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Did le ebil North Koreans actually kill this uygha for stealing a poster of the glorious Eternal President Kim Il-Sung?


They tortured him to death but it's okay because he was white and therefore subhuman.


Concise and correct.


Do it again Kim


Burgers glass the entire peninsula, level all of the cities, destroy sanitation/agriculture/sewage/dams, set fire to the villages, rape women, and kill 20% of the population to prevent economic sovereignty: i sleep

1 burger gets his shit pushed in because he thought he could fuck about: real shit


Why are North KKKorean apologists so psychotic? Did your father beat you? Were you molested?


Otto Warmbier was born in 1994, the Korean War ended in 1953.


File: 1707670484221.jpg (14.55 KB, 474x266, th-973920730.jpg)

He was tortured.
He wasn't allowed to go to Kim Jung Un's birthday party, he missed out on a slice of strawberry cake.


File: 1707670712320.jpg (15.95 KB, 249x250, fishing pole bait.jpg)



It's really not that complicated. Otto was tried for subversive activity (as he should have been) and imprisoned. He realized what he had done was a grave crime and apologised in the trial, and he was ready to serve his sentence. At some point he developed a deadly disease (he had a history of such malaises). As Korean doctors could not treat his unfortunate condition, he was graciously forgiven and sent back to the U$ in the hopes that their better medical facilities would save him or at the very least his parents would see him again. Now, he was stable when he arrived back in the U$ however his condition deteriorated under the bourgeois Dokkktor's care. This may or may not have been an intentional execution for propoganda purposes. It is a sad and unfortunate story yet very simple.


ledtypolers dont really have much in terms of critical thinking skills, so their attitude towards US propaganda is "well then the opposite is true". North Korea is actually an authoritarian shithole with no conceprion of human rights.
>inb4 authoritarian
>inb4 rights
Yes yes, you are very smart, very edgy, very cool.




File: 1707676222900.png (360.35 KB, 960x716, ClipboardImage.png)

authoritarians are right about rightists not deserving any rights under authoritarian democracy.


Rights are a spook. So the person above is not a Stirnerite but a typical liberal humanist.
>not deserving any rights
So many spooks in one sentence. Nobody deserves any rights. Not a single person.


>Now, he was stable when he arrived back in the U$ however his condition deteriorated under the bourgeois Dokkktor's care. This may or may not have been an intentional execution for propoganda purposes.


File: 1707678869029.png (414.55 KB, 1500x1042, le bait 2.png)


a spook is just a social construction. society itself is socially constructed and therefore spooky. without spooks we would be like we were 300,000 years ago.


There is no evidence of torture. Even a US coroner admitted it. Also there have been several other US citizens imprisoned and later relased in some agreement and none have reported being tortured. In any case it is not in their interest to torture and kill their bargaining chips.


A social construct is either a spook or your property whether you put it above yourself or not.


>"I never, never should have allowed myself to be lured by the United States administration to commit a crime in this country, I wish that the United States administration never manipulate people like myself in the future to commit crimes against foreign countries. I entirely beg you, the people and government of the DPRK, for your forgiveness. Please! I made the worst mistake of my life!"
He was clearly tortured. Cmon.


>no conceprion of human rights
how about you fuck off back to wherever you came from retard. Authoritarian is a buzzword, DPRK is actually very good for its population relative to its wealth, and the human rights such as fair trial, access to healthcare and guaranteed housing and work are respected there.


For real, I want to know what happened. I don't believe North Koreans are evil and they tortured him for stealing a poster.


Feeling pressured to make an elaborate confession is one thing. Allegedly being beaten into a coma is another.


all countries do this kind of shit. its retarded to denounce/cheer it when a country you dont/do like does it


>plz swallow my retarded propaganda


>authoritarian and rights are liberal buzzwords
>this bourgeois country is le good because of its welfarism
do you actually dislike liberalism or not


the man was fragile, he caught some nasty shit in prison and eventually died from it, what else do you want ?


>this bourgeois country
you are a worthless retard holy shit


No, not all countries sentence you to slavery until you die if you steal a piece of paper.


Not really. And given the cartoonishly evil portrayal of North Koreans by western propagandists it is definitely worth questioning such accusations.


