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File: 1714930341754.jpg (116.06 KB, 1080x1115, dino making friends.jpg)

How do I make friends at work? My coworkers are nice to me but I never get invited to after-work activities.


I'm not doing the "you cause all your own problems" meme a guy was giving himself an 😤 ultimatum 👨‍⚖️ to use a dating app (which are chiefly for data collection and not fun for anyone although obviously less shit for the gigastacy sorority cracker hivemind) to find A MEETUP by like X amount of time or else.


Yeah, the guy is me, already said in previous thread I failed. Actually just came back from a restaurant I wanted to take a nice photo at to use in the app. I really want you to get a mental picture of a man sitting alone at the table eating cake, awkwardly fumbling with his phone and anxiously looking around to check nobody is staring at him, before attempting to set it up across the table for a good angle, bumping into a vase with flowers and spilling it over the table, hastily setting it back hoping nobody notices, and then finally taking a photo with deer in the headlights expression so shitty I got disgusted with myself and didnt even attempt to try another one.


Sometimes a man has gotta have a gay ass dessert, as a far more ripped dude I know online says. Sorry you weren't able to get a great photo, I would have a hard time taking pictures of myself around other people too. I had a real problem with not photographing things in general. The best pic which works when I dm it to people is actually just me in a sweater against a nice backdrop of trees. Do you have a lot of sun and woods around rn?

Still idk I have to insist everyone else who is liable to be negatively affected by it (like me) to just not bother with dumb apps.

That being said, it is genuinely easier to rebuild a social circle through just fucking random people online until you are kinda friends and having them drag your autistic ass around. This has been the only way I've really figured out other than community sports, meeting ppl thru work, and school.


>>530349 (me)
Oh no I got so sincere-posty I started doing Markdown/Reddit spacing for some reason


I don't want to start actively trying to kill myself but I really want to die. My driving is growing more and more erratic and I seem to have developed a complete disregard for my health.


thinking about the time in middle school some guy teased a girl by saying she had a crush on me, and she just went "eww no". maybe I just internalized that and that's why i assume women would never want to be around me.


How old are you?


25. I know it's not actually the case, just a dumb thing i remembered lmao. I'm just a boring loser.


I dont know how to say this without sounding like i am trying to be an asshole, I am really not, but if in all this time no woman showed signs of wanting to be around you, then its not just some irrational assumption based on a single middle school experience.


there have been some who have shown interest, i've gone on dates, just never had a gf.

Like I said, I know it's not anything major, but just randomly thought of it.


Has a girl ever had sex with you?


Why are you telling them to lean into this omg? Can we go back to talking about diet and exercise and how it makes this stuff slide off of you?
I'm serious about this most calories from protein thing. Cheapest way is eggs, chicken, yogurt, legumes. It gives you a lot of energy to get stuff done so you don't channel a feeling of self doubt that results into put downs.


I wanna fucking kill myself. My dad probably isn't going to live much longer and my brother is moving out to live with his "gf", so I'm eventually going to be the sole caretaker of a NEET sibling, an aging mother and a severely disabled, non verbal sibling in an extremely high cost of living area with no career. I'm almost done with my computer science degree but I personally don't feel it's going to help me. I made every mistake possible during my studies (first gen college student) and am getting old.

I genuinely no longer know what to do and literally think about going to commit die everyday. It's just too much for me, and then on top of it all I know I'm never going to meet anyone and I'll have spent my entire life living a lonely life with my broken family.


Have you considered MGTOW?


Scream at your NEET sibling or do violence to them. Anyway, sorry for your situation and shit.
You can monetize a CS degree like no problem.


You're almost over the worst part. You have to persevere. You will overcome this, I promise, no matter how dire things seem now.

Get an internship asap. You also need to hyperfocus on your health. It will pay off, I promise. Having suicidal thoughts in a state like this is indicative of poor health. You're not thinking clearly and getting out of this rut in your condition is going to be very very hard, but the good news is that even small changes to your lifestyle will improve your conditions greatly.


>I wanna fucking kill myself. My dad probably isn't going to live much longer and my brother is moving out to live with his "gf", so I'm eventually going to be the sole caretaker of a NEET sibling, an aging mother and a severely disabled, non verbal sibling in an extremely high cost of living area with no career. I'm almost done with my computer science degree but I personally don't feel it's going to help me. I made every mistake possible during my studies (first gen college student) and am getting old.
this sucks anon, very sorry to hear, how u can balance ur fam w/ ur studes iz crazy. first step is like >>530552 recommended yell at that fucking neet fag that leeches in yo home. they don' t even gotta leave a house to get income, jus apply on linkedin or indeed for virtual jobs. my partner jus did this and heard back from ovr 6 applications in an hour, tell that neet fag u'll fuckin rear-naked choke they ass unless they apply now!!! aint nobody entitled to no shit w/out payin they respects, or doin the work to entitile them to it that their body enables. i understand w/ ur momz and ur sister that it can be tough, but me and my brothers all got cerebraly palsy, and one of us cant even walk w/out a limp, and we still got jobs, so this fag gotta stfu and contribute in ur fam.
>I genuinely no longer know what to do and literally think about going to commit die everyday. It's just too much for me, and then on top of it all I know I'm never going to meet anyone and I'll have spent my entire life living a lonely life with my broken family.
nah fuck that, ion believe it, ur fam's jus weighin u down so u cant meet anyone. i can tell from ur post that ur a real sweet guy of good character. any femoid wants that, and if ur still worried, jus go fatter lol. u got this dude, and ur not alone, we're here for u.


ive had similar issues in the past, i can't tell from ur post bu it could be that ur tyin too hard. im autist so i get itz tuff bu we gotta walk the line between bein there and bein there too much, yk? what's worked for me is jus askin what're ur doin and kinda forcin ur way in, but when ur there, they may hve this idea that ur gonna be a nuisance and a weight on the group, so u gotta be chill and not be too much. ion jus my two centz


Anyone else just waiting to die



And I thought it couldn't be more over than it already was, more women my age prefer to go for young men nowadays.


For all the bitching about beauty standards beautiful women being with ugly men is extremely common, but have you ever seen a handsome man with an ugly woman? It basically never happens.


That's because ugly women are extremely rare while ugly men is very common.


True, but people who complaing about that are young, and how many ugly women in their teens or 20s are there compared to men? Youth does not carry the same premium for both sexes.


sounds more like you have desperately low standards and look straight out of mordor


did you even talk to your classmates in school? half the girls in every class were ugly


Well idk what your standards (or environment) are, but in college almost all were hot. Like in my entire class with 60+ women, there were 2 I would call ugly.


>It basically never happens.
Of course it happens. Well adjusted handsome men who became self aware at an early age have no problem valuing qualities other than boring facial symmetry.


Me, I think after 38 years I have seen the best my life can offer. All I get for the rest of it will be decay.


Ugly women are not rare, most men have no standards and tend to overrate.


I wish I wasn't so attracted to the goth aesthetic because 99% of "goth" people nowadays are vapid tiktok e-girls/e-boys.


Everything just keeps getting worse.


What are you supposed to do if somebody your dating asks you about your sexual history? Do they actually need to know that? What if I refuse to share?


s when ms paint comics were anything other than copypasted soyjaks.




Send them your standardized sex-excel sheet (that is manditory for all citizens to keep as part of their obligations as a citizen)


File: 1715089259661.jpg (37.88 KB, 493x622, sexo 3 final chapter.jpg)

Guys, I think I caught chlamydia… the tip of my peepee is burning… I thought I loved her :(


Talk about your past relationships. I never had any issue doing this. You don't have to tell everything if you have done some really fund worker's state things, but honestly, it's a good way to bond with someone to share about your past experiences and discuss what were good and bad about them. People who have trouble doing this might be too immature for a good relationship.


File: 1715092242186.jpg (93.29 KB, 861x632, 1715091546636605.jpg)

Take the hampill. Being incel is s choice.


I feel like both parties there are not consenting to each other.


I choose death


where is that shay pdf about the cock growing medicine ?.


Are you dense? It is more like he has none.


I don't like it when my hookup goes off about how she sucked four dozen cocks or whatever, but now wants something serious. I usually ghost over that.

>embed related


File: 1715096617168.png (458.1 KB, 476x375, ClipboardImage.png)

Sister found my twitter and said I'm pretty much disowned and not allowed near her house anymore because I'm not voting for trump. There's not even much political content on there it's all just random animal vids but I said I wasn't going to vote for trump in a reply. She's a very extreme dailywire/prageru style conservative and mentally ill so I guess it's be expected but still feels like shit to lose family because I won't simp for a billionaire. Thank fuck she didn't find out I'm a communist lol I think she'd legit try to kill me.


Did you have séxò with her though? Why this thread?


It's a relationship, even if not romantic or sexual.


Does your sister have a penis? How big is it?


Let her send you a couple of dailywire articles and say that you've changed your mind.


My advice; wait a little while for her to ease up on you, kiss and make up so you can get into your sister's pants and convert her to dixiebolshevism through pillow talk and roleplay


make shit up, dumbass. convince yourself of your colorful sexual history, make it your truth. learn to perform cunnilingus and claim you were taught by your high school sweetheart.


>I don't like it when my hookup goes off about how she sucked four dozen cocks or whatever
gf used to do this a lot, but stopped doing that when i accidentally (autistically) said that sex with a previous partner was way better, during some impromptu interrogation about past partners. she got extremely fucking angry for like an entire week and then just wrote that, after thinking for a while, it'd be a lot better to not discuss each other's previous partners ever again. girls are insane, what's wrong with them lol


Never refuse to share, thats sus, she is just going to assume the worst, whatever that is. Obviously, under no circumstances admit you are a virgin, but embellish too much, you want it to be convincing after all. Saying that you have been single for some time since your last long term relationship broke up is a safe choice.


i cannot stop fucking hotwives on reddit my dick is gonna fall off ahhhhh


File: 1715105458791.jpeg (8.85 KB, 168x300, image.jpeg)


needs more facetune


Make it a gif or a MP4 with sound


Even early midde aged people complain about "hebecentrism" in dating.
At least the women.

Hard agree. You cannot have it both ways.
People want a monogamous relationship with a checkered past. I aint down with that.

It aint just sluttiness eother. Alot of druggies, criminals, or super slobs think romantic love is their redemption license.


Is she a tradthot?

Usually PragerU/John Birch type conservatives usually arent well read on politics.
Theyre also covert clients of LGBT escorts.

This is why single men have the last laugh.


The laugh single men are having:


>mfw living on the feeding of lies

>You cannot have it both ways.
Disagree. You can, but I don't want to fucking hear about how many dicks you've sucked or how much you hate your ex. As autistic as it is I'll try >>531054 next time it comes up because it really pisses me off, especially hearing about high school romances as someone who was alone through college and has been bombarded with decades of teen love propaganda by hollywood porkies.


Yeah she's a tradcath and knows next to nothing about politics but feels very strongly about them


Shay how deep did it go inside?


Ahahaha that's amazing. Keep being you.


File: 1715117202476.jpg (95.33 KB, 675x900, glow sister.jpg)

LMAO why is everyone's advice to this guy telling them to have incestuous sex?


Why the quotation marks?
>My dad probably isn't going to live much longer
>I'm eventually going to be the sole caretaker of a NEET sibling, an aging mother and a severely disabled, non verbal sibling in an extremely high cost of living area with no career.
Damn, that's tough. Keep holding on and try to find something because it isn't over 'til it's over. You still have a chance.


Do you have the original picture I think I deleted it


File: 1715117851415-0.png (44.14 KB, 251x180, sister.png)

File: 1715117851415-1.png (489.62 KB, 1113x796, big_sister.png)

Only got the pngs


Sister 😍


Recombine them


>>531180 is this 3d


Honestly I'd just cut off contact. I don't know why you would want to have her around.


This world is so dark.

I feel like somebody turned off the lights all of a sudden.

It all hinges upon the turn of a knife.


I have been feeling that way lately too


File: 1715127041705.png (1.19 MB, 720x1000, Portrait_half-light.png)

Learn to wield the knife. Grasp it in your hands and twist. When you feel the blood on your skin, you will know you are alive.


File: 1715127173434.jpg (83.03 KB, 736x500, concern blue shark.jpg)

>Learn to wield the knife. Grasp it in your hands and twist. When you feel the blood on your skin, you will know you are alive.


How deep did what go inside where?


you would also feel the blood inside and an electric feeling of the knife inside the hand, don't play with knifes, specifically butterfly knifes, one time it slipped and went flying when doing the tricks and stabbed my hand
this post was made with the Elinks browser


pics or it didnt't happen


This was written by a chinlet


>What are some of the best hedo resorts to visit and stay?
Try North Sentinel Island, she'll love it so much she might not want to leave.


File: 1715131659000.png (953.99 KB, 1124x1078, 1708739729460526.png)

I caught a cold. Whenever I have a cold, I feel sadder. Material explanation?


>why do i feel bad when my immune system is fucking up
gee i wonder


tha cold, morangue.


File: 1715133424494.jpg (50.83 KB, 640x635, furry execution.jpg)

New insult just dropped


Not to sound like a weird incel but whenever I hear my female friends talk about men they find hot it's always roughly the same people and archetype, while whenever I hear my male friends talkig about women it's much more diverse in race, shape, height, and face. It also saddens me that I will never be brought up as attractive by third parties in this sort of conversation even though I'm not that bad myself, while I've seen all of my female friends acquaintances be desired by some man in a conversation not involving them, out if their own admission. I just feel like the bar is way, way higher for men and there's not much more I can do: I'm very hygienic, I dress well, I'm thin (could be muscular I guess), I do skincare. I asked a female friend for advice on why I'm so repulsive to women and she told me I don't appeal to the female desire and brought up the main dude from Pride & Prejudice from, what I've read on summaries, is some dick aristocrat who later in the story becomes less of a dick towards the protagonist. I still don't know what she meant.


Theyre psyoped to do so. Saying women are less intelligent in your post is logically equivalent to saying men are more evil.


It's just how women get off sexually. Just think of the subbiest fag and you'll understand women.


File: 1715137081038.gif (1.25 MB, 388x388, insane.gif)

>You can have your cake amd eat it too

>I dont wanna hear your teenage experiences of love because I never had any

Cognitive dissonance much?

People will always compare you to previous partners. If you dont wanna deal with this get a loveless sexless girl.


Its so sad that most people are too dumb/weak to appreciate singlehood.

People in relationships areoften bored and have little free time for hobbies.
They hav to sneak around for excitement.

If youre single know that youre blessed.


It hurts so goddamn bad. I haven't felt pain like this since one of my dogs died unexpectedly a decade ago.

I had a difficult relationship with my older brother that deteriorated over the last few years. He's the one that introduced me to imageboards for better or for worse and while we have our disagreements we were super close growing up. I will never forget buttboarding on a storage tote lid down the apartment stairs as a toddler. He changed in his mid 20's and became a lot colder and meaner to me and I never really knew why.

He's been hinting at moving out for a while now but the speed that this has happened with has hit me super hard. Now it's all on me to keep this mess together. I'm lonely. I'm really, really going to miss him in spite of it all, and the way my family dynamic is I'm probably not really going to see him again if rarely. I wish things had been different.

There's only one person in the whole damn world I can send a text message of Apu singing to and get an even more hilarious, obscure imageboard meme back in response. I hate life. I hate living. Why did it all have to turn out to be so painful? I hate capitalism too: my dad is just getting so old and worn out and he's all we have left…if I don't get my shit together when he dies my family will be homeless - it's all too much for me to bear FUCK


oh for fucks sake did the OP attract the disco elysium posting faggot from [REDACTED WEBSITE]


Yeah that tends to happen every night…


File: 1715186153766.jpg (99.87 KB, 719x683, hag_machine.jpg.webp.jpg)


>One survey found
Journalism at its finest.


fat women don't really actually fuck they just talk about it. that being said I feel called out having gone a little over my weightclass because I fell for a really cute profile pic
how do I atone bros Zyzz just shakes his head and closes my mental image when I try to remote-view him now


fuck i'm supposed to get coffee with someone and i got all caught up cleaning my house. guess i'll never contact them again 😎


Damn bro, at least apologize. Why can't people even take responsibility over text?


oh don't worry I wasn't serious about thinking that was cool just picture the sunglasses emoji over crying wojak
you know what it's actually only 20min after i get off work, i told them when i get off, and they just cancelled because of allergies yesterday so i don't even have to come up with an excuse. maybe i can be like, let's get dinner instead at 9.
gonna go do that now and finish cleaning instead of posting~~~


Definitely, go for it.


