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Did le ebil North Koreans actually kill this uygha for stealing a poster of the glorious Eternal President Kim Il-Sung?
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>he was white
It's far worse than that. He was a Christian


>Workplace democracy
holy fucking libshittery LMFAO

ultra is when basic marxism. call me when they abolish commodity production and wage work


>he consistently supported various anticolonialist and panafricanist groups
none of this is communism

>he did implement a bunch of socialist policies, and his state was overall pretty well run and redistributive

socialism is when mirroring europe but having darker skin or something

>complete and utter destruction of his country at the hand of the west

socialism is when choosing a side in conflicts between two bourgeois states too

this place is a fucking joke lmao bernie 2024 amirite guys


ultra is when you think abolishing wage work is possible under these conditions and just basic marxism


>bureaucratic d*generated workers' state
meaningless babble. even the ussr when fund had turned into a bourgeois state (so, capitalist), not that word salad that barely resembles trotskys crap

>but certainly not a capitalist state

stop pretending to know what capitalism even entails bro youve never made a single post of worth here


>communism is impossible therefore i should call liberal reforms communism


File: 1707713899534.jpg (39.39 KB, 704x470, 1700974222047.jpg)

im more and more convinced 99% of leftypol gets all their information about capital from david harvey videos or some shit lmfao, you have to actively try to be this wrong about basic marxism


>stop pretending to know what capitalism even entails bro youve never made a single post of worth here
i know that, thats why i do drugs instead now. i'm thinking of trying shrooms next


which post are you responding to?


you can always fry your retarded brain even more


as opposed to what? go to college? be successful? make a career for myself? start a family? no thanks


all the posts pushing for bourgeois nation-states to grab higher shares in the capitalist system in the name of "anti-imperialism"


File: 1707714274085.png (931.59 KB, 897x1553, shrigma lenin.png)

my being in christ, shrooms are the only drugs you should ever do


hopefully the next drug you take makes you stop posting


i figured, but then your david harvey comment threw me off because david harvey is consistently against that sort of thing and even calls china neoliberal (say what you will about his other opinions)


i love shay's colorful personality. you however are a dime-a-dozen hater. the board would be exactly the same without you.


i stay away from euphemisms like neoliberalism

yeah no wonder this place is fucking retarded lol. if i wanted to be entertained id play video games not read braindead attention whores rofl


actually i lied because once i've finished my nitrous canister i'm gonna try DXM and then shrooms after if i can get my hands on some. im not opposed to taking drugs like meth or crack but i'm sure i'd immediately become too addicted to recover from it so maybe not



File: 1707715469284.png (303.46 KB, 440x499, ClipboardImage.png)

if you're going to wreck your CNS with every substance known to man, at least become some kind of gonzo journalist


as long as you know it's dogshit



central nervous system


>i stay away from euphemisms like neoliberalism
that's unrelated to the point being made. it doesn't make sense to accuse someone of liking david harvey for having dengist-type opinions since david harvey does not have those opinions


as someone with all those things, it's hard, but it's not as bad as it sounds. i also used to be wasted all the time, so I've lived in both worlds


Theres nothing wrong with scavving for a good 'cap to bring home to the family.


i mean it's based on a drug fueled rampage that a journalist and his lawyer went on in the 70s when he was supposed to be covering a race in las vegas. it was never meant to have a plot. it's literally adapted from a series of articles in rolling stone.


File: 1707717372198.jpg (49.42 KB, 500x500, Fn38PZRWYAE2nKO.jpg)

Yes. Any questions?


>not a Stirnerite but a typical liberal humanist
Tomato tomatoe innit


Apropos of nothing
I did realize something, I am the Nietzschean Übermensch here
Is the reason I can't really (without like emotional distress) leave long term.
Funny how that works out.


I'm so much than you


love u


>i know that




Nah, him being white is the worst aspect.


Pretty sure saying "The US also does it" isn't what we should be going for here. like if a guy shows up and says "literally everyone in nk is starving and living in a concentration camp while kim jong un cackles evilly and eats all the food", you shouldn't post the us doing the same thing, you should refute the obvious bullshit. the way you have it here it looks like you're saying, "you might be right but the us also does it".


the bullshit was already refuted by others. i was going for the jugular


we get it, you're trolling


hmm. they never responded. seems even harder evidence they were trolling


When? When you said it was normal to be sentenced 15 years to jail and be beaten in the coma over a poster? When you said it was the US fault that he died because they couldn't save his life when they gave the unconscious body? When you accused him of being a spy to justify what was done to him when the Korean could have accused him of that?

There is no possible way to defend NK in this case, yet you do it, and you do it solely because work is organized in a particular way there.


>What actually happened to him?


CIA agent
good riddance


I know, the only reason he posted it is because he explicitly claimed that the US doesn't do this.


Cry harder


>15 years to jail
which would not have been served in the first place because foreign prisoners are always released early.
>and be beaten in the coma
According to Trump. There is no evidence for that as admitted even by US coroners.


>According to Trump


>which would not have been served in the first place because foreign prisoners are always released early
First of all that is not in any way a reasonable excuse, second, so if lets say a local pulls down a poster, what is happening then?


I mean if you don't believe the torture theory then how did he die then? He just randomly got pneumonia and died like it's the 17th century?


DPRK has a history of imprisoning Americans who break the rules in some way, giving them some disproportionate sentence and then using them as bargaining chips in negotiations for things like reducing the sanctions. It's called "hostage diplomacy". This only works if the prisoner is alive, and they will be released and start talking, so such prisoners are not subjected to physical violence. Beating one of these prisoners into coma would be shooting themselves in the foot. And yes, a disease is a plausible explanation.
In any case the US administration at the time promoted the torture theory during the 2017-2018 missile crisis. Then they forgot about it when there was a detente and the story outlived its usefulness.


no argument

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