That's all :)


>DPRK is actually very good for its population relative to its wealth
Perhaps if 50% of the economy wasn't about the army the people would have more wealth to be very good with.


Every foreign prisoner gets released within a few years as part of an agreement


>Real North Korean proles would have more funko pops to play with if le ebil Kims didn't invest so much on tanks and nukes


have you seen how stuffed the hundreds of gigantic us prisons are and how the average inmate is there for like smoking weed or something?

>cartoonishly evil portrayal of North Koreans
all countries do "cartoonishly evil" in the name of protecting private property


The absolute state of the new left.
>Tanks and nukes at the price of an exploitation of the working class the Tsar would not dream of are good when the country pretend to be communist


How many of them are sent into labor camps where the life expectancy is two years?


life expectancy of us prisons has been constantly on a decline too. your life expectancy shortens just by virtue of being in a prison. nothing new here


Why is anyone even trying to defend this anime vilain tier dictatorship?
What's even the point, why are you doing this?


Yep. They should totally not invest in military equipment even though the US is trying to pull off Libya 2.0 with them.


Nobody said "beaten into coma". But just because no sign of torture was found doesnt mean he wasnt tortured, its not like torture automatically leaves permanent physical damage. And even if there wasnt any, for over a year being left in a poor hygiene cell where he contracted a disease and then not given proper medical care which lead to his coma and death, is effectively a torture.

>and the human rights such as fair trial

He was literally sentenced for 15 years in labour camp for attempting to steal a fucking poster, and clearly at the very least "pressured" into fake confession.

>For real, I want to know what happened
They were willing to send him to prison for 15 years for stealing a poster, why would you consider torturing him a step too far?


USA bad, therefore governments opposing USA good. That is as far as their analysis goes. They are completely unable to psychologically handle any ambiguity, so everything has to be black and white.


I suppose it's like all the people who worship Gaddafi because he bought social peace with bread and circus.
Yeah, his pastime was to kidnap western people to ransom them but electricity was free. Okay, he have bombed civilian planes, but he gave a little bit of the oil money.
Political police? Systematic imprisonment of every one who question him? Okay but he was a good guy because the US do a very light version of what he did and when the US do it then it's bad.


because people here are not retarded enough to believe KJU ressurects people like the ones that call NK a "Anime villain dictatorship"


It wasn’t really about the poster really.
He was being cringe and they had to put an end to it.


File: 1707687576837.png (395.18 KB, 1140x855, ClipboardImage.png)

man this must be the brightest glowing thread in the history of this board.


It really wasn't about the poster. Washington wanted to end the coal vs you-dont-build-nuke program because it wasn't working. NK decided to show what happen when you do that.

And then, some people defend that on the internet.


>no argument


"North Korea is not a democracy, there are not enough parties" mfs when I show them the election history of the US (only 2 parties win somehow):


if 50% of the economy wasn't about the army dprk wouldnt exist anymore you idiot

>anime vilain tier dictatorship
stop believing obvious bullshit and we wont have to tell you to kys you fucktard

>just because no sign of torture was found doesnt mean he wasnt tortured
>being put in a prison is effectively a torture
the contempt I feel for morons like you is immense. Being put in solitary confinement like the west does to many of its prisoners especially the political ones is torture. Being put in a regular cell isnt.

>then not given proper medical care

everything indicate he was given proper medical care, you fucking glowie mouthpiece

>He was literally sentenced for 15 years in labour camp for attempting to steal a fucking poster, and clearly at the very least "pressured" into fake confession.

so the trial wasnt fair because the sentence sound too harsh to you and he confessed ? lmao

>why would you consider torturing him a step too far

<getting heavily condemned for an act of political significance as a foreigner from the most hostile country that did genocide scale damage to you and constantly threaten to annihilate you means torture is ok
is your reasoning "dprk is evil so they will do evil shit obviously" ?
I'd say to you to blow you brain out but Im afraid there isnt anything to destroy there


>so the trial wasnt fair because the sentence sound too harsh to you and he confessed ? lmao
Yes you fucking retard, when you are forced into a confession and given 15 years for what is at most a minor act of vandalism, that isnt fair. Do you also think Saudies beheading infidels is fine?