>eating less
>losing mostly muscle and water and stomach size but barely any actual fat for months
very cool


LMAO, whales are already under the Instagram disease, they would rather choose their dragon dildos than any attention-giving incel.

BBW fantasy is closed forever.


>BBW fantasy is closed forever.
And women your age or older >>531327 if you're over 30.


Hit the irons.


I've written a small piece of fiction which is part of a story that came to my mind a week ago. It's the first time I've ever tried to write something and I just want to play around with it and express myself.

I never realised how much of writing is an active effort of the will with deliberate construction. When I read what little I have written back to myself, I can see how it is simply an amalgmation of dormant thoughts and feelings and half-finished ideas that never see the light of consciousness.


If anybody wishes to read it:


>muh pure autistic virgin tradwife
Not real, a fantasy. Go back to /pol/.


you need to lift weights and up your protein intake, i honestly dont care anymore, it's pretty hard losing fat past 20-ish bfp


i would date yukarin


How the fuck do you lose water? Just drink more. Water retention isn't good. I've never heard of an opposite condition. If you just did a small amount of exercise you wouldn't lose muscle.


This is interesting if you're serious because your incel logic boils down the competition between risk-free instant entertainment and real sexual intercourse to "dick versus dildo" memes. But the competition is so much more severe than that to grab a really fat chick's attention because you're competing with every other form of entertainment available to them like I said, and guys come with the risk of not knowing what it means when they get a headshot but not body and/ornudes (hint: not the same thing as when a Regular Style Woman sends you a face pic, which is "better get coffee before you see the rest bucko") and being offended by the extraneous Beautiful Womanness. Even if you are genuinely attracted to a chubby girl her brain is fried by healthy at any size vs "total hamplanet death" discourse, and she will deep down think you view her as a weirdly shaped dick receptacle even if she's not even obese by the Amerikkkan SStandard


File: 1715269881778.jpg (39.62 KB, 817x599, df4.jpg)


>under the Instagram disease
if anything instagram is making them extremely self-consciouss. you wouldn't believe the amount of objectively hot girls i've met who have deluded themselves into thinking they're hideous freaks due to insta. fat chicks either are NOT on insta or are insanely insecure and body posititivy rhetoric is total cope, they're a push away from breaking down.


I think it's funny he believes the dildo is the threat to finding hamlove. The Funko Pops and media addiction are more competition than the GigaDildo + being able to pine after perfect guys. Does that make sense?
Yep, also you'd be surprised how many non-instagram using women you will find out there.


Go make a tinder right now and swipe right on everything and you will easily end up with a dozen or dozens of hamplanets. They are HANGRY for sausage.


You're gonna think this a dumb meme but protein is extremely filling and very tough to digest, losing 30% of the calories in the process. For losing weight the key is a bit of complex carbs, then lots of b12, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, fibers, potassium, and protein protein protein. Kills refeeding syndrome within like a day.
If you eat less, replacing the calories with protein and ensuring you don't lack micronutrients will make you feel better. Eating less of the same crap you usually do will make you feel like garbage. Good luck. I'm going to write up some key points from Leangains and other books which helped me lose weight then subsequently become enormous for you guys tomorrow before the weekend. I don't really think most people mean some of the upsetting things they say in this thread and it's self-effacing in some cases (otherwise I would abandon all hope for you all)


File: 1715270952290.png (947.43 KB, 604x510, 1715264947420-1.png)

This is true, even if I'm compatible with a woman I'll never compare to her first or most fond memories.


tinder is an exception because even ugly girls are getting matches on the daily. you wouldn't believe it, it's insane how many matches land your way just for being a girl on tinder


Jokes on them because I only swipe right on everything because I can't be bothered to look at the profiles of a million women who won't match with me anyways. I only look at profiles after we've matched.


afaik the algo punishes you for indiscriminately swiping right


>Jokes on them
No its not, they have options, you dont.


Fun fact, the app has an internal ELO system (yes, like chess, techbros love adding this to places it does not belong, like multiplayer fucking games) and that destroys your matchmaking level.
This is why I would rather just get banned from Linkedin for sexual harassment. I will never submit to the "Swipe"


I think the algo just pushes your account when it's new anyways. I just delete and make a new account.

A lot of those options are imaginary is what I'm saying.


at this point even tiktok seems like a better place to hook-up. you're competing with sex-addled male models on tinder, it's surreal lol

> A lot of those options are imaginary is what I'm saying.
to some extent yes, like 90% of matches won't even respond, but unless you're a 50 year old recovering from severe burns, you probably can find a date in a couple of hours if you're a girl


Again just because the hamplanet gets matches does not mean it ultimately draws them away from the Peaky Blinders marathon and Animal Crossing. ☝️ I need to stop referring to women like this, I like big asses. This is counterproductive. Whatever, no woman would come to this website unless they were male.


Men can be hamplanets too.


I didn't want to say Tiktok because it just makes me sound like a pedophile, but yes actually putting my face out locally has been insane, this is the first time I can post my deadpan sarcasm online and turns out people still like it especially since the people on there are really Epic.
Tiktok and Reddit and literal Twitter are the only places I have hooked up with anyone (other than community dodgeball and basketball) in like two years.


Yeah I'm just unironic sexism posting in the thread for no reason I hope you know it's not what's in my heart bros. I will start talking shit about gay men too once they stop seeming like beautiful dick sucking angels to me and I become jaded.


File: 1715271733131.png (39.97 KB, 245x231, ClipboardImage.png)

this is honestly what comes to mind when you say hamplanet

lowkey titkok has turned zoomers and millenials into very online types, it's ripe with opportunity.


File: 1715271834436.png (20.07 KB, 105x103, ClipboardImage.png)

lol her face



So is femcel now just a female alt-righter, regardless of sexual history?


hard to tell since a lot of "femcels" are just incels making up their dream date, which is usually a fascist underage girl


Do you have to be a virgin to be an incel?


>this is honestly what comes to mind
that hamster deserves the planet imho


Its an aesthetic, more than anything. Heteropessimistic, but no, for women it has nothing to do with sexual history.


NTA but I don't comprehend the aesthetic, is Grimes femcel-coded?


File: 1715273708577.jpg (39.6 KB, 1050x591, Untitled-1.jpg)

>nobody read my little work of fiction
It wasn't any good anyway


i tried but the first line reminded me of the doom meme and i went to watch that instead


I did not see your posts, I skimmed, but I have now read it. I don't really give writing feedback but ☑️


Which one is it? I can't find it in >>>/hobby/3558


I saw it in a movie I think.



Oh I didn't realise there was a place to post writing. It's here >>531521


is 8 inches enough


With the hoeflation? You'd be lucky to get past the labia these days.


yet the girl who fucked me for weed couldn't take 4. hoe shrinkflation. hoe stagflation. it's over for firsties


Mark it on a ruler, put it in your mouth, and tell us if you're big enough


>you wouldn't believe the amount of objectively hot girls i've met who have deluded themselves into thinking they're hideous freaks due to insta.
Is your life a teen romcom or something? I don't believe that at all, the world is very effcient at letting you know what you look like.


Just fishing for compliments.


>the world is very effcient at letting you know what you look like
I don't think I've ever got direct judgements on my looks.


that's a judgement in and of itself.


>the world is very effcient at letting you know what you look like.
200% retarded incel logic


File: 1715307262719.png (145.09 KB, 374x498, ClipboardImage.png)

>the world is very effcient at letting you know what you look like.
A lot of parties have a vested interest in feeding your insecurities and making you delusional about your appearance.


That I'm unremarkable?


i think you're correct, if other anon was right about people not being deluded about being attractive, we wouldn't have dysmorphia-induced plastic surgery aliens



>fat chicks either are NOT on insta
They totally are in thirdie countries.
>or are insanely insecure and body positivity rhetoric is total cope, they're a push away from breaking down.
Somewhat true, they're more likely to just get bitter and depressed than to break down altogether.


File: 1715321445203.jpg (377.17 KB, 1536x2048, table sis.jpg)

No, it's an effect of it being cut out of the photo

Actually I don't need to, I found it


Danceanon back with another update. Nothing happened, I got nowhere aside from superficial dances, no one really wants to talk. Its ogre, being an incel is genetic and permanent, back to doomposting.


Keep going, at least you have an enjoyable hobby now.


i want to learn to dance like rithik roshan


Rescheduled coffee date went really nicely I feel like a human being again. I try to avoid the "desperately seeking intimacy but without commitment or vulnerability" dude cliche but it is nice to just have little moments while speed dating since relationships I've had never seem to contain those moments, they feel tense.
I feel self conscious posting my retarded horny shit in this thread where everyone is all depressed half the time. Maybe I should talk about how bad things really are. Maybe I should talk about how much weird shit happens to me that leads me to pursue weird encounters. Maybe I should blog less, actually.


While I've been restraining myself from incestposting out of respect for my unenforceable ban (for advocating incestuous rape in the thread), I must ask what is this a reference to?


File: 1715351028763-0.png (578.42 KB, 591x933, ClipboardImage.png)

These are the people who want to gatekeep human relationships behind an app. Go outside.

Say hi to strangers. Start a conversation with a stranger, even if it's just a random compliment. Go to a physical meeting place. Join a club or a class or a support group or SOMETHING. Don't let these lizard people control your social life.


>Start a conversation with a stranger, even if it's just a random compliment
Women love when strange imageboard incels give them compliments.


Tech is one of the last industries that actually serves as a site for some new investment, rather than Chase just raking in 80% of its incomes from mortgages, so there is a need to manage their artificial reality with Metaverse crap like this rather than acknowledging control of communications cables and other telecoms internationally by companies like Meta and Google, these companies' preeminent position in the global economy (access to cheap labor and resources, Taiwan for foundry, India etc for testing and packaging and also as a market for walled-garden internet and biometrics/surveillance products from Google and Meta) & with first world investors, their relationship of patronage with our intelligence community.
In other words they just need some fake shit to talk about while they enjoy being part of a massive series of global ponzi schemes.


File: 1715352531814.mp4 (2.17 MB, 720x720, soyjak booba.mp4)

Maybe don't act like a weirdo and practice basic hygiene. And give a reasonable compliment about like a wardrobe choice instead of vidrel.


this says a lot about silicon valley


File: 1715357081309.jpg (Spoiler Image, 279.36 KB, 1429x2048, the_man.jpg)

>Our focus with AI is to create more healthy and equitable relationships
>create more healthy and equitable


File: 1715357174823.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.09 KB, 320x158, the_dude.jpg)

>help you train yourself




>For Foucault, biopower is a technology of power for managing humans in large groups; the distinctive quality of this political technology is that it allows for the control of entire populations. It refers to the control of human bodies through an anatomo-politics of the human body and biopolitics of the population through societal disciplinary institutions. Initially imposed from outside, whose source remains elusive to further investigation both by the social sciences and the humanities, and in fact, you could argue will remain elusive as long as both disciplines use their current research methods. Modern power, according to Foucault's analysis, becomes encoded into social practices as well as human behavior, as the human subject gradually acquiesces to subtle regulations and expectations of the social order. It is an integral feature and essential to the workings of—and makes possible the emergence of—the modern nation state, capitalism, etc. Biopower is literally having power over bodies; it is "an explosion of numerous and diverse techniques for achieving the subjugation of bodies and the control of populations".[


File: 1715358994267-0.png (84.54 KB, 629x523, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1715358994267-1.png (2.19 MB, 800x1068, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone know how accurate this is?


Pretty inaccurate because it is missing the pandemic and post-pandemic years where it shot up even more.


File: 1715368235342-0.png (443.6 KB, 593x644, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1715368235342-1.mp4 (1.6 MB, 640x360, AI dating 2.mp4)

>what if there was a world where you upload a bunch of your text messages so we understand who you are
>this is what AI will allow us to do
Reminder that a lot of apps require permission to access things like your messages.


Honestly, good. If AI can replace human romance, that means only that human romance has already being turned into completely alienated mechanical busywork, its not changing anything, just revealing how it already works.


TIFU by telling my girlfriend I can deep throat better than her

My girlfriend (23f) and I (25M) are in a long term relationship. She’s going to school in Atlanta and I’m in New York. I miss her all of the time but we can only see each other about once a month when I drive down. So as you can imagine, our text and FaceTimes can be pretty raunchy even though we’ve been together for a while. One day, our conversation got to giving head and she says “The only reason I stop is the need for oxygen, not a gag reflex” what a flex. But my girl is amazing so no surprise.

I, the ever competitive and always curious man that I am responded “I can deep throat better than you. We can get a 10in dildo and I know I’ll go deeper”

She hits me with “I already know I can throat 10 inches”

Those who get it get it. I’ve been down bad for days now 😭😭😭

She been handling 10 inches????? I’m about to never pull my dick out again!

PS: there is nothing wrong with my girlfriend or anything she’s done in the past. She’s great! It just made clear the fact that she’s flexed her skills with a much larger dick than mine. 🥲

TL;DR: I said I could deep throat better than my girlfriend and her confidence in her ability made me self conscious about my dick size.


A redditor was able to find a throat goat girlfriend, what is your excuse?


Most online-met couples I see IRL are moronic npcs .


All that is solid melts into air, all that is holy is profaned, and man is at last compelled to face with sober senses, his real conditions of life, and his relations with his kind


Going on another coffee date tonight, we keep going to a cute place that stays open til almost 9:00


Purple is still rising retard


Had two dreams about this female friend, and although I know she isn't dating anyone I know her pooldate include my superiors in my job.
The second one was literally me just reclining my head on her legs and she patting and caressing it.
I'm fucked
I know it because I cut with the blender today while cleaning it
Buy some kettlebells and become Zangief
Monsieur guillotin for all of them, summary ends for all techporkies


Why does he look like a cop


I literally walked outside of a new gym with a woman I didnt know this 1 time and told her I loved that they opened up. Just basic small chit chat and she seemed scared AF


Does anyone else use youtube to do research into women?


>this 1 time
Ok? There's people who will get spooked by social interaction. Don't let them make you scared of it too.


It probably fell off post-pandemic, online is only getting more popular.
You must see a lot of moronic npcs


>You must see a lot of moronic npcs
This but unironically.


If you do "research" on women you've already gone majorly wrong somewhere.
Evil resides in the very gaze that perceives evil all around itself


>ooooooooooohhh the west has fallen technology must die
ok faggot, i find it great that the internet destroyed geographic boundaries


>Its an aesthetic, more than anything.
just like 99% of ideologies


just be honest bro


Why is it illegal for incels to go outside?


It's to protect them from all the horny women who want to take their wizard powers away.


Disregard romantic relationships. I will never subjugate myself to that horrible experience ever again. Learn to love yourself. You don't have to go to the gym. Just enjoy living! Nobody on this planet is worth it!!


Says the tor user


Trust is good, control is better


people say that sex is a basic need because human reproduction is a basic need. My question is: Why is it necessary for the species to consider living on? Someone might say, well they must continue living on or else they will die out, but I do not feel that that fully addresses the extent of my question. I suppose humans inherently have survival instincts and are afraid to die, but again, that answer still does not satisfy me. Does it really matter if there are humans or no humans? I guess, in my idea, it doesn't really matter. Value is a human-created concept. Our world is perceived within the extent of the bounds of our minds, which is fickle and fragile. Therefore, value does not exist outside of the human mind. As such, it means nothing whether the humans species lives on or not. My ideas may not be fully accurate, but I am curious to hear the perspectives of other lainons on this topic.


I don't think anyone is saying that human reproduction is a basic need.


people on here loeterally say sex is a basic need.


