the street once they hit 12, unless you are a really perverted lumpen-entrepreneur? Terrible business decision.

The economic conditions don't allow millennial and zoomer normie couples to have children in a way that would make them confident about being parents in the near-future, and by extension, optimistic about long-term monogamy too.
It can be due to climate change, but it's also money, because even if you want to separate amicably, you might still have money problems down the line.
When money is involved, people are sometimes ready to play with knives, and it's not fun when your mommy or daddy are doing the knife play.

So-called "Anti-Malthusian" measures like banning abortion and contraception, without giving benefits to sex-havers, are doomed to fail, the only thing "Anti-Malthusians" will get are more Gen Beta kids ready to steal their wallets when they will become elders.

Sorry I got carried away but I wish you a lot of courage for the future anon, you will need it.


File: 1709032758893.png (36.15 KB, 220x124, ClipboardImage.png)

Piss couch.


i was going to bombard you with a bunch of sprinkle sprinkle videos from tiktok but ultimately i decided to spare you, and spare me the hassle of downloading the videos to make like 3 incels mad. that being said, feminism will not overcome its own impasse vis-a-vis capitalism, and it's a bit insane that they're willing to do this to themselves.


I've found your posts fairly interesting if sad. I like reading what you write Idk maybe im a shitty person. I'm also a turbo virgin, 40 male and never dated or anything else. I think my 30 brother is in the same boat and we both live with our parents. I think we live in the same general area since you mentioned something about norteno gangsters. Anyways I don't know what else to say.


How did you guys accept that you will just never have the sex life you want?


I dunno, how did you accept you will never be rich nor famous?


ask yourself anon: is it really that important?


I assume i'd be a terrible lover plus anything related to sex and dating makes me extremely anxious and depressed. Plus I dont think I'm very attractive or interesting


It feels important, I wish it didn't maybe I should take SSRIs to kill.ky sex drive


Once you get older you just sort of accept it. There will always be some level of resentment towards women, of course.


i think it's only important if your partner really cares about it which seems ironic


I don't resent them , I just understand I'm not good enough and despise my self


Wrong. The issues are systematic and do not reflect on you as a person. You deserve love and there is nothing fundamentally wrong with you.


Once you hit 30, your libido decreases, it's great


>Once you hit 30, your libido decreases, it's great
True. It is pretty great.

I say it feels good to scratch an itch, but it feels better to not itch in the first place.


the hell it did, i'm hornier than ever


When did you guys want to start to think about sex? I figure I was about 4 or 5. Never got around to doing it probably never will.


As a sex haver, yeah. My friends are younger and in general all sex fiends. I just jack off and simply don't get horny. Sometimes I forget and I'm horny as hell, think about how I'm going to do a booty call or start making plans for the weekend. Then I remember jack off and can get back to whatever else I was doing.

Also when I do have sex I sometimes get a bit bored.

It's good but it also has some downsides.


Is she right?


What do you think? This is liberal garbage.




generally each time i see an anna k tweet i become utterly baffled at how a genius mathematician could've fathered such a mentally incapable being. autists don't struggle with women "because they treat them as equals" that's fucking retarded mate.


>generalizing autism behavior on political lines as if mental conditions made one a certain political strain
>muh trve feminism
>muh ultimate price incel ideology (all incel ideology is inherently liberal)
All of these points alone would be enough to discard this absolute fucking garbage of a tweet. Why do you even come to a leftist forum if you're not even a leftist? Serious question.


Neither incels nor politics are mentioned in that tweet.


Again with your moronic liberal posts. Eat lead, drink arsenic, inhale chlorine gas.


Why the hostility? You are the one who is reading too much into it.


File: 1709235499378.png (32.74 KB, 757x264, ClipboardImage.png)

Are women killing autistic people?


I am fairly sure its not meant to be taken literally. And neither the "autistic" part.


We're on a leftist board. You post the liberal drivel. You get called out. "Why the hostilities?" Maybe go post on reddit or any other liberal/fascist forum. Why on a leftist one?


>retarded take while low-key mocking mental disability
I don't know, you tell me.


File: 1709252597343.pdf (4.75 MB, 255x255, the incel.pdf)

I just read this comic, reminded me of another short story I read called Good Guy (by Kristen Roupenian), both narrating life and mindset of an incel. They both start from a compassionate perspective, portraying the main character as a tragic, and end with mass shooting. What bugs me about it is how over the top that is, the story transforms from more-or-less realistic portrait of a lonely man, someone who can be empathized with, and by the end goes out of its way to turn protagonist into a monster. Its like they actively try to squash any compassion reader might have towards the character.
It just got me thinking, is there any piece of media that seriously (i.e. not a comedy) deals with phenomenon of lonely adult virgin men that arent virulently misogynist or violent?


>It just got me thinking, is there any piece of media that seriously (i.e. not a comedy) deals with phenomenon of lonely adult virgin men that arent virulently misogynist or violent?


The only reason I can think anyone would make a comic so awful is to evoke most possible repulsion from the reader, as if almost justifying the pariah condition of the protagonist.

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