>oh yeah I know our media lies all the time to the benefit of our government and especially of foreign policy subjects, but I still believe everything they say and align with them on every occasion. The people criticizing it are simply contrarians and never did any research, unlike me who is very well informed thanks to cnn and wikipedia.

>because he bought social peace with bread and circus.
<yeah who cares of the lives of the libyans and his crucial help to anticolonialism, he was an heckin dictator
>refusing to shit on him and to accept the framing of the US empire on him is "worship"
fucking libs


>>oh yeah I know our media lies all the time
Thats great and all, but in this case the North Korean official statements are in full agreement with western ones.


wait until you look up how much the united states spends on the army and police


Something like 4% of the GDP.

>his crucial help to anticolonialism
He only took the country for himself. This is no different than colonialism, he is just from the country.


The sole fact that he got more than a verbal warning for stealing a poster show that NK is a hellhole.
He fucking died.


File: 1707690748335.jpg (27.7 KB, 509x512, 1573373086127.jpg)

Can you annoying faggots stop treating capitalist countries like cheering for your favorite sports teams? You aren't communists, you're all liberals.


Ok, I am very much not NK defender, but is it capitalist? Genuinely asking, from what I understand government is in almost full control of economy and wages with minimal contact with global market.


You shouldnt even really be here if you dont defend one of the only two socialist countries left on earth from capitalist libel.


>is it capitalist?
The proles exchange their labor for a wage.
Any question?


Which one is the other? China?


government ownership of the mop doesnt make it not capitalist, and like you said theres also wages and markets



Old Castro is dead. What happen in Cuba?


Nothing has substantially changed, though i will admit diaz-canel is more of a deng than a castro. Still as long as cuba doesnt substantially deviate within a year or two, it will still remain one of the most socialist systems left after the ussr collapse.


Do Cubans have to trade their labor for a wage? Do they trade this money for goods and services? Can they create a new workshop, or buy and sell goods?

If yes, hos is it different than the west?


Workplace democracy via taean work system in the case of korea and something similar presumably for cuba. Wages probably arent quite as small as they are in other similarly sized countries with similar resource scarcity. Furthermore nobody in north korea pays income tax, nor do they pay the unnecessary bills that we do as part of their cost of living. Hourly wages of course imply wage labor which is not one of the prerequisites of capitalism. Capitalism operates according to the logic of capital but is characterized by the private ownership of MOP, fiat currency and top-down workplace hierarchies whereas socialism, the intermediate stage between capitalism and communism, is characterized by the government control of the MOP, labor vouchers or currency backed by material value, and workplace democracy as demonstrated within the taean work system. A better argument that dprk and cuba arent socialist might be that they practice commodity production rather than production for use. What's more is that wages were actually pushed for by labor activists because paying people for the amount of time they worked rather than more abstract concepts like their work ethic seemed more helpful to proles.


>Wages probably arent quite as small as they are in other similarly sized countries with similar resource scarcity
Like SK?

>Okay, money exist and you can trade your propriety including selling your labor but it isn't capitalism because we vote inside the workplace

>Please defend us on the internet when we murder a kid who stole a poster
You have a very elastic definition of where capitalism stop.


>dprk murdered otto warmbier
Ok, then why was he fine for months in korean custody but immediately died upon transferring to western medical facilities? It's more likely the USA killed him. So yeah, you need to defend the dprk against yet another case of libel.


>transferring to western medical facilities
For what reason?


I think they framed it like a hostage negotiation.


>Ok, then why was he fine for months
He was in a fucking coma!


…in a coma in a stable condition before he saw western doctors.


>During his release, the North Koreans provided a disc containing two magnetic resonance imaging brain scans, dated April and July 2016, showing damage to the brain.


Anyway, its fucking irrelevant to the conversation, even if we assume he was murdered by CIA to make North Korea look bad (while not inconceivable, highly unlikely as having a guy who went through that around would serve as much better propaganda tool), it doesnt change the fact he was convicted for 15 years over a poster and put into a coma. Nobody should ever defend that, especially not leftists. You cant be outraged over exploitation of workers while making apologia for enslavement of random guy who did literally nothing wrong.


Im actually pretty sure he was a spy


And you are basing this on…?