It is. I mean you won't necessarily die without it but you could say the same for love, security, etc as well.


Love is not a basic need either.

People here are generally not very bright and you shouldn't take their opinions seriously.


Theyre not unbright.
Theyre just shallow and entitled.

But youre wrong about love not being a basic need.
I dont mean romantic love but fraternal love.



TikTok isnt just teens you know.

Thats a dick move.

Most people are too weak to understand this.

>Value is a human-created concept. Our world is perceived within the extent of the bounds of our minds, which is fickle and fragile. Therefore, value does not exist outside of the human mind. As such, it means nothing whether the humans species lives on or not. My ideas may not be fully accurate, but I am curious to hear the perspectives of other lainons on this topic.

Value isnt inherently anthropocentric.
But humans do hijack the realm of value.


Met up with really bad vibes but hot Indian swinger mom have not been coerced into some kind of weird porn thing yet. However I didn't sleep and I feel really stoned. Maybe I should shower an extra three times before I go bond with my family.
This isn't great reasoning. Sex is an incentive-reward system. Love is closer to security in terms of being an actual survival drive, nobody's ever really survived on their own as a human.
God, I hope not.


>remember my latest ex exists
>we still kept in contact for years after the breakup
>look up her profile
>first page of posts mentions "a shitty ex"
>pretty pretty sure its talking about me
uh, guess i shouldnt contact her after all. i wonder what happened



you haven't dated her in years, how do you know it's about you? guilty conscience much?


Its a peculiar joke but its also disheartening. Hes not ugly.
Hes plain looking.
And he seems to be more blending in the background.


stfu fedora uyghur


maybe a lot of men haven't experienced this, because they don't approach women in person, but only approach online…but if they do decide to approach women in person, what you are saying is true–"the community" does rise up to take you down, and it feels as though you are going to be murdered.

I've done this before, and very quickly, other people come out to stop you. It will probably be a security guard if you are at an indoor mall, or it could be the manager of a supermarket, etc.

The main thing is that the people who come to you to ask you to leave the premises, or otherwise…act as though you are a dangerous individual, similar to a terrorist.

It's crazy because everyone has a reproductive system. Every person was created through sexual intercourse, through the expression of sexual desire.

Yet people act as though having sexual desires is wrong.

Even if you talk to females for too long, and in a non-sexual, non-threatening way, they will call somebody to remove you.

For some reason, it is socially unacceptable in the United States to approach people in person who you don't know. You can only do that in bars and clubs, in Las Vegas, etc. But even if you approach females on the streets in Vegas, even on the Las Vegas Strip, they aren't open to it. You at least have to be in a casino. They perceive all men on the streets as dangerous, for some reason.

And you have to be in a group of people also. They don't want to meet a man by himself. Only if you are with at least one other person do they have a chance of being interested.

They probably perceive any man who is by himself as a crazy person, like a schizophrenic person, a drug addict, homeless, etc.

But yeah, people will really gang up on you and indirectly threaten you. They will make you feel like they are going to beat you up if you continue to approach females in the area, or they actually will say they will beat you up. You may feel afraid for your life…which will cause you to stop (because you actually will believe that you are going to be attacked physically and seriously harmed).

It's insane because when was anyone taught that approaching females in public was wrong? I guess normies know that it's wrong, and due to the fact that normies do what is normal and popular, they confidently assert themselves, acting as though you have committed a serious violation, and acting as though everyone knows that talking to strangers is wrong. If something is out of the norm, then normies are highly against it, as though it is illegal.

There have been many dating coaches who say things like, "Always talk to strangers," like David Wygant's book title. He used to teach that you could meet women anywhere. When I tried that, the police were called extremely quickly.

And you can't approach women in a happy way…you can't be at ease and just approach women in a calm, relaxed way…they will interpret what you are doing as highly inappropriate, annoying, threatening, etc.

There will be many white knights who will appear out of nowhere to give you a hard time, if the police don't show up first.

The police will treat you rudely and may shout at you to leave the area before you understand what is happening.

A female may lie that you pulled a weapon on her…so when the police show up, they will detain you and search you.

The main thing is, people respond extremely negatively in response to a man who is doing what is natural and normal, which is making progress toward successful sexual reproduction, but for some reason, people don't appreciate it, don't understand it, it's like it is a totally foreign concept to them. It's like they are totally asexual and have no interest in sex.

It's unbelievable.

But the good news is that females from other countries act way different. And if you go abroad, it's totally different. Women actually will approach you, smile at you, be happy to talk to you, desire to date you, enjoy your company, etc.

I still don't understand why American women and the American people don't embrace a man going out and approaching women in public. And it doesn't matter if you are good looking either, by the way. If you are by yourself, they will be afraid of you.

But whatever. That's the truth. That's what is happening. That's what is. The American people hate talking to strangers.


Jesus christ, is this Chris-chan at this point?


I've never seen this happen


Can anyone else hear that beeping?


>Yet people act as though having sexual desires is wrong.
The correct take is it's wrong for some people to have sexual desires.

The rest of your post is the logical outcome of "sex is power" brainrot - if you're an undesirable nobody, you're automatically vetoed from sex.


>Even if you talk to females for too long, and in a non-sexual, non-threatening way, they will call somebody to remove you.
Obvious troll, but I want to hear these tales


This is why we should stick to porn amd sex dolls


File: 1715568856518.jpg (45.86 KB, 617x615, 1387435387982.jpg)

so much effort for such poor quality bait


He'd be considered ugly to a lot of women because of app brainrot


i cant stop thinking about shitty things i did over a decade ago, all the opportunities ive lost in life, how i feel empty all the time now. at least when my depression started as a teenager i still had a bunch of outlets, now its either ennui or fear 24/7.
just wanted to vent, i dont see a way out of this slump as days keep passing by and im pretty much the same if not worse.


What kinda shitty things did you do?


just being a toxic asshole to the people who trusted me the most multiple times. i was a stupid kid at the time but once i realized what i had done i cut off all contact with everyone. i dont even know if i got better or if the opportunities to be a piece of shit never presented themselves again.


Why does the Anglosphere has so many White Knights?
understand women are a privileged class here in Anglosphere countries and you are correct in that women are placed higher than men. This is not just true in the social/cultural dynamic but also in the legal dynamic where women have more rights and opportunities than men. Furthermore, you have the intense propaganda that tells you that women are better than men but also in the past men oppressed women and therefore men have to take a step back and allow women to lead. (We see how well this is going don't we?) Of course, the feminists tell the women that they are just as tough and strong as the men are but if you have to try to convince others of that maybe you really aren't so tough and strong as you think. You have multiple generations of men who have acquiesed to women and now it has become ingrained in the society across the board. The average person refuses to question this so as not to be labeled misogynistic or a nazi or alt-right or whatever buzzword is out there in the moment. The women in the Anglosphere are now so privileged that they dare not question their position either and they won't because of the privileges they have been afforded whether they actively realize it or not, many of them subconsciously cannot dare question it because it is all they have known their entire lives and so they likely wouldn't know any other position in society. In reality, equality is a ruse even though theoretically it is supposed to benefit everyone but all that it does is build your society on a foundation of sand so that one day it will inevitably collapse and we are approaching that day.


sucks to be you


I'm a sex


Tired of my gf. She went back home for summer break and it's given me time to think. I want to date someone hotter or more mentally stable or less demanding. I've been enjoying my extra free time, but she calls me in the evening and it pisses me off. I'm either gaming or going to sleep.


Do you have feelings?


No, and I never have for anyone.
A relationship is what I'm getting out of it now.


>Why does the Anglosphere has so many White Knights?
Roman catholic thirdiestans are 1000x worse in that matter, I can assure you.


What's the best suicide method if I don't have access to a firearm?


Exit bag allegedly.


is it praxis to reclaim femcelism from reactionaries


I have looked into that extensively and the risk of survival with permanent brain damage is far too high. It is also very difficult to procure the necessary gases in my country without working in an industry which requires them.


no method is foolproof. even with guns, there's a chance of the bullet only damaging parts of your brain that will make you retarded if they stop working, or that the shotgun pellets will blow off your face/jaw.

the best method is to stack as many things as you can to increase the odds of death. like, overdose on pills, then use the exit bag or hang yourself or jump off something high. that being said I dont know what options you have available to you.


incels put too much stock on romantic relationships i feel, like they're nice, but also like even good relationships require walking on eggshells a lil bit, learning to correspond is hard, and craving being corresponded just puts a good portion of your mental wellbeing at the whims of someone else. maybe it's just neoliberal individualism that has rotted my mind but it's kinda nice to be by yourself, to not have your own happiness poured into someone else. sometimes i could just choose to treat myself real nice and be happy for once, since you only depend on yourself, money is not tight. you can disappear for weeks on end on some remote beach. hell, even if you're a broke hikkikomori incel, you can just play video games and watch movies all day long. spend hours hunting for obscure shit to pirate. like if you seize being single, the sense of freedom you can get out of it is as intoxicating as any relationship, and you kinda can't do that on any relationship that is remotely serious. i guess it's just a grass being greener thing.


femcel aethetics, yeah. (femcelcore?)


We'll be dead soon enough at least.


Note that when I'm saying Anglo I don't just mean Americans, I have seen these attitudes from Brits, Aussie's and Anglo-Canadians as well. I was spending time with some Anglo acquaintances and they started complaining about young men in Asian. How Asian mother's "coddle" the young men. Some Asian mothers(not all of them) seem to be very affectionate towards young Asians men.

This "natural bond" between men and women seem to upset Anglo's. They believe this "men and women" bond should not exist and the boys should just be left to fend for themselves, to "toughen up." Meanwhile, Anglos praise some Asian young women since they don't have all these "coddling." Then Anglo's go on how great women are just by virtue of being women.

the Anglo world being the "inverse" of the rest of the world in many aspects.

I will like to add I like the average Anglo, but I don't understand where "anti-men" and "anti-young men" attitude comes from. Meanwhile, Anglo women seem to be the opposite each time women get any privilege they cheer for them. It seems with Anglo men each time men get any "break" or any help they dislike it. I think they believe everything a young man has needs to be earned, while everything a young woman has can and should be given. Hence the whole "princess" phenomenon.


Just be honest with her and don't waste her time.


I notice that Anglo culture is very hierarchal when it comes to male hierarchy while being egalitarian to the extreme when it comes to the female hierarchy. In the Anglo world, all women are queens. You can't deem a woman to be inferior to other women for any reason… Whether its because she's fat, because she lacks femininity, because she's vulgar, or even because she is slutty.

When it comes to men, however, Anglo culture absolutely shits on low and medium status men. High status men, on the other hand, are virtually immune from criticism the same as women are. Actual high status men by the way, not what woke idiots think is "high status."

Asian society tends to be fairly egalitarian when it comes to the distinction between average and high status men. But Asian society can be similarly brutal towards low status men. Then again, the standards for what makes you low status in Asian society are very different from what makes you low status in the Anglosphere.

Actually, every society tends to be pretty brutal towards low status men. But Anglo society stands out from the others in that it treats average status men almost as brutally as it treats low status men. The distinction between low status and average status is much thinner in Anglo society for men then it is in other cultures. I would probably be considered an average status guy by Anglo standards but I feel much more sympathy for and relate to low status men much more then I relate to high status men. I feel like most of the men in Anglo society who have high status don't really deserve it to be honest.

What really makes Anglo society a hell for men though is how women simply aren't expected to obey any social norms whatsoever. No matter what a woman does, its always some man's fault. Society bends over backwards to solve any problem that any woman might have but no matter what the problem is for men, its simply "man up you loser!"

Asian men love taking care of women but in Asian society, women at least have to prove themselves worthy of being taken care of. In Anglo society on the other hand, men are expected to take care of women for nothing in return whatsoever and without any standards for proving themselves worthy of this treatment. Anglo women expect to be taken care of by men they aren't even married to or have shown loyalty towards.


>it's just a grass being greener thing
It shouldn't be so hard to get time to yourself when you're in a relationship, nor physical intimacy when you're single. Bourgeois sexual mores make this impossible.


White women will still in most instances, choose a white guy on social benefits over a non-white guy who's responsible and have a decently well paid upper middle class job. If you want to add a non-white multi-millionaire to the equation, then the situation will more likely turn out to be this: The white woman will let the rich non-white guy shag her while taking financial benefits from him. Meanwhile she maintains a secret white boyfriend with no-job and he will be 'alpha as f**k bad boy' :roll: Of course, you can get any girl, white or not, if you are truly rich. There is also a chance that she will be loyal to you, but the risk is there. I am just stating the obvious.

Role reversal? Probably.
Most desperate Asian men (those live in western countries) dream of that day when the role 'reverses'. They dream of having the same privileges as whites. I can tell you this is clueless thinking. The way the Chinese system and white privelege works is a bit different. The Chinese technique goes back thousands of years, and it pretty much remains static except during certain periods. The Chinese way is mainly Confucian, and it is about inclusiveness. This is why you see one billion Chinese people. These are not organic growth of the original people from the time when Yellow Emperor started the Chinese civilization. Other people in the surrounding and nearby lands were simply added due to Chinese influence. In other words, they were turned into Chinese over a number of generations. You might have heard of the many recurring wars the ancient Chinese had. But most people didn't realize what happened after these wars were over. The victororious kingdom reassigned the surnames of the people in the defeated kingdom, and there was also marriage quotas such as the one legally enforced to ensure certain foreign merchants (eg Persians) marry local Chinese, etc. Imagine the whites didn't enslave the blacks, and the blacks come to work in America as free men, and legally enforced to marry nice little white girls. OMG!!!

Back to topic, many simply become the Han Chinese. Korean is also classified as Chinese (don't believe me look it up). The Japanese were also Chinese but booted out after atrocities during world war 2. Some prefer a lesser Han identity but still remains Chinese. Kaifeng jews is one of the hundreds of examples. If the Chinese acts like the Anglos, they will launch a lot of genocidal sprees against a lot of other people, instead of including them in their society. This is why you don't see the black vs white scenario throughout Chinese ancient history. Occasionally fringe groups got genocidal, but it never lasted long. The time when the Chinese lost their supremacy started when they think they as a race is too awesome, so they stopped being more inclusive. They started building walls because everyone else is a 'barbarian'. It's like much of the western world now. It can only go down from there. But don't expect white girls falling on Asian guys en masse. There will be a long time of white strife before they finally wake up, just like the Chinese suffered in the past, unless they learn from history. But people never learn.

Thanks for reading my long post :wink:


>incels put too much stock on romantic relationships
oh you think? lol
>like they're nice, but also like even good relationships require walking on eggshells a lil bit
they shouldn't. obviously you have to have communication skills but not "eggshells." the normalization of shitty relationships is a big part of the general problem here. people need to relearn how to communicate and how to listen (including listen to themselves lol).
>learning to correspond is hard, and craving being corresponded just puts a good portion of your mental wellbeing at the whims of someone else. maybe it's just neoliberal individualism that has rotted my mind but it's kinda nice to be by yourself, to not have your own happiness poured into someone else.
you can have time for yourself in a healthy relationship and both parties should actively resist becoming joined at the hip. you should cultivate parts of yourself that are outside the relationship so that you can actually bring things into it from outside, as well.
>sometimes i could just choose to treat myself real nice and be happy for once, since you only depend on yourself, money is not tight.
money should be less tight with two people earning and sharing some of the costs, including trading off things like who takes care of dinner.
>you can disappear for weeks on end on some remote beach. hell, even if you're a broke hikkikomori incel, you can just play video games and watch movies all day long.
fair but you can do this or a smaller version within a relationship and if it's a good relationship, then being with the other person can still feel like this. a lot of people in relationships will just do their own thing "by themselves" but still in the same room.
>like if you seize being single, the sense of freedom you can get out of it is as intoxicating as any relationship, and you kinda can't do that on any relationship that is remotely serious.
Sounds like a personal preference tbh. There's tradeoffs of course, but there are also people who prefer a FWB situation or something else in-between that lets you get a different combination of benefits and drawbacks.
>i guess it's just a grass being greener thing.
yes and no, some people are just happier one way or another, or only like being one way for some time before wanting to switch. it's pretty complicated.


