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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature"
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File: 1633718358395.jpeg (5.21 KB, 300x168, download (2).jpeg)


holograms, sentient ai, clones, flying cars, worker bots, portal guns, multiuniversal travel, faster than light speed space travel, laser based weapons, planet sized cities, life on the surface of other planets


some of those things aren't even in human control whether they exist or not so calling them shit is dumb


mech suits are the dumbest shit


Robo waifus




>allows people to lift heavy objects, for example after car accidents or building collapses
>dumbest shit
I'd protect the few braincells you have, if I were you.


File: 1633775302334.jpg (48.14 KB, 600x843, industmech.jpg)

You are right about civilian industrial mechs for things like construction and rescue.
But most mechs in scifi are military, 5 story tall battle robot seems like a bad idea, because it would be a big slow target.


File: 1633825664248-0.gif (1.76 MB, 500x281, CharKickOrgins.gif)

File: 1633825664248-1.mp4 (19.22 MB, 1280x720, Zaku.mp4)

File: 1633825664248-2.jpg (429.41 KB, 1280x720, votoms_35th.jpg)

Well in Gundam they started as mechanized space infantry that can easily assault colonies that fought on Earth because that is where the One Year War took the war. Armored Trooper: Votoms goes on the other hands makes them as thinly armored as a BMP where even machine guns can pen them but yet their massive fusion reactors pushing such a light frame make them as agile as a sub-sonic fighter jet so Chirico Cuvie just dodges all everything fired at him till the plot says otherwise.


The only purpose of a bipedal machine I can think of is to reach places a regular CAT or fireman cant.
Probably the most realistic mechs are ironically, in MGS
Not even the original Aliens mech makes much sense IMHO



holy fuck no, mechs arent useful period. want a battle mech? just get a fucking tank or a jet. what mechs that can do construction? just use a fucking crane, or a hauler or a pulley or you get it. if mechs had any more of usefulness in real life they wouldve been a normal part of life literal centuries ago


Tanks struggle with orbital mechanics and landing on spinning ground providing gravity through centrifugal force. The idea is that in a O'Neil cylinder a mech has the advantage of being able to jump out of gravity and easily land back into gravity.


yeah thats why we have jets, drones and helicopters that are easier to maintain and are faster…


>what mechs can do construction?
it's a productivity enhancement for construction workers, you put the dude in a mech suit and then you have a bigger stronger worker that can work with bigger and heavier building components, while keeping the same speed and flexibility as if it was normal manual work. Such a suit would also make workers safer because the mech suit has more protection from getting crushed or smashed up hands an feet.

It would not be huge robots, just 3 to 4 meters tall with 20 to 50 times human strength.


>uyghas trying to justify why their fictional technologies arent dumb as shit


Not to be too mean, but that sounds like Juicero, aka a professionally made labour-wasting machine. I can bet my ass it would take way less resourcess to just build regularly with normal construction machinery than to invest into some untested, expensive, likely maintenance heavy piece of technology that would also require infrastructural redisigns in order to even support their weight in construction when, say, working on top of buildings. Because you either keep it for foundation-type work only, in which case, hey, you already got excavators and trucks, or you try using it universally and somehow try to deal with the issue of the mech falling through the floor due to its weight.


Dyson Spheres
Dyson Swarm
Lunar Solar farms
Mars colonies
Terraforming outside of Earth
Honestly anything-not-Earth colonies as well
Asteroid mining
Space combat
Conciousness transfer
Realistic VR
Brain preservation
Humanity surviving past the Sun dying
Scratch that, humanity surviving past the Earth dying
Internet of things
Mass-use of electric cars
Brain reading
Thought reading
Medical immortality


File: 1634066382115.png (362.67 KB, 1000x563, ClipboardImage.png)

>robo waifus
Exactly, every person who's contemplated the idea(as well as everybody else) would get their mind blown by a sophisticated, manipulator arm masturbation machine and never look back. Point is, you only need to get like 1% of the way to an android waifu to get satisfaction, the other 99% is sci-fi for the sake of sci-fi.


by that logic pocket pussies like fleshlights already obviated the need for robo waifus decades ago


