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I'd kill for a romantic life that resembled a Shoujo or Josei


why don't you play dating sims in vr?


Duh of course anime characters arent real.
Why else did I say "I wish"?
Of course this current socio-physical reality of human relations is complex amd nuanced but its not all that great.
People are mainly mediocre or ugly in personality, looks, and skillsets.

Also dont tell me to focus on real life romantic relationships with people over fictional ones. Fuck that shit.
Fiction is better for aphroditic drives.
You never have to worry about rape allegations, STDs, unplanned pregnancies, or just plain old bittersweet boredom.

Alot of our family dysfunction can be traced back to spousal fights.

>This is reductive thinking.

Facts dont care about your feelings. Thìs is the truth. Relationships were about socialspace for child rearing and resouce/labor division.

>Many people want a "relationship" without children these days.

Yet the average postboomer adult has a disturbingly small skillset and shittier social competency.


>Hell, even in ancient times, people fucked concubines

rich important people fucked concubines. poor people who could not afford to fuck concubines did not fuck concubines


BL and GL ftw.

Remember how back in school, everybody mocked the anime-stans for loving on fictional characters?

Well, they had the right idea. Everyone else was dumb. Meatspace is no place for ideal love.
Meatspace is semi-good for sex but not even slightly good for romance.

If God offered you an anime reality in exchange for suicide, would you do it?


No my life is meaningless pain. If God said he could destroy my soul and C, S and M were guaranteed to go to heaven after a good life I would do it. My life is shit but I want those three to have joy and pleasure


Need to moneymaxx a bit.
>If God offered you an anime reality in exchange for suicide, would you do it?
In a heartbeat


Fuck that meatspace moralist.
"Just focus on real life people for lov and romance".
Well, fuck you very much.


C,S, and M?
Are those sociobiological relatives of yours?


No they are my friends in this miserable hell. I do care for someone greatly, but… My life is worthless I am one mentally ill retard on a forum for a political ideology I don't even know of I trust. If I could sacrifice myself for those three people I would do it in a heartbeat. I am worthless anon, I was the product of my dad forcing my mother to birth kids, and was abused because of this. This flesh body I inhabit only exists because a man took advantage of a woman. I care only about those three


Why am I even hear all I am doing is shitting up the thread, leftists keep thinking that they cane that my mind can be fixed it can't my own mother didn't love me and left me to get abused what good can you all do? I am on leftypol because of S and I got swept up on Siberia because I like you all but I shouldn't be here, I feel worthless, I wish there was a way that I could draw blood and turn it into something useful for those three, I would rather be tinder for their fire that be here, in this body. I want S to wake up as a biological woman, she is trans and she hides it deep down but I know she hates herself, I never saw a reason to want to change gender but I need her to wake up with a pussy and tits. I need C to find a loving wife and find happiness, I need him to be secure in life and not have to suffer. I need M to never have to work and to find a husband to support him, if I could guarantee that God would give these three that I would go downstairs run cold water under this fucking cunt wrist and drag a blade under it. I am worthless and no matter how much people say "Oh bro you are worth it :)" I am here becuase my cunt dad forced my cunt mother to birth me. I don't want an anime paradise I want those three peoppe who were here in my darkest hour to wake up in their new body with their new wife and rich. I hate that I can't somehow magically sacrifice my life to get them these things. God if you are reading this she had two miscarriages before me, why did you make me for this? Why can't you just
let me die and secure those three in this life, they have been kind to me in my hours of need and you see fit to hurt them. Why am I even here, I should just sleep


this is a rare post. No whining about lack of teenage romance nor cushy desk jobs.

But rather about wanting your dearest friends to be stable and sound in life.
You my friend are a golden one.


George Floyd.


Aaron bushnell


Trevor Moore


File: 1718394579578.png (166.27 KB, 555x594, 14 214723.png)

He was an incel, George Floyd?


There is literal documented video evidence of him having sex.