>maybe it's just neoliberal individualism that has rotted my mind
Yes it is. You are trying to reframe socially imposed alienation as some kind of individual choice that should be appreciated.


T-thanks glowanon


okay so i know me coming in here to sperg out about hypersexuality and degrading risky sex on retarded apps for debaucherous normoids may come off like i'm having a great time, and i am
but i've only been doing this because im too retarded to get in a relationship
incredible news i am going on a date that isn't just a precursor to a hookup you will soon be free of me showing up to say shit like "fucked a small titty reddit wife and sucked her husband's cock"


I'm not in the "Anglosphere" you dumb burger. Kill yourself.


Good post


>I'm not in the "Anglosphere"
white knight migrant


My observation has been that only in the Anglo-Societies there's a clear misandry against straight men. Anything a man does can be interpreted as weird, creepy, "gross" or "try hard" as Italian thinker Evola said, it seems that in Anglo societies men and women have a very poor relationship. There's low tolerance for sex. Anyone wanting to have sex, especially men are seen as weirdos. It wrong to like sex or want it.

Meanwhile, homosexuals and homosexuality is readily accepted and even encouraged. To many people around the world this might seen bizarre. Why is it that former deeply religious people as soon as they stopped being religious turn to homosexuality as their way of "liberalism" ? I remember an interview with a ex-lesbian from the Midwest who said she was deeply religious, but hated men. As soon as she stopped being religious she then turned to homosexuality as her 'outlet." However, as soon as once she found "religion again" she left the homosexual community. In my opinion in the Anglo world people identify with others of their same sex much more than with those of the opposite sex.

Many Anglo's who I talked to always assume that "Sexual Liberalism=Homosexuality." For instance, a friend found it bizarre when I showed him a movie of a guy who hooks up with multiple women. Yet there's ZERO homosexual content nor homosexual acts. Hence, he was puzzled. In fact, there's some cultures where it means men having affairs with multiple women and being players and some visiting brothels. It doesn't carry the same "homosexual connotation" in the Anglo-Cultures.

As some thinker say it seems homosexuals, minorities are "voting blocks" and "political agents" for the left around the world and especially in America and the Anglosphere.

The desexualization of homosexuals and the creation of the 'homosexual identity' was the way that gay marriage was legalized. I remember, that left wing politicians sold it as "love" between two people of the same sex. They completely downplayed the sexual element. Similarly when an Anglo married Pocahotas he also did it with "Love" as the justification as opposed to sex. 'Lust" is always bad in the Anglo societies.


wtf I love anglo culture now?


Obviously today society has become much more secular and sexual liberalism is now promoted on the surface but what has really happened is that those same puritan-inspired ideas concerning winners and losers and sexual access being reserved only for the worthiest and most economically productive men continue to be practiced in a secularized form. Because of this vestige of the old Anglo puritan mindset Anglo women still hold onto the same notion of most men not being worthy enough for them, that men have to work hard for their approval and to get the "prize", that ordinary men who don't fulfill society's high standards of what it means to be a winner are "creeps" (very puritan indeed) and should remain sexless, etc. This is all the same shit.

I perceive "sexual liberation" in the Anglosphere more as a feminist talking point. What is usually meant by sexual liberation is that women should be allowed to slut around as much as they like with high-tier males without judgment or social consequences. But what about ordinary guys? There's no inclusion of them in this concept; rather the same old puritan-inspired mindset of ordinary guys as creeps and servants who must make a great deal of sacrifice in order to be considered worthy of sex with the liberated and independent modern woman still applies. Indeed, Anglo feminism itself has always been extremely puritanical with regard to male sexuality. It has always promoted sluttiness and unbridled sexuality for women and sexlessness and sexual shaming for men. Feminism is just another layer on top of the original anti-male puritanism of yesteryear.

Outcast, it is nothing like this in non-Protestant societies such as Southern Europe and Latin America. In those regions, which have incidentally received the same sexual liberalism that we have, there is no desire to create a male underclass considered unworthy of sexual access nor is there any widespread movement to demonize male sexuality or disenfranchise men from dating. Men are rarely shamed for our sexual interest in women. Flirting is considered normal. You can tell a girl that you think that she's hot without being shamed or called a creep. Moreover, prostitution is socially acceptable. Paying for sex is seen as men taking care of our natural needs and not as something dirty or for losers. It is much easier for men to get sex in these cultures. Not even feminists are hellbent on opposing male sexuality.

The Anglosphere is totally rotten for men precisely because of this vestigial puritan-inspired mindset which today has become mixed with feminism and ideas of (female) sexual liberation.


LOL! Does anyone else watch these? They're hilarious.


File: 1715686283492.webm (310.33 KB, 640x480, the_future.webm)

The only way I'll ever get in a relationship is through being beta bux. But as a low value male she'll inevitably get tired of me and start seeking elsewhere to fulfill her needs. She'd cheat on me, cuckold me, perhaps even openly, get intimate with her superior lover that I can't compete with right in front of me. She'd berate me for my shortcomings and I wouldn't be able to argue against it all.


The mother of all cherry picked data lol


24m, virgin, europe.
I have a problem. A physical problem really.
How do I even get to meet girls? Where do I even meet girls? I do not even know if I am good with women because I have absolutely no clue where to meet any of them, and I have been in mostly male environments for a decade.
I have been into what is functionally a male-only high school, and followed out a bit with compsci in collage, which I dropped out a year ago.


File: 1715689874307.png (1.3 MB, 700x1000, 169839 laugh.png)

> it is nothing like this in non-Protestant societies such as Southern Europe and Latin America
This guy is either a moron or lying through his ass


people are often making sweeping cultural statements about places they've never fucking been


Sono italiano testa di cazzo


Vice documentaries don't lie



Dating in 2024 At least 80% of American girls are ugly based on what I have seen on OkCupid in the northeast region. I have never seen more ugliness in the White Race than American girls.

A girl in the video would be a 7/10 in America but just plain abroad in Europe.

Even being thin in America is now often enough to get a girl placed above the 60%-70% obese females.

America is a disgrace of a nation and it's not a superpower.
I'm a visionary and a philosopher king


Even if I met and got to date a leftist girl, it'd be a Trotskyist sex worker who posts nudes online to advertise her OnlyFans and has a bodycount before me. She'd be

Probably a weaboo (enough to visit and apparently live in Japan), seems to be fan of (or referenced) Reincarnated As A Slime, Death Note, Fate/Stay
Owns kunai (Japanese knives) and showed it off in nude post
Watched the 2022 Batman film, familiar enough with his rogue gallery to speculate about sequel villains. Was disappointed in Batman Ninja (anime Batman film made by Japanese)
Made a Pokemon reference
Played DnD, enough to prefer a class.
Gamer? Plays Diablo IV

Sex work
actively does (online?) sex work, has an OnlyFans, Cash App, ManyVids, maybe more.
Posts her nudes online.
Sex work (OF daily content?) seems to be mainly solo (nudes, masturbation, dildos, plugs?) but have also included penetration by other men (unsure how often)
May be a cam girl
Claims to be kink fetish friendly, claims to love lingerie, claims to be horny 24/7
Has tattoos
Does cosplay, including maid, Harley Quinn, sailor uniform, school girl
Asked online for tips on using a strapon on a partner
Claims to procrastinate by masturbating, but also thinks it's okay because she does it for a living
Once spontaneously flew out to Tokyo for less than 48 hours on a whim to visit a guy and have fancy dinner (How could she afford this? Sex work pays that much? Sugar daddy?)
Seems to have visited and live in Japan for some period of time (recently made forum post asking about Japanese internet, is studying Japanese, familiar enough with certain Japanese places to know which restaurants and shopping places to visit).
Claims to work from home (online sex work?)
In April 2022, claimed to start moving 4000-6000 miles away from home, begged for OnlyFans 'love' to relieve stress
Answered a now-deleted question where her answer was: friend/acquaintance first, then intelligence+humor (getting into pants? attraction?)
She calls herself slut in one of her usernames, as well as personal posts calling herself slut or whore. At least two posts have her begging to be degraded for sexual purposes by strangers' comments online and she also replied to them to play along. Posted a picture with the words "dumb slave" written with a marker below her bare breasts.
Had sex with a man, allegedly for hours, and he, like her, has an OnlyFans. Both posted pictures and clips of them together online for everyone to see, she said that no one does it like him, revealed she was sore for a couple of days, and also invited him to stretch her out anytime.
Had anal sex with well-endowed man but had little practice on her part, implying she needed time to recover after that.
Had a spitroast threesome, with two men she called 'strangers' and 'new friends' which implies she didn't know them for very long.
Is into BDSM, seemingly as a submissive. May be into getting spanked/whipped as she was seen with red bruise marks on her butt and thighs, and also presumably into getting tied up (as seen in nude posts).
Apparently got ghosted by one of her dominants (BDSM relationship) before.
Had, in her words, "great recurring" and eventually hyper-realistic sexual dreams about her polisci professor, which in her words made class "more interesting". (Was the polisci professor a Trotskyist or something else leftist?)
Claimed to have flashed her breasts at one of her teachers who then had to cancel the rest of the lecture.
Claims to have gotten aroused sitting through a lecture on the Platonic dialogues.

She identifies as communist, Marxist, Trotskyist, and so despises Stalin as dirtying the word communism and as not real communism. Claims to subscribe to historical materialism and the materialist conception of history, meaning she studies "the fuck" out of historical events and lays them in proper context.
Replied to questions in communist/political forums and lengthy reply explaining why she supports communism to anti-communist detractors. Besides posting about communism, also posted about US history such as a leftist take on Ulysses S. Grant.
Posted in forum for 'IATSE: the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees', which revolves around trade unionism and the performing arts. (Meaning she may be involved in the performing arts?)
Recommmended Kollontai's 1921 work titled 'Sexual Relations and the Class Struggle' when the topic of marriage and private property came up. She is a communist sex worker who refers to Kollontai, even though Kollontai said that "Prostitution destroys the equality, solidarity and comradeship of the two halves of the working class."
Accused the communist Reddit forum mods that banned her to be closet libs on a power trip that also read ten too many books on identity politics.

Was studying for finals in May 2020
Apparently does graduate research at a university.

And I couldn't do anything about being uncomfortable with her line of work because it'd be misogynistic and patriarchal. I would become Adam22 because she'd film porn with men that are not me, men that I can't compete with. She might even brag about it online and then tell me it's just work.


>And I couldn't do anything about being uncomfortable with her line of work because it'd be misogynistic and patriarchal.
you absolutely can provided you have enough money to replace her OF income, do you think she WANTS to have an OF?


Those who think people hate making money through OF are delusional. The ones comparing it to prostitution are downright retarded.


It's a pyramid scheme that ranges from stripping to being an e-madam. If you don't think that's part of the prostitution industry, you've completely lost the plot and become a porn-brained chan lunatic.
Just because there are a few women who make it to the top of a multilevel marketing scheme doesn't mean the scheme isn't based on bargaining down consent, and in fact makes it far easier for people to start getting used to having their consent bargained away at a less extreme level, to get them into it.
After all, isn't all sex based on bargaining away or subverting consent via manipulation anon? Go on, tell us. Tell us how Alexandra Kollontai never considered strippers. I'm all ears, I am at work and just printing shit out AI sent back to us all day today.
I didn't even mention how these e-madams and hotwife idiots provide cover for a human trafficking network.
Surely nobody would ever lock women in a room and rape them en masse for profit, you surely think, despite having spent plenty of time in the past few years complaining about Andrew Tate.
You sex work-positive eurocommunist first world only feminists are just as delusional as Haz, thinking all hookers are petit boug like PLUMBERS. I find you people quite disrespectful but I'm glad I never encounter you in the flesh, and never will.


Is this like someone who you stalk? Or did you just make all of this up?


File: 1715717458004.png (204.39 KB, 600x424, ClipboardImage.png)


>do you think she WANTS to have an OF?
Yes, she claims to be horny 24/7 and kink fetish friendly, and has objectified/degraded herself willingly online (calling herself a slut and writing dumb slave below her bare breasts) even though she could've simply not went for that niche. But this is the kind of leftist girl I would meet. I would break my back trying to make her cum but it wouldn't compare to her past lovers or this and that sexual experience. Sooner or later she would pressure me into wearing a chastity cage and then take pictures and videos to post online to feed her online sex work and turn clout into revenue. She would claim it's all just for the 'gram, money and kink fetish but the things she'd say would sound eerily real, personal and hard hitting. And I wouldn't be able to do a thing about it because beggars can't be choosers. She'll probably jack off her lover to completion and then call me over and smear her semen-covered hand on my face and my mouth, and say degrading things to me such as speaking to me in an infantilizing manner and referring to my genitals as a 'clitty'. Or after he's done giving her multiple orgasms she calls me over and tells me to eat her out, even though her bestial strong superior lover just gave her a creampie. She'd pat my head and call me a good cucky. And I wouldn't be able to do a thing because I'm a low value male and this is where I'd belong.


>You sex work-positive eurocommunist first world only feminists
buzzword buzzword buzzword.
Its a job. In ideal world it wouldnt exist, but it does, empty moralizing doesnt help sexworkers or trafficking victims.


File: 1715720850495.gif (452.15 KB, 294x342, 9b4.gif)

The fuck did I just read


He tricked you into reading his cuckold fantasy.


No hating on sex workers, that's not what the topic is even about anyways.


Which rule?


>No hating on sex workers
<deletes whole conversation defending sex workers
We're ruled by a bunch of apes.


anti-idpol rule. article 3 subsection 7.

Ok, maybe I should have said 'no discussion of the ethics of sex work', it will still derail the topic and people won't be able to resist arguing against it.


>enjoying time by yourself is "neoliberal individualism"
stop being pseuds come on


>anti-idpol rule. article 3 subsection 7.
Since when has someone's income stream been classed as idpol? You do realize they can just switch jobs, they weren't born to be prostitutes? This is the most retarded thing I have read on here in a while, and of course it comes from a janny.

If I said "techbros are a bunch of overpaid losers" would that also be idpol? I want to see how consistent you're going to be with this new interpretation of the rules.


mods are overmoderating the place but your posts are embarrassing tbh


why should i go through all the agony of trying to get a girlfriend when i can just jerk off


>hating on sex workers is against the rules as idpol
does this mean we can also report any posts saying baristas etc aren't real workers because they're a service or unproductive, etc?


leftypol doesnt need more fucking rules just because some posters are dumb


idpol was always against the rules


shit like this is why we need a real Butlerian Jihad like in Dune


people misunderstanding what productive labor means isnt "idpol"


calling baristas PMC is


pmc is just a stupid way of saying middle-class, which isnt "idpol" either


>does this mean we can also report any posts saying baristas etc aren't real workers because they're a service or unproductive, etc?

yes if I'm modding. splitting of the working class is wrecking. Though usually I don't mod stuff like that unless it gets totally obnoxious and takes over/derails the thread


Buddy the only one who is using buzzwords here is you using "sex work", an insidious phrase which has even wormed its way into UN institutions tasked with handling child rape. They started calling them "child sex workers" in many of these intitiatives. You're unwittingly in league with people normalizing pedophilia because of your love for the new pron trends and buzzwords LOL!
Retard, sorry you are triggered by examples of people who agree with this and implement instead of engage in idealist babble to justify their masturbation habits online, LOL. In Belgium pimps are able to reprimand women who refuse 10 men per six months. In Germany most of the hookers have back problems and raw holes, the johns complain about it on the forums online.
Even the Nordic model, which is weaksauce compared to what every communist group in history has approached the issue with, is better than "just legalize it lol it's normal stop being weird it's easy they like it lol, ignore how it only appears in concert with precarity, look at my examples of winners in multilevel marketing schemes"


The fuck difference do the rules here make? It's just a couple neckbeards deleting anything which rustles their jimmies, wouldn't make a difference




File: 1715828439978.jpg (201.21 KB, 1200x1800, GNnLl5FbAAEzYdq.jpg)

how can I get a qt gf to read theory with?