>>allows people to lift heavy objects, for example after car accidents or building collapses
There are already machines for this, you don't need some exoskeleton bullshit for this.


self-driving cars


you can't find love or the same companionship with a robot




File: 1634156978988-0.webm (1015.92 KB, 640x360, wearable_robot.webm)

File: 1634156978988-1.jpg (38.55 KB, 640x420, powered worker 2 .jpg)

File: 1634156978988-2.jpg (79.34 KB, 1000x760, powered worker 1 .jpg)

development is going towards sticking workers into "wearable robots" a few are already used in production


File: 1634168724277.jpg (105.5 KB, 800x600, sti.jpg)

>Tanks struggle with orbital mechanics
if Legend of the Galactic Heroes has no mech is for a reason there just plain stupid they are stupid as flying car.


you mean an exosuit? those have been around for decades at this point but dont get used because theyre bad ideas and break easily


I juat don't see how this isn't another labour-wasting machine like Jouicero. You already got trucks and cranes for the unlifrable shit, as well as handcarts for midrange stuff. Exosuit is basically a more powerful midrange transporter unit than a handcart, but also completely unable to carry non-homogenous objects like bricks or bags. So it literally does nothing useful asside from maybe making the worker break less of a sweat while carrying larger midrange weight items. My argument is simple: it doesn't fill in any missing gap in the work process, nor does it noticeably improve work quality, nor does it replace an existing tool. Also its a piece of complex machinery that will no doubt have breakings and need maintenance, so it is nothing but a complete waste of labour to make and maintain compared to the labour it saves.


>machine designed to help a human do more labour


You can design a machine to do anything, doesnt mean it's a good idea or labour efficient


I said Juicero for a reason. Juicero automated the act of squeezing a plastic packet. To do it, it used state of the art hydraulics and electronics. In terms of pure labour needed to produce a juicero machine, the automation of sqeezing a packet would never compensate the labour lost in making it.

Same with exosuits. They don't do anything that isn't already solved by existing industrial equipment. We won't suddenly build cyberpunk cities or something just because we have them. And they don't really add that much value by easening existing tasks, because we already got way simpler tools for the times when a worker can't lift an item. Thus my argument is that an exoskeleton would take up more labour to produce and maintain, then the labour that it would automate away.


>And they don't really add that much value by easening existing tasks, because we already got way simpler tools for the times when a worker can't lift an item.
You don't know what you're talking about. You haven't done a day of hard labour in your life, if you can't imagine how robotic arms and legs attached to your arms and legs could make your job easier. LOL If I could just sit in a comfortable position while moving boxes, I'd jump in an exo suit. Do you know that just standing on your feet 8-9 hours a day every day wears out your knee, hip and back joints? Ever unpacked a truck full of frozen boxes of shrimp in -15°C with a hoodie and pair of polyester gloves that get soaking wet the first half hour? I sure wish I could operate a robotic hand to pick up and carry the 15kg boxes for me. But I guess some kid on the Internet knows it wouldn't improve quality of life/work for workers. And the fucked up thing is, it is people like you who become managers and directors and fight modernisation of workplaces because "you don't need it".

A crane, or lifter, is limited by its design. You have a straight arm, that can go up and down. Good luck using it around a corner, or in a tight space.

It doesn't even have to be a sci-fi anime suit that can lift hundreds of kilograms, even a little assistance helps a lot. But you can't imagine it, because you just don't know, and that's not your fault. I don't think everyone should be a manual labourer, but I do think it is important to experience hard, manual labour if you're going to be making assumptions and conclusions about it.

>Ford and Ekso say workers' physical activity is comparable to a person lifting a bag of flour or a watermelon above their head 4,600 times a day.

>To help reduce the strain, the exosuits provide support to workers' arms as they reach up to perform manual tasks on car bodies and parts suspended above their heads, for example to screw bolts into place with power tools.

>The devices also help with lifting larger under-body components into place - including skid plates and bumpers.

>They are not powered or controlled by an onboard computer, but instead offer passive mechanical assistance to the wearer.

>EksoVests fit workers between 5ft 2in and 6ft 4in tall (1.57m to 1.93m) and offer lift assistance for loads of between 5lb and 15lb per arm (2.3kg to 6.8kg).


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