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There's a new Jabber/XMPP server in town, running on Prosody (https://prosody.im).

prolesphere.one | d7dchu2gnb4xce7y7vwmulonr4k2wh2dmobqyitwwjeiojfotrvw37yd.onion

Registrations are open, and so is room creation. The MUC (Multi-User Chat) server is at hive.prolesphere.one

The server supports OMEMO and OTR encryption, or should. Expect some growing pains in the early stages, there might be kinks to iron out so server may restart spontaneously. You can report any problems here in the thread or by messaging me at [email protected] (not an email).

You can find a list of XMPP clients here: https://xmpp.org/software/clients/

I use Gajim on desktop and Conversations (available from F-Droid) on mobile.


neato. I have my own XMPP server however


Cool. :) I have configured the server to accept s2s connections, with a valid certificate and TLS, I would love to test if it works. My address is in the OP.


woah nice
i want to add to the clients talk, that gajim is the best i've found for linux xmpp clients. ALL of them suck, but gajim sucks the least, and it makes it very easy to proxy your connection thru tor, and other stuff
watch out for that, cause you might not want to auto-connect to a server before you get the chance to set a proxy, or realize there's no option for that at all


I use gajim as well, and snikket on my phone


What's a good cli client for xmpp


poezio and profanity according to my local xmpp guru. irssi-xmpp is also an option


Won't this just disappear one day like the board?


That is a fair criticism. I did let the hosting expire. It was a super busy period and it slipped my mind. To that end I am going to keep a better eye on the deadline and fund the crypto wallet + pay for the next quarter way ahead of the deadline so it doesn't happen again. I have also set a reminder on my phone.


Pidgin or gajim for desktop, conversations on mobile


you can always register a new account on another server and re-add everyone in your roster

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