Anal sex is gross and too much work


If I ever got into a relationship, miraculously, that's the only logical realistic way it would end up going to. Cuckolding. There's nothing I can do about it. She will seek out a virile lover who lasts longer and gives her the multiple orgasms she deserves. She would tell me it'd be selfish to not let her have that. "Don't you want that for me?" I would be stumped and not have any counter-arguments.


i was exactly like you and then i ended up in a nice relationship and became the cucker. i still feel terrible about it


File: 1715862550231.jpg (185.93 KB, 1170x1426, GBRXYIFXkAAU9KY.jpg_large.jpg)


I really wish I had a Civic or Corolla. I know they're cheap cars in US but our Civic and Corollla models in my cuntry are premium cars with more features. They're sturdy, reliable, comfortable, safe, and can run alright.
Maybe when I get a good job. Or not, cars are getting more expensive here every year


This was supposed to go in the car thread.


File: 1715866148914.png (587.86 KB, 768x768, Fhs5SnuXwAU92rn.png)

I accepted being a stone cold incel and was comfortable with it but then I had to take my dog to the vet. One of the vets at the front desk was really cute, kind of a mousy type with glasses, I was just checking in for a booking and she was all bubbly and giggly. It was infectious and I found myself smiling and giggling with her. Nothing else happened, I didn't really think about her nor the interaction (apart from it being unusual) but I noticed I felt happier for about a week after. It reminded me of people who have been starved suddenly eating a full meal and then dying afterwards due to the shock the body takes.

Am I cooked or nah? I might have to bite the bullet and start using the apps, I don't think anyone was ever built for this kind of life


>One of the vets at the front desk was really cute, kind of a mousy type with glasses, I was just checking in for a booking and she was all bubbly and giggly. It was infectious and I found myself smiling and giggling with her.
Incels aren't allowed to do that. You're not supposed to communicate with women in a flirtatious manner, and you know that. She should have reported you for sexual harassment.

Anyway you broke the rules and are now suffering the consequences. I hope your dog is okay.


Yes you should try to date. Don't spend your life in regret.


How did you get convinced that you should be alone? What you experienced is just a normal social interaction. Go outside more an talk to people more. Sometimes it will be a qtπ.


>Am I cooked or nah? I might have to bite the bullet and start using the apps, I don't think anyone was ever built for this kind of life
It's not over until it's over.


I wish I was dead.


>I might have to bite the bullet and start using the apps
Don't they are a scam and there are third party scammers inside. Online dating doesn't work unless you already have no issue finding anyone.



sure there are some scammers but just be smart.


>I don't think anyone was ever built for this kind of life
Lmao, good luck.
There's three men for each girl on Tinder btw.


I know, I know

Regret implies a degree of control I think, I don't have any regrets but I definitely feel bad

Pretty much all my life I have been treated more or less like a background character. No one really had expressed any romantic interest in me, no one has really wanted me. I've watched friends who I've known for ages, who have a similar background to me, get in and out of long term relationships. I stressed over it for a while, as if there was some esoteric knowledge that I didn't have access to, until I realised that getting in a relationship is the most natural and simple thing that anyone can do. There's no use fighting against the tide


That is how I feel about my being as if there is a physical force of the universe unlocked by my incel genetics that repel women in any circumstance and punish me when I try to not adhere.


we are dealing with simps unfortunately.

Anglos are descended from Germanics.
They are the creators of chivalry and Protestantism.
They are the popularisers of eugenics and Nazism.
They hate emotional intimacy and male beauty.


No matter how ugly you are or autistic or whatever there's still a decent chance for you to end up in a relationship if you try.


Lmao this shit is so cruel


It's true though. Go stick your black pill up your ass.


You're in the wrong thread.


It's possible yes, but being happy is another thing.


File: 1715909417685.jpeg (60.22 KB, 385x390, 235236236.jpeg)

>incel general



Not even once.

Idealism begets expectation
Expectation begets entitlement
Entitlement begets indignation
Indignation begets insurrection
Insurrection begets reformation
Reformation begets regression
Regression begets desperation
Desperation begts idealism




Blackpill is acceptance.
Redpill is coping and seething.

But anyway, are you ugly, fat, autistic, and broke?
If you arent or dont have experience with those whom are, I dont think your opinion is relevant.


Im not fantasizing for a virginal waifu.
Im saying that >>531113 is fantasizing about wanting a sexually experienced woman who wont compare him to previous partners.

If theres one thing that church was right about, it's that having sex with more than one person is like constantly reapplying wood glue to the same wood block


>If theres one thing that church was right about
There isn't.


tbh feelings do more damage than sexual intercourse.
You can "cheat" on someone without sex or kissing.


Are you sure about that.

It is the one very few things church is right about.
And if you follow my posts, I look down on Protestantism as motivational seminar bullshit for midlife crisis patrons.


Idk I mean I am pretty much that right now, but I have a boyfriend which I'm sure you guys will tell me doesn't count. And that's fair but earlier in my life I've fucked girls despite being autistic and taking poor care of myself and not having a job. Of course those girls weren't supermodels but they were cute enough to me. The point is that giving up doesn't achieve anything, you might as well keep trying.


Lmfao I'm so fucking hopeless bros.




< Tell me, where are your friends? Human beings have friends, Harry-boy. Where the hell are yours?


Memento Mori


We invited our current bull, Benjamin II, to swing by this past Sunday for an afternoon romp between the sheets. Things have escalated quickly and what was supposed to be a once a month to every six weeks engagement has been renegotiated. Barring any schedule quirks, starting next weekend we'll be hosting Benjamin on a regular basis, having him over for "Sunday dinners".

The frequency is a little much for me—I always imagined the perfect pacing would be what I mentioned above—that way we could settle into our own dynamic and just as I was getting comfortable there would be an intense night that would shake my world at its foundation. My wife who's the boss in the bedroom (in just about every imaginable way) has different ideas though and deftly pointed out that since we're fluid bonded with Benjamin we should keep him happy and satisfied and off of the market. Makes sense.

What's nice for me is Benjamin showed on Sunday that he's quite comfortable with some M/m action. That's great for everyone involved. My wife kinks hard watching me at the end of a dick, Benjamin gets serviced, and I get used. Pretty sweet deal.

Before this weekend there had been plenty of talk but no action when it came to the two of us getting it on. My wife wanted to build things up between us so she could savor the anticipation. Saturday night she informed us both that the next day we would be breaking the ice—and so we did.

Standard playbook for me is to fluff and clean up, which I did for our first bull, so I wasn't a bit surprised when my wife started things off by having me get on my knees. Benjamin's cock was rock hard though and standing at full attention—he needed fluffing like Florida needs mosquitoes—but that didn't deter me. I took him in my mouth and started lavishing some tongue love on his beautiful cock head when I felt my wife's hand on my shoulder.

"Stop. I want to get him wet him for you."

So she walks over to the bed, sits on the edge, lays back, pulls her feet up and jackknifes her knees open. Benjamin has already ditched me, and he's on her in a New York minute and starts pumping away. After about 30 seconds my wife props herself up and pulls Benjamin's mouth down to hers. After a long deep kiss she whispers something. He stops, pulls out and walks over to me. His cock is dripping with my wife. He's wet from tip to balls.

"Clean him up, baby. Be gentle. I want him to last for me."

*Now* I have something to do. After I gently suck his cock and relieve him of my wife's deposit, I start giving Benjamin some attention on the base of his shaft on my way down to his balls. He's groomed just the way my wife wants—shaved shaft, balls and perineum, hair up top trimmed short (but not too short). I notice while I'm down there though that he has some stubble on the base of his shaft on the left side—and when I pause and look closer I see a couple of centimeter long hairs hanging tight to his scrotum. I tap his stubble with a finger, "Looks like you missed a spot."

Benjamin looks down pulls his dick to the side and says, "I guess so." And then without thinking I say, "I can take care of that for you."

Before anyone says anything I'm on my feet and in the bathroom. Seconds later I'm back on my knees in front of Benjamin, I've dabbed a tiny amount of shaving cream on him, and I delicately tidy him up with a razor. Just as I finished wiping him clean with a damp washrag my wife appears at his side. Her pussy is a torrent. It's dripping long strings of fluid. I know she kinks hard watching me service a guy but I've *never* seen her so wet. I lean over to bury my face in her when I feel her hand on my head holding me back. In a throaty voice she gasps, "No. *Him*."

Three hours later Benjamin finally leaves after my wife drains him four times. She's insatiable. The front door has barely clicked shut when she tells me to take a shower and prep for pegging. A half hour later she's spooning me with her cock buried in my ass. She's planting kisses on my neck and whispering in my ear, telling me that she loves me and that I'm an amazing husband. She calls me, "my beautiful cuck" and says that watching me "make him perfect down there for me was the hottest thing I've ever seen." And then she tells me the brief conversation she had with Benjamin at the front door right before he left was her telling him to stop shaving and trimming—"because you're going to be doing that for him from now on."


Actually 10/10 bait, took me almost halfway through to realize there is no punchline, Im just reading a cuck erotica.


>Online dating doesn't work unless you already have no issue finding anyone.
If your issues are psychological, apps can help because they put you in situations where you're both looking for the same thing. There's no second guessing people's intentions, they want to fuck. I don't think I would have lost my virginity or developed the ability to approach women irl if I hadn't started on the apps.


Here is a problem, maybe someone can relate to this one. The computer god hijacks my serotonin and dopamine systems daily. It is generally less than thirty minutes before I turn on a goddamn computer or television, grab my phone and look on social media while I push out enough fucking logs to build a lincoln log cabin that would make any woodsman proud.

I feel like my sympathetic nervous system has become entwined with the computer god and has given me the perception that in order to activate my ability to feel accomplished, I scroll for hours instead of digging a hole and planting some seeds. Hoping for the right dopamine or serotonin hit at the right time and mechanically scrolling until I feel rewarded.

One finger practically runs my life, my mind is entering some type of symbiosis with an experience that only exists if there is sound infrastructure for it, electricity and engaging content.

My desire for content has changed over the years, first there was ogirish, rotten, oron and other websites which shocked my young mind to points where I dont think I would have ever gone and probably had no need to venture into. The experiences showed me a world of dysfunction and sometimes humor in that dysfunction, sometimes excitement but generally tragedy and painful human experiences. Going into chat rooms, shitpopsting, trolling and generally wasting my life.

I do think that those experiences led me to the place I am at today. Posting in this thread, trying to relate to others and sharing what feels like an isolating, confusing and sometimes emotionally damaging experience that is "the internet."

I hope that everyone who is having a hard time in life can remember that when a squirrel is trying to find it's next meal, it is solving a puzzle and playing it's way through life. It is rare that a squirrel faces anything other than a puzzle to be solved, a game to be played. It is figuring out it's way by playing. It is hard to look past the notion that playing your way through life makes it "just a game" but that's what you have to do. You can treat all of your problems as life threatening issues or you can treat them like puzzles. Watch out for that car!


File: 1715960634433.jpeg (59.89 KB, 480x692, 376.jpeg)

>Pretty much all my life I have been treated more or less like a background character. No one really had expressed any romantic interest in me, no one has really wanted me. I've watched friends who I've known for ages, who have a similar background to me, get in and out of long term relationships. I stressed over it for a while, as if there was some esoteric knowledge that I didn't have access to, until I realised that getting in a relationship is the most natural and simple thing that anyone can do.


File: 1715961152753.jpg (7.72 KB, 229x220, 1709205450839300.jpg)

Comparison of "you" vs. "them" is the thief of joy and you steal from yourself.

You must engage yourself to a point of self fulfillment without being in a relationship. You do not have to accomplish all of your goals, you must have them and be actively working towards them, which will fill you with pride.

You will gradually notice that you are engaging others with more confidence, which will make you a better partner and friend. This will most likely put you in more social contact with people and your probability of finding a mate will be much better, work your stats and be open to meeting new people and getting into new circles.


I wouldnt be surprised if that did happen


You're correct, anon. Thank you for you kindkness.
I'm currently in a situation where all I can do is wait. Wait to remove my braces, wait to see the results from the gym (which I joined this week), wait to save up enough to replace my Harry-Potter/Trotsky-ass glasses to something more stylish like picrel.
Unfortunately I have a retracted jaw which causes me sleep apnea and makes me hideous to look at from the side, and the surgery costs an absurd amount of money, but people always compliment my jaw for being wide and prominent so idk where that leaves me.


File: 1715963527545.jpg (92.36 KB, 500x666, sadclown.jpg)

I would start by working on a sense of humor about your jaw, not surgery.
Everyone is flawed anono, some peoples are inherently dangerous. Try thinking about how in the long term that no one gives a shit about what your jaw looks like, it matters if whether or not you're an asshole or an open kind person.

Women like an interesting face, no bullshit. You stand out just like someone with a chiseled jaw, just differently. So people notice you, alot of people never have anyone look at them, say hi to a homeless person next time you see one and realize you're not that bad off friend.


Thoughts on approaching a woman in a parking lot?


Thoughts on gaping my asshole with a whisk?



>rimless glasses
oh no


Post yours


File: 1715983297501.jpeg (104.24 KB, 998x551, 25326236326.jpeg)

The internet tolerating and romanticizing "femcels", despite them being as porn-addicted and deranged as male incels, shows how gynocentric the web is. I hate simps so much it's unreal.


Your potential partner is just around the corner, has the same exact vices as you, is just as deranged as you, and yet you spit on them? What do you want, a Californian pornstar served on a plate?


I used to post about how every time I start a romantic relationship with someone, something wrong happens, either on my part or theirs, then vent but would give advice to random anons in the process, but bitter posters told me I was "humblebragging" so I stopped.
You reap what you sow.


>has the same exact vices as you, is just as deranged as you
How is this remotely desirable?
On a similar note everyone saying they want a "yandere" girlfriend has clearly never dealt with an actually psycho partner.


I'm old by internet standards, I've never felt "the butterflies" for anyone in my entire life and only had one cute girl say they had a crush on me and I accepted because why not, the relationship was a mess mostly because of my insecurities caused by being surrounded by all-around terrible people as a kid and that only turned me off even more from ever cursing anyone else with my presence.


>How is this remotely desirable?
Why would a successful girlboss date your sorry ass? If you don't make any effort, why should she? Get your shit together if you want to date someone better than your hand and the next door psycho.
>On a similar note everyone saying they want a "yandere" girlfriend has clearly never dealt with an actually psycho partner.
I agree, but that's a path to personal growth. If you are a man, in most cases no physical harm will happen to you, it's only a bundle of headaches.
It's better to have an adventure with a crazy girl who will make you yearn for solitude than being a bitter incel shitting up imageboards for the end of times. Both of you are fucked up, try to make the best of it and turn this into mutual therapy organically.


What the fuck does this have to do with my post. You're assuming so much shit about a single post it's hilarious you try to hold some sort of high ground here.


>Wat the fuck does this have to do with my post.
People here are always complaining about being lonely. Either accept the loneliness, lower your standards to give a bit of love to the nearest femcel, or raise yourself to the standard you want to see in a partner. All are valid choices.
Love is a two-way thing, both of you give something in return to the other. If you are deranged, you generally won't attract people who aren't deranged. Your perfect anime waifu waiting to save you like in Welcome to NHK doesn't exist IRL, it's time to grow up.


No part of that post is complaining about being lonely you dumb hypocritical fuck. How much of your posts are fucking projection?


Sometimes I forget imageboards are filled with schizos who just want to vent at the people in their heads.


Alright, then why does it bother you if people are simping for femcels? I'm bothered by incels always whining about how women are evil and terrible and cruel (they can be fr), and I assumed you are one of them because basically no one with a healthy relationship would post in this thread.
I don't understand what is your point either beside being a bitter faggot. When I was talking about "you", I'm addressing the typical incel imageboard poster, not (You) who flip out over nothing.


LMFAO. You sound fucking insane. Going on multiple nonsense tirades over a single unrelated sentence on my first post ITT.
Sorry I have relationships with mentally sound people and don't enjoy the stalkers I've had to deal with I guess.

