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Can I get a Quickrundown?




So a honeypot then?



am archtard. how to become slackchad


another meme distro like gentoo
and like gentoo it doesn't even have package security
they use md5sums lmao
and iirc (checked out the pm's code a couple years ago) it doesn't even matter because the pgp key to verify those doesn't come with the distro, it's just downloaded plaintext
that's not to speak how buggy and outdated this shit is
and how much barely documented assfuckery you go through just to say install vlc (iirc the built in players barely work)
another thing i remember is drag n drop broken out of the box but not sure about that, again I tried it quite long ago


>another meme distro like gentoo
<historically significant distro is a meme
I agree with the rest but really?


>historically significant
It was basically just FreeBSD's ports implemented for Linux. Nothing new or significant about that.
The only thing "significant" about it was initially the weirdos who thought that compiling something with arcane compiler flags would make their loonix faster than everyone else's and later as a meme distro on 4chan.


Shit is literally older than me. How the fuck.


Historic significance doesn't make it not a meme today
Slackware is like a month older than debian btw so even your "oldfag" larp is larp. And debian has no doubt seen wider adoption and had more influence on gnu overall. Also it cares about software freedom. If you want to larp at least larp about something worthy
I think he meant slackware


Debian is older than you. Mandriva likely is. Even gentoo and ubuntu are now older than a lot of users here I guess
People born in ubuntu's release year are now 17


Gentoo is in no way historically significant.
Slackware on the other hand IS.


By switching from Arch to Slackware. Slackware is better than Arch in every sense of the word. It's easier to install, more stable and the 3rd party packages (slackbuilds) are much more safer and trustworthy than the AUR will ever be.


Not including stuff related to any desktop environment like GNOME, is it true that distros like Arch, Slackware and Gentoo are any more performant or easier to maintain than Debian, Ubuntu or Fedora?


and they're harder to maintain
except maybe arch which is on par with debian etc

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