The fact that north korea wouldnt have held a guy for so long over stealing a poster


But they literally did? Like you understand your reasoning here is completely circular? …they couldnt arrest him for stealing a poster because they dont arrest people for stealing a poster, therefore they couldnt arrest him for stealing a poster because…


And im supposed to believe that north korea is more likely to believe an american tourist is just innocently stealing posters rather than conducting criminal surveillance activity on behalf of non friendly states?


Did they ever present any such evidence? Like they had a footage of a guy putting a poster down and leaving the room. Thats it. The trial was about proving that he indeed took down a poster in employee only hotel area. Thats it. North Korean government never alleged that he did anything else, so why do you?


they're all my property, but for most others they are spooks, and I am speaking of society as being spooked by the spooks, for society has not become a union of egoists seizing spooks as their property


File: 1707700504315.webm (173.73 KB, 640x360, shoot.webm)



you must have been a liberal until yesterday if you find defending the DPRK shocking.


File: 1707701725778-0.png (1.05 MB, 1024x678, slavery.png)

File: 1707701725778-1.jpg (349.83 KB, 1670x1266, slavery 2.jpg)


>why does the country that had every city leveled less than 100 years ago by a brutal and indiscriminate bombing campaign act so defensive

gee idk


File: 1707701965565.png (727.9 KB, 1565x738, 1705164128503.png)

>Liberals in this thread
Absolutely Disgusting.


The Ghost of Kim Il-Sung thanks you


>complain about liberals
>defends a capitalist state
uh ok


File: 1707704521690.png (649.83 KB, 637x1002, ClipboardImage.png)


Why are people still going on about "15 years".
Foreign citizens imprisoned in the DPRK are normally released in a negotiation within a year or a few years at most. They are used as bargaining chips (which also makes it in their interest to treat these prisoners well). In 2009 there were two US journalists who illegally entered through China and were given 12 years. They were released in a few months.
Also he was accused of being a spy and not just a vandal.
DPRK statement was that he contracted botulism and then took a sleeping pill after which he fell into a coma.
US President's statement was that he was tortured and beaten into a coma.


>my only meme
dprk is a capitalist state with a capitalist mode of production, end of discussion


you could call it a bureaucratic d*generated workers' state but certainly not a capitalist state.


>He only took the country for himself
holy shit what a bunch of illiterate retard, he consistently supported various anticolonialist and panafricanist groups with guns and money, most known one is the ANC, but various other like the PFLP as well

>This is no different than colonialism

… yes it is, being a basic porkie is a lot less worse that colonialism you fucking moron. And he was better than a basic porkie.

also, he did implement a bunch of socialist policies, and his state was overall pretty well run and redistributive. Seething about gaddhafi, especially now in the light of what his security services were defending against (complete and utter destruction of his country at the hand of the west and qatar backed mercenaries) is really the mark of the worst fucking retarded libs.


lol ok I refuse to believe there are ultra so disconnected from any reality, it has to be trolling


>he was white
It's far worse than that. He was a Christian


>Workplace democracy
holy fucking libshittery LMFAO

ultra is when basic marxism. call me when they abolish commodity production and wage work


>he consistently supported various anticolonialist and panafricanist groups
none of this is communism

>he did implement a bunch of socialist policies, and his state was overall pretty well run and redistributive

socialism is when mirroring europe but having darker skin or something

>complete and utter destruction of his country at the hand of the west

socialism is when choosing a side in conflicts between two bourgeois states too

this place is a fucking joke lmao bernie 2024 amirite guys


ultra is when you think abolishing wage work is possible under these conditions and just basic marxism


>bureaucratic d*generated workers' state
meaningless babble. even the ussr when fund had turned into a bourgeois state (so, capitalist), not that word salad that barely resembles trotskys crap

>but certainly not a capitalist state

stop pretending to know what capitalism even entails bro youve never made a single post of worth here


>communism is impossible therefore i should call liberal reforms communism


File: 1707713899534.jpg (39.39 KB, 704x470, 1700974222047.jpg)

im more and more convinced 99% of leftypol gets all their information about capital from david harvey videos or some shit lmfao, you have to actively try to be this wrong about basic marxism


>stop pretending to know what capitalism even entails bro youve never made a single post of worth here
i know that, thats why i do drugs instead now. i'm thinking of trying shrooms next


which post are you responding to?