>When I was talking about "you", I'm addressing the typical incel imageboard poster, not (You) who flip out over nothing.

Then don't quote me? Are you retarded?


Good for you. You could have used words like "stalkers" from the get go to describe why it's undesirable to date a femcel instead of starting a sterile imageboard argument, we would have wasted less time.


>instead of starting a sterile imageboard argument
Yep, you're definitely nuts. Why don't you approach people IRL and start babbling to them about unrelated shit and see how they react?


>potential partner
Would rather have my throat slit.


So fucking lonely bros. Not even gonna write a multi-paragraph rant this time. I'm just so fucking tired of everything.


File: 1715996889547.jpeg (63.24 KB, 736x736, 354254.jpeg)

You don't know what you're talking about man, lol. Even if I was a complete weirdo I'd rather have someone who'd lift me up rather than let me sink.


File: 1715997382745.gif (1.77 MB, 320x184, 1342135235.gif)

Adding on, why is this schizoid ranting at some poor random anon who he thinks is me? Stop projecting and take your meds.


I really think that moving to Chicago would improve my ability to have hobbies and make friends but what to do in the mean time while I'm here in a sprawling hellhole in the South beyond saving money for a move all the way there


The grass is always greener.


File: 1716000631317.jpg (156.64 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

You say that dawg, but then there's women who shit on women for various reasons.
Like the internet mocking "pick my girls" – and while I haven't experienced them – people talk about them as if they're on edge of dropping a 10 paragraph rant on how much they suck.

Holy shit, shut up.
Especially with this shit:
>Your potential partner is just around the corner
<What do you want, a Californian pornstar served on a plate?
Pick a narative you fucking dipshit.

God, people talk about the problem with incels giving advice to other incels to "succeed", but people don't talk enough of the two face bullshit of those who never had to try in getting a girlfriend give advice.
Like look at this shit:
>>534594 - I don't want to date a femcel; mentally unstable woman
>>534608 - So you want to date *roll dice* instagram models? *checks dice again, it's on 6, not nine* Why would you want to date a girlboss?

Assuming you're not the other guy, some people post just to feel vindicated, not for tips.
It gets more interestingly ironic if that person is sexist and is doing that "only' women do.

Only on a technicality if they have a sitation where they cant interact with more people.
Otherwise, it can only get objectively better since:
more people = more chances of succeeding


lol twice as worse as NY and half as cheap(ps still overpriced). A city dedicated to try hard retards


'pick me' girl is basically a pejorative for a girl that is letting the side down by not having crazy feminist/hallmark expectations towards men, you could argue their shunning is an example of female solidarity, or at least cartelism.


I'm not going to delude myself into thinking x city/region in the burgerreich is a utopia but man, my current city has plenty of crime and homelessness and poverty with few of the benefits of being a "major city".


chicago is the same and they take pride in it


I see no point in continuing to live.


On one hand you have anti-feminist grifters and tradwife larpers, who absolutely should be mocked for being retards, but on the other I saw women being called pick-me for actively pursuing a man, which seems rather ironic because they are waiting to be picked, exact opposite, they are the ones who do the picking, which I suppose makes the ones too scared of making first move insecure.


>having a yandere gf is the only saving grace for incels.

>thinks yandere girls are just as cute and clever like in anime

>its better to have a psychotic gf than be single



My beliefs on sex and relationships are basically "I wish that feminism wasn't an unfinished revolution like reconstruction"


What did he mean by this


NTA but I think what he means feminism actually fullfilling goal of gender equality rather than (in an interpersonal sphere at least) regress into enforcer of gender roles.


>le sex revolution


>rather than (in an interpersonal sphere at least) regress into enforcer of gender roles.
My sister made fun of her boyfriend for having feminine tastes in media (he liked some random werewolf/vampire romance TV show) despite espousing TikTok feminist stuff such as decentering men in her life and whatnot. This is why we need Feminism for FemBoys and Gay Bottoms. Male femininity is the new frontier of breaking gender norms.


>have hobbies
No, only consuming expensive commodities.
>make friends
Possibly, higher density does put you around more likeminded people. Chicago is full of finance porky and their toadies however.


>it's not a REAL hobby
stop overcomplicating things, people outside of 4chan dont care


I am not the first poster to express this sentiment, but submissive hetero men should be part of LGBT.


Feminism is the primary movement driving hate against men lol


You are doing good, I think, nice post
You are like a little baby, watch this
My close friends, who are a couple, have at various times claimed: One has seriously suggested therapy to the other repeatedly (to which the other partner replied that they'd hook up with the therapist), the other one said "they (meaning their "better half") have psychological problems", one has claimed to beat the other, then another time to get beaten by said other, also I remember a discussion that took at least 30 minutes about various re-combinations of genitals (what if I had a pussy, what if they had a dick, would that be homo), there is a lot of other shit I won't even get into here. Anyway, great couple.


>app brain rot

No. Its just aesthetic brainrot in general.
Even before apps he would be wrongfully labelled as a creep.


Women are hypocritical. They complain about men being too vulgar and jocular in taste but then mock them for having non jocular taste


Youre wrong.
Its not women.
Its prime age light-skinned females who do.
Women whom are thick, dress alternatively, dark-skinned, older, single parent, etc are seen as dalit.


Ye people are hypocritical that much is known. Human beings are guided by a mixture of material interests and ideology, not by propositional logic


Last night i was cumming to the thought of my mother pissing and shitting on my face
Is the brain rot too deep?


I have to hand it to you, you've disgusted me.

I suppose the only question that matters is are you disgusted with yourself?


Honestly, no. But at least i know i should be.


Mods can we ban "people" like this





>Women whom are thick, dress alternatively, dark-skinned, older, single parent, etc are seen as dalit
In which countries?


>NoFap is nonsense and also bad for your health, said the anon


looking for any chance to promote your religion huh


Nah bruh keep gooning


Porn is terrible for your health but NoFap is pure retardation, Freedom Model/Easypeasy are legit if you want to escape.


In all.


facebook sex?


is it so hard to try to talk with a woman? are you a /pol/ agent or are you that alienated?


>Porn is terrible for your health
Then why does it only make me feel good?


Why didn't she choose bachelor number 3? I thought women loved funny guys. Instead she chose the stereotypical chad even though she did not see them and his answers said absolutely nothing.


I'm just an incel


Protip: When women say what they like in a guy, they arent telling you what makes a guy attractive, but what they want in a man they already find attractive.

Also, Trevor got kneecapped by being forced to sit, would have better chance if she could see how tall he is.


i would talk to women but it feels like a chore.


Why would you talk to us instead of talking to women? There are no funny stories in this thread, no people talking about their failures and trying to make sense of what went wrong, it's all whining and "boohoo good looking women on TikTok have sex while I don't". Who fucking cares? It's boring as fuck.
Take a risk just once in your life. Next weekend, go to a bar, drink alcohol and start reacting to what some random person says, male or female, just like you do when you post here. Say something funny and roll with it. Then if it doesn't work, go to the next bar and see what's happen. The odds of dying while doing this are very low.
You are lonely, you are alienated, speaking to strangers is complicated, we all know. But fucking hell, this thread isn't about sex and relationships anymore, it's all about discouraging every one of us from making bonds with strangers. You can't have both the comfy spleen you feel within your gamer chair and the thrill of flirting with someone at the same time, you have to make a choice at some point.


File: 1716127577490.png (18.75 KB, 991x372, 1715376612293348.png)

You can't just go and talk to random women if you are ugly, it makes them uncomfortable and want to get away from you. This is doubly true if you are remotely on the spectrum as well as being unattractive.


>You can't just go and talk to random women if you are ugly, it makes them uncomfortable and want to get away from you.
You can if you have a bit of charisma, if you learn how to talk well. Sometimes you look at politicians' wives, they are hot as fuck, and the guy looks like an absolute ghoul, it's because the guy's job is to talk well. You need to have social interactions to learn how to deal with people, to fail and learn, it's praxis.
>This is doubly true if you are remotely on the spectrum as well as being unattractive.
Then cut your balls and become an eunuch for the Imperial Court of China instead of complaining, you might even cuck the emperor in the process.


>You can if you have a bit of charisma, if you learn how to talk well
Charisma mostly comes naturally rather than something that can be picked up.
>they are hot as fuck, and the guy looks like an absolute ghoul, it's because the guy's job is to talk well
No it's because most politicians were bankers, lawyers or business owners before they entered politics. Women can look past bad looks if the guy has wealth or status. The most effective way to stop being an incel is to get rich.


File: 1716131101831.jpeg (24.1 KB, 469x385, 1242145545.jpeg)

Anon (>>535115) don't do this shit. I'm all for combatting alienation but if you're in this thread you're probably not all that attractive or you're neurodivergent. Try joining local clubs about things you're interested in, or fitness groups like martial arts. Also if you're not doing this already, look your best: lose the weight (or gain some if you're under), dress well, take care of your hygiene, wear deodorant.


File: 1716131641677.jpg (123.79 KB, 1024x620, 00c.jpg)


I'm 28 but look like a teenager, and it's ruining my life. Got a degree but can't get a job cause no one takes me seriously. My looks mess up how people treat me and make dating impossible.

All this stress gives me chronic headaches, stomach issues, and dizziness. Therapy hasn't helped, it just feels like professional gaslighting. They say change my perception, but that won't get me a job or a normal love life. The physical symptoms won't go away until the external issues do.

Honestly, being rich or communism would be the only way to offset being stuck in the wrong body, but that's not happening right now.

What's the realistic alternative to suicide in a situation like this? What would "normies" say to argue against suicide being a rational choice here?


>Charisma mostly comes naturally rather than something that can be picked up.
I disagree. I was really shy when I was a teenager due to being bullied, but a variety of experiences made me more confident into what I am, less autistic and more funny. I'm not saying I'm very successful at relationships, but I lived intense things instead of only complaining online.
You can change, it's just that you don't want to change and prefer to wallow in your own misery. It's okay, we all do it at some point in our lives, but don't try to drag down people into your pit and tell them there is no escape.
>Women can look past bad looks if the guy has wealth or status.
I know a really ugly guy, no chin, wearing glasses, strabismus. He work at a restaurant getting paid jack shit. His wife is PhD in biology, the most charming blonde girl you would see in your life, just the right amount of chubbiness, very smart and always interesting to talk to.
The thing is, this guy is funny and isn't afraid of interacting with the outside world. So no, you're simply wrong.


>You can change, it's just that you don't want to change and prefer to wallow in your own misery
I have changed and been trying to put myself outside of my comfort zone for years. The end result is that I'm more miserable and depressed than ever. You know nothing about me.
>but don't try to drag down people into your pit and tell them there is no escape.
Your advice to that anon is terrible.
>I know a really ugly guy (…) you're simply wrong
Anecdotal evidence. You also understand that your guy would probably get slaughtered in the modern day dating climate if he really is as ugly as you say he is?


>You know nothing about me.
Of course I don't because this is an anonymous imageboard.
>I have changed and been trying to put myself outside of my comfort zone for years. The end result is that I'm more miserable and depressed than ever.
Then become a Buddhist instead of whining. Nothing will change if you whine some more in this thread and post some incelfuel from reddit, you will just make the life of people around here seem more terrible than it really is.
>Your advice to that anon is terrible.
Why? Maybe your inability to explain your opinions with substantiated words is the reason why you are so lonely and boring.
>Anecdotal evidence.
Go back to reddit. Don't forget to seethe at r/FemaleDatingStrategy.
>You also understand that your guy would probably get slaughtered in the modern day dating climate if he really is as ugly as you say he is?
They got together 10 years ago at most. Neoliberalism was still kicking as it does today.


File: 1716135179850.jpeg (73 KB, 1194x710, 553452351.jpeg)

P.S. stop engaging in looks vs. personality debates. This debate has been going on for well over a decade and either side never concedes. Incels just reassert their hopelessness and "bluepillers" just reassert the usual talking points. You're not "saving" anyone, you're clogging up the thread.


This thread is shit because no one talk about actual relationships, trying and failing, being heartbroken, having a successful date to later being crushed by your own mistakes, etc. It's all about reposting incelfuel you can get anywhere else on the internet. Nobody who touched an ass once in their life gives a shit, and I don't understand what is the end game of posting such shit on a little niche thread like this. Houellebecq already wrote about this stuff better than any contemporary incel ever will 30 years ago. Live and let live, or read the goddamn book.


>Why arent people who never were in a relationship talking about their relationships?
See if you can figure that one for yourself.


Then this thread should be nuked since none of you are mature or immature enough to get into a relationship, as fleeting as it might be.
Since there is no sex happening and no relationships happening either, there is no point to this thread.
Don't forget to never ever take risk in your life. Be a good (unemployed) prole, never drink, never talk to strangers, never ask someone if they want to kissed, you might get the cooties. Monday is cagie day, look forward to it.


Oh look, its another episode of "anon argues with voices in his head".


I will shit up this thread as long as you aren't getting sex. You have been warned.


Incels are formative?


File: 1716137748826.png (196.31 KB, 300x320, 1713251681427.png)

Fuck my life and fuck mental illness. Been thinking about this girl that ghosted me for a while. We met up, had a good time and she paid for everything. She mentioned wanting to meet up again during the week. The last text I got from her, she couldn't meet me during the week and that she was sorry. She probably had personal stuff going on and became overwhelmed. But still think I'm cursed, not good enough because of my disorders. I just want intimacy but only with her. I can't bring myself to get excited for other girls, what's wrong with me bros?


Sometimes girls do this, ghost you out of nowhere even though it seemed like everything was going fine. It's cruel and hard to endure.
Take solace into the fact you were desired by her for at least a moment. You will eventually get over her with time.
From your post, I can't tell if there is anything wrong with you, you seem alright, and remember everyone has their own behavioral issues. She probably has one too since she is evasive like this, but it's okay, it happens. Maybe she will text you back later, but it's better to not count on it too much and move on.


Why don't you message her, damn.


Thank you glowanon. I should appreciate that I was desired even if it wasn't for long. Not sure how to cope honestly. Getting deeper into into normie and niche interests. I have been diagnosed with autism, psychosis, etc. I went down the "blackpill" rabbit hole about autism. Not sure if looks are holding me back, she would tell me that I looked handsome/cute. Yeah I don't doubt that she had some issues as well. Trying OLD again but it just feels pointless and boring. Probably going to delete again.


I have but no responses, I'll try calling her but the time doesn't seem right.



Talking on here is still more enjoyable than listening to some bimbo drone on about her major or whatever shitty music she likes. Nothing "thrilling" about them.

Also drinking is d3g3en_rate behavior. I hate alcoholics with a passion. I don't like drinking and I will never give in to this animal impulse.


I mean you see more infographics bullshit and empty platitudes than even people just complaining about their lack of a love life.


>post about relationship problems
>get called a humblebragger
I'm in a pickle right now where I really care about my gf, but I cheated on her before I did and she found out. We're still together, but with very good reason she has no trust for me and is always blowing up my phone in the evening. I just want to chill but feel obligated to respond because if I don't she assumes I'm out on a date or some shit. I don't feel like our values are particularly compatible either, but I don't want to let her go. She's deeply Christian.

Move on, don't send her needy messages. Don't block her either, you never know. I've done this to girls in depressive moments then later came back to apologize to them because it's really shitty to ghost.


Yeah I think I'm just going to move.on, I sent a lot "needy" messages to her already. She might contact me, she might not. It is what it is. Ghosting is pretty shitty to do but people their reasons I guess.

>I don't feel like our values are particularly compatible either, but I don't want to let her go. She's deeply Christian.

I feel like I'm the last person that should advice in this thread but I think you should let her go. If you cheated and your values aren't compatible. Do u u keep her around for security?


>I sent a lot "needy" messages to her already.
dude no


I admire and envy people who can push through life. All I do is mope and only get out of my comfort zone when things get terrible enough. I'm a little bitch, basically.


>quick-witted and steals the whole show with his jokes
>other two are mumbling morons trying to act like a stereotypically "cool" male from a movie of the time
if someone would rather go out with a jersey shore character than me i wouldnt even feel bad about it


>or are om some really good copium.
This. The only reason I'm still alive is mix of revolutionary optimism and bullshit copied straight from Vagabond.


