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Does anyone know of any none fucked streaming services? Particularly ones that aren't shit on android? Youtube is trash for a whole host of reasons, especially on mobile. I'm not paying for spotify ever and doing anything on there just assaults you with an infinite amount of adds. Choose something — adds, rewind something — adds, don't skip a song in days — adds. I've always liked pandora and always thought it's a great idea but the execution is rather flawed. It seems to only play new or rarer stuff once in a blue moon. So does anyone know of any non-shit tier streaming?


YouTube vanced is great
You can even use YouTube music premium for free


Choose one


Choose one

Streaming services are a zoomer psyop. They start bad, and more importantly get worse over time.
The only non-shit steaming server is the one you run from home.


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Thanks, I'll have to check that out.

Yeah I guess more advanced people can do that. But it shouldn't be so much to ask that a service exist for plebs that's not utter garbage.


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Channel7 is fun: https://7chan.org/ch7/




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I was never able to take them seriously considering that 95% of their content was coping and seething over 4chungus

It was manic about it, so fucking weird


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Sure give me your ip and home address

Unique IPs: 8

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