I need you to answer somethin honestly.
Why am i alive? Why don't I feel anything?
Happy, sad, joyful what are these things? What THE FUCK ARE THEY?
I feel like a hollow vessel.
I really need help or I am going to hurt myself.


I am 70-80% sure my female doctor is crushing on me and not sure how to go forward. At first i thought she was normal, then when she saw my face after taking off my mask and I politely smile at her, she seemed startled and her eyes widened. The next visit she said I could take off my mask which I kinda brushed off and kept on but thinking back on it, she was slightly flirtatious when saying it(I am shit at female hints/game). probably took it as a sign of rejection since the next visit she was not as warm. on the last visit, I was acting pretty crazy since I accidentally thought having coffee ice cream would cure my hangover from the night previous and was struggling the entire time to stay still. It is also worth mentioning that for probably the past year or so I had been working out much more intensely and consistently, so the results were paying off. So she calls me over and I speed walk to her(think twitchers from dead space) and she is literally silent for 10-15 seconds and we stare at each other. I then break the silence by softy saying hello since I took it as a sign she is intimidated by me(I am not an optimist). The exam goes on and I am fidgeting the entire time which I was 90% sure she was thinking I was a junkie. She asks if I have any questions, I stumble and stutter over my words to ask a few since the caffiene got me jacked up. At the final question i have a slight freak out and she responds by going "awwwwwww" which catches me off guard and I get lovestruck for a moment. For some reason, I react after this by staring angrily back at her in silence for a few seconds and then cut it out when I realize what I am doing. As she walks me out, she is looking back at me curiously and somewhat flirtatiously, I am looking at her confused since I honestly thought she was gonna have the fuck off attitude I am used to.

Other things to note
-I dress like a cross between a hobo and a antifa member
-I acted like I have memory problems to fuck around on a previous visit
-I am honestly not sure how to go forward but I like her

Wut do?



Either she is into you or scared of you or both
Also sort yourself out


>Either she is into you or scared of you or both
60% attraction 40% fear I am guessing
>Also sort yourself out
dont be a douche, had to celebrate with a friend since they were in town and it had been a while.

any actual advice?


actually scratch that probably 75% likes me and 25% is intimidated


No advice, your numbers are off, it's just not how this works, it's not how any of this works. Are you simple or something? These things can coexist.


She was probably thinking about what kind of drugs you are on and whether to call security to hold you down or not.


lol try harder
>She was probably thinking about what kind of drugs you are on and whether to call security to hold you down or not.
lmfao that's honestly what I thought until the end where she was slightly giddy at me
>it's not how any of this works.
numbers are bullshit i agree
> Are you simple or something?
this is honestly a case of mixed signals on both ends really, faggot retard
>No advice
get sodomized by a rusty hammer and gtfo


There are no mixed signals lol, she was acting polite, trying not to upset you because she was afraid you would assault her.


the hatorade is strong with this one


>There are no mixed signals
tell me you are a virgin without telling me you are a virgin


Oh are you upset? I don't care


>I don't care
why did you type that then? Oh are you upset?


I am not upset, on the contrary I think it's amusing you are


>incredulous greentext


Have you ever tried not being a walking meme or cliche? It takes some work but trust me, it's worth it.


>Still crying
amazing display


just fuck her and get it over with pussy
who are you to talking to schizo?


i have a gf btw


doctors are cunts
dont do it


yer ma


ma yer


Jack off yer ma


if you apply the right pressure to a man, he will be yours forever
its actually very simple, make him food, listen to his hobby (all men have one hobby) and when he is feeling down, just hug him.
congratulations you now have ensured that this man is loyal to you and he will never stop thinking about you.


File: 1718452180278.jpeg (11.12 KB, 318x318, image.jpeg)





>doctors are cunts

>dont do it


The word "throbbing" makes me feel a little excited


Reads like something a femcel poster would say while another femcel complains about how men always cheat.


Most dating or parenting advice always talk about the other party in degrading manner.
Like theyre pets to be won over.

This is why all self respecting people never date nor procreate.


what kind of reading do you recommend in this context anon, lmao



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