Yeah bro, 😭.


I wish a nice person called me cute at least once in my life.


you do be cute tho glowfren


Incels aren't cute though. They're almost always ugly dwarf creatures who smell bad.


do you just come to this thread and assume everyone is just as rotten as you are


I have a coworker that looks like a dwarf and was married twice.



>was married


He is currently married to second wife.


pics or didn't happen


Post phrenological chart and the council will judge your "cuteness".


oh no haha
you can't say that
You'll upset the gamers


trvthnvke. Talking to women is more fun than hearing blackpill talking points regurgitated ad-nauseum. One tinder date told me about the sort of profiles she sees on there and it was kekworthy: someone had a Garfield Eats reference in their bio. "Love me, feed me, just don't leave me", she didn't get it. Another told me about her younger brother explaining blackpill to her. She showed me a photo and he looked handsome no homo just cooking his brain with incel bullshit.

>gain weight
Bad advice even for skeletons. Lean is life. Better to look like an anorexic dope fiend than skinnyfat.


Skellies look skinnyfat the moment they eat anything, you can see their breakfast through their clothes.


>Even if you talk to females for too long, and in a non-sexual, non-threatening way, they will call somebody to remove you.
self report


>Bad advice even for skeletons. Lean is life. Better to look like an anorexic dope fiend than skinnyfat.


absolutely true, the term would be "emotional cheating"
and its happened to me :/

when someone sets up an unhealthy dynamic, the type where they become the only friend, best friend, to someone who is socially isolated and provide them constant comfort and nurture them, if it does not include you and perhaps even becomes a priority over You, that is cheating.

good luck getting an s/o to admit that fact though lol


>Bad advice even for skeletons. Lean is life. Better to look like an anorexic dope fiend than skinnyfat.
but if your hair starts falling out in the process of cutting weight (during a fast) then youre fucked.. so what do U do


Take the black pill


not just incels, even mentally ill trans people who fuck a lot can be absolutely disgusting stinky skinnyfat dwaves.

t. dated an ugly ftm bitch who hasnt brushed or showered in a year solid


is it over though? what if you just augment your weight loss to be over a longer time frame so you aren't as fucked? just keep on eating OMAD and working out


really putting my fucking business out there but it had to be said. bulbous nose, promiscuous personality, extremely high sex drive due to past SA. still fucks despite being a rancid motherfucker. I think that means there's hope for you guys


Women only care about face and hair
Your body doesnt really matter as long as you arent fat or too skinny
If youre going bald then youre running out of time and will have to cope with shaving it off or hair transplant
Im saving up for transplant right now


or is it better to just be skinny with a buzzcut?? i mean, i really do be thinking about going all in on it


Autism badge of shame unless you're in the military.


Depends on your skull shape
But also notice how buzzcuts look inherently better when theres still a recognisable hairline lol
Going full bald can actually be better, but if youre too skinny you will look like you have cancer lol


>Im saving up for transplant right now
based anon, i hope you get there soon. make sure to do your research on the doctor you choose, make sure they have worked on people with a similar likeness to you before too!

i am on meds, so it hasn't gotten any worse but. thankfully, i have wriggled my way around the running out of time factor by being on an extremely high dose of spiro and have even seen significant regrowth in my personal case.

likewise i am wanting a similar transplant, im hoping it wont be too expensive in my case since hair loss is at the ~30%-35% level, mostly due to extreme dieting rather than genetics (nobody in my family is actually balding, and the hair loss is not in the Norwood pattern so I think I am safe) I am also considering hair extensions as a potential short-term fix, since that runs much cheaper


hairline is still very much intact and normal for someone my age
im considering bleaching and perhaps dyeing the remaining hair to be more trendy


waow it didnt link my reply cause i accidentally put a `
hi anon heres my reply


anyway i have a nice skull shape, and have been told so before
I still feel shameful about shaving my hair that short but it would probably just keep me motivated to lose weight, so a win win despite the poor self esteem


and to clarify, I did buzz my head pretty regularly around 2021-2022 and it just fueled weight loss like nothing else because there was no hair to hide behind


plus now I have ear piercings and getting dangly earrings would make me look much less like some buzzcut autist


I was with you til this shit
But this is my own reactionary autism. I hate piercings and tattoos so dont take it seriously.


I have other facial piercings too lol


also tbf I am a they
ear piercings just seem appropriate for my gender identity


Yeah i can guess
I seriously get butthurt about it and it turns me off from anyone straight away
I am a hypocrite tho bc i have self harm scars from when i was younger that are really ugly and attention seeking, but w/e


I am too old now to play gender games. The testosterone has turned me into a man.
But thats why i likethe whole debaucharus trans heroism of dying young. It reminds me of nero. Very roman. Pagan.
I am a boring christian clad in black. I dont even like nietzsche anymore. I feel my life fading with my hair, like delila cutting off samson's locks.


I saw a comment on reddit responding to an incel which said "you need to realistically ask yourself: would you want to date you?". The answer is obviously no but I can't feasibly see it ever being yes. I don't know what to do with this information other than use it to fuel my depressive state.


It's a dumbass question, don't dwell on it.


I wouldn't because I am a big ol' masculine man. But would I date a woman with similar interests and is broke I would because relationships for men aren't about anything outside of them. They are the end goal, not to climb socioeconomic ladders.


Why is it a dumbass question? I thought it was good and encouraged self reflection.

I guess the dating options for men and women are very different too. Men will take whatever they can get while women can afford to be more selective.


>he looked handsome no homo just cooking his brain with incel bullshit.
I think what many people overlook is that "blackpill incel shit" is more than just getting sex it's about society and evolution controlling women's sexuality and affection fucking over individuals. If women are attracted to you because you are handsome or popular, that meant they will ditch and divorce you if you lose your looks or social position. Their love was always fickle and ultimately worthless. Most men are so desperate they never take a step back.

>Im saving up for transplant right now
Imagine letting some hack give you an operation willingly. Honestly be better going to a place with legal prostitution and getting it out of your system.


you are taking fin at the same time right? otherwise hair transplant won't fix anything in the long term


dont die young anon. there is much life still hasnt revealed to you yet. what life offers is endless, it is there for you if you are willing to seek it out


although i think nero is badass


i have self harm scars too anon ;(
on my thighs
not for attention though, out of a need to inflict suffering on myself, an itch that had to be scratched. and thus it was

I dont get being against piercings tho tbqhnglanon no cap ona stack it reeks of protestant westboro baptist mindset


this is true.


>Romantic love is best left in the realm of fiction.
>There's a reason why weeaboos obsess over theor SoL.
honestly anon, I think writing off romantic love entirely is unhealthy and perhaps unrealistic.

you CAN find someone who admires you

you can find someone who is
<mentally stable
<aligned politically
<similar sense of humor
<cant think straight when they look at you

it's all a matter of putting yourself out there wherever you can, and just as importantly – fostering a life worth sharing


>Idk why people treat age numbers as automatic virtue points.
to me its not about virtue, it's about making yourself available for all the good life has to offer. even if the bad can seem suffocating


>Why is it a dumbass question? I thought it was good and encouraged self reflection.
The thing that makes it stupid is the assumption that desirability of women and men is judged by the same standards, which obviously isnt true. And also insulting because the implication is that the person in question is some kind of greasy neckbeard who spends his days shitposting on the internet in a room full of pissjugs.

Like if you are a 20-something gymcel with nerdy hobbies and kind of autistic personality, thats a tough sell for a man, but a female version would have no issues.


To be fair, the women who mock feminine men and the women who complain about elements of masculinity aren't usually the same women.


The often are though. They complain about men they have to interact with, i.e. the ones they date. A woman who is into masculine men and dates masculine men and is turned off by feminine ones will be the one who has the most to say about negative elements of masculinity because she is the one experiencing them.


I just got out of jail after seven months two weeks ago so I'm trying to adjust still. It's kind of sad I got along with inmates more than I do with the general public. At least in a jail environment I found a core group of people I clicked with and we'd all come together for a spread, or shared what we had, or just wasted time shooting the shit while I did tattoos.

Out here, it's different. I don't know if it's me and my generally laconic and reserved nature, or if it's just mean girls politicking, but I got my job back and I was immediately iced out from activities. Not that it matters as I wouldn't accept any invitations, but I still object to being treated like an afterthought. It's just annoying when you're busting your ass and people are too busy playing grab ass.

Which brings me to another thing: ex-wives. I've been broken up with mine for a year and she's one of the reasons I went to jail in the first place, but ultimately I have no ill feelings towards her. She immediately started dating and last I heard she was pregnant. That's fine and all, but she also has my daughter and she's dangling her like a fucking playing piece because she knows that's all I care about.

Eleven years and that's the treatment I get? I spent months kicking myself for all the mistakes I made, knowing I should have been a better man, and now that I had the opportunity to clear my head and start over I'm met with hostility and games. My daughter's birthday is next month and I'm not even going to see her. I've been there since the day she was born.

On a more positive note, I rekindled my passion for drawing and have been working diligently at pieces I left undone. It felt good having an audience in jail that genuinely appreciated my art…I also learned a few things from an old master that had been doing prison style work for decades.



I already have my rights to see her, but my ex came up with some brilliant bullshit about "supervised visits" to gauge how I act, at which point she will allow me the privilege of holding on to our daughter for a day or two. It's really just a means to snoop and spy around my personal life. Speaking of which, in the months preceding my jail sentence, I was dating around and she selfishly sabotaged any semblance of a relationship I had going. She also ruined me at my old work by accusing me of sleeping with a coworker, which was untrue. Keep in mind she was already dating someone.

I've no interest in her life. That ship has sailed. I want to stay away from her because I know it will just lead me to hardship and mental issues. I care about her to the extent that no serious illness or injury befalls her, but other than that there's a clear dividing line between my private life and psyche and hers. I think she didn't get the memo.

Needless to say, I'm at a point where I won't even be given the chance to walk away or say goodbye. I raised that child and was there for her every day in any capacity, but I suppose that amounts to nothing in the end.



I also value my single status. I've always been individualistic and a bit of a loner, which caused a lot of friction as she always challenged my freedom, and in my stupid mind I obliged to avoid conflict. But in the time I had to think about it, I realized I'm not the kind of person to be tied in long-term commitments. I've never had any(I was more a no strings attached guy) until I met her and we started a family. I made a lot of stupid choices along the way because I wanted my daughter to have both of her parents in the picture.

So, I do enjoy being alone, I've just had a hard time adjusting to people out here. At least in jail I had a means to make money and connections with my art, but in the world I quietly slunk back into my life of seclusion for the time being. At least I have my brother and my dogs, and hopefully a few of the guys when they hit their release dates.


oooough i love walking with the pretty lady


why would a christian like nietzsche


i heard people formed really strong bonds in jail among fellow prisoners, i guess it's bound to happen if you lump a lot of people in a common space for an indefinite amount of time. i dunno, something to consider when talking about the "male loneliness" epidemic i suppose.


damn, just like school


i do mean it in that sense, i think we should make facilities much akin to schools and force suburbanite adults to assist and learn a trade or two until we fix the social fabric at which point they would become optional


>Dissing Trotsky
My dear comrade, do I need to post the Trotsky letters?


It's ridiculous that so much of my suffering, or even suffering in general, is just imagined, and that being aware of this is not enough to make it stop.


Yes, we all can drown in a glass of water, I have learned that there is some good in meditating


Is it too incel to say that hypergamy is a genuine problem for men under capitalism?


Depends on what you mean by it. Hypergami seems to genuinelly exist within realm of casual sex, because, well, why wouldnt you go for the hottest person around? But most women do want stable monogamous relationships and are very willing to settle to get them.


Not a real thing in any statistical capacity that matters.

>Regardless, this [unemployed housewife dynamic] won't work because it depends on the breadwinners' support, and men are also affected by the economic conditions. There simply aren't enough sugar daddies to go around. The more desperate cases might lower their standards to the point of entering a non-monogamous sugar baby relationship, reverting to a harem style arrangement, but this is not realistic either just by the numbers. However, exceptions to the rule will become much more widely broadcast on social media, normalizing the idea and creating the illusion that this is a viable option, leading more people to try, fail, and get burned.


File: 1716306856298-0.png (49.51 KB, 640x393, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1716306856298-1.png (59.25 KB, 1000x743, ClipboardImage.png)

To the extent that it exists, it seems like it's more of a problem for women since there's more women graduating college and the pay gap is shrinking and in some places flipping even. There's just not that many men in your cohort who are out-earning you any more. This is good btw, I'm not against this. Just saying that the "hypergamy" thing doesn't really work in this context. When you understand that pay is a bell curve and the gap is just the average, you realize there's a lot of women out-earning men now. Not that it's a lot of money. Mfers are living paycheck to paycheck out here.


Thanks pornhub premium.

Thanks pornhub, for making premium free on valentines days. Just another excuse for my boyfriend to jerk of instead of fuck me. Thanks you guys rock!

EDIT: I understand that it is not actually pornhubs fault, more meant to be a play on my pathetic life

EDIT2: Thank you for the gold! Was not expecting that

source: https://www.reddit.com/r/rant/s/lPd5t5vLwg


I was eating an overpriced burger at this airport bar when this cutie bumped into me and apologized then she sat down next to me and started chatting with me. She said was employed in sales for some kind of gas distributor mostly catering to trucking companies. She said she was the regional manage for the entire North West and she's stationed in Sacramento. I asked her how she got into the line of work and she said "well I'm from Detroit and I was going to uni in Dallas and I was reaching the end of my schooling and I really didn't want to go back to Michigan so I started asking all my regulars(assuming bartender) and one of them hooked her up with this sales job and I guess she worked her way up to her position.

I asked her what her long term plans were and she said she wanted to quit and start her own business. She said she wants to open some kind of manufacturing business in Mexico and hire Mexican truckers with permits to drive in America to save money, but she still needs to figure out what to manufacture kek. She said she also wants to move to Romania(of all places) at the same time because as she put it "America is the best country to start a business but not a great place to live." It's funny because my female cousin was telling me the same thing just the day before. She moved from Africa to Italy at 20 years old, worked there for 10 years, then moved to America 10 years ago and now she owns a 800k house off of fucking Uber and shit and coming here not speaking a lick of English. She said America is the best place to make money, but not so great a place to live lol. I'm burger born and I've had this epiphany too. America is just one giant workplace. As they say keep business and pleasure separate and there is no pleasure to be found here.

Going back to the original story, oil sails lady, I felt like I should've tried to get her contact info but I never no what to say. I mean she lives in a whole nother state and is probably out of my league, but I should've gotten in there. I guess it's lame to think that every time a woman shows interest in conversating with me they're attracted to me maybe, but women never try and start conversations with me soo…

Should I try and nab a hustle porkette? Or I should just need to focus on my own income and play my gender role.


File: 1716318598394.png (152.99 KB, 474x333, ClipboardImage.png)

Really want some FTM pussy/ass.


Should medically assisted suicide be offered as a cure for incelism?


Go out and get it then


being able to be happy alone is more important than grieving about it, I feel like friendships are better imo, I have no idea why people date or waste so much of their time thinking about dating or sex to the point of being depressed about it


What about incels who cannot maintain friendship either? Is it ethical to force someone to live such a lonely and isolated existence against their will?


File: 1716329658685.png (636.18 KB, 852x480, ClipboardImage.png)

Just been waiting on Gr*ndr, this one transdude called me handsome and sent me spicy pics, but haven't heard from him after that. I assume he's busy.


Why are you waiting, you need to put in the effort to message people too


maybe people think you're child-like because of the lack of decor and bad lighting alongside taking pictures of yourself using a cell phone camera instead of a better camera.


