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File: 1712084958713.jpg (194.22 KB, 1080x949, 1712082387680357.jpg)




People be thinking we are all fast eaters and stuff. What if I have a slow digestion??


>bankrupt small restaurants and diners, where people would go to eat and have social interactions
>most omnipresent restaurants are now pure slop
>they don't even have play places for kids anymore
>can't even stay there to have human interactions anymore

i wonder what socioeconomic paradigm is responsible for this


I've heard of fast food but this is ridiculous.


Good. The quicker fast food falls by its internal contradictions the better. Its already super expensive to eat at these places, and these bureaucratic measures are part of its natural decline.
The beginning of the end was them leaving russia, which sparked consciousness of a post-mcdonalds world. Now its coming to fruition.


File: 1712086952189.jpeg (15.62 KB, 626x490, images (50).jpeg)

In America police can arrest you if you sit down for too long at restaurant.


The idea that massive chains like mcdonalds are going to fall because of this is ridiculous. This is an issue caused by the free market, not by consumer awareness. You solve this issue by limiting capitalism or by abolishing it. Well, you can also commit countless war crimes and make it optically bad for big corporations to stay in your country, but that doesn't always work.



I have seen signs like this at a McD in NYC. Also some dude was running around the tables asking people for the time stamps on their receits evers now and then.


The Spirit of fast food is also dwindling. The Zeitgeist is burying it.


The fast food market is constantly increasing, and all forecasts show it's expected to continue increasing. In adition to that, puplic perception has always been that fast food is bad for you, and that didn't prevent the fast food market from increasing.


You complain about this but how willing are you to enter a restaurant that you see is so full of people it looks like cosplaying as an Indian train? That said, a time limit shorter than one hour is brutal so I won't enter those establishments either.

If they do half an hour they might as well change their pricing to a flat fee.


What cheaper place is there to eat than fast food places? Only counting hot cooked food obviously.


File: 1712100205781.jpg (432.61 KB, 1440x1229, 1712099985872175.jpg)



This isn't going to go far in italy


Makes you wonder how many technologies are just modern mechanical turks


Genuinely laughed.
Do you think its caused for larger turnover? I saw OP and immediately thought about homeless people loitering McD. There's a McD in downtown Seattle, right at the heart of tourism, nicknamed "McStabby" since people get stabbed there all the time. That place was loitered by homeless people around the clock. Always makes me wonder if the place is even profitable since its not exactly inviting.


As Kojeve remarked, the fall of American fast food is not going to kill fast food; on the opposite, it will truly universalize fast food and unleash its revolutionary potential. We've seen this already with Vkusno i Tochka.


>The idea that massive chains like mcdonalds are going to fall because of this is ridiculous.
they're going to fail for a number of things, fast food restaurants are joyless gray boxes for a reason, and that reason is facilitating reselling commercial lots because there's little expectation of restaurants lasting very long


I want to knock her up so bad. But she's probably so full of plastic that she'd lose every baby she's pregnant with.


fast food prices went up hard in the past 2 years the dollar menu items now cost 3 dollars


File: 1712162207831.png (1.6 MB, 978x690, cage free.png)

I suggest you read the book "how to lie with statistics". I cannot believe that claim comes from a fair presentation of the data.
Home. And yeah, that requires more work. There's ways you can make it smarter though. Try to do your prep in bulk if you've got a busy career (the classic is "make a bunch of burritos each Sunday to freeze and bring to work for lunch each day"). My wife and I spent an hour or two across a couple of days brainstorming a list of everything we enjoy eating, so that grocery day is easy because we've already got a list of recipes to run down.
Eating out was always a luxury. Marketing created the perception that it was a normal thing to do… It's not. Normal is a family meal cooked by a family member.


It's showing no signs of failing. Like I said somewhere else in this thread, the fast food market has been constantly increasing and is expected to continue increasing. Capitalism incentivizes mediocrity.


I mean yeah no shit eating at home is cheaper because you do the cooking, but fast food is the cheapest you can get outside the home so how can you call it incredibly expensive or whatever that guy said.


Prices everywhere have gone up though.


working at a fast food company to take advantage of the employee discounts or free meals every shift or take wasted food home (assuming the porky in charge lets you do that) is actually the cheapest fast food option, but it probably isn't the best way to live your life.


File: 1712274380285.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.07 KB, 656x679, b0e.jpg)

Only undesirables dine in at fast food restaurants = FACTS.

Those indoor jungle gyms are a good way to give your kids herpes.


The last four sentences of the post you responded to answer your question.


>the fast food market has been constantly increasing and is expected to continue increasing.
Are you literally judging its likelihood of success by its share value? Wall Street has a track record of proving it doesn't know what is going on.


File: 1712316593757-0.jpg (162.69 KB, 636x868, R(1).jpg)

File: 1712316593757-1.jpg (253.4 KB, 740x991, R.jpg)

>this is what they took from you.


File: 1712316742612.jpg (72.82 KB, 474x611, OIP.jpg)

>market to blacks
<there's no tipping you Mondays!


Why did blacks stopped being this /fa/?


>the fast food market has been constantly increasing and is expected to continue increasing.
Even though its valuation is increasing (and McDonald's in particular is still a good investement because it's actually a real estate holding company disguised as a fast food chain), the market is dwindling because fast food is actually fairly expensive for the kind of people that would depend on fast food, so they have to literally stop eating fast food to make ends meet and favor microwave meals instead


File: 1712330901668-0.jpeg (52.68 KB, 512x768, McDonald.jpeg)

File: 1712330901668-1.jpeg (76.25 KB, 768x512, McDonald(2).jpeg)

so when do they kick the buck, comrade? i am betting in 2 years


mcdonalds probably never, as i said, a major branch of mcdonald's is literally just real estate. but shit like quiznos is dying, subway will probably start closing up locales in the US, and so will burger king and KFC. i don't see them going bankrupt because even though it's a dwindling business in the US, it's still a profitable venture outside of the US where food supply is cheaper


but if i had to bet on who's going bankrupt after quiznos, it's probably KFC, i give them like 5 years more or less


File: 1712332405928-0.png (259.14 KB, 544x267, 9.png)

File: 1712332405928-1.png (303.99 KB, 548x379, 27.png)

heres a hot take in n out in 4 years since those fuckheads left hairs in my burger. fuck em


File: 1712332774860.png (54.65 KB, 1238x159, 8.png)

also gave my uncle diarrea and portions are dogshit



Culver's has the best burgers

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