you can always fry your retarded brain even more


as opposed to what? go to college? be successful? make a career for myself? start a family? no thanks


all the posts pushing for bourgeois nation-states to grab higher shares in the capitalist system in the name of "anti-imperialism"


File: 1707714274085.png (931.59 KB, 897x1553, shrigma lenin.png)

my being in christ, shrooms are the only drugs you should ever do


hopefully the next drug you take makes you stop posting


i figured, but then your david harvey comment threw me off because david harvey is consistently against that sort of thing and even calls china neoliberal (say what you will about his other opinions)


i love shay's colorful personality. you however are a dime-a-dozen hater. the board would be exactly the same without you.


i stay away from euphemisms like neoliberalism

yeah no wonder this place is fucking retarded lol. if i wanted to be entertained id play video games not read braindead attention whores rofl


actually i lied because once i've finished my nitrous canister i'm gonna try DXM and then shrooms after if i can get my hands on some. im not opposed to taking drugs like meth or crack but i'm sure i'd immediately become too addicted to recover from it so maybe not



File: 1707715469284.png (303.46 KB, 440x499, ClipboardImage.png)

if you're going to wreck your CNS with every substance known to man, at least become some kind of gonzo journalist


as long as you know it's dogshit



central nervous system


>i stay away from euphemisms like neoliberalism
that's unrelated to the point being made. it doesn't make sense to accuse someone of liking david harvey for having dengist-type opinions since david harvey does not have those opinions


as someone with all those things, it's hard, but it's not as bad as it sounds. i also used to be wasted all the time, so I've lived in both worlds


Theres nothing wrong with scavving for a good 'cap to bring home to the family.


i mean it's based on a drug fueled rampage that a journalist and his lawyer went on in the 70s when he was supposed to be covering a race in las vegas. it was never meant to have a plot. it's literally adapted from a series of articles in rolling stone.


File: 1707717372198.jpg (49.42 KB, 500x500, Fn38PZRWYAE2nKO.jpg)

Yes. Any questions?


>not a Stirnerite but a typical liberal humanist
Tomato tomatoe innit


Apropos of nothing
I did realize something, I am the Nietzschean Übermensch here
Is the reason I can't really (without like emotional distress) leave long term.
Funny how that works out.


I'm so much than you


love u


>i know that




Nah, him being white is the worst aspect.


Pretty sure saying "The US also does it" isn't what we should be going for here. like if a guy shows up and says "literally everyone in nk is starving and living in a concentration camp while kim jong un cackles evilly and eats all the food", you shouldn't post the us doing the same thing, you should refute the obvious bullshit. the way you have it here it looks like you're saying, "you might be right but the us also does it".


the bullshit was already refuted by others. i was going for the jugular


we get it, you're trolling


hmm. they never responded. seems even harder evidence they were trolling


When? When you said it was normal to be sentenced 15 years to jail and be beaten in the coma over a poster? When you said it was the US fault that he died because they couldn't save his life when they gave the unconscious body? When you accused him of being a spy to justify what was done to him when the Korean could have accused him of that?

There is no possible way to defend NK in this case, yet you do it, and you do it solely because work is organized in a particular way there.


>What actually happened to him?


CIA agent
good riddance


I know, the only reason he posted it is because he explicitly claimed that the US doesn't do this.


Cry harder


>15 years to jail
which would not have been served in the first place because foreign prisoners are always released early.
>and be beaten in the coma
According to Trump. There is no evidence for that as admitted even by US coroners.


>According to Trump


>which would not have been served in the first place because foreign prisoners are always released early
First of all that is not in any way a reasonable excuse, second, so if lets say a local pulls down a poster, what is happening then?


I mean if you don't believe the torture theory then how did he die then? He just randomly got pneumonia and died like it's the 17th century?


DPRK has a history of imprisoning Americans who break the rules in some way, giving them some disproportionate sentence and then using them as bargaining chips in negotiations for things like reducing the sanctions. It's called "hostage diplomacy". This only works if the prisoner is alive, and they will be released and start talking, so such prisoners are not subjected to physical violence. Beating one of these prisoners into coma would be shooting themselves in the foot. And yes, a disease is a plausible explanation.
In any case the US administration at the time promoted the torture theory during the 2017-2018 missile crisis. Then they forgot about it when there was a detente and the story outlived its usefulness.


no argument

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