HD camera is the death of all femmies tho


chill dude she hasnt done anything wrong. except for reminding you that people can be horny deviants sometimes, which apparently bothers you alot.


just because somebody posts 5 images of themselves per post doesnt make it spam, especially since the images arent all the same thing over and over… right? or am i not sober enough to know?


ugh… if im not hallucinating my conversation with you then sure…


sorry, i dont use fbi.gov.


i must be tripping balls. ill talk to you guys later




Remeber to enjoy the time you have, before joints start aching and the dick can't get up without some heart attack fuel
I know some people with dwarfism who cheated on their partners (tv personalities in my country). The really short guy I knew managed to get a gf after some long struggles. The guy has a good heart and is leftist too.


>Remeber to enjoy the time you have, before joints start aching and the dick can't get up without some heart attack fuel
proletarians dont get to enjoy their youth because they have to work. btw you should try blue lotus, it's an aphrodisiac hypnotic sedative with pain-killing anti-inflammatory and anti-coagulant effects. it helps blood pump through the body better and gives you a boner. also try lipase if you have heart disease, one capsule a day on an empty stomach, since it's said to digest cholesterol lipids if introduced into the bloodstream… not that i have any studies that show this stuff, so you should only take lipase until you feel better to not overdo it and become too skinny or have unforeseen side effects maybe.


oops, did i say anti-coagulant? i meant it's a vasodilator, which is almost the same thing.


File: 1716345549133.png (125.17 KB, 2000x1000, ClipboardImage.png)

lol true. I forgot to mention here:
Girlie was cute but she was covered in zits not looking like she was doing her makeup on the trip or something. Reminded me that every woman looks like the most pimply faced high school monster their whole lives if they don't put on their pimple face concealer for even a minute of the day.


In theory could I turn myself into a psychological eunuch if I self-harmed every time I thought about sex?


Maybe, but sounds like you could easily just become a masochism fetishist. I think replacing a vice with a vice is the most effective strategy, but the problem becomes finding less harmful vices. If you had a lot of discipline you could punish yourself by doing something useful. Every time you think of sex you have to do some chore you've been putting off.


I remember this one time on oral DMT, I became sex-repulsed.


If you want to avoid thinking about it, why would you reward yourself when you do think about it?


just get a fucking hobby or whatever so you spend less time thinking about sexo


you should think really hard about sex if you were to do this.


its natures way of telling you you'r BUILT for cuckholdry, just own it.


>Should I try and nab a hustle porkette
Don't. That sort of personality will see you as an indentured servant at best.


People are too immature to appreciate singlehood. Until they come out of a bad relationship.

wrong. Its hebegynocentric. If said femcels were over forty, they wouldnt be loved.


school is hell and is part of the male lomeliness epidemic.
But maybe we should make schooling primarily vocational


Posted it in /isg/ but perhaps it's better here:


>Luka also told us to study all the customer data available on Infloww, the software his agency uses to manage its chats. Infloww tracks how much each subscriber has spent on pay-per-view content and tips, providing chatters with an easy way to differentiate between the two kinds of clients: “brokies” and “ballers.” We were under strict orders to devote minimal time to the former so we could lavish attention on the latter. Our goal with ballers was to “farm” them—to use our dramatic talents to sell the visual aids they need to fuel their gradual journeys toward orgasm. “If you’re able to play with people’s desires, you’re gonna maximize your cash flow, a hundred percent,” Luka said. “We have literal slaves on this account, meaning these people are so in love and obsessed and literally infatuated by anything that the girl does that they will open up their wallet to about $100,000 a month. And they will literally dump it all onto the girl. Just dumping, dumping, dumping, because we’ve done a good job of evaluating these people and dominating them and giving them enough praise.”


started dating a chick, she's legit what I would call a "gooner", i thought this was a meme but no, she showed me the fbi.gov servers, and explained she watches porn and gets off "basically all day long"

We've been on a couple of dates, unsure how to approach this


do you not like it? don't date her then, otherwise you could ask to join.


File: 1716501923232.png (312.84 KB, 500x375, ClipboardImage.png)

You are like the second low libido guy in the thread dating a nympho. Why can't it happen to me?


File: 1716502184001.png (1.01 MB, 892x921, ClipboardImage.png)

This is fucked up


I can't say I feel that bad for them, I mean I know they're just addicts but still you'd think they might have some realisation that chatting with some e hoes isn't a good use of their time and money, they could find a real fucking woman


File: 1716502475328.png (940.35 KB, 700x1750, ClipboardImage.png)

That's their fetish. Why would you feel bad for boojie fucks getting off how they like?


>I went undercover at the local sex dungeon munch
>what they did to my asshole wasn't pretty


Whales aren't necessarily rich though, plenty of them are just wasting all their paycheck or stealing and begging from others to feed their addiction


I doubt they're going homeless from this shit. This is just money they would've spent on Funk Pops otherwise.


File: 1716502788598.gif (331.22 KB, 296x200, women.gif)

The more things change, the more they stay the same, huh?


If you read the article, most of the Johns don't know they're chatting with a literal prole.

This isn't FinDom, but it's not surprising for some retard to try and spin the literal exploitation of what OnlyFans are being taken to account on this as Fraud, as some sort of niche fetish.



the first time i saw that word i thought it refered to Finns


>This isn't FinDom, but it's not surprising for some retard to try and spin the literal exploitation of what OnlyFans are being taken to account on this as Fraud, as some sort of niche fetish.
How is it not?


They're paying for erotic content under the pretense that these conversations are going to lead to the solicitation of a relationship (again which the author highlights in the article).
FinDom, ironically, is partially ethical in that when you engage with the sex worker there is an explicit relationship.

This is just raw profit extraction, and may as well be no different to how oil, diamond, or whatever the many other resource-based mining there are: they find pockets of wealth, siphon them off, and simply charge a nominal fee.

The reason this belongs on /isg/ is becacuse this is the pentration of the exchange relationship, and with it the commodity form, into the very structure of the social relationship. What these people are being sold is not a fetish, but intimacy.


I don't think you're going to get any intimacy or real satisfaction from this relationship.


I don't really watch porn tbh, it's one of those things I can't seem to square with the whole "women aren't objects" thing


This is like the "best friend" who imagines his crush is a pure angel lol. Pornstars *are* objects. Commodities. Prostitution is the highest form of classcuckery.


We are all commodities, it's called capitalism. You shouldn't patronize establishments with women cashiers abd waitresses if you feel that way.


Being a waitress isnt the same as getting your holes filled by sex slavers


>What these people are being sold is not a fetish, but intimacy.

This itself is an interesting point: imagine the situation of a child who is with their parent at a restaurant, a library, or on a bus. The parent, ever the savvy, has brought with them an iPad to keep their child occupied. When the child tries to engage with their parent, who is on their own phone watching tiktok, they are given a tablet and told to be quiet.

The child turns to one of the apps: Youtube. They type in their favourite youtubers name and settle to watch one of their videos.

The substitution with the attention of the parent is one in which the commodity enters. Their youtuber is a child's entertainer who knows their audience. Their channel, their videos, every detail of their online presence is constructed around harvesting an income provided through a viewcount.

The primary mode of socialisation has shifted from one in which the parent is directly responsible, to one that has been delegated to a computer.

You can see that in this final sentence you have what is occurring with these poor idiots. An entire economy of profit extraction along with a system of labor has been created as a substitution for the role of the parent. It is one, if anything, in which if the parent does not provide their child with this source of entertainment, they will kick and scream.


>for the role of the parent
for the role of the parent, as it is for the role of the romantic partner*


My ADHD swings me between "I'm pretty cute" to "I'm repulsive and intolerable" too violently and I can't talk about this to anyone else. I feel pathetic and unlovable both in appearance and in personality and I can't handle rejection (including from friends) very well. I wish I was neurodivergent so bad holy fucking shig


That's called bipolar disorder not ADHD.


My psychiatrist has suspected bipolar disorder for a long time since "recurrent depression since adolescence" is apparently a flag for it but I could never name any episodes of euphoria. It's more likely that my ADHD just makes me react strongly to any stimuli that could change my mood


a single episode of mania is enough to diagnose, but if that's true then what about the time before the mania? are you not bipolar until you have a manic episode? obviously not.


Manic episodes don't need to be euphoric either.

> During the period of mood disturbance, three (or more) of the following symptoms have persisted (four if the mood is only irritable) and have been present to a significant degree:

< 1. Inflated self-esteem or grandiosity
< 2. Decreased need for sleep (e.g., feels rested after only 3 hours of sleep)
< 3. More talkative than usual or pressure to keep talking
< 4. Flight of ideas or subjective experience that thoughts are racing
< 5. Distractibility (i.e., attention too easily drawn to unimportant or irrelevant external stimuli)
< 6. Increase in goal-directed activity (either socially, at work or school, or sexually) or psychomotor agitation


whos sussy hypus?


File: 1716507536510.png (153.93 KB, 385x322, ClipboardImage.png)


Fuck. I'm fucked.


We need to retvrn to when goon meant crimesters having Three Stooges-esque interactions.


File: 1716512003125.png (305.87 KB, 679x207, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1716526895789.png (296.1 KB, 600x390, 1705046243122.png)

I might be insufferable. I'm constantly involved in long arguments about small details, that leave other people irritated and frustrated with me. I don't mean to offend, I feel displeasure in seeing others sad or angry or defensive.

People that were close to me walked away from my life or treated me with hostility, and often times I don't know where this comes from. All of this confuses me. I can only conclude that I'm the problem, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Sometimes I suspect that I'm autistic for not being able to understand other people's hearts.

For context: colleagues and casual friends regard me as amicable, smart, funny etc. It's only people who get closer that develop a low opinion of who I am, so I think it's something deeper than "giving bad vibes" or whatever.

I have no clue how I can even begin to improve my situation. I'm tired of feeling unlovable, undesirable, bad company. I don't remember the last time I felt appreciated. Any advice from anyone who has felt this way before and could improve their circumstances would be immense help. Or any conjecture, at all. I'll try everything.


Don't know if this is good advice or not, but maybe stop trying to argue I suppose. There's an itch that I have when I argue, the itch to "win" but doing that will just alienate my friends/family/whomever. A good trick I've learned is that just acknowledging what the other person is saying makes them feel heard, even if you don't agree with it. That'll make them more open to whatever you have to say. And you aren't unloveable.


Thank you for replying. This makes me worried since I'd heard that arguing is good, but I might just be too autistic (in the vulgar sense) to have this privilege, so I'll try. It's an idea.


Its typical for insufferable autists to nitpick and moralise, so its probably that


I don't moralize, it's just not useful nor productive. But I'm very specific in my wording and I put other people's words under scrutiny as well so maybe that.


>But I'm very specific in my wording and I put other people's words under scrutiny as well so maybe that.
pedantry is also a typical offputting autistic quality


Autism is a curse. I tire of positivity cliches trying to whitewash the dregs.

Deep down people still pathologise you. Even if you werent combative, the fact youre autistic makes them put you on thin ice.


I'll police myself, thanks.


I know this is a dumb question but… how is one supposed to make friends? I find it impossible, but I'm asking this question because I woke up from a dream where I've somehow found my friend that I lost contact after school when I was wondering the streets in my dream, he was calling for my name so I followed where his voice was and when I found him we immediately hugged for about 4 minutes and then we started to hang out(no romance involved) while trying to find other people we missed by going inside the houses and apartments to find themwe had a general sense of direction but completely clueless, I think I woke up from the dream when we were eating pizza from some skyscraper apartment which kinda looks like an amalgamation of 2 or 3 or more apartments that I've been to(?)I dont remember the contents of this sad dream proper… man I wish it was real… maybe I deserve this suffering


Making friends in adulthood is actually quite rare since you usually end up spending more time cultivating a family instead
But friends you do make will be from work.
Im 25 rn and basically have one friend i knew from high school. But i have acquaintances. A friend isnt just someone you hang out with, but a spiritual companion. Thats why its "bros before hoes".
Socrates talks about this, but he also equated friendship with gay sex, so he was already twisting things.


Just convince yourself that everyone else is dumb as shit and there's no point trying to convince them to talk properly.


>you usually end up spending more time cultivating a family instead
I'd rather not
>But friends you do make will be from work.
I keep failing interviews because of lack of basic social skills, this time will work I feel like I'll not fail this time
>A friend isnt just someone you hang out with, but a spiritual companion. Thats why its "bros before hoes".
I wouldn't really know, but I should keep this is mind


lmao i feel bad for autists

until i talk to one and remember how insufferable they are


its not the same because of some vague arbitrary morals


Post some nudes of yourself now then since sexual modesty is just a made up rule


believing oneself to be an "incel" is just one of the ways that the CIA keeps you from achieving your true potential. the lack of interest you experience from the desired sex is because you are more attuned to the psychic prison that we are all being kept in. once you start to become a based schizocel sigma chad they will start sending the desired sex to flirt with you to stop you from getting closer to the truth.

stay woke sisters.


For starters, you need to have that person around with consistency. So it has to be someone from your workplace, or from some pub you both religiously go to, or a neighbour, or someone in a sports club you're in etc. Then you become acquaintances. That's the minimum required.
With acquaintances, there's three reasons you both could start seeing eachother as friends:
>utility: keeping that person close brings some benefit
>pleasure: keeping that person close is entertaining
>virtue: that person shares similar values as you, so you find company in eachother
The two first kinds of friendship can be lasting but are usually short lived (one of a few years). The latter is generally long lasting.
After both of you are familiar enough by consistent coexistence, and find a (or multiple) reason(s) between those three to be around one another, you can start keeping eachother company outside of your initial context. Invite them to hang out, see them outsidr of where you usually see them. Things go from here.


become a goth


I was going to post a snarky comment, but subcultures are a pretty good place for autists to meet people. Just don't expect to make any real friends per >>537070 and you'll have a good time.


File: 1716590669485.png (1.61 MB, 960x960, Mk-4-9.png)

This but unironically.


Based. I've been promoting this verse on here for awhile now. WWJD? Not have sex, that's what.


The first step in all spiritual practice is chastity. In Indian systems they acknowledge that some may have to live in marriage and procreation for a time, but even married couples should transition to chastity and spiritual pursuit after their child-rearing duties are done. I guess similar with Christianity.


Shouldn't say chastity because Westerners will tell you there is a such thing as chaste sexual intercourse. I like the word they use in the 1800s English speaking Indian texts: continence. Nowadays we usually use it to mean not peeing yourself. I think that's an apt metaphor.


I think this whole stereotype about adulthood being social depravity due to family making is becoming less a thing.

Also its harder to make friemds in secondary school because social circles are already set.


jeaus and mohammed were revcel.


Jesus and Buddha no muhammed


Mohammed undoubtedly fucked women.


Buddha had a son he didn't want and used his religious questing as an excuse to be an absent father.


Maybe, I don't fuck with Buddhism anyways, just a gay hindu spinoff like Mormonism or whatever to Christianity.


File: 1716609318074.mp4 (4.55 MB, 720x1280, sister dad.mp4)

Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?


Maybe try considering the time and effort that you have to trade to win the argument/ correct the person.
Like I was arguing with my boss randomly about gender =/= sex, and I didn't want to spend 10m fighting about it, and X hours over the course of days/weeks/months after, so I just argued enough to try and make them shut up, (it didn't work but that's just how arguing works out :) ).

Honestly, arguing is good, it just needs to be done moderatly – that's one thing I give credit to the french, they argue all the time, even with politics.

One of the greatest pieces of advice has just dropped in this thread.
For those taking notes, link that with the concept of, Self-fulfilling prophecy


How rare are communist women? How important is that in a relationship?


Drinking bleach.


I actually think one of the reasons women tend to be underrepresented in extremist movements is that attractiveness is a form of social capital, which particularly in youth gives them more hope for upwards social mobility - building a career, finding a husband and settling into a middle-class lifestyle.


File: 1716923777990-0.png (2.4 MB, 2505x2538, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1716923777990-1.png (962.79 KB, 1309x1271, ClipboardImage.png)

Is this true?




No, your framing is worse than retarded and your attempt to exploit social proof is even worse


idk I never had one


How am I framing anything?


You're posting social media items in which post-erotic regrets are performed, in order to inspire anti-erotic ethics and discourage erotic activity, same as every time these get posted.


New thread: >>538562


Unique